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03-21-2003, 11:46 AM
Stay at home Mom's #71


Welcome to a thread full of encouragement, support and humor, as we share our lives, restore our health, lose weight and raise a family! Welcome to all newcomers and also to our regulars!! Be sure to go back to SAHM's thread #70 to catch up on what has been happening in everyone's lives.


03-21-2003, 11:52 AM
Good morning!!!!!
At the end of the last thread, Melissa had posted. Glad to hear that the Dr visit went well, and that your little one was contentedly a kicking away!

I have to be brief- just have too much to do today- but thank goodness it is Friday!!!!!!!:D I got my walk in this am- which I really needed. Yesterday was a struggle for me with the points, I did finish within my range, (I think- I do not have a point value for Irish soda bread- so I guessed it at 5 points) but it was a tough day. Today is better- the 2 point walk helped. Dh has been in a bear of a mood, the commute is getting to him ( an intense 50 minutes) and although he does not really like his job, I doubt that he would attempt to find another one. So, he is in a crummy mood most of the time...... Hopefully this weekend with some nice weather his mood will break.
Gotta go put away the groceries. Have a great day!

03-21-2003, 12:24 PM
Good morning all!
I woke up in a bad mood this morning but have quickly cheered up. (I'm not much of a morning person) I'm so tired of war coverage. I like to be informed but 24/7? It's depressing if you ask me. But that's all I will say on that subject.
Last night after the kids went to bed Dh and I enjoyed a movie together (in our living room) and then I swept the kitchen (it started to look horrible with the kids tracking mud in and spilling chocolate ice cream on it.) and DH offered to mop it for me! What a dear! I was so happy. The sweeping about did me in all by itself so it was nice to not have to mop too. Yesterday we were gone all day. Went to Kansas City to buy me a maternity dress for a thing I am going to this weekend. It was alot of fun. The mall the store was in was HUGE! And so beautiful. I've never been in such a nice mall before. (small town girl that I am) It turned out to be a gerat day despite the drizzle.
Today seems to be going well. I feel really good, the sun is shining, my kitchen is cleaned, my living room is spotless.... ahh.... to enjoy it all. And I am working on keeping my laundry up. I have to say that I am proud of myself. After I stayed up so late last week folding the loads and loads of laundry I haven't got behind like that again. It feels good to keep things organized now. Less stressful.
Ok, enough of my mundane life...
Mel I'm happy that your appointment went well! Oh I can't wait to find out what you are having next month! I know you want a healthy baby but have you been leaning towards a sex preference?? Any feelings whether it's a girl or boy? What was the heart rate running?
Ginny sounds like your points are right on target. And sorry your DH is being crabby. They all have their phases huh? Mine can be a real jerk at times... but he's been alot better the past few months. Maybe it's because it's getting closer to having this baby and we know there is something worth keeping the peace about :) He's really excited about this one. I didn't think he would be since it is our third. You know the been there done that scene. But he really is happy about Tanner coming to join our family. That makes this pregnancy more enjoyable.
Well, I have laundry to fold so I'll talk to you all later! Have a great day all!!

03-22-2003, 09:26 AM
:flow2: Good Morning! :flow2:

I thought that I'd send a little sunshine to everyone! Hope you don't mind! ;) Mel: Glad to hear that your appt. went well at the doc's & that you got to hear the little tic toc of the baby's heart beat. :bb: I'm so happy for you! So-how was your visit with your friends at the WW meeting? Did anyone comment on your precious blossoming tummy? I always admire a pregnant woman! (As long as it's not me!) Enjoy all those kicks & tumbles, as it goes so fast! (At least that's what you think once the pregnancy is all over.) Then all the sleepless nights start! lol Ginny:Hopefully you survived your hectic day yesterday. Has dh lightened up a bit? I haven't heard much about your oldest dd's moods lately. Has she changed for the better? Or is it not early enough in the baseball season yet? Congrats on losing again! :bravo: :cp: You go girl!! I wasn't able to go to the WW meeting with my friend this week. By the time I was finished with my perm appt., the meeting was over already. I'm going to try real hard next week to go. I need to do something! Summer will be here before we know it! I'm so proud of you that you are staying within your points or are at least burning them up! You're awesome! So-did you put anything exciting in your grocery cart that will keep you OP? I know the next time I go shopping I need to load up on more healthier choices. (The Girl Scout cookies got the best of me!) I don't even want to go there! All I can say is that I can't wait 'til they are all gone, or I find room in the freezer for them.
Spryng: Hopefully you woke up in a better mood this am! I'm just the opposite of you & I tend to be more cheerful in the morning. By bedime-leave me alone!! As for all the war stuff on tv, I tend to agree with you. I turn it on for a little while to be informed, but then it makes me so sad that I put an upbeat CD on to energize me. I personally don't know anyone over there, but these are real people & they are fighting for our country! I signed up for the Navy in my senior year of H.S., but got a rejection letter because I was too young to enlist. (I was 16 at the time) They told me to wait until I was 17/18 & by that time my dm talked me out of enlisting. If I would have stuck to my plans, I would have been in the Gulf war & if I survived that-I'd probably be retired by now. My heart goes out to all those families that have loved ones there. Well, on to a more cheerful beat here! I'm glad to hear that your dh & you had some quality time together & sat down to watch a movie together. May I ask what movie you watched? I rented "About A Boy" & hopefully we can watch it tonight. I rented it once before, but unfortunately had to return it before I even got a chance to see it. So-you got a chance to go to Kansas City. Did you go to Kansas City, Kansas- Or did you go to Kansas City, MO? I haven't
been to either, but my dh has been to both & told me all about them. I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself. So-what does the dress look like? Did you go long or short? Is it the old "Tent" style maternity dress, or did you go for a more snug fit? As for the picture you posted of your tummy-you could get away with a more snug fitting one. (Lucky you!) Did you mention that your baby's name will be Tanner? I like that name, as it sounds cute for when they are little, as well as a nice name for when the baby is older. Well gals, the guys are starting to wake up now, so I'll close for now. Have a great weekend!

03-22-2003, 05:12 PM
Just a quick post......Great to hear from you Spryng and Jackie.
Spryng, sounds good getting a new dress to wear (something nice to keep your spirits up!) WTG too getting all that laundry done, and a spotless living room to boot!!!!!!!

Jackie- hey, you got a perm!!!!! Congrats! You busy lady, I hope that the perm looks great on you and keeps your hair maintenance free. Thanks for spreading the sunshine, I could use some!!! I never would have thought of you being in the Navy- but then knowing what a highly motivated and upbeat person you are, that does make sense. I'm glad that you are with us, navy or not!! As for good foods- well, my choices for this week are some great oranges- chocolate no sugar fudgsicles, and chocolate grahams. All no or very low points. Guess you can tell my weakness is sweet stuff!!

Well the weather here has been great- too bad Dh's mood has not been. Softball/baseball is here- so that is all we do/talk about........yawn............somebody wake me up when it is over!!!!
Dd (16) has been in pretty good spirits- but who wouldn't be with all that she is planning and doing (she will be on 4 vacations trips this year)! But no time to go into that now- I have to pay some bills online. My eating is off today- I must admit I have a bit of a pity party going here, but I'm gonna get those walking shoes on and break that up soon.
See ya later!!

