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03-19-2003, 07:58 AM
Good Morning!! I didn't spend very much time here yesterday.........came through a couple of times, but didn't post much. I was too busy reading another board where they are VERY politically correct/incorrect.........and this war issue has them going strong.

peachie how did the doctor's visits go yesterday?

:wave: to all.....can't remember what was posted.

My Dad had more surgery yesterday. My poor Dad has had so many surgeries and health issues. He is 65, retired to Florida.....has a cute little Florida house....my Mom who gives him the dickens, but waits on him hand and foot and DABOYS (my parents two very, very spoiled cats.) AFter all the surgeries he has had, my sister calls me Monday and said you will never believe this........"Dad needs his gallbladder removed." WHAT........are you sure he still has one.........it wasn't taken out during another procedure? So late yesterday they removed his gallbladder......had to do it open, it was so enlarged and so full of stones. At this point he is doing well, but with my Dad's health issues (low blood counts, and on and on) the hospital is the worse place in the world for him.

It's rainy and muggy here. The rain I can take, this muggy is way to early in the season.

Back later
Have a good day!

03-19-2003, 08:12 AM
Gee, Deb, your Dad has had a bad time of it. I hope this GB problem is the end of major health problems for him.
Muggy? I remember muggy from last summer. We are an un-muggy 25F this morning.

03-19-2003, 08:58 AM
Good morning everyone!!! Debbie I am sorry to hear that your poor dad has to have surgery, I know my dad can't stand hospitals and would be trying to get out!!! I always feel so bad for my mom :D !!!

I am doing ok I am trying new foods like a crazy woman! But I think I need to get back to mostly protein. Although it is so cool that I share a Lean Cuisine with my 2 youngest children and we all eat well!! I still find that hard to believe :smug: !!

My Piggy is doing great :ink: ,she has started this new thing that if you pet her back she flops over (not graceful at all she just drops to her side)with her legs straight out, so that I will rub her belly and she goes to sleep!!! She is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! My babies even feed her, my kids just love her. She has not had one single potty accident. She is soooooo dang smart!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!!

Dr. Daly 02/05/03
Weight 08/02~ 314
pre-op weight ~282
current weight ~255
Total lost 59 /since surgery ~27

03-19-2003, 12:52 PM
hey--- how come you get to eat? I am still on protein only 'til my next appt which will be 4/7 and 8 weeks after surgery. I have kicked up the exercise 'cause I feel GREAT! That makes me hungry though. It is a strange feeling because I haven't been actually hungry since the surgery. I want to eat other things but 1) I want to follow the plan strictly and I know if I start I won't stop and 2.) I'm scared. I had an incident with salmon this weekend I'd hardly like to repeat. I think it was too dry. The same thing happened with chicken breast! It was not pleasant.

Sorry to hear about your dad - prayers coming his way.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!


03-19-2003, 01:42 PM
At 6 weeks we are released to eat whatever we want!!!! And so far so good!!! I have not thrown up at all this week!!!

The only thing that makes me nauseous is my protein drink??? What is up with that!!! I had no problems in the begining, but now I get sooooooooo nauseous.


peach pit
03-19-2003, 06:15 PM
Sorry about your Dad, Debkay...sheesh, he's gone through alot!
So....share the site, inquiring minds and all that good stuff!

Yep! I went to the cardio guy and I have a fine heart. He did ask me how much I weighed and if I was sure I wanted to have surgery. I told him I have a bmi of 40 and have hit the wall. More details on the low carb thread....much more than you need to know anyway!!!

Hazel, scratch that little piggies tummy for me!!! what a cute thing!!!

Hi Leanna! Hi Ruth!

same old same old around here. Tomorrow is the mammo...guess I just go lay them out eh? (aren't ya proud of me for just making the appointment, Debkay?)

off to do homework and pretend to cook dinner. I am eating WAAAAAAY too much lately!


03-19-2003, 06:21 PM
<sigh> do you think the gods and goddesses of new jobs could/would just swoop down and save me????

peach pit
03-19-2003, 06:44 PM
no, jiff, I don't...but I do advise that you be on the look-out for the blue-bird of happiness!


03-20-2003, 01:11 AM
is that the same blue bird that flies over people's heads and lets loose??? thanks for the tip 'debkay'

03-20-2003, 08:04 AM
welcome Jiff :lol:

I also hope you find a new job soon. Maybe the blue bird will drop........a new job in your lap and not something else.

Hazel, wish you "could" bring piggy to our next support group meeting........maybe some of the "big mouths" would shut up and play with the pig. But of course, since they know everything........they would be telling you how to raise the pig.

peachie, knew you had a heart. And, yes I am so proud of you for making the mammo appt. It really isn't that bad, rumor has it the biggie the boobs the less it hurts. I don't remember it being painful at all. Hazel's friend from childhood, said to me at the meeting on Saturday, "you didn't lose your boobs." Well, I did lose a lot of my boobs.........but I have been blessed :rolleyes: in much the same way as you peachie. Now if I could just get 'em to face north.........

Thanks for all the best wishes for my Dad. So far, so good. They hope to send him home maybe today. His doctor believes you can heal better at home, and for my Dad, he needs to get out of that hospital.

We have a chaperone meeting tonight for our Disney trip. So far it is still on. Rumor has it, as long as we don't go to a code Red, we will still go.

Thunder, lightning, tornado warning.......what a night. Hazel did it rain all night in your area? We have a lull right now, but more expected this afternoon. Hubby has already cut the back grass this season, and it needs it again.

off to check my low-carb chick pals.......have a good day