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03-13-2003, 06:25 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood! The sun is shining, the sky is bright blue, and I heard a robin when I went to get the mail but I didn't see him. Spring must be getting closer!

Bubbles -- The crop dusting planes scare me in that they fly so very low. We have one that flies in our area and I always hold my breath. He has crashed a couple of times and managed to walk away.

It's been too quiet around here! I hope you all are having a great OP day. Mine has not been OP but it's been a good one otherwise. I have bells tonight and need to start something for supper -- I'm thinking chef salad sounds good! Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :dance: in :cool: Iowa!

Joyce in CO
03-14-2003, 10:29 PM
Hi Ladies

Jean - You looked really lonesome out here all by yourself. ;) I have those spring sounds too. It got up to 73 today. Wonderful!!!!!!!!

I am thinking about buying a bread maker machine. Do any of you have any recommendations? I want to be able to make a good whole wheat loaf with no additives. And low points.

I am going to have an OP weekend. I have decided that!!! :) The last few weekends I have been doing too much grazing. Not this weekend. OPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOP

Well, I am going to shut down for the evening. Nitey-nite!! :yawn:

03-15-2003, 01:20 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

I've been watching the ACC tournament all day:) :) :) My favorite time of the year. Last night coming home from the state tournament we were going between 35-45 due to the pea soup fog.........not fun. Our girls lost, but at least they made it to the State Tournament..........I'm sure they won't see it that way, however. This is the last bunch of girls I had before I retired, so they're pretty special.

Had a blackened tuna salad yesterday that was to die for ! Will definitely do that one again. I have a friend in the wholesale food business, and I'm going to ask him to get me some tuna steaks.........surely I won't be able to screw them up.

Joyce, you're a brave lady getting a breadmaker. Just the smell of it in the making has me salivating:lol: Most folks I know used them alot at first and then their interest waned. Maybe you can borrow one from a friend to see how you like it. People say the same thing about hottubs..........I have friends who never took the top off theirs last summer. Mike keeps making noises about getting one, but I'm trying to change his mind. It's too cold to have it outside, and in the winter is really when I'd want one.

Happy Weekend. Hard to believe March is halfway over! I saw my first crocus this morning, and someone said the snowdrops are in bloom:D YEA!!!!

03-15-2003, 07:28 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!

It is 68 degrees here this afternoon; it's windy so doesn't feel quite that warm. The lake if dark gray so I expect the ice to sink any time. Some idiot drove a car off the boat ramp and into the lake last week. The owner of the car had been deported back to Mexico so it's anybody's guess who was driving.

I have been dusting here and there; I know it isn't going to last but the sun is shining in the I can't stand to see the paw prints!

Joyce -- I thought I was beginning to hear an echo in the flower patch! :lol: I have a bread machine but have only used mixes in it. I am not impressed with the size of loaf -- it says 1 to 1 1/2 lb. loaves. My DIL makes hers from scratch and they are so good. I don't leave the machine sitting out so don't really think about using it until I want the bread and then it's too late. I like all of your OPs -- GO GO GO!

Bubbles -- I've never wanted a hot tub either. :no: We have one couple out of several that use theirs year around and they built a deck around it so you just step in like a bath tub. Another couple enclosed theirs in a porch but they are sorry because they can't enjoy the sky at night.

My dryer is buzzing so I need to keep moving. Have a nice, relaxing Sunday, Flowers!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

03-16-2003, 08:57 PM
Another weekend is almost over; it was a beautiful day here -- sunny and 72 degrees! That's really hard to believe for the middle of March when it's usually really cold with lots of snow.

We spent most of the afternoon with the kids. Consequently, I didn't get done much done around here. Oh well, it will be here tomorrow and the days that follow.

Have a marvelous Monday, Flowers!

Jean -- :flow1: in Iowa!

03-17-2003, 01:17 PM
Hi ladies! I am back home and we had a nice trip. I was so busy never even got to look at the boards. We got to have dinner with a group of friends we had from our old church and that was really special. DGS was wonderful the whole time except Nonny was the only one he wanted to play with so I am pooped and ended up right before leaving with hemmoroids from too hard resistance training we think so I was pretty miserable the whole time (never had them before!)

I have tons to do to get back to normal so will post later.


Joyce in CO
03-17-2003, 01:52 PM
Hi Ladies. :wave:

I did it!!!! Made it thru the weekend!! OP!! Now we'll see how I do on Thurs at weigh in!!

I like these new avatars. This one looks like me, only I'm not quite that big anymore. :lol: But it's how I feel.

