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05-16-2012, 10:06 AM
im 150 pounds and 4 foot 11.. ive already lost 53 pounds and ive got a good 30 pounds to lose, but for the last few weeks my weight has been the same. i exercise for 2 hours everyday doing treadmill, bike and kettlebells. ive changed up my routine making it a lot harder and ive been watching what im eating but the scale still isnt moving. how can i break this plateau?

05-16-2012, 10:13 AM
I'm having the same problem. I've lost 10 lbs this year, but for the past month or so I can't get the scale to budge. I've been working out and counting calories too.

05-16-2012, 11:06 AM
When you first started losing weight, do you remember how quick and easy it came off? It was what I call a "new shock" your body goes through. I hit SEVERAL plateaus in my journey. I wouldn't let it stress me out though. So what i did to break it was take 2 weeks off from hard exercise. I still watched what I ate, but I lowered my physical activity in order to let my body adjust to the weight loss. Then right when my body thought it was "comfortable", I started the exercise in full force. Which brought me back to the "beginning" That first week back, I ALWAYS got results. Maybe you can try that. It worked really well for me.