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05-06-2012, 08:56 PM
HI ,
Any one tried hooping???????
My gym started a new hooptonics class last week, we used large hoops that weighed about 2 pounds.
It took me a a little time to get used to the hoop, but I guess each time I dropped the hoop i was doing a squat!!
anyways after 1 hr, I sure did feel it in my abs,which surprised me a bit since I work out 4 times a week(boot camp,zumba,kickboxing)
I througt I would not feel a thing..boy was I wrong!!!
I was just crious if anyone has tried hooping,and if so what results did you see or experience????
my instructor was sying that people can burn up to 300 calories and loose inches from waist,hip area.
Regardless, its fun and all the ladies are smiling through the work out.
thanks for any in put.

05-08-2012, 10:27 AM
I loooove love looooooove hooping! I'm a certified BodyHoops teacher and I'm about to be a certified Hoopnotica teacher in two weeks.

I haven't gotten body results with hooping but hooping has changed my life. I never used to exercise for fun unless I was dieting. Now, I exercise without ever having to diet. Actually, I'd say it'd prevented me from gaining all 50 pounds that I was maintaining. It's given me confidence, friends, and a life. And I might be slightly e-famous now.

And honestly hooping can burn tons of calories depending on what you do. When I practice high-dance moves, I can be drenched in sweat in minutes and exhausted.

Here's some video on weight loss:

And some awesome videos: