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05-01-2012, 07:43 AM
Even if you just want to report your FBGL, pop in and share some of your life.

Here's the link to the April Thread. http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/diabetes-support/256053-diabetes-chat-april.html

05-01-2012, 07:59 AM
The first of May and evaluation time for me. (I do that every month.)

Right now, after a poorly managed April, I am only five pounds less than this time last year. However, my BGL is much better. Looking back at April there was way too much partying happening and too much slippage. It's time to send "Ruthie" to time out and let "Ruthless" be in charge.

Mad is right - the produce in our stores up here is looking much fresher. I am definitely going to plan more salads. Making them ahead (without dressing) will make lunches much better. Right now I'm inclined to just make a quick sandwich of cheese or meat and eat it while I am working - not good even if the bread is healthy stuff.

OK ... on with May, the prettiest month of the year around here and one of my busiest with the garden plus the Village flowers to plant. It's also asparagus and rhubarb month!

05-01-2012, 11:25 AM
Hello friends

fbs at 82 this morning. I am not working out today as I still have lots of stiffness. :mad: I need to get back on track with activity. My diet is good.

Ruth (less) :D thanks for the new thread!

Trish, if you click on an item in your tracker, look for an "x" and click on it and it will delete the entry.

Mad, hoping for a more reasonable schedule for you this week.

Georgia, sorry that you are having neuropathy. Your numbers still seem to be pretty high..... what kind of diet are you following?

Well, off to a day of meetings.... :( Later


05-01-2012, 11:54 AM
Good Morning Chickies and I hope that this will be Marvelous May for all of us.

I overdid yesterday with carbs, but stayed within my calories. But this is May 1 and I'm looking forward to getting things healthier and better.

Ruthie - I loved your... It's time to send "Ruthie" to time out and let "Ruthless" be in charge. I think I need to join you there.:dizzy: I too am loving this time of year with the fresh fruit and veggies. I love salads. A lady at church gets her cantaloupe and strawberries at Aldies and they are so delicious. DH and I started going there to buy them. I'm wondering if they don't get their veggies locally because even their corn on the cob that DH and I both love are absolutely great tasting. Seems like these that we've purchased in grocery stores are tasteless and old.

Rie - Thanks for the advice. I finally figured it out. I now need to learn how to put something in manually. Right now I find a food similar with the calorie count. It seems that once you hit automatic for the day that you can't go back to manual. Must be a way, but I haven't figured it out yet. I wonder if I hit manual for the day if it will let me do both.

DSIL is working today, DD and kids are at school, DH sleeping, Jaxx is playing and I love this type of day. DGS does have therapy today and tomorrow, but it works out very good. Sure hope DSIL is able to get 5 days this week.

I got up this morning and did most of my exercises for the day and cleaned out my refrigerator, cut up the cantaloupes we bought yesterday and put them in fridge ready to be served. Still have to unload the dishwasher and all is good this morning. So activity is good. I did try the longer hours of eating yesterday and that just doesn't work for me. I really don't like to eat so many hours so will cut my hours back to at least 7 hrs.

DH docs appt with skin doc went great. He said " I don't know how your health is otherwise, but skin wise you are very healthy.

Sorry no time for more indivituals. Better get busy have to feed Jaxx and put him down so he will be ready for therapist.

Hope everyone has a great day.

05-01-2012, 08:02 PM
Hi all,

Ruth - at least you are ahead of last year, and your bgl is much better, too.

Rie - I hope the day of meetings wasn't too bad. Yay for a good diet.

Trish - sounds like you had a pretty good day. My Jackson will be 5 tomorrow! We celebrated Sunday, but I'm taking him for a special lunch tomorrow to celebrate again.

Hello to everyone else. :wave:

I had a visit to my doctor today, and she said I am not prediabetic, I am flat out diabetic. Since my blood pressure is up, too, she wonders if that is part of the reason for elevated glucose. :dizzy: I am to go for a blood test, and we will take it from there. She did agree to let me try and control the diabetes with diet. I have 6 weeks to show an improvement. I hope I can do this, and am highly motivated, because I don't want to begins meds if I can avoid them. I'm also to record my blood pressure and show her the readout in 6 weeks. Of course, if the numbers get too high, I'm to call in right away. I just love this doctor, and have a very good rapport with her.

Question - what, if any, artificial sweeteners do you use?

Have a good one.

05-02-2012, 06:39 AM
Jane, I try to stay away from artificial sweeteners but do use a bit of Splenda in my coffee. I have agave syrup on hand which is no artificial, of course, and sometimes use a bit of it with yogurt.

Weight is settling down a bit - or rather "up"- and BGL tested at 5.2 again this morning. I think it needs a day or so to stabilize at my usual 4.something. :shrug: I cooked Chinese last night and know I'm carrying some water weight from the sauces.

By the way, I used those no-carb noodles which I had frozen and they were hard! It was like eating fine wire. I guess freezing is not a good idea.

Off to the gym this morning and then for coffee afterwards. Car pooling does have its disadvantages. My gym buddies always want to eat something but I manage to resist - usually. It is possible to drink coffee without a donut or muffin!

Happy Hump Day!

05-02-2012, 06:49 AM
Jane: to answer your question, I use splenda, almost exclusively, except when I have the sf candies that use maltilol etc, (and as Ruth reminded us with easter treats, they certainly have a laxative effect). I buy splenda packets in large boxes at costco or the bulk section of the grocery store, and buy bags of the stuff for baking, as I have some nice recipes for cheesecakes etc using it. I prefer schwepps diet ginger ale when I have sodapop, as it is sweetened with splenda too.

Stayed on plan yesterday too and fbs was 5.1 this am. The last couple of days have been plagued with early morning insomnia, yesterday woke for the day at 5:30 today at 5:00! bah humbug. This after having difficulty getting to sleep in the evenings last week! I am all out of sorts.

SO now I will tell you about my docs appts yesterday. I had been thinking about liposuction, and had some questions. I am struggling with this, as I don't think of myself as a vain person, but I am unhappy about the belly fat.
SO I booked consultations with the 2 cosmetic surgeons in town. (smallish town, about 300,000) One of them charges a fee for the consult visit, and I struggled with that, but decided it was reasonable to pay.

The one who charged was first, and the consult was thorough and professional and frank. He said I needed to lose more weight, and that some of the issue is internal fat pushing my upper abdomen out, and that I will be surprised how much better I look with another 20 pounds gone. :dizzy: that sounded nice. THen he said that with age etc that he recommended a tummy tuck instead. (many more dollars of course). There seemed to be good rationale for this, to do with aging saggy skin etc. All told he took about 30 minutes with me, and covered anything and everything, including my allergies, and surgical issues like my sleep apnea and latex allergy. (turns out he is also latex allergic, so no worries there). Total cost if I eventually have the tummy tuck will be just under $10,000. He also suggested a breast lift at the same time if I was unhappy with the sagging to be expected with weight loss and aging, and seemed surprised that I was not willing to risk any loss of sensation in that area for any reason.

I was a little unhappy about the thought of a more invasive surgery, and wondered what the 2nd guy would say. Well, I never got to see him. I arrived for my appointment and sat down. 30 minutes later I was still sitting. No word from staff, and interestingly, no forms to fill out with any medical history etc. at 35 minutes I told the receptionist I was leaving. I got an email about 30 minutes later apologizing, and I explained that more than the wait, I was bothered that no one told me he was delayed or apologized for that at the time. When I check in with my family doc, the admin always lets me know if I will be waiting beyond 10 minutes after appointment time. I don't mind being seen later, I want thorough care and time when needed too, I just want my time respected.

Anyhow, for now I will get some fancy spanx to wear for the wedding and keep thinking about whether surgery is important to me, and keep up with diet and exercise.

ttfn everyone.

05-02-2012, 11:03 AM
Hello friends

fbs at 78 today. I have been eating on plan but still lagging on exercise. I really need to get back on track with that. I have also been struggling with sleep.

Mad, I have a more pronounced apple shape since losing weight. I am not sure where I will end up but I know that I need to get to a much lower weight. The idea of the surgery terrifies me.

Jane, I don't use any artificial sweeteners except a little splenda here and there. I generally don't like the taste and nutrasweet gives me a headache.

Ruth, have fun at the gym and I am sending you strength vibes for the coffee shop.

Trish, I'm not sure what you mean by entering foods "automatically" or manually. I go to the little window and begin to type in my food. when the list comes up, I highlight that item and it enters. If my food isn't there, I click on "enter calories manually" and enter the name and the calories of the food I am tracking. I hope that helps.

Off to work! Rie

05-03-2012, 02:43 AM
I am back online after a weekend of fun with son. I popped a bit too high on carbs one day and fbg got up in the high 120s, but got back on track and those numbers are in the 110s again.

Jane, to answer your question, I don't use any sweeteners. I don't like stevia at all because of the aftertaste. Splenda is the only one I don't mind, but I just avoid it because it's still artificial. If I'm dying for something sweet, I will have dark chocolate. Otherwise, I go for sucking on a cinnamon stick. I've never had a sweet tooth, but I definitely have a fat tooth! I put 1 Tbs of heavy cream in my coffee. Mmmm!

Rie, I think you have me confused with someone else, Red65. I don't have neuropathy.

See you tomorrow, girls!

05-03-2012, 06:53 AM
Well, I need a good butt booting. Karen came over last night and we had lasagna, wine and finished off some cookies! She's going through a bad time and medicating with food but I don't need to join her in sympathy. She's slim (size 6) but is on a slippery slope. I don't want to get pulled along.

Weight is 182 this morning but BGL is good at 4.1. Go figure!

Going to spend some thinking and planning time on the treadmill here at home this morning. I'm hoping formal exercise on my no-gym days will get me in the happy space again. (It will also get me tidying up my exercise room which currently looks like a scene from Hoarders with summer clothes being sorted! I need an intervention.)

05-03-2012, 09:15 AM
Am true to ticker and no gain on weigh in last night, but that does mean I have plateaued the last couple of weeks. Dang.
Lets see if we can move that a bit.
DH and I went out for supper after weigh-in, and I had a pasta dish. THis weeks meeting theme was eating out on plan, so I got a take out container delivered with my dinner and divided the food in half right away. I still counted lots of points for the supper I did eat, and did have salad too.
FBS was 5.4 today, has been in the 5's all week. not sure why, but am having trouble keeping to points. Definitely have to up the veggies and be careful.

Planning to be away visiting Dad this weekend, but there will be internet. I am helping him get ready for a garage sale, he is selling some stuff in preparation for selling his house and downsizing. Good chance to be with him, and enjoy the memories that are bound to come up as we go through these things. :)

RUth, I am happy to kick your butt. Eat more veggies and less pasta. You go girl!

RIe: what is causing the stiffness? Did I miss an injury or something? For me, I get stiffness and arthritis -like symptoms with some food intolerances. Hope you find a way to get past this pain and get more active.

Happy Thursday everyone.

05-03-2012, 09:25 AM
Just portioned the rest of Karen's lasagna in small portions for the freezer stash and will definitely not eat them without a salad. I am about to make a veggie/lentil soup for a hot lunch as the day is damp and wet. Just did a mere 20 minutes on the treadmill - a lot more than I've done before here at home. I need to conquer the boredom though. Maybe watch a DVD? The room is too small for a TV and I'd need to pay for another line anyhow.

05-03-2012, 09:39 AM
Hey! have not been around much.. everything is crazy with the end of the school year and keeping the house picked up.. just wanted to pop in and say hi! my numbers are good, im still losing weight. Hope everyone is doing great!

05-03-2012, 11:55 AM
I ate really low carb yesterday, but ate kinda late so my fbg was back up to 121 this morning. I'm struggling with timing of meals. I seem to need to eat every four hours, which puts me past 6 pm with a fourth meal and that messes with my morning numbers. I don't want to eat every three hours. It makes me feel obsessed with food. And going five hours or longer just makes me overeat.

I'll figure it out. I must be doing something right. Down another half pound this morning.

05-03-2012, 12:39 PM
Quick reply as I am running late this morning. fbs at 82 and my weight is still stable - and higher than my ticker.

Mad, I have lupus. It is mostly in remission but sometimes I get these flares. Basically like an acute arthritis flare.

Back later

05-03-2012, 12:54 PM
Well, tracking calories making a plan ahead of time does not work for this girl. Per my docs approval I set my calorie limit 1400. I find that planning ahead makes me overeat because I am eating even when not hungry to get all the calories eaten and while my bs is good in low 120, I am going to bed feeling stuffed. A feeling I totally hate and swore I would never allow myself to experience again. Yet I still want to track, so today I am tracking as I go without an advanced plan. I don't believe I will hit my maximum 1400 cals very often this way if I'm eating only when I'm hungry and even eating what I want, I honestly believe that eating and tracking this way, I may still find it difficult to reach the 1200 calories they say you have to eat.

I would love to do a very low carb woe, but I realize that I can't do that any more. I have a friend who does Ducan and she looks great, but I don't think it is good to go totally FF. Also you have to eat nothing but protein for the first 4 days and I couldn't get through the 1st day of nothing but protein when I tried it. I think they alternate... 1 day only protein and next day nothing but veggies no fruit. I want my fruit and I want at least a salad with my protein. So that doesn't fit me, my lifestyle or my personality. I still lean more toward Intuitive Eating where I only eat when hungry and stop when satisfied and for me don't eat till stuffed. I can't standK feeling stuffed and uncomfortable when I go to bed at night. So I think counting cals as I follow the IE guidelines fits me perfectly well.

Jane - To answer your question about the sweetners. I always loved Splenda and still use it when I'm in restaurants unless I have my Stevia with me. I use Stevia because it does not raise my FBS. When I started Intermittent Fasting, I tested my FBS while drinking tea/coffee with Splenda and with Stevia. I also use 1T FF half and half in coffee and my bs rose with the Splenda but not with the Stevia. I would suggest that if you want to use the sweetners to test to see how it affects fbs.

