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05-09-2012, 01:23 PM

It is a beautiful day with the sun shining and the temp in the high 70’s. It is a great day for the museums Pioneer Day festivities. It is a day where the grade school classes descend on the place and get a grand tour with some of the workers dressed in pioneer clothing. Will demonstrates how to build a saddle and other leather items. He has some hands on things where the kids that want to, can make a design on a piece of leather. I think it lasts from 9am till 3pm. Today I am going to smoke those ribs I have thawed out for dinner and serve some fruit and veggies with them. It is such a beautiful day without the ever present wind blowing. I got a surprise last evening when Will got back from the T party meeting (which I didn’t attend) and handed me $50. Remember all those tickets and handouts I made for the group awhile back ~ well the powers that be decided they would pay me some for the materials I had used. How sweet of them for I had volunteered to do the work and hadn’t ask for anything for doing it. Nice surprise.

JEAN Thank you for that information on Aloe Vera. I found a place on line that carries Fruit of the Earth products and a list of stores that handle it so now I can get some of it. This with the menthol in it works great but I just don’t like the odor. I prefer that it has no smell at all. BTW my Aloe Vera plant has sprouted out some new babies.

DONNA FAYE I would love to see those pictures of the things you will have on your cabin door. What fun you will have on your cruise. I know how old linoleum can attract dirt like a magnet for we have had that in some places we lived. We always ended up replacing the flooring in some of the places. I am so glad we replaced the carpet in this room with that wood look laminate flooring. If we were going to be hear longer we would eventually replace the front room carpet with it also. Professors is a locial place that has an excellent chef so it is always quite busy.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-09-2012, 02:42 PM
Ok, here is a pic of the sock for my girlfriend. I have both of them done and blocked, but it gave me a better pic to just do the one. They are a bit unusual so I hope she likes them. They would go great with jeans in the winter I think.

Jean: Well yes and no about the needles. One pair cools while the another is hot and going! :lol: What you are really asking is do I ever just lay all knitting aside. Not very often, frankly. I knit while I watch tv a lot and I always have gifts to be knitting and getting done so I just switch from one product to another. I have 1 1/2 pairs of the mittens to get done before the end of June, a pair of socks to get done before my dil's birthday in July, two pairs of socks to have done before we sail on the cruise for Jack and finish the wrap for me and the sleeves on the sweater and sew it together before the cruise in Sept. I am going to buy and take with me enough for 4 prs of socks, one for my son, one for my dd and then the boys for Christmas. So I always have lots of knitting to do I don't like knitting the mittens only because the yarn is 100% wool and it does scratch and can make my hands uncomfortable because it doesn't slide through my fingers easily. I seem to learn something with everything I knit, a better way to do something, a new technique, something. I taught myself to single crochet and if I ever get the time, might go further with crocheting and see how I like it, but until the end of the year, I don't have time for that.

Maggie: I am just trying to hang on until we have a wad of cash where we can just go ahead and do all the remodel work at once, which is a few years down the road yet. I detest this horrible linoleum and it is pulling away from walls and cabinets as the "glue" has let loose, but I don't want to do part of the floors then not be able to get the rest of the flooring in the same type and color when we are ready to do the carpeted areas. We talked about just buying all the flooring and waiting to have it all installed, but we have no where to store it. Our garage leaks horribly and the HOA won't repair the garages and re cement them to make them water proof so we can't put the flooring in there. I am leaning towards cork or bamboo flooring. I like the look of it, it is pretty durable too and though I am not a big environmentalist, this type of flooring doesn't deplete anything so it is a "green" product.

I see it is close to 1 PM and I have a couple chores to finish so better get to them. Talk to you later. Faye

05-10-2012, 12:20 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a sunny breezy morning in my neighborhood today. I've been to get my nails done and have a load of Bob's grubby jeans and t-shirts in the washer. I'm going to clean out a kitchen cupboard, make my gift shop visit around 2, and head to Sioux City for the mall to shop for a birthday gift and then soccer games.

Maggie -- Pioneer Day sounds like a fun time for the kids. :cp: There used to be something similar here where the kids went to a county park out in the country. There were several "stations" to visit, and the one the kids enjoyed the most was a real teepee and a guy who did alot of animal trapping. He wore a Davy Crockett type hat and dressed in authentic clothes; he had tools and items from the pioneer days that the kids could touch and ask questions about. There is a bar, we drive by on the interstate, in Sioux Falls called The Library; I always :) when Susan mentions eating at Happy Belly. Fun names for sure!

"Gma" -- What I meant was do you have to keep checking your pattern as you knit, or do you know them by heart once you get started? I would love to watch you knit! :yes: I like the sock colors and hope your friend appreciates the work you put in her gift! You have a lot of projects to keep you busy. ;)

I'm off to start on my cupboard! Enjoy a terrific Thursday and be glad! :wave:

05-10-2012, 02:12 PM

It is a beautiful day here in the ♥-Land with the high 80’s expected this day and all is quiet in the neighborhood. Will has gone now to the museum and said as a parting shot that he would like to go to Applebee’s tonight so that means I don’t have to cook this day. I like going there because they have several WW entrees from which to choose that help me stay OP. For lunch today I will have a frozen dinner for I have several points+ friendly ones in the freezer. I do add spices to most of them because they tend to be on the bland side for folks who don’t like many spices. Those of us that do can add them. I have been delighted that Cecil’s food dish hasn’t been knocked to the floor since I put a doily of non skid on his little food table. We have several graduation gifts to give this year for high school, college, and one with his Masters Degree. I think we will give them some do re me and let them use it however they choose. Cash is King so they say. I have nothing unusual to do this day so will do my routine that I have set up that works for me. For some reason this has been a very “hungry” :hun: last few days for me. I have had to fight to stay OP but I do write what I bite for that is a “have to” for me. I will sure be happy when my new clothes arrive for I need some new duds. They have been shipped so it won’t be long now. I am really looking forward to when I have lost all I plan to and go shopping for new clothes. That will be fun.

JEAN What color did you have your nails done with. I am toying with doing the tips of my white for they are quite long and before I cut them I think I'll do that. Cupboards can have some surprises hiding back in the back and in corners can't they. I need to get into my baking cupboard and see just what is lurking back there. Your plans for the day sound like they will keep you busy and movng about. Have fun. Oh the pioneer day was so fun. Lots of the kids rememberd Will from last year when they visited and one little girl asked him to tell them a joke. He makes up the cutest little jokes for kids and they just love them and giggle. The kids were very interested in the displays and quite well behaved. Will wore his cowboy gear and looked the part.:D

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-10-2012, 02:39 PM
Good afternoon gals. I now have two pairs of mittens finished and have started on the last pair. I also knitted some on my dil's sock and I just love the colors. Really bright and happy!

Jean: Oh, well it depends. Like for the mittens, I always check the cast on number even though I know what it is, then I basically fit the pattern to knit. What I mean by that is like for the mittens it said to k2, p1 for 2.5 inches. Well, that amounts to 18 rows so I write that in the margin of the pattern that the cuff = 18 rows and from then on, I don't measure I just knit that many rows. The mittens and socks are similar in that they both have cuffs, then a section of leg or hand, etc. Since I have 4 mittens finished, I pretty much have that pattern memorized, but I never assume. If I have any hesitancy, I double check. Now, for the sweater, which has 8 rows that repeat, each odd row is pattern and even row is a straight purl row. So, I look at what row one pattern is, but then can repeat it without looking anymore and on and on. I have a book called Sensational Socks and I always use it to set up a new sock size. I have small yellow legal pads where I write the info in, do the same thing like I do for the mittens, ie, how many rows equal the number of inches for the cuff, leg, etc. The book gives me charts, men's women's and children's. I find the shoe size, which the chart then gives me the leg length, the heel flap, gusset, foot, toe and then foot/toe total in inches. It also has a chart where you take the number of stitches the needle size and yarn gives you from your gauge then tells you how many stitches to cast on. It is a terrific book. So my little legal pads so far has a couple children's sizes, a couple men's sizes, and a few ladies sizes. That way, if I need to knit a pattern size women's 7, I already have the information on my legal pad and I just follow that information. Now, the charts have narrow, medium and wide too so you have to consider that when you are using a pattern already written down, but most people are medium sized. Hopefully this all wasn't clear as mud. The short answer is sometimes! :lol:

Maggie: So far I only have one graduate, my best friend's granddaughter and I babysat her when she was a baby so I am just going to give her a gift card to Target. What girl doesn't like to go buy clothes, swimsuits and such. :lol:

I talked to my dil for about 45 minutes yesterday morning. They just got back from Disney World and they weren't impressed. She said for one thing Jackson was not tall enough for a majority of the rides, he hated the rides like Pirates of the Caribbean because of the dark and she said the prices for food is outrageous even buying groceries in Orlando. She said they wanted $8 for a hot dog and $3 for one of those tiny cartons of milk!!! She said she had to pay a fortune for some pineapple. She said they enjoyed the beach a lot more when they finished their vacation at the beach. She said Jackson really did a lot of work getting me a magnet from his vacation. Thomas has always gotten me a magnet from their travels since he was around 2 years old. I have them on my Fridge and my refrigerator is a true world traveler! :lol: So I got Jackson in on it now. I told her, it is a cheap gift and the boys seem to love picking just the perfect ones out.

Well girls, I need to unload the dishwasher and get back to knitting. Have a good day and the coming weekend. Kelly isn't going and canceled so no Marty this weekend. We still have commissary shopping this weekend though! UGH!!! Faye

05-11-2012, 03:15 PM
Afternoon girls. I kept the car today so I could take Fortune to the groomers and get my stuff mailed to my girlfriend and the extra yarn from the mittens returned for a refund.

I thought maybe I finally had gotten past problems with these stupid hormones but man I have been sick all day. I took some Pepto to help with the diahrrea, but I finally had to take some pain meds too. I just hope they kick in before I have to go and get Jack at 2:15.

Wow, the gas prices have sure come down. I don't get out a lot so didn't know they had dropped so much. Hope it continues and hangs on for awhile so we have cheaper prices for our trip. That would be nice.

Have any of you used those 3M Command strip hanging things? I bought some tiny hooks today to use for the hanging things for the cruise cabin doors but I really need to know if they come off clean as they say they do. You can't use anything that will damage the door or whatever like tape, glue, etc, etc. Everything I did is magnetic, but I have these hanging whirly things that have just a little plastic loop to hang and so I bought some of those 3M things that say you can take them off of anything cleanly. If I get feedback from you guys or on the cruise boards that they don't work that well I guess I will just cut up some magnet pieces and glue to the back of the 3M set up and just hang them that way on the door.

I have about 15 rows to go on the hand part of the mitten then the thumb then one more mitten and I am done. I have also worked on my dil's sock just a bit and had to show you what the color is going to be like. Are these wild or what? She can walk around in the dark and be seen! :lol: Jack helped me last night roll the hank of his green socks into a roll. They are going to be some wild socks too. I don't know what he is going to wear them with. I told him he is going to have to buy a bright green shirt or something.

We have commissary weekend and that's about all for us this weekend. Next weekend is rug shampooing again. We never did get it all done so we have to get it done this next weekend. Actually it isn't we it is Jack. He thinks he does a better job so I gave up arguing with him. If I want to do it, I will during the week.

Well girls, I need to go. Have a great weekend everyone! Faye

05-11-2012, 05:14 PM

It is a bright sunshiney day here in the ♥-Land with temps in the 70’s. Oh joy ~ I got to go to get my hair cut at 1:30 this day which makes me happy for she did a great job as usual with my sparse locks. I bought a bottle of “scalp activating treatment” that is for fine chemically enhanced hair that is said that "9 out of 10 say they perceive a thickening effect." One is supposed to apply this after a shampoo and leave it on. It is a Nioxin product and I use their wash and rinse products already. Hope this works for me for it is rather spendy. :rolleyes: I received the partial order of the clothing I had ordered and things fit fine. I will wait for the rest of the order so I can get the outfits together for I now just have partial pieces. I will be stilin’ for sure. :cp; I did my nails white tipped last night but I could see in the morning light that they needed another coat of polish so I got them all done now. :cp: I did them in dim light while watching TV last evening and they looked great then. :yes: They now look as if a professional had done them. :mag: I'm not bragging just stating the truth. :p Will went out riding the mower this day for it may rain tomorrow and the grass will benefit from the rain better if it is mowed. I got the results back from my mammogram so now I am set for another year before I have to undergo that again. ;) I like this method of them being able to see the x-rays on their monitor and not have to have to wait for them to be developed these days so they can get the results so much quicker. We are going to have steaks on the bar-b-q this evening for dinner along with some salad and hard rolls.

DONNA FAYE You sure got those mittens done quickly. I love the colors in that picture you posted. I have never used those hanging clips but you may try one at home first as a trial run. On the inside of a closet or cupboard where it won't show if it leaves a residue. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Hopefully this will pass quickly since you took some meds.

Have a great afternoon Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-12-2012, 01:56 PM

It is a chilly day here in the ♥-land in the 60’s and sunny though. We are going to go out to our favorite restaurant today for the mid day meal to celebrate Mothers day. The restaurants will be so full tomorrow we don’t want to fight the crowd. We can eat at home tomorrow or go to Sonic drive in. :cp: We have a graduation party to go to after services tomorrow night which will & should be fun. Not much happening out here this day. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend in store for you.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-12-2012, 06:03 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a nice sunny day in my corner of the world. I've been doing laundry and made a grocery run. A friend was asked to bake cupcakes for the graduates' reception tomorrow, and since she is out of town for the weekend I offered to pick them up for her. I ended up working in the gift shop yesterday morning and closed out the books for the week when I left at noon. Now I need to get the bank deposit ready. We were invited to my "sister's" for supper last night to celebrate my "mom's" 86th birthday and Mother's Day. I don't think there is anything planned for tomorrow except church and gearing up for a busy week.

Maggie -- My nail polish is OPI Pink of Hearts, kind of a pale shimmery pearl shade of pink. Glad you got your mammogram results back and all is ok. :cp: I can look at last years pictures and compare to this year -- like I could really tell a difference, but the techs always offer to let me look.

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling better today! I wondered about Jackson being tall enough for some of the rides. I would love to visit DW but think it would be much more fun if we could take the grandkids along. :yes: I've never tried the 3M hangers so can't give you an answer on that one. Alicia's socks are wild and I know she will love them!

I hear the dryer buzzing so better fold towels and get the next load going. Hope you all are enjoying a nice weekend. :wave:

05-12-2012, 06:48 PM
Good afternoon girls. I am waiting for dinner to finish in the oven. I am having stuff bell peppers and Jack is having stuffed shells as he doesn't like bell peppers. I always make two but I will eat one and save one for lunch or something.

