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05-06-2012, 12:00 AM
:( I just saw pictures of myself taken about a month ago, a friend posted them on facebook of a trip we had taken. I am just so upset and embarassed. I thought I looked better than that. I know it's shallow and silly but I really did. It makes feel like I had not right going out with the skinny people. I guess I have no choice but to wake up tomorrow morning get my fatter than I thought *** out of bed and work my plan.
Thanks for listening.

05-06-2012, 12:11 AM
:hug: Please don't be so hard on yourself. You have every right to go out and live life to the fullest - weight has nothing to do with that!

Look at all the progress you have made! I have been right where you are in being disappointed at photos or even my reflection in a window - thinking that surely I look thinner than the image I am seeing! However, when I was at my high weight, I also was shocked that I looked that big in photos. I think it takes awhile for us to see ourselves in a "normal" mirror instead of a carnival mirror - either thinner or fatter than reality.

Smart Girl
05-06-2012, 12:39 AM
What Guacamole said is true. It takes a while to get a good perception of oneself. Imagine what the photos had looked like before the weight loss you've managed. At my heaviest I used too see myself thinner than I was. I actually thought, at the time, that I looked like I do over 100 pounds thinner. Go figure!

05-06-2012, 12:56 AM
I think lots of us go through this. I have a picture that a neighbour took for her daughter becuz they were moving away; and I asked her for a copy. :yikes: I was so shocked when I saw it. It's really true; we often don't realize how much we have gained and how we really look.

Well, I kept that picture -- I made a picture pocket and put it in the first page of a journal so I could look at it regularly and get a "reality check". That picture and health issues is what helped me to get on the right track. I used it as a positive motivator. I made a decision and a commitment to get healthy again, once and for all; and this time, there's no turning back ... :hug:

Goddess Jessica
05-07-2012, 11:46 AM
Scarlett! HUGS!

At least you have the right attitude about getting up and changing it rather than staying in bed and sulking.

It's also good to remember than even skinny girls have unflattering pictures taken.

05-07-2012, 12:11 PM
Please don't beat yourself up, and please try to let go of that notion of "too fat to be out with skinny people" trust that I would be a shut-in if that was an attitude I had. I may be big but I still live life. For me I believe in living life always whether fat or thin. For health, and yes to make some things easier (clothes shopping, athletics, i'm sure walking/running/jumping will be easier if I manage to shet some weight...) but I don't let it stop me in the mean time, I have cute clothes, I have makeup, I do things with people. I'm travelling even though I'm over 300lbs.

05-07-2012, 01:19 PM
I let my weight prevent me from living. No more. You're on the right path! And I've seen over and over that many of us feel HEAVIER after we've lost a bit of weight... sad but true. It's an arduous process but one that has, frankly, made me a stronger, better person! People go out and hang out with you for YOU! I'd be lying if I said there weren't times I was demoralized or frustrated. I'm down 70+ lbs and looking at wearing a bathing suit in a bit over a month and freaking out. Never mind the -70 right? It's the 18 to go and my fat thighs...

Be kind to yourself and stay the course. :)

05-07-2012, 01:43 PM
I pretty much had the same thing happen to me yesterday. My SIL was taking pictures with my camera while we were at the beach. After looking at them, I felt sick. I hated myself! Here I thought I was starting to look better. I decided to go home and workout (even though I planned a "relaxing" day) and I did. I felt better afterwards. You will get to the point where you look at pictures and think, wow I look amazing. The funny thing is, in high school I lost about 40lbs, felt great and still looked at pictures and said I was fat. Well, I got up to way more than that and now I look at these pictures and say "I was so tiny"..
:hug: don't be so hard on yourself! You are doing a great job!