Weight Loss Support - 300+ And Ready To Try Again...#299

03-14-2003, 05:43 PM
God Bless America!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.


03-14-2003, 07:12 PM
Hi all! :wave: Well, I didn't want everyone to yell at me again for starting a thread and not posting. Now you'll be sorry! :^:

I'm still sick. Sinus drainage, sore throat. The doctor wouldn't call a script in for me, wanted me to come in. Well, how dare she. So I didn't go. I'm suffering here on my own. Now my neck is so sore, I think my glands are swollen.

Had to do a couple of quick jobs today, but I'm off tomorrow. Then a couple of small things to do on Sunday this week. No 'showgirl' stuff though!

Deon: What made it 'click' this time??? OMG, just be glad it happened. I've been waiting and waiting for another 'click'!! * Sandy was only pulling your leg. DH stands for any 'd' word in front of husband that you can think of. Dumb works, so does darling, dingy and damn, depending on the moment! :lol: * Congrats on the 4 pounds. That's awesome!!!

Sara: I can't wait to hear you tell of how your old high school buddy reacts when she sees you. Have a great time catching up. * BTW, did you get your reply for graduate school yet?

Jen: I'm sorry to hear that your husband is shipping out. That must be very hard. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and him. Also please know that this is a great place to dump those feelings. You can come here to talk. We all love you. [[[hugs]]]

Steph: You weren't supposed to notice that I started the last thread without posting. :lol: shhhhhhh!

2cute: What a cool idea doing the mapping to friend's houses for walking or riding! That's really neat! * Don't you like my little :devil: ??? I did like the kiss too. The red devil is easier for me to find when I'm looking for where I left off though. :lol: And yes, I live in a quad so there are stairs everywhere. My 'flights' are only 8 steps, but when I do laundry, it's up 3 'flights' to carry the stuff up to our bedrooms. OUCH!

Tina: That's cute that you can't even wait a full 6 weeks for a trim. I bet it won't be long before you go shorter yet.

J-ann: I sure understand where you're coming from with the 2 threads. As you know, I tried to do that for a long time. It just was too much. I hope you'll stop in here from time to time to say 'hi' and let us know you're still around. If not, we may have to come after YOU!!!

Sandy: 2 pounds!!! Good girl! Certainly it was well worth the work. * You weren't supposed to notice the lack of post either! :o That website was a real hoot!!!

Mary: That's too bad that everyone wants to dump their problems on you. Just means you're a good listener!

Michelle: Wow! 10 pounds! You must be doing something right! Good going!!! :D

Lucky: Not too good on what speed you're supposed to do the mile in, however, it seems like some of the others know. My WW leader is a walker for some years now and I think what she said was she does an eight minute mile and that's a really good clip. More like power walking, I'm guessing.

Katrina: Ok, girl. You came to read 3 hours ago. What's taking so long for you to say a few words?????

Gotta run. Honey's almost home and I'm going to run out and get fish dinners from the local Catholic Church for dinner. Geez, :chin: can I use that as a tax deduction? Donation to a church, just like GS cookies are tax deductible? Just a thought.

03-14-2003, 09:23 PM
Dear Thin,
Sorry I had to point out the fact that you did not post:D I almost did again today when I popped on and saw you started another one, but I gave you the benifit of the doubt and waited a while to see if you were gonna bless us with a post.:) Just kidding, if it wernt for you the posting pages would be ever so long.
Where is everyone tonight? We were chatty yesterday and today????
Tina, the pics really show a big difference!! You look great. And look how much of a difference in your face. Way to go!! Keep up the good work, I'm pulling on the reigns to slow up this wagon to let you back on, am I gonna have to tighten up your seatbelt? :D

DH= Dear hubby, damn hubby, dumb hubby, darn hubby, demented hubby, dang hubby, dipshit hubby, darling hubby, and my all time favorite when I'm mad!!! Dic*head hubby.:devil: I think I covered about all of them.

Katrina, you've had tons of time to post us a message, are you just playing lurker tonight? Hope all is going well.

Deon & Steph?????????????????