Jack is perusing the movies since tv stinks right now so who knows what we are going to be watching. We just watched "El Dorado" one of my favorite John Wayne movies which has James Caan. I like the twin of it too, which "Rio Bravo" with Rick Nelson in it. Caan and Nelso basically play the same part and the movies are almost identical. I don't know why they filmed two movies alike or almost alike but John Wayne did. He picked "Die Hard," ick, so I will read a book or knit. I have the last mitten halfway done so I want to finish it up so I can deliver all of them on Tuesday after I go to the doctor.

Jean: I almost always get white tips, but I am thinking about color for vacation as I am having a pedicure too, which I never do as it is expensive to do both. I am also going and having my eyebrows shaped, which I have never had done. My hair is driving me nuts but I want to let it grow out until right before vacation then get a new cut I think. One of the posters to the cruise thread said they worked terrific and left no residue or anything so I am glad of that. I did two loads of laundry myself this morning. I wanted to get chores like that done since we have grocery shopping tomorrow.

Maggie: I am going to order some of that Nioxin. I found an online beauty site that sells the stuff a lot cheaper. Maybe it will thicken up my hair some before vacation, which would be great. Glad the mammogram came out ok. I have mine in Sept or October. Probably Oct this year since we have vacation in Sept.

Well, I need to get dinner on the table. Have a good evening. Faye

05-13-2012, 07:26 AM
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you all!!! I had to get up and go to the bathroom and decided just to stay up this morning. I finished those darn mittens last night and I don't want to see another mitten pattern for a long long time. I am now working on Alicia's socks and will start on Jack's first pair too to see what the colors look like.

We aren't doing anything today as it is always so nutso at restaurants and such on MD so Kelly and Tom are taking us to Owen Brennan's next Sunday for brunch. Time to try out another of my cruise dresses. We have to go out to the commissary today and do the grocery shopping, which you know I always love.

Nothing else going on here. I have a surgeon's dr appt on Tuesday, but other than that nothing going on this week so I can work on the house and the knitting big time I guess.

Everyone have a lovely day with family and friends. Faye

05-13-2012, 03:37 PM
Happy Mother's Day, ladies! A beautiful day today. I have all my windows open and Casper is wearing himself out going from one to the other.

We had a lot of fun at our tea yesterday. Shelly was very surprised since we celebrated her birthday which was on Friday. Tomorrow is applique bee at Bella and then Thursday I'll be going on my retreat until next Sunday so fun again.

Faye, I use the Command hooks all the time to hang quilts and pictures and never have a problem with them coming cleanly off the walls. When they are on sale, I buy an assortment to keep on hand. One tip, they recommend wiping the area the tape will be on with alcohol before sticking it up so you might try to get your surgeon to give you a couple of those alcohol packets they use to take with you. Love the socks! I can't get both a manicure and pedicure so I always go with the pedicure. With quilting, nail polish doesn't last long on my nails because I'm stabbing it with needles, etc. I had my eyebrows shaped once at a salon and it was a hair-raising experience. No more for me.

Jean, I hope you had a good time at your "sister's" last night.

Maggie, I sure wish my nails would grow long but they break easily and club when they get to any length (due to lung issues). I got some new nail polish from Avon that really dries in 30 seconds. No more sitting around waiting for it to dry. I'm sure you will look lovely in your new clothes.

Have a wonderful day.

05-13-2012, 03:40 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood -- sunny, bright blue sky, with just a slight breeze. Bob is working out in the yard edging the driveway and putting that dirt in some bare spots with hopes of growing grass. We went to early church which was baccalaureate for the seniors. There were 11 seniors on the program and 7 were present to receive huge bath towels with their names embroidered on them. The church gave 4 scholarships of $734.86 each. The pastor said the money was divided evenly down to the last penny. :lol:

"Gma" -- Stuffed peppers and shells both sound delicious! :T I'm sure you are glad to have the mittens done; I chuckled when you said you didn't want to see another mitten pattern for awhile. Hope your commissary trip was "short and sweet" today. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Susan -- You posted while I was still typing and I didn't see you. It sounds like you have been having fun. Was the tea at your house? What do you serve when you have a tea? I know you will enjoy the retreat next weekend. I must admit I almost forgot about going to my "sister's" Friday night. :o I had my mind on the gift shop paperwork for the week and spaced off the rest of the day until I happened to look at the calendar to check for my church birthday cards. They live about an hour from us so we hustled; I'm just glad I didn't have to take food this time. :lol:

Bob is going to grill steaks later this afternoon. I'm sure the restaurants around town are busy today. Guess I will finish reading the Sunday paper. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

05-14-2012, 11:56 AM
Good morning ladies. I have my regular chores finished, but I want to shampoo the dining room rug today and Jack can do the living room on Saturday since the kids are taking us to brunch on Sunday.

I have almost finished the heel flap for my dil's first sock. These socks are something else. The color looks like all the colors of the sunset and I love them. I just hope she does. They are sure a lot more fun to knit. For one thing I can put them down and work on something else. It is always harder for me to knit stuff on a time crunch so to speak and I think it stresses me out. I knew I had plenty of time to do the mittens, but I had to get them done so I could do three pairs of socks, the rest of my sweater and my wrap all before either July or Sept. Knowing in my head that I knit fast enough to get it all done is different than just plain panicking about everything. I started Jack's green ones and boy oh boy it is going to look like he is wearing a frog! :lol: Kermit will have nothing on him.

Jack decided to just rent a tux and dress shoes on the ship. He has no black shoes and wants black dress shoes to wear. It will cost us around $100 total for both and that is for the whole length of the cruise, which isn't bad. That way we don't have to drag his two suits and all the stuff that goes with it.

Susan: Thanks for the info on the hooks. I had a couple people on the ship say they used them on the door with great results. Sounds like you had a fun time at the tea. I am sure your friend loved her "birthday party." I don't like getting pedicures because it is uncomfortable for me in the chair and holding up my leg. It kills me knee when there is only air underneath it so to speak while they are scrubbing and trimming, etc, etc, but I want my feet to look good since I am going to wear mostly open toed stuff. I have very thin but wide eyebrows and want to get them shaped and then play around with a bit of eyebrow pencil to at least be able to see them. They aren't blond anymore, but they are so thin in quality that the only thing you see is that they are wide so I want to skinny them up a bit. I have a age related indention between my brows which makes me look like I am frowning all the time so I will go through the misery of getting them done just once! :lol: Wish I could afford a trip to the dermatologist and get a little botox between the eyes to relax the skin there, but it is wayyyyy too expensive.

Jean: Hope you had a nice time with the kids yesterday. The shopping trip lasted around 45 minutes which isn't too bad! :lol: The peppers and shells were really good. They are fairly easy to do, it is more prep time than anything, ie chopping onion, cleaning peppers and cutting tops and bottoms off. etc. Jack took me out to Genghis Grill for dinner last night and boy did we see a sight. There was this black woman sitting slightly angled across the aisle from with with a group. First off, she was a fairly large woman, very masculine looking except she had on a long blond fall wig, a black dress cut out all over the place and short, short, she had gazillion pieces of huge crystal jewelry (no way it could have bee real as the ring along was the size of a hen's egg) and she was wearing sunglasses inside the whole time. Jack and I really thought she was a cross dresser as she smiled once and the whole bottom row of her teeth were solid gold. She got up to leave and it was a woman no doubt. The dress was lowcut and those were real boobs no doubt about it! :lol: Weirdest thing I have seen in a long time.