Donna - I'm glad you had a nice trip even if you had that problem. I got them when I was carrying twins, that was about 12# total of baby when they were born. And then I got heavy. I still have problems if I don't drink pretty of water and have lots of fiber. <sigh> Wish they would just go away forever...
Sounds like you had lots of fun with your little buddy though. :D

I got some stuff done over the weekend. Went to Sears, they had a sale on bread makers and I had a coupon. Also bought a new hand mixer that is a little more powerful that mine, marked down 50%. I made some whole wheat bread, came out about 2 points a slice. I'm going to try to refine it to lower the points.

Bubbles - I think I'll be able to resist going overboard with this kind of bread. Now if it was white bread with cinnamon and sugar it in, I'd be in trouble. ;)

Well, back to work..... :dizzy:

03-17-2003, 02:40 PM
Happy Monday Flowers,
It's so warm I have the windows and doors open:~} The animals are either on the screened porch or outside. It's delicious:D

Donna, glad you had a good trip, and it's nice that DGS wanted to spend most of his time with you. I absolutely adored my grandmother, and as the first GC, we had a really special relationship. When I hear people say they had the opposite experience, I really feel sorry for them. I feel truly blessed. She lived to be 97, and was lucid until the last year. She had a wonderful sense of humor, and I think most of us inherited those genes:)

Re: your 'roids, they are such a pain........literally and figuratively. I've had surgery once, and hope I never have to go through it again. I use a stool softener at night to prevent getting them stirred up. There is a new medication, by prescription, Proctofoam-HC..........works like a charm. I had a flare up around Christmas, but didn't have to use the RX as long as anticipated. I also have a "donut" left from post surgery which helps, especially on a long drive. Good luck.

Joyce, I hope you love your breadmaker. Bread is my weakness, and there's no way I could eat just one slice. Your raisin bread reminds me of the Bread Pudding my sainted grandmother used to make...........no wonder I'm overweight! My GGM used to make tapioca pudding that was to die for. Happy baking.

I'm feeling very righteous.........just vaccuumed downstairs. It kills my back, but I figure I'm working off points. I have a Rainbow, and the amt. of "sludge" I can collect with my longhaired menagerie is amazing.......don't ever tell the Health Dept. or they'd quarantine the house:lol:

Off to the Grocery store.........ugh.

Happy St. Paddy's day to you all,

03-17-2003, 08:36 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It was 72 degrees on my way home from school! I know it is supposed to rain tonight and turn colder, but this weather is so out of the ordinary for March. I love it and can't wait until spring is really here to stay. We saw our first robin yesterday! It seems like spring and I can't even get close to my spring clothes! :( I have card club tonight -- I'm glad because then I don't have to sit and look at this mess.

The bathroom cupboards and fireplace mantle were installed today and not as dark as I would like -- doesn't come close to matching the woodwork. The stairs and bannister will look the same I imagine; I'm in hopes they will get another coat of stain.

Donna -- Welcome home! That was a fast trip you had . . . I thought you were on a "vacation" for a couple of weeks. :o I hope you are sitting easier now that you are home. I've never had the problem but have a friend who had surgery so I know it is not fun.

Joyce -- I love bread :T and wouldn't be able to leave it alone I'm afraid. I'll have to go and check out the new avatars -- I'm still partial to my ratty cat. :smug:

Bubbles -- Funny you should mention fond memories of your grandmother. I was an "only" -- child, grandchild, and niece on my mom's side. We lived with my grandparents for a couple years while my dad was building his business and then a new building for it. My grandparents and I were very close while my paternal grandparents were divorced when my dad was 18. My grandmother on that side thought I was a spoiled brat and didn't hesitate to remind me. My grandpa remarried and lived in a different state so I was fairly close to them in a long distance sort of way. My kids were very close to my parents being the only two grandchildren they had.

Maggie -- How was your trip? :cool:

I need to find some shoes to wear -- I hate having clothes in two different bedrooms as I never can remember where I left what!

Have a terrific Tuesday, Flowers!

Jean -- :grouphug: from Iowa!

03-17-2003, 09:39 PM
Hey everyone! I am between my bazxillionth load of laundry so thought I would try and catch up some more!

Jean: My little problem is getting better. My husband had bigtime surgery 3 years ago and I have all his stuff. One of the best things I found besides tucks is dermasplast spray. I told dh that I knew it was love when I was bent over the tub in the hotel in all my splender so he could spray them! :lol: :lol:

Bubbles: Proctofoam is probably the best. I know that is what I used on dh when he had all his problems. I didn't go back and read all the previous posts, but as for hot tubs, my son is the showroom manager and salesman of Wholesale Spa Network. If anyone IS ever in the market, go online and type the store name into yahoo and it will give you the website and all the info. His name is Jack and he will give you a fair deal!