Jen, I'm sorry to hear that hubby is shipping out. You can tell him I am behind him 100%, I'm in no way political, I prefer peace everywhere (home, work, school, world) but I do believe that our armed forces should be highly respected!!! So does that mean that you and kids will be in Germany while he is gone? Wow, in a strange country and no hubby? I'm a whimp!!!!

Sara, that would be a blast to see someone you havn't seen in years and you are almost 1 whole less person!! You are awesome.

Mary, I say, just listen to them and say yup or nope....you must be someone they feel they can confide in? But, I have finally learned not to take on my familys crap, I have enough of my own. Good luck to you.

Everyone else, please post so I can write to you.:) :)

:grouphug: 's & :chockiss: 's

03-14-2003, 09:52 PM
See? It's because I'm back, everyone has gone into hiding again.

We had a wonderful time in NY...saw Chicago, it was great. Turns out we had front row seats and didn't even know it til we got there! Left of center, but right on the aisle, so we were right there! So cool. I haven't seen the movie, but now I will have to compare...see what Richard Gere does as a song and dance man...mmm! ;) :love: This morning we walked down to Central Park and took a carriage ride around the Park. It was SO cold, but very nice at the same time! and yes, we ended up buying a timeshare...she said sheepishly... I know we'll get lots of use out of it, we already love going to the city, will just get there more often now. We already booked the night before Thanksgiving, so that we can watch them inflate the balloons for the parade, then stay for the parade itself on Thanksgiving day...with plenty of time to get home to...er...somebody's cooking! I'm excited.

Our daughter found out yesterday that she has been accepted to the school that she had her heart set upon...it's on Staten Island, which is part of NYC...just a short ferry ride to Manhattan. So everyone is happy around here.

sounds like we have a LOT OF LOSERS around here! Hurray for all of us! We are doing this, we're making it happen, and we're doing it together! We rock!

I like the idea of logging miles with a certain destination in mind. I used to subscribe to ediets, and a group that I posted with chose a centrally located destination (Mount Rushmore--I had a LOT of walking to do from NJ!) and we'd post the miles AND a description of the sights we saw along the way...it was fun!

We even used the amount of time exercised, instead of mileage, for those who weren't walkers. Every 15 minutes was a mile.

Anyone care to pick a location?

I can't reply to everyone tonight. I still have to sew patches on a scout shirt. I swore I'd do it tonight. #@%&$#

See you all tomorrow!

03-14-2003, 11:36 PM
we all walk to Malia's ???? Great location and I miss her.

Michelle, thanks for the story. Sure glad you don't have to come after me. :eek:

I walked my 2 miles today again. I guess I am not too far off since I do a 20 min mile. Some days are faster than others.:lol:

I also seem to remember that the distance is more important the time when walking? Anyone hear that or have info the other way?

Here is another picture of me since you like the last one so much. This is after my perm.

03-15-2003, 08:56 AM
Morning all I am getting ready for work. I am going into the city this afternoon. I'll try to catch chat tonight on My Family about 7:30 central time.

03-15-2003, 11:56 AM
Good morning ladies...

I'm a happy girl today...I lost another pound. But it's an unofficial one, since it's not weigh in day. I'm at 252. I took my stats out from under my name, because they were not accurate. I had posted that 251 right after I was sick, (and elated at the number!) but it was not a true weight. I hovered around 244-5 when I was eating again. I was going to change the number under my name, but couldn't bring myself to post a higher one...(I know, I'm always preaching about "it's only a number!") so I took it off altogether. Does that make sense? Maybe when I get under 250, I'll post numbers again. There...I got that off my chest...I feel better! as, I'm sure, do all of you! Anyway, I'm still counting points and staying on the low carb side. It seems to do the trick for me.

Lucky... Okay, we'll "walk" to Malia's! Would you wait for me when you get to the West Coast? You've got a head start!

Thin... Geez, you sure showed that doctor, didn't you? Swallow your pride and get your butt to the doctors and get an antibiotic! We need you in top form for the swim to Malia's! {{Feel better.}}

Michelle... 10lbs...what a start! Good for you! Nothing like a big loss to spur you on...keep up the good work!

