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04-10-2012, 02:00 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! We're having a sunny day in the high 60s.

I planted 12 resurrection flower bulbs Glory gave me yesterday. If you aren't familiar with them, they come up in the spring with daffodils, etc. Just long leaves. Then they die off. The first week in August a green stalk appears, no leaves, and it has a single mauve bloom. I hope they grow for me.

I spent Easter with Sandy and yesterday was applique at Bella.

Faye, I guess you are at the doctor this day. I find body wash with Shea butter keeps my skin hydrated and silky. Before you know it, Jackson will be in school.

Jean, you always were an over-achiever - working when the office is closed. You'd think they were paying you.

Maggie, chocolate isn't my downfall so I had no problem not buying any for Easter. You might send us a list of appliances you are selling. You have some nifty stuff and I'd pay postage.

Time to get back to work. Lunch is over. Enjoy your day.

04-10-2012, 06:06 PM

It is a lovely day in the upwards 60 degres. We just got in from a wonderful drive in the country and buying some tomato plants & potting soil to plant in a tub. I cleaned the butt hutt and put fresh sand in it and was closely supervised by Cecil. He, of course, has to inspect it when I am finished. I scoop it out each day but put fresh sand in it when needed and he is always there. What a guy.

I got all the index pages updated in my cook books and printed out. I don't save many recipes anymore for the magazines are reprinting the good ones that I have already clipped in years past. So about twice a year I will make new index pages for those books that have had additions.

I need to get out to the kitchen and decide on what to make for dinner this day. Being out and about put all that type thing out of my mind. What I need to do is unload the dishwasher and put a few items in there that are in the sink from breakfast. Lunch was on paper so that was a quick clean up.

SUSAN I imagine those flowers you planted will be gorgeous come August when they do pop up.

DONNA FAYE I vote that you take a nap and let your alarm waken you so you can go pick up your main squeeze. More meds - ugh. You will get through this in time but the getting through it is a pain in the "you know what.":hug: Things will get better ya know. It is just the getting there that is hard and discouraging.

JEAN Thanks so much for that recipe. I plan on making it soon and will let you know how mine turned out. I'll make sure the ham I get is good tasting to begin with. The market here has a great deli section.

Everyone have a lovely afternoon. :wave: Type at y'all later.

04-11-2012, 12:58 AM
"Gma" -- You and Maggie both talked about fixing a roast. I think I will get one as we haven't had one for awhile. :T The wind picked up and it never did get very warm outside. There is a frost warning for tonight again.

Susan -- Resurrection flowers sound interesting; I don't think I've ever seen one. I hope yours grow! :yes: I was surprised at how busy the church office was yesterday. I stopped by today to make sure the secretary understood my notes. I had to "rob Peter to pay Paul" so to speak -- made change for a lady who came in to pay for her Easter lily. Usually we just have a bag of change to pay the mailman for returned items but this time there were dollar bills in it for some reason. I hope you got a nap in this afternoon.

Maggie -- It sounds like you have been busy with your recipes and cook books. I have a small drawer full of recipes I have cut out of magazines and newspapers. :o I really should sort through them and either try them or pitch them. Good luck with the ham balls! I hope yours turn out better than mine did although Bob ate one for lunch and said it was better today than on Sunday.

I'm heading for bed to read. Tomorrow I have nails first and then lunch bunch at noon. No more bells until fall. :D

04-11-2012, 12:30 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I've been to get new nails this morning and am waiting for the washer to finish cleaning so I can do a load of clothes before I leave for lunch. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and the birds had to ice skate again this morning. Guess I won't pack away my sweatshirts quite yet. I thought spring/summer was here for sure when we were having the 70 and 80 degree days. I was really glad I still had my flannel sheets on the bed last night!

I need to pick up the kitchen and just remembered I should get a church birthday card ready to go. Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy your day! :wave:

04-11-2012, 02:37 PM

It is a cloudy day in the upper 50 degrees this Wednesday AKA: humpday. Not much happening in this neck of the woods this day. We changed TV connection providers because the last one didn't tell the truth and we didn't get baseball like they said we would so we found a provider that does deliver the games. It pays to shop around and weed through their lies. Will is bringing me a sandwich from Subway ~ a 6" Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham on flatbread for 8P+. I love their 6" Meatball Marinara sub but I hate to spend the 15P+ for it. :o Isn't it grand that we have "choices." I just can't see spending half of my days points + allowance on a sandwich today.:p

JEAN I am not upset with our cooler temps for it gives us some more planting time. :cool: A cool Spring is welcomed for sure. I just hope it doesn't turn hot real quick. Your flannel sheets sure sound cozy. We don't have any of those but I think next year we will. We will definitely want them in the motor home when that time comes.

All Magnolias out there have a lovely afrernoon. Type at y'all later. :wave:

04-11-2012, 07:57 PM
Afternoon gals. I came in here and posted this morning, but where it went is anybody's guess. I had a bad night last night, mostly because my abdomen is really sore from the dr pushing and pulling and all on it so I had trouble sleeping. I took a nap this morning, then went to work on this darn monkey hat. It is driving me nuts. I have one ear to knit and attach and then I am giving it to her tomorrow night when we go to Thomas's band concert. I dread having to make two more of the darn things. Knitting the hat is a breeze, it is the muzzle, ears, and eyes that drive me cuckoo. The eyes aren't exactly centered on the hat, but I am not taking them out again. He will just have to be a bit walleyed! :lol: The woman who wrote the pattern didn't know what she was doing either. She didn't explain about the lining at all, didn't include the crochet hook you should use for the earflaps and around the bottom of the hat, and the list goes on and on. It was the only pattern I could find for adults though.

Jean: The roast was pretty good last night and it sure made it easy to get supper on the table when we got home from picking Jack up from work. I just pulled it out, Jacked nuked the potatoes and I made gravy. It is always way messier to clean up then to serve for sure. It was cooler here today too, but we are supposed to warm back into the 80's starting tomorrow. I have a bunch of cookbooks and three pocket file folders with recipes in them. I used the loose recipes much more than in the cookbooks. I get them off of a lot then adjust them if the calories, etc are too high.

Maggie: When I get the subway meatball sub, I have them leave off the sauce. I hate the soggy sub bread. I usually eat small breakfast and lunch meals and have at least half my pts left for dinner. We eat so early that I don't think it matters too much.

