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05-18-2012, 04:50 PM
Hey guys :) Hope I'm putting this in the right place...
I've been working out a lot more and actually started doing insanity this week. I've noticed that my ears will pop and get clogged a lot while working out...mostly my left one. It's really irritating and detracts from my work out because I start swallowing and trying to yawn and rubbing my ear and holding my nose/blowing to trying to get it to unclog. Half the time I finally get it unclogged and then take a drink of water or swallow a few minutes later and its right back to being clogged. I read an article on livestrong suggesting that if you exercise outdoors it could be allergies...but I'm inside so IDK if it could still be allergies. I would think I'm getting sick but I honestly only have this problem when exercising. Has anyone else had problems with this? Are there any other solutions other than the ones I listed to try and unclog them?