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03-05-2001, 11:21 AM
Well, lookie here... all new and spiffy!!

I hope everyone finds it ok...

Absolutely boring weekend... did a bit of shopping with my Mom, ate Mexican twice in 2 days, cleaned house... oh, such fun!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Terri :s: (hehehee, new smileys!!)

Legal Eagle
03-05-2001, 12:36 PM
Hi all...can't do a real post, just saw the new forum & had to say something!

I'm still alive...sorry I've been MIA, but work & home are crazy right now...all good though.

Have a great day all!


03-05-2001, 05:00 PM
Happy Monday :D

Well all I can say is that if the forecast comes true, I'm glad I'm not on the east coast. Haven't checked in, in a while, I've been doing decent but not great, gained last week but I think I'm going to lose tomorrow. Even if I don't, I feel better and my clothes are fitting better so I'm happy. :)

Wedding plans are coming together, made a dress decision, and we should hire a DJ by the end of the week, also made the reservations for the honeymoon. Flowers and invitations are the two BIG things left then there's all the little stuff plus the house thing....... (I'm just not going to worry about it and take it as it comes)

RR - 80 degrees in Feb !!! all I have to say is better you than me. I forgot to check in with my miles the last two weeks plus I got in a couple of walks this weekend. I should be at 22.5 it's a start.

Terri - Thanks for the info, I guess maybe it makes sense. I like the new smileys but they took away a bunch of the old. :(

LE - Glad to hear you're still around. Hope settling into the new house is working out.

Rabbit - Sometimes inches are better than pounds :). I bet that chick from Terminator 2 is over weight on charts, but I'd take that body any day ;).

Nanci - Glad you're OK. Guess I'm glad I'm not on the west coast either ;)

LBH - Sounds like you're working everything out. You'll be fine and just think in two weeks you'll be in FL a married woman. :D

Well, gotta head home and clean the bathroom, couldn't find time this weekend, maybe I'll stop and buy a lotto ticket.......

- Tech :^:

03-05-2001, 06:31 PM
Hello all!!!--Hmmmm...must get use to the new thread!!!

Lauren--Man is it close!!!!U R lucky--I have 65 more days and can't wait.

Hope everyone is logging in the excercise!!!Please check totals carefully since things were off for a while and I may have missed posts!!!


LEgal--How's the new house?????

Have a great evening everyone!!
Ok--who's brave enough to attach a file??????

03-06-2001, 06:28 PM
Just want to say HI!!! really quick....

Last week at this time I was in New Orleans and yes... it was 80 degrees!!! Now we just finished shovelling out from under 2 feet of snow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are all doing well... I've just been insanely busy with my vacation and work and everything!!!!! Hard to believe its March already!!!

Have a GREAT night!!!

Keep Smilin'
Kymber :)

03-07-2001, 10:56 AM
Hi all!! Well, it's going to take a while to get used to the new look!! Also, where do we log on? I will have to do some more investigating.

LE: How are things going? How's the new place? Nice to see you here.

I'm so glad that I don't live in Boston!! Or out on the end of Long Island. Thankfully, we didn't get the snow that they were predicting for us. Everyone was so paranoid running to the grocery store and all. Yep, I was right there with them. We went at 11:30 Saturday night so there weren't that many people, but then again, there was no milk either!! It seems the only way I can force myself to go to the grocery store lately is with a storm threat!! :) OK, where did the smilie legend go? I saw some of you talking about it and I wanted to check it out, so it must be here somewhere!!
I'm home sick from work today, the allergies finally caught up with me. My patients tend not to appreciate me sneezing all over them and breathing with my mouth open while I'm treating them. Going to the DR to get some good stuff later this morning.

Hope everyone is having a super week!!

03-07-2001, 01:14 PM
OK, I found the smilies :devil:. I like some of these!! I miss the one where the mouth and eyes both spin around the inside!!

Hope ya'll are having a great afternoon!!

03-07-2001, 07:03 PM
OK guys, I gotta go back to work tomorrow!! I'm spending way too much time on here. I've learned some neat stuff though (note kitty and new signature!!)

I've been talking to Jul through e-mail trying to help her be able to join us again. So far, not much luck. She can view the main page, but has a hard time getting to the message board. Does anyone else have any ideas?

Have a great evening!!

03-08-2001, 11:22 AM
Hi All!

I just found the new site. When did it come back? I have checked everyday, even tried hitting Refresh on my browser, but nothing new! Not sure what I hit that got me here today, but hey, at least I made it! :)

9 days and counting...was pretty stressed out yesterday, we were fighting again, but met up at lunch and talked through it. Jim's dad is in the hospital! They thought he was having a heart attack, but after some tests, they found out he is 95% blocked in two arteries!! He is having an angioplasty done today and they will put a couple stents in. He's not happy, but at least they caught this before he did have a heart attack!! He should be home by Sunday...hopefully.

Spoke to the organist last night. The girls are walking to Canon in D, and I am walking to Trumpet Voluntary. We have a soloist, actually a couple. They will sing Cherish the Treasure, The Wedding Song (There is Love) and Grow Old Along With Me.

We're going to settle up the menu Saturday. We've had a lot of "no" responses from family and friends, mostly on my side. We have to guarantee 90 people, and so far we have 83 adults and 7 children. So we have to get at least 7 more adults! I'm still waiting to here from a few people though.