I wanted to finish the upstairs today, dusting and cleaning the hall bath, but I am so sore, I can't bend over and just getting out of the chair hurts, so I just worked on the stinkin' hat! :lol: I am going to get in the recliner and read since tv stinks as usual. The Cubbies are not starting out well at all and we have paid for MLB extra innings and for online WGN radio to listen to them so they need to get their act together. The MLB cost is nearly $200 for the season so I may send them the bill if they don't start winning. :lol:

You ladies have a nice evening. Like I said, tomorrow evening if Thomas's spring band concert so we look forward to that. Faye

04-12-2012, 05:37 AM
Good very early morning girls. I have pretty much been up all night. I had a really bad case of heartburn and because of the antibiotic I am on, was a little leery of taking a heartburn med so I suffered until around 1 AM or so then I had some really uncomfortable abdomen pain and couldn't sleep except to doze off then wake up a few minutes later, etc. I got up at 2:30 and took all my meds and one of the pain pills the gyn prescribed for me and it seemed to do the trick. So, it is now 3:30 AM and Jack will be getting up in 90 minutes so I decided just to stay up and then when he goes to work just crash for 4-5 hours or so. No upstairs cleaning for me today. I need to catch up on sleep.

Well, the first of the infamous sock monkey hats is done. Brother, I hope the other two aren't as difficult. It is not the knitted hat, it is the ears, the muzzle, putting on the buttons for the eyes, etc. I hope she likes it because if not, "I ain't a makin' any other ones!" :lol: It looks like a sock monkey so hope it fits the bill. Since I don't crochet, I always have to google crochet instructions to refresh me on how to do single crochet. There is one row around the bottom of the hat, then two rows around the earflaps. Crocheting seems to be easier than knitting! :lol: I am sure it isn't once you get into fancy stuff, but doing single crochet seems to be easier than learning how to knit.

I think since his concert is at 6:30 PM we will just grab a sandwich out. I told Jack I don't want to sabotage our WW, but it is so much easier this way then rushing around getting dinner on then cleaning it up and trying to then dress to go. He was picked for concert band I think is what it is called so I will be anxious to hear them tonight. They are made up mostly of 7th and 8th graders, but mr. "I pick up and instrument and can play it" got picked to play in it after an audition I think is how it went. He likes playing the trumpet so at least he is enjoying another instrument.

Well gals, I am going to sit and read I think. I have been reading the whole series of Sara Paretsky's, V.I. Warshawski books and still have a few to go. Have a good Thursday. Faye

04-12-2012, 01:46 PM
[Good Morning! I am typing on my laptop and it is NOT pretty! :hyper: It's a gloomy windy day in my neighborhood. I took my pc to the computer store this morning. Of course the guy who said he would look at it wasn't there. The guy who took it said it should be a simple fix -- I hope.

Maggie -- I asked you for some warmer weather please. ;) Our cable company just dropped another channel -- I hope you enjoy the baseball games.

"Gma" -- I did get my roast this morning! I think I will fix it tomorrow since Bob is out on the farm today. There is a gal who works at the meat counter that I've known for years. I mentioned to her her how unhappy I was with the meat and she said they would give me my money back. I won't do that because we did eat it. I thought it was nice of them to offer though. You are a trooper when it comes to figuring out "wrong" patterns. :cp: I think the hat is really cute!

I need to run the vacuum! Without sunshine it's harder to see them, but I know the little furry dust critters are there! Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday! :wave:

04-12-2012, 03:28 PM

It is a cloudy day in the high 50's here in the Heartland. All the animals are snoozing in the front room. Will has gone to his volunteer job and all is very quiet here in the house. I have just got to clean my desk off today for my in basket is overflowing with things that aren't "in" stuff. But overflowing it is; and needs to be delt with. Life is good when all I have to think about doing is cleaning off my desk. The tomato plant looks so happy out in it's own pot. Now we can hope it will produce nice fruit. We have other things around the house growing in pots. Inside my spider plant almost touches the floor it has grown so big. So far the animals have left it alone.;) Cecil eyes it when he is in that area of the room where it is in front of the largest window in the front room. Our Charlie plant is hanging in another window on a differnt wall. He is growing nicely. We have ivy climbing up another wall up around and around a candle sconce. We keep the drapes open during the day and they all get plenty of light even on cloudy days such as this. I have not yet eaten anything and am not a bit hungry yet.

DONNA FAYE What a cute hat. In my minds eye I can just visualize the three of them in monkey hats in the picture they will have taken on the mountain. Lots of folks say crochet is easier than knitting. I have a beautiful real colorful crochet throw a friend made for me. It would have taken me a lot longer to knit it than it did for her to crochet it. Hopefully you can get a good sleep in this day.

JEAN Yep folks are downsizing their products so as not to raise rates on lots of things. A pound of something has shrunk to a 14 oz package. Instead of a dozen tortillas you get eight or ten. Keeps folks thinking that prices aren't going up. AH but at the gas pump the reality that prices "are going up" hits them right between the eyes. Some of the folks that don't drive don't have a clue. :soap: Hope you get your computer fixed. We only have lap tops here in this house. ;) Works for us. I have had lap tops as long as they have been on the market. ;) I remember how slow they were to turn on ~ you could turn it on and go have breakfast and it just might be up and running when you are finished. Now everyting is instant. Turn it on and it is ready to great the world. Technology is faciniting.

SUSAN I hope all is well with you this day.:D

All y'all have a wonderful afternoon this lovely spring day. :wave:

04-13-2012, 07:43 AM
Good morning to you all. I am taking Jack to work today so I can take Fortune to the groomers so am just waiting to leave and thought I would post. We started out for Thomas's concert last night and Jack got sick in the car and I had to take him home and then hurry to get to the concert on time. He was sick all evening for whatever reason, but he seems fine this morning.

Thomas's concert was very nice, not too long, but enjoyable. The kids are crazy about that nutty hat, which I am glad and it fits both adults so she said she would have Thomas try it on at home because he would never try it on in public. :lol: So, this morning I started the next one.

I have lots to accomplish today so hopefully I can feel well and get it all done. Besides taking Fortune, I need to pay bills, which I didn't do yesterday and should have, do laundry, and get the upstairs cleaned. I also have to get an onion chopped for dinner tonight then assemble everything so when we get home we can get right to getting dinner on. Thank goodness it is Friday. Oh, and I have to right out a menu and a grocery list to commissary shop tomorrow.

Jean: I haven't found too much disruption of our satellite channels. I do know they are in negotiations with Chicago Tribune for a bunch of channels, one of which is WGN where we watch the Cubs play. Hopefully, they won't whack that one. Is it still cold at your house? It was really pleasant here yesterday, but it has been cool overnight and takes time to warm up during the day then. Kelly told me last night that the guy giving the estimate for the new liner came so she is hoping to have the pool open in about 3 weeks. Guess I will have to get in gear so I can go swimming again, but I will wait awhile until the water gets a bit warmer. It never gets warm at their house because they have total tree coverage and it is always shaded, but hopefully really hot weather will warm it up by July or so.

Maggie: I would love to grow fresh tomatoes in one of those upside down things, but that horrible squirrel we have would destroy them I imagine. I used to be a plant gal, but I am not much of a green thumb so gave up on them years ago. Besides, we travel enough that having someone coming in and watering just doesn't make sense.

