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04-01-2012, 06:12 AM
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The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

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04-01-2012, 06:13 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Wandered off plan with my afternoon snack, Ouch. Methinks I'm a little stir crazy trying not to use my calf. I did well at dinner with friends, CREDIT moi, where there was opportunity for seconds that I ignored.

Did watch the recent Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris. 'Twas fun to have Paris of the 1920's tossed about, and to imagine having a conversation with Gertrude Stein.

onebyone – Just love the sound of "on sale and further reduced" - bargains are good for the soul. Kudos for signing up for the 5K walk to keep the motivation focused.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for stretching the old comfort zone.

Beverlyjoy – Forward, ever forward.

maryann - Yep, Kudos for "... but that didn't translate into eating." Hope you enjoyed your sushi.

Woodland - Yay for garage sale finds. And Kudos for trying your Intuitive Eating experiment.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan on Weekends
weekend skills

Read your Response Cards and Advantages Deck more often. You will probably need to read them several times a day to continually remind yourself why it's worth it to stay in control.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 139.

04-01-2012, 12:15 PM
Bill: LOVED Midnight in Paris!

04-01-2012, 04:37 PM
Hi friends/coaches... today I got on the scale and it said five pounds up. Yikes! I do know, however, that I did not eat enough to deserve it. I took some medicine that sometimes makes me retain water. I am thinking it's part of it. But... it was a real wake up call. I did not like seeing that number on the scale. This weighing every day worked today. I have planned a healthy day.

billbe - oops on your afternoon snack. Credit for not overeating when out at friends. I am sorry about your calf. I hope it mends quickly.

I hope you are all having a GREAT healthy day.

04-02-2012, 01:08 AM
I liked Midnight in Paris, too!

I didn't meet my exercise goal last month, but got a strong start on the new month (75 minutes today, even with all the blogging conference activities).

I post my weight on the ticker and sidebar on the first of the month. 166 is the lowest weight yet and one I'm happy to be my maintenance weight.

04-02-2012, 05:53 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did well with meals, CREDIT moi, including dinner at a vegetarian Indian Restaurant. But continued on my bigger-than-planned snacks. I'm not eating outside of planned times, just making the size too big. Ouch, Ouch, Ouch.

Went for a slow walk, CREDIT moi, to see what birds were coming back. A couple of Eastern Phoebe were back along with a whole bunch of Red-winged Blackbirds. There were many reports of aggressive Turkeys, but we didn't see them. Saw an unusually large number of Robins - felt like Hitchcock's The Birds, LOL. (With the great line, "Don't they ever stop migrating?")

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats for posting your lowest weight ever. Would you like Hemingway to critique a chapter of your NaNoWriMo?

Beverlyjoy – Yep, Kudos for weighing even when the news isn't pleasant.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – Waving back to that whole flock of cheerleaders who won't know if they'll have more joining them until the 40 days is over.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan on Weekends
weekend skills

Memory Box cards
When you stick to your plan during a challenging weekend, create a new card for your Memory Box. Terry wrote:Memory Card
I'm really glad I didn't overeat an didn't drink too much
this weekend, like I did every time in the past when
Ashley and Bob came to town. I felt really good this
Monday morning. Thank goodness I made myself sit
down on Friday to make a plan.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 140.

04-02-2012, 08:12 AM
Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

My written plan changed yesterday when mom and I decided to go to Denver. Lunch was at WF, and was healthy. credit. I got home, was tired and yet was torn because I felt I needed to be working on the project. The spot between tired and unfinished projects is not a good spot for me. I chose the couch and a bball game and my planned snack continued into more snacking instead of my planned dinner. I weighed this morning, knowing the scale would be up and it was. I work today and have fretted over the project this morning. Instead of dreading the baseboard painting I went ahead and did it. I can cross that off the list and I'm hoping :crossed: my DH and furry friends will be home tomorrow. I took tomorrow off from work and have a helper coming at 7 to aid in moving furniture. *Credit* for checking in this morning.

Onward and upward! This, too, shall pass.

ETA-Here are some photos, when I first pulled the carpet out, sanded to bare wood, one coat of wet finish and final coat dry. The floor looks spectacular....#2 and #3 show my next project (of many) "Victorian Rot" I call it. We fixed it once and the plaster bubbled and fell off again. Fortunately, it's hidden by the furniture for now, but drives my crazy..before DH left, his instructions were for me to "not pick" at it. I resisted the urge.

04-02-2012, 09:07 AM
Hi Everyone,

My weekend was good. I counted every calorie and used Beck skills to stay positive. My ticker moves down one, yeah ! My motto yesterday was "just keep moving", and I got a lot done in the house and in the yard. It was 90 degrees outside, so that in itself was a challenge to get used to!

I ordered the Beck pink book in audio format. I wish it were in eBook format, but maybe someday.

04-02-2012, 09:59 AM
Hi Coaches

Not sure what to say about the weekend. It felt full of food events, but I think that's an exaggeration. More than likely I have been thinking about food quite a bit. I have gone over my official points allowances for the week but I "bank" my earned activity points, earned for exercise, and still have a pile of them left so, technically, and according to WW, I can say I *am* OP. I am *fretting* for my weigh-in this week. I have to take a trip to Ottawa to see my mom, to get some stuff taken care of for her and then to meet up with my brother and sister for a buffet lunch. Then we were planning food for the get together of my drawing group as well. So my mind has been in a whirl trying to nail down what I am eating and when and how the heck will I see a number under 260 with *all this* going on?

It seems impossible.
It seems I am going away at the worst time ever; just when I have started to lose weight again
It seems like everything will be too stressful.

I do need to remember that the lat time I went away I lost weight. So. There's my proof that going away does not equal a weight gain.

credit for weighing in this morning=+2lbs up = 261.7 on the wii fit.
credit for planning exercise into my day today = swimming this morning

Happy Monday everyone.

