Exercise! - I have no idea what to log my exersize as

04-07-2012, 01:46 AM
ive been no really accounting for a food portion of my workouts. can anyone help what I should label it as or how many calories it burns ?

I start with about 5-8 minutes of stretching. From my position on the ground after that I lay back and do "bycicle legs" for 40 sec - 1min. to rest my legs I then do 20 sit ups after that I do another 30 seconds of bike legs, then another 20 sit ups.

I then do 20 leg lifts per leg. then 10 .. of the lifts where I being up both at once. not sure what it's called !

then I get my resistance bands (light and med. resistance doubled up) and I do about 30 leg pushes - put the bands on my feet and push out. then I get up and do 10 squats while holding the bands above my arms.

then I do various arm workouts-usually 10 reps each and 4 different sets.
I do squats again - 10 of them
I do bike legs and sit ups again.
The I get my weights (5lbs each) and do lunges for 30 seconds, more arms for 2 minutes.
by this time I'm hot and my heart rate is up and it's been about 20 minutes.
I then get on my mini trampoline and jog in place for 15-20 minutes while holding my weights. I dont do this too vigorously yet.

the only part of this I really log is the tramp !! can anyone help me on how I should log it ?
it's just my homemade thing. no video.

04-09-2012, 02:44 PM

04-09-2012, 02:46 PM
you could log that as calisthenics or as aerobic dance.

have you looked into tabata training? 4min sessions that are *very* effective at burning fat and kicking your butt.