100 lb. Club - reminder of the importance of accurate measuring

04-18-2012, 09:01 AM
I just gave myself a huge thump on my head and thought I'd share the lesson learned.

I've spent a year making rice with a rice cooker and using the cup (it's not the same as a 1 cup measuring cup) that came with it to measure the dry rice. After cooking it, I'd eat the portion I cooked after packing it into a measuring cup and count it as 300 calories. It occurred to me this evening that I should measure the dry rice out to see how much goes into that little cup. It turns out that I've actually been eating closer to 600 calories of rice - 300 more than I thought!! There are days where I'd make rice for lunch and for dinner and that put me 600 calories over where I thought I was!!

And I was wondering why I wasn't losing weight at the rate I expected to be. :rolleyes: