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04-10-2012, 06:21 AM
And I manage to gain weight!!! I re-started my last diet ever yesterday (mainly lifestyle change for now and shooting for ~1800 cal while nursing) and I'm excited. Before we started TTC, I had a period of a year or so where I felt good about my body. 4 babies (and 2 IVF cycles) later, I have an extra 50 or so pounds on me and I feel so uncomfortable and depressed by my size. Anyway, I'm so glad to have found this forum!

04-10-2012, 06:53 AM
Welcome and congrats on your new twins!! Im sure the weight will fall off of you quickly! Im starting me 3rd round of IVF next week, maybe you can send some baby magic twin dust my

Good luck and we are here to support you.

04-10-2012, 03:20 PM
Welcome! Congrats on the babies! Be sure to be gentle with yourself. All the crazy post-delivery hormones and new baby haze (especially with multiples!) make it so hard sometimes.

Do make sure that you're eating enough that your supply doesn't suffer. Full-time nursing mothers are encouraged to eat about 500 extra calories per day for one baby... I'd assume for twins you should double it, but I could be wrong. Subtracting 1000 calories from the 1800 you're aiming for only leaves 800 for you, which seems like a recipe for disaster even for someone much shorter than you.

Have you checked your recommended calorie intake without factoring in nursing? I'd check that first (using, MyFitnessPal, etc.), and then add the calories in for nursing.

Also, and this is not what you're going to want to hear probably, but some women do find it harder to lose weight while nursing. Sometimes it just makes those last 10-15 pounds harder to take off. Like I said above, be gentle with yourself. You're doing a great thing for your babies right now!

04-11-2012, 10:07 AM
Thanks for your replies!

Lovemydoggies, good luck with your IVF cycle!! Third time's the charm, right? :hug:

Blueberries, I keep hoping this time will be different for me... Nursing my older two, I kept on an extra 40 pounds the whole time - 16 & 14 months. Every time I cut calories with them my supply did drop, I thought, so I'd just go back to eating way too much of anything including junk, instead of adding in more healthy calories, which is what I'll do this time. With the twins though, I've had an oversupply "problem" so far, so I'm hoping I can keep up. I've only been tracking calories properly for 2 days so far but will watch for my supply to drop. I've got a kitchen full of calories and a giant bottle of fenugreek if I screw up my supply. I'm just hopeful.

04-15-2012, 10:32 PM
Hi there StellaMichelle! I am also lucky to be "famine-resistant" while nursing, and am just now starting to lose weight reliably, almost 7 months post-partum. Really. This is way, way TMI, but I did just get my first post-partum period (lochia was thankfully brief), so I am wondering if it's the new diet I am working (low-carb, high in thyroid-stimulating minerals) or if it's a change in hormones. I'm just so darn happy to be losing more than a random 1/2 pound a month, I'm not about to experiment and find out. Between the weight I gained with baby and the 13 house-hunting pounds I gained over 3 months and then didn't bother to lose because we were TTC, I have just over 50 pounds to drop. Oh, yay. I'm here with you! Down, scale, DOWN! :D