Ksail - Glad you and numbers are good.

Georgia, Ruthie, Mad and everyone else reading.:wave:Hi

05-03-2012, 09:18 PM
I was just wondering if anyone who has been on insulin was able to get off of it by doing the Ideal Protein. My husband is a diabetic and the coach is saying he can get him completly off of the insulin and just stay on the pills.

05-04-2012, 10:26 AM
Good morning girls. Couldn't wait to come here and report to you this morning...I read something yesterday and tried it out and I think it's worth sharing. I read a thread on another diabetes support group that touted the use of apple cider vinegar to lower morning blood sugar readings. Some were saying the just put a tablespoon or two in a glass of water and drank it before bed, plus ate a piece of cheese with it. Some said they just had it in their salad at dinner.

That's what I did, dressed my dinner salad with it, around 6 pm. I didn't eat anything else after dinner. My total net carb intake was 25 gm and I didn't exercise but stayed active most of the day.

This morning my fbg was 101! This is an experiment worth repeating! I'll let you know if I can duplicate results.

Have a great day!

05-04-2012, 12:24 PM
good morning!

I am off to get my hair done and run a few errands. I need to get ready for my trips. Tomorrow I am floating and fishing the Big Horn River. It is a world famous trout stream. Tuesday is my trip to Vegas for the national pool championships. I have things to get ready.

Georgia, I heard about the apple cider vinegar when I was first diagnosed. Some folks swear by it.

RVprincess. I know people who have lost a significant amount of weight on IP. I don't know if the coach is qualified to give medical advice about diabetes. Perhaps the dramatic low carb and weight loss would change the need for insulin or other meds

Trish It appears that some part of IF is the method that works for you.

Ksails, nice to see you again!

Ruth good job on portioning out the lasagna. I haven't eaten lasagna since I was diagnosed. :( pasta scares me!

Mad, wow, you used good strategies during your meal. I think it will pay off in the long run.

Well, off to a busy day.

Gotta go.


05-04-2012, 01:33 PM
Georoia - I know ACV has so many health benefits. I used to drink it in the mornings in water with honey when I was younger. Gave it to previous hubby because he had congestive heart failure and used such a low % of his heart docs wondered how he was living. I also heard about apple cider vinegar helping lower the bs and tried using it in my salads and yes I think it helped, however, I got bored with using oil and vinegar on my salads all the time. I had not heard about using it the way you said in water with cheese, but I would have no problem doing it.

Rie - Have a safe trip.

I'm going to the beauty shop today to get hair done. Usually go on Saturday but my beautician wants to leave early and go to her Mom's so they can go to a strawberry festival. So I'll get to sleep in tomorrow. Yeah!!

Had a fun time with Jaxx this morning teaching him to run a car back and forth on the floor and how to play the little tamborine we bought him for Christmas. He is starting to talk and repeat words he hears on the learning shows on tv. Perhaps this is the purpose of them being here with us. I'm the one who is here so his therapists can come each week and then I am trying to work with him some on my own. If that is why they are here, then it is worth it. He is such a sweetie. I'm trying to get him to learn to come to me or at least stop when I tell him too. I knew a mother who saved her son's life because he knew when she said "Stop" to stop. A car was racing down her street. She heard it as her toddler son was headed out to the street and she didn't have time to run to him so she just yelled his name and "Stop". The child stopped instantly and he is a fine young man today. Right now Jaxx is so focused on what he is headed to do that he will not stop or even respond when you call his name. Therapist told me with repitition hopefully he will learn to respond and obey. Good to know. Still don't know if he has a problem or just slow and needs a lot of training. I'm the one in the family has the time on my hands to do it and it gives me purpose.

Y'all have a great weekend.

05-04-2012, 01:54 PM
Oh I changed my ticker goals. DH always said he thought I would look good at 150 lbs. So I'm making that my goal. Also makes me only have to lose 80 lbs instead of 100 +.

Got that little chick stomping on the flowers because she looks so determined that she is going to do this and that is how I feel and is the way I need to continue feeling that way.:dizzy: Hopefully she will be a reminder to this ole girl.:p

05-05-2012, 06:10 AM
Hmmm - weight is now up to 184 and should not be according to my calorie logging. FBGL still OK at 4.2. I'm wondering if I am once again heading into edema as I did last fall. I'll monitor carefully today as I may be into too much sodium. Water! Water! Water!

05-05-2012, 11:49 AM
Good morning! Couldn't wait to report here today. I have broken past 290lbs. finally! And morning fbg was 110 after eating a bit over on calories and a little later than usual. Under those conditions my fbg is in the 120s, so I think the apple cider vinegar helped.

Today is laundry and housekeeping day. Looking forward to getting my environment in order.

05-05-2012, 02:23 PM
Congratulations! It's so great when those seemingly insurmountable walls come tumbling down.

Just determined that the weight gain may be edema - one ankle and foot is visibly much larger than the other. More water, my support stocking and a Monday call to the doc is in order.

05-05-2012, 03:27 PM
Good Morning chickies,:wave:

Georgia- Congratulations on breaking past the 290 lbs. and the good FBS. I forgot the ACV last night. But wrote it into my plan for today. Also plan to start taking it again 1st thing in the morning like I used to do. It is so good for so many things. I don't think my house will be in order again until hubby's DD graduates from nursing school and gets a good enough job for her and her family to move out.

Y'all don't here me complain about it any more because life is too short to worry about it. I have given up on getting things organized while they are here. I figure when they move that I'm going to have to have someone come in and do a thorough cleaning of the house and have the house painted inside. I will have to replace a lot of things that they break, but I told DH the other day I'm not replacing somethings. I keep it as clean as I can and let the rest of it go. I chalk it up to people that either don't appreciate what you do for them or else they don't think they owe us anything for being here for them. Whatever it is, isn't all that important to me any more. I am focused on the fact of getting through this season of my life as well as I can knowing that "this too shall pass". I'm going to use this time to get myself in better health and come out of it "better" than I was when it started. Just decided not to allow a circumstance I have no control of destroy me or make me bitter. It is my hubby's family and I right now I am just so happy that he is feeling so much better. I know he isn't happy with things either, but we chose to walk through this together and when we get out of it we are never going to do it again. In fact, unless he changes his mind, we plan to sell our house and buy a smaller home so no one can ever live with us again. So on to happier times...

I used to like for Saturday to be my WI day so changing back to that. I am up 1.5 lbs from last week but I didn't drink enough water yesterday so I'm sure that will come back off quickly. So I'll be honest and start the weight with todays weight and will change ticker. Still using the IF, but not limiting myself to just 5 hrs. I read that limiting yourself to 8 hrs works just as well. So I have settled on my own way of weight loss. I will be doing the 8 hr eating window along with cycling calories. Not discouraged by recent gain because it happened while learning and tweaking my own personal weight loss plan. I am very happy with my plan and look forward to getting back to losing and becoming healthy in the process.

Our air conditioner went out on us last night. Got a man supposed to try to come out and fix it tomorrow. I'm just thankful it happened now and not later when it is really hot. House ought to be aired out pretty good by then. High today is supposed to be 85 and low 80's tomorrow. So we should be okay.

Well, it's getting later and DH hasn't got up yet. I am going to put our lunch on and hopefully he will be up and ready to eat by the time I get it made.


05-06-2012, 01:20 AM
hey gang, quick fly-by. DOing ok this weekend, a little stressful with communications difficulties with a colleague, but trying to keep it in perspective. Called into being on delayed call, so couldn't go away for the weekend, as another colleague was in a car accident. Did really well today with keeping in points. Still not logging as regularly as I should to keep them down. But have been eating lots of veggies and some fruits (free foods) to keep the grains down.
Rie: don't know if I forgot about the lupus, but I am happy to hear you are as active as you are with complex problems, as it is such a good way to manage them.
Trish: I think the planning could be used for WHAT you eat, not when you eat it. But if you know what you are eating for your next meal, when you get hungry you will eat right, instead of whatever is easy and handy. I truly hope you can find a way to manage with food. You are doing so well with family and all the busyness you have in your life!
Ruth: elevate the legs a bit too, and hope the edema improves.
everyone else, hellos and happy weekend.

05-06-2012, 11:48 AM
Good Morning!

Well, a bad day fishing is still a good day. Yesterday it was raining and cold on the river. I froze the whole way. I have actually fished it in the snow before and it wasn't that cold. At any rate, it was with my buddies and I was out in nature! This morning I am looking at a small RV that I hope to buy. I have wanted one for years and I hope that this is the time!

Georgia, great job on the new milestone! How nice that your bs numbers are showing some control, as well,

Mad, good job on your eating. The only way that I can control my eating is with the "free" veggies. I hope that your colleague is ok.

Ruth, some time with your feet elevated is in order. Please call the doc on Monday.... :hug:

Trish, I share some of your frustrations at home. My ds is pretty good about doing things around the house. I often struggle because I think that they aren't up to MY standards. Like you, I am trying to stay focused on the goal. In my case, it is to provide a good environment for my little dgs and to give ds some space to get through school. Hang in there.

OK, I need to get moving. Lots to do....


05-06-2012, 05:18 PM
Quick check in.

Fatmad - Thankx. I'm trying to focus on eating healthy more than anything and like the old WW Core (I think it is called Simply Fillings) now eat only when truly hungry. I've actually learned that there are times I think I need to eat something, but when I get busy doing something else that it passes and what I thought was hunger had passed and I wasn't hungry at all. On the other hand if I'm still hungry thin I eat if it is real hunger. Not really planning ahead, but sometimes I do have in mind what I want to eat that day.

Rie - I do try to keep that in mind too. We did this because we couldn't let those babies go on the street and we cared about what happens to them. Still don't understand some things, but guess I don't have to. I just have to do what is "right" on my end. Trying to get and keep the right perspective on all this and try to see the good and focus on less of the negatives.

Well, ac has to have a new motor and the guy can't order it until tomorrow so it won't be fixed any earlier than Tuesday. So now I just hope that the weather stays nice for the next few days. I'm sure thankful that it happened now instead of this summer.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

05-07-2012, 07:40 AM
BGL of 5.1 this morning - probably from too many strawberries last night and the weight is holding steady. Yes, I will get the prescription renewed today although the swelling seems down on the leg.

05-07-2012, 10:28 AM
Happy Monday!

fbs at 91 this morning after a busy weekend. After fishing on Saturday, I have been busy running around and getting organized for my trip. I can't believe that it is already here.

Yesterday I also bought a used, 17 foot 5th wheel rv. I have wanted one for a long time. Lots of bears on my country means that sleeping in tents is not always safe. Also, all the packing, loading and unloading is a lot of work. I am looking forward to just loading up groceries, hooking up and heading for the mountains this year! Yay!

Ruth, take care - that water retention stuff is scary and it is hard on your system.

Trish, yes, I am glad that the AC didn't break down in August. Hopefully it is not too expensive.

My plane leaves at 0600 tomorrow so I won't be back in the morning. I will be in touch!

Georgia, Mad, Carol and others..... have a great day!

05-07-2012, 12:04 PM
Ruth, I got strawberries in my CSA crate last week. The moment I brought everything home, I grabbed one of the pints and rinsed the berries well, then nibbled away at them right there. Didn't do my blood sugar levels ANY favors, but they were so good! I'm calling that a calculated splurge.

Yesterday was an odd day for me. I went to a friend's house (the home of the farming couple who own the CSA where I get my veggies) and I helped make fresh pesto from the organic basil from their field. We mad A LOT of basil. And, of course, I had to taste it as I was making it. I must have tasted under a half cup of pesto. It had basil, raw almonds, dry Jack cheese and extra virgin olive oil. Oh my lord it was tasty! Really, I just stood at the sink and licked out the bowls! (Hmmm, I must have an issue with standing at the sink to eat.) By the end of the four hours, I was really quite full. The only other thing I had eaten before that was a couple hard-cooked eggs and a cup of coffee with cream. And I wasn't hungry again till 10 pm! At that time I grabbed a handful of almonds, a piece of feta cheese and drank my big glass of water with apple cider vinegar just before going to bed.

I lost another 1.5 lbs by this morning, but my fbs was back up to 122. So it seems that I just can't be eating anything past 6:30 pm because it'll affect my blood sugar adversely.

But I'm really happy with my steady weight loss! :carrot::carrot:

My very best regards to all of you. Have a lovely day!

05-07-2012, 04:07 PM
I am envious of you folks with local berries. Ours are all from California or Florida these days. The yummy local ones don't start until the end of June.

Went to the doc this morning and have a renewal for my diuretic. Too bad our wee drugstore is closed this afternoon and I just don't feel like driving to town. Dandelion tea is my drug of choice today!

05-07-2012, 06:07 PM
Hey gang: big hello to all. Georgia: are you not able to manage fruit? I would have thought fresh strawberries with no added sugar would be ok. Or did you just overindulge?
I was down a bit with weight today, so hope it will continue. Sticking to basic points today, having ham, a few scalloped potatoes and some broccoli for supper.
Found out campbell garden minestrone soup (whole can) is just 5 points. Made a good lunch.
have a great day everyone

05-07-2012, 08:03 PM
Hi all,

Sorry I haven't posted for so long. I have been busy getting ready for vacation, and now we are in Florida, at Disney World. I have been doing well keeping my carbs in line, as well as my calories. Disney has many healthy food choices at every park, which makes it easier to do.

Have a good week, everyone.

05-08-2012, 03:50 AM
It was hard to stop myself with the strawberries, Mad :D, but I normally can't do fruit. I was juicing a few months ago, only putting half an apple in with cucumber, celery, cilantro, ginger and lime (so delicious!) and that was popping up my blood sugar. So do the fresh oranges from my tree.