Well gals, gotta go. Have a nice weekend. Faye

04-13-2012, 01:57 PM

It is a bright and sunshiney day here in the Heartland. We are planning on grilling burgers for dinner and they are so good done outside that way. They have the rocks strewn down the alley way and it is so much better now for when it rains some they will be packed in. I am wearing my floor length Moo Moo (which they selll as a dress) and don't have an inclination to get dressed yet. I can't imagine anyone wearing this thing outside even.:( It is comfortable for sure but quite ugly. It does cover me up quite nicely which is good and nice to do my exercises in. I thought I would type out a little thing I got from the local leader in an e-mail about fiber counts. It is a handly list I have laminated and put a magnet on the back and keep it in my kitchen.

6g raspberries, 1 cup
3g blueberries, cup
4g strawberries, 1 cup
2g peach, medium with skin
5g apple, medium with skin

2g celery, 2 stalks
3g zucchini, 1 cup cooked
4g green beans, 1 cup
5g baked potato, medium with skin
6g cooked carrots, 1 cup
8g peas, 1 cup cooked
11g avocado, medium

1g popcorn, 1 cup air-popped
2g peanuts, 1 oz
3g walnuts, 1 oz
4g almonds, 1 oz

2g whole wheat bread, 1 slice
4g brown rice, 1 cup cooked
10g whole wheat pasta, 1 cup cooked
20g Bran cereal, 1 cup

DONNA FAYE I just had the feeling your daughter would love that hat! Now you get to make two more. :p That is too bad that Jack got sick and missed the concert. Hope he is fully back to exact today. That's too bad you can't have even a small garden in pots since the price of everyting is creeping up ever so high. Is there a "farmers market" where you can get fresh produce that costs less then it does in the markets or your commisary? We have a couple of them here and can get some good produce that we don't grow ourselves. I bought a bar of home made hand soap last year which I am still using and hope she is at the farmers market again this year and I will get some more. If she isn't there I have her phone number I can call and get some that way. It will make wonderful gifts even. I haven't made hand soap in years and don't particulary want to get into that again. ;)

JEAN I keep my Cuties in the fridge drawer and they last as long as I eat 3 a day. They come in a mesh bag. I hope your computer is fixed this day. Those little furry dust bunnies do love to hide in the shadows don't they. Each time when I sweep my office I am surprised at the amount of them. :o This house isn't sealed real well I do believe ~ else how would the dust get in here.

SUSAN Howdy to you my firend. How ya be this day?

Time to get a move on getting some lunch rounded up. :wave: Type at y'all later.

04-13-2012, 07:59 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It has been a strange day for weather in my part of the world. :dizzy: We got up to rain and wind. I went to the church to start on my Monday list of automatic checking account contributions so I won't have to do that on Monday if we don't balance right away. I have a luncheon at noon so have to come back home to pick up a neighbor for that. Bob forgot to turn off the water at the cabin and wanted to check the roof to see if the leak spot was still dry, so I rode up with him. The wind up there was even worse than here and we drove home in pouring rain, only to have sunshine a few miles before home. I got my computer back :cp: and "stuff" isn't where I had it so have to search. :(

Maggie -- I need to clean my computer desk off too. For some reason the printer wouldn't load so I have to find the book and CD, which I didn't think we used the first time around. I have a mouse for my laptop but the table it sits on, in the computer room, doesn't have enough room to use the mouse, and I was too lazy to drag everything downstairs last night. Somewhere in my travels I was under the impression spider plants were poisonous to cats. Mine finally bit the dust and I pitched it. It never did have babies. Thanks for sharing the fiber list. :yes:

"Gma" -- I'm sorry Jack got sick and missed the concert. :( I'm glad he felt better today. I had to laugh at Thomas not trying the monkey hat on in public. It was about 20 degrees warmer this morning but the wind is cold! My flannel sheets have felt pretty darn good this week! I hope you got everything done you wanted to accomplish for cleaning chores.

I need to do some more searching for my "stuff." Somehow, I acquired a bad something, not a virus, and the tech dumped everything and reloaded it for me at no charge. I was happy about that! Enjoy your evening and have a great weekend! :wave:

04-14-2012, 12:45 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! We got up to sunshine and no wind, but now it is foggy. A breeze has come up and storms are supposed to move in later today. The wedding reception isn't until 9 tonight, and Bob says he doesn't care if we go or not. I'm usually thinking "bed" at that time of night! :yawn: The bride is a teacher and the groom is a car salesman, and they both come from large local families, so I'm guessing the wedding ceremony and meal was just for family.

I need to pick up the kitchen and unload the dishwasher. Enjoy your Saturday! :wave:

04-14-2012, 06:03 PM

I have most of my chores done this day and am taking a break. It is raining hard and lots of thunder this day. Some hail came down and of course Beanie had to go out and chase it and catch it with his mouth. He is such a nut. Came in all wet and of course he wanted me to pet him a bit and give him a "good boy" treat. He so wanted me to know he was having so much fun outback. He got the towel treatment and is now asleep in the floor in the front room. I am finally going to break down and order some new clothes. I got a catalogue called "Serengeti" that has some things in it that I really like. I have picked out 5 outfits that I am going to order soon. Later I'll order some more outfits from the same catologue for there are several more in It that I happen to like a lot also.:p It was hard to make a decision which ones to order first with the certain amount of money aloted for my clothing this go-round.:p I looked in several catalogues and this one had the most things in it that I like. We are having steak fingers, bakers, corn on the cob and baked beans for dinner this day. I had some soup for lunch and that is all I ate so far this day.

JEAN I have never heard that Spider plants were poisonious to cats. I will have to do some research on that one. My moms grew outside in a plot and never did any harm to cats. But, like I said I will look it up. I certainly don't want to poison my cat.:o

Hope all you wonderful Magnolias are having a great day this rainey day. :wave:

Jean I am back to report: I checked on this website
which has very long lists of toxic and non toxic plants for cats and Spider plants are of the non toxic kind. If you go to the web site just scroll down a bit and the lists are there.

04-15-2012, 09:28 AM
Good morning to you ladies. I was so busy yesterday I never did get in here. We had commissary shopping to do and then stuff in the afternoon. Jack and I fell asleep for awhile too so that chopped out some of the day.

Maggie: Caftans and moos moos are great to wear around the house. I had a caftan that I bought back in the 70's that I wore until it just plain fell apart. I also bought a swimsuit cover up that was more like a moo moo and I still wear it around the house. I too, wish the squirrel would go away so I could at least have one tomato plant. We have a couple farmer's markets around here, but the one isn't that great and the other one is clear across town by Kelly and I don't know it's hours and such as it is one that is open air in sort of a field. We have an apple farm on the way to the commissary and they have a fruit and veggie stand, but they sell stuff by the boxes and Jack doesn't eat raw tomatoes so I don't want a whole box of them, just a couple so I don't stop and get them. The commissary still has the icky hot house ones, but usually gets local ones soon.

