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05-11-2012, 03:21 PM
I have a dear kitty, about 16 yrs. old. Healthy except for some creakiness and hyperthyroid (being treated). Over the past several months, she has developed this night-time habit of leaving the bedroom closet - where she sleeps - and going into the foyer where she starts to yowl. Of course, I get up immediately and go to her, expecting to see her in some contorted torture, but she's just lying or sitting there. I shush her and she looks at me and she's quiet. I then go through this elaborate thing of trying to get her to get back to sleep. I play with her, feed her, cuddle her (she's not interested in cuddling), etc. She's usually very interested in playing, and quite strong at it, and after eating some she'll go 'back to bed', sometimes for the rest of the night but sometimes it's like she's on auto pilot and starts right back at it.

My vet said that older cats sometimes go through this type of thing, as part of getting older. Her labs are fine. Eating and pooping fine. She has responded to acupuncture, i.e. after a session I have a couple of good weeks with her. But I would like to know if any of you have had this issue, and if you have any suggestions. I've tried that pheromone spray-she's not impressed. She has her litter box near the bedroom, so that's not an issue, when I pick her up she doesn't express any pain, she's just 'on'. I've tried playing more with her during the day but after being up all night she's not so interested. It's kinda like she's on autopilot when this happens. I've tried riding it out, but I'm in an apartment building and don't want to wake the neighbors, so it's almost as if it's more watching her until she gets back to sleep to make sure she doesn't start up again.

Any and all greatly appreciated :)