Melon season is coming...I'm going to be crying a lot all summer! I LOVE cantaloupe, casabas and watermelon. And those honeydew melons...oh my lord!

And grilled pineapple with ice cream. Fruity sangrias...Waaaaaaaaah! :cry:

I may not be throwing my backyard parties this year.

05-08-2012, 10:51 AM
FBS high today, 5.9, but it was at 5 am. I was paged in the night, and although I didn't need to go out, I couldn't get back to sleep. Had a bowl of cereal and some herbal stuff (valerian) and then slept from 530 to 9, so am better now.
Needing to eat that early may throw off my points for the day.
Georgia, eating fruit is the biggest reason I am glad to have switched from atkins to ww. I am really enjoying it, and without sugar on it, haven't had any problems with spikes. I too tend to over indulge in things. I expect when the Ontario strawberries are fresh and available I will over do it, and when the sweet cherries come, I eat them by the basket, unable to stop. On atkins, they start with berries and melons, these usually have a lower glycemic index, so maybe the melons will be ok for you. Perhaps if you can have smaller servings, that will help. ( i couldn't get to that point with atkins, I was gaining and not losing if not on strict induction)
It is promising to be a very busy work week, so not sure how much exercise I will get, but will keep trying to be good with food with the stress.
happy Tuesday to all the chickies

05-08-2012, 12:21 PM
Just a quick flyby to say hello. Still hanging in there and doing what I need to do to get this weight off. Sure thankful it isn't really hot here today as our ac went out Saturday night. Sure hope it will be fixed by tomorrow and isn't too expensive since money isn't going to well with our situation. Hubby said something last night about having to talk to the kids yet again. Not sure what about, I didn't ask. He wants to talk to DD and DSIL only this time. All I know is that sometime their "free" ride is going to have to come to an end. No one asks me if I will do things, they just assume that I will do it. At this point I know that I'm going to be 69 yrs old in August and I don't want to spend what years I may have left sitting in this chair becoming a bitter old lady. I'm tired of taking care of children who don't obey anyone and don't do what you ask. My children and grand children were not disrespectful and my 2 little great granddaughters don't act like that. Anyway, still don't know how all this is going to end. Just trying to keep my cool and my sanity at the same time. I think if I can focus on my weight and taking care of DH and me that it will keep my mind off of things and my stress level down. I'm not saying much because I'm trying to stay calm because I'm not far from wanting to give up and walk away from all of this. I love them all, but I feel like I've been stretched like a rubberband and ready to snap. Can't say much to DH because it is his family and it makes him sick. I don't want his ulcers coming back.

Hope we all have a great day. Later!

05-08-2012, 12:53 PM
HELP WANTED!!!!!! someone to stand behind me and push and make me accountable for getting up eating right and working out daily seemed to have fallen off this roller coaster so many times and I don't know how to get off and get back on track. seems like I am letting everyone around me deiced how and what I am going to be eating any more I hate it I am starting back with all the aches and pains in my legs and hips from not working out but I jest cant seem to pull myself up and get back to it. Before I moved her I was working out 3 to 4 hours a day now its down to nothing and I want to see the light again!!!!!!
My cousin here keeps telling me were are gonna start working out but it never happens I am tired of waiting around for someone else I never did that before I don't know why it would be a problem now. What is wrong with me I feel so terrible I am so down I don't know what to do with my self to keep from hiding I go and drowned myself in a book Believe me I have been hiding allot in two weeks I have read 4 500 page books and now I am on the 5th one. I am going to the dr in 3 months for refills and I want to see a change when I go in....... So please any one who wants to please push me hard!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the vent I jest feel so bad and I feel like I have no support here in my house right now...:(:(

05-08-2012, 04:20 PM
BOnnie: here's a kick in the pants. I think you should commit to a simple 20-30 minute walk every day. You can do that with kids, or on your own. working out for hours a day isn't practical or needed unless you are training as an athlete. Start small so you don't overwhelm yourself. Try to just stick to your eating plan and have a short walk and report back!

05-08-2012, 05:32 PM
Hi Bonnie - Sorry you are going through this. I know how that is as I've been going through some of that and I too have a tendency to hide in a book or for me a computer game and reading. I decided to heck with everyone and just get control of my life. Hope you can do the same. I like what Mad said. We don't have to do hours of exercise because I used to exercise 20 minutes 3 days a week and I was doing good with it and my hips didn't hurt and no aches and pains. Then I read 20 or 30 minutes a day wasn't enough. Then I read that just exercising a little bit throughout the day is even good for you... 10 min here and 10 min there. So now I do what I can do and know that I'm doing good for me cause any moving is better than none. Hey I started over this week getting back OP so, let's do this together. You are much younger than me... do yourself a favor and don't wait. You can do it. I think you are like me... you do a lot of things for others so now it is time for you to to do something for you. It took my blessed second DMIL who I loved like a Mother who taught me it was okay to do some things for myself.

Mad - Are you finding that you have a little more energy eating a little bit of carbs? I was amazed one day when I decided to eat something carby and it felt like I just came alive. However, I also found that if I overdo the carbs that it works like sleeping pill. Just my observation.

BTW - Sorry for the venting earlier. I appreciate y'all allowing me to mouth off here. It does help. I feel much better this afternoon and more in control of my life. Nothing changed, but it was like a release valve. Thanks y'all. I just love y'all and appreciate you sooooo very much.


05-08-2012, 09:07 PM
Fatmad and Trish Thanks so much so well today is a OK day. My aunt wanted to go meet her daughter for lunch at wendys today so I went and fixed me a lunch and took it with me so I only had to get me a drink . I explained to her that I can not be going out to dinner everyday I don't mind going with her but I will be taking my own lunch.
I went walking tonight I went by myself I walked around the neighbor hood and It took me 50 minutes to get around the neighborhood once you pass a point you cant come back until you make the round or you turn around That was not a option for me so me and my Ipod had some quality time tonight!!! Jest what I need Think I am gonna talk to the hubby tonight about putting me a tv and VCR in the garage so I will have some where to work out... Give me a place I can go with out the company of others. Jest me and my workout videos I might even take the Wii with me..

I am feeling pretty good... Please feel free to kick me in the pants again tomorrow so I will remember I am not alone Here...

05-09-2012, 07:41 AM
Fly-by again - getting to be a habit.

I definitely was heading into edema again. The scale showed a 3 pound drop this morning after starting the diuretic yesterday. I'm at 180 again and hope to see the 170s tomorrow. It was scary seeing 184. My foot is getting back to normal and I can now wear my regular shoe instead of a slipper.

Off to the gym and this afternoon there will be gardening on the schedule. my asparagus has started so guess what's on the dinner menu? Maybe roasted or stir-fried with shrimp?

05-09-2012, 05:08 PM
Hello Everyone,

Been a busy day but a good one. Jaxx had his therapy and the ac is fixed. Lots of different things going on but the nice thing is that everything fell in place. ON plan and all is well here.

Bonnie - Sounds like you ended up with a good day yesterrday and you have a plan in mind for doing some special things for yourself. I hope today was just as good.

Ruthie - So glad the fluid is coming off and losing again.

Mad, Jane, Georgia and others reading - :hi:

05-09-2012, 11:12 PM
hey all, short hello, very tired after long work day. Weighed in tonight, and back down below ticker, will see if I can stay there or lose more and build on that.
Ruth: whats going on with this edema? Glad you are doing better and your "real" weight is showing through now.
Bonnie, here's another kick to get you moving, and keep going!
Trish: head down and keep going. You can get there. Hope DH talk with the "kids" goes well.
Bye for now,

05-10-2012, 09:25 AM
No idea about the ongoing and recurring edema, Mad. Dr Jack is puzzled too and wants to see me before the next renewal. Methinks an MRI might be in order. It seems to be related to the "step into a floor vent" episode last summer - may be haematoma. My BP is excellent, Ha1C is still below 6 and the Doppler on the neck arteries showed no narrowing. The anterior tibialis is still swollen, possible damaged permanently, and may be causing the problem.

Anyhow, I'll do the diuretic thing and make sure I don't deplete my potassium stores. (Who knew baked potatoes were very high in potassium? I may indulge - for health reasons, of course!)

It sucks to get old but I'm fighting it. Lots of people younger than me are dead!

05-10-2012, 10:05 AM
Hi all, new here. Diagnosed Nov 2010 with 8.4 A1C. Doctor gave me an ultimatum, lose weight, reign in numbers, or welcome to insulin needles. :eek:

Last A1C was 5.6 in Feb. 2012. Seeing doc this aft, get my requisition for June's A1C. I'm on 500mg metformin x3 day. When I'm good, my sugars are in the 4.5-5.5 mmol range. However, I haven't been good for a while. Trust me, I was surprised Feb's A1C was still in the 5's. (Chocolate was my best friend since Halloween. :no::tantrum:)

Lately, morning sugar is 6.1-6.5. Throughout day, it makes it's way in to the 5.6-6.0 range.

Edema has been my shadow since my daughter was born 14.5 years ago. :?: Left foot/leg mostly, occasionally right one feels left out and joins in. I also have Meniere's which is ruled by excess fluid in the inner ear. Somehow the two are linked, as when the edema acts up, the Meniere's is sure to follow. Nothing like having the world spinning when you don't drink any alcohol. :dizzy: <--- ROFL that is EXACTLY what it feels like.

1) What do you aim for as your carb count? I've always aimed for 45gr for meals and 15gr for snacks. Too high?
2) Aside from exercising my rear off, what can I do when my sugars skyrocket to 10? It's rare, but it's happened for no apparent reason... well maybe stress. ;)

Thanks in advance. And good luck.

05-10-2012, 11:50 AM
johnnysgirl668 - :welcome3: to the group. I've been fighting the same battle myself lately. I don't count carbs any more, but there are those here who do who can help you.

Ruthie - I love a baked potatoe and instead of putting butter on it, I put picante sauce, broccoli and lf cheese on mine and never miss the butter. I used to get the potato, broccoli and cheese at Wendy's and decided that is one of those things I can make at home with less calories and more broccoli. I haven't tried it but I'm sure some other veggie would go well with it as well to change it up.

Mad - Congratulations on another loss. You are doing great.

I was good last night because I went took medicine and went to lie down because my hip hurt me all day yesterday. Guess I layed on it wrong. Any way I woke up around 10:30 came in to say something to hubby and found out that SIL was going to be off today and I wouldn't have to get up early so I changed clothes got back in bed and didn't wake up until almost 8am this morning. Hip feels a little better and seems to feel better as I walk so I think I'll go to Aldi's and Sav-A-Lot and pick up some milk, eggs, fruits and veggies. and see if the walking really will help walk out the soreness. I just don't have time to be sick.

Y'all have a great day.

05-10-2012, 12:13 PM
johnnysgirl668 :welcome::welcome:

Sorry I didn't check in yesterday but it was storming here all day so I went and rearranged my aunts room and my daughters bedroom. Been doing good here food is better and I have been fighting the cravings for foods I should not have. Hopefully I can take another on g walk tonight and I am feeling pretty good right now I want to keep it up so continue sending me them kicks in the pants. I will check back later to see how everyone's day has gone.

05-10-2012, 09:05 PM
Jest wanted to pop in and say how my day has gone and it has gone good. Aunt went to lunch with her daughter and I again took my lunch feels pretty good I also went for another 50 minute walk around the neighbor hood . Feels pretty good. I hope that I can keep it up.

I hope every one had a good day!!! More tomorrow!!!!!

05-10-2012, 09:42 PM
A quick pop in. Saw my doc today, blood pressure 130/80 YAY! Since I'm restarting to lose weight, he's holding me off until July for my next A1C. He's happy with where I'm at, and so am I.

Thank you Bonnie and Trish for the welcome.

05-10-2012, 10:11 PM
No idea about the ongoing and recurring edema, Mad.
Anyhow, I'll do the diuretic thing and make sure I don't deplete my potassium stores. (Who knew baked potatoes were very high in potassium? I may indulge - for health reasons, of course!)

It sucks to get old but I'm fighting it. Lots of people younger than me are dead!

Ruth! Bananas and oranges also high in potassium. ENJOY!

welcome too the Johnnysgirl, hope you find us a fun bunch.
Personally, I keep carbs much lower. I find it best to keep under 100g/day, usually less than that. I did Atkins for a while until my sugars were in good control. I found it too difficult to just go into induction suddenly, and lowered my carbs gradually to do it.

Had a good food day today, it was potluck day, but we put the food out in the kitchen, and took a break from the meeting to fill our plates. I put myself in the corner, so I couldn't get up easily to get more. So I had a nice plateful, and didn't have more. A successful strategy indeed!
GOt a little exercise helping DH build a retaining wall for part of the garden.
The week continues to be busy, I am off to work again!

05-11-2012, 08:46 AM
welcome too the Johnnysgirl, hope you find us a fun bunch.
Personally, I keep carbs much lower. I find it best to keep under 100g/day, usually less than that. I did Atkins for a while until my sugars were in good control. I found it too difficult to just go into induction suddenly, and lowered my carbs gradually to do it.
Thanks fatmad <-- can't bring myself to call you "fat" ;)

One hundred carbs? :faint:

How do you do that? What's the breakdown per meal, snacks? Is that 25 per meal with 25 total in snacks? :yikes: I can't even fathom that.

I did Atkins too about 15 years ago. I attribute my getting pregnant to the Atkins diet. I was told I was never going to have a child for 10 years prior, and then 8 months of Atkins... tada! :carrot: But it took me a long time to like meat again after that.

Had a good food day today, it was potluck day, but we put the food out in the kitchen, and took a break from the meeting to fill our plates. I put myself in the corner, so I couldn't get up easily to get more. So I had a nice plateful, and didn't have more. A successful strategy indeed!
WTG! Smart planning. It's thinking ahead that helps when we have to face these types of situations. :hug: Awesome job!