Sandy... Hmmm...i think I've used most of those "d words" to describe my hubby, at one time or another! BTW...congrats on the 2 lbs! I think I'm gonna be like the lady who lost hers 8/10ths at a time...but it's gonna come off AND STAY OFF this time!

Tina... Even though you feel that your food choices are not be the best lately, it's so good that you are sticking to the exercise...you are doing a great job! And your pictures prove it!

Mary,,, I know it's hard when family members want to unload their problems on you...especially when that's the only time they call! Hang in there!

Jen... You and your family are in my prayers, hon. I can't imagine the stress that you are under. It would be so easy to turn to food to alleviate that...but it won't!!! It will only add to your anxiety. I know, easy for me to say. Come here and post often to keep away from the frig! {{{hug}}}

Steph... So good to see so much of you lately! Sounds like you're getting lots of exercise in. When my kids were in strollers, we walked all over the place, i loved it...good for you, good for them***double bonus!

Sara... I hope you're having a blast with your hs friend! She will have a great role model for her own efforts!

Deon... 4 lbs! You go girl! That was a big click! Coming here helps, doesn't it? Keep it up!

2cute... Have a great trip. I hope all the family stuff works itself out. ..."...accept the things you cannot change..." {{{HUGS}}} I'm glad you're doing so well with your food...

BAYLEE... Come see us, honey...we need your wit and wisdom!

J-annGood luck to you, sweetie...pop in and see us every once in a while!

Is that everyone? PLEASE forgive me if I have missed anyone. The phone hasn't stopped ringing and I've got an antsy teenager here, rarin' to go prom dress shopping! Just what I want to do...go to the mall on a Saturday...:p

have a good weekend all...hope to see some 'chatters' tonight!

03-15-2003, 12:39 PM
Good Morning all,
Today, well tonight dh and I have to go to a dinner/dance thing. It is pot luck and I am making yeast rolls as we speak and OMG they smell wonderful, but I have the window open to drown out the smell. Anyway, about this dinner, as it's pot luck I have no way of counting my pts!!!:mad: first time for this. I am being really strict with myself today so as that tonight, I can just eat a little of whatever looks like it would not be to high in fat. Does that sound like a plan. And yesterday I banked like 10 pts, so I think all will be okay:?: . I just can't give myself permission to go overboard (not yet)
I know I told you all I would try not to get on those lovely scales till mid week, but could not help myself this a.m. It read 275.5, (wow) another 1.5 gone????But I am not gonna change my signature down bottom till WI day on Thursday, maybe it will be more? Who knows, but nothing is official till WI day. Stepping on them and seeing that did help me think about tonight and how hard I have worked for this, and knowing that 1/2 a pound more will be 20#'s gone, one of my first mini goals. I think I need to make a list of these mini goals before I forget them:dizzy: .

Katrina, you will get there, just like the rest of us, we all just loose differently. I wish I could loose faster, but have decided I will take whatever the scale god grants me each week.

Okay, I guess Malia was before my time here on the thread, but I am taking it she lives in Hawaii? That sure is a long way from Maine, might take me a year to get there?:lol: But just like Weight loss, I will turtle along till I get there, are you all gonna wait for me to cross the ocean? Please bring plenty of sunlotion, I burn easy on the saltwater.:D

Gotta go check the rolls and I think I need to make another batch. Ther first batch made 132 mini rolls and there are an estimated 49 couples coming. Maybe another 1/2 batch. they are really small rolls.

Hugs and Kisses,

03-15-2003, 01:07 PM
Malia is in Hawaii and has a wonderful flower garden. We can all sit in it with her talking and drinking, laughing and applying sun screen! :smug:

I walked 5 miles this morning. I hope to do another 2 this afternoon. I am listening to a book on tape and want to hear the end. :)

I need to get some new bras. Mine are hardly there and certainly don't do the job anymore. Oh, Thin!!!! bra expert extrodinaire..where are you?:?:

I really like this one I am looking at - "Fully Posture Bra - reinforced criss-cross back; cushioned straps but it has front closure" I remember having some of those years ago and sometimes if you made the wrong move - wa- la, the girls were free!!! Do any of you use the front closure ones?

The other one that has peaked my interest is "cotton lined, firm uplift" and I need uplift!!!!

