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03-19-2003, 01:22 AM
Just a quick "good night" from Iowa! I did go to WW tonight and it was not pretty as I knew in advance. I am trying for a better week this week -- one day at a time!

Joyce -- I hope you have your snow shovel spit shined and ready to go . . . that is alot of snow to deal with! I hate setting clocks! I keep my watch set to the "main" bell ringing clock at school which is different from the time clock (of course!). My bedside clock is 5 minutes fast while DH's alarm and the TV are on TV program changing time. The downstairs clocks are all a minute or two off. DH never wears his watch as he says there are clocks all over and everyone else wears a watch. At school they just put in new clocks that are tuned into Colorado time and are supposed to reset themselves. But they are supposed to be on a east wall, not close to computers, and not exposed to direct sunlight, etc. . . . yeah, right. Ours is now two minutes slow while the clock next door runs about 10 minutes fast. :rolleyes:

Donna -- I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that you get the job. It sounds like a good one! :yes:

Bubbles -- CONGRATULATIONS! on another pound gone forever! I know that when I walked all summer long, I lost the weight without too much effort in the eating part of the program. I have slacked off this winter and have put the #s back on again. GRRRRR! To me, ground beef is just hamburger . . . what do you want to do with it? I just make meat loaf, meat balls, sloppy joes, loose meats, or hamburger patties with it. I don't use recipes -- sorry! And they never turn out the same way twice, I might add. :o

Maggie -- I have tried to reply to your emails and everything is being sent back as "undeliverable." :(

I am going to bed! See you tomorrow, Flowers!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

03-19-2003, 05:08 PM

Definitely a top down day ~ have all the doors (all two of them) open and all the windows too. Nice breeze and the sun is shining brightly. Cowboy is out working on a project for the owner here and I have been doing some computer work for him which I do enjoy doing. I have not writen what I have eaten this past week - a first for me to neglect to do that - and haven't a clue what the Iron Monster will have to say to me come tomorrow morning. Eating out and at others homes this past weekend was just too mind boggeling to figure the points. I can only hope I made good choices. Whatever it is it will be a starting point from which to get on down this road to thin.

JEAN I have no idea why your e-mails to me are being returned. I answered one that I did get so at least ithat one came through. No one else has mentioned that they have had that problem ~ so far at least.:?:

Have a sunny day everyone.

03-19-2003, 06:23 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It has turned colder here and very windy . . . guess spring just wasn't to be quite yet. In fact it has started to rain which I hadn't noticed until just now. The guys are here working and I was so in hopes they would be out of here by now! I am NOT looking forward to spending my spring vacation in a construction zone. The plumber was notified 3 days ago that we were ready for the stool and sink to be installed and he promises to come tomorrow. He'd better or he'll hear about it! These guys definitely don't work on anybody's schedule but their own! GRRRRRRRR! :mad: I am in second place after a turkey farm of all things!

Maggie -- I didn't have your new email address and guess that's why everything was coming back to me. I'd hit "reply" on a couple of them and they came back too. I give up . . . please decipher what you put on the other thread. You're right -- vanity license plates drive me crazy. :dizzy:

It is cold in the house and I am going to turn the furnace on! The contractor turns it off when he is sawing and sanding in hopes of keeping the dust to a minimum. (in my dreams! :lol: )

Have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- having a :headache: in Iowa!

03-20-2003, 08:17 AM
I haven't forgotten you guys, just contracted a case of food poisoning and am sick as a dog. I will get back to you when I am feeling better. Take care and know I am thinking about you!


Joyce in CO
03-20-2003, 08:34 AM
Good Morning Ladies

Home again - 3rd day. Most side roads haven't been plowed yet. At least the snow has quit and I think the sun will shine today. We ended up with I think 35" of the white stuff. DH went up and shoveled off our roof. A very heavy, wet snow. My brother had 49" of snow. And we aren't in the mountains. Third day home. I guess I don't have WW either. :( Oh well. The parking lots aren't plowed yet either probably. This has been interesting. I haven't seen this much snow since we lived in the mountains.

Maggie - Your nice warm spring breezes sound really wonderful right now. Actually the temperature has been about 30 the whole time. No ww today so I won't even get to weigh in today. Well, next week I WILL be back to virgin territory. :)

Donna - I hope you are feeling better real quick. I've had that and it isn't nice. I'll say a prayer that it goes away soon. Take care.

Jean - Sounds like you have a clock or 2 around that you have to set too. We have been fortunate that it hasn't happened again. DH was out shoveling several times. And he'll be out there again today. I took pictures of him working. :D

Bubbles - Oh dear, I missed that you lost another pound. WOOHOO!!!! I know I lost this week and can't even get in. Oh well, next week.

See ya later.

03-20-2003, 12:45 PM

Bright - beautiful - sunshiney day to all of you out there in the deep freeze. The phone rang so early today I am on this box much earlier before I usually am. Four rings then a hang up. UGH I hate when that happens.:mad:

JEAN you are a hoot. OK I will tell you in words what that ment. SA3L2CU - Say each letter and number out loud separately and you will come up with this.
S = It's
A = A
3 & L = THRILL
2= To
C= See
U = You


DONNAHUGGGGGGGGGGGG I am so sorry to hear that food poisened you. That is an awful feeling that I shudder to remember. Botch - u - liz - em.

JOYCE WOW that is a lot of snow that hit CO. A record I do believe. Tell hubby to be careful on that roof. I am going to go to WW after I finish here and face the Iron Monster. I only hope for a maintain.......

Later everyone......

03-20-2003, 03:42 PM
YIPEKIO ~ I showed a loss of 1.4 :bravo:

03-20-2003, 05:00 PM
Hi Girls.

Thought I'd check in before I go to the hospital for WW. I'd rather stay home tonight, as it's cold and rainy........good night to watch my basketball.

You don't seem to have lost power...........that's a real plus! I heard this afternoon that part of the roof on the new Denver airport is collapsing.

I'm sorry you're feeling lousy. have you had your interview yet?

Jean, you're defiinitely inspiring me to bag my new kitchen. Stopped at school today to purchase a couple of books from Books are Fun at the library. They have it as a fundraiser, so I always try to get by to patronize it. The kids all looked so young! And most looked unhappy:( I was glad to get in and get out.

Better go get out of my jeans. The franchise owner is telling us they're going to send around anonymous people to check up on us...........I almost wanted to throw up. For what we're being paid, I say "bring em on". They can watch me with a makeshift shelf over the sink in a bathroom in a portable. When we have decent facilities they'll have a right to be picky, but until then, they're lucky we're even there. Can you tell I don't take to people "throwing their weight around very well? Can you believe I was once called a recalcitrant child in Jr High? Didn't do much for my attitude, but did improve my vocabulary:D

Joyce in CO
03-20-2003, 06:39 PM
WOOHOO!!! Maggie And look at that total --- WEIGH TO GO!!!

Bubbles - We did lose power for a couple of hours on Tues since then it's been fine. The airport in Denver looks like a series of tents made of some kind of goretex and teflon? Looks like circus bigtop... One of them has a rip in it. There is a second layer that is keeping the weather out of the terminal though.


03-21-2003, 12:18 AM
JOYCE that weight total loss at the bottom of my posts isn't exactly what I am right now. When I get back down to losing virgin weight then I will start changing it once more. I just don't have the heart to make that number shrink.......:D I am going to shrink into it and then it will grow once again.:dizzy:

03-21-2003, 02:53 AM
Good Evening Flowers! Guess I should really be saying "Good Morning!"

We just got home from seeing the Oakridge Boys perform in Sioux City. The band played a couple of pieces to start the show and then the first 45 minutes was the member of the Statler Brothers who wants to keep performing. Next we had a 20 minute intermission and the O. Boys' part was a good hour and a half. They were good but sang quite few songs I didn't know. Then we delivered some paper boxes to Beth so she can pack some more of her stuff.

Donna -- I hope you are feeling better by now! :faint: How long does the after effects of food poisoning last? I hope you know what/where you ate so you don't do that again.

Joyce -- When you get snow, you really get snow! Do you have cabin fever from being stuck inside for so long? I never have anywhere that I have to go, it's just the fact that I can't get out of the driveway that bugs me. :censored:

Maggie -- I did get the "2CU" part but couldn't figure out the rest. Congratulations on another great loss! :cp:

Bubbles -- We have a Books Are Fun rep who comes around to the schools about every 6 weeks. I have bought lots of books for half price . . . started my own "grandma library" a couple of years ago. :smug: If I have learned anything from all of our different projects, it is that patience is a virtue! :lol: Our contractor does excellent work and is great about cleaning up his mess when he is done for the day. It's just that the dust and mess bug me after a few days. The very worst part of everything was when they draped a huge sheet of black plastic across my teeny tiny kitchen and tore out the wall into the new addition part. The wall faced west and I like the afternoon sunshine -- it was pretty gloomy until they got the insulation and sheet rock in. I've never heard of recalcitrant . . .we are supposed to introduce and use 4 new words a week to the entire student body. The higher level English teacher and librarian pick them out and most of them are words that special ed. students will never use nor need to know in their life time!