05-11-2012, 11:47 AM
Jest wanted to pop in this morning and say I peaked at the scale this morning and I have lost 4 pounds this week... I dont want to weight in till monday but needed the push for the weekend...

05-11-2012, 12:22 PM
WTG Bonnie! You can do it!

05-11-2012, 02:36 PM
hey, it's been a while. i used to post in here years ago. I find that the message boards offer accountability. Anyways, I am Mel...I live in the UK with my awesome supportive boyfriend. I am diabetic and I am not as good as I should be. I haven't had an A1C check in a long time, I keep putting it off cause I don't want to embarrass myself. Owen and I also want to have babies, so I need to get my diet sorted. I try to stay away from crap food and eat as much fruit and veg as possible...

05-11-2012, 03:36 PM
Welcome back and good luck on your next round of WL.

05-11-2012, 07:52 PM
A quick flyby.

Bonnie - Yay for the 4lb loss. You're doing a great job getting back OP.

Mel- Can't say I remember you, but glad you are here.

Mad - What do you know about the side effect of Fenofibrate? Nurse teaching DD said it was a terrible medicine and she would never take it. I have been off Metformin long enough that I don't have a lot of charlie horses in my calves, but still have some. However, the muscles in my upper legs ache a lot and I have muscle spasms in other parts of my body. I looked it up last night and it said they are finding that it can cause muscle damage/breakdown. Just wondered what you think about it. I didn't take it today. I'm kind of hoping that it is the culprit and that maybe I can go back on at least 500mg of Metformin. Anyway I'm experimenting with going without it and will discuss it with my doc when I see him next month.

Ruthie Sorry about the edema problems going on. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Go get my hair colored tomorrow. Kind of hoping for a quiet weekend.

In case I don't make it back here,y'all have a nice weekend.

05-12-2012, 07:29 AM
ok so i took my fasting blood sugar and it was like 240...YIKES. i forget how long it takes to get the sugars back under control, i need reassurance that it takes time.

i had a granola bar and a cup of tea with one sugar for breakfast, and now i am eating apples and peanut butter...afraid to eat carbs because i just checked blood sugar and it's the same.

any tips on getting back on track will be welcomed :(

05-12-2012, 06:28 PM
Fell off the radar for a few days due to family dramas. One day late last week I caved to stress and had a handful of Paleo grain-free granola, then raw almonds, then an extra ounce or two of cheese. Drove my morning readings up into the 130s and I gained back five pounds overnight. That stressed me out too and I allowed myself to feel pretty hopeless for about a day.

Back on the very-low-carb Atkins induction wagon as of yesterday and this morning my blood sugar was back down to 126. Hoping that this time next week I'll have lost the five and morning numbers will be back in the 110s.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

05-12-2012, 07:17 PM
Jest got done doing my neighbor hood walk .. Food today has been great!! Keep it Cumming I can do this!!!!

05-12-2012, 11:57 PM
Trish: yes, this med can cause muscle pain, but please don't go off without checking in with your doctor about replacements. YOu are on it for a reason. (for instance, some studies show that it reduces amputations for diabetes by 31%. Thats pretty big, and if you are at risk, your doctor is being protective of you)
I know how the muscle pain is awful, but if your doctor thinks you need something like this, let him find an alternative for you.
Bonnie: so glad you are getting out and about again. Keep coming back.
DId well last couple of days. Enjoyed some babysitting time and good weather, got a bit of exercise, ate well.
Happy Mother's day friends. ttfn

05-13-2012, 12:35 AM
Hi Everyone!

Mel inspired me to come back! I also have been gone for a long time now. Just to re-introduce myself...I am Monique and i'm a type 2 diabetic as of 2009. I thought I had a handle on my sugar and then this last A1c told me I don't. I am about to graduate from my masters program and I'm hoping to get refocused on my health goals. My last A1c was a 8.3 which is a bummer because the one before that was a 6.9. The lowest i've had was a 6.2 and I had lost about 10 pounds and felt fantastic. I currently live in Seattle Wa but will soon be moving back to my home base of California. I hope to make this board my diabetic support home base and be accountable. So here is to relaunching my health goal. I look forward to meeting you all! Happy Mother's day and have a great weekend!


05-13-2012, 04:53 AM
Hello everyone!! If you don't remember me, it may be due to my username change. I used to be OneSecMel (I think that was it). then I found out a weird creepy guy was stalking me online and reading my 3fc posts - gah!! Soooo embarrassing, especially since it has my weight :( Booo.

Yesterday was a splendid day. I had soooo many veggies that I did get sick of them though :lol: ....(I knew that bowl of raw cabbage was a bad idea).

The only way for me to control my blood sugars is to make sure I do not eat meals too close together, and that is my biggest challenge, I tend to want to eat every two hours - but really I need to put four-five hours between meals.

My biggest goal was to give up carb based snacking - I made it all day but caved in the evening and had some popcorn. I don't feel TOO bad about it, after all the good choices I made.

I am glad Mo that you decided to try coming back!!! :) I am graduating from a master's program soon as well!!

05-13-2012, 05:22 AM
I had issues with meal timing today. I had a small breakfast, then a mid-morning snack. I wasn't hungry again till mid afternoon, then not hungry at all till nearly 8 pm. But that's too late for me to eat because it drives up the DP. AAAAAuuuugggghhhh!!!! I'm not a slave to the clock or schedules, and that's what diabetes is turning me into!

Doesn't help when my sleep cycle is off. It's almost 1:30 in the morning. Just couldn't fall asleep. But I guess I'll go to bed now.

Welcome back Mel and Moni!

05-13-2012, 09:42 AM
Monique: welcome back too. Mel, that is scary, but 3fc is open to just about anyone, which is why its ok to remain a bit anonymous. Glad you changed your screen name too.
fbs 5.1 this am. Decided to change my ticker down finally after a week at this weight, I think it WILL stick. Its been crazy with work, and not much exercise.
I am working on a strategy for the coming week to ensure more activity. I am at a conference most of the week though, so will have to exercise at specific times. Will also have to watch the food, they tend to have buffet meals and snacks in between at these things, I may bring my own food for the trip.
Thought I did well yesterday, but needed a bedtime snack (after my small 9 pm snack that was meant to be it for the day) as I was starving at 1030 pm. Bah, don't know why that was. Anyhow,

05-13-2012, 11:31 AM
today has been sooo much better, so far so good!! breakfast was some whole what toast and crunchy peanut butter, had some cabbage later for a snack, and lunch was chorizo cooked in some beans. i know thats not the leanest choices, but this is my first ten day goal, cutting carbs!!

05-13-2012, 04:06 PM
Hey Ladies Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!!

Been busy cleaning here today and doing good with all the eating . Dont know about working out cause it is raining out here today.. I hope everyone is having a good day!! See you all tomorrow!!

05-13-2012, 04:56 PM
Been way too busy and off track to pop in here but hope you all are enjoying Mother's Day. I'm off to dinner shortly at a Greek restaurant - I thin souvlaki and salad may be my choice. I had a tuna and chickpea salad on arugula for lunch - I AM getting back into eating more veggies, see! My asparagus is really starting to produce and I've been roasting or grilling it. I love that veggie!

Thinking the edema was ended, I did not take my diuretic this morning - mistake! I will be wearing slippers out to dinner tonight! Actually they are quite attractive black velvet numbers so folks may think they are planned.

I promise I'll take the darned things more regularly this week. I don't want elephant legs for the long weekend coming up!

05-14-2012, 07:22 AM
Been a good morning thus far - had whole wheat toast and peanut butter...now enjoying a mid morning snack of a cup of tea :)

Goe - I understand what you mean about having to be a slave to the clock. Timing is everything, isn't it? If you sleep late, it messes your body up for the entire day. For me, I have to space my eating apart or else I get all messed up. It sucks when you're really hungry but you know your blood sugar isn't down low enough to eat anything :(

05-14-2012, 10:32 AM
Hi :wave: Chickies,

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. Mine turned out very nice and even productive food wise. iWhich I will share below.

Mel and Monique :welcome3:

Ruthie - Your not the only one who has been off track. I have too. I've been dealing with a little bit of that edema, but I've been eating too much salt. So I know why mine is.

Mad - Have a good trip and I think I've finally learned that for me the WW Momentum/Flex plan is so much easier to follow in those kinds of situations. And CONGRATS on your weight loss you feel comfortable to put on the ticker.

Bonnie - Congratulations on staying OP.

Got up yesterday and dressed to go to church because DH decided the night before that we all were going. Then he decided not to go and I very ungraciously :o decided I wasn't going either. But it turned out that it was good for me to stay home because I was alone and really got some help from a preacher I'd never seen before.

I had weighed and I had gained 6 lbs. Now I'm sure some of that was from too much salt, but I was really angry with myself. What is so upsetting is that 7 more lbs and I'll be back where I was about 12 yrs ago. So I was really :mad:at me. Smart young preacher said, "The time to decide what you're not going to do is not when you are faced with the situation". He said "If you are on a diet, waiting till you wait until you get to the party to decide what you are not going to eat and what you want to eat... it will be to late because you will cave in." He said you have to "pre-decided" and created a new word he laughingly called "pre-cide" Well we all know that I'm notorious for being the lady who thinks she has to try every new diet that comes along.:dizzy: :mad: :dunno: :kickbutt:

Well, long story short I decided to go back on the old Flex Plan. I had written down all my foods yesterday and was really afraid I had gone too far on some things because DD and her family came home and made a Mother's Day brunch and it was loaded with carbs, but since I was very careful to eat extremely small amounts, I was thrilled/surprised to find that I had stayed within my Daily points and used only 6 of my Weekly pts. So I've actually got one day behind me and 2 of those gained 6 lbs is already gone this morning. I am following the 8 Good Health Guidelines so I'm making sure I'm doing this healthy. So Sunday will be my WI. I'm hoping that most of the 6lbs will be gone by Sunday since it is water gain.

I had thought of doing Atkins but it just doesn't fit in to our lifestyle or budget right now. I have most of my plan written out and will finish it in a few minutes. I won't be trying a million other things any more. I've "pre-cided" that this is the plan for me. I really have no problems when we go out to eat because I'm so Flex pt minded that I can just about figure the points in my head. Always did great when eating in restaurants especially Ryan's. I save most of my weekly pts for those times.

Hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday.

05-14-2012, 09:08 PM
This morning my fbg was 129. I ate a bit carby at lunch yesterday, but since it was Mother's Day...got a taste of my son's cheesecake at the restaurant. But the big indulgence was the eggplant.

I am good friends with the owner of this chic little bistro in town. The owner had only just returned from two weeks in Spain and Portugal and he came back inspired. He served up this eggplant dish that was perfection! Very thinly sliced eggplant, dipped in rice flour and deep fried till just crisp, then topped with sugar cane molasses and Spanish salt. I only had three pieces, but it was enough to put me over the top with the carbs.

But so worth it!!!!

I'm going to an evening Pilates class to work it all off!

05-15-2012, 08:10 AM
Nummy! Eggplant! I love that stuff and make an eggplant casserole a lot - no breading or frying but it works. I also use it in lasagna.

Well, weight is pretty much stuck at 182 (too many carbs & salt lately) but FBGL is in good control with readings in the 3.5 to 4.5 range. (That's 63 to 81 for folks not on metric. I've never been able to figure out why the USA doesn't use metric when HA1C is measured in metric. :shrug: )

Life is very hectic lately with a fair amount of stress. It doesn't seem to be affecting my BGL but that may be why the weight is stuck. Stress = time shortage = grab & go food = carbs! Duh!

05-15-2012, 08:53 AM
Love eggplant! Gonna make this quick cause we're going to see the avengers at the cinema....had three Riveta with Hummus for lunch...SMALL bit of bacon cooked for the protein, and a nice helping of cabbage. breakfast was All-Bran. Doing good so far! I already feel like i have more energy. I did cave at work and had a packet of crisps, but it was an emergency!! I was so hungry and the fruit i had packed was off. Oops! Have a good day all!

05-15-2012, 10:19 AM
was never a fan of eggplant until a friend used it instead of noodles in a lasagna. Delish!
Off to my conference, will still check in as I will have internet at the hotel.
Have a good day friends

05-15-2012, 11:51 AM
Blech, eggplant... ok, I will have to learn to love... err like eggplant. I'm going to end up being bored on cauliflower, broccoli and salad. I've added baby carrots, but TBH I'd rather skip the veggies (eating less at a meal) rather than eat the ones I don't like. Yeah, I know, tsk tsk!

So over the weekend, I got eaten alive. God how I hate mosquitoes and black flies. What on earth was the Lord thinking when creating these pests? Now I have swollen lymph nodes, several itchy bites, and one nasty 2 inch in diameter, red, hard, and hot bite on my leg. It's hard to walk, let alone do my exercises. But I did them!

I'm down 7 lbs from my start last Monday. I know most of that is water weight, but I'm still :carrot:

05-15-2012, 01:07 PM
A quick flyby. Going with DH for his blood test, grab a bite somewhere and then make it back to the school to get DGD.
I've got 2 good days behind me on WW Momentum and my weight is almost back down to where it was before I gained those 6 lbs. Whew so glad.

Ruthie-I know you are on dieuretics but do you prop you feel up when you can? I even sleep with a pillow under my feet at night and it does help. Of course, limiting my salt intake helps as well.:dizzy:

Catch y'all later.

05-16-2012, 07:00 AM
Weight is still up despite the diuretics so I guess it was a real gain. I'll just keep plugging along and keep trying to make good choices. (Chicken wings last night was NOT a good choice, even with salad!)