Jean: Sounds like you guys have been busy again. I imagine if you didn't go to the wedding with the big family and all you might not be missed. :lol: Speaking of weddings, have you ever watched the series, "Say Yes to the Dress?" They have several, one is a Dallas store, one is Kleinfelds in New York, then they have one that is just about bridesmaids and another is about plus size girls. Anyway, I watche 2-3 episodes of the bridesmaids one the other night and brother what a catty, nasty bunch of women!

Well, this is short and sweet, but we have brunch today with the kids so I need to get chores done before I get ready to go. I made the reservation for 11AM but they are really crowded most of the time so I hope we don't have to wait.

Have a great day today. Faye

04-16-2012, 12:44 PM
Good morning ladies. We had a real downpour early this morning and it is over but cool and cloudy this AM.

We had an enjoyable time with the kids at brunch yesterday. I don't know why they seem to always put us at lousy tables. The stuck us in a round booth, which I couldn't get into, so I had to sit in a chair on the outside. That was ok, but it isn't like the woman seating us couldn't see my size for heaven's sake. They did it last year too only the table was stuffed into a corner with no way of walking around it because it was so tight. The food was great though it is an expensive brunch at $31 apiece. They did have better quality stuff though not just your basic eggs, bacon and such. They had peel and eat shrimp, oysters in the shell, smoked salmon, to die for prime rib, waffle bar and omelet bar, the regular bacon, sausage, eggs, sausage gravy and biscuits kind of thing then salads, great fruit, and lovely desserts too. I had this to die for italian pasta salad that was just delicious. I did succumb to their bread pudding and sauce though I think it needed a lot more nutmeg and cinnamon and the sauce was thin from being heated too high. It was a nice time though as everyone talked about cruising more than anything else.

I have been wasting my time looking at yarn for socks this morning. I ran out of red for the monkey hats and it has been shipped, but I can't finish the one I have almost all the way done until I get more red. The second one went a lot faster than the first, but then I haven't started the sewing part yet, which was what drove me nuts before, getting everything centered and such. I have decided to buy Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock yarn this year. It is a bit pricey, around $24 for a hank long enough to make one adult pair of socks, but the colors are just exquisite. I found this color to make the boys Christmas socks this year. Jay loved the boys socks so much at Christmas last year he told me he would love a pair. He has really large feet, probably size 13 or 14 but this particular yarn is like 435 yards so should be enough. I am also going to make Alicia a pair for her birthday in July but am waiting to hear back from her about whether she wants solid or patterned type socks and what colors she likes.

Poor Jack has to come home and fool with the new garbage disposal after dinner. I don't know what is going on, but the dishwasher doesn't completely drain out. Thing is, it is not flooding out of the machine onto the floor, but there is water in the bottom after you run a load. I tried running it empty this am a short load time and it still has water in the bottom so something isn't draining completely and it has to be something he put on wrong because it was working before he put the darn thing in. This is the third one we have put in since we moved in here. I lived in Indiana for 10 years and never even had to have the one there fixed and it was a cheap one as it was a rental apartment so don't know why this keeps going out.

I did lose about 4 lbs of the weight I have gained since leaving the hospital, just hope I can keep it up now. My abdomen is so bruised feeling that it keeps me in the chair a lot so it is harder to get up and get stuff to eat I guess. :lol: I bought some gas-x thinking maybe the feeling is built up gas, but I don't know if it will help or not.

Today is laundry day. I have 3 loads and that was just over the weekend. We were out and about so much that there were a lot of showers, dress clothing and such besides the regular stuff. I also want to wash throw rugs so I can clean the downstairs tomorrow. I was going to do it today, but I don't want gunk tracked in from the rain so will wait until things dry out and just get all the laundry caught up.

I wore one of my new dresses, my new sweater, and the shaper to lunch yesterday. Jack told me I looked beautiful. I told him the biggest thing was going to the bathroom and getting that shaper back up when I was finished! :lol: Actually, it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be and it does provide a smoother and definitely no jiggle look. The dress and the shaper are both comfortable, the shaper doesn't roll down at the waist or anything and stays in place on the legs too. I really like the easy flow of the dress too and the material doesn't wrinkle which for a cruise is superb.

Well, gals, the buzzer for the dryer is about to go off so have to get the first load out. Have a great start to the week. Faye

04-16-2012, 01:06 PM

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood ~ sunny with out the wind. Lets the rain do it's most good with out being sucked away with the wind. Will mowed the lawn on Saturday and it already needs it again. I am trying something new and went to bed earlier than usuall and got up a bit earlier. Trying after all these years to re-set my inner clock. For so many years it has been set to stay up late and get up late and I want to change it. I do like early mornings when the day is waking up and miss them with my current sleep habits. I am working on it little by little. I did show a pound down on this weigh day and am happy to be in new territory and no longer have to lose a hundred pounds and more. It is a very good feeling. I know if I had lived back in the Victorian days here in this US of A I would have carried a lace edged handkerchief everywhere I went for I sure go through a lot of tissues now days. :o I am not complaining just stating a fact. OH and I sneeze at least twice daily. Just twice. I think I have alergies but not bad enough to be medicated.

I saw a little video of a section of Good Morning that listed 5 Foods That Turn Back Your Clock. Interesting for we use them all but not so much of number 5.:o
1. Fresh Spinach - steaming it lightly releases the good for you things.
2. Curry Powder - good for ones heart
3. Tomatoes - reduce sun damage to your skin
4. Almonds - Vitimin E, improves focus and coordination
5. Dark Chocolate - reduces blood pressure and improves your mood.

DONNA FAYE Glad you had fun at the brunch even though it was spendy. We always ask for a table and ~NOT a booth. I can fit in booths now but my back starts hurting sitting in one. We never mind waiting for a table to open up. Or a set of tables if we are with a crowd. The food at that brunch you went to sounds good. Your sox have become a hit and I imagine your people would love getting them every year as gifts. :congrat: on your 4 pounds gone and wearing one of your new outfits. Sounds like you were stilin' for sure. :cool: Since you gave that outfit a trial run you will know it will work when you are on the cruise.

JEAN & SUSAN Hope you are well and safe this day.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

04-16-2012, 06:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We are having another cold day of wind, some clouds, some sunshine, and more rain on the way. The tornadoes missed us the other night, for which we are thankful. :yes: We spent most of yesterday with Beth, Jason, and their families in Sioux City. I am just not appreciative of contemporary church services. :no: Imo the band sounded like it should have been playing in a bar, not that I hang out in bars. :lol: Kolby had a wonderful birthday party and now on to the next ones: Beth's is the 24th, Amanda and Zowie's are in May. We balanced in short order this morning, I did the gift shop deposit, and went to a luncheon at noon. I have another hospital volunteer brunch tomorrow.

Maggie -- Thanks for sharing the website. My spider plant is history but will see about a bamboo plant that Ernie has taken a shine to. :( I've read that cinnamon is becoming the spice of choice these days. :congrat: on losing another pound!