04-02-2012, 10:36 AM
Hello friends, becksters, coaches... I am so happy to be able to say that yesterday was a healthy food day. That five pound gain in a day was gone this morning -YAY. I think it was a combination of salt, medication and extra food. Somehow... it's given me the willingness try and do the things that I know work and are helpful.

Yesterday I planned/measured/logged food, weighed, did my stretches & strengthening exericise, lots of water, & tried to eat slower.

My foot/ankle is still a little sore... but, I stopped taking the strong nsaid and will try to get through it with tylenol, ice and rest. I must stay out of the garden for the next few days.

Onebyone - traveling can be tricky. Read and reread what Dr. Beck suggests - they have been helpful a few times while trying to stay OP while out of town. Safe travel.

woodland - credit for staying true to your calories and using your Beck techniques. Happy dance in honor of the scale going down. Carry on.

debbie/lexxiss - credit for getting on the scale even when you know you've eaten some extra. Hop right back on your plan. The floor looks nice. I love the 'take out' at whole foods.

billbe - credit for being OP at the restuarant. If you aren't measuring your snacks... maybe doing that for a few days might help.

Have a great day.

Update - I can't go without the nsaids - too sore. (phooey) So, if I gain some water weight I will know I've been true to my plan. Yes... I am planning to have a healthy day.

04-02-2012, 01:02 PM
Bill: Haha, you caught me. I added another because I *think* I'm 165 :)

04-02-2012, 02:06 PM
Good morning, Coaches.

Like gardenerjoy, I change my ticker on the first of each month. Credit to her and credit to me for a lower weight. Skiing this weekend, I know, helped the scale.
Still blue at work. This problem will not be solved until my leave begins June 1. Credit for one foot in front of another. I still must do a quality job but I can also get off my back (per dh) and take it easy.
BBE: Loved midnight in Paris. The Hemingway caricature was hysterical.
Woodland: Congrats on good program days.
beverleyjoy: I absolutely agree that weighing everyday keeps me on track.
Shout out to everyone else.

04-02-2012, 03:27 PM
Hello All,

I had a good weekend visiting my brother, his kids and his new baby grand-daughter. It's fun to have a baby in the family again. My eating was not really OP for my program (low-carb) as I did eat a lot of those but I never ate to excessiveness so it seemed okay. I did however get a box of smarties to eat during the drive home yesterday and have to admit they didn't really taste that great, and it was like I needed to eat the whole box to convince myself of that. Oh well, it's over, done and in the past! Just need to get through this up-coming weekend with the Easter treats now.

Weighed this morning and am the same, will try to get some walking in today, my pedometer numbers have been really low lately. I also plan to get my bike out this week even with the forecast of snow again on Thursday.
Hope everyone has a good day!

04-03-2012, 01:41 AM
There's a locally-sourced grocery store and cafe that's about thirty minutes from here. I really enjoy it but it's so far that I rarely go to it. I just found out that they are opening a new location a mile from my house. I'll be able to walk there! I'm so happy about that! They open in July or August.

WI: +0.05 kgs, Exercise:+45 120/1400 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: I enjoyed how Hemingway was portrayed in Midnight in Paris as the uber-man. It helped me understand why I have such difficulty reading his stories. He would hate my NaNoWriMo project! And, I'm okay with that. He's not my target audience. :)

Lexxiss: your floor is gorgeous!

Woodland: yay for "just keep moving." We got to 90 here today.

onebyone: Like this mantra: going away does not equal a weight gain. What works for me is focusing on veggies and the rare fruit (both take some effort while traveling) and skipping most of my normal snacks on the theory that I'm probably getting more calories at the meals than normal. "Hunger is not an emergency" helps a lot and so do all the distractions of travel.

Beverlyjoy: sorry for the continued need for nsaids, but, boy, I'm glad those little thingies exist when we need them!

maryann: yay for seeing another ticker drop lower on the first of the month!

Tazzy: yay for a good weekend without excessive eating. I'm abstaining from Easter candy this year. I ordered some really lovely chocolates for DH's birthday this past weekend. They were wonderful and I'm going to refuse to taint that experience with any less fine of a chocolate (and what I'll see on Easter will be considerably less fine!).

04-03-2012, 06:29 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Just OK with food, CREDIT moi, but particularly well with an evening event where food was present for a long time and I still ate rationally.

Today is the day that Ben & Jerry's offer a FREE scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt. The nearest "scoop shop" is a healthy walk for me which would be good exercise, although perhaps stressing the calf I'm ordered to stay off of. I'll have to wrestle with that one all day.

onebyone – Yay for swimming. And Kudos for clearing out the cobweb thinking so that you can enjoy going to visit your mom and siblings.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Good news to have a local source place only a mile away. Might be the best walking mile ever. [So there, Mr. Hemingway, you weren't the target audience anyway, LOL.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Super job on that floor! I love the detail of your window molding - the better part of Victorian. Ouch for the plaster issue; plaster walls must have been invented before plate tectonics started, LOL.

Beverlyjoy – Five pounds up and down in a day is a fine roller coaster, LOL. What is the benefit of avoiding nsaids? I was directed to take Ibuprofen for the duration and have only been concerned that I forget.

maryann - It's less than two months until June 1st; we'll help cheer you through that.

Tazzy - Yay for babies; Yay for granddaughters. LOL at having to eat the whole box of Smarties to know they don't taste all that great. I, too, will try to avoid Easter candies this weekend. I know that I won't bring any into the house.

Woodland - "just keep moving" is a great mantra - I might just steal that.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – Welcome new cheerleader.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan Despite Food Pushers

Food pushers - people who offer food and strongly encourage you to eat it - can seriously sabotage your weight-loss efforts if you don't learn how to respond to them. Some food pushers try to make you feel guilty: "But I worked so hard to make this meal for you!" Some try to minimize the impact on your weight. "Oh, eating this one thing isn't going to make a difference." Some try to seduce you: "It's really good; you have to try it." Regardless of what the food pushers are saying, your response can always be the same: "No, thank you."

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 140.