Off to the gym which seems to be getting harder, not easier. :shrug:

Patty, I do prop up the feet when I am sitting watching TV but that may not be enough. I seem to be using my feet a lot. :lol:

05-16-2012, 12:17 PM
I'm feeling a bit low today. I believe all traces of diabetes meds are now out of my system because I'm starting to have higher morning numbers, like in the mid 140s. This occurs when I go over 30 net gm of carbs at dinner later in the day. It frustrates me because that seems to be the period of time when I have the least amount of resolve to stick to "the plan". I'm hungriest, and it takes so little to have me go over the edge. I can stay completely on track with diet and exercise up till 6 pm when I intend to stop eating. But, like last night, I indulged in a few fresh strawberries (just 10 small ones), and later, I got an iced tea at Starbucks that they had sweetened and I just chose to drink it because I was so thirsty. 44 additional carbs after 7 p.m. popped my morning number to 145.

I'm going back to really tight control. I don't lose weight when my blood sugar is up, even if I cut calories below 1600. But I do lose weight at 2000 calories if carbs are kept at 20 net gm and I can control the blood sugar.

I guess my upcoming holiday in the UK is going to be about the sites and NOT the food!

05-16-2012, 01:11 PM
I am keeping my carbs down to <150 daily, which is great for me, and am still having ^ fbg in the AM. Question - does eating carbs after dinner affect your fbg? I have to have a snack or I won't be able to sleep, and I save calories & carbs for this, but I can switch to protein instead if need be. Any advice?

05-16-2012, 01:39 PM
Good afternoon ! :wel3fc: to all the newbies or you ladies that are returning. Doing good here Been busy here lately but doing good. Today is the aunts bday and all is going to be good Think I am gonna get my walking in early or I will jest be late with it one out of the other. Even if I have to have someone go with me. Been looking at x factor set does any one know if it is any good??? Well thill later whenI have more free time The cake is in the oven and I need to check it...

05-16-2012, 05:03 PM
Jane, it all depends and i think unfortunately it takes experimentation. It all depends on what is making your FBS spike. For some, it's because their bodies are going into "starvation" mode, and therefore the liver dumps glucose into the blood. If this is the case, I have read a small snack carbs with a bit of protein is a big help....like a couple crackers with say pepperoni.

If this doesn't work, they also say a protein based snack before bed will help. Sounds like the carbs before bed isn't working for you. Maybe give the protein a go, or work on the timing. I have been so obsessed as to get up in the middle of the night to have a cracker JUST to regulate myself.

I'm not quite that bad anymore..lol though i should be.

05-16-2012, 05:48 PM
Jane: for most people and small carb snack helps prevent glucose "dumping" by the liver during the night, but most of us overdo it. we are talking 10-20 g carbs, not a lot. Having it with a bit of fat or protein seems to be helpful in having a "slow" burn, or having low glycemic carbs may help.
(peanut butter on toast or crackers, small dish of lower fat ice cream, 1/2 granola bar) For many of us the trick is to make it a snack and not another meal.
Just a fly by, am at a conference, and totally ate the pastry dessert at lunch, delish, but ohhhh, the points......

05-17-2012, 06:05 AM
Stumbling a lot but have not fallen flat. Baking for the Mad Hatters Tea Party this weekend has been a real battle and I've lost a few - battles not pounds. Strangely enough, despite this my FBGL has remained good. :shrug: The weight is another matter.

I'm about to make my Italian sausages and peppers for the stash and will measure the final result carefully into freezer containers. "Serves 6" doesn't seem to work out well when I don't pre-portion. My life is in over-drive for the next eight weeks or so and I need to be able to have meals on hand that just needs a salad added. Take-out or a meal at the Diner are not a good thing!

05-17-2012, 10:34 AM
Whooo hooo! I finally broke that 240 mark. I weighed in at 239.2 this morning. Now I only have to hold my ground until Monday. I'm not giving up without a fight! I'm not retreating this time. Yippeeeee!

05-17-2012, 02:07 PM
Hello friends!

Wow, I have been gone a long time! The internet at the hotel was really wonky and I just gave up on attempting to post.

For those of you that don't know, I was in Las Vegas playing in the national pool championships. I made the final bracket and ended up tied for 33rd place out of almost 400 players. Pretty good finish and I had a blast.

BS did well while I was there but unfortunately, my weight is hideous! I refuse to accept the number that I gained 15 pounds in a week. I am going to eat very clean and drink lots of water for the next couple of days. I will weigh in on Monday and use that as my new starting weight. :(

I will try to catch up with everyone....

Trish, please stay on your meds if you can. Hopefully your dr can find a med that doesn't cause side effects that you can't live with. I hope so. I am happy to hear that you are using WW again - It always seemed to be a good fit for you.

Mad, enjoy the conference and good luck. Just a little activity will help.

Bonnie, too late for me to administer a kick so here is a :hug:. Good job for getting back on track!

Ruth, hoping to join you in the back on track club.....

Georgia, I think you are doing a really great job of paying attention to your numbers. Maybe it would be good to think about taking a longer view. I remember that when I first started my bs bounced around a lot. It took several months of steady program before things stabilized. Just wondering.....

Newbies, Hi There! I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

Have a great day!


05-17-2012, 06:05 PM
Thank you VermontChick, and FatMad for your insight. I will try a new approach and see if that helps.

Rie - 33rd out of 400 is awesome! Congrats! I always gain water weight when I travel, no matter how POP I stay. I bet you'll be happy at weigh-in on Monday.

Ruth - lol about the "serves 6". Have to say, some of the packaging and portions are truly misleading, though.

A big hello to all others. :wave:

05-17-2012, 09:50 PM
Rie, you're so wise. Thank you!

This morning, fbs was 145, again. I was a bit disgusted with my complete lack of focus (Really? I'm ADD & filled with self-judgement!) And while my calories were down yesterday, still no weight loss. I made a decision to ride out the fasting and see how my blood sugar would track all day.

Every couple hours I tested. I peaked at 151 around 9 a.m., then slowly dropped. By 4:30 pm, I hit 104. I felt hungry, a little woozy, but otherwise fine. I had planned to keep fasting till tomorrow morning...somehow, a roasted zucchini fell into my mouth ;) and then a small piece of roast chicken in a tomato sauce. I see that a piece of cheese is on approach as well.

I think I'm done eating for tonight. I'm curious to see what tomorrow morning's DP is like. And to see if the scale budges. I've eaten less than 500 calories today, and less than 15 net gm of carbs. I'll go to bed early, so my mouth won't be open if there's any more flying food in the house!

05-18-2012, 09:57 AM
quick hello everyone: back from my conference. Had some food victories and some really off plan meals too. Capped by a supper with my sister before leaving the big city. (no point leaving the city after the conference ended at 5 pm. Hate driving with the rush hour traffic, and having a supper first just makes sense, but did try to be sensible. )
Rie: you are right, no way did you gain 15 pounds in a week. Give it a day or so.
Georgia: 500 calories is NOT a good day. HOpe you get things into reasonable order soon.
hellos to everyone else.

05-18-2012, 11:34 AM
Well, don't worry, my resolve to not eat anything else last night was beaten by the hunger monster. But I did keep it under 1200. Fbg was 139. No weight loss. I won't lose weight if I lose control over the carbs in the evening. Grrrrr!

I have to rethink how I cook in the evenings. I've got one son who drifts in late and he takes care of himself (he turns 20 tomorrow!) but my other son, he's 14 and won't make good choices unless I'm there to direct him. And if I go into the kitchen past 6, that's just dangerous for me. Last night I made a pot of jasmine rice and roasted a chicken in a tomato-orange simmer sauce. The sauce alone made me weak in the knees, so I nibbled on chicken carcass as I pulled the meat off and plated it over rice, then covered with sauce. Licked my fingers...a lot!!! Got very curious about how the rice would taste with the sauce. Stamp of approval!

I think Rhyan will have to plate his own food from now on.

Teensy bit of loss on the scale. I had gone up from 288 to 294. I'm slowly creeping back down. 291.5 this morning. Obviously I am not going to make my goal of 285 by Sunday morning. Not even if I totally fast till then, and I wouldn't do that.

Johnnysgirl, that's a great milestone! Congratulations!

Jane, for me, I definitely have to eat really low on the carbs at dinner, less than 15 net gm. And it can only come from vegetables, no grains or legumes. Or dairy. Or fruits/sweets. Plus, I should keep protein close to 20 gm as well. I can go higher on fats at dinner because it slows the digestion of my meal way down. So under 600 calorie dinner. And it must be eaten around 6. If I eat at 7, it starts to affect my fbg. And if I eat at 8, fbg goes way up in the morning and I won't lose any weight.

So, I just figured out the perfect dinner for me. An omelet with feta, cooked in butter, and a salad of butter lettuce dressed in olive oil, apple cider vinegar and Greek oregano. I think that's going to be my consistent meal at 6 pm.

I guess that's my experiment today. I'm going to fast till dinner again. I really mean it this time! Because I feel really good this morning, not bloated or sluggish.

Have a great Friday!

05-18-2012, 11:51 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Just want to let you know I'm still here. I've been MIA because it has really been a busy week here. I got in the car Tuesday to go get DGD from school since DSIL was working and the had little to know power steering in the car. DH and I took it to Ford place Wednesday and had loads of work done on it and get some things checked. Heater had gone out this past winter. As I got ready to go to the beauty shop a few Saturdays ago and the battery was dead. Tony and DSIL jumped it and when I got home Tony put the charger on it. Took to an auto store and they tested and it was reading a little low but they said it probably would be okay for a while longer. Ford place checked it while they had it and it was fine so guess it was just one of those things because some how the GPS had been turned on and left on and not sure how long it had been on. So hopefully we won't have to have new one for a little while.

Yesterday was DD birthday. We had planned to go out to Ryan's to celebrate her birthday this coming Saturday, but Tony found out DSIL car battery was dead so we decided to do surprise DD with a BBQ dinner on her BD and then Tony took the rest off what we would spent eating at Ryan's...add to it and he took Richard down to the auto place and had a new battery put in his car. I could tell it really got to them because we also gave her the money we usually give her for her BD. They know the money is very tight and I could tell they were upset but graciously thankful. Especially since the last time DSIL bought a battery it cost $50 dollars and he found out the price had doubled since then. Of course Tony and I had already checked prices and knew they couldn't get one for $50.00 and he isn't getting enough hours to pay more. We knew we had to do it because he has to get to and from work. One neat thing too is I knew the kids wanted to give their Mom a present. Youngest usually goes around finding things around the house to give as presents. Thank God for Dollar stores. I took youngest DGD to Dollar Tree and she got a pair of sunglasses from the baby, a coffee mug from oldest DGS, a fragrance candle (she and I both love them) from oldest DGD and a family frame from herself and all for $3.50 +tax. They decorated the dining room with balloons and youngest DGD made BD banner for her Mom with all our names on it and the oldest DGD made a BD cake for her Mom. The girls are very creative. Haley couldn't find the candles I recently bought (not sure where April put them) so she found a #3 &#6 candles I had used when Tony turned 63 and turned the 6 upside down and made it read 39 and found some left over candles *mix match* make shift and put them around the 39 she made. So we had a great productive fun BD bash for their Mom and everyone was happy.

I am happy to say even with all the stress, I weighed this morning (not my WI day) and the 6 lb gain is gone. Now to keep it off and just keep that scale moving down.

I'll try to get back later for indies. Kids have Friday off from school so not sure how today will go.

Have a great day.

05-18-2012, 02:44 PM
Good Morning!

I woke feeling rested this morning but my knee is throbbing like a bad tooth. Traveling always gets me.... darn airplane seats. Also, my traveling companion misread the gate and we went to the end of the wrong terminal. We had to hoof it really fast to the end of another terminal. It was a long way. It was kind of an NSV, because I was thinking that a year ago, I probably wouldn't have been able to make it - certainly not in time. Pretty good.

I did manage to do Walkitout for an hour this morning. I kept thinking that the knee would start to ease up with exercise. Not so much. :( Actually, it would probably hurt either way. I need to work out and get completely on track!

Mad, it sounds like you did well at the conference. Life happens, right? ;) When is the wedding?

Ruth, I hope that all your events are going well. How is the water retention? Any answers from the dr yet?

Trish, I was charmed by the description of your dd birthday celebration. My sons recently were sharing memories from a time when I was raising them in serious poverty. I was so surprised at the good memories that they had from that time. All the times (like your dd birthday) that I felt bad because I couldn't give them much in material goods, they remember fondly because of the things that we did together. You are creating memories. :hug:

Georgia, are you doing intermittent fasting? Certainly, I am supportive of any plan that you want to do but I am concerned about the low calories that you are trying to achieve. Your supper sounds wonderful and hard to resist. My ds and dgs eat the same controlled carb meals that I eat - with a little additions. For example, last night we had lean burgers, roasted cauliflower, green salad, and a little polenta. They both had their burger on a bun, with cheese. My ds eats things like pasta, pizza, etc when I am gone because they are hard for me to resist. Luckily, my little ds is a fiend for salad and veggies. We have to urge him to eat protein and other foods. I think he will probably be thin his whole life.... I hope so.

Jane, I absolutely cannot control my fasting numbers without a protein/carb snack. My favorite is a small yogurt. Last night it was 1/2c cottage cheese with 1/4c fiber one. When I am traveling I rely on wonderslim bars - 18carbs. I definitely stay below 20 carbs and I figure the calories into my daily allotment. You are doing great!

Sorry if I missed anyone.... Off to face the day.


05-18-2012, 06:59 PM
Thanks Georgia, wish I could say it remained. This morning, Aunt Flo's evil twin sister PMS showed up today. So I'm back up in the 240's. *sigh*

I agree with Rie. Low cal diets, imo, only promote binging. I used to do an 800 cal diet. Worked great for a few weeks and then the black hole effect would hit and I couldn't satisfy the cravings.

