Exercise! - all right, i've committed myself - eep!

04-08-2012, 06:11 PM
i signed up for the 2012 Northern Lytes Strongman Competition.... *gulp*.

at the 2nd one, took third out of 4 - this year, jac-lyn's not competing (she took 2nd) but melissa, who took first, will have a cpl more years military service under her belt.

3rd is not not bad for someone who'd not been in the gym for five years and a lot of places i lost time (and thus points) were bec i hadn't the foggiest notion what i was doing so i didn't have the technique down (on the hollow log press, fex, the log kept hitting a "speed bump" on the way up [aka my boobs] so i was never able to get the thing overhead even though it wasn't all that heavy).

still won't do atlas stones unless they have a lower shelf for us shorties - the guys only had to lift chest high, i had to bring those stupid stones up to face level which is not comfortable.

oh, lord, what have i done.

04-08-2012, 09:41 PM
Way to go! I would never sign up for that, just because I'd make an utter fool of myself. But good luck, and here's to taking first place this year!

04-08-2012, 10:19 PM
oh, no - that's the great thing about PL competitions and BB competitions - there's no negativity. *everybody* cheers *everybody*.

i remember my first BB competition, i went with my trainer. there was a guy behind us who was mocking the competitors who were in less than contest condition including one guy who, frankly, was so out of place it was ridiculous - he was pale, he was pasty, and he had a beer belly. but he was up there posing away and having a grand old time and the guy behind us was booing and heckling until my trainer [who's turn in the masters division hadn't come up yet] turned around and said "hey you - i don't see you up there".

that's what it was like at the first one - the girl who took fourth was built like a newborn colt. she tried *so* hard to get the tires off the ground for the 250lb deadlift that she collapsed and needed oxygen from the EMTs. everybody cheered like crazy when she got up wobble-kneed and waved "i'm all right!".

you're not competing against the others as much as you're competing against yourself.

although, yeah - there were more than a few chuckles every time that stupid log hit my boobs and jammed. was starting to feel very http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs12/f/2006/341/a/a/Naga___The_Serpent___by_DARK_KANETAKER.jpg (only, you know, without the hot-and-sexy part)