"Gma" -- I mentioned the reception about 8:00 when the weather warnings began on tv. Bob said, "do you really want to go?" He fell asleep watching a movie so we didn't go. This morning I was telling the church secretary that we didn't go, and the program director said they did and there were alot of people there. Now I don't feel bad. I have seen the wedding dress program as well as one where 4 brides vie for a honeymoon. Your brunch sounds delicious! :T It's fun to wear new clothes. :congrat: on losing 4 pounds! I hope your dw is an easy fix for Jack! I like the new yarn!

I need to change clothes and vacuum! Enjoy your evening! :wave:

04-17-2012, 08:31 AM
Good morning girls. It was warm all night last night so I had to run the AC. I imagine it will be on a good portion of the day today too. I think we are past the rain so I am going to try and work on the downstairs today and get it done.

I do not know how I managed without a dishwasher! I washed dishes twice by hand yesterday, once to do up the breakfast/lunch stuff and dinner prep stuff, then because Jack couldn't figure out why the dishwasher wasn't draining, I went ahead and did up the dinner dishes. About 10 minutes after I had it all done and the kitchen cleaned up, Jack went into the kitchen and got under the sink with a screwdriver and hammer and knocked out some plug from the disposal he was supposed to do when he put it in and the dishwasher is fine and dandy now! :lol: He had gone on the internet to google the problem and he said when he saw it, he knew what was wrong. I tried to tell him it had to be something to do with how he put the new disposal in because the dishwasher worked before that. Anyway, we are all hunky dorey now! :lol:

I have to sew the muzzle on and fill it and sew on the buttons for the eyes and I am done with hat number 2. I texted Kelly and ask her to have Thomas try on the hat and let me know asap so I could start the last one, but haven't heard from her. If I don't hear from her by tomorrow, I am just going to make the darn thing and they can deal with it. I believe it will fit him if for no other reason but that he has so much hair! :lol:

Thomas has a paid concert on Saturday we are going to. I bought tickets since the money goes to the school though there is another school performing too I guess. I thought this way Jack could hear them. I believe it is concert band only though not the whole shebang and I am hoping the thing isn't too long.

Jean: I always hated contemporary services. I have always felt it was wrong to cater to a group that would refuse to go to church otherwise by having some rock band and then having the preaching be, frankly, a bunch of bologna. The people who insist on it don't want to learn about the scriptures anyway, they just want to be able to say they went to church. Glad you had a good time with kids and grandkids. I am in that long period of birthdays and anniversarys and such. The boys birthdays are coming up in June. I think we are going to get Jackson a handheld Nintendo DS so he can play video games now that he has been doing it with his dad. I imagine Thomas will just get money. July is Alicia's birthday and I am going to make her socks and probably just get her a nice gift card somewhere. August is Tom's and I never know what to do for his. Then Jay's is in Oct, as well as Jack's but he is out of luck this year with the cruise! :lol: Kelly's bday is in November and our anniversary is 2 days later, but the cruise is for our anniversary. then I have a few months and it starts all over again. That doesn't even count the birthday of my best friend or sisters, but I didn't do anything for my younger sister this year. Frankly, I got tired of spending money on her and she never even sent me a card.

Maggie: Congrats on your loss:carrot: I know you are happy about that. I am really glad the shaper stayed in place and was comfortable. I kept hearing about how they rolled at the waist and were very uncomfortable, but this one sure isn't. I actually bought two for the cruise to wear with dresses. I have read that dark chocolate is really good for women. You know Special K has a cereal with pieces of dark chocolate in it. I never use curry powder and Jack hates spinach, but I eat it raw in salads sometimes. Thanks for the info.

Well, I guess I better hit the bricks and start the day off. Have a good one all. Faye

04-17-2012, 03:21 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. A lovely day in the high 70s.

I've been busy with quilting things and tea on Saturday. I was spending too much time on the computer so I turned it off and left it off until today.

Yesterday I went to the Y and after my yoga class I left via the front door (don't know why because I always use the side door where I park) and the ASCPA was there with a dog and a cat soliciting donations and giving out adoption information. Of course, I fell in love with the cat and asked about adopting him. They assured me I could and said they'd take him back to the shelter and I could go there and do the process. When I got there, we went back to the cages and he was there yet and I happened to glance across the way and there was a cage with a sign "I can't hear you talking to me. I am deaf." So I asked the girl what were the chances the kitty would be adopted and she said not many and he was almost at the end of the time they keep him - so I said I'd take him. He's fluffy white, blue eyes, 10 months old, very cuddly and playful. The girls at the shelter made me promise to send pictures from time to time and they cried when I took him out. They all had pets and were afraid he wouldn't find a home because he doesn't get on with other animals or children. He's had all his shots, been neutered, tested for Feline Leukemia, wormed and has a microchip inplanted. They had named him Casper so I'll just keep that since he can't hear anyway. I'm going to teach him hand signals. They sent his toys with him and I'll be getting him some more because he really plays with them. I think we'll get along fine. The other thing was, the adoption fee is normally $129 and yesterday they had a special on cats for $39 so God really sent Casper to me. I thought he might now meow but he does a lot and very loud. Poor thing can't hear. He also purrs loud. I'll try and get a picture of him I can post.

I started a new COPD drug trial and when I went for me check in the girl said she had a little side project for me if I wanted. Eli Lilly is conducting an osteoporis study with Oxford University in England - not involving a drug at this time but to see what group the drug would be suitable for. It involves 2 visits and only involves answering questionnaires, walking, simple exercises like raising arms and bending knees. Each visit pays $100! You can bet I'm interested. She said they were paying so much because the British people are very reserved and don't want to take part in research studies unless they pay a lot.

Faye, isn't it funny that we wore shapers when we were young, then they went out when panty hose came in, and now they have been rediscovered! I loved the monkey hat! Good job and losing those 4 pounds. When I've had surgeries for intestinal blockage and a hernia, the doctors and nurses always told me to keep walking to get rid of gas, prevent blood clots, and keep my strength up.

Jean, I don't like contemporary services either. Our church does have one but it is at 5:30 Sunday evening so it doesn't change the regular services. It's just like churches that let you come in flip flops and shorts on the grounds that at least you are there. We are expected to dress in at least skirts, slacks, dresses and no shorts or flip flops.

Maggie, congratulations on being down again. You go girl!

Have a wonderful day!

04-17-2012, 04:09 PM

It is a very beautiful day here in the Hearland. The sun is shining and the wind isn't blowing and the grass contunies to grow. I have been busy this morning cleaning out my e-mails. Some I had wanted to save and others I couldn't figure out why I didn't delete them at the time after I had read them. I have friends in several states that I correspond with using e-mail instead of snail mail these days. Today for dinner we are having steaks on the grill. I think I will spice them up with Wild Will's BBQ rub. We will have a baker cooked in the microwave which we will split and a nice green tossed salad. Will has decided that he likes the tool box grill I got awhile back for it uses fewer coals then the Webber and cooks very well. He has been very resistive to useing it for he didn't care at all for the one we had before. However, this is a newer updated version and he was surprised when he finally broke down and gave it a try. I really like the compact size of it which will fit nicely into the Jeep for outings.

