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04-12-2012, 08:47 PM
i was happy enough with 210.5 (down 3-1/2) but the dr said 210 bec i weighed at the end of the day. he always docks 1/2 a pound if weighing after 12pm. i tell ya, i seriously considered stripping down and shaving my head just to see that scale go under 210, lol.

i love my doctor.

however, blood pressure is going frooty-loops again: 136/108!? what IS that!?

i told him i had a whole week where i was normal, normal, normal - the only thing i could think of was that that was the week i had PMS so i was trying out "estro-tea", something that's supposed to stop the monthly psychotics. it's also a diuretic, so who knows.

and i have to go in for blood work tomorrow, 2wks early, bec i told him i've been feeling quite tired and run-down. with my history of anaemia, he just wants to make sure i'm not low on iron.