Well gotta hop to it and call the dr office and see if their schedule is up for June. Have a good one all. Faye

05-14-2012, 02:04 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a beautiful morning in my neighborhood -- sunny and NO wind. It took longer at church this morning as there was only two of us and we didn't balance the first time through. Come to find out the other gal misread a 2 for a 7 and there was the $50 mistake! I stopped to buy stamps and I'm happy they finally have some "pretty" ones, the library, the bank, and now I'm home until I have to do the end of the day money and paperwork in the gift shop.

"Gma" -- You have been busy this morning! :cp: I had to :lol: at you comparing Jack's socks to Kermit! It's really hard not to stare at "strange" people in public places. We saw several in the airports; I can't imagine going out in public looking like some of them do. I'm assuming they are looking for attention for some reason.

I need to check the fridge for lunch leftovers. Bob should be home soon. Enjoy a marvelous Monday and remember to think nice thoughts! :wave:

05-14-2012, 04:25 PM

It is a sunny day in the 80’s here in the ♥-Land this day and I am a happy camper for I showed a “maintain” at my weigh in this morning. That seems to be my pattern now to lose a pound then maintain then lose a pound. My walking program has not made a difference one way or another except make me more mobile so ~ no ~ I am not going to quit it. I think for dinner we will be having steak on the bar-b-q. My plan for the day is to empty out my kitchen cupboards that hold food stuff and rotate the back to the front of some items and find out what is lurking in the back corners. Might even be interesting what I will find back there. Not much happening in my little world this day

Donna Fay You will get all the knitting done well in advanced of the time it is needed for I am confident. Aren’t the color choices of yarn now days just absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Makes me want to knit something. You are going to have fun sticking stuff up on that cabin door and taking it down and replacing it with something else. Keep ‘em guessing.

SUSAN I got a jar of the Mt. Olive brand Bread and Butter pickles and they are delicious. Thanks for the “heads up” on that brand. Since I never go into a grocery store to shop I don’t know what is in there except the usual stuff. When I put the brand name on the list of what I want Will is good to look for it. But I understand that Mt. Olive is a popular brand and carried by most supermarkets. I can just see little Casper flitting from window to window. We have a shelf built under our large front room window that Cecil likes to lay on and survey what is going on out front. Otherwise he is out back doing his thing with the dogs. That cat loves outside. Well he is still a kitten but as big as a full grown cat now.

JEAN I am glad you finally figured out what was going on with that count. It could can get frustrating I would think. If it was good the first time usually it is a good left over.:p

Time has come for me to go empty out a cupboard.
Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-15-2012, 10:04 AM
Good morning to you gals. It is sunny and warm this morning. I ended up turning on the ac because it seemed so stuffy in here this morning. I don't sleep with the ac units on unless it is really hot. I just use our big fans. Saves money and it really isn't needed because I get cold.

Got the dining room rug shampooed yesterday but nothing but regular chores today. I have a surgical dr appt for another recheck. I want him to be thorough, but will be glad when I don't have to be going to the dr every 2 weeks. I have an appt with my gyn on the 28th to discuss how the progestin did. I miscounted and I end the stuff on June 8th, 3 1/2 weeks is all I have left! :carrot: I am having trouble getting in to see a new dr. This practice is such a mess. They don't run all their calendars the same so you call and they tell you to call back they don't have it that far in advance then you call the next week and the dr you want is all booked up. It is ridiculous. It is way too much of a hassle to change practices and a group practice is limited here using Tricare. I also want to make sure we are currently in a practice who takes medicare so we don't get kicked out when we start medicare. My poor sister is having a time of it finding a medicare provider after her dr left. So I just put up with the inconveniences.

I am having a nice banana for breakfast and maybe in awhile some yogurt before I leave for the drs. We are having crab cakes and shrimp. Jack likes these Emeril Legasse cakes they have at the commissary and 2 are only 6 pts and I buy a big cold shrimp with cocktail sauce and get about 25 shrimp in this thing with the sauce and it is only 6 pts. Jack usually has some tater tots and me a fruit or veggie. I am not as big a potato fan as Jack is.

Jean: The last time I got stamps I bought them out of the postal machine where you weigh and send packages. They were basic flag and statue of liberty, but were on this very thin paper. They keep trying to save money I guess, but it isn't working. I have a question for you. Do you know who Madame Defarge is in literature? I have a shy girl who posted on my knitting website about not liking the attention she gets when she knits in public. She said one person walked up to her and snottily asked her if she was Madame Defarge. I had to look it up as I had never read that piece of literature, but when I saw who she was it really made me angry that person said that to her. I just was curious if you knew because 99% of my facebook friends didn't know who she was and one of them is a school teacher.

Maggie: Even if it doesn't take off lbs, it may be taking off inches and the reason you were able to buy smaller clothes. On top of that, it does really build up your stamina. I have got to get on the treadmill and start walking everyday or I will never be able to endure all the walking on the ship or the excursion walking I have to do. I am still experiencing low abdominal pain when I walk and am wondering if wearing a shaper would help when I know I am going to be walking a lot. I told Jack I was going to try it and see if it would help. Hope you enjoyed your steaks last night!

You will never guess what I did. I was all whoopdeedo about Alicia's sock, had it done clear up almost through the heel cup to start the foot itself and kept looking at the stitches thinking I goofed. Sure enough, I completely screwed up the cast on count so had to tear out the whole sock. Forgive me, but I said some not nice words and threw my reading glasses and started crying. Jack thought I was hurt and got all upset until he realized I was mad at myself. So now I am back to square one and have the cuff done and have started on the stockinette part of the leg. Ahh well, like I have said, teaches me patience. I left it alone for about 10 minutes last night then picked it up and cast on the proper stitches and started it over. Thank goodness I have until July!

Well girls, I need to go, get dress, makeup and whatnot to go to the doctor in a bit. Have a good day today! Faye

05-15-2012, 12:15 PM
Good morning, ladies! We're to have about 3 inches of rain this day but it is in the 70s. It's been raining off and on since last night but the bad strorms are due this afternoon and early evening.

I had a good time with my friends at the applique bee yesterday. I had a salad from Subway and it was only 6 points including the dressing for the Subway Club. Extremely filling because I had all the veg except hot peppers.

Faye, I love cold shrimp. I haven't had any for awhile so I think I'll pick some up on my way home after work and have them for dinner. Ah, the frustration of finding a mistake after you have a project mostly done. I can't tell you how many times I've done that.

Jean, isn't it frustrating when the money doesn't balance the first time. No fun at all!

Maggie, I wasn't sure if Mt. Olive was a national or regional brand. I'm glad you found the pickles. I came in from applique yesterday and hunted all over the house for Casper and could find him. I was getting panicy when he came strolling out of the bedroom. I had looked under the bed and all so where he was hiding I don't know. He takes "cat fits" and runs like a demon all through the house as fast as he can jumping on things to get over and going under things until he is exhausted. Then he looks very smug and lays down and goes to sleep.

Have a wonderful day!

05-15-2012, 02:31 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another beautiful day in my neighborhood but windier than yesterday. We have our last soccer games later this afternoon. I've been vacuuming fur, crumbs, and dust bunnies this morning along with doing a couple loads of laundry. I don't know how two people, and a cat, can make so much "grit" on the floor! :eek: At least with carpet it's not as noticeable.

Maggie -- :congrat: on the maintain this week! Slow and steady you're going down the scale! What's on your agenda for today?