Granted it takes a lot of trial and error, but have you tried multiple small meals and snacks throughout the day? It doesn't work for everyone, and God knows it took me a long time to figure out what "small" means, but it helps me from starving all day. If being in the kitchen is a trigger, try little snack bags pre-filled with nuts, crackers, fruits, veggies. Do a "run-by fruiting", and grab a bag as you dash through to the next room.

Dunno, just a thought.

05-18-2012, 07:33 PM
Hello everyone! Things are smooth sailing as far as school goes. Just two more weeks and i'm officially a social worker. I wish things were just as smooth in the diabetes area of my life, but they are not. I have not been checking my AM BS consistently...I think because a part of me is scared of the result. Yesterday it was 204, which is not great but lower than it has been the mornings before. Today I plan to hit up the 5:30 Pilates class but I am also quitting my gym today (because i'm moving)

Johnnysgirl: don't you hate that? I have been on my period too and felt like a house! I got on the scale once only to see I was up a pound or two. This morning I got on and am down to 254.5...I don't know how true that is. I"ll be checking at the gym today. Hang in there, you're doing great!

Rie-Hello there! Nice to meet you!

Fatmad-are you on WW? If so, How do you like it? I've done it once for only about 3 months and it was all online...I didn't go to meetings.

anyhow ladies and gentlemen (i'm not sure if there are any in here), have a wonderful weekend!

05-19-2012, 09:49 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Quick one this morning. My beautician called this morning and we decided to give ourselves 15 more minutes thus I had time to check in here today. Scale shows I'm down another lb so hopefully it will stick with me... WI tomorrow and if it does I'l change my ticker. I can tell the swelling has gone down.

I think we have a lot of newbies I haven't been here to welcome so let me say a big :welcome: to all. Sorry I didn't get back to indies yesterday. I seem so busy this past week which is probably good for me. Have to try to plan some things to do with these kids when school is out. Lots of history where I live so we should be able to find something.

Y'all have a great weekend.

05-19-2012, 12:14 PM
Good Morning!

Fbs at 78 this morning and my weight is dropping back closer to normal. :carrot:I didn't work out this morning because I am hurting but my eating has been sparing and clean. I am hoping to do some gardening later today - if everything is not too wet from the rain we had yesterday.

Trish, here's hoping that the pound stays gone! :^: You are doing great. I don't know if you are aware of this, but there are lots of resources for kid activities online.... cheap crafts, science activities, etc. I always use them for activities for my little cousins when they visit.

Moni, congrats on your degree! I am also a social worker. Are you moving for a job or moving because you have finished school?

Johnnysgirl, maybe start a chart of your weight so the little fluctuations are easier to ignore? Don't give up girl - this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Mad, Ruth, Jane, Bonnie and others.... Hello and have a good day!


05-19-2012, 03:01 PM
Hi everyone, just a quick check in. I went to pilates yesterday, it was a good work out but left my tailbone hurting (I don't have much of a booty). I jumped on the scale and yes its true i'm down 3 pounds! :) Making my way down slowly.

Rie-I am moving back home, all my family/boyfriend/friends are there! What population do you work with?

I have a questions for you all. How soon after I wake up should I check my BS? I got up and about 45 mins later I was able to check my sugar....If i wait to long is that not a good read?

Have a great Sat everyone!

05-19-2012, 07:29 PM
So this weekend so far is a big bust for me right now I have had a bad day today and yesterday But I will dust myself off and go back to work in the am..... Today I rearranged y bedroom and I have so much more room that Now I can work out in the Bedroom instead of out side in the garage. The best part is I put the will back in y bedroom so I can now do walk it out again. The bad thing is I am having a bad allergy attack My nose feel like a faucet..

I hope all is doing well will be back in the am and on track....

05-19-2012, 07:51 PM
Moni congrats on the degree!! Yes, I hate Aunt Flo's evil twin sister PaMSy. She's mean and evil and full of herself. And even though I have no uterus, she still shows up unannounced expecting the run of the house! :rolleyes: As for checking FBG I do it as soon as I'm dressed, maybe 30 minutes after setting feet out of bed. I find it can vary up OR down if I wait too long. :?:

Rie I keep a food journal, and write down my morning weigh-in it. I expect fluctuations daily, and even as much as a pound or two during the week, it's just frustrating when it's internal influences that cause the fluctuation and not from eating too much.

But :carrot: it's off today. Who knows for tomorrow. But it really only counts on Monday's. ;)

Had a great day today. Went out of town to visit a museum. Prepacked snacks, and shared meals with DH to keep carb and cal counts down. Saturday's are our naughty breakfast day though. We go to McD's for bacon egg mcmuffins. I add an extra egg to try to lessen the total carbs. Plus I find it is more filling with 2 eggs. :p

OH BTW, to all my Canadian friends: Happy May 2-4 weekend!!! Please don't drink and drive. :)

05-20-2012, 07:53 AM
Reality has struck. I've been bopping along, not being completely mindful, and today the FBGL was 5.6 and weight seems to have settled at 184! Oy! Of course some of the weight could be edema as I've not taken the diuretic the past two days but I'm pretty sure most of it is from evil carbs! I must confess to a lot of cookie munching lately.

Life has been extremely stressful so I am taking today as a ME day - I am even skipping Church in favour of time on the deck with my coffee and dogs in a few minutes. It's going to be hot today at 90F so I'll plan cool meals. I have a huge crop of asparagus so an asparagus and chicken or HB egg salad may be on the menu with something grilled for dinner.

Join me in doing something nice for yourself today.

05-20-2012, 01:23 PM
Went to bed with incredible cravings plus edema, woke up with cramps and I'm already tired. Yep, PMS for me too!

FBG was 149 this morning, and two hours after breakfast, 140. I'm off to do a little mall walking and grocery shopping on behalf of the boys. I started packing my bags for my vacation this morning. I really want to go NOW!!! Before I kill anyone!

I'm disappointed that this last week I've lost my mojo with keeping fbg down. Weight loss stalled as well. By the time I get to London, I will be past my menstrual cycle and in a much better mood, walking a lot and having fun. Just have a lot of work to get done between now and Saturday. I wanted to be able to leave all my size 24 pants here and pick up some size 22s on the way to the airport. I can always buy pants in London! There must be some sort of thrift store shopping for plus sizes there.

05-20-2012, 02:01 PM
Hello Friends!

fbs at 75 this morning and my weight continues to drop. I have eaten very sparingly the last few days since returning home. I am hoping for a jump start and to get back to my ticker weight. I did 60 minutes of low impact aerobics this morning.

Yesterday's beautiful sunny morning disolved into rain again. I hope that today I can get my garden in. The additional exercise will be good.

Georgia, you are going to have such a great time! How great that you are on the verge of dropping a size.

Ruth, a "me" day sounds like just the ticket. You and I can be in the "back on track club together". My current goal is to match my ticker by the end of the month. Here's hoping..... We have lots of asparagus on our property but people come and pick it without permission so we rarely get any. So frustrating!

Moni, I have spent my entire career working with delinquent kids and families. Too funny, I didn't want to work with kids when I was in school. Strange how things happen!

Johnnysgirl, yup, all those fluctuations are hard to take. I am glad that you are tracking because it helps to maintain the long term focus. It isn't fun, though, to be totally on plan and step on the scale to a higher number.

Mad, I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Bonnie, :hug: how ya doing?

Gotta go.


05-20-2012, 03:32 PM
Today is my WI. My digital scale was crazy this morning all over the place. Some how it got busted. So brought in the scale that was DH mothers when she was living. DH said "You can't judge your weight loss on 2 different scales", but that is the only thing I can do and according to the new (to me new) scale, I weigh 10 lbs less since my re-startm and YES I am gratefully taking it as a 10 lb loss. As far as I'm concerned a loss is a loss.:p:dizzy: and a great boost that I need.

My FBS is still a little high, but it is slowly coming down each day. I'm using the chromium picolinate and cinnamon plus diet and activity to bring it down. I can't take the Fenofibrate for the cholesterol, but was reminded today by a friend about Red Yeast Rice that lowers cholesterol. I can't remember the name of the problem it causes but Fenofibrate can damage the muscles and just one dose and I have been in pain in my lower back. I mentioned the Red Yeast Rice to DD and she said many docs in Boca Raton, FL had their patients take it to lower their cholesteral. DH and I used to take that. DD going to check her PDR book from nursing school to see if her Daddy can take it. We have to be so careful with what he takes since he is on the coumadin. We both used to take Niacin to lower triglycerides, but then I read that he can't take it with the coumadin. Doc has him on fish oil for that. I take one fish oil each day, but I eat a lot of fish so I probably don't even need it. I just take it as a precaution.

Moni I don't know if there is a right and wrong time to take FBS in the morning. It is fasting so I take mine just before I eat my first meal of the day. Most days I don't eat breakfast so I just make sure it is a fasting taken before I eat anything.

Ruthie I skipped church last Sundays and had a ME day. That is something I don't do much but I have to admitt it was the best Mother's day gift that I could have given myself. This week has been crazy and I think that few hours helped me to get myself turned around so I could cope with everything. I didn't even go to our monthly meeting yesterday. Today all the ladies were talking about how they missed me. Used to I would have made up an excuse, but I just told them that I had things I had to do and I decided to "play hooky". I think sometimes we just have to take a time out to regroup and refresh ourself. Hope you have the really nice day that you need.

I've decided that I've spent my whole life trying to please someone else. I don't want to go overboard and be selfish, but I do need to do what I enjoy doing sometimes. Hopefully that is what will make me a better and kinder person.

Rie I agree that we were making good memories with DD's family. I remember the times with my kids when we had tough times and good times and it seems that the tough times brought us closer and are the most cherished memories of all of us. It has nothing to do with how much or how little you have, it is the quality of time spent togethr.

Sermon this morning was definitely for me. I love how God seems to find a way to guide us if we really look to Him for help. Pastor really helped me to see how I can learn to understand the personalities of those around me so hopefully we can learn to appreciate each other individuality and still love and respect each other.

It's a good day.

Mad, Johnnysgirl, Bonnie and everyone else.:wave:

Have a great Sunday!!!

05-21-2012, 02:39 AM
Quick note to Moni...

I check bs within a few minutes of waking and before I eat or work out. I wondered about the impact of activity on bs levels. On a couple of occasions when I had to go in to the office to get fasting labs drawn, I tested first thing and then tested after the lab. My bs was the usual mid 70's when waking and then mid 80's. I think the slight rise was due to the activity involved in walking to and from the office in the hospital.

The best recommendations are to test soon after waking up. In my own case, I start the coffee and then test while it is brewing. I hope that answers some questions. I am sure that Mad and others can share, also

05-21-2012, 08:24 PM
Hey Everyone!! Doing good have been a great day for me I have been right on all day .Had a good mix of veggies and chicken for dinner.

Rie I did 2 hours of walk it out today Man did time fly by. I deleted alot of the slow songs so I kicked butt today. I rearranged my room this weekend so now I have plenty of space. I have so much more I want to get into.

Butttttt My husband aunt has decided that she is going to help her sister at the cleaners so she will be gone 3 days a week in the afternoon. I will be keeping the baby butt gives me a little more room that I can work with. Plus some piece of mind here tooo.

I have been looking for the sample diet the gave me from the nutrition class and I think My aunt has thrown it away so I will have to look and see what I can do.. But I will figure something out here .

I will be back in the am to check in and see whats up...

05-22-2012, 07:45 AM
FBGL up to 5.7 this morning and weight on "hold" at 183. Something has to change fast. I feel like a car that is stuck in neutral! I'm sure the BGL is high because I had a burger with a bun PLUS raw carrots for dinner. Celery would have been a better veggie choice! I know better.

05-22-2012, 11:38 AM
Good Morning!

fbs at 82 this morning and it has been really stable lately. My weight continues to drop by little bits and I am ok with that. I suddenly came down with a cold so I am not working out because I feel rather miserable. I am taking lots of fluids, zinc and vitamin c in hopes of a speedy recovery.

I am in the midst of a very busy week at work and then heading to a camping trip for the weekend. I am looking forward to it!

Ruth, I have every faith in you! Summer is just over the horizon and you will be so active that it will help you stay on track.

Bonnie I am so glad to hear that you had some quality time with your wii. Two hours is a long time but it sure flies by on that game! Remember that ANY time you can spend exercising is better than none. It is nice to have you back.

Trish, Mad, and others..... Have a great day :carrot:

05-22-2012, 09:36 PM
Hi everyone: I will post this evening then go back and read about everyone. I was at my conference last week, and knew I overate a bit and wasn't active enough, but I weighed myself when I got back home and I was 172.9!
I was so upset with myself, I just pouted. I also got back on track with eating, and over the weekend got back down to 169. Now its just not possible to eat and lose that much weight that fast. Then I remembered that at one point last week, I ate at a chinese buffet. Now I ate carefully, didn't overeat, and tracked my points too. But now I realize that I need to practice what I preach and not stress about the salt monster. Clearly that is what was causing the big gain. PHEW.
Well, back on track and staying there. DId a lot of activity on the weekend working on landscape projects and gardening, and went to yoga today. Ate within points too.
Hope everyone is doing ok.

05-22-2012, 10:05 PM
Okay< I am back and reading over the posts. How I enjoy touching base with everyone.
Questions about fasting blood sugars. Technically, and time after sleeping and before eating is a fasting sugar. However, when we get up and get moving, it is normal for our bodies to "mobilize" some glucose to help us get going. So the longer we take to do our fbs, the less accurate it will be. That said, when we get up and go to the lab, that action will up it a bit too. It shouldn't be a significant problem overall. I personally get up, and take it while sitting on the toilet! Then promptly get on the scale. I don't do it every day, but 4 times a week or so. Today I had a lab sugar drawn at work, then had my breakfast.
The last time I did it, the glucometer was high and the lab sugar low. (glucometer over 6 and lab below 4) Today glucometer was over 6 again, and then I realized I was using the venous blood and that may have an efffect. But did I remember to do a finger prick? NO. Silly me.
Will have my student do another draw another day. Today was her first time trying and she did very well. Made her do three tubes to get practice switching them out. No problem and no bruising. I wish I lived closer to Ruth.
Ruth: I loved that you took time out for a ME day. We all need it once in a while.
Rie: hope the knee gets better, I am thrilled to see your weight coming down: what are you doing with your diet that is working slowly but surely?