03-22-2003, 10:24 PM
Good evening all!
Whew! What a day! I've been gone all day long and will be again tomorrow. I'm so tired. but it was nice.
Jackie- my Dh and I watche I-Spy and it was so funny! I laughed and laughed. It really lifted my spirits with all the war stuff going on. And I agree with you completely. I turn on the tv just to be updated and in goes a cartoon or movie to break the mood. I want to be informed I just don't want to see it happening live. We went to Kansas City Kansas but I've been to MO too. I think it's a nice city. My DH always has to drive because the traffic scared me but he is very good at keeping up with everyone and such. They have great malls there. The dress is just a long light summer type dress. It's a soft green with different colored flowers on it. It's not figure hugging but not tent like either. Just "flowing" I guess is the word. My belly fills it out nicely. I just hope it will fit when I'm 9 months along. With my ds I couldn't even fit into maternity jeans because my belly got so HUGE. I could only wear sweat type leggings. (it was winter) so I'm wondering how big I'll get this time. Yes I did mention that our baby will be named Tanner. Tanner Ace. I really like it too. It was so easy for Dh and I to agree on (shock shock) I saw the name Tanner and loved it and mentioned it to him and he said "Yeah! Tanner Ace!" So it stuck. With my ds we argued until the day he was born about his name. His name is Joseph Paul. My husband is Joseph Clement the 3rd. He wanted him to be the 4th and I hated it! I wanted him to not be named after a person my Dh hadn't even met and all that. So we decided on Joseph so it was after my DH and Paul which was named for my grandfather who means the world to me. But I didn't know what his name would be until the night he was born. my DH wouldn't agree on anything so it was up in the air and as soon as he came out of me and was lying on my chest the nurse asked what his name was and he said Joseph Paul. I was so thrilled. So it worked out. But Tanner will not be named after ANY family member, he'll have his very own special name. I love that. Ok, enough of the name history.
Ginny- I hope you got that walk in so you didn't go over your points. I'm routing for you!!
Well I have lunches to make for tomorrow and another dress to iron and such so I better get off here so I can get into bed at a decent time. Hope your weekend is going well and hope all is getting this warm weather we have here! It will be alomost 80 tomorrow! G'nite!

03-23-2003, 11:59 AM

I just wanted to stop in for a visit. I also wanted to let everyone know how my Saturday went. I stayed home the entire day! We did go out to dinner with the kids, but that was it! I got so much done. (I still have a long.....way to go though)DH was in charge of the "taxi" yesterday. He also was the decision maker with the kids. His day started by taking ds to his event @ noon, which turned out to first start at l:00. So-he stayed in town with him until then. Before dh & ds left for the event my dm called me to inform me that she had locked her keys in her car at the grocery store. The store just so happened to be across from where ds needed to be dropped off, so I asked dh if he could run the spare keys over to her & unlock the car for her.
(We keep one of dm's spare car keys at our house for this reason)
DH came home for awhile before picking up ds by 3:00. Once dh & ds arrived home, I asked dh if he could pick up dd from the birthday party that she went to. (I was just getting in my car to go pick her up!) He said sure & then I informed him that he also had to take home dd's friend from the party too! No problem!
I tell you, it was so nice not to have to chase for the day! I did thank him for playing taxi. I then woke up this am & asked if he could take the kids to church so that I could have another day at home to work on things. (I'll be going to church on Wed. eve.)
So-they are still gone & I'm enjoying the time to myself! Well, I'd better scoot so that when dh comes home he'll see me working!
:lol: Bye!

Oh! One more thing: Spryng-I have never seen the Spy movie, but we did go to Blockbuster & rented the movie "About A Boy" with Hughe Grant. What a funny movie, along with a great drama!

03-23-2003, 06:12 PM
I'm here! Oh geesh its been rought around here. We all have a bit of a bug going on. I can barly keep up with the household and the farm. It has totally drained me. My eatting was off until today. Finally an op day :) I got a nice walk in this evening. I'm really not following any sort of diet. I checked them all out tho. I decided I'll just do my best to get out of this disortered eatting. So I'm doing my best to eat 3 balanced meals a day and get pleny of exercise. It certianly has to be better than all the over eatting in the evening I was doing and skipping breakfast and lunch. Well it looks like I picked a bad time to get online :( the girls are getting into trouble so I better go.
Hope you all are doing well!

03-24-2003, 12:14 PM
Good morning!!!!! Good to see that everyone is surviving/has survived the weekend.

Misty (aka Michele)- I guess that this is your busy time of year- with the farm picking up and maintenance of a family. Sorry that your family has been ill too!!!!!! I hope that everyone feels better soon (especially for your sake!). You sound stressed......hang in there and check in when you can. Last year you had some babysitting help with the girls one or two days a week. Are you still getting that help? Maybe you can get some time off for yourself.....that's all.

Spryng- your dress sounds so pretty, and springlike! (no pun intended) Nice that you got to Kansas City- even if just for a change of sceneryand some good shopping. I loved your name your kids story.....sounds sort of like what happened with me so I can identify with it a lot!!!!!! Tanner is a nice name- I like old names.

Jackie- well, Dh sure gets the award for being a good Dh this weekend! He has earned his chauffeurs liscence for the week.......Great for you that you got some much needed and well deserved time to stay home and relax a bit......uncluttter the house and get stuff done. Two days like that must have been just wonderful. Gotta love that Dm story locking the keys in the car... and good that you have the extra key!:)

As for me, I'll be surprised if this weeks WI goes well. My eating was a bit out of whack Saturday- but I did walk my hoofies off- over an hour! Some to compensate for the eating (which was not all that bad, more for stress relief) and some to let off some steam. Yesterday I got outside and did some gardening, and got a short bike ride in with Dd. Probably earned one excercise point.
The problem was we had chinese for dinner- and I over did it a bit. But I did get a 20 minute walk in this am....and hopefull will get out again tonite. Today I have been behaving myself quite a bit.

Well, I had better go attend to my messy house! Have a great day!

03-24-2003, 03:20 PM
Boy Ginny I understand how chinese food can get you! That was my major downfall. I love love love chinese and the sad part is it takes alot of it to really fill me up so I eat so much when we go! And we all know what kind of cals are hidden in there. But your hour long walk and bike ride had to do some good and gardening always burns more cals than you think. It's back breaking work. We were hoping to get started on flower beds this year but with the baby coming and all we just can't afford it. Maybe next year.
Misty! I'm so glad you are checking in with us. Hopefully that bug has passed you now and all are feeling better. As for your diet plan you sound like you are doing just fine without being on a specific "diet". Let us know how its going. Do you weigh in once a week or how is that working?
Jackie, that has to be so nice to have DH helping you out like that! What a needed break for you. Is this going to be a regular thing for him or was it just a one time thing? Anyway, you deserved it and I hope you feel rested and motivated now! I'll be routing for you to make the WW meeting this week! I know everyone has noticed the difference in Ginny since joining. She's really brought back the motivation for weight loss here again (since Mel became pregnant of course because she was doing fantastic too) and I hope you can join her! I'll be joining you all as soon as little Tanner wants to make his appearance come June.
Well, my day is going pretty good. It has hit 80 degrees today, is windy but very beautiful! The kids are loving being able to run barefoot and wear shorts again! Now it's time for me to buy some maternity shorts so I can get some color on these white legs of mine. lol. I haven't done much cleaning today. Just kind of lounging around the house, enjoying the normal tv programs that have been taken off all week due to war coverage. I'm excited to see DR Phil today. I just love that show.
Oh and I'm 27 weeks along today! My very last week in the 2nd trimester! How time has flown.
Guess I'll get off here. Talk to you all soon! Have a great OP day!

03-24-2003, 06:31 PM
Spryng - great to hear from you! And although I really do not like the hot weather for you and the sake of your kids it is great.
How nice to run bear piggies in the grass.....and hey, this year it is your own grass! What a wonderful feeling that is!!!! Glad that Dr Phil was on for you today- I know this war coverage is so intense, and can really be depressing. Congrats to you on the last week of the 2nd trimester!!!!! Gosh, this time has flown....and soon little Tanner will be in your arms. What a blessing.
Well,I came on to check Ds's math homework.......the teacher and I are emailing to be sure that he gets it all done (why is this taking so much work from me??). Now off to get dinner on.
Have a great evening!

03-25-2003, 11:12 AM
Good morning!!!!!!
Gee, it's just silly ol' me, a talking to myself again!:dizzy:
So, just a quick hello. Honestly, for anyone who remembers me from last years weigh loss, I do post more when I am doing better with staying OP- the thread keeps me honest. Thanks!