"Gma" -- I feel for you with the doctor appt. hassle. We only have 2 clinics here and both are owned by the same company. One by one the doctors have quit delivering babies but I don't have to worry about that any more. ;) I don't remember Madame Defarge, but we did read the Tale of Two Cities in my junior high English class. I don't think our local high school even uses that book any more, if ever. What a mean thing to say to someone! That's too bad about Alicia's sock! As I've said before, you have far more patience than I!

Susan -- I hope the storms bypass you! :crossed: We could use some rain though. Ernie does his tearing around in the morning usually. He's up and down the stairs, up and over, behind chairs and the couch. If he hits a throw rug he'll at me like I pushed him. :lol:

I need to start some lunch so better get a move on. Have a terrific rest of the day! :wave:

05-15-2012, 03:09 PM

It is going to be a :flame: one this day for it is currently a :sunny: day in the 80ºs and said to get up to 88ºs before this day is over with. We ended up not grilling last evening for we went to the place we get coffee to have a :burger: meal and say good bye to one of our favorite gals that work there. The food is Bistro style and excellent. She is off to a different job in town so we will still see her around. We will grill this evening though. OH ~ the top I got yesterday is skin tight and has the correct size on the label so I am deciding if I want to keep it for when I shrink or return it now. It is the largest size they carry so I am leaning on the “keep” side for it is made well and a great color which is a creamy shade of beige. I can always use it down the road. I have a top that will work in its place in the meantime. It was to go under an open weave top but I am not into skin tight clothing. :no:

This afternoon we are going out to the range and shoot some bullets and do some target practice. We know a gentleman who just bought a handgun that wants to learn how to shoot it. We can teach him how to safely handle it and care for it. I have a Harrington & Richardson 410 shotgun I have not shot as of yet that I need some practice on it so I will be taking it along. It is aptly named the Tamer® Model for it kills rodents well ~ snakes, rats and such. It is small enough for a lady or teen to handle. At the range there are places to shoot hand guns separate from the places to use long guns. We have been camping in places where it would have been nice to have this Tamer for there were pesky rodents about. Just shooing them away with a stick doesn’t always work. And the skunks ~ oh the skunks. Yes it will be handy in the primitive places we go to camp.

DONNA FAYE The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickenson was required reading when I was in school and I remember that she is what they called a tricoteuse, a tireless worker for the French. She would secretly encode the names in her knitting of those people she would have killed. She was quite a colorful villain in the book. Eventually her quest for vengeance became her own undoing and resulted in her downfall and death. Yes I remember the villain Madame Defarge. Not a nice person. Yes, walking is good for a person and I do notice the stamina. I won't give up on it for sure. I am sure when you are better able you will get back to your exer- cycle :bike: but don't rush it. It will be there for you after that naging pain goes away. Walk all around inside your place ~ making laps and it will help. :hug: Sorry to hear of your melt down, belive me, I do understand your frustration. All is well now and you can get those sox finished in time. :yes:

SUSAN I got a laugh about Casper streaking about the house. That is definitely a kitten thing. When Cecil did his fast runs through the house I always knew it was nap time. They have to run off that energy so they can sleep. They are a hoot to watch. It is amazing where in the house they can find to hide. Cold shrimp coctail sounds so good. :hun: I haven't had that in awhile. Enjoy. I am glad I found those pickles so now I won't be making any. Will doesn't eat them and my recipe makes so many and have to be used up within 2 weeks because they don't have any preservatives in them. I may make some to give as gifts though if we get lots of cukes. I can put them in small jars for home made are so good.

JEAN My agenda includes gutting a cupboard. I only plan on doing one a day for that is all I want to get into. Some have many small items and others have the large things. Thanks for the congrats on my weight loss journey. :goodscale: I have resigned myself to know my system loves my fat and wants to hang on to it so lets it go very very slowly.:p But I am goning to win this battle. :eating2:

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-16-2012, 11:25 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I made my "to do" list last night so need to get started on it. It's a sunny cooler morning here, but no wind yet.

Maggie -- I know what you mean about doing one cupboard a day. I wish a cleaning fairy lived here and would do the whole kitchen at one time. I have too much "stuff!" :dizzy: I shot a rifle (?) one time and landed on my bu**. Bob brought one home from Vietnam but later got rid of it when hunting wasn't fun anymore. He does have a short machete but I have no clue where it is or where it came from. Jason, on the other hand, has an arsenal. :(

I'm off to get my day going and I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

05-16-2012, 02:56 PM
Good afternoon gals. I put a roast in the oven so I had to turn on the ac so the house wouldn't get so hot. So it is roast, carrots and new potatoes for us for dinner with a dinner roll as I made yeast rolls today.

The sock sure does look awfully big, but it is right on the measurements so I am sure it will fit her. I have made bazillion socks and only had one pair not fit and that was years ago for Thomas as I made a pair that I used the narrow foot and it was a bit too narrow for him. So, I have a brand new pair of socks sitting around in my yarn stash drawers. Other than that all socks fit so I guess this one will too. I am to the gusset area on the heel so it is coming right along.

I had to sit in the waiting room for 3 hours yesterday at the dr's office. They had 4 appt related health emergencies with patients so everyone got pushed back. I could have just rescheduled, but I just waited it out. I didn't even get to see Dr Wheat I saw his nurse it was so messed up. I am pretty much done with my appts with him now. I had the option of doing one more and I scheduled it, but I need a new referral and she called this morning about the referral from the regular practice and we got cut off and she never called back so I think I am just going to cancel the appt. I can always get a referral and go back if I feel I am having some kind of problem.

Jean: With wood or laminate floors does Ernie slide when he races like that? I don't remember if you said he had all his claws or not, which would probably keep a cat from sliding, but I know dogs so it when they race around the house. I have never been in a home that had a gun, held a gun nor shot one. I do have a long sword somewhere in the garage. When we moved into the condo we were cleaning out the garage and found it. I was going to put it in the trash then thought better of it. I could see one of these idiots that live around here taking it out of the trash and using it on someone and my fingerprints being on it or someone elses that was innocent so it sits in the garage somewhere.

Maggie: We had to read Great Expectations in high school. I think I would have preferred your book or one of his other novels. That book was freaky and horrible and you couldn't make heads or tails out of it. After I looked up who she was, I thought was a horrible thing to say to anyone let alone a stranger, to ask if they were Madame Defarce. People are always saying unkind things they think are uproariously funny and they are crude and rude.

Susan: We have Mt Olive products here. I like them as well as Heinz or other pickle and olive companies. I am a huge fan of bread and butter pickles. Cracker Barrel has a chicken sandwich that they put bread and butter instead of dill pickles on and it is really good. Casper is just showing you he is ready for the London Summer Olympics! :lol:

You gals have a great middle of the week. I am back to working that sock. Oh btw, today is my girlfriend's birthday so I called her this morning. She loves my socks and I told her I was glad but had to be honest with her. I told her I didn't do all the patterns on the sock that the hand dyed yarn comes that way when you knit it up, that the yarn makes the pattern. I told her I didn't want her to think I was super woman with knitting needles! :lol: Faye

05-16-2012, 03:52 PM

Humpday already ~ where does the time go. It is a sunny 88º day here in the ♥-Land. I don’t, as of yet, have a schedule for the day but I am sure I can find plenty to do. I know that we have steak left over from the BBQ last evening that will make lovely sandwiches. That may be for dinner since Will is at the museum building an area for a display of some WWI items. I will slice the steak thin and fry some onions to add to it on a sturdy bun. To fry onions I have a nice pan which I spray with Olive Oil Spray and they fry up nicely that way.