I am excited! :cb: The toilet, sink, and cupboards are in my bathroom and nothing leaks! I have to vacuum the tub out and then wax the sides with car wax. That was the tip the plumber gave -- also told me to do the mirrors and they won't steam over. I hope to take a bath sometime tomorrow!

It is way past my bedtime! Have a fantastic Friday, Flowers!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

03-21-2003, 12:16 PM
Good morning girls! Well I think I am finally on the mend, but then I thought that last night and ate dinner and was pretty sick all evening. I have only had water and a banana this am.

Jean; Have the Statler Brothers retired permanently? Which one was singing, Jimmy? He is the youngest of that group. They were my dh and I's favorite country group. I guess everyone has to get to old to perform sometime! Hurray for your redecorating completions!!!!!:cp: As to the food poisoning, tooooo lonnnnnggggg!

Bubbles: They haven't called about the position so it may be filled, who knows? I am applying for another weekend only one that is an appointment receptionist for a Real Estate company.

Maggie: Yeah for you! Keep it up!

Joyce: Thanks for your sympathy! It was pretty awful as I have never had anything like it before. I thought it might be flu, but there was no fever.

Well, I need to get going and go to the mall and walk. With both my problems, I haven't been able to walk in a week and a half.


03-21-2003, 12:22 PM

The day is a beautiful spring day. Hope it continues to behave.
:p We don't have any special plans for this day. I crock potted some chili verde over night and it sure smells good. I just might have some for breakfast. YUM.

BUBBLES hope you stayed warm and safe while going out in it last night. It is about time your weather gave you some springtime sunshine don't ya think.

JEAN what a neat idea to wax the mirrors. I had heard about waxing the outside of the tub. I did that to my Victorian footed one once and it sure did look good. Wonder how waxing glass shower doors would work - or maybe wipe them down with Armoral.

DONNA I am so glad you are feeling somewhat better. Pretty soon you will be back to exact. You will find a job I am certain that will suit your needs when the time is right. Hang in there.

Have a great day friends.

03-22-2003, 12:53 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!

I am on my way to bed but wanted to peek in here first. We went back to Sioux City today and did some shopping at Menard's, Sears, Target, and then on to say "hello" to Ian and his parents. Poor little guy got 4 shots today so he was a bit droopy.

Donna -- Yes, it was Jimmy Fortune that sang last night. I think he needs the rest of the Statler Brothers to help him! :rolleyes: We got to see the Statler Brothers at the Clay County Fair several years ago. We really enjoyed them. It's good to hear that you are feeling better.

Maggie -- I am going to move back into my bathroom tomorrow; other than the sky light trim, it is done. The plan is to finish that and the stairs on Monday and be done with this project. The contractor has to build a metal shop building down in Ida Grove, and then he is coming back to tile Bob's shower. They will drill out the cement floor and replace that also . . . more dust! :dz:

We haven't heard from Gloria in a while -- anyone know where she is? Have a relaxing weekend, Flowers!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

03-22-2003, 10:58 AM

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! It has been a struggle with my eating habits and hadn't been very happy with myself for a while. I have started journaling as of early March and have lost a total of 5# but then haven't been able to better that. I am still journaling and will keep at it. Need to lose 20# to get to goal again. We have been busy with the grandkids and DH had another stress test and got the results yesterday. Although he has no more symptoms and has been feeling very well the DR. said there has been a change in the results from last time and he wants DH to think about having another angiogram. Last time he did that they put in 2 stents. Oh, well! We will give it some thought.

We are hoping to drive to NC to see DS and family....dgd is now 1 and walking so would love to see her again as well as the rest of the family. This plan needs to wait for the medical decision.....

Sounds like you all have been doing just fine. Donna...Hope your feeling better from your food poisoning.

Jean....your construction zone is almost over. That should make your spring vacation a much better time.

Joyce...hope you have finally gotten out of the house. I can't imagine having so much snow all at once. I thought we had a lot but it is nothing compared to your amounts.

Bubs....Sounds like Spring is coming to your neck of the woods. Walking with Jimmy, you'll have to watch out for the mud that comes with the Spring thaw.

Maggie....All that 'top down' weather is making me jealous. Enjoy and congratulations on another fine loss at WI.

Today we have a neighborhood confirmation get together to go to and we will be going to DD#3 for Easter. I hope to be able to take control of both eating situations. I have no set time for my loss but hope the iron monster keeps showing less and less.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Gloria in MA....keeping up with my journaling and water.