04-03-2012, 09:28 AM
Hi Everyone,

I ate over my calorie amounts on Monday, so I need to be more careful today. It had gotten cold and windy outside, so I was craving hot comfort food. I learned that those choices need to be consumed in smaller portions.

Exercise was good and I found a few more music videos to put on my smartphone. I enjoy watching those while I petal. I sure like the new Kelly Clarkson one for her song "Stronger". I made up a story about how food mistakes are the bad guys, and she's singing about what it feels like to pick yourself up and get back on track. lol. Just keep moving.


onebyone: I'm impressed that you are clearly identifying and stating what is stressing you (the "it seems" list). Hearing what your mind is thinking and feeling is an important Beck skill.

Beverlyjoy: If you'll be getting Colorado's weather, it won't be hard to stay out of the garden - colder, windy and hopefully damp. Yea for deciding to plan again.

fyreflie24: Congrats for the new cheerleader!

maryann: Yeah for ticker movement downwards.

Tazzy: I like that you discovered that a food item just didn't seem to hold the same value as it once did. That's powerful.

gardenerjoy: Colder days are coming! It feels so nice after that hot blast. Your local grocery store & cafe sounds wonderful.

BillBlueEyes: Credit for eating rationally at your event. That Ben & Jerry's offer sounds tempting. At least you have time to made a decision and modify your other food if you choose to have some. Yeah, the 'just keep moving' was easy to remember and spurred me into not worrying, just doing.

04-03-2012, 10:38 AM
Coaches - Hi!

Yesterday was a healthy food day. My plan did take a couple of twists and turns when DH wanted to go out to eat - but, then we ended up not going. Anyway - I was within my plan despite all the changes. DH got Jr. Frosty's for the little neighbors and didn't get one for me (yay) and it never came in the house. I think my 'enabler' comment really made him listen - Oh, I know it did. He left me a message the other day calling himself 'your dear enabler'. Now it's kind of a jolke - but, it's OK with me.

We usually hide the eggs for our little neighbors for them to find after church on Easter Sunday. DH said he would take care of filling them. Thanks, honey!

Some credits for yesterday:
planned/measured/logged food
no seconds
stretches and strengthening
lots of water
left one bite at every meal/snack
tried to eat slower
posted here
weighed - down

This morning I was down 1.5 pounds. Tomorrow will be seven weeks since my two surgeries. I gave myself 'that time' before changing my ticker one way or the other. Today I am 204... so we will see what tomorrow brings. I will change it up or down or none (if necessary) tomorrow.

billbe - credit for managing your food at the evening event. It surely can be hard. Can you plan to eat the frozen yogurt? Or would it be a trigger? The reason I don't like to take nsaid is that they can make me retain water. It's crazy - but, I have a hard time seeing that scale go up. I know.. I must just use the number as information. I work hard on not letting that number mess with my mind so much. I am better... but,not there totally.

gardenerjoy - glad to hear of this great market coming your way - that will be helpful. I agree... having nsaids to use are a gratitude (even if I gain water weight)

tazzy - sometimes trips are so challenging. Glad you didn't gain despite eating some unplanned foods! Hop back on your plan and deal with Easter as the time gets closer.

Woodland - love your approach to Kelly Clarkston's Stronger song!! Yes - cold weather will help keep me out of the garden. Learning how to live with food seems to be a lifelong process.

Everyone, have a good day.

04-03-2012, 11:42 AM
Good morning everyone!

A couple of NSV that I keep forgetting to tell you. When my parents returned from Arizona I asked Mom to pick up some size 12 Dress Barn pants if she could find them on a sale rack. She brought me back 3 pairs and 2 fit perfectly, a few more pounds and the 3rd pair will fit as well. Very happy to be able to give someone a size and brand and be able to wear them. Then last night I asked DH for my spring coat and low and behold it now hangs on me, problem is I really like it and it's way too big. Guess I'll ask a seamstress friend if it's possible to take it in. I guess it's not a bad problem to have!

And another non-weight related topic. Do any of you watch Live with Kelly in the mornings. This week's shows were filmed in Banff which is a short 1 hour drive from my house. I watched yesterdays in awe of the beauty and splendor that I live in and realized I need to get outside to that area so much more than I do.

Weighed, up .4, went shopping to Costco and had a sample of honey ham, and as I put it in my mouth I thought of all of you on the board. I passed the other samples in the store after that! As BBE would say if it's not unusual or rare skip it. Now I wondering how unusual or rare a free scoop of Ben & Jerry's really is?? Did not get out on my bike as I ended up walking around Costco but will definitely try tonight as the rain and snow are predicted to arrive tomorrow.

I'll get back for personals soon. :wave:

04-03-2012, 01:15 PM
Dear Coaches,

Woke up crying again this morning. Sometimes the anxiousness is overwhelming. Thank God for DH and DS. I do feel like I've been in a war too long. After last week with parent conflicts, principal conflicts, interviews,school board free falls with union, I just can't seem to battle back.
I so much appreciate your support.
I was telling a friend the other day that when we get that things we've always wished for from God we never imagine them coming at the SAME time as other challenges. The good with the bad, eh? An examples is struggling with my work situation while having this wonderful boy who is going to State Finals in Nature Bowl.
If I check out due to my anxiety, I also check out from him, from the beauty of life, from being of service. Just for today I will be "present" no matter what it feels like.

BBE: So comforting to know you are all listening.
Tazzy: Terrifc about the size 12. What a blessing to have clothes that fit. Everything I use to own was too small or shapeless.

Best to all.

04-03-2012, 04:45 PM
Hello Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

MaryAnn, sending supportive thoughts your way :hug: I know you have lots of support and love at home, too.

My family returns this afternoon. They are traveling right now.

