Weight Loss Support - What are your interesting physical and emotional changes?

04-25-2012, 11:21 PM
I find it all sort of fascinating, I am not sure if its progress or not, but this is my 4th (or more? I sort of lost count) attempt to lose weight and probably the best way that I have done it, one reason is that I am doing it after some years of working on myself emotionally. I still have a lot of work to do in that area, but I feel better than before and it shows in how I approach weight loss and a lot of other areas in life.

I lose weight in random places. The instant I started to get close to a normal weight BMI, I lose weight in the chest bone area quick. But I have always been that way, I was overweight in HS and in headshots you would never guess cause it would only show me shoulders up. My upper back looks leaner. Yet my legs are still the same and the belly is ever bulging LOL. Well at least I save money not having to buy new pants.

I am better with just simply dealing with my distress instead of eating it away. Still considering therapy for these emotions, but its been a lot better. I get riled up easily, but I don't let negative comments lead to binging.
I can talk about food. I used to NEVER mention binge foods, they were like some big secret. Now I can talk about how I like them-even if I don't eat them anymore.
If I don't make my deadline, its alright. I just like keeping one that I constantly readjust just to sort of keep myself in check.
I have always been a "if I messed up now, might as well just 100% give up" person. I approached that with everything and with short terms problems it works out OK, but anything long term where I have a greater chance of messing up in some way, I would shut down and totally give up after making a mistake. I still work on that, but I am better with just giving myself a breaking and going on.