I got a 20 minute walk in this am.....oh well, better than nothing.
And I finished off that darned chinese food for breakfast.......it was mostly veggies. Ok, it was silly but I figure I have all day to get rid of the salt b4 tomorrows WI. I have been great with my water so far too. I am wondering about the WI- this week, while not awful has been rocky. I'll let you know tomorrow.
Gotta go.......Have a great day!

03-25-2003, 11:54 AM

My post that I left yesterday didn't show up! How frustrating!
Ginny: I hear yah on the homework issue! I email back & forth to the teachers all the time. I also got a call from ds's teacher yesterday & it's so bad that we have an appt. scheduled for this Friday @ 7:30 a.m. This morning ds needed to have a recipe for French class. (Along with the product!) So...at 6:00 this a.m. I was making bacon wrapped water chestnuts with ds. We have our smoke alarm wired up to ADT, so I decided to call them up & put our alarm on "test mode"
for an hour. Thank goodness I did, because in no time the bacon caught on fire with the broiler! What a smokey mess! I tell yah, I'm so worn out by this ordeal that I feel like going back to bed!
Unfortunately, that won't happen because I need to take my FIL to his dialysis appt. this a.m. DH & I went with my MIL yesterday to the attorney's office to get POA papers drawn up for him. It's time to start looking for a nursing home for him. While there-my MIL assigned me as the #1 POA for healthcare matters for her & my FIL. I'm #2 as POA for their personal property matters. I was shocked because dh is the youngest child of 4 & she hasn't icluded any of her other children as POA's! Should I feel honored, or should I consider this a hindrance? :?: Ginny-I can't wail 'til Thursday, as I will definitely be joining WW! I need a push!!
Spryng: I hope you enjoyed watchig Dr. Phil. I've been too busy to watch t.v. I sure miss watching Oprah and Dr. Phil. Mel: How are you doing? Misty: I'm worried about you! If you find the time, feel free to PM me. (It's healthy to vent!!) Hang in there, hun! :grouphug: Well gals, I have to scoot. TTFN!

03-25-2003, 07:35 PM
Good afternoon all!
Well this will be a short post. I'm feeling down today. I'm just so tired of bills, obligations, and MONEY!!! :( The baby will be here in 2 1/2 months and I feel so over whelmed with everything financial. I don't know how we are going to get the things we need for him plus everything else we must buy for summer. Ok, I know. Too personal. I'll stay off my soap box now :) I just feel down, that's all. It will pass as it always does.
I hope everyone is having a great OP day!

03-26-2003, 01:36 PM
Aw crumb!~~~~~~~~
I just lost my post!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll get back on later and get personal.
Spryng and Jackie (Misty too!)- you are all facing trials....I'll keep you in my prayers. My WW meeting went well- very inspirational. And I lost another 2#.
Gotta go- have a good day.

03-26-2003, 07:50 PM
I'm back.........actually I came online to do some research on a movie for Ds's bday party- which is Friday. At this point I am so furious with him and Dh that I would just like to take myself on a weekend retreat all by myself........but that is another story.

But being that I got rid of my post before (hit a wrong key)- I'll attempt to put back what was lost.

Spryng- all I can say is hang in there. When I was pregnant with Ds, money was so tight- every cent spent had to be justified- analyzed- scrutinized. Money was so tight. But somehow, the Lord does provide....... and gets us thru tough times. You are also dealing with super hormones......hang in there- we are always here for you with a big hug and a smile.:)

Jackie-what a loving DIL you are and a blessing to your family.
I consider it an honor that you were selected POA- but yes it will be a burden at times. But I do believe that you will be blessed for all that you do. I hope that Dh does too!!!! I love the bacon story......sounds like something that happened with Ds and I only a few weeks ago. Ah, these sons of ours will drive us to the looney bin:dizzy: - but then I am half way there already! I hope that you get to the WW meeting!!!!!! It will be so neat to compare what they cover- and we can cheer each other on.

As for my meeting she covered taking a high calorie/high point food that we crave from any of these categories: ethnic foods, "mood foods", desserts, meals away from home- and find a replacement that is better/lower in points. The example was M&M's (a personal weakpoint of mine too!)- and one member suggested Kudo's M&M bars- which have real M&M's in them and are only 2 points!!!!! (sounds good to me!). Others brought up tortilla chips- fast foods etc......whatever your weakness is. Mine is basically sweets......so I guess I will try out the Kudo's. I am still in shock that I lost- this was a tough week and PMS time is around the corner.
Gotta go-Misty, Karen and Melissa we miss you!!!!!
Have a good nite!

03-27-2003, 01:58 PM
Another busy day on tap......tonight I am speaking at a Village Hearing on a development that is proposed- that will basically ruin the nice quiet area we live in. So, no time for a long hello, as I have to finish my notes and begin straightening up for Ds's bday party- 7, 13/14 year old boys sleeping over. :dizzy:
Got my 20 min walk in this am............and so far so good with eating. Hope everyone is ok- Jackie, Spryng, Misti, Mel, Karen.
Take care!

03-27-2003, 02:38 PM
Im Here!! :o

Life is just been crazy the last few weeks. I am at crunch time with my deadlines and havent had time to do anything!

BUT the good news is that My Gym opens tomorrow!! WOO HOO!! So after I drop the kids off.. you know where I am headed. I cant wait!

I just wanted to check in and let you know where I am at. I should have this last afghan done over the weekend so I will post more then!

Hugs to all!! :)


03-27-2003, 03:15 PM
Good afternoon all!
Karen so glad to hear from you! I hope the gym is just what you need/want. I wish there was one around here to join, but there's not. Not even one. But that's ok. I have my recumbant bike waiting for me after the baby gets here. Plus I will start walking too around my neighborhood.
Ginny, congrats on your 2# loss!! That is fantastic espcially since you didn't feel as though you did very good last week. See? You did!! Keep up the good work!
Jackie, thank you so much for all your kind words. You are a great friend! It's so strange that I feel so close to someone I've never actually met. But you are very special to me :)
Well, I am having a good day. The other day was just a low one for me. I got over it. I know this baby will be taken care of so I need to quit worrying about material things and just focus on being healthy and happy the duration of this pregnancy. So I feel 1000% better about it all today. But I have been a bit lazy today lol. Yesteday I cleaned and cleaned and the house looks great! SO last night after dinner I was too tired to clean up and still haven't today. I have a pile of dishes screaming my name... but they aren't going anywhere... maybe I'll do them after the kids get up from their naps. But other than that all is well here.
Guess I'll get off here. I was hoping to get even lazier and teal a nap too!! I'm terrible I know. lol. Talk to you all later!

03-27-2003, 05:02 PM
I DID IT!! Well, I actually did TWO things for "ME"!! My first step: I went to my first Weight Watcher's meeting today! Well, at least the first one I went to in over 10 years! My second step was: To hop on their scale & face reality!! :eek: Oh my!, I knew I was up there, but didn't realize I weighed that much!! I'm so glad that I went today & not yesterday. As yesterday was depressing enough for me! Today is a different & better day for me. I took the weigh in like a grain of salt. It's enough to make me think twice before putting something in my mouth, but not bad enough to throw me over the edge! Thanks for all those PM's & phone calls, gals!! I really appreciated them! I was kind of disappointed in todays meeting though. Ginny's meetings seem a lot more informative & more upbeat. Our topic today was about 2 things: (1) Chocolate substitutes (2) Low-fat cheese & substitutes. I guess I was looking for topics like: How to conquer the moody munchies & things like that! I was pleased that I only had to pay $15.00 for registration though! I ended up buying 2 packs of 2 pt. bars & also a food journal. Ginny: You busy gal, you! I hope that you voice your opinion well tonight! Good luck with Mark's party too! Welcome to the world of a 14 y/o boy!
I've noticed a BIG hormonal difference in my ds since he turned 14! Thank goodness their hormone's are nothing compared to a teenage girl! :lol: Congrats on getting your 20 min. walk in & also for losing some more weight! You go girl!! Well, I'm here to be your WW buddy, want one? Spryng: I'm glad you're feeling better today. As for your laziness goes:
Don't worry, you have a good enough of an excuse!! It's amazing on how fast a kitchen can fall apart! What a relief to have a dishwasher now, huh? Karen:
It's good to hear from you again. I forgot, just how many afghans did you make? Good for you that you are on your last one! Have fun at the GYM tomorrow. Going back to the "Y" will be step (3) for me. I'm hoping to go next week. Once you make the first step, it's so much easier to go the next time. It's so good for you too! Do I sound psyched? You know what gals? It looks as though we have enough motivated people at this thread again, so why don't we set some challenges? Anyone game for it? Well ladies, I have to get off the 'puter & finish my work around the house before dh gets home from his 4-day business trip. TTFN!