Gotta run, need to get some work done this AM! Will try and figure out all the little things, etc. of the new site later!

Have a great day!


03-08-2001, 11:24 AM
Quiet around here this week, Karen's been talking to herself. I've been having 'puter problems sometimes I just hate them.

I think we've chosen a DJ for the wedding. And we met with my dad's cousin who's making the wedding cake topper, so that's another check. She does these cool beaded eggs with hinged doors, they're a little fancier than I'd like but she'd be really hurt if I didn't have her make one. Plus she does it as a gift so it's free.

I'm so excited, my clothes have been fitting better, so when I went shopping on Monday and they had this cool dress and jacket on sale but not in my size I decided to try buying it in a size smaller and IT FIT!!!! :D It was a little snug but that gives me a goal. Also at WW I lost .6 lbs. Not a lot but I'll take it.

LBH - How are you doing? You're in the home stretch for the wedding only 8 more days :eek:

Karen - Glad you didn't get bombed, every time I shovel my driveway, I can't remember what it is I like about snow. ;)

Kymber - I'm with you, where is this year going so fast?

RR - 65 days! I haven't started the countdown yet, after we're under a hundred maybe. (actually I just figured it out we're around 192)

Well I suppose I should work today. Hope everyone's having a good one.

- Tech :dizzy:

03-08-2001, 04:10 PM
Been busy with a sick baby but still dieting ok....
I just feel like I would be better if I lost 5 lbs before the wedding!!!
Wow--Lauren--Glad Jim's dad is better!!!!!

Kymber--it is still hot and muggy here but I have to say I like it better than that cold and snow!!!I had to work this year for MG--but next year will be the year for us!!!!

Hope everyone has a great evening!!!-Off to deal with a sick baby!!!

03-08-2001, 06:47 PM
RR- Hope the baby's feeling better!

Isn't anyone going to change their status from Senior Member to something else?! LOL, I changed mine, what'ya think?!

Hey, where do I find the smilies legend? OH, nevermind, I found it! The were being :s:

03-09-2001, 05:41 PM
Hi guys!! Well, I finally went back to work today. Wow, is that hard after 3 days and not feeling well. I had one whole nostril open to breathe through today so I considered that a bonus. (I'd had none for 2 whole days).

RR: Sure hope the little one is feeling better. It must be tough on you.

Lauren: Sorry to hear about Jim's dad. Hope he is feeling better now. I would change my status thingee if I could think of something cute to put!! Maybe when I'm feeling better I can think of something!! :)

Tech: I'm so glad we have a snow blower. I can't really shovel since I hurt my back. Since I'm the only one who does the driveway, I'm glad I have a pain free way to do it. I like snow when it stays up in the mountains for skiing on!!

Where is everyone else this week? Hope ya'll are having a great day!!

03-09-2001, 07:08 PM
Went to the healthclub today and had a great workout!!!I guess getting frustrated with a screaming child can do it!!!:D
She was better-but once we get her well then it is time to do her heart surgery soo I guess it is always something..then I will have a new one!!!!*L*

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

BTW--love the name Lauren~~~~~

03-09-2001, 10:02 PM
Hi everyone!

Well I am so glad I finally found all of you! I have been missing you.

I will have to catch up later. We are running out the door.

Jury duty is done. It was way too long. The earthquake added two days to the whole thing.

Take Care everyone.


03-10-2001, 03:46 PM
Well, hi everyone. I've been out of town all week and what changes I find upon my return! I'll have to check out all of the cool things you guys are doing with signatures and pics!

Legal - Good to hear from you! Life is busy now, huh?

Tech - wow, your wedding plans sound like they are going great! And I agree about the inches and the T2 girl!:)

Kym- I can't believe all of the snow you have! What a winter this has been. I think we're supposed to be in the 50's this week in the midwest and I'm so glad!

Karen - hope you are feeling better.

Lauren - you must be so excited about now.:)

RR - please put me at 149.3 miles.

Have a great weekend all!


03-10-2001, 05:48 PM
Hi all!! I can finally breathe again so I think I am going to live!! I went to Target last night and bought every vicks product they had!! :p I slept with vaporub on my chest and the liquid stuff in the vaporizor!! I was either going to get better or my house was going to have to be fumigated!!

Has anyone heard from Buffy or Dani lately? I don't remember seeing them around in awhile.

Rabbit: Hope you had a fun week!!

Have a wonderful Saturday night!!

03-10-2001, 06:33 PM
Hello all!!!
Nanci-Glad the jury duty ended!!!!

Well..I woke up with the stomach virus like SD#2 and REfman has poison ivy--we are quite a group the 3 of us!!!We have stayed around the house all day until SD#2 decided to make mash potatoes--the whole box on the kitchen floor with milk and the cats water!!!!I almost fainted when I went in the kitchen and she was sitting in the sink washing off and then I saw the piles of potatoes everywhere!!!Hmmmmmm...how does one survive the terrible 3's-4's??????:D:D:DAfter that we cleaned up spaghetti broken everywhere!!!!!I have to say--My life is very interesting!!!!!*L*

Karen--hope U are feeling better!!!!

Lauen-anything we can do online to help???????

Take care all!!!