Will check in later for your critique of my selections.

03-15-2003, 01:08 PM
I love all of my company... but I miss all of you. :(
I will be back tonight. :cp:

03-15-2003, 01:14 PM
what I saw this other group do is for example:

We would start with the East coast chicks and start with whoever is farthest and highest - say Sandy. Then figure miles from her house to Kat's, then to Michelle, etc until we have a "line" from the Eastest coast chick to the Westest coast chick. Then we all report our exercise and take off from Sandy's .... did that make sense?

03-15-2003, 02:54 PM
Hello everybody! :wave: Hope you are all doing well. I hear it got to 50 degrees out today, but I've been hybernating in the house, still feeling crappy. :(

We are going out to dinner this evening with some friends of ours so maybe that will brighten my day. One can only hope.

DH (you figure out what the 'D' is for this time :lol: ) was kind enough to tell me to stay in bed this morning, which I really tried to do. Then #1 son got up and took a shower in the bathroom next to my bedroom and played in the sink (doing God knows what) for another 15 minutes. Then I hear the clacking of the keyboard keys from #2 son's room. Then and this is where the 'D' comes in DH starts banging around the dishes in the sink downstairs. and he was worried about the blinds being open and the sun being too bright! YIKES! Needless to say, it was then time to get up. :(

Sandy: If I may suggest, just go through your points book before dinner tonight and check out some of the stuff you may see there like: macaroni salad, potato salad, ham, beef ...whatever you think you might see at a potluck. Then you'll have some idea of what things 'cost' before putting them on your plate. Kinda like going to a restaurant, you never know what their ingredients are but you can bet they're not reduced fat or calorie. My WW leader always says "pick 3" when going to a buffet. Peruse the entire buffet before entering the line. Then pick 3 items that you really want to have. Stick to those 3 things and load the rest of your plate with salad and veggies and you'll be fine.

Katrina: Even though you weren't planning on it, the timeshare will probably be really nice for you and your family since you love the city. Is it like other timeshares where you can exchange dates there for ones elsewhere in the country? My friend and her husband bought one and they've used Mexico, Florida, Colorado and are going to Tennessee in June. * A HUGE congratulations to your daughter on her acceptance in the college of her choice! That is so nice that she got in to her first pick. I'm sure you are all thrilled. * BTW, I'm sure my doctor was really hurt that I didn't go in to see her! :o

Mary: Have fun in the city. Are you on a mission, or just going for fun?

2cute: Enjoy everyone being around. Before you know it they'll all go home and you'll be there with just DH wanting them all to return. * We miss you too.

Lucky: Well, you made me go climb upstairs to my drawer to pull numbers for you. I know which bra you're talking about. I haven't had that one, but have used others before that were front closures. They never came completely undone, but sometimes the top clasp did so it would stick out funny if you were wearing like a tee shirt top. Never really liked them much. The one style that I really like is a Playtex 18 Hour bra #4693. There are several reasons I like it so much. One is that the cups are actually full and I don't bulge out the top of them. Two is because it has a wider area on the strap that's padded a little for your shoulder. And third, and probably the biggest reason is because of the type of elastic that they use for the sides. It is, I don't know how to describe it. I want to say firmer or stiffer, but that makes it sound uncomfortable and they're not. It's...how 'bout...sturdier. Yeah, maybe that's a better word. Some of the bras seem to have flimsy elastic on the sides that doesn't hold the flab and seems to stretch out quickly. This elastic is really different and holds it's shape and yours. :D Now aren't you really sorry you asked for my opinion on bras???? :lol:

I think I caught everyone. If not, sorry. I'll try to catch up with you all later. I'm going up to take a shower so that I'm good and dry by the time we go out to dinner. I don't want to feel worse that I already do. See ya soon.

03-15-2003, 04:47 PM
I appreaciate all of your information, Thin. Bras are so expensive I want to get the most for my dollar.