03-28-2003, 06:42 PM
I cant believe that I am actually sneaking on here.........Ds and his buddies are outside playing hoops- Dh went to get the pizza (instead of bossing me around....:p ) so I snuck on to say hello!
Karen- great to hear from you!!!!! Want to tell us a bit about the last afghan? (I do love to crochet!). I am glad that you'll have more time to visit with us. That is excellent news that your gym opens soon!!!! Enjoy that workout!!

Spryng- I am so glad that you are feeling better today. Sorry about the dishes and housework, but you know, it is very patient!! Housework always waits for you..........:lol: But you are right about focusing on the baby and feeling good. That is the most important thing for you right now.

Jackie- Hey there my new WW buddy!!!!! You had the same thing as me- I got on their scale and was in for one big shock. But - be positive- you are NOT going to weigh that next week- or ever again for that matter!!!!!!! Did you get the recipe for the whoppee pies in your book. They came out really well- but do not keep- however, I found that freezing them worked out ok.
I have a good recipe for Oatmeal applesauce muffins that are only 3 points- they are not really sweet but nice with tea or for a quick breakfast. I would be happy to post the recipe if anyone wants it.
Oh, Dh is back with the pizza. Gotta go!!!!!!!

03-29-2003, 09:35 AM
Happy Weekend Everyone!

Ginny: I knew you would sneak on for a visit in the middle of Marks Birthday party! Oh, I know you so well! :lol: Well, I hope that the boys let your household get enough sleep last night. To overnight sleepovers, what's sleep anyways? They should just take the "sleep" out & replace it with "stay". ;) Now-back to the more serious stuff: I didn't hear about the two recipes that you were talking about but I'm sure I'll run across them eventually. Now, for me staying within my points for the day-I didn't do too shabby until dinnertime. I was a good girl & ordered poorman's lobster & rice pilaf for my take home Friday night fish fry. Unfortunately, I ended up eating the yummy seafood chowder. I guess I'll have to stay below my points range for the weekend to make up for it. Oh golly gee, I'm starting to dose off here. I guess I'll go back to bed for an hour or so. :yawn: See yah later!

03-29-2003, 12:17 PM
some peace and quiet.............Ds and the last buddy to leave just went out for a walk and although it looks as though my family room floor is now wearing a popcorn rug, all is well!:) These kids are a hoot- I wish that I had not been so tired from the night before (3 1/2 hours of sleep)- as it would have been live entertainment to stay up and just listen to them. What a great bunch of kids- and so funny when together. I cannot imagine how thier teachers get anything done with them......if it were me I would be laughing all the time.

Jackie- the recipes are in the week one book-"Getting Started" on page 53. Another great recipe is the GardenVegetable soup on page 50 that has 0, yes no, points a serving. I have had that a few times for dinner- when I was bad earlier- or not really hungry.
As a matter of fact, I should make another batch. I know that you have been on WW before- and I found that it took a few days to really get in gear, to get the right foods in the house and the right meals on the schedule. Don't be hard on yourself, ok???
We are going to do this together, right??? And how well you do know me, my friend.;) So, did you get any good info on Chocolate and cheese substitutes??? (as if there is a substitute for chocolate!!) But - I did buy a box of the M&M Kudo's (2 points) and while they are not the same as eating a handful (for for me a large bagfull:o ) of M&M's they do sub in nicely. BTW- I got the catalog. What nice items!!!!! (sort of reminds me of Home Interiors, only better). I have not had much time to look- and think I will leave it out at the garage and see what kind of interest I can generate. I'll keep in touch about that.
Well, I had better get off the computer. I think I'll go make a pot of that soup- this morning I had a donut for breakfast (6 points:( )- but this was planned. Dh and I go once a year for annual blood screening (routine stuff, blood counts- blood chemistry- cholesterol) that the Lions sponsor each year. The cost of the tests are very reasonable (probably about $200 of tests for $36)- after which they have coffee, juice and donuts/bagels. Its the only way (not the food, that it is cheap and I am going also!) to get Dh to get his cholesterol checked. The results are also sent to our Dr- in case there is a problem. Ok, Ginny.........enough babbling!!!!

Have a great spring weekend!!!!

03-29-2003, 01:03 PM
Hi All!

Jackie - I remember that feeling well whe I stepped on the scale at the Dr's office not that long ago and realized I had gained back more than the 15 pounds I thought I had.... But Like Ginny said.. you wont weight that next week! :) Good for you getting to a meeting!

Ginny - That b-day party sounds like fun! My kids arent old enough for sleep overs.. but I am looking forward to it! Am I crazy??? I would love it if you posted some of those recipes! I love WW recipes! I have several cookbooks from WW that I still use all the time. Have you tried the 8 point Tuna Casserole dinner or the 6 point Polenta and Italian Sausage dinner? YUMMY!

As for me, I did go to the gym yesterday and did the treadmill for 30 minutes and then weights for about 20 minutes. I have a consutation appointment on monday and am really excited about it! I am going to love working out here I think! I decided that Mondays are going to be my WI days.. And I will take my measurements Every first monday of the month to see how I am doing! I also have the gym scheduled as appointments in my calendar. So I am ready! Some one .. Jackie I think .. memtioned a challenge? I am game.. anyone have a idea?

Ok.. I am off.. Got to go to T-Ball Practice... I am team mom this year! I have a ton of stuff to get together for everyone! :)

Hugs to all!

03-29-2003, 06:52 PM
Wow. I miss a few days and feel like I have been away forever! I'm in Ohio at my folks for my bestest friends (since we were knee high to a grasshoper) wedding. Oh boy do I have a story to tell you gals. Well... I'm in the wedding. So yesterday we went to the have our final alterations on our gowns. I put mine on and guess what?? It was to tight in the belly. I mean it had to be taken out 1/2 an inch:o! So I'm thinking how on earth is this happening?? I'm maintaining weight but my jeans were getting to tight to button... funny things like this. So it kinda dawned on me... I haven't missed a pill (bc) in months, but my period was a day late. I had really chalked it up to nerves cause of the drive here and the wedding. Well to be safe I picked up a home pregnancy test and guess what. It was positive! Looks like I slipped thru that 1% of the pill not being totally effective. Talk about being shocked. WoW. So I called my DH and told him. He really had a good belly laugh. He is absolutly delighted. I am too. I'm really worried about having taken the pill all this time and not being very mindfull of what I put in my body. I will be so glad to get back home and see Dr. Mary. Say lots of prayers for us that the baby is healthy girls. I will certianly appreciate it.
I wish I could address all of you. I just realized I need to get to the church to help decorate.
I'm keeping up with all of you tho. Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!

