General chatter - First thing you do when you reach weight loss goal?

04-30-2012, 08:19 AM
When I finally reach my goal, i think I'm going to go eat a whole pizza, feel disgusted and then remind myself why I lost weight in the first place!!

I think it's a fool-proof plan!

04-30-2012, 09:22 AM
Sounds like a dangerous plan to me. After the pizza , what comes next ?

04-30-2012, 09:25 AM
Yeah I'd have to agree with bargoo!

Why punish yourself like that? Have one slice and learn to enjoy things in moderation. If you can't, then find an alternative.

04-30-2012, 09:35 AM
When I reach my final goal I will prob go shopping and buy a new pair of pants or jeans

04-30-2012, 09:43 AM
I think I will probably go the shopping route too - maybe an outfit complete with shoes and accessories? Also, once I reach my weight goal I am going to seriously assess my fitness goals. Once I know what I finally look like, I will be able to work on the problem areas with more precision.

04-30-2012, 09:44 AM
When I reach my goal I will cry. I know it.

04-30-2012, 09:46 AM
I'm afraid I'm with the OP :D When I get to target I'm giving myself an evening off and then I'll stuff my face with all the things I've avoided for yonks. Then I'll probably feel awful the next day and get straight back to being healthy and stay there with just the occasional treat.

Then I'm going shopping for new clothes :)

04-30-2012, 09:48 AM
When I finally reach my goal, i think I'm going to go eat a whole pizza, feel disgusted and then remind myself why I lost weight in the first place!!

I think it's a fool-proof plan!

I've done this even before reaching goal, on cheat days, and it's not a good move. I ate both pizza and too much sugar on my last cheat day and paid for it dearly: severe migraine + vomiting and diarrhea. After weeks and weeks of treating my body well, I had a serious reaction to the sudden change in diet. It certainly reminded me why I'm in this for the long haul, and why going back to that way of life is not worth it. I feel so much better for eating less -- not sluggish and full and horrible all the time, like I don't want to move or do anything.

04-30-2012, 09:59 AM
I don't want to reward myself with the same thing that got me in trouble in the first place. :) I think this is the biggest change for me....I need to stop seeing food as a "reward" or my "entertainment." I have for years. Food is meant to enjoy and fuel the body. I am change my thinking but it hasn't been easy. :)

I'm going to run a 5K or 10K (which is my goal). After the run, I'm going directly to an overnight spa for the works...complete body massage and A LONG pedicure (I LOVE PEDICURES). Oh yeah, I plan on doing all this on vacation with DH (possibly a cruise). After I finish my rest weekend, I'm going SHOPPING...Coach purse here I come. Whew....that felt good!!!

04-30-2012, 10:11 AM
The first thing I'll do is buy new clothes, mine are too baggy now. I'll also have some fudge ice cream not the diet kind I've been having since I started my journey!:lol: The most important thing is to remember what made you over weight in the first place, and avoid walking that road again.

04-30-2012, 11:02 AM
When I reach my goal I will cry. I know it.

*HUGS* I think i will likely do the same.

04-30-2012, 11:44 AM
I will probably cry, too. Then I'll do a happy dance. Or vice-versa. :D

I want to get my spider veins removed, get a massage, buy a pair of designer jeans and a swimsuit without a skirt bottom.

Then reassess if I want to change my goal.

04-30-2012, 11:50 AM
A sexy photoshoot is what I'll be doing!

Quiet Ballerina
04-30-2012, 01:57 PM
Put me in the "cry" group! I remember the last time I hit the 130's...cried even then! :)

As for goal: if I'm happy with the way everything looks, then I'll be going on a massive shopping spree. Might even spring for a personal shopper.
And play really loud, happy music like "I'm Walking On Sunshine" while I create a big pile of all the clothes I want to donate.

04-30-2012, 02:10 PM
What I did was to go on the mother of all shopping trips and I didn't have to buy one thing that was xlarge !!

04-30-2012, 02:41 PM
I would go shopping, that's 1.

But I would also definately EAT, not to get sick from it but to just really enjoy it! I would have my favorite chocolate and a big bag of chips with dip. The reason being that since I started this weightloss, I have had treats but I always always think, "Ah, well that's another day or another hour on the elliptical before I am at goal. No hurry, but still."

I wanna eat something and be completely content about it. Also about having to work it in the gym to earn those calories. But to not think "ah, those could have been deficit calories and now they arent."