I was thinking of getting a smaller cup size but - maybe not. I was being optimistic about my weight loss. Hmmmm always some new thought to think about!:dizzy:

03-15-2003, 04:56 PM
Oh my gosh! I was having withdrawals. I lost my password so I couldn't log on and this thing wouldn't send me my new one and I deleted cookies, anyway long story short, I couldn't get on here last night. I don't know who all I missed, but I do have to say you are all inspiring me to get out and go for a walk. I may do that later today. Eating is still going great. I think I would just curl up into fetal position and suck my thumb if I didn't have this site. I love you all. Gotta run. Thanks to all:grouphug: !!

03-15-2003, 04:57 PM
Lucky, I think if you got to either playtex or Haines Her way .com you can use the tool that gives you the correct size bra you are supposed to buy. Good luck.

I found out some so/so news today. I was kinda bummed but know I have the power and the will to get back to it. My mil is one of the weight recorders for our local TOPS group as Ive mentioned before. So, she has access to the past years and years and years of weight charts. Well, I asked her to pull 1997 which was in the attic, the others more current years are kept at the TOPS meeting location, but she is gonna check it for me. Anyway, in 1997 (mind you in August I was 8 months prego...with Alexis.) On August 7th I weighed 246.5 ....Alexis born on Aug. 13th and I weighed in again on August 21st or something like that and I weighed in at 226. So I am now 30 lbs heavier than when I was 8 months prego!!!!! Anyway, this has been bugging me all day, but I know to come here and chat with you all. I will get back down there (I did not realize I was that close to onederland at one time) I will get there now, I will!!!! Thanks for listening to me ramble on about everything, sometimes it just helps to write it all down. And like I said before I won't tell anyone but you all my true weight to date.


03-15-2003, 05:36 PM
Ok Lucky I have another give me my money story only this one the tables are turned!

We have this woman who owed us money since 1/3/03...$877.50 to be exact. She paid $100 on it and gives us the run around every time we call her. Well last week she said she mailed a money order for the balance she owed...she said she mailed it late saturday afternoon so I said I will mark in the computer that you mailed it monday in case it didn't get picked up by the mail people. So friday comes and no money order...so her funds were available in her account so I took the check to the bank and processed it through. Got my money! So, today my CSR calls me on my cell phone and the girl is in the store (funny how fast they come when you take their money with no warning!) And she is throwing a fit so I talk to her on the phone and tell her we never received it and she keeps saying I have the receipt right here and I say well I have a receipt for a money order I just purchased separate from the money order thats in my purse, so you can have a receipt in your hand and the money order in your purse and until we have the money order in our possession we can't do anything but give her a cash refund for the $100 minus the $20 NSF....she was screaming at the top of her lungs raising holy hot water in the store threatening us and saying she isn't leaving here until she gets her money...blah blah blah so I hung up called my CSR back and told her to push the panic button and get the police to remove her arse from my store....so I put Andrew back in the car and we went down there...the cops were really quick! she lied and never mailed a money order not even on monday....she only got it yesterday and mailed it yesterday and it came to us while they were all there. So I gave it back to her and let her go and get her own money back from where she bought it. The police told her she cannot come back to our store. Good riddance!!

Ok this has taken me an hour and a half to write because I was on the phone and dealing with my little tired baby brat....so I am going to run and get something done and then check back in later today!

TTFN Michelle

03-15-2003, 06:00 PM
OK I know I said I was going but I have to post this recipe first...it just sounds so yummy!

Cashew-Fudge Truffles 1 pt. each

1/3 c unsalted cashews
1/2 c + 2T cocoa
3/4 t instant expresso powder or fine instant coffee granules
1 t water
generous pinch of salt
4 oz light cream cheese at room temp.
1 1/2 c confectioners sugar

Preheat oven to 325*, place cashews in an ovenproof skillet or cookie sheet and toast in oven about 8 minutes. When cool enough to handle chop and set aside.

Sift 1/2 c cocoa into bowl, place remaining 2 T cocoa in small bowl and set both aside.

Combine expresso powder, water and salt in microwaveable cup. Micro on high about 20 seconds till dissolved. Scrape into medium bowl and add cream cheese. With electric mixture on med. beat until smooth, 1 minute. Beat in sugar until well blended. On low beat in the 1/2 c of cocoa, stir in nuts with spoon.