03-29-2003, 07:21 PM
Oh Misty!!! How wonderful!! Now you can join Mel and I in our pregnancy expeditions!!! How far along do you think you are?? Do you remember when you last period was? I am so happy for you!! Please keep us updated ok?? Wow, I am so thrilled!!!
Karen it sounds like you have a plan! I'm so glad you love your gym. That really helps make exericse much easier and more enjoyable. Boy do I wish there was one around here. Can't wait to read about your progress!
Ginny, glad to hear the sleepover was a success. It's good to know that your son is good at picking friends. Sounds like they really enjoyed themselves and you enjoyed having them. What fun. I love to invite Dh's 13 year old cousin over. He's a riot. We play gamecube together after my little ones go to bed and we have such a blast. Now he wants to come visit me and not DH!! I guess I am more fun lol.
Jackie, don't worry about not being perfect on your first day of ww eating. You will get it down. Plus you have Ginny to help you out. Take it easy and it will become routine to you soon. Are you using your bike again? That will be great in helping you get some extra points in a day. I know you will do great on WW so just keep your chin up and before you know it the lbs will be slipping away.
My day has been great. DH was kind enough to let me sleep in. I really needed it. I think that 3rd trimester fatigue is affecting me a few days early :) I go to bed about 10 o'clock every night, get up at 8:30 and have to nap in the afternoon when the kids do. That's alot of sleep! But I seem to need it more. But anyway, I got 12 hours in last night so I am feeling pretty good today. Then I got up and we all went out for lunch, went to a resale shop and got one little sleeper for 11 cents!! That was the only little boy infant thing they had and it is so cute and only 11 cents! What a steal. Now I wish they had more!! But at least it's a start in my clothes shopping for him. Came home and the kids played outside for a while, Dh cleaned the living room and I attacked the kitchen and a load of laundry so now I am done with housework and can enjoy the day. That always feels good. SO so far it's been a good day. DH is gone to work now and I have the rest of the evening with myself and my kids. They are watching roger rabbit at the moment. Never knew they would like that movie so much. But they don't budge when its on.
Well, guess I've written enough now. I am still in shock about Misty! I know a few posts back she said she was feeling like she wanted another baby but knew it wasn't the right time or whatever....well, mother nature had other things planned for her! I know she is so happy and I am for her.
Misty, please don't leave us again now that you are expecting ok?? We will love to stay updated on you and your pregnancy. It's so much fun!!
Talk to you ladies later! have a great saturday!

03-30-2003, 06:17 PM
Oh , my gosh, I have not been here for a wee little while......and look at all the posts!!!
Michele- congrats!!!!!That is just awesome news on your pregancy! Don't worry too much about the baby..... I was pregnant with Dd (youngest) and I mean just pregnant- as in less than a week - and I had a mammogram! And she is as normal as any kid of mine can be (being that I am a wee bit wacky). My Dr was not concerned about the mammo-. What exciting news.

Karen- sounds like you have a plan there...complete with excercise and WI's. Good luck!!!!!! I'll join you in a challenge- but with WW steady loss (but slow) is encouraged. So, I am not sure what to do there. How 'bout an Easter challenge??? 5# by then?

Spryng- glad that Dh gave you a breather and let you sleep in a bit!!!!! (ain't it great?) Good too that you got some cleaning and baby stuff........(I love baby clothes, and always got bummed when my little ones outgrew stuff).

Sorry that this is so short- my little one wants to play 'puter.
Have a great Sunday!

03-30-2003, 07:50 PM
Oh I'll be around. It seems like my life will be slowng down alot here in the next few months. I'm still in shock. It's hilarious tho because all the clothes I packed seem to fit like I let them in the dryer to long. I'm so excited to get back home and see Dr Mary. I really have no idea how far I could be. We tried to figure it out last night and it seemed to come out anywhere from 6-2 weeks. My last period wasn't much to say and my siser seems to think my taking the pill caused me to spot. Its so wild.
I'm glad to hear you are getting plenty of rest Spryng. You def. need it.
And thanks Ginny for the words of encouragement. It's so hard not to worry tho. Oh and your no wackier than the rest of us!
Ok well I gotta get the girls outa grampy hair:) Have a great night!

03-31-2003, 11:05 AM
Good morning all!
Well here I am! I made it to the 3rd trimester!!! I am so happy right now!! only 12 more weeks (or less) to go!!
Misty, I can't wait to find out how far along you are and all that greta stuff you get to do during pregnancy. I have some gret sites for you to visit if you are interested about pregnancy and a great due date mesage board you can be part of too! If you are interested email me at spryng@classicnet.net and I'l send you the list of sites I love right now ok?
Well I had a great weekend and that was very nice. my dh's mother brought over some big baby items that dh's neice has outgrown so now I have a very cute swing, high chair, bathtub, and a vibrating bouncer for my little one to use. That was really nice of them because I wasn't sure if they were going to give me anything at all. Also, DH's sister told me last night that she is planning on giving me a baby shower which absolutely floored me! I wasn't expecting one at all because I'm not close with any of his family and have went through some rough patches in the 7 months we've lived here with them. I really felt like they didn't even notice I was expecting at all. But I guess I was wrong. Maybe they care after all. but what fun!! Now I get to register!!
Well, guess I'll get off here. I hope everyone has a sun shiney day!!

03-31-2003, 08:37 PM
Good evening!!!!
Just a short post- I am pooped- and feeling just a wee bit under the weather. Dd (7) stayed home today with just feeling a bit sick and a cough. She seems ok- and probably could have gone to school, but a day of rest never hurts!!!!!! Guess I am getting a touch of what she has too.

Misty-as I said try not to worry....with Dd I was not supposed to get pregnant that month- and the date of her conception was really screwy in terms of when I ovulated/concieved.......made little medical sense- but then I know it was one of those times that God just wanted to remind me of who was in control! And I also know that some spotting is normal in pregnancy- I did with both of my Dd's preg's. Can't wait to hear from your Dr how far along you are!!!!! (hey, what is it with this thread........this pregnancy stuff is infectious!).

Spryng- how nice that Dh's family is giving you a shower! :)
And nice too that your MIL also brought some baby items over- less to have to buy! (oh, the list of baby stuff seems so endless).

Well, please forgive me for being short- I am a wee bit tired and still have to go clean up the kitchen. Hope that everyone has a good nite!!! Take care.

04-01-2003, 03:20 AM
I'd rather be "40+" than pregnant!! Don't get me wrong-I am so happy to hear that Michele is expecting!
And of course-Spryng & Mel too! Michele:
I couldn't remember--do you have a 2 y/o right now? Or is she older? I was trying to figure out how many years were between them all. If I can remember correctly, it sounds like a great age span between the girls & the expected baby. I tell you Michele, I sure got a laugh out of the brides matron's dress! :lol: What a shocker, huh? If I was as young as you, I'd be tickled pink "or" blue to be pregnant again! I've always heard that 3 kids kind of evens out the family. Do you still have all the baby stuff left from the other's? It's nice to get some new things, but also nice to have the basics left also. As for being on the pill during conception-my stepsister was on the pill and didn't find out she was pregnant until nearly 5 mos. along! (She's on the heavy side.) Spryng: Remember what I said about your down day the other day? This too shall pass? Well, it looks as though all that worrying was for nothing. (Oh my, if we'd only know it at the time, huh?) I'm so happy to hear that your SIL will be having a baby shower for your little one. What a relief, huh? It looks as though things are looking up for you. AMEN! Ginny: So...you call that a short post? :lol: I just had to razz you a little!
:D I'm sorry to hear that Karen is feeling crummy. Did she go along on the bus route with you? Also-glad to hear that Mark's party went so well & that everyone got along so well. Thanks for the info about the recipes. I didn't buy the big WW books with zipper case yet. I will buy them this coming Thursday. There are a lot of WW recipes in the forums here at 3FC's site. I may try one of those too! As for the chocolate sub.-they did mention kudo's bars with M & M's. Also-FF Choc. Pudding. As for the cheese: I have a great alternative for that- I buy the Veggie Shreds (Soy Product) They are a product of Galaxy Foods. I usually find these in the veggie section near the healthfood area.
I can hardly notice the difference when I put them on a salad, taco or chili. Eating it plain, has somewhat an after taste. 1 oz. serving is one point. Karen: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm so happy for you that things are working out for you at the new Gym. Is this a YMCA? Oh!, I just remembered-My "Y" membership ran out on 3/31-time to renew it again! As for the WW recipes that you mentioned on your previous post: Do you know if the Tuna Casserole tastes similar to the Smart Ones frozen dinner? I love that one! One thing nice about the frozen dinners though-I know I'll only eat just one serving if it's froze individually. Now-for us non-prego gals here: I am up for a 5# challenge by Easter! I sure do hope that I lose this week at my WI. Well gals, I'm getting pretty droopy eyed here, as it's almost 1:30 a.m. her in WI. G-Night! :yawn:

04-01-2003, 11:05 PM
Well, here I am again........and after the short post that Jackie left, well, how can I even begin??:lol:

Jackie- gee, I hope that you did renew (0r are going to renew) at the Y. I know how that, and your recumbant bike are really important to you (sort of like my walking shoes are to me!). And if that helps you succeed, great!! How are you finding it staying in the points range- ok? Most of the time, I don't find it tough- or too tough- that veggie soup and V-8 have bailed me out several times when I was still hungry and had either for a no points fix.
Love those sugar free popsicles too....at one point a piece. I am using the old WW books in the zipper case (the ones from Ebay). The newer ones must be an improvement to them........I just do not want to part with the cash just yet. The veggie shreds sound good- and soy is so good for you too. Thanks for the info.
Great that you are joining the 5# challenge.......there are so few of us who are not pregnant!!! You'll probably lose that much in the first 2 weeks of WW. Me, I will probably take more time. Good luck with your WI!!!! I can't wait to hear how you fare:) - and it is so nice to have company.

