Ideal Protein Diet - Extra IP food + alternatives for sale

05-18-2012, 10:42 AM
Hi All! I am a maintainer and have all this leftover food that needs to go! I'm asking $130.00 + shipping, which I estimate around 30.00. This lot is worth well over $185.00.

Ideal Protein ($114.26)
Peach mango drink x3
Sea salt/vinegar ridges x5
Veg Chili x5
Cream of chicken soup x5
Raspberry jelly x4
Veg spaghetti x4
Cream of mush soup x1
Butterscotch pudding x1

Nashua nutrition ($41.34)
Irish cream hot chocolate x5
Cream of broccoli soup x6
Cheesecake shake/pudding x3
Beef veg soup x6
Milk chocolate crunchies x5

Walden farms ($31.80)
Strawberry syrup
Caramel syrup
Apricot fruit spread
Strawberry fruit spread
Grape fruit spread
Onion dip

I also have some leftover supplements that are opened that I will throw in. Pot/cal and cal/mag for sure. If you don't want them that's ok too.*