Joyce: First off, buy a 2 lb size machine. You have to check because a lot of machines are 1 1/2 lb and boxed dough is usually 1 lb size. I don't care for box mix and use the booklet that came with the machine. I love mine (black and decker), but don't like the bread made in the machine as it is quite heavy and dense. I usually let the machine do all the hard work for me, then take it out and put it into pans to raise and bake it in the oven. Mine will make 2 big loaves or about 24 large rolls. I recently made white dinner rolls using olive oil margarine, skim milk and egg substitute and it came out great. Cut the fat way down! I also have figured out a way to make egg noodle dough in the machine. I could never make homemade noodles before getting the machine to make the dough for me.

As to dgs, you cannot believe what he put me through and I enjoyed every moment. The hotel had two floors and he loved riding in the elevator. We road that thing 200 times if we rode it once. He would get on, push 2 and when it closed pushed one. We HAD to get out and let it close and go back to one and then he would push the outside button to get it to come back and get us! Up and down up and down etc. Then he wouldn't play with anyone in the pool but me and the #$%^ water was cold! We would go out into the hotel hallway and he would take off running saying "I run as fast as I can!" Needless to say, Nonny waddled as fast as she could. The next to the last night, his mom wanted to give him a bath. She chased him all over the hotel room trying to get his clothes off. She finally got him stripped naked and I was sitting on the other bed watching TV. He jumped up on the bed, cuddled up next to me and pulled my arm down around him so his mom could not "get" him. I knew I shouldn't laugh, but it cracked me up!

Well, ladies, better go check on laundry and find out what prez had to say about IRAQ. Personally, I think they ought to send a SEAL team in to assassinate the SOB and be done with it, but you know that is the Navy wife talking!


03-17-2003, 09:58 PM

Got back this afternoon and had a wonderful weekend. We just may be relocating up there in a couple of months. Gorgeous area so near Yosimite National Park and so. so pretty and only 200 miles from my Pacific Ocean.:lol: Only drawback, which may or not be a big deal, is that I will have to leave my beloved earthlink provider for it doesn't go there.:?: An interesting thing is that the local Weight Watchers meets in that church building on Thursday evenings. :D

My bread machine is made by Breadman and makes 1, 1 1/2 and 2 pound loaves. I bought the Betty Crocker's Best Bread Machine Cookbook because it has the nutritional information in it and the recipes are pictured and every one I have tried and "lightened" have turned out great. I have had other machines and this one is far my favorite.

03-18-2003, 01:02 PM

It was very windy last night - wow. Now it is calm and sunny and practicing to be spring which comes Friday. We already have a someone who wants to purchase this trailer, so that won't be a problem when we get ready to move. We are going out today looking for a Jeep.:lol: I love Jeeps. Have had 3 before, during my adult years. We can get rid of the van and keep my car though. There are some of the roads "up there" that are so bad that lead to places we need to go (like for gold panning) :lol: when we move that it would tear the bottom out of my car. That van is such a gas guzzler that it isn't a good idea at all to keep it now. OH and it snows a little up there, not much but some since it is just about 2000 feet up above sea level. A bit higher up the mountain it really gets socked in ~ Yosemite is gorgeous in the winter. Typical high Sierra weather. Our cabin which is in a different area of the range is up 6000 feet and lots of snow falls up there. We have lived on both ends of the Yellowstone and now we are getting the chance to live at the edge of the Yosemite in a small town of 1800. The whole county has just 17 thousand folks in it.

Have a 1D FOAL day folks.

Joyce in CO
03-18-2003, 03:29 PM
Maggie - Sounds beautiful.. Do you know when you will be moving? I assume the cabin is modernized. My picture of cabin is very rustic. After DH and I were first married, we bought a cabin. No water or facilities. We made it into a home though. Someday I would like to get to Yosemite someday. I know we drove thru it on the way to somewhere but I don't remember much. Are you on the east side or west of the park. You can answer in an email if you want.

I am home from work today. :D Snow...snow...and more snow. DH measured 11" early and it's been coming down all day so far. Predicted up to 3 feet of snow. I think we might not even go out tomorrow.

DH is calling for lunch. Later friends

03-18-2003, 03:40 PM
You are too much. This frustrated one-time horse woman thought you were saying something like youall had 1 foal:dizzy: Then I figured out you were talking about "wonderful".........sorry I'm so slow on the uptake. Your proposed new location sounds wonderful! One of these days I'm going to get to that part of the country, I hope. I would love to follow the Lewis and Clark trail this summer, as they'll be having lots of interesting programs all year.

Donna, you must have lost all kinds of weight chasing after "the midget" as my father used to call my son when he was that age. We had a student at school who was a Down's Syndrome child. He was allowed to use the elevator, and loved it!! He'd get in there and ring the emergency bell:lol: :lol: We finally had to do some behavior modification to get him to stop.
I'm sorry you're having back end probs. but your tale of leaning over the tub was too much! One thing about those things, your doctor and your significant other know you very intimately:lol: Whatever works................