WI for me is tomorrow- who knows how that will go. I did not get too many walks in- between sick Dd, Ds's birthday party and the aftermath I was too busy. But for the most part, I ate withing points range- so we will see. Karen did go to school today- she was still a wee bit stuffy and droopy- but I checked her at lunch ( I help out on Tuesdays at her school) and she was fine. Mark will be the death of me with his math homework.......but he is FINALLY starting to enjoy reading. Gee, it only took 14 years.......:lol: And I read a ton to all 3 of my kids when they were little......his favorite was Curious George........whose temperment I think he inherited.:lol: Ok, can you tell that I am tired???? I had better go get some sleep. I'll try to post tomorrow with my WI- but it will be tough getting 'puter time in.
Have a great nite!!!:)

04-01-2003, 11:08 PM
Opps.....before I forget.....all of you pregnant friends out there- especially Michele who has not been to a Dr yet- you are taking at least a multivitamin, right????:^: Please????! It is just so important!

And Jackie, I hope that you got some rest!!!!!;)

04-02-2003, 04:22 PM

Where did most of you go? I sure hope that I didn't scare a lot of you away with my previous post! :o Please forgive me if I offended any of you. It was in the wee early hours of the morning and I tend to get a little silly with no sleep. Ginny: I didn't get a chance to renew my membership at the Y, but I'm planning on it. I've been just too busy to go there. I'm doing a lot of spring cleaning and it's taking me a lot longer than I expected. Always something that comes up to slow me down. I've been doing a pretty good job in staying within my point range. I can't believe it's been nearly a week since I joined. I go to my meeting/WI tomorrow. I sure do hope I see a loss. I also hope that I can be successful with the 5# challenge by Easter. Last year at this time I was doing such a great job. Wish me luck!! Well, I better get going with my housework. I hope to see some more posts here when I return.

04-02-2003, 08:25 PM
Jackie, you certianly didn't offend me in anyway:) There are 2 years between my children and my youngest just celebrated her 2nd on March 6th. So yeah its a decent span. Still pretty shocked tho. I'm so happy you are doing well with the ww and all. I still have everything from the last baby so I won't be needing much. But this is it. I'm def. not having anymore babies after this one.
Glad to hear you are doing well too Ginny. And that the ww is working for you also. I'm taking a multivitamin. I never go without them. And as far as seeing the dr. Well if I ever make it back home :| I came down with the flu and so did the kids. Its rotten. I wanted to head home today. Well I can hope maybe toorrow.
Nighters gals!

04-02-2003, 10:06 PM
Good evening!!!!!!!
Good to see some posts! Jackie- you can't scare away me:dizzy: :lol: - try as hard as you can!!!!! No, I think we all just suffer from chronic busy mommy syndrome- that is all. Ok, I am speaking for Spryng, Karen, Mel....... but I think that is all there is going on.

Michele- I am so glad that you are taking vitamins......it is just so important and they have shown such a strong link between folic acid and healthy babies. And with all of us "dieting" or trying to lose- well there are days that it is hard to get all the nutrients in that we need! 2 year age span is nice.......my two oldest are 2 1/2 years- and it worked out fairly well. I can't wait for you to get a "due date" - this is so exciting!!!!!!!! It seems so funny to me that all of these babies on the thread were really surprises- happy ones at that! How are you feeling???? I hope that you can get a wee little bit of rest - this is such a busy time of year for you.

Jackie- and when you get done spring cleaning at your house..........I need help here in NY!!!!!:D Great job staying in your points range this week- I hope that you see a reward on the scale. I can't wait to hear how your WI goes tomorrow. Good luck!:)

As for me, I lost a whopping 1 #:lol: . (Considering that I did not walk all that much and had Ds's party and did eat some pizza, I am happy). Hey, the scale is going down.....and that is all that matters. I will have to kick myself into gear if I am going to make the 5# challenge, though. I did get a walk in this am- and have another planned tomorrow am.
Today's Ww lecture was about lifters and leaners. Basically- it was about what we do here at the thread- from day to day each of us can change- on a good day you are a lifter- keeping everyone's spirits up and encouraging each other, on a not so good day you are leaning on the friendship of others to keep you going. She encouraged us to lean on each other- hang in there as friends- and that we will do better at this weight loss thing.
The buddy I go to the meetings with lost .8#- after a tough week- so I did my share of lifting there. Gosh- sometimes it seems as though I will be attending meetings forever.......I really would like to get to 135# and at a pound a week........I don't want to think about it!!! But, I will get there......this time I am going to get to a goal weight. I think for a closer goal I would like to get to 145 by our vacation in late August- that should work out fine if I keep up at the 1# week rate.
Ok, enough of me babbling!!!!!!! Have a great nite and see ya tomorrow!!!

04-03-2003, 11:24 AM
Good morning all! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I've been lurking I guess :)
Ginny congrats on that 1# !! It is so great! You'll do even better this week since there are no bd parties to worry about and such. You'll be at 145 before you know it and then on your way to 135!!
Misty, sorry to hear you came down with the flu. I have been sick so many times since moving here to Kansas and being sick and pregnant is 100 times worse because there is just so many things you can't take, especially in the 1st trimester and all. I hope you got to come home today and are feeling much better. Keep us posted.
Jackie, how did your WI go?? I am so excited for you! And no, you did not offend anyone here. I re-read your post and couldn't find anything offensive in it. So it must have been all in your head lol. We love all your posts. :) I can't wait to hear how your meeting went as well.
Well ladies, I had quite the scare yesterday. You see I have a decent sized fenced in back yard and the kids are loving it now that the weather has been nice (it was 86 yesterday) so I let them out and I keep a close eye on them from inside the house. They never even try to climb the fence or anything and always stay where I can see them.... well... we have those two puppies now who I guess have dug a small hole under a part of the fence and get out often now. My dd is always running inside to tell me when they escape and I have to round them up. My dh thought he fixed the hole but I guess he didn't because yesterday I was wacthing them and then went to the bathroom and went back outside to find the yard completely empty. No dogs, no kids, no sound. I freaked out. I started yelling for my kids and my dd (3) came running back saying she was getting the puppies and slithered right under the fence where the dogs had been getting out, I could care less about those dogs at the moment. I asked her where bubba was and she said he went down the road. I hollered and hollered for him and no answer. I couldn't see him anywhere. I panicked. I ran into the house and called my dh at work who is only 3 minutes away and told him bubba was missing (he's 2) and he quuckly came home. I grabbed my dd's hand and ran out the front door telling her to help me find him and we ran up the street she had come back from and you know what?? He was in my next door neighbors back yard, just sitting in their swing. He could hear me screaming for him yet thought it was cute to say nothing. I was so mad!! By the time I got back to my house my dh pulled up and boy was he scared too. We took the kids in and cried. I was relieved to have found him and yet scared at what could have been. Now I have to be extra careful letting them back outside. My dh has to fix the fence and part of me wants to get rid of the dogs since it was them that got the kids to leave the yard in the first place. My kids never leave it but they wanted to bring the puppies home instead of me and that scares me. Dh can fix the hole in the fence but what about when they dig another one?? Well, it's frustrating. But at least both my kids are safe now. I'll be keeping tabs on them much better now though. Not that I was lacking much before.. but I guess no pee breaks for me :) It only takes a second a they can be gone.
OK, that was a novel. Sorry.
I'm also scared about SARS. I was watching the view yesterday and now 80 people have died from it. And the scary part is they don't really understand what SARS is or how to treat it properly yet. It's mostly in canada and asia right now but there have been diagnosed cases of it here in the usa, and kansas and missouri have been two states reporting it. I'm going to ask my midwife about it next week and see how much she knows about it and if I should even be concerned.
Ok, I'm getting off now. I hope everyone has a great OP day and for Misty and Mel, I hope you have a great incubator day!! :lol:

04-03-2003, 12:32 PM
Well Hello there!!!