I am tidying up...the rest of the carpet left here today and the remaining "old" floor is now revealed in the living room. I have proven something to myself in this process and if we determine we are going to continue I will find a way for it to be a "family project". I weighed this morning and had my usual smoothie. I'm quite hungry right now yet want to go to the library and work on the community puzzle before DH arrives. Lightbulb moment, "Debbie, have the lunch you always take to work". Simple and yummy...takes 3 min. to prepare and I'll take it with me. *credit*

I know once the fam arrives there not be "me" time for awhile.
BillBlueEyes, if it were closer I would take DH to B/J free scoop day. Thank you for the reminder I would have never known.

04-03-2012, 08:23 PM

Well I am stressed out and giving in/and taking it back/and giving in/and taking it back with the food all day. I nibbled my way through dinner as I stood over the stove preparing it. I've probably eaten all my points at the stove. I say probably as I have not added them up.... I'll go do that now...hang on; ok I have used up exactly the points I had left for the day so: the kitchen is closed. DH's dinner awaits him.

I post-poned my Ottawa trip. With the holiday weekend I'm afraid I won't be able to either see my friends or take my mom out or get the chores done. I need a regular week so I'll go next week. I have to accept that it now costs me money to visit Ottawa. I find this hard to accept. But unless I want to sleep on the floor at my friend's house (actually I do, but DH forbids it as I get too tired/worn out and stressed out to deal with bad sleep as well), ask acquaintances if I can stay over which is an unkknown situation for me (and all my acquaintances are either battling illnesses or going through a lot of stressful family stuff), or have to stay with my siblings who are hard to reach and/or it's a weird family dynamc right now so I want to just avoid them if I can &/or keep our encounters to a minimum, this leaves me with having to pay for a place to stay. Ottawa isn't cheap either. So, 3 day visits it is. That's about the max I am willing to pay for and honestly, with my mom more time spent together is not necessarily better. Her memory is pretty gone and she gets easily depressed whether I am there or not, but we do have a good time together. It's all just so different now.

So the food wasn't disconnected from the feelings today. I wasn't expecting to weigh in on Thursday as I would have been away so I doubt I will see that # under 260 this week, even though I was only 0.3 away from it last week.
I've been struggling all week.

BillBlueEyes Credit indeed for "just OK with food". Methinks it was the "free" bit of the B&J offer that was the true temptation for you. In your criteria, it was indeed rare and unusual. How did it go?

Woodland I am also into the upper limits of my foodplan and need to keep a lid on it. It can be done! Just keep moving applies to pretty much everything. Credit.

Beverlyjoy Kudos for all yur credits. that's god work and the scale is reflecting it. Credit to getting the message across to your DH about the goodies. SO GREAT he did not bring you one of those frozen treats. This is fantastic.

Tazzy Yay for your nsv's! I keep forgetting to mention that I bought size 16 pants at Costco and I can wear them as well as the XL yoga pants--they fit too. I didn't expect them to fit just yet so I know how you feel :) :dancer: I've never been to Banff or to Alberta. I may get to Edmonton this year--looking forward to the West Edmonton Mall!

maryann Sometimes things are just hard. We can make them harder or we can be easier on ourselves. I am trying to learn this lesson too it seems. I have not had the tears but that doesn't mean they aren't there for me too, as well as the anxiety. Different issue, same reactions. Thanks for reminding me the only way out is through.:hug:

Lexxiss Your floor made me *sigh* It looks great but boy, I have to say, that sure looks like work to me! Big credit for doing the job. I was straining to look out your window, wondering what your view was like. What side of the Rockies is that house on? Kudos for acting upon your lightbulb moment re: lunch.

Bye for now.

04-03-2012, 09:46 PM
Hi Everyone,

Just got back from my first bike ride of the season! :bike2: I was debating on going but the temp was 16C and tomorrow we are expecting a 10 degree drop in temperatures and between 2 to 6 inches of snow! I wish winter would just go away.

04-04-2012, 12:07 AM
I did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout for the first time in a long time and found Level 1 easier than I remembered. Yay for getting stronger!

WI: -0.3 kgs, Exercise:+50 170/1400 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Tazzy: we get a dramatic change in weather this week, too.

onebyone: yay for you for working out when and how you need to do your Ottawa trip. I kind of enjoy staying in hotel rooms by myself -- it feels very retreat-like. Can you make that happen for you?

Lexxiss: good job making a packed lunch so that you could enjoy an activity.

maryann: sending hugs, and cheers, and concerned thoughts. What is a Nature Bowl?

Beverlyjoy: yay for seeing real changes in DH. I especially like his offer to take over the tempting part of the Easter Egg Hunt.

Woodland: went to watch Kelly Clarkson -- I like your interpretation. And I put the song on a Spotify playlist I call "Hope and Determination" and play whenever my motivation is flagging.

BillBlueEyes: hope you found a good way to deal with the Ben & Jerry's.

04-04-2012, 07:33 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Meals were OK, CREDIT moi, but my snack problem has drifted to my afternoon snack from my evening snack. My regular activities are curtailed by this playing nice with my calf, so I find myself drifting toward food. Still working on it.

Thanks for all the encouragement on FREE Ben & Jerry's ice cream day. You're all right, it's hardly rare or unusual, since I can buy a pint of Ben & Jerry's from the corner store 24/7 - as well as from any of the other stores in town. So I passed, with the thought that I can always get it next year. CREDIT moi for a moment of sanity.

onebyone – That settles it, "the kitchen is closed." Ouch for the realities of your trip to Ottawa. Kudos for facing them with your eyes open.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – "Yay for getting stronger!" indeed!!

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Goodbye old carpet, welcome refinished wood floors. We have one room that is carpeted because underneath is genuine plywood - construction grade, LOL.

Beverlyjoy – LOL at 'your dear enabler' - Yay for a DH who hears you. I thought of you the other day when I left some rice on my plate, remembering that you do this every meal. And now I read, "every snack" also, Kudos.

maryann - One amazing thought, "Just for today I will be "present" no matter what it feels like." Just love hearing your appreciation of your DS.

Tazzy - Super NSV, " give someone a size and brand and be able to wear them." Kudos for skipping all the other samples at Costco. Yay for a bike ride before the impending snow.

Woodland - Neat to re-interpret Kelly Clarkson's Stronger. Yep, "Just keep moving."

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan Despite Food Pushers

Create a Food Pusher Mindset
To follow your plan when people suggest you do otherwise, you will need to respond to sabotaging thoughts, such as I can't make her feel bad by turning her down, or, I can't stick up for myself. Of course it's understandable that you don't want to disappoint another person, but you have to make a choice. Either potentially disappoint others and lose weight; or please them, strengthen you giving-in muscle, weaken your resistance muscle, and feel out of control, bad about yourself, and unhappy when you step on the scale. In short, disappoint yourself.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 140.

04-04-2012, 10:20 AM
Hi Everyone,

Calorie units were good for me yesterday, but I missed my studio exercise. I wasn't willing to bear the cold, and DH and I forayed to town instead. Despite feeling like I'm half on plan lately, the scale seems to be inching downward. Today is a new day and the sun is out. I'll work on my mind and take it one day at a time.

……….. Just Keep Moving

Beverlyjoy: I'm so glad you and DH are getting on the same page about sweets. He sounds like a sweetie :)

Tazzy: Congrats on the pants fitting ! Great accomplishment. Your bike ride sounded invigorating.

maryann: Group hug

Lexxiss: It helps me to hear about your string of good days and your accomplishments. When mistakes are happening in my thinking, hearing about the flip side reminds me that another way is available and possible.

onebyone: It is good that you counted what you nibbled. That's being present and mindful.

gardenerjoy: You should be able to find Kelly's video on youtube. The visuals are great because it shows crowds of people dancing and interpreting the song. Their energy is powerful, along with the words.

BillBlueEyes: For your snack attacks, maybe finding the lowest calorie healthy food might allow you to have a bit more volume (for your eyes) without extra calories. A few days of this might calm down the need you feel. I was thinking watermelon or honey dew melon. It might be satisfying.

04-04-2012, 02:07 PM
Good Morning, Coaches!

Much better day today. Slept all night, woke up no tears. One of the battles I had last week was with a mom. I had called to tell her her daughter's behavior had changed dramatically and I was going to take action. Denial was the response. Yesterday, the girl was caught in the bathroom smoking pot. I can't say I am happy about it but I feel validated and wonder why I question my instincts so much. Anyway, with that suspension and a few more key suspensions, today is pretty easy. I am able to give the good kids more attention and it makes me happier. I know I am of service when I am helping the troubled ones but I always feel a failure giving less attention to the good kids. This is unreal expectations on myself. Just for today, I will take what DH calls "the gimmee" and enjoy a little peace.

Thanks for everyone's good vibes.

Gardenerjoy: Nature bowl is for primary grade kids. It is like a debate tourni with teams competing. The kids put on Enviro commercials, play Jeopardy with science questions, realays, etc. DS will do his presentation to School Board. very cute.
Lexxiss: Super congrats on floor and a healthy lunch. My "go to" philosophy now is always bring my food with me. So much cheaper and healthier.
BBE: Thoughts to you as you are grounded with the calf. Food is never far and you can't run away from it.
Woodland: inching downward is good!
Onebyone: Congrats for adjusting plans without opening the kitchen back up.

04-04-2012, 03:26 PM
Quick check in today before I head off to a meeting. Weighed and up 1.4, and I know why. Last night DH and I were watching some TV and I decided to have some of the malted easter egg candies I picked up the night before. Again they didn't really taste that good and only led into eating licorce all-sorts. Again not tasting that good. My bike ride did not burn enough calories to even consider eating any of those. I guess I now know that it cannot be in the house and they are not anymore now that I have eaten them. :mad:

So today being a new start I got out my tracking book and started writing down the calories. For now I'm going to go back to that method and keep as much of the processed food out of my diet. Still no desire to eat bread products which is good for me. I'm going to try and add some other carbs in, I did have oatmeal for breakfast with some yogurt and at 10am was hungry so I know having eggs is a better option to keep me full for longer. I even debated digging out the WW books but it just frustrated me last time so calorie counting for now will be the choice. Sometimes I get so tired of having to think of every single thing I put in my mouth.

The snowstorm is not supposed to hit until tonight after rain starts around 6pm, maybe I can get a quick bike ride in when I get home. I really loved being back out on it yesterday and it will take a few rides to get my butt used to it again. :dizzy:

Hope everyone is doing well.

04-04-2012, 10:31 PM
Hi! Checking in. Busy day -

Tuesday was a healthy day, mostly - I had some extra in the evening. Before that I accompllished many of my beck goals:
including - reading my arc/rc/beck
slower eating
I weighed today and have changed my ticker to reflect my weight. It's been up and down a few pounds since right before my surgery. (really up one day - meds). I will carry on.

I have/had a very yummy healthy Easter dinner planned: lamb chops, asparagus, tossed salad, rice, & strawberries on sponge cake. Well, DH and his sister planned for the traditional wilted lettuce salad (bacon dressing like grandma used to make) and 2 pies with ice cream. *sigh* They forgot to tell me. I'll work it out. I'd love to have an easier holiday meal to be around. It's how life is - I must learn to work around it the best I can.

Hoping you've all had a healthful day. As always thanks for your support, caring and wisdom.

04-05-2012, 01:28 AM
Re-ordered some things in order to deal with DH's complaint that there weren't any leftovers to form the basis of his lunch. So picked a different supper that created leftovers. I still ate mostly as if I planned it that way.

WI: -0.05 kgs, Exercise:+15 185/1400 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: yay for staring down Ben & Jerry -- those are tough guys to stand up against!

Woodland: I love the dancing on the Kelly Clarkson video. I especially liked that she used people of all shapes and sizes!

maryann: good for you for recognizing an opportunity "to enjoy a little peace."

Tazzy: I find exchange programs a bit less tedious than calorie-counting. But, still, thinking about everything that goes in my mouth is pretty much part of the program. Have you ever tried the program in Beck's green book? It's kind of an exchange plan augmented with calorie-counting and emphasizes proteins. I also find the Beck approach of planning ahead remarkably helpful. If it's not written on the plan that I wrote last night, then I don't think about eating it. Well, that's not true 100% of the time, but often enough to make it useful.

Beverlyjoy: your plan for Easter sounds lovely -- especially the strawberries and sponge cake. I think I could skip the pie with that on offer. The wilted lettuce salad seems a bit more of a challenge. Could you put a little of that on top of your own tossed salad so that you get a lot more veggies in proportion to the dressing?

Hello, onebyone, Lexxiss, and anyone else happening by!

04-05-2012, 04:42 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Just a good enough day; CREDIT moi anyway. Dinner had an opportunity for seconds that I turned down. Still having as issue with snack size - Ouch.

Exercise was walking to my bedroom to rest my calf elevated above my head. Not sure what good this does, but I find it rather nice to be ordered by my doctor to lie down during the day, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I absolutely love leftovers - but possibly because I eat them a little less constrained. It's difficult for me to eat, say, 3/4 of a leftover if that's the right portion for me. My DW can do that and toss the rest without a flinch.

Beverlyjoy – It's nice to have an important meal that's good quality yet simple. I don't know how to make a wilted lettuce salad.

maryann - Denial is so prevalent; BTDT absolutely blind. Kudos for graciously accepting "the gimmee."

Tazzy - I know that awful/good feeling - that the food's not there to eat any more of. Hard to think of folks having a real winter since we skipped that season down here.

Woodland - Ouch for cold blocking your studio exercise. Yep, "Today is a new day."

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan Despite Food Pushers

Create a Food Pusher Mindset
It's really okay - and important! - to turn down your aunt when she urges you to fill your plate with seconds or friends who enthusiastically encourage you to order another drink. It isn't rude to turn down people if you do so in a polite way. Ask yourself, Why do I think I can't disappoint other people, but it's okay to disappoint myself?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 140-141.

04-05-2012, 05:27 AM
Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

Yesterday had some emotional twists and turns as we tried to reintegrate family AND I spent an unplanned day at work.( DH seemed a little miffed because I hadn't paid enough attention to him yet) I made up to him by taking him to IMAX in Denver to see Tornado Alley in 3D then out to dinner. We tried Ethiopian for the first time. It was good...seemed healthy yet I have no idea what the bread stuff was. I'll research today. Credit yesterday for weighing, making my smoothie and taking my lunch even though I woke up less than an hour before work. I love automation.

04-05-2012, 09:43 AM
Hi Everyone,

Wednesday was very busy for me. Exercise was my recumbent bike, plus being on my feet what seemed like all day. I baked, gardened, helped DH load the pickup for a trash haul, washed the dog, walked the dog pack, etc. Calories were low and that was ok.

Today I'm going to re-think my floor work exercise routine because I'm struggling with it. I need a change in either time or something because I'm not making it a priority. Any tips, coaches, on how you stay motivated to do formal exercise? lol, for my bike riding I keep a little log with the time and distance I do. I started making a big parenthesis with a smiley face that spans M/W/F. So I feel committed to doing it just so I can complete the parenthesis! Maybe I answered my own question and need a log for the other routine...

……….. Just Keep Moving

maryann: Yeah for a better day, and a good night's sleep. Your work sounds very challenging.

Tazzy: Credit for starting over. The speed with which we are willing to do that is really an important muscle to have. I'm a calorie counter and find it works well in turning food into a number, not a bowl of comfort.

Beverlyjoy: I hope you find a way to eat in a way that suits your healthy goals on the holiday. There is a section in Beck that talks about this. I'm going to review it today.

gardenerjoy: I agree - her video is empowering. Yeah for re-thinking food to make it fit the need for leftover lunches.

BillBlueEyes: Credit for knowing that snacks are troublesome. The problem can't hide or fester with that kind of thinking. I need to do the same with my studio exercising and make it a priority on T/Th again.

Lexxiss: Credit for staying focused on your plan needs while taking care of others.

04-05-2012, 10:46 AM
Woodland: Classes... for me, classes are key. I work harder in classes. And doing something you really love and connect with. I've struggled, I mean STRUGGLED with the exercise piece until I FINALLY (and not that long ago) began a structured and rigorous yoga practice. I wouldn't dream of not hitting my mat now.

Before I found yoga, the thing that helped me was accountability. A dear friend of mine made me email him my workout schedule at the beginning of the week. Then, I'd use my bike app and have it email him an update or check in at the gym so he knew I was there. That helped get me into the groove after about 2 weeks.

Good luck! The exercise piece was by far the hardest for me to get working consistently.

04-05-2012, 05:45 PM
Hello all. Gotta a break in between customers, so thought I would do a quick check in. Eating is so-so. Could be better! Am still trying to get a few minutes to re-do my advantages cards, am reading them, but I want to write more on them, but this is my busy season and will be until the end of May, so one day and one step at a time. We are closed tomorrow (don't work on the day Jesus died) so will be "working" at home doing payroll and catching up on invoices AND hopefully having time to catch up here, hopefully the weather will hold up and we can go bike riding in the neighborhood, it's been raining a lot the past few days. Bell rang, customer coming in, have a blessed day.

04-05-2012, 05:57 PM
Hi friends/coaches/buddies - I am having a healthful day today. I am feeling very stressed as a good good friend of DH's (his best friend from high school and they are still good friends) had a heart attack and is having open heart surgery as I type this. DH is home on a day off - he's scooted over to the hospital to sit with our DF's wife. The first thing I wanted to do was eat!! You know... any emotion makes me think of food. But - I have shouted back at those sabatoging thoughts for now. I keep saying that eating and food is NOT an emergency... it does not fix cravings, desire, emotions, fatigue or illness. It just does NOT fix them. Please send your positive thoughts to our friend, Brad.

I saw an article (and a news cast) today on the West African Chocolate /cocoa growers - who use child/ &slave labor to grow and harvest the cocoa beans. That the major chocolate manufacturers all buy this cocoa. It certainly gave me something to think about. I think I need to go to Fair Trade Chocolate products. I am fairly addicted to chocolate - I am so appalled and don't know what to think. Maybe this can be a catalyst for quelling my chocolate desires.

Thanks for listening.

Hope you day is going well.

04-06-2012, 12:17 AM
Coping with excitement/stress of switching to a new cell phone provider and new phones and all the associated things that we hopefully thought through. Looks like I'll get my first ever smart phone tomorrow. I'm remembering that one of my occasions for overeating was as a way to calm myself in situations like this. But I didn't do that today and I think I'll just go to bed early with a book.

WI: -0.05 kgs, Exercise:+55 240/1400 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Woodland: I set a goal for minutes exercised in the month. I count yoga, qi gong, stretching, dancing to whatever comes up on Pandora (their new workout stations are fun), even gardening if I do enough hauling to make it aerobic or enough squats and lunges to make it strength-training. I still get into ruts where I'm on the treadmill every day or always doing exercise DVDs or never doing exercise DVDs, but when I notice that I'm in a rut, the minutes per month goal helps me make an adjustment and still feel like I'm heading toward my overall goal.

Beverlyjoy: sending healing energies to Brad and supportive thoughts to you and DH.

04-06-2012, 07:40 AM
Hi coaches/buddies/friends... our friend came through his surgery well & I did NOT overeat about it. So grateful for the willingness to push through the 'need' to eat. It was strictly emotional reasons for wanting to eat.

Actually yesterday was a healthy food day. I am grateful for that. I fulfilled many of my goals:
no second helpings
lots of water
always left a bite of food on my plate
used my resistance techniques to NOT eat when emotional
a few deep breaths before each meal to center myself
planned/measured food/logged

I have been thinking about ways and stratagies to make it through this weekend with food sanity and within my plan. For me - I must plan, plan and plan some more.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and weekend.

04-06-2012, 07:45 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Again, good enough food day, CREDIT moi. Dinner included a small slice of blueberry pie which easily fit my rare and unusual category since DW has never purchased a pie that I remember. It was good, but not worth playing a drum for.

Exercise was a walk (CREDIT moi) to the library which had my reserved copy of . . . you won't believe this . . . The Hunger Games. (I was annoyed to be the only human on planet earth who hadn't read it.) The reserve list was several hundred long; I hadn't expected to get it until fall. The good news is that it's a one sit read - one loooong sit, but it's a page turner. I did fall in love with . . . the Mockingjay - neat bird!

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats for switching to a smart phone; you're ahead of me. I still use my cell phone for making outgoing calls and only occasionally leave it on to accept incoming calls. me . . . troglodyte.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – I love Injera bread - it's easy to eat tons since it's the way to get food to the mouth. To my surprise, there are three stores that sell fresh Injera within walking distance; I hadn't heard of it ten years ago before my first trip to an Ethiopian restaurant.

Beverlyjoy – Sending supportive thoughts to you guys, Brad, and his family that his open heart surgery goes well. What a good reminder how weird we've gotten our brains wired, "any emotion makes me think of food."

Woodland - Kudos for working your exercise plan to get it to your satisfaction. When I'm on schedule, the only thing that helps me is to have exercise marked on my daily to-do list so that it just needs to happen.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – Yep, I work harder in classes, also. Wish that I had that driven mentality to work that hard alone.

CatholicCajun – Here's hoping that you get a moment to update your Advantages Card, but also hoping that your stream of customers continues - customers are good, LOL.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan Despite Food Pushers

Create a Food Pusher Mindset . . .
I have found that dieters tend to significantly overestimate how disappointed other people will be when they turn down offers of food - as well as how long other people's disappointment will last. Dieters are frequently amazed when a food pusher accepts their refusal and either changes the subject or tries to push the food on someone else.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 141.

04-06-2012, 08:51 AM
Oh Beckies... please talk me down.

Last night, I went on a eat-everything-in-sight chowfest. I'm not sure exactly why and it's really unusual for me (I've only done this once before since August) but it has me kinda freaked out. I'm trying to move on, learn from it blah blah but it did scare the **** out of me to think that the behaviors that got me here to begin with are still around!

I need to regroup, recenter and start over, just like in yoga, but I could use some words from the Beckies-wise PLEASE!! :)

04-06-2012, 09:35 AM
Hi Everyone,

My exercise went well yesterday. I made the time for it, and thought all kinds of good things during it. Countering negative thinking with positives is such an important skill for me to practice. Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll mull the ideas over and incorporate some new thinking because of you.

Happy Friday ! I'm tired, but will keep chugging along.

……….. Just Keep Moving

fyreflie24: Good advice and I'm glad you found a system that works for you. I work out at home and I'm letting the schedule get too sloppy. I need to figure out an accountability piece for this.

Sorry for your food mistake. I felt the same recently about how the bad habits are still present inside. I had been on program for so long, that having a many-month cycle of poor choices was freaky. I had to re-read the books, post honestly here, to come back from it. Just as the bad decision parts will always be there, so too are the good decision habits. I believe we are both and have to work at being the one we prefer. Think of credits you did despite all the mistakes to help build your confidence back up. We are here for you.

CatholicCajun: Nice to hear from you.

Beverlyjoy: So glad about your friend, and your success in getting through the rough situation.

gardenerjoy: Yeah for distracting yourself from stress eating. The minute counting is an interesting idea. I do my bike riding by minutes, but my floor exercise work is by the songs loaded on my iPod. I've never thought about how many minutes it adds up to, but I'll do the math and remind myself of the accomplishment.

Billblueeyes: Blueberry pie sounds like a wonderful and rare treat! I only eat pie at Thanksgiving so I know it is a special thing to enjoy! Glad your calf allowed you to do a walk comfortably. I do the same exercise activity note on my daily list, but I must be mentally giving it a pretty low priority. Mistake!