SUSAN :bravo: I rejoice with you for your new kitten. Casper. How wonderful he came with all the necessaries ~ shots and stuff. I am so very certain you will be a good care taker for him and teaching him tools with which to communicate. Cecil has "selective" hearing at best. Excedingly independent he is. That study you are getting involved with sounds interesting. LOL ~ those Brits aren't stupid for they know how to bide their time and be patient by holding out for the bigger payment. Those are my ancisters.:o Now because of them you get more do re me for the study. See how that works.:p

DONNA FAYE It is good that Jack did some research and then was able to fix your dishwasher problem. Now you won't have the pleasure of hand washing everything. :p I love those band programs that the schools put on. Usually they are really pretty good. The kids really do like it when their "folks" show up to hear them. LOL we used to call those "shapers" girdles.

JEAN Hope your day is going well and you are getting your computer back to exact and finding your programs.

Everyone have a lovely afternoon. Type at y'all later.

04-17-2012, 04:15 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I just spent an hour on the phone with a tech support gal from CA getting my antivirus program to update. She was VERY patient and I commented how technology challenged I am. She sounded Asian and said, "the only challenged people are those who won't ask for help when there is a problem!" :D I am a happy camper now! :cb: It's a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze. I went to the volunteer brunch this morning and am waiting for Bob to come home so we can head over to Sioux City for Maddie and Kolby's soccer games.

"Gma" -- I'm glad your dishwasher is fixed and working great again! :cp: I wash quite a few things by hand but it seems like the dw is always full too. The church we went to on Sunday, puts the Bible verses/sermon in their bulletin which really isn't a bulletin, but more of a program with what groups are available through the church. The verses/sermon are printed, word for word, and also are on the big screens with fill in the blank questions at the end. The answers are also provided at the end if anyone didn't pay attention. There aren't any names of the main minister or any of the associates which I find unusual. Both Ian and Kolby have the DS games and they play them constantly. :yes:

Susan -- I can't tell you how happy I am that you adopted Casper! :cheer: :cp: :cb: :woohoo: :cheer2: :congrat: :broc: :trampo:
:cheer3: :dance: I know how much company he will be for you and you for him! WONDERFUL!! I'll bet he is a handsome guy! Sometimes I spend way too much time on the computer too and then try to get away from it for awhile. Good luck with the osteoporis study, that sounds interesting. Bob and Jason both wore suits on Sunday as did some of the other "older" guys. There were ALOT of jeans and sloppy shirts -- Will and his dad included. :( Will did say he guessed he was underdressed. Ya think!? :hyper:

I need to change clothes and get ready to leave when Bob gets home. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

04-18-2012, 11:37 AM
Good morning to you ladies. It is cool but lovely here today. Supposed to be in the upper 70's.

Finally got an email back that the hat fitted Thomas too, so I am now on my way to doing the last one. I will be glad when it is done. I did find the second one easier than the first one, for one thing, I didn't have to take stuff apart repeatedly.

Boy it hit the fan last night. I made beef and noodles. I use the teeny tiny noodles and 8 oz of sirloin and ff beef broth, which makes for many less points than regular beef and noodles. I had finished dinner and all of a sudden just out of the blue I told Jack I felt like I was going to vomit. I barely made it to the sink and every bit of dinner came up. Thank goodness it has been 5 weeks since surgery so vomiting didn't tear anything, but I thought I had wet on myself from vomiting so hard and went in to the bathroom and had blood and tissue all over myself. It was a total mess. So, I guess I am into the next side effect from the progestin med. I found out this med causes gas too! :lol: Unfortunately, this morning I am back to having the diahrrea. I am also having cramping since the stuff happened last night so am taking the pain med she prescribed. If it isn't one thing it is another.

Susan: I cried when I read about Casper. I am so glad you took the kitty home. I know he will be really really happy with you. He sounds so beautiful Sounds like you have been super busy as usual. I do walk quite a bit because this progrestin can cause blood clots and that alone concerns me of course. The gasx has helped some with the extra gas and the pain that comes with trapped gas so that is a lot better. Wow that's great about the research project. That is great money too.

Jean: I will say one thing for blacks who attend church, they do it all the way clothing wise. The women dress to the nines, all of them wear huge hats, the men wears suits, ties, shirts and shoes that can be pretty loud and such but they are dressed for respect. I don't have a problem wearing nice slacks or even nice jeans, but sloppy just doesn't do it for me going to church. I find it disresectful.

Maggie: The shapers of today are so much better than the old girdles though. I am old enough that when I started wearing nylons it was still garter belts or girdles and stockings so I did wear them for about 2-3 years before panty hose came along. The new shapers are lighter but still provide great shaping and fix the "jiggle" issue! :lol: Nowadays, women don't even wear panty hose much. I remember my grandmother wore nylons everyday and when she was home she would roll them down to her ankles. She wore those old black oxfords with a heel. Actually, it is found memory I have of her. She wore those shoes and only those shoes. She would go out in her garden in little white anklets and those black oxfords. :lol:

Well, gals, I want to get some upstairs things done today. I did get the downstairs cleaned yesterday so one job done. Onward and upward. Have a great middle of the week. Faye

04-18-2012, 03:43 PM

It is a beautiful day in the high 60's this day in the neighborhood. I didn't wake up once during the night so slept straight through and feel great. First thing when I got up Will wanted me to fix a problem on his computer and I did that before I even had any coffee.:p He has learned so much since he has goten computer literate but still asks me questions now and then. I now got a taste of what he goes through with the cat on his desk.;) What a little pest which makes me so glad I booted him off my desk and computer when he was just brought home and he doesn't get on "my stuff" anymore. He camps out on Will's desk. I think I will do a baked chicken meal this evening. I'll lemon panko cover a couple breast tenders and serve veggies and salad. Well salad is a veggie isn't it. Anyway that is an easy and tasty meal to have on a Wednesday for we have class at 7pm. Yep, come to think of it Wednesday is usually a chicken night for we sometimes get Colonel Cluck. I really don't have a day for certain foods. And insted of the chicken I think I will use some of the left over steak that was grilled last evening and make a dish out of that for dinner. See how quickly I can change my mind. :chef:

DONNA FAYE I am so sure you will be glad when all this "aftermath" of your operation is over with. Those horrid side effects you are experiencing from your meds will keep you close to a bathroom for sure. What a way to lose weight.:p Is this a med you can quit taking soon? That sure helps that you can make all caps the same size doesn't it. The third one will be a whiz to make. You know back in Biblical times the folks went to church in the dark hours before going to work so they were dressed in work attire. Not dressed to the 9's or in playclothes. It was a work day for them.