Same goes for healthy foods though, to just be able to eat all my calories I burn and not feel like I am making it all take longer to reach my goal. I have absolutely no guilt trips or horrible binges while I am on this journey, but there's always this thought of working on a deficit in my mind. And 'wasting' deficit calories just bothers me.

04-30-2012, 02:49 PM
Scream it from the damned rafters! :) And post my before/after pix here :)

and maybe one, JUST ONE, really good ice cream sundae :) BUT JUST ONE!

04-30-2012, 02:50 PM
I think I will go the route of a HUGE ice cream sundae. LOL :)

Besides that, I haven't planned any rewards over the course of my weightloss.. but the first thing I will do when I hit goal is book a really awesome vacation!! Still deciding where!
And on said vacation I will be in every friggin picture to make up for all the 'no pictures of me' vacations we have taken. LOL

04-30-2012, 02:52 PM
Book a weekend trip, a makeover, get my hair done, makeup done, some new clothes and update my facebook picture (lol)

04-30-2012, 03:06 PM
I don't even know. Probably get naked and run amok in the streets. When I get to a low weight I'm too afraid to eat.

05-25-2012, 05:36 PM
Go shopping! And strut my improvement around! Oh and I do a lot of bragging because I can!

05-25-2012, 05:53 PM
I'm going shopping. I've got boots to buy.

05-25-2012, 05:56 PM
Some great ideas here, like playing music while making a pile of old fat clothes to donate!

It will definitely be emotional, but I'm with the majority here, in that I won't stuff myself just because I made it to goal. Hopefully by then we'll all be "reprogrammed" to want to stay on track.

Here's what I'll do:
1) post before and after pics
2) do some serious clothes shopping
3) join the maintenace forum
4) plan a trip back to California

Here's to ALL of us realizing our goals!

05-25-2012, 06:08 PM
1. Shop for new clothes
2. Go to an amusement park/water park

Elsewhere is Fine
05-25-2012, 06:08 PM
I'll be too scared to eat so mm.. won't be any food for me. Shopping, for sure. Bringing a camera along too xD. And swimming! Then on to toning.

05-25-2012, 08:00 PM
Go shopping for a pair of cute short-shorts:)

05-25-2012, 08:40 PM
Shopping!!!!! Hair did, nails did errthing did! :lol:

Then I'm going on vacay in September so that is motivation & gift all in one lol

05-25-2012, 08:48 PM
I'm going to take a photo of my arse and put it on facebook for everyone to see. One of my last straws that made me start this journey was when a friend of mine put a photo of me up that, thanks to the angle, made my bum look about six times bigger than the rest of my body. It was horrific. So I want him to take a photo that shows my bum looking fantastic!

After the first and second stone I lost, I rewarded myself with cheesecake, but now, coming up on the third, I actually really don't want to eat one. So I don't know how I'm going to mark the passing of the third stone.

05-25-2012, 09:48 PM
Party With My Friends :d

05-25-2012, 10:27 PM
I'm gonna put on a bathing suit (one piece) and go swimming. :)

05-25-2012, 10:44 PM
I'm buying boobs.

05-25-2012, 11:04 PM
Post about it here!! in bold Size 7 font :D

05-25-2012, 11:07 PM
First I'd scream.
Then I'd post before and after pics.
Then I'd go shopping.
And then to a water park in a super cute new bathing suit.
I cannot wait until goal. It's gunna be a long time still but it'd be even more time of I hadn't of started yet. ;)

05-25-2012, 11:47 PM
When I make goal, I will buy a Diane Von Furstenberg dress. I have always loved her dresses but they don't come in my size right now. I also am going to take more photos. I already am now that I'm out of the 200's. I'm not looking for pics just from the chest up anymore.

I have no food rewards. I still eat dessert from time to time (just shared an ice cream sandwich with my husband tonight). I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. As free1 mentioned, I'm trying to get out of food as reward or entertainment. I also don't want to mark the end of my new way of eating. It does not end. It is forever.

05-26-2012, 03:37 AM
I'm burning my fat clothes or what's left of them. Then there is no excuse to ever go back and gives me a reason to go shopping for cute ones.

05-26-2012, 12:11 PM
I'll be putting on a swim suit and having a part ( i dont even have a pool) just because I haven't be in a swim suit in front of people in probably three years ( i go the shorts and tank top rout right now).

