Packaged Meals and Clinics - Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, Etc - Does anyone not eat the allowed fruit/starch on Wonderslim?

04-17-2012, 03:57 PM
I keep reading that Wonderslim tastes better and is cheaper but I look at the example daily menu and it allows you one starch at dinner and a fruit for your mid morning snack. Does anyone follow this diet and avoid those 2 carbs to keep it similar to Medifast and keep your net carbs under 100/day? It seems that you lose more on Medifast and the lower carbs/ketosis is my main main thought. But I don't know if avoiding some things on the Wonderslim program would be a benefit or a hinderance.

I am sitting her on the computer unsure what to order. I want to just get started already!! I was initially going with Medifast but looking around Diet Direct, there is a ton of options, free quicker shipping and just an overall sense I will enjoy the food more.

04-17-2012, 06:03 PM
I do not eat the fruit/starch most days. I try to keep my diet lower in carbs. If I have been really active (walk 5+ miles, strenuous work day) I do allow myself them.

I've lost 10lbs in three weeks on WS. I have a very hard time losing weight and have recently been diagnosed as hypothyroid (it is not under control yet).

Sally Pineapple
04-25-2012, 12:06 AM
I do not do the fruit or starch on the diet and do not feel that it has hampered me in any way.