30-Somethings - Start of 6th week - Down 15.6 pounds

04-02-2012, 01:57 PM
Well here are my stats for 5 weeks of Medifast, 1 planned slip (which happened Saturday and I still lost 4.4 pounds this week)

March 5th (1st weigh in) 239.6 -5.4
12-Mar 237.6 -2
19-Mar 236.4 -1.2
26-Mar 233.8 2.6

2-Apr 229.4 4.4

Total weight loss for 5 weeks = 15.6 pounds so like 3.2 pounds average each week.

I was worried about the beer and salad I had (not much) on Saturday at a birthday but wondering now if that actually helped me lose more because 4.4 lb weight loss is biggest yet (not counting first week which is always large and mostly water).