Lightly spray a sheet of plastic wrap with nonstick spray, scrape mixture onto it, shape into thin 12 inch long log. Wrap well in plastic and refridgerate till chilled through and slightly firm, at least 1 hour or overnight.

Sift remaining 2 T of cocoa into shallow bowl. Slice the log into 24 pieces and roll each piece one at a time into a 1 inch ball and roll each into cocoa to coat evenly. Refridgerate until firm, 1 hour.

Per truffle: 42 calories, 1 g. fat, 32 mg sodium, 8 g carb, 1 g fiber, 1 g protein, 7 mg calcium.


03-15-2003, 06:49 PM
Baylee, I would love to walk with you - Minnesotans stick together!!!! Of course we have to get it done before fall when we can't walk anymore. (oh, you said you have a treadmill, I don't)

Michelle, I am scared of you!!!!!!!! I am scared of you!!!!!!!! (good thing I always pay my bills & you are so far away)

Thin, I kinda WANT a bra that pushes stuff up - - - at least one. I am trying to find romance, remember.:o

03-15-2003, 06:53 PM
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Isn't that a great quote!!!!!!!!!!!

03-15-2003, 07:03 PM
we could use map quest to figure miles from whoever is the farthest east - Sandy???? okay another example - - -
Sandy's house to Kat's house ???? miles
Kat's house to Michelles house ???? miles
and so on with whoever wants to join in - - - until we pick up everyone and reach the west coast!

03-15-2003, 07:26 PM
Lucky: The other bra number I like is 4395. It has all the same features as the other one I mentioned plus there is no seam in the cup. So if you like wearing slinky knits, that might be a better one for you. As far as push-up. You're on your own. I don't do underwires. Of course at this size, whatever the girls fit into nicely does me just fine. :eek:

03-15-2003, 07:34 PM
Lucky.....here is your quote....Thin, I kinda WANT a bra that pushes stuff up - - - at least one.

I think you will have an easier time catching a guy if you have BOTH boobs pushed up :lol: than just one boob, :lol: :lol:

Heck... maybe you can catch twins... one for each boob. :lol:

03-15-2003, 08:43 PM
Okay, come on out and play...it's chat time!

03-15-2003, 11:15 PM
Hello ladies.... I could either come join chat or write you a post so I opted for the post instead. I don't do well in chat rooms anyway. :^: I reveal too many *secrets*. :lol:

Boy my life has been a roller coaster ride the last three - four days. I don't know where to begin?? Have good news ... have bad news...and I have GREAT news too. :dizzy:

I will start with the bad news. :(
Lots of health problems with my family. My mom is doing poorly again. Running a temperture, not able to eat, bad heart and lungs. She just isn't doing good at all.
Dad is more frail all the time and stressed about my mom.
My sister just got back from the cancer center in Houston. Her cancer is not only back but growing and spreading. :( This is her 4th bout with a reoccurence of Lympthnoma... (spelling not correct I am sure. )
Her first case was 10 years ago. She has had it reoccur about every 3 years. Not looking good for her right now.
She is VERY sensitive and I never say the right things to help. I don't take it personal anymore... I know she is in a bad place and I need to overlook a lot.

All of this makes my knee problems look so minor... but ... my knee is giving me a terrible time. I just plain cannot walk some days. I don't see any reason to go to the doctor because I am too fat to get a replacement. They will just tell me to lose weight. Becoming a cripple has always been one of my greatest fears. Just below having a stroke and being totally bedridden and unable to communicate or take care of myself.
I have a few more life problems... but they are minor to all the health issues.
It is TRUE ... if you have your health you have everything. Don't take your health for granted.... your bodies can only carry this weight for so long.

Enough about the bad... thanks for listening.
Now for the good news. :)

Had a wonderful visit with my parents. My dad and two daughters and I played cards for several hours. That sure does help the time go by in those nursing homes.
We got along great during the drive too. Usually someones feelings gets hurt. ME LOL
My daughters are doing great on WW and you can see their weight loss now. :D :D
I am sooooo happy they are taking control of their weight issues.