Sorry I've been away for so long, there's been alot going on here! I've been dealing with kidney stones for the last week and a half, but the baby is doing fine! It was scary, but things have gotten much better!

Misty~Congratulation!!! Wow, if this keeps up, we'll have to be the stay at home pregnant moms~ :D ~Watch out Jackie, Ginny and Karen!!!

Spryng, I don't know what I'm having yet, but I think it's a boy!?! Even though everybody keeps saying, "It's a Girl" we'll know in a week and a half!!!

Ginny, don't worry about me, I am taking my prenatal vitamins and have been drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest. I must say, I'm so proud of you and Jackie and Karen for hanging in there and losing weight. I look forward to get back OP after the baby, and will get lots of motivation from you ladies!!!

I guess I'm going for now, but I'll be back soon!

04-03-2003, 03:29 PM
Good afternoon!
Mel- so sorry to hear about those kidney stones! Hopefully they have all passed now and you are feeling better. A week and a 1/2 before your big ultrasound huh?? You must be getting anxious! But they say a mother's intuition is usually right. With both of my kids I just "knew" what they were before they were born. But with this one I hadn't one inkling. So I needed that ultrasound to tell me! lol.
Well, I just wanted to pop in again and say hello. My day is going pretty good. Got a few things accomplished so far. Now it's nap time!! I'll check back with you ladies later!

04-03-2003, 04:28 PM
Good Afternoon!

Here I am as promised to let you all know how my WI went. I lost 3.8#!! I was feeling a little fat the last few days, so I was really surprised to see the loss. I suppose next week I'll stay at a standstill or gain some back. I'll try my best to stay within my points range every day. I had a lot of talking myself out of different things to eat this week. I signed up today for 10 weeks, so now that I have an investment into WW, I better be faithful to myself! Spryng: Oh my, I bet you & dh had a scare with not being able to find your ds!! A similar case happened to my friends dd a few years back. We thought she got out of the house and it was pitch dark outside. So, after calling for her for nearly 30 min., we decided to call 911. We started looking for her in some swampy land that was next to their house, with no luck. The police officer called my friend & her dh into their house to get a more precise description of her. The officer said that they should maybe check inside the house once more & low & behold, there she was in the bathroom behind the shower curtain!! She was small enough to curl around the curtain, so when you pulled the curtain back, you really had to look for her! (She was only 19 mos. at the time) And hopefully the kids took a long nap so that you could get yours in too today. Mel: I'm also sorry to hear about your kidney stones. Did they give you a little funnel with a screen towards the bottom of it to catch the stones? I had to go through that once & to find out later that I had food poisoning!!
I hope that all goes well with your ultrasound. I keep referring the baby as a girl for some reason. When I have this strong feeling, I'm usually right. I suppose I should get going & get some more work done around the house. TTFN!

04-03-2003, 07:01 PM
Oh my gosh Spryng!! That experience with Ds was enough to make your blood pressure shoot up!! I think we have all had similar experiences with our kids- my son pulled a similar episode once when he was 2 and it took me weeks to get over it and not pinch myself. It is just a good thing that he is ok (your Ds, that is). Try to relax about this SARS issue. I know that it is serious- but to our benefit, we are heading into better weather and infections do not spread so easily. About all we can do is practice good hygiene- hand washing etc... and go on living our lives.

Melissa- I am so sorry to hear about your kidney stones! Are you feeling ok now? My neighbor had a rough bout with them while carrying her 4th- she was hospitalized for several days. I hope that they are all behind you now and the rest of the pg is a breeze! Thanks for filling me in on the vitamins......I feel sort of like a mother hen sometimes......just my nature though.

Jackie!! Hey there you loser!!!!!!!:lol: :p I am so happy for you! Congrats!!!!! It feels good, doesn't it- to see that miserable scale go down. I hear ya with talking yourself out of stuff- the first week was that way for me too, until I came up with a lot of decent alternatives- or was willing to give in and adjust my points accordingly. How was the meeting? Was is a bit more inspirational? I hope so!!!! I wonder if you are getting all the same materials as I am from week to week. I would imagine so- there was a great stir fried green bean recipe in week 2 or 3 that Dh actually liked too!!! (scary) I am happy for you and so proud of you.

As for me, I got that walk in this am. At my meetings, Laura (our insane/hyper Puerto Rican lecturer) is starting a walking journal for all members- we have to sign in how many miles we walked per week and she will be giving out awards for that too. So,me the ever obsessive- I am really going to try to get out more often, at least during the week. Those 5 am wake ups are killers, though.:yawn:
This weekend promises to be nuts too. Dd has her first softball game tonite- another tomorrow nite and takes the SAT on Saturday ( I am driving her and 3 buddies there at 7 am). Ds is going to a Nets basketball game with his bballl team- they'll get back late- and some of them are sleeping over Friday nite- sort of a repeat of last Friday!!! More insanity.......... (can I rent a hotel room somewhere just for me to spend a week and read and sew, please????? ) Ah, life with teens! Oh, I almost forgot- Dd has her science fair tomorrow nite too. At least her siblings will be busy so I can help her get her project there and spend some time with her.
Gotta go get dinner on the table. Have a great nite!!!

04-04-2003, 03:02 PM
A short hello as there are no posts to respond to.
Well, Dd's science fair was cancelled- postponed to Monday as the school has no water- and is closed today. So, she is home (makes her very happy!:) ). My day is a bit quieter too- one of my "runs" on the submarine was not needed today ( a long story behind that!) so I have some time off this afternoon. The bad thing is that I will not see Mark before he goes off to the Nets game- which makes me kind of sad, like I'm a bad mom or something. I asked him to call me from school before he leaves- so I can at least give him a hug over the phone. Oh the ups and downs of being a mommy.

Well, on that happy note......I'm outa here!!!! Have a great weekend.

04-05-2003, 03:37 PM
Hi ladies,

Thanks for the well wishes, I'm doing fine. I still haven't passed the stone yet, but at least the pain has been manageable! The last time I went through this, I ended up in the hospital for a week, and had to have surgery.

And yes, Jackie, I did get a funnel to help catch the stone, but no luck with it yet!?! So you think it's a girl, well let me tell you, so does every body else, so it must be true! It's so funny, because my DH wants a boy and I'm the only one who has even mentioned a boy. BTW~ girls run in his family, so it is probably going to be a girl! We'll be happy no matter what, but I was hoping for a boy to carry on his name. I know that he wants one, and after losing his father last year, he has been down and realized that he's the last one in his family to have children who will carry the family name. Congratulations on your great weigh in, I loved to have a good loss, when I went in feeling like it wouldn't be much!!!

