Ideal Protein Diet - Maintaining - Anyone done a quick month to lose after P4. So 1 wk Phase 1, 1 wk...

04-25-2012, 05:02 PM

I go on Phase 4 tomorrow, but I've already put back on 3lbs in Phase 3. This next month I have an event every week so I want to be able to enjoy in Phase 4.

My question is this: In June I want to do 7 days Phase 1, 7 days Phase 2, 14 days Phase 3 and back to Phase 4 for July 4th celebrations/weekend. Also could I shorten phase 3 and do a longer portion of phase 1?

I am a bit discouraged because I was not able to get to my goal weight, which was going to be 5 lbs lower than where I wanted to land so I had wiggle room, but tried for a month with no lose. I feel like I look great and the exercise I am now doing will get me looking how I want, but this 3 lbs + nearly 1 inch in the tummy, is 3 above where I wanted to land.

So I thought once I got through the next month of events I'd do a quicky run through the phases and with any luck finally break through my plateau.

My body fat % is 19% for inactive - 22% for active, so I think that's why my body stopped losing. I haven't gotten my period since February which also leads me to believe my body is not wanting to lose any more.

As I said I like how I look, but I've gained 3 lbs and don't want to gain any more with all the events I have. SO...

Has any one tried a mini-course of IP with success??