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05-11-2012, 11:35 AM
yesterday was kind of bad for me food wise yesterday because i was SUPER tied because the night before. My mom was in recovery from surgery and we went to see her in the hospital. Then my grandma cme into town and her bus arrived late.

So this led to bad food decisions that day. BUT, i am well rested and focused today :)

05-11-2012, 11:42 AM
Hospital days make it so difficult to stay on track. You get a hall pass from me on this one (and I'm guessing from the rest of the board as well). Hope your Mom is doing well after her surgery.
Suggestion: At the very least, try to remember to carry a water bottle with you. We've been visiting my FIL a lot recently, and I get terribly dehydrated standing around in hospitals, emergency rooms, etc. You might not be able to remember to pack a healthy snack, but at least you can keep hydrated!

05-11-2012, 12:21 PM
I hope you have a better day today!

05-11-2012, 12:31 PM
absolutely agree with Cat. Hope your mom is doing Ok. Cat sorry to hear about your FIL change in care too. It is so emotionally draining seeing those we care about undergoing medical care. We often forget to take care of ourselves. Hang in there ladies.

A quick purse ready snack are the 100 packs of almonds or mixed nuts. I know the portion is greater than SB guidelines. You can always share or save for later. A water bottle with a filter is great too. Attach it to your bag and you can have great tasting water almost anywhere. Geeze I sound like a commercial!