I did get my Schwan’s order done on line and ordered some of the single dinners that are so good that I like to eat when Will is gone at meal time. I like having a variety in the freezer and have WW meals and LQ ones also. One of my Schwan’s favorites is the Blackened Chicken Alfredo with veggies dinner. I also ordered some Apple Cinnamon whole Grain Muffins that are 3 p+ each and so good and make a yummy breakfast or brunch with a boiled egg and some fruit. They no longer have the mushroom and onion mix that I loved to use in several dishes. They now have a mix of Roasted Peppers and Onions that I ordered and will try, I know I will like that mix because I make my own with garden fresh produce when I have it. I can make my own mix of roasted mushrooms and onions since they no longer carry that item. I like having those veggies in the freezer for when I scramble some beaters I can add some veggies or put them is some broth for a quick soup for instance. I also ordered a bag of Mini Sweet Corn on the Cob which comes 8 to the package. The corn pieces are about 3 inches long and 2 P+ each for the WW book says “up to 7” plus the Schwan’s web site has all the nutritional information available for all of their products. That is most helpful to me for I know what each item costs in points+ values before I place my order. I also ordered a breakfast “English Muffin” that has turkey sausage, scrambled egg white and cheese for 6P+. They also have one that is made with sausage and eggs which are double the points+ for they are 12 points+ each. So you know which ones I ordered. They come 4 to a box and are individually wrapped and microwave quickly. Schwan’s has so many program friendly products I can buy that help me to have a variety from which to choose from right in my freezer to stay OP. All this talk about food has made me hungry ~ it is after all after noon o’clock here now. I keep thinking Will will be home for lunch.

JEAN My little shot gun wouldn't put you on your rear. :D A kid could shoot this one. It is just a plinking around kind ~ not a bear killer. We did go by the gun shop yesterday where they have a nice 4" barrel 22 wheel gun that I will now be getting for Will owes me one ~ for he took over one that a friend had gotten "for me" that didn't fit my hand and fit his big mit perfectly. :yes: Since I grew up around them ~ guns don't frighten me to shoot them, for I did do a lot of target practice for my job and know how to handle one. Gun safety is so important. Always handle a gun as if it were loaded and never ever point it at anything that you don't want to shoot. Like your foot ~ so many folks get shot in their foot or leg because they were careless. :soap: I bet Jason would like my little 22 magnum that is so small it fits in the palm of my hand and is a 5 shot wheel gun. It is stainless with nice wooden grips. Makes a perfect ankle holster gun for law inforcement folks. Will traded his to an officer out in CA that wanted it so bad, but his wasn't a magnum shot ~ just a straight 22. I was not about to trade mine. :D Maybe Jason has one of these for they are made by North American Arms in Provo UT.

DONNA FAYE 3 hours in a waiting room is horrid. I once had to wait for awhile longer than I felt necessary, so I gave the doctor a bill for my time. After that I never had to wait. :cp: His excuse was that maybe he had an emergency and I said "Did you have an emergency?" and he said, "No it wasn't" but that he had a long lunch which pushed the appointments back. Well I said, "There you go." He asked what I made an hour and said he would pay me for my waiting time that day. Carl, my doc, was a good friend of ours and I could do that with him. I said not to pay me but don't keep me waiting anymore unless it was a "real" emergency. I don't like waiting when I have a time to be there. Where I go now they don't over book so appointments are on time. So many places over book and that causes delays. I didn't care for Great Expectations either. I may just read Tale of Two Cities again and revisit the characters.

Will is home now we can have some lunch.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-17-2012, 10:37 AM
Good morning to you all. I am having some upset today from the hormone meds. I will sure be glad when they are done and my system is righted. I only have 3 weeks of the darn things left.

Well, I tore the sock out again and I was about at the same area, finishing up the heel. I wasn't going to have enough for both socks for her as she has large feet so I ripped it all out, ordered some less expensive but still very nice yarn for her socks and will use this yarn for Kelly for her birthday since she has much smaller feet. I made sure I bought two hundred fifty extra yards this time just to make sure I have enough. In the meantime, I will work on Jack's socks and get them done.

I sat and watched a movie that came out less than a year ago called "Cowboys and Aliens" with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. Sounds like it would have been a loony movie, but actually it was very very good. It was similar to that Will Smith movie, "Independence Day" except instead of modern times, the aliens came to earth during the cowboy era and started stealing people and experimenting on them. I won't give the movie away, but it is really not creepy or anything except the aliens who remind me of the ones from the "Alien" movie. It is pretty good so if you like movies you might like this one.

Maggie: We had pot roast last night and it was pretty good, but I didn't eat much except the carrots and a couple new potatoes. I had some peanut butter cracker sandwiches awhile later to give me a bit of protein though.

I got a graduation announcement for my niece (my brother's oldest) so will have to get her something and send it to her. I imagine it will be a gift card too. It is an easy way to give them something. I hope I only have two this year.

Nothing much going on here. Tonight is spaghetti night and that is very easy to do so no fuss no muss pretty much. Hope you all have a great day today. It is going to be around 90 today again, ugh! Faye

05-17-2012, 02:16 PM

It is a 90º day here in the ♥-Land ~ :sunny: & partly cloudy & WINDY. The wind is back with a vengeance. I am so tired of having different businesses tracking my every computer move so I downloaded the neatest program to stop that. It is free and if any of you want it ~ go to AVGdonottrack and download it to your computer. That is unless you don’t mind the intrusion into your privacy.

We went by the office supply store where Will needed to pick up a printer cartridge. He usually gets me a surprise from there that doesn’t cost much but is a novelty. What he got this time is a 4x4x1¼ inch square orange nauga-hide box with a self hinged lid. The inside of the lid is a clear plastic pocket where you can slip a picture or whatever one chooses into it. It holds 3½ inch size note paper. The box is quite well made and sewn all around the edges. :smug: All of this for $3.00 ~ made in China. Such a deal and looks great on my desk top. :cp: I :love: getting ger-prizes. :gift: I will certainly have a lot of cute little things to sell when we down size into a motor-home once again when the time comes. We may opt for a pull type trailer instead of a motor-home for we like having more living space for the length. Our friend said he will be happy to come and pull it to his place if we go that route. We certainly couldn’t pull one with our Jeep long enough to live in so that is an option. If we go that route then we will get a tent trailer we can pull for vacations and “get aways.”

The mail brought me a surprise from my WW leader friend out in CA. Dollars off coupons. They are the ones that are good for my program, I love using coupons now days especially since the prices are going up and up. I imagine Susan gets these same coupons. The WW website also offers coupons from time to time. It also brought me a package from Chefs. I had ordered a silicone tornado whisk that is flat on the bottom that will work great in pots on the stove. I also got 2 more of the white porcelain TV Trays so now we have a set of 4. They are divided trays that hold food without touching. Great for sandwiches and salads and a dessert or a regular meal to eat outside or in front of the TV. They measure 12"x7" and have two compartments of 3"x4" and one of 3"x3" then one long one along the side. Ample room for a meal.

For dinner this day we will be having a repeat of the delicious paninis we had for dinner last night with left over steak sliced thin. I made them on sour dough bread with swiss cheese & grilled onions with pesto lightly smeared on the bread. I sprayed the outsides of the sandwiches with olive oil spray and they grilled up very nicely. There is enough of the steak left now to have a re-run.

