Weight Loss Surgery - Mederma for scars?

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03-14-2003, 01:27 PM
I have not had or plan on having weight loss surgery-but I was wondering if anyone uses or has used Mederma for any surgery scars, or scars or stretch marks from other reasons. I am basically wondering about the results that anyone has had using it. I have a lot of stretch marks on my stomach and hips-and I just started using Mederma a few days ago to hopefully blend them in with the rest of my skin a little better. They have faded to skin tone (no longer red/pink) but I am hoping that it blends them texture wise in more with my skin.
I bellydance, and would rather wear costumes without a bodystocking underneath. (They are almost like a pantyhose swimsuit)
When I use it, I was at first surprised to feel a slight bit of stingy tenderness on the area for a few hours-almost like you would have on your knee a few hours after scraping it in a bike accident, or how a tattoo feels the first couple of days when it is healing-so I know that it must be doing SOMETHING.

03-14-2003, 04:48 PM
sorry to disappoint you, aphil, but i've never heard of the stuff!!! keep us posted on the results... you KNOW we have stretch marks that are not to be believed!! and right now, my belly and legs look like a shar-pei!

03-14-2003, 05:00 PM
I use it on the recommendation of my plastic surgeon for my lipo scars. You need to use it according to the directions and it takes awhile to see results but it DOES work - I can see the incision sites are fading pretty rapidly now...and I trust my PS implicitly.

Since my scars are all located on my lower body, I will put a dab of Mederma on, then use a tiny round band-aid to cover it up for the day.

They have a super website at www.mederma.com if you want more info...

03-14-2003, 05:12 PM
Knowing that an actual doctor is recommending it makes me feel a little better about it! I have been putting it on and rubbing it in nicely twice a day-after my shower/bath and before bedtime. I am glad to know that you are getting results from it-I hope I am as lucky!