JEAN Isn't it nice to get your computer back to exact like you like it to be. I still have some stuff saved in folders that the tec folks moved when my computer was being worked on ages ago. Nothing I need but know where it is if I do at one point. That is so true about what the tec told you ~ ask questions when in doubt or don't understand.

SUSAN How are you and your kitty getting along? Bet he knows you are the "boss" by now.

I am off to play with a new toy Will just handed to me. It is called a Magic Wand and is one of those thingies you pass over a document and copy it to your computer. What fun. Now I need to learn how to use it. :wave: type at y'all later.

04-18-2012, 05:15 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful day here, sunny and just a teeny tiny breeze. It's wonderfully "quiet" to have no wind for a change. I was busy at church this morning and the rest of the week will be busy also. We are hosting some sort of district meeting, for close to 100 women, because the original church had a fire in their kitchen. There is a memorial service for a man who died in January; I'm not sure why it's so much later. Then there is a wedding on Saturday so will have people here for the rehearsal and dinner Friday night.

Maggie -- You and I posted within minutes yesterday and I missed seeing you. My computer is working just fine and each time I log in the virus scan updates so guess it is doing what it should w/o being told. :cp: Will is lucky that you know how to fix things on his computer.

"Gma" -- I know you will be anxious to finish the last monkey hat. Doing two isn't so bad, but after that the repetition can get to you. I hope you are feeling lots better today; what a horrible incident you had last night! When I taught in Sioux City I was always impressed at how nicely the black children were dressed. Even now if we happen to go to the mall on a Sunday, the minorities (for the most part) are dressed up. My grandma wore the same kind of shoes! :lol:

I have my roast cooking, finally, and the house sure smells good. Bob is off working on his tractor. Hope you all are enjoying your day and evening! :wave:

04-19-2012, 09:20 AM
Good morning gals. Well, not so good actually. Fortune just would not settle down last night, jumping down and barking then up, then down, etc all night long so I got very little sleep. On top of that, Jack just called and he got rear ended just a couple miles from work. Some idiot following too close slammed into a Ford Ranger and couldn't avoid slamming into the back of our suv. This is the second time in a year for heaven's sake. At least this time Jack said the suv is drivable until we can get it in to be fixed then the guy will have to pay for a rental for us again. Jack told me where he got hit and it is an area where you have to drive slowly as the traffic is very congested on this small road. Everyone here drives like their darn pants are on fire, and boy do they tail gate, which is why we now have a dented fender again. Sheesh! I told Jack is he feels the least bit sore across his shoulders or back or whatever to make them take him to the hospital because he said he got hit pretty hard.

I have the hat part about 3/4 done so I am hoping by Saturday I will have it done and can then give them both to my daughter at the concert and be done with it. I need to get yarn to make my dil a pair of socks for her birthday as it is in July and then finish up my wrap before vacation. All the other socks I can work on while we are on the cruise and I plan on getting a lot of relaxation time in those chairs! :lol: Of course, swimming will be a big part to you know!:D

Maggie: I may have to change menu options for tonight if Jack isn't feeling up to it as we were going to have steak, but if he is feeling the affects of the accident I will just do something quick and easy. Cats do what cats want to do until you make it clear to them something is off limits, that's for sure. I used to have to squirt Butterscotch with water all the time to keep him off the kitchen counters.

Jean: You are right about the third hat. I am so over them! :lol: I get bored just working on one thing let alone the same thing three times. It will be done by tomorrow then I can give them to her and be all done with the whole project. Nothing smells better than roast cooking in a house I think. I used to put a roast in before we would leave for church and come home after services and the house smelled so wonderful. Years ago when we were stationed here the wife of the pastor of our church never ever had anything but roast for Sunday dinner. I would think her family would get tired of the same old Sunday dinner, but that is all she ever cooked for Sunday lunch.

Well girls, I want to get back to work. I hope to talk to Jack again soon and make sure everything is still ok. Have a good day. Faye

04-19-2012, 10:13 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It is raining here this morning so I'm betting there will be no soccer games tonight. I'm glad we went earlier this week. Kolby turns 7 today; time flies, that's for sure. I have some typing to do, and could run Sundays bulletin but need to check with the minister first to be sure it is ready.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry about the car accident but at least it wasn't Jack's fault. I hope he doesn't have any long lasting pain from it; :crossed: I'm betting he will be stiff and sore for awhile. The car can be fixed, Jack can't be replaced. I think we had roast beef dinners alot on Sundays, after church. My mom was a pretty plain cook, but back then we didn't have all the "fancy" veggies, fruits, side dishes, etc., to choose from. I like to make casseroles if I'm going to be gone for an hour or so. I could still smell the roast "smell" downstairs this morning.

We have a big meeting at church today and ladies will be coming shortly, so I had better be ready to welcome them by the office door in case any come in that way. Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :wave:

04-19-2012, 02:10 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Only 59 degrees right now but high 70s are on their way for the weekend (with rain).

This is the weekend I'll be teaching at the quilting retreat. Glory is coming to stay with Casper. He's always near me. If I go downstairs, he does; same with reverse; if I get up to do something he's right there. It was kind of unnerving yesterday when I ran the vacuum cleaner and he never woke up. My other cats were terrified of it and plastic bags crackling. I have a paper grocery bag I put my newspapers in for the recycling. It was empty this morning since this is collection day and Casper jumped in and then had a wonderful time playing in it. When he got tired of playing, the bag had a big hole in it. As soon as it starts getting daylight, he's after me to get up. He doesn't get on upholstered furniture, but he 's a minimalist and tries to clear off end tables so he can lay on them. Since I'm going to be gone, I've only worked on the table and counters (quick learner, too) but next week we'll start our battle of the wills in earnest.

Faye, what an awful thing to happen to Jack yet again! I hope he's not sore or anything for long. We have a lot of accidents here, too, because people drive too fast and tailgate. My grandma wore black oxfords, too.

Jean, you are always busy! Glad you got your computer problems straightened out. I love roast. We had it many Sundays.

Maggie, your meals always sound a lot better than mine. Maybe you should post the menu and recipes for us every day. LOL

Have a wonderful day. No WI FI where I am going so I won't be back until Monday to post.

04-19-2012, 03:17 PM

It is a 63 beautiful bday here in the ♥-Land; only partly cloudy with no rain in the forecast. The hand held scanner didn’t work properly for it would scan half the page and then the scan light would turn off and it would stop the scan process. That isn’t good for it needs to scan as long as you are in that mode. So Will has it with him at the museum and will ask one of the gals there that has one to check it out before he takes it back. I may have been not working it properly but I followed the directions to a T and half a page was all I ever got it to scan. It’s a great little tool that can be used for many of our projects when working properly. So we shall see. I placed an on line Schwan's order last evening consisting (he comes on Friday) of bone in pork chops, bone out pork chops, and 4 single serve "Live Smart" dinners. I will be getting Points+ friendly dinners from them that are very tasty: Roasted Turkey w/Veggies, Blackened Chicken Alfredo w/Veggies; Sweet & sour Chicken Dinner; & Beef Portabella Dinner. I like having these on handy when Will is at his volunteer job at the museum. I microwave them and put them in my bamboo bowl and eat them with my ivory chopsticks. :smug: I first started using chopsticks to slow down my eating but have gotten so good using them that I could eat fast but I don't.:p I like most of the WW frozen dinners and LQ's and have gotten great money saving coupons from both companies. 50 cents off a dinner is a good chunk of change.

