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03-23-2003, 10:01 AM
hi all i'm simon know to friends as either big si or chubby b*tch. (private joke) got up to 322lb just after my 20th bday 11th december 2001 bit depressed decided to lose some pounds about 9 stone which is 126lb's. well i started training on the 14th march 2002 at 322lb's and today its the 23rd of march a year and 9 days on and i'm 230lb's 92lb down in 12 months. feel great about myself now had a rough year gf of 2 years cheated on me and left for another guy. at about christmass but used it as motivation to train harder. got rid of my car and bought a mountain bike. took up thai boxing. just trained like 6 days a week did the hight protein low carb thing. made it up myself thought i'd stick to it better if it was mine. well its nearly summer and i was trying to lose 126 but i can see muscle definition starting and i lift alot so i don't think its gonna happen but i'll still be ripped at about 206lb's so we'll see if you got any question just ask. P.S i gave up chocolate for new year!!!!!

03-23-2003, 11:53 AM
Simon!! How wonderful!! you have done great!! I do a low carb thing too I have 4 kids and an extra in the house and temptaion rages like crazy in this house. i recently 8 months ago restarted back to work and gained 30 back of the 66 i had lost ( I had gained 10 with financial stress before i had started back to work) so now I am up 40 from my low and gained over half of what i had lost. I am back OP day 3 today but need inspiration. thanks!!

I did weight lifting and did wonderfully (no time with work and kids now) that was my biggest motivation. it is wonderful to hear such pride in your words. I need to find that back now. I am desperate again to find my self-esteem and it glows from you!!! thanks!1 also donot hesitate to pop in to the low carb forum above. although we are mostly girls there we do welcome guys (we love roosters) You may be able to give us some tips on your program.

I follow PP mostly but have tweaked it (A bit too much i will say) the chocolate was the start of my downfall! but for the most part when I am OP i am verry good!!!

thanks for your story!!!

03-23-2003, 12:07 PM
Si...Just wait until your ex-gf sees you....I hope her jaw falls off her head! :lol: Good for you! I love to exercise outdoors, so I am very happy that it is finally beginning to show signs of spring here in the southern U.S.

And Susan....Welcome Back!!! Haven't seen you for a while in here!

03-23-2003, 12:17 PM
well its good to here your trying i was once told getting to the gym is 80% of the battle. so true. i do admit though its not been plain sailing had a bad year with personal issues. but unlike my mates i didn't hit the bottle to overcome them i hit the gym everytime i had a bad day i took it upon myself to go to the gym. when something happend that upset me i took it personally. said it happend cos i'm fat and ugly and that i must punish myself. so i did punish myself everyday. it was my way of channeling the anger into a positive thing. weightloss my ex ran off just 3 months ago a week before christmass. iwas gutted she was 2 years of my life and at 21 (the week before) 2 years is a long time. and i blamed myself for her leaving and channelled the pain into hurting my body if it hurts on the outside you to worried about that to feel the pain on the inside. i lost 30 pounds since newyear. not an advisable way to deal with a situation but she was my first gf and i had no idea how to deal with it. but now i'm over the hill finding new motivation like i can feel an monster six pack just wanna see it and summer soon wanna be able to take my shirt off without being self consious. still all good am still shrinking. keep up the great effort i know how hard it is to shed pounds and i don't have any of the commitments you do. thanks for saying about the pride very kind. i got pride in myself cos of my success in the face of every possible gateway to failure. and the most crushing thing known to mankind a broken heart!

03-23-2003, 01:13 PM
Hey Simon,

I was just about where you were as well. The weight has been coming off a little slower for me, but I am making progress.

Congrats on everything! You will find that there is a very supportive community here. Its alot more active than the "mens corner".

Does this know mean that I can no longer call myself the token male? ;).


03-23-2003, 01:17 PM
i believe so. the token twins now LOL

03-23-2003, 02:49 PM
yay, another guy! and another one with an awesome loss so far! we only recruit the best. hee.

simon, is that a kevin smith movie joke??? =)

03-23-2003, 03:54 PM
Si I felt the same too when i was working out. I love every min and the push was such a rush. i hope to get back there. And do not worry about that girl, if she was worth it then she would not have split. I have been married 20 years this june (OMG!!!) and he still loves me no matter how fat i am or was, it is the feelings that we have not the looks. If she ran of with another man just think of what she is going to do with him??? Do not begrudge her as she doe s not have staying power (she may be too young inher heart to realize that) but just wait till she see you agaoin, forget her wait till the other woman at the beach sees you!!! I would die for a six pack right now I have an eighteen pack (was down to a 12 pack) I just want to be able to look down and besides these things that stick out (easily shoved aside) :lol: be able to see my feet!!!

Pain it temporary Pride is forever. I read that on a young mans shirt one day and fell inlove with the saying!!!

I have plans on getting back On tract and then getting to the gym. I know if i do too much at one time I will fail, as i feel to over whelmed (I wonder why:?: ) I am trying to cut down to 3 - 12 hour shifts and that will give me 4 days at the gym and that many days to get the house in control and still get good pay to support the family!!!

Yea Janelle thanks for the welcome back I am trying hard. I felt like a failure so much as the poundage just comming back on, I still posted on the low carb board but know I too belong here as this and that are my true homes!! I do best when in both places!

03-23-2003, 07:28 PM
Welcome Simon!!!

I too, am a tubby b*tch. I love the Kevin Smith movies. :D

03-24-2003, 10:36 AM
Welcome Si! We are glad to hear from you. You seem to have been doing such a great job, Congratulations. I think that you are motivating me to get my rear in gear and actually try a gym.