I got my taxes all ready for the final completion. That is always a ton off my back.
The weather here is beautiful !!!! My oldest daughter is home for the entire next week!!!
The bed guy is ordering me a new footboard for my bed and they have ordered the parts for my hubby's chair that is broken. A lot of good things happening.

Now for the GREAT news. :D
Just as I promised... I have returned.... CHEAT FREE !!!
Not only am I cheat free... I have now lost 24lbs since my recommitment in January. :cp:
That is a grand total of 33 lbs lost from my top weight. :cb:

When I gained back some of my weight I had lost when I first started here..... I remained 9lbs below my top weight. It was VERY frustrating losing and regaining WHILE posting here. :o It is hard to remain here while feeling like a fraud. But I really did not have a choice. I had been gaining , gaining, gaining before I found 3FC and at least stopped that cycle by posting. :D
I have basically maintained my overweight state ... which to some is a failure... (to me it was a failure too.) BUT I was not a failure. I was maintaining my weight below my top weight upon joining.
Plus... I had come to love all of you sooo much...:love: I could not bare to leave. I am sooo glad I did not.
Anyway.... instead of explaining how I lost then gained.. but not all of it back... I am just going to claim my total weight loss of 33 lbs and go on from there.

Gee... I have complicated a simple statement. :rolleyes: :lol:
To sum it all up.....

2cute is getting cuter by the pound. :D :lol: :D

03-15-2003, 11:18 PM
Oh my... I almost forgot to reply to anyone. :o
I was so excited to share my weight loss I forgot about all of you. :lol:
I may not get to all of you... but here we go... I will all I can within the time I have left.

Thin... I agree... maybe it is time to go see that doctor. Have you been taking excess amounts of VIT C ??? what about zinc.??? they do help.
I have been trying to get sick.. but so far so good at warding it off with these two supplements. :D
Thanks for the info on Bra #4693. I am REALLY needing help in that department. LOL
Mine don't just hang south.... mine is dragging south. :lol:
That is even WITH a bra on. :eek:

Kat... WE WILL SHARE YOUR TIME SHARE. :D :D :D I can see us all now... all 15 of us sitting around the living room telling tales on each other. LOL
Congratulations for your daughter.... that is AWESOME !!!!! I am so happy for her and you. You better be stashing some money away.... even with scholarships and loans and gifts... college is $$$$$$$$$$$$

Lucky... At least treking to Malia in Hawaii would get us some swimming time too. LOL. I sure miss her too. :( I have emailed her several times ... but no response.
I like the idea of walking to each other the best.

Mary...My husbands family only calls when they want something too. :mad:
Always "promise" to pay us back... but NEVER have paid back a dime in all of these years.

Deon... I know what you were talking about with "withdraws !!! :yikes:
I wanted to sneak in here for days... and FINALLY I am here... home again. Ahhhhh
Tell us... did you do your walking??

I just looked at the clock. I have got to get off. Between catching up on my reading and then trying to catch up on my replys... I have ran out of time. I have been here for hours !!!!!!! I love all the rest of you too... I PROMISE !!!
I feel soooo much better touching base here again.

2cute is leaving.... all 33 less pounds of me. :wave:

03-15-2003, 11:55 PM
you bring tears to my eyes I am so happy for your loss - - - - -:strong: :cb: :bravo: :dance: :cb: :lucky:

03-15-2003, 11:58 PM
I meant one bra not one !!!!! boob....

03-16-2003, 02:26 AM
Thanks Lucky !!!!! :lucky:

03-16-2003, 08:31 AM
Ahh 2Cute...you should have been there last night...I poured my guts out!! But I got some pretty good advice too!! So now I have something to think about for a bit!

Anyways...I am off to do the grocery shopping while Andrew does things with his dad today! Then we are going to put his jungle gym climber thingy together in the back yard.

I'll be back to talk at you all later! So come out and post post post!

TTFN Michelle

03-16-2003, 10:18 AM
Cute your family has my prayers. Missed you at chat last night.

Hello all

03-16-2003, 11:06 AM
Do not post here!

Instead, come and join us at our 300th thread!!

03-16-2003, 11:08 AM
STOP !!!!! Don not post here.

Instead come follow us to our next ongoing thread...
#300 !!!!!!