The gentleman who lives in our basement said they have finally found a house to move into. Their baby is 4 months old already and the mom has gone back to work. Time sure flies. I can imagine that when they do get moved he isn’t going to like all that driving he will have to do to get to work and home again for he puts in long hours at the radio station. Long hours ~ he doesn’t get home (here) until the wee hours of the morning as it is. But that is his choice and I am staying out of it. Will and I both like him and he is welcome to our basement bedroom as long as he needs it.

DONNA FAYE OH poor Jack. Being tail gated once again ~ not good. I certainly hope that he doesn’t suffer from whip-lash or such from being hit so hard. He will know this evening. You are going to love getting a picture of those folks wearing the hats you made for them. By then you will have gotten over the being tired of seeing them. :lol: I think all our grandmothers had the same shoe maker. They were in and out of the house so much back then they needed sturdy shoes. Ready for the occasion. I know of Grandmas back then kept a small pistol in their apron pocket to be ready to shoot snakes and such that got in the hen house or other varmints that came around. I have a very small pistol that would fit in an apron pocket nicely. :cp:

JEAN What is that meeting expected to decide? Sounds like you have your day planned to be a "busy" one. That is good to be busy. I feel so fortunate to have grown up in CA where we had access to so many nice fruits and veggies during my childhood. I didn't realize that folks all over this USofA didn't all have the same choices we did. My grandparents provided us with many of the fruits and veggies we consumed. Beef and pork when they butchered. I did find it very funny as a child learning that folks "out east" grew their geranimus in pots inside the houses where ours were outside in the flower garden growing huge.

SUSAN If we all lived closer to each other I would love to be the hostess and have y'all over and feed you a nice WW friendly meal. Yep It is just as easy for me to cook for a crowd as for two. :chef: Well really, it is easier to cook for a crowd. I love to entertain. My huge oak table would hold all of us nicely sitting around it and not being a bit crowded. So you see, y'all come. What fun we would have. Casper loves you and wants to be near you. He will probably be easy to train. Cecil has gotten big now and can jump high but has not as of yet gotten on the kitchen counters. I keep the dishes put up and such but there are things on that counter that would look good on the floor to a cat for sure. But I also have a spray bottle handy. :p You will get Casper to realize what is off bounds and there is more on bounds then off. It is super of Glory to cat sit while you are teaching at the quillting retreat. Have a great time there and we will see you back here on the thread on Monday.

It is now after 1 o'clock and time for me to think about getting some lunch. A nice glass of iced tea sounds good. I think I will brew up some tea and make some. :wave: Type at y'all later.

Back for an update: The gal at the museum, that has a scanner like our new one, told Will that my problem with the scanner was that I was following the instructions which are all "messed up." She showed Will how to really use it and it works fine. So now I am in for being showed how it really is to be worked. :cp:

04-20-2012, 01:57 PM

It is 53s and partly cloudy this sunny Friday and I feel a bit chilly. My plan this day is to cook some ribs in my pressure smoker. I will rub them down with seasonings and then cook them for the required amount of time to be ready for dinner. I think this evening we will have corn on the cob, tossed green salad, and baked beans along with the smoked ribs. I would love to have all y’all come to dinner. The Schwan’s man came this morning and gave us a coupon booklet which I will surely be using. For instance if I order on line the chicken breast filets that we like we will get $5 off and if we wait to order them when he comes at the door they will be $2.50 off. So you best bet your baby booties that I will be ordering on line for there are many of the items that we use that are discounted that way. They are celebrating 60 years in service and giving their customers great deals. I like a good deal.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Type at y’all later.

It's later and I am back wondering where all of you are? I know where Susan is but not the rest. I have all the peppers and such Will brought in and chopped up and in the freezer. I love having the bells and onions all chopped when I want to make baked beans for it sure makes it easier. I also have the rack of ribs all cut apart and sprinkled with my choice of spices and waiting in the fridge for the time I put them in the pressrure smoker later this day.

Hope to see someone post this day. :chin: Yack at ya later.

04-20-2012, 06:38 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a sunny, breezy, cool day in my neighborhood today. I ended up working into the afternoon because the printing machine wouldn't cooperate when I tried to run 250+ tri-fold inserts, bulletins, baptismal inserts, and a few extra large print bulletin copies. :tantrum: Lucky for me, the pastor came and was able to get it up and running. His first comment was, "this machine and I don't get along very well!" I was just about ready to switch over to the copier which I can run easily, but is more expensive in the long run. I'm ready for the weekend! :cheer:

Susan -- I know you will enjoy your teaching weekend. I wish we lived close enough so you could teach me how to quilt. :yes: It's nice that Glory will stay with Casper so he will have company while you are gone.

Maggie -- How far will Paul have to drive for work? I thought his wife would move to town after the baby was born. The district meeting was for UMW and I don't think they voted on anything. It looked like a learning session and there was a display of materials that they could choose for study sessions. I'm not even sure how often they meet as a district because UMW always met during the day and I was in school. I belonged to a circle before I went back to work, but it disbanded because all of the "young" mothers with preschoolers went back to work as soon as the kids were in school. I'm glad you were able to get the scanner to work! :cp:

Guess I will change clothes and wait for Bob to get home. He is out on the farm helping his friend who is planting, and/or moving machinery from one farm to another. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

04-20-2012, 07:51 PM

I have the ribs in the indoor pressure smoker now with the timer set for 40 minutes to be ready at dinner time.:cool:

JEAN Paul will have about a hundred mile drive one way when he moves. His wife works for Dillard's and didn't want to move here because she wanted to go back to work for them and there isn't a Dillard's store here. They are moving to a town closer where there is a Dillard's she can transfer to. So instead of a two hour drive to get here once a week Paul will have an hour and half drive twice each day (here to work then home again) because he won't be staying in our basement once they get moved. In other words he will be on the road much more when they do get moved. I have the feeling, though, he will ask to sleep here sometimes because as it is he doesn't get in till the wee hours of the morning from work and he would get home and have to come right back to work quickly. We shall see. Yep that scanner works great so Will is going to get me one of my own. He will order it Monday when the gal is back to work that he likes to deal with on his orders. I have to decide what color I want ~ his is black and he said it comes in other colors but won't know what they are till he asks the gal come Monday. :p OK now I understand what that ladies cmeeting was for. Makes sense to me now.

Time to go check the ribs. :wave:

04-21-2012, 02:10 PM

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