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03-18-2003, 10:32 AM
Hi there, I have never posted before but find myself very discouraged lately and in desperate need of some support in my attempts to lose weight. I am 25 and my goal is to lose 40lbs. I have made a few heatlthy changes as I want to avoid yo yo dieting and only change the things that I feel I will be able to stick with for life. I seem to have no problems eathing healthy during the week, but the week-end comes I give in to my temptations to eat pizza and desserts. My job keeps me very busy and I have so far only found the time to work out about 3 times a week. My biggest problem I guess is that I seem to average a loss of about 2lbs a week, until my week-end binge which seems to put me right back where I started by Monday! Is this possible? Can I really gain back those two lbs. in just two a couple of days? Any advice or motivational words on how to "stick with it" through the week-end would really help right now. Thanks for the chance to share, I don't have any friends in my position that can really relate, so I look forward to hearing from someone who understands.

03-18-2003, 04:42 PM
Hello Mandi - and welcome to the boards!

I'm sorry for your troubles, and I think you'll find that most of us here can relate! :D Not sure if these are inspirational words for you... but you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You've made incredibly positive changes in your life, and that's really difficult. Even if you were only eating better & exercising 10% of the time (and you're doing it like 70% of the time!!!) - that's still 10% more than you used to.

Even though I'm continually stalling my weight-loss efforts because of "bad weekends" (or weeks, hehe) - I'm still happy with myself overall because I keep on trying. I keep starting over - and I also think to myself, "Well, I could be losing more quickly... but at least I'm not gaining anymore!".

Seriously, don't beat yourself up. This weight-loss, healthy-living thing can be incredibly difficult to master - the key is to eventually end up succeeding more than you fail - and you have to keep trying to do that!

Good luck!

03-18-2003, 04:56 PM
Thanks for words of encouragement. I can see now how the support from a message board can so motivating! I plan to keep in touch here, and maybe get involved with one of those challenges I've seen people talking about, it looks like a lot of fun!

03-18-2003, 05:04 PM
HI Mandi! Welcome to the boards. Alot of the people here can do well all week and have a harder time on the weekends. I wish you luck and feel free to come on over to the Weighty Issues thread. It is a great group of women and we chat about everything in our lives as well as support each other through the tough times. Lunula is right. You are making positive changes in your life and every bit helps.