Someone was asking if I do ww and the answer is yes. I was doing Atkins, and it helped with my blood sugars, but I was stalled with my weight loss. I am doing ww, but keeping overall carbs lower (below 100 g/day) and low on grains, and only whole grains. I have been losing ever so slowly, but as a menopausal woman, it is difficult to lose weight period, and at least I am losing this weight, not in a permanent stall. I am using the atkins principles and tracking calories. I only go to meetings a couple of times a month. My small town only has one per week, and sometimes I can't get there. There are others available in other towns, but the scales are different, so I haven't bothered. I LOVE the online tracker. I just couldn't get into using dailyplate or spark etc. this is much easier. Yes it costs $, but so do many plans, and gym memberships etc. I am also saving a LOT of $ doing this plan. I eat out much less often, and not overeating and having fewer convenience foods means that I am spending less on crappy foods. Overall, I feel my bank balance has benefitted from doing ww, and my waistline sure has, so its worth every penny. I will keep on for at least the year (started in January) and have no plans to quit then unless its not helping me any more.
Take care everyone, talk with you all tomorrow

05-22-2012, 11:05 PM
Hey everyone Today is well with me Hope all is doing well I jest finished doing a 1 1/2 hours of walk it out loved it I feel so much better...Can't wait till toorrow and I get to do it all over again...

05-23-2012, 11:40 AM
I have been really busy this week. Getting things done before my trip, finishing up some work for a couple clients ("What, you're leaving this Saturday? Oh! I need you to just do these 12 things for me before you go...") But I've been working out every day and I think the consistent level of exercise has improved my fbg slightly. I've been in the 130s more consistently.

I'm trying to get back to induction level carbs. I do really well until after my early dinner. Since my boys tend to eat later than I do, I drift into the kitchen to see what's going on. Last night, two slices of vegetarian pan pizza! I haven't had that much bread in months! This is why I think the daily hard workouts are helping, because I would have been in the 160s otherwise.

In general, I feel really great right now. Off meds is where I feel the best. I'm better able to control diet, I can exercise hard every day, I sleep well, I have energy and vitality. I feel joyful. I'm glad to have made the decision to go off meds. I know that my blood sugars are higher and I really don't like where they are. I wish they were at least below 120 in the mornings, but my highs are starting to come down when I live my life how I really want to, and they will continue to do so as I lose more weight. During the day, I test well below 120. I don't know what the perfect diet/exercise routine is to achieve my goal except to lose weight. So that's my concentration for now.

I hope you're all doing well. I'll check back in while traveling. I need to be accountable to you all so I can stay off the scones and puddings in the UK!

05-23-2012, 10:00 PM
Hey Ladies Good Evening.. Doing good here did a 1 hr walk it out and then went out side and planted Flowers all over the flower eds out front I hope they turn out good..

05-24-2012, 07:20 AM
Having trouble lately - weight is headed the wrong way again despite the diuretic. Of course Chinese yesterday did NOT help that! This morning's BGL was an astonishing 8.6. I suspect I did not take my meds last night. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

05-24-2012, 12:32 PM
Hello All!

fbs at 84 today and I am still struggling with a cold. I have a busy couple of days ahead of me, including getting ready for a fishing trip this weekend. I still have the lingering cold and I am hoping for recovery soon.

Mad, my weight is slipping down again but I am way above my ticker. I plan to make it accurate in a couple of days. It is discouraging.... I have spent so long on a plateau with struggles to get back and never dropping. Right now I am doing really low calories. ~1100 per day. I have a dr appointment in a couple weeks and I hope to be close to ticker by then:^:

Ruth, Every day is a new day. Take good care of yourself. :hug:

Bonnie, so glad to have you back. It sounds like you had an active day and the flowers will look beautiful.

Georgia, we all have to find our own path. I am cheering for you to manage your bs in any way that works for you.

Trish, how ya doin? Things ok in your world?

Well, off to a busy day.


05-24-2012, 07:21 PM
Hi friends: staying close to daily points today, we up yesterday. Had to go to work during the night, then saw my doc first thing in the am. I stopped for breakfast on the way. I decided to go to a diner instead of getting an egg mcmuffin at mcdonalds, thinking a proper breakfast would be better, but when I added up the points later, it was 15 points! (I had a ham and egg and cheese sandwich, but it turned out to be "grilled" and high in fat. )
Docs was good news. All meds renewed, and plan to stay on same regimen, and waist has shrunk from a high of 100cm in Aug 2011, to 93 yesterday, and that was feeling bloated after that big breakfast. a1c was 5.8 and we talked about how that may be falsely low due to some hypoglycemic episodes. I am to cut down on breads and grains. My doc isn't very sympathetic about that, she has celiac disease and can't have most grains at all. Otherwise, she is supportive of the way I am doing ww and very happy with my progress.
She is happy for me to stay on the metformin to prevent diabetes. I said I had no plans to go off it, as the side effects now are minimal and the benefits big. So even if I lose more weight will probably be on it for life, unless something better comes along.
However, the rest of the day was a write-off. I was too tired to work, but couldn't sleep. Rested and watched tv. Was really full from breakfast until about 4 pm, then overate ravenously for a while. So points we quite high yesterday, and will exercise and eat carefully for the next few days.
hello to all friends

05-24-2012, 11:14 PM
Good Evening... I have been doing good here did a hour of walk it out today and I have been doing good on the food Butttttt I have to get back on plan 100 percent I have been doing good but not having a veggies during lunch or dinner but I need them both I have been getting a hungry feeling when its time to eat..I will get their I am going slowly...

05-25-2012, 08:35 AM
Weight still up although dropped a pound overnight. FBGL is now back in my normal range - I have no idea why it spiked.

Striving for very clean eating today with lots of water.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, American chicks.

05-25-2012, 11:20 AM
Hi all: I echo Ruth in wishing the US chicks a lovely long weekend. Its blustery but warm and humid here, maybe a thunderstorm later.
More allergy stuff, have been exposed to a bit of latex at some smaller hospitals, the gloves were opened in the rooms our clients were in, before I arrived, and were gone when I was there, but the air exposure left me with reactions. What a pain. As if I don't take enough allergy meds. Will have to check on the carb counts of some of these meds. Was unable to assist with a delivery in the night after latex gloves were opened before my arrival. The larger hospitals have caught on and don't even have them available, but its a cost thing for the smaller places. I may have to stop going to those places altogether.

05-25-2012, 11:51 AM
Hello friends!

fbs at 86 this morning. I suspect that it is a combination of my cold and the supplements that I am taking to fight the cold. I am doing an hour of walkitout after I finish this post. Normally I do it first but ds and gds are running around here getting ready for school and I would prefer some peace while I exercise. ;)

the long weekend of weather here is terrible: Rain, snow and wind. Our camping trip has been cancelled. Bummer.

Mad, it sounds like you had a good dr appointment. Curious: What did you mean "prevent diabetes"? Are you prediabetic? Are the non-latex gloves really that much more expensive? I finally eliminated them from my facility - it was easier to just stock one type and probably cheaper.

Ruth, :hug: I hear you. I am torn between brutal honesty and putting my ticker in time out :mad: I will probably opt for honesty. Hang in there.

Bonnie, Baby steps are the way and you are headed back on track! It is so nice to have you here!

Off to face the day.


05-25-2012, 09:40 PM
Rie: yes I am not officially diagnosed as diabetic at this point. I am glucose intolerant, or prediabetic. These things are rather arbitrary, as rising blood sugars are a continuum. And there is fairly good evidence that by keeping blood sugars stable, the metformin prevents people from having sugars rising into diabetic ranges, but more importantly it prevents the damage to blood vessels and organs that diabetes can bring.
Given my genetic history, I will become diabetic eventually, even if I lose weight and exercise regularly, and do everything "right". So preventing the negative effects and delaying the loss of blood sugar control is my best bet for a longer healthier life, IMHO. This evidence isn't agreed 100% by all specialists, but there doesn't appear to be a downside if the side effects of metformin are tolerable.
off to work

05-26-2012, 02:10 AM
A quick flyby to check in. I'm doing very well just busy. A busy weekend planned. DD and kids were out of school Friday and everyone is home Monday. Planning to BBQ Monday. They finally got their Income tax return and gave us some money. It doesn't come near to what it cost for them to be here, but that doesn't matter to me. I know they could have used it, but they gave something and that tells me a lot. I really believe they would do more if they could.

Y'all have a great Memorial Day weekend.

05-26-2012, 08:14 AM
Is anyone here on Precose or Acarbose? I just heard of them recently and I don't recall anyone saying they took them. I'm wondering how they work, are they effective, are they safe? Hmmmmm? Anyone have any experience?

05-26-2012, 03:04 PM
Good day everyone:
fighting a headache and some nausea today, I realized I had somehow managed to take an extra metformin with my irregular schedule and am paying the price. Feeling a little "hungover" from lack of sleep, so have been napping a bit. Planning to get out and work in the garden in a bit, so I will have some fresh air and exercise, always good.
Trish: so glad DD and family made the effort to contribute, a little goes a long way to help and it really means something to you. I am feeling pretty good about the relationship with my own DD who is doing well at school and we are getting along much better now she is out of the house. DOn't know how we would manage if she moved back, although when she is here for a few days she is better than she ever was before. I hope as your DD gets used to the challenges of school things will keep getting better for you all too.
Simn11: how are you doing with the acarbose? It prevents the digestion of some carbs, are is known for flatulence (don't know if its worse than metformin for that). It would seem that community practice affects what docs choose as a first line med for type2 diagnosis. Acarbose is quite safe, although you have to take straight glucose or orange juice for carbs if you get hypoglycemic and other foods won't work, their digestion is impaired by the drug. Should help with weight loss. (that alone sounds good eh?)
Rie: hope the knees are ok with walkitout. take care everyone.

05-26-2012, 06:26 PM
It has been a stressful week. And although my diet was good until today, I have managed somehow to put 3 lbs back on. :mad: DH is sure that it is the stress, and even if I were only eating celery the hormones triggered by the stress would still have added weight.

So today I said _____ it! It was a naughty food day. And I feel 100% better. My shoulders aren't in pain, and I'm not ready to rip everyones' throats out.

Tomorrow's another day girls. Happy long weekend to my USA friends.

05-27-2012, 12:01 AM
Hello Everyone :wave: I have been reading your thread and commenting on another and was invited here by Rie (thank you). I also posted on the the getting to know you profiles thread. I have been borderline for years, having gestational diabetes with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, controlled by diet. Then with my 4th I did one insulin shot before bed and with my 5th pregnancy I did one in the morning and one before bed. I was diagnosed on 5/14 with type 2 diabetes with an A1c of 10.4 and put on 1000mg of Metformin twice a day. I find that about an hour after I take it I am really sleepy. I also have gas and the last two days a little nausea. I have been told that it takes a couple of weeks for me to see its affects and for the side effects to hopefully go away. My fastings are 198-202 not good at all I know. Today was a horrible day food wise nothing OP. We went to a family gathering and there was nothing there for me to eat, so of course I came and ate what I shouldn't have, a white rice, chicken and cream of chicken soup casserole that was leftover (I had fixed this for my family). I am not expecting my fasting to even be in the range that it has been tomorrow. I have been on the sticky thread to get some ideas of what I need to buy/snack on/eat and I know it's all about preparation/preparedness. I look forward to learning all that I can from all of you ... hoping that my fbs will soon look as great as YOURS :)

05-27-2012, 12:15 PM
Love2B150: we spend a lot of time talking about how to handle meals out and potlucks, family gatherings etc. So your issue is familiar. Sometimes you just do what you do, and watch the portions as best you can, and eat something lower carb when you get home. Other times, taking something you can eat really helps. I often take healthy green salads with low fat feta cheese, so that I can eat lightly from the other dishes and have a huge bowl of salad with no guilt.
Weight up a bit today, no real reason for it, but will be active again today with laundry, housework, and more garden work. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.

05-27-2012, 12:40 PM
Love2B150 - :welcome3:

I'm still around. I've mostly become a lurker as I'm staying busy. Trying to get away from being on pc all the time. So while I'm not saying much, I do check and read.

Everybody have a great weekend and USA folks have a great Holiday.

05-27-2012, 03:35 PM
love2b150 :welcome:

Things here are going good for me. I went on a plus mile yesterday around the neighborhood and it felt pretty good when I was done. Doing the best I can till I can get to the store next week and buy Groceries .

Anyone know where their is a good website that I can get some workout for my underarms they are looking terrible ???

I hope everyone has a good memorial day And Don't eat too much.. Check back later ..

05-27-2012, 04:20 PM
Fatmad - I am not taking Acarbose, I was just curious about it since I read about it somewhere and had never heard of it before. I have problems limiting my carbs and thought it might help. I have had problems with flatulance and already take Beano for that. It really does help, as long as I remember to take it. I guess I don't want to take Acarbose if there's problems with lows because I don't have that with Metformin and I don't want to have to worry about that.

Thanks for the info.

05-27-2012, 06:04 PM
Hello Everyone fbg was really high this a.m. 234.

I am going to start (again) faithfully logging my food into MFP so that I know what I am doing carb wise.

Madeleine thanks again for the take with me salad greens tip and I love feta cheese, so I believe I can do that. :) Thanks goodness we don't go out to eat at much, it's very rare. So no worries there, my worries are in here. I have a family that loves to snack and bake and the temptation is all around constantly.