05-26-2012, 12:27 PM
Get a super cute new swim suit and some super cute lingerie and flaunt it. Especially to my Best friend who has been a huge support in my journey. I can't wait to show off my petite little self!

05-28-2012, 01:54 PM
I'm definitely going shopping.

I'm also going to have a scar on my left breast removed. I've always hated it, but my SO has never seen it because I'm too self conscious about my weight to keep the lights on anyway.

I want to have a tummy tuck some day, but I want children too so I think I'll wait until they've hatched before I have my belly repaired. I'm gonna be a hot momma in 5 - 10 years. :)

Edit: I`m also going to have a fried PB&J. Probably whole wheat, reduced sugar strawberry jam, and all natural peanut butter. But still a treat!

05-28-2012, 03:40 PM
I too will probably cry

although, the goal weight I have set is just a minimum. I will likely want to loose 10-15more pounds once I reach it.

05-28-2012, 04:49 PM
Burn all my old clothes! :flame:

Ok, ok, give them to charity... ;)

Then maybe buy a bikini, if I end up with the body for it. I think the last one I had was a modest, cutesy toddler model! :lol:

05-28-2012, 06:17 PM
Definitely go on a major shopping spree. :D

Although, my goal isn't necessarily a number (although that's also important), but rather looking fit and feeling comfortable in my own skin and that doesn't just happen, it's a gradual process and it will be difficult to establish an exact moment where I can say "Yeas, I have finally reached my goal". Plus, I'm constantly reconsidering my goals, as my body changes. I may be saying that I'm happy with myself one day and not be quite as pleased the next one.

05-28-2012, 09:16 PM
I'm buying boobs.


06-01-2012, 01:49 PM
Wow, I'm really going to have to think about this one. I have little rewards built along the way, but haven't thought about what I want to do for the "big" goal. I guess I will plan a big party for all of my friends, then on the day of, get a complete day of pampering & makeover, buy a hot new dress, and blow some people's minds! I don't want to be egocentric, but it would be really cool to have that kind of attention. Of course, knowing me, I would enjoy it for about a minute, then turn red and ask everyone to stop looking at me and focus on something else. LOL

The Dawg House
06-01-2012, 06:58 PM
I am going to buy a pair of nice jeans, a white t-shirt, blue woolen blazer and get my photo taken with my sweet man professionally.

That is the way I always picture me being happy, wearing that outfit..which is weird..

So nice outfit..and a couple portrait. that's my goal!:D

06-01-2012, 07:24 PM
DEFINITELY a shopping spree!!!! I've already told myself I will not buy clothes until I am there!!! No sense in the waste of money!! And then I will show off everywhere I can!! All this hard work will not go unnoticed!!

06-01-2012, 09:47 PM
Shopping!!! :D

06-02-2012, 04:34 AM
I don't want to reward myself with the same thing that got me in trouble in the first place. :) I think this is the biggest change for me....I need to stop seeing food as a "reward" or my "entertainment." I have for years. Food is meant to enjoy and fuel the body. I am change my thinking but it hasn't been easy. :)

True that!

Me, I will buy clothes from fashionable shops that I cannot currently buy from.
I will but pictures online of me looking slim and fab, and especially hope people who made fun of me at school see it!
I will wait for all the compliments!! Heheheheee!

06-02-2012, 06:42 AM
Probably just reward myself with a new book or CD, possibly a new outfit or pair of shoes. Honestly, I've never given it any thought and probably won't do anything, just be happy!

06-02-2012, 09:17 PM
The first thing I'm buying are tons of maxi dresses and some really sexy & cute panties and bras.

06-03-2012, 03:37 AM
Honestly? I'll probably accuse the nurse of lying to me, and then insist on being weighed 10 more times to insure accuracy.

I cried in the doctor's office when I hit my first mini goal, I have absolutely no doubt I will cry again.

06-08-2012, 03:15 PM
I really like the couple's picture idea someone mentioned upthread. :-)

Also, a friend of mine did this and I think I want to, as well . . . but once I reach my goal weight: It is basically a class of burlesque that ends with you being able to have your own performance during a special show! I love burlesque and think it would be so cool to get up there looking the way I want!

06-09-2012, 05:43 AM
Iíll will probably go shopping too. I will reward myself with new clothes, accessories, shoes etc. (that is when I have the money) LOL