Exercise! - This is the BEST stuff EVER for after-workout showers

05-01-2012, 02:45 PM

A co-worker ordered some from me, and I tried her lotion (she keeps it on her desk). I think I've used more of it than she has :)

It has a WONDERFUL citrus scent and it goes on very well when you apply it. I loved it so much after trying hers that I ordered the whole set. It was then that I realized how great it is after a long work-out. The shower gel AND the lotion have a cooling effect. So, not only does it have the BEST citrus scent and go on light--it cools you down! :carrot:

Now, this is very important, I am NOT trying to get sales here!!!! I am just recommending what I think is a great product. If you have an AVON rep, please contact him or her and order this! Keep $$ in your local economy while you buy something GREAT for yourself.

I am so in love with this stuff!