Trish and Bonnie thanks for the welcome :)

05-28-2012, 12:05 AM
Doing good here I did a 3 mile walk around the neighbor hood tonight.. Feeling good!!!

05-28-2012, 07:45 AM
Quick check-in. BGL OK at 4.4 and weight is going down - 183.6 from a high of 186 on Thursday morning. I've been drinking water and really watching carbs!

05-28-2012, 03:36 PM
Welcome love2b150!

Hi Ladies! Hope you are all enjoyed the weekend! I ran out of test strips so I have not been able to test my sugar. I should be getting some more this week. I've been keeping myself busy but packing up my apt. Last day of class is Thursday and my honey arrives on wed. I'm really excited but yet also a little nervous. The boyfriend is a bigger guy who does love to eat and sometimes it feels like that is all we do when we are together! I'm a bit nervous that if we can't control this i'll..no rather, we will balloon up! ah!

I've noticed the past week or so that my appetite has declined. This is not usual for me as the spring turns to summer and the weather gets warmer. It's pretty nice in Seattle these days but soon I"ll be facing the hot valley California weather! Lastly, a small victory...i'm down another pound.

Fatmad--hope your feeling better!

Johnnysgirl--stress is stressful! Sorry about the 3 pounds. what type of things do you like to do to manage your stress?

Take care everyone!

05-28-2012, 10:25 PM
Hi everyone, had a really good day. Starting early with hospital rounds, busy work day but got home for a good lunch. Ate a reasonable afternoon snack and got to yoga this evening. So happy to get to yoga again. DH has been making me do yard work and shovelling topsoil and mulch so too busy to get to yoga. It felt great tho. Had a bug salad when I got home. Still have a few points left today.
Only problem is some hives coming back tonight. HOpe its not a trend again.
Have a good day chickies, I'm off to bed soon, the antihistamines are making me sleepy.

05-29-2012, 10:54 AM
Hello Everyone!

fbs at 80 this morning and my weight is still higher than I can believe. It is weight training day and I did 30 minutes this morning. After my camping trip was cancelled, I spent the weekend in activities with friends and family. Now that the work week is here, it is a bright and shining morning. :dizzy:

Mad, remember that all that yard work is exercise - with a bonus of a beautiful yard for the summer. :) Um, what is a "bug salad? :?:

Moni, I hope that you can get some strips soon. I am sure that you boyfriend will want to support you in controlling your diabetes. How nice that you will be together again!

Ruth, really good numbers! Your weight will come down soon.

Bonnie, it's all about the movement, right? For me, everything gets better if I stick to working out.

Love2b, logging your food is a really good way to figure out what is happening. It also helps to determine how your body reacts to specific carbs. Some folks can do oatmeal, some can't because of bs spikes. I can only eat some fruits but not others, potatoes but not rice, etc. Having a record of what you eat with testing results will help you to learn about your own reaction to various foods. It will really help with your confidence as time goes on.

Trish, I hope you had a good weekend.

Off to face the week!


05-29-2012, 01:00 PM
I couldn't sleep Saturday night. I've had quite a bit of swelling ankles... know the problem was too much salty foods. Weight was up a few days, but seems to be back down. I took one of hubby's sleeping pills forgetting that I usually only take 1/2 of CTC pills and I was out of it all weekend, but I must say I got some much needed sleep and rest. DD made hamburgers for Memorial Day and I fried up some french fries. I wasn't much help or company, but I did participate and then went back to bed for a bit. I think they are playing some games, but I wasn't with it so not sure. Something did happen Saturday night and DH said he was joking, but I got mad and told him that as soon as I could decide how and where I could go that I was leaving. I was sick and I was not in the mood for any more crap. I can't go to the doc right now because I can't figure out when I can go time wise and how I can pay for it with the way they all waste utilities. They seem to think because they gave us $1500 dollars for being here for one year + (they won't have any way to give more) to live here (and don't get me wrong I am thankful they did give that) they seem to think they can just go back to leaving lights on, leave doors and windows open with AC running etc. I not only can see why their utilities were constantly turned off and why their house was not worth saving. They are wasteful and don't take care of anything. Oh well, I'm not going to worry about it. I told Tony that if he isn't willing to say anything to them... then I don't want to hear him gripe about it to me any more. I will pay the bills as far as I can and when things get turned off or they tear the house up, then it will be his problem not mine.

One thing that did change is that he got up and helped me turn our mattress and change the sheets on the bed. He vaccumed our part of the house last night. He did apologize to me for the way he has been. I think he knows that I am thoroughly tired of all the crap and I'm not taking it any more. I'm just seeing some things I hadn't noticed before and I am not really sure it is worth staying in the middle of it. I married him and I took care of his sick Mother also at the same time I babysat the youngest grandaughter. Now I'm the one taking care of the grandson. I'm not sure I would mind except I'm never asked... it is just assumed that I will. And all the while they are wasting my money and tearing up my house. Just not absolutely sure it is worth it. I really haven't decided what I am going to do.

On a lighter note. This is kind of funny. DH has always talked about how his 1st wife had so many problems and even died from complications because of diabetes... black toes and amputations for example. Well, I bought some new houseshoes with black fuzzy lining. It caused my big toenails to turn blackish on the end of the toenail. Scared the crap out of me.:dizzy: Plus I had hit my toes with a refrigerator door at Aldi's last week so had been watching for bruising which I found that I do have minimal amount on the middle toe on the right foot. I thoroughly washed and cleaned my feet to see if was the shoe or what. LOL Well, it did wash off except for the very small amount of bruising and the die that is on the toenail edge. It did cause me remember the reason Mad says she wants to keep taking Metformin and I decided to get back on it to see how it goes. I've been off of it and the Fenofibrate for quite some time now. I've taken 1000 mg 2 or 3 nights and so far no leg cramps. Since I've even stopped the Fenofibrate I realized that it could have been the cause of the cramps or even taking the 2 together could have caused it. So far so good. I really do want the protection of the Metformin. I've also taken most of the salt out of my diet as much as I possibly can. And while I'm not doing Atkin's low carb, I am eating less carbs.

I take Niacin and doc has DH take fish oil so I take it also to protect me from high cholesterol. I will be getting the Red Wheat Rice today to add to that as well. I read when hubby was going through so much that it was not safe to take Niacin with Warfarin, but I did check and find that the Red Wheat Rice seems to be safe with Warfarin. We both took the rice pills years ago and can't remember why we stopped it. He is having what he calls phantom pains in his muscles which is probably caused by the Fenofibrate. I've heard such bad things about that pill. He is starting to feel some of the things he felt before again and I think he needs to get off of it too.

Went to the health food store the other day and just looking through the books and found a book Digestive Wellness so hopefully I can find a way to get our digestion healthy again.

Sorry, I intended this to be a quick flyby, but turned into more. I will make an appt and go back to my doc in a few weeks.

Busy week. Oldest grandaughter graduate from Middle school tomorrow. 18 yr old grandson graduates from HS Saturday afternoon. He doesn't plan to work. He is making a trip in July to FL to see his Daddy's family there. So will be interesting summer. Y'all have a great week.

05-30-2012, 12:13 AM
Trish: Sorry things are going downhill again with the live-ins. Too bad you can't turn off the electricity in their part of the house!. But DH really does have to be the one dealing with his DD, and you are right to tell him to talk to her and not you! You don't need it, and she does.
Rie: I had a big salad, not a bug salad, accuracy with typing is not my strong suit, and I am too impatient a person to do a good check of my posts. LOL, interesting mistake.

Had a treat nite out, went for supper at the creperie where my musical friends jam, and stayed for the music. It was a smaller group tonight, which was nice, since we could hear better and had a little visit with friends too. I enjoyed a glass of wine and split some chocolate mousse with DH, and tomorrow is weigh in day! OH my, hope I am not up.

Ruth, hope the weight keeps going down, and Moni, good to hear from you. I wish my appetite would go down.
I bought a cauliflower today, time for "potato" salad. (Low carb version, you boil the cauliflower, chop it into cubes, and use it in place of potatoes in your potato salad, delicious!)
Finally got a bit of rain, but also hail. HOpe the farmers don't suffer for that.

05-30-2012, 03:27 AM
Had my doctors appointment today but my labs weren't in just yet. I told my doctor that I believe my A1C would be high. she said if it is higher than my 8.8 from last time then she would put me on insulin. I checked at work today and my labs came in. My A1C was a 9.4!! My doctor says it will most likely be small dose but I don't know what kind of insulin just yet. My doctor asked me how I felt about it. Aside from the extra financial cost I told her I feel good about it.

Rea-That tip you gave love2b150 is great and i've tried writing my food down before but never really checked my sugars afterwards. I tried eating oatmeal and my sugar skyrocketed (I didn't check) but I felt awful! And thanks for the well wishes!

Fatmad-Thanks! that cauliflower "potato" salad sounds good! I like making Cauliflower "mashed potatoes".

enjoy the rest of your week everyone! I know I will! :)

05-30-2012, 10:50 AM
Moni I can't eat oatmeal either. However, I did learn that if I make 1/4c dry oats instead of the 1/2c that I can eat it. Also, I can eat steal cut oats without any problem. I am able to get Instant steal cut in the store here.

Mad You had me:lol:with the thought of eating a "bug salad". We would probably eat one if we thought it would help. :dizzy: I gues. s DH realized I was serious about leaving because he has been really different. He helps me with a lot of things around here now. He took me out yesterday and he is even correcting the kids about some things. When I say something to them, he backs me up. I have no idea if he talked to any of them or not, but for now things are a little better. I said something about the utilities the other day and the little girl said it didn't make sense. I told them that I found out that the electric company has a booklet they will give people to teach them how to save on energy and I was going to call and get a copy for them to read. Suddenly they believe me. I'm still going to call and get a copy. It is time they all wake up and smell the roses. ha ha
So glad you had a good time at your treat nite out we all need those some time. Heres hoping :crossed: the scales are nice to you.

I found my book on Volumetrics and glanced through it yesterday. It explained that we need a certain amount of protein each day when dieting and how people always cut back on the protein when dieting which is not good for us. It explains to eat the protein and then add in my water dense foods and cut back on fat. When doing WW, I had a tendency to cut way back on protein. Funny,when reading how much protein in certain foods, I noticed that you don't have to eat a whole lot to get it in.

This morning, I had a slice of cheese toast made with my double fiber bread and a grapefruit with a cup of coffee. That way I eat a small breakfast and I'm good till lunchtime. Going out again with DH this afternoon as he has PT blood work to check blood thinning.

Rie, Bonnie, Ruthie and everyone else (lots of us now):wave:

Have a good day.

05-30-2012, 07:21 PM
Having a bad few days here lately? Been very depressed . Thing is I can't really talk about what bothering me to people though I have discussed it with my sister. I hope to pull myself out of this and back on track soon... Sometimes I jest hate my life!!!!

05-31-2012, 09:54 AM
Bonnie: thats tough when you feel you can't vent to the people around you about what the problems are. But there are some people you can't talk to about some things. Feel free to vent here anytime, and if that doesn't feel right, sometimes a minister or peer counsellor is good. I know that money is tight for you so formal counselling would be too expensive, but sometimes schools (like a school of social work) have student counsellors who practice for free or very cheap.
FBS was up at 5.7 today, kinda disappointing, I think I have to reduce the NSA ice cream. Cooler weather here now, so that will help. DD coming Saturday and wants to earn so $ so she will clean the house while DH and I work on the yard. We have some friends coming for supper Saturday, and I am thinking about what to serve them so I can stay in points. Will be careful today and tomorrow, so I have a few extra points for Saturday. Last night's treats added up to just 34 points, so I didn't get too wild that I will not have to be too restrictive for the next few days. Its potluck day at work though, so will have to be careful there!

05-31-2012, 10:31 AM
A quick one here today. Busy day ahead of me. I do get to sleep in a little now the kids are out of school, but more responsibility although they aren't a lot of trouble. Oldest DGS gets the baby up and takes care of him until I get in here then I take over. Oldest DGD sleeps all day, youngest DGD is upstairs watching tv etc. They will make their own breakfast and lunch. I'm just here mostly for the baby and me to do our thing. 18 yr old has practice this afternoon for granduation Saturday afternoon.

Bonnie If you need to vent here, please feel free. Lord knows I sure do. Sometimes it just helps to get it off our chest. Doesn't necessarily solve anything, just a good outlet and makes you feel better.

Mad I'm one of those people whose FBS goes higher with the Metformin. Do you think the protection/prevention still out weighs the bad? So far I'm having no leg/muscle cramps, but FBS has jumped up. I realize that stress has a lot to do with it plus I'm eating breakfast (more volumetrics type eating) so that may have something to do with it. Just wondered what your take is on it. I really like the protection ability of Met.

Hope everyone has a great day.

05-31-2012, 10:32 PM
Hey Trish: I think the protective ability of the metformin is more important than any one number. It works in many ways and overall, the morbidity rate is way lower in people who take it than in those who don't. Morbidity is measured in things like heart and kidney disease and amputations. (as opposed to mortality, measured in death rates) The morbidity is the really big deal with diabetes, as it affect the quality of our lives so much.
if the fbs is a bit higher, so be it. Overall the sugars are quite even. It also takes time and works better as time goes on.
I a glad you figured out the calcium-magnesium helps and for me the b-complex makes all the difference with leg pain.

06-01-2012, 12:01 AM
Thanks Mad. I feel the same way as you do about the Metformin. I also take a lot of B vitamins as well. I remember my doc saying our body throws off any excess B so I take one B-100 in the morning and a B-50 at night before I go to bed. I appreciate your take on it.

Has anyone else found that Metformin curbs their appetite? It seems to find I'm not as hungry when I'm taking it.

06-01-2012, 06:53 AM
Time to switch to June. see you there.