Exercise! - Honolulu Marathon/Half Marathon Training!

04-26-2012, 04:39 PM
Hey everyone!

I have never really WANTED to do a marathon but I just have so much respect for people who have the ability and strength to do it that I've decided why not?! Well, I figured what better way to do my first marathon than in Hawaii, my favorite state.

So, I'm taking the training SUPER easy--the marathon isn't until Decemeber and I want to start now as I'm a 110% novice. I use to be in great shape as of 2 years ago then I graduated from college, got the big cubical job and absolutely horrible hours that would not allow me to excersize let alone eat healthy (I guess it did I just didn't make time! FAIL!) If anyone would like to join me in this training I'd love to have the support and support you! I will post my training schedule, even if you're not planning on running a marathon and just want to do a 5k, 10k or half (which if all else fails I'll just do the half!) But I'd love anyone who would like to join. I'm officially going to start on April 30th with my training. First few weeks look really easy but I am not in shape and have to keep reminding myself of that! My plan for my diet is to eat as clean as possible--so far so good (this is week one of doing that ha).

A little bit about myself, I've always been fairly active but have alwasy struggled with my weight. I currently work as an Administrative Assistant in Denver and have GREAT hours (big girl hours!) 7:30-4pm I am so proud haha...I love to hike and the reason I chose Hawaii is because I went to school there for a year in 2008. I have a dog named Honey she's a yellow lab but is practically white! I'm hoping to breed her eventually..She's just a beauty. I am loving eating healthy and clean and have found that I have so much energy. I'm sick of the "diets" I've tried them all and want to just focus on being healthy now...I am starting this journey at 145 lbs. at 5'4. Super excited to start! Hope you will all join me!

My training is going to look like this--feel free to join and train for any race! I think this a perfect start for someone wanting to start racing so any and all are welcome to join :)

Add the w in the below link because it won't let me post it otherwise! Gotta think outside the box!!