Ginny~ How in the world do you do it??? You must have nerves of steal, but I can relate with you about talking to DS before he leaves. I always miss DS when he goes to his dads during the summer, and have to call him everyday! And as a bonus, I get to annoy the Ex. a little! :D

Sprying, I'm glad that you found your DS alright, and I agree with Ginny, I guess we all go through that a one time. I remember my DS was 3 and I was folding clothes and he was playing in the yard. I had the front door open so I could see him, but all of a sudden~he was gone! Well, after yelling for him, and waking DH who was sleeping, because he was working nights. We called 911 and I proceeded to walk our yard looking in the tall grass, but got no answer when I called out to him. Finally after looking for 30 minutes, we thought we would ask the neighbor if she had seen anyone stop on the road and guess what~he was watching TV and eating a snack at her house! What a scare, but at least he was safe and sound! So how have you been feeling???

Well, I guess I better get off here and work on my pile of clothes!


04-06-2003, 01:20 PM
Melissa- that is too bad that you have not passed the stone yet- although I hear that too is very painful. Forgive me for asking a stupid question, but why do they want you to catch it in a funnel?
Is it analyzed or something? Is there anything you can take for the pain?? I do hope you are feeling better!!!! Big hugs to you!

As for me, Dh went with Dd to softball practice- and I am just as happy, he was in one of his Attila the Hun moods.:( You know, everything in his way or not to his liking has to "die before him"- (his phrase........:o not mine). And no he is not violent (please do not take his phrase the wrong way!) at all- but can just be so tough to live with at times. I am still recovering from Friday nite/Saturday. Ds got home from the bball game at 12 midnight- hey the Nets won and his favorite player scored 30 points, so life is good, eh? But it was freezing raining when I went to pick him up from where he was being dropped off. The same crummy road conditions were there 6 hours later when I drove Dd and company to take the SAT. I'm telling you, I think life was easier with diapers and apple juice spilled all over the kitchen floor!:lol:
At least they took naps and you knew where they were until they woke up and climbed out of the crib!
My eating has been off- I guess stress and insane schedule, etc...
Today has been good- I am off to a normal start with regards to my eating......so maybe I can at least get back on track before Wednesday's WI. And I will get a walk in today.
Gotta go address the laundry problem. Have a good day.

04-06-2003, 02:28 PM

Ginny, they do send the stone to be analyzed, to see what's causing them. Although, my DR. said that if I didn't catch it, it wouldn't be a problem. Because they sent the last ones off, and he figures that this will be the same!?! Anyway, glad to hear that DH gave you a break by taking Dd to practice!

Not much going on here, just sitting around. I did laundry yesterday, and wanted to get out of the house today BUT DH has decided to slumber in bed so far? I'm feeling alot better, not hurting much at all, so maybe I passed it! I am still dealing with being tired, but things have been so much better without all of that nausea. Although, it still shows up, when I least expect it!

I guess I'm going make some noise, and see if I can wake Dh.

Have a good Sunday!

04-06-2003, 04:36 PM
Hi Everyone! I just have second.. but I wanted to check in!
I made it to the Gym 3 days this week! I am so proud of myself! I am so sore though! I forgot how hard it is to get back in to a weight program, even if it is low weights at first!

Tomorrow is weigh in for me and I will let you know how I did! I hope to have more time tmo to write!

04-07-2003, 10:25 AM
Good Morning!!!

Karen- that is so great that you got to work out 3 times last week! I'll bet that you feel great - and energized by it. Congrats and keep up the great work!!!!!:) Hang in there with the soreness- it passes quickly, and soon you will actually welcome it because it means you are getting stronger!!:strong:

Melissa- that is great that you are feeling better. I did not know that you had a history of kidney stones- ouch!!!! Did you manage to get Dh up and get out for a while? I hope so.

Well, I did get a 35 minute walk in after dinner last nite (had to burn off some stress) and another 35 minutes in this am- before the SNOW! Yikes- we are supposed to get almost a foot of the white stuff today........school is closed and my yellow submarine sleeps.......
Gotta go get gas for the snowblower before it starts. Maybe I'll check in later. Have a great day!

04-07-2003, 11:19 AM
Morning Ladies!

Well, the day is already starting out a little rough. I started hurting again, which lets me know that my little stone is still there, and I haven't been drinking enough water again. But I'm dealing with it!

Karen, great~ sounds like you're getting into a great routine. And as for the soreness, I always think of it as a sign that I'm really doing my body good! You know, results that you can feel! And, once you get all of those muscles moving, the soreness will subside. Keep up the great job, and good luck with weigh in!!!

Ginny, more white stuff??? Wow, that's so hard to imagine, since we've been in the 80's!?! And yes, my history with kidney stones started in June of 2001. I was in the hospital for a week, and they ended up having to do surgery to remove them. That's also when my mom told me that my dad used to have them also. I've just been doing so good at drinking lots of water, until the morning sickness set in, that I hadn't had another problem with them, until now.

Y'all have a good day!

04-07-2003, 11:41 AM
Wow! There has been alot of replies since I last posted. My email has not been alerting me of new posts lately (hmmm... I wonder why) so I am sorry I have been MIA. But here I am!
Jackie so happy about that WI!! That's a great start!
Mel, I am looking forward to hearing about your ultrasound. When is it again?
Well I'm posting before the kids wake up (it's 9:30 am and they are still out)
I've been doing pretty good. My mood has been fantastic the past couple of weeks. Dh and I celebrated our 5th anniversary last friday (the 4th) he had to work but his parents suprised us with taking us out to dinner after he got off which was nice because we are kinda strapped for money right now. SO it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening. Then saturday MIL went yardsaling and got the baby some very cute outfits and a pair of size 0 shoes that have never been worn! They are so adorable! I was holding them in my hand and thinking about how tiny he will be when he gets here. Even though I've done this twice the miracle of birth and babies just get me everytime :) So now I have a few more things for him. I guess my shower will be next month so I went ahead and registered at wal-mart which was so much fun! I didn't put much on there, and to me it doesn't matter if they get anything off the register or not but it may give people an idea of what I need and they can buy whatever they like. I'm not picky :lol: But it was fun to do. I didn't register with my other two so it was a first. Sunday we went to MIL house for dinner and it turned out to be a great evening. I am saying all this because some of you remember what problems I was having with my MIL, but a few weeks ago I decided I can't change her and she can't change me and it wasn't worth the anger I was having towards her and such so I let it go. Yes, it was that easy. I just let all my feelings toward her go and boy has it been bliss since. Now she is going out of her way to do things for us, (like making me some maternity shirts for summer) and getting us baby things (which prior to this she didn't seem to care anything about) so I think it was the best descision I have ever made! There is no tension between her and I anymore and we are getting along great and trying to build a new relationship. My Dh is thrilled to death about it. I am happier, she is happier and everyone knows that if mama is happy than everyone can be happy too and it's so true in this case. :) But anyway, so my weekend went great and today I am 29 weeks along and that makes me happy too. Life is good right now. :)
Well, I got to get off here. Maybe I can steal a shower before the kids wake up. I can't believe they are still out, but we got home late last night and they are 12 hour a night sleepers so they are pooped. Hopefully my email will work again with alerting me to new posts here and I won't be gone for so long again! TTYL.

04-07-2003, 03:12 PM
Just me again, hounding y'all to death!!;)
Spryng- gee you sound in a great mood!!!! What a wonderful and wise thing that you did- getting rid of the anger at MIL. I had to do that too- realizing that all my bellyachin' and crankin' was not going to change her or Dh at all- just cause strife. So, yes there are still tough days with her (as there are in any relationship) but for the most part we get along ok. You will be blessed for being a peacemaker, I believe. Glad too that you are getting ready for little Tanner too. SOunds like fun.

Melissa- so, now I get to nag you about drinking water, eh? (I am a really good nag, just ask poor Jackie who has endured my nagging for almost 2 years now!:lol: ). But, I nag with good intentions and love.......so DRINK YOUR WATER! Your kidneys are working for two now- so you'll need that much and more (just at a time when your bladder can hold so much.........;) ). Try to remember what you did to get all that water in while on WW. I hope that you are feeling better.:)

Gotta go- I snuck in on the 'puter while Ds walked away from it for a minute. The snow is a falling........... Have a good nite.

04-08-2003, 06:47 PM
Just brain dead me........I'm going to start a new thread- SAHM's #72 as this is getting so long. See ya there!