Looks like you're going to get dumped on........up to 30" of snow?! We just had our first "spring" walk on the Greenbrier River Trail, and my dog marked every blade of dead grass, dead leaf, and rock we passed! He won't have to empty his bladder for three days:lol:

Looks like this war thing may do away with the NCLB for awhile.......they'll have to divert some money to pay for it, and what better way than to put that on hold:D :D I have my fingers crossed for you.

I had an email from a gal who's written a book about girls and "spend the night camps" between 1950 and 2000. I met with her and about a dozen other women in FL two years ago. I took all my camp "treasures" for her to peruse. Anyway, to make a long story short, she wrote to say she's attributed a quote to me in the book. The fact that I didn't say it is immaterial. She wanted to acknowledge my help during the writing process, so I feel very flattered. It'll be out the end of May, and I can't wait.

I have to get in the shower so I'll smell better than I do now for the folks at WW.

Have a good one, flowers.

03-18-2003, 06:27 PM
Hello everyone!

Bubbles: Regarding the bathtub, I had to do it for dh when he was having his trouble and then nurse him after surgery and that was pretty UGLY so I felt sorry for my dh to have to have THAT view!! :lol: :lol: Thomas loved that elevator, but what tired me out is his demanding we get out EVERY time and sit in the upstairs chairs and wait for it to go down and then he would send for it again. The pool thing was funny because the first night it wasn't too cool and I played motorboat with him (never thinking that even though he didn't feel heavy my behind knew he was and was going to cause trouble later.) The next afternoon he demanded that only I take him to the pool. DH went with to sit in the chair, I got in, T put his toe in and said it was too cold so here I was freezing and the little stinker wouldn't get in!

Please say a prayer for me. I applied for a part-time receptionist position at a retirement community. It is weekends and I think I would really like it.

Well, gotta run. Time to start dinner.


03-18-2003, 06:38 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is cooling down and trying hard to rain; a few raindrops have fallen but nothing serious yet. At least we don't have to shovel rain! :lol:

Our daughter and her boyfriend both suvived the layoffs at Gateway. I think an :angel: must have been watching over them. I was more than a little worried this time. The ranks are getting pretty thin at their site.

Donna -- It sounds like you and T had a marvelous time although I think I would have to rest up after a trip like that! :yawn:

Maggie -- Don't you have your red pickup anymore? We haven't had any parking lot observations lately either. ;)

Joyce -- I picture a cabin as rustic too! We call my MIL's summer home a cabin but it has running (hot and cold) water, heat, cable TV, and a window air conditioner. :smug: I heard about your snow on the radio coming home -- I wasn't sure which part of CO you lived in though. I hope it doesn't reach Iowa!

Bubbles -- When the book comes out, we can all say that "we knew you when . . . ." :cp: I wasn't sure what Maggie meant either so make room for me on the dunce seat! I'm not a horseperson either, so I don't know all the horse language.

Not much is going on in my corner of the world. I have WW tonight but I really, really, really don't want to go. I have been BAD, BAD, BAD this week. There are so many people going right now that we have to wait forever to weigh in.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Flowers!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

Joyce in CO
03-18-2003, 07:18 PM
Jean - I live in the Denver area. We have over 17" of snow and it's still coming down. There is going to be a blizzard alert after sunset. Stores, malls, restaurants are closing. I don't think I will have to go to work tomorrow either. :D My DIL as been worried about her job too. The whole company might fold but they keep hanging on.

Donna - Sounds like a good job with not too many hours. Hope you get it.

I have to go finish setting all my clocks. We were without power for 2 hours this afternoon. We only have one battery clock. I need to get a battery radio too. I don't like being so totally detached when the electricity goes out.

03-18-2003, 10:55 PM
Hi Ladies, as my friend says, "It's me again, Marge";)

Just wanted to tell you I'm back on the downward track after losing 1# last week. Me thinks the exercise is paying off.

Happy Tues.

03-18-2003, 11:40 PM
OK y'all, you're all such good cooks, can someone give me a good recipe for ground beef/turkey? Did I tell you I had some Buffalo tenderloin the other night? It was delish!


03-19-2003, 03:18 AM

My husband got the call tonight and it all hinged on if I want to move up there or not.:lol: They said if I didn't want to move there then he might as well not accept the position. Isn't that just like them to leave it up to me. We will be leaving here in about 2 months ~ gotta give these folks some notice.

JEAN SA3L2CU :D - nope we got rid of that red truck last summer when it developed "too expensive to fix" problems. We got all the use that could be wrung out if it . Lots of miles put on it pulling this trailer up and down the blue roads. Bet you are a hoot trying to figure out personal plates. 1D FOAL is on my Mustang.