I sure hope I can lose a pound this week for it will be my 80th and be time for me to measure myself for inches lost. I measure myself after every 20 pounds lost which makes a nice chart of my progress. 80 pounds down will be a big milestone for me. 87½ down will be my half way mark that will give me 87½ more to lose. That goal is so close now I can see it. I am going to plan for a nice points+ friendly celebration for that day. Yeppers, y’all come and help me celebrate. It is all uphill to 87½ lost and I will then be on the downside of what I have to lose. I don’t expect it to be easier on the downside but I will plug on to my goal which will be ever closer in sight. There is something to be said about being on the downside of things like weight loss instead of the upside.

DONNA FAYE We watched that movie awhile back and liked it. Certainly different take on aliens wasn't it. Good acting all around. Cowboys, Outlaws, Indians & Aliens duke it out. Quite a story. Kids are sure growing up fast and all of a sudden they are graduating. Those gift cards are such a good idea for it is risky sending cash in the mail. Three weeks will go by fast when we keep busy. At least that happens around here. I am surprised sometimes when I look at the calendar. This month is over half gone now.

JEAN & SUSAN Hope your day is going well with you.
Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-18-2012, 12:40 AM
Good Evening, Flowers. The wind continues to blow hard tonight as it has all day long. It was hot enough to turn the air on late this afternoon. I had a hospital board meeting this afternoon and spent the morning looking for and typing up the gift shop $$ report. My "new" curling brush died so I made a WM run after the meeting. Of course they don't have what I wanted. :mad: We had a meeting at church tonight; it's where all of the committee chairmen are supposed to give their reports. Well, very few showed up so it was less than an hour. One guy took off on the pastor because he didn't like the way the scholarship money was distributed. The pastor just sat there and didn't say anything. After the meeting Bob stayed and talked to the pastor and guess the two have gone back and forth on a few other matters. I was shocked though.

"Gma" -- My blood pressure would have been off the chart after a 3 hour wait at the doctor's office. I admire you for waiting. Ernie does have all his claws and he does slide on the floor when he gets to racing around -- usually around the corner to go upstairs. :lol: I am surprised at how the sock colors work out. Sorry you had to tear the sock out again. :(

Maggie -- I have no clue what kind of guns Jason has. He had a permit to carry a concealed weapon and when it came time to renew it, the local sheriff said, "no!" because of all the you-know-who had moved to town. When Jason was a reserve deputy in Sioux City he got a permit over there. :lol: He has enough guns that he has a gun safe that took 6 guys to move out of his basement. How can you tell that businesses are tracking on your computer? :dunno:

It's been a long day and I'm heading to bed. I have lots to get done tomorrow so I'm ready for the weekend. :wave:

05-18-2012, 09:16 AM
Good morning to you all. These meds have really upset my stomach this morning so am taking it easy for awhile just to let it settle down. I don't know why I am so nauseous, but boy! I think Jack was a little worried to leave me this morning, but I told him it would pass. The stuff always does and I should feel fine in a couple hours more than likely. I haven't wanted to just quit these pills more than once and he always encourages me to stick it out so I have more problems. So, I just hang in there. :lol:

Jack is going to shampoo the living room carpet tomorrow so I have to get around and clean the downstairs today. I want to do the upstairs before it is stifling up there. It has been near 90 everyday so the upstairs really never cools down much except when we run the ac up there at night. I can't see paying a bigger electric bill when no one is upstairs during the daytime and it cools the bedroom right down in the evening when we turn it on.

I am doing the heel flap decreases on the sock so I am zooming right along on it. They have mailed out the other yarn so it should be here Monday or Tuesday. Maybe I can have one pair of Jack's socks done before it gets here. That would be great then I could get hers done than do his other pair and finally finish up my stuff. The main thing is the sweater. It takes the most time. I am almost done with the wrap. It is actually long enough at this point, but I am just using up the yarn to the end if I can.

Well we leave for Florida 18 weeks from today. I am sure anxious to go that's for sure. We haven't done any little trips this year except to go to Chattanooga in February so I am ready to get on the road and travel.

Jean: If you can't find what you want, this place may have it and the prices are pretty darn good I think, They have a lot of stuff including a lot of different brushes. We used to always get somebody who thought they should be in charge of how money was spent at the church. I think what your church did sounded just fine. It was all even and everyone got the same. Fortune's to the point in his life where he doesn't run to do anything except if he is in trouble. If he goes upstairs and pees or something, he will come zooming down the stairs and into the living room like his little tail is on fire so you know he got into trouble some place. :lol: He is getting so stubborn now. You tell him to do something and he ignores you until you yell at him about it. He drives Jack nuts when he lets him out because he wants to fool around at the fence where that pit bull is. I haven't seen it lately, but it is loud so I imagine it is full grown now. UGH! I hope the thing never gets out.

Maggie: My computer desk is such a mess, mainly because I don't have a file cabinet down here. When we do our remodel, I am getting rid of it and getting a nice desk and then a matching file cabinet so it looks neater. We are trying not to get anything knickknacky wise as I want to get rid of a lot of stuff on the walls and such when we redo. It is beach/lighthouse themed right now and I want to get rid of all that stuff.

Well girls, I hope you have a lovely weekend. Like I said the kids are supposed to be taking us to brunch on Sunday. I haven't heard from her about what time though so guess I will have to check that out. Faye

05-18-2012, 12:37 PM

It is currently in the 70’s but they say we will get up to 93ºs this day and windy it is. The wind I can do without but it comes anyway. Cecil zipped into the bedroom when I came out so I just closed the door. He likes to go in there and nap and not be disturbed. He will let me know when he wants out. It is so cute to see him and Beanie wrestling.

The Schwan’s man came this morning and delivered what I had ordered on line. They now are starting a deal where each time one orders over $50 now through June 23 they are given a scratch off card and the chance to win up to $500 in food and gift cards. That will start with my next purchase in a couple of weeks. I will certainly order $50 or more for we use a lot of their products and I plan my menus around what we have in the freezer. They have so many yummy things that are program friendly. I will wait until Will gets home to decide what I will be fixing for dinner. He sometimes has a preference, not often but sometimes.:p

There is an exhibit at the museum that is a traveling one that has WW1 items and they set up a nice little tent on the grounds and are having a showing today. They asked Will to attend the opening ceremony and offer up a prayer. He has gone there now to do just that. Tonight we are to attend a meal which is given to a select few and their spouses that have worked on this project. Anyway that will be a fun deal to attend so I will eat lightly this day so I can enjoy something there.

DONNA FAYE :hug: Those meds are sure mean to you when they are supposed to be helping you. Not fair. I am so sorry to hear you suffer so and hope you are all better come vacation time. When the time comes remodeling will be fun for you to get your place fixed up just how you like it to be. I have three wooden shelves placed in different places on the walls in here that hold all those cute little things I have. Stuffed animals, dolls and things ~ stuff. They are up out of the way and collecting dust. :no: Beneath one shelf I have a magnet/cork board which I can reach from my desk. This end of the room is quite colorful with all the food item pictures I have up on the walls. All are good for you foods I have cut out of magazines. Strawberries as big as soft balls ~ that kind of thing. The other end of the room is my glass station. Works for me. I enjoy life each day that is given to me and don’t worry what tomorrow will bring. Life is good.

JEAN You would be surprised to know how many folks are tracking your movements on your computer. Just since I downloaded that little program to stop the tracking it has blocked 514 already. The number will be higher before this day is over. Have you ever visited a web site that has advertisements down along one side of the page on your screen ~ notice it is advertising thngs that you have searched the web for. That will give you a clue that "they are watching." Ever trying to sell you something.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-19-2012, 12:36 PM

I hope all of you Magnolias are having a wonderful weekend. It is already 75ºs and fixing to get to the high 80’s this day. The museum eating fest was good last evening. We got to hob-nob with some of the rich folks of this town. :rolleyes: They served little sandwiches packed with veggies and meat that were yummy and the home-made potato chips were interesting. I only ate two of them and could have eaten lots more for they were yummy. They got the food from a local place that makes those sort of things to serve in their restaurant. OH ~ what I zeroed in on were the fruit trays. Grapes and berries of many varieties and fresh pineapple chunks. I stayed away from the ~ oh so beautiful looking desserts.

We have a container of fresh strawberries in the fridge that I will clean and sprinkle a bit of Splenda® on them along with some balsamic vinegar. They are so good done that way.

I am telling you we never had a dog like Beanie. He brings in dirt clods from the garden plot and carries them around in his mouth until they disintegrate onto the carpet. Large dirt clods. And he just loves to supervise and gets right in the way of the vacuum when we clean up his messes. Such a little charmer. Cecil still accommodates him and drops little morsels of his food down to the floor for him to eat.

I need to rearrange the items in the freezers today since the Schawan’s delivery got put in there by someone other than me. I like to have “like items” together in one area. Sure makes it easier when I am planning a meal to have items arranged that way. So that is one of my chores to accomplish this day. I have a few other things on my list to accomplish before the day is done also so I will get started after I finish typing here. I am sipping my coffee and easing into the world right now. Tomorrow is pot luck for lunch after morning services so Will is ordering pizzas again for the teens just love them and we never have any leftovers to bring home. Sure makes it easy for me for I don’t have to decide on what to take.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-19-2012, 06:19 PM
Good afternoon everyone. We were busy this morning shampooing the living room carpet and I waited to mop until that was all done so there wasn't any tracking in and out of the kitchen. So now for about 5 minutes the downstairs is cleaned. Upstairs I will tackle Monday or Tuesday.

I got a call from the lady that does our referrals and I explained my dr situation, she looked on my new dr's schedule and found a cancellation on Thursday morning so now I can go see my new dr on Thursday and talked to her and get her up to speed on everything and get new prescriptions for the year. I am having a bit of trouble with leaking urine, which I know happens to older ladies and I do my kagles so it may be something else. I don't always have a huge urge to go but stand up and I just leak. It is a pain to deal with so I want to talk to her about it and make sure all this stuff I have gone through, surgery, meds, tests etc haven't caused another problem with my bladder weakening. Lord, I hope not. :lol:

So, I now have 3 dr appts in the next month and Jack has one too for his regular dr to discuss some things like his knees, he needs a referral for his cardiologist because it has run out and a couple other things to get tip top before the cruise.

Well, I am up to two graduations now so will have to decide about getting the girls gift cards and getting them sent out to them.

Aren't these cute, cute, cute? I am getting a white pair and a black pair to wear with my dresses for the cruise. They are dressy but thong style and flat so will be easy for me to wear and not have to worry about my knee.

Oh, my poor little guy Jackson has to go to the hospital on Tuesday. Yesterday, he went to lay down on his cot at day care and saw a rock on his cot. He picked it up and started to throw it out and they told him to get back to his cot so he did. Well, he stuck the rock in his ear and it is now stuck and the eustacian tube is now swollen around the rock and they can't get it out so to the hospital he goes. His mom asked him why he just didn't drop it on the floor or put it on the cot. Basically, he said he couldn't do that (I got the impression he thought it would be bad to just drop it, etc) so he had an opening with the ear to store it and that's where he put it, bless his heart. Kids can be funny little creatures for sure.

Maggie: Sounds like you have great food things set up with Schwann. I need to look at their website again, but the guy here isn't very good about delivery, I think because of the area we live in.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday. The Cubbies and White Sox rivalry is on at 6 PM tonight on FOX so we are going to have dinner in front of the tv and was baseball tonight then tomorrow is the brunch if the kids feel up to it. They went and got their yellow fever vaccines this afternoon and Jack says they can make you feel like you have the flu. Have a good one! Faye

05-20-2012, 04:05 PM

It is a sunny day in the high 70’s this Sunday. We went out to eat after services this day to our favorite Chinese restaurant and then to the coffee place and off for a nice ride in the country. Not much is happening around here this day. I need to take off this nail polish and cut my nails so this afternoon would be a good time to get that done. I will be working on a glass project this coming week and want my nails shorter. Life is good

DONNA FAYE I hope all is well with Jackson getting that rock out of his ear. I have known of kids putting them up thier noses but not in their ear but there is always something new to hear. Wonder why the workers there didn't let him dispose of it. Bet they are sorry they didn't let him do it now. You and Jack keep the doctors in businnes there don't you. Your state has some good ones there. I love your new sandals ~ wish I could still wear those kind and I would surely get my self a pair

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-21-2012, 10:24 AM
Good morning to you girls. Had a great time with the kids, but I think we learned our lesson about not getting a reservation. They stuck us back by the kitchen. I mean, the swinging doors to the kitchen were only about 15 feet way and part of the prep area was right behind us. On top of that, the food buffet and the restrooms were in another part of the restaurant. The only good thing, we were back there pretty much alone so we didn't have a bunch of kids running around or noise or whatever. I think the area we were in the doors were just for that part of the building for those servers as not everyone came trooping through. The food as usual was top notch. I had two chocolate covered strawberries the size of a tennis ball I swear and they were sweet and juicy. I also splurged and had a tiny creme brulee and some bananas foster that made me sick as a dog. All that sugar played havoc with my intestines. They had this fabulous chicken and this great italian pasta salad that was yummy too. I can't even remember everything. I wanted to try the etoufee, but forgot it when I went back in. The kids gave me a $50 Amazon gift card so I could get books for my Kindle for the cruise. I was able to get 6 books, a leather case and a beautiful skin to go on the kindle along with a protector that goes over the front to keep from scratching the screen. I posted a picture of the case bundle I bought. I love purple and thought this was pretty cool. They had a whole bunch of them and they were very inexpensive.

You know, these socks are going to put me off knitting them if they keep it up. I tried Alicia's twice, then had to buy new yarn, had trouble over and over with the green one's for Jack, finally got it finished and it was way too big, so I ripped the whole sock out and started over. Had the thing up to the foot done and found my stitch count was off and had to rip it back to the heel so that is where I am at right now, redoing the heel. I must be distracted a lot of something. I have never had to much trouble just knitting a darn sock. They loved the mittens. I took them to them yesterday. My sil said they will work just fine.

I am doing a load of laundry and the sheets today and my regular chores. Tomorrow early it is upstairs and clean the upstairs. Have to do it early as it is supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow, ugh! Guess summer is here for us already.

Maggie: I think I could eat Chinese all the time. I had never had a bite of chinese food until sometime after Jack and I were married. I got hooked on the stuff. I am particularly a rice noodle or noodle bowl gal. I do like some of the spicy dishes too. Funny, but hot spicy stuff doesn't bother my stomach and intestines a bit, but sugar if I eat too much or on an empty stomach particularly will cramp me up and make me sick fast. I hope they have the sandals in town. I am going to go look on Thursday as I have a dr appt that day anyway. They are inexpensive sandals and basically just for the cruise so I don't care if they last very long. I just want flat shoes to wear to dinner that stay on my feet, etc. Hope your glass work turns out well. I turn my little dog house on every night for a nightlight. Thank you again, I really love it.

Everyone have a grand start to your week! Faye

05-21-2012, 12:28 PM

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