04-06-2012, 10:45 AM
Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

Yesterday was a healthy and Beck centered day. I practiced great resistance as lunch got pushed back as we waited for mom's prescrip at Costco, reminding myself that hunger was not an emergency. Credit for no samples and drinking water as DH ate pizza and slurped a frapp while we waited. Credit, also, for not going to an easier (and off plan) locale for lunch and forging ahead to WF where I enjoyed salad and brn rice sushi. No planned exercise and spontaneous exercise was "patience".

Donamarie, credit for getting right back on track. My sense is that it's important to acknowledge that while I am learning new skills that I'm not entirely "fixed". That knowledge allows me the opportunity to live each day with mindfulness. One day (one evening one meal) happens. One week (one month one year) has ever increasing consequences. I choose...I am ultimately responsible.

BillBlueEyes, yay for one piece of BB pie, especially since you resisted Ben and Jerrys. Injera bread, yes, looks pretty healthy....

gardenerjoy, yay for not eating over your excitement of the new phone, especially as you reflect that this was an event you used to eat over.

Beverlyjoy, sending supportive thoughts to all concerned regarding Brad and his surgery. Credit for keeping yourself on track during this time. Thx for info regarding the cocoa trade. I googled and found my choc of choice (Chocolove) to be acting responsibly yet I will research further next time I'm at Whole Foods. I tend to be proactive yet sometimes uneducated/uninformed.

Woodland, credit for planning time for exercise and then making it a positive experience.

CatholicCajun, I'm going to redo my Advantages Deck today. Thanks for the reminder and credit for checking in. My Advantages are very outdated and I have identified some new ones in my mind that definitiely need an update.

Well, coaches, I nudged DH to exercise today and he's starting so I'd better get going. I am really on the thought of "Personal Responsibility". If I want to maintain my losses and lose more weight its MY personal responsibility to moniter WHAT goes in my mouth VIA my chosen food plan and HOW and WHEN I eat VIA my BDS learned/practiced skills. This thought really helped me keep several items out of my mouth/hand yesterday. No one can do this for me except me.

04-06-2012, 05:39 PM
Hello Everyone,

A very quick check in as I'm in the middle of cleaning out clutter! I have 2 very full laundry baskets of clothes to take away and now need to tackle a bench seat with a lot of shoes no one in the house wears anymore! Then I'll make a trip to the Goodwill depot and donate all of them.

Food has been so-so. Really good during the day, not so good at night. I need to regroup one more time and get organized. I'm going to try and find the green Beck book and look at that suggested eating plan. DH commented that he feels like he's regaining what he lost and he wants to get back at it again as well. It makes my life easier as then I can prepare the same things for everyone in the family and not feel like I have to be baking things for him and the boys to eat.

Not much time for personals right now but want to send a shout to to fyreflie24. You have accomplished so much in your journey, we all stumble at some point and need to remember to get back up quickly and not allow ourselves to wallow in it. Today's a new day and a new start. :hug:

04-06-2012, 05:51 PM
Hi.. stopping by again for some personals. Company/family is coming tomorrow.

First of all, thanks so much for the prayers and positive thoughts to our friend, Brad. He has a long road ahead to heal - but, they feel pretty positive about it now.

Lexxiss/debbie - yes, CREDIT, indeed for facing changes and challenges as the day unfolded. Excellent. I love you saying that your spontaneous exercise was patience!!! Yes - it's horrible about the chocolate slave trade. All based in greed. Sigh.

woodland - excellent that you did think positive things with your exercise. It's nice to find things that are helpful. Thank you for your reminder to read the Beck books about travelling for ideas and strategies.

fyrflye - yikes... aren't you glad that the 'food fest' is over. Hop right back on your plan. Yoga will help. It sometimes happens... then we remember that it's just not worth it.

billbe - sometimes we have to settle for 'good enough'. Do you know why DW bought a pie, if she rarely does? Nice walk to the library. Glad your calf is letting you walk more. I haven't read The Hunger Games, either.

gardenerjoy - major credit for NOT celebrating your new smart phone with food. It is amazing how so many of our emotions become intertwined with eating.

catholiccajun - credit for finding time to your advantages etc. It doesn't take all that long.. but, for me, if I just 'do it' I feel better about facing a day with lots of food staring at me.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.

04-06-2012, 07:39 PM
Hello all. Perfect weather here today after all the rain! Lexxiss I want to "itemize" my advantages cards, instead of merely listing them I want to expand on WHY it is an advantage, I want one per day that way it just doesn't become a list to memorize. Eating is better today, really enjoyed some shrimp patty (like a crab cake but thin with shrimp instead of crab) po-boys that hubby cooked up. Going outside in a few minutes to sit on the swing and enjoy this beautiful spring day. Have a blessed one all.

04-07-2012, 12:14 AM
I hit a new low this morning. I'm curious now what my body is going to decide is the low end of my maintenance range.

The smart phone purchase got pushed off until Monday. DH is contemplating whether he wants one, too.

WI: -0.55 kgs (new low), Exercise:+0 240/1400 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: I haven't read Hunger Games yet. The premise seemed too dark for me. But I'll probably break down one of these days for the same reason that you did. Being the only person in America to have not read it is not a comfortable situation either.

fyreflie24: Breathe! I'm not sure that those of us who found something in the act of overeating that was a comfort are ever going to lose that impulse. The good news from Beck is that it is so much easier to as you said "regroup, recenter and start over" than I ever thought possible. In fact, I guess I used to think it was impossible and now I know for certain that it's not only possible, it's always easier than I think it will be. By the time you read this, I'm guessing you will already be well on the road to a place of sane eating. You might try The Seven Question Technique, Day 27, of the pink book or the Cheat Sheet, pp102-105 of the green book.

04-07-2012, 08:07 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Got my exercise by walking (CREDIT moi) back to the library to return The Hunger Games. They were happy to get it circulating again so fast - the waiting list remains long. I requested the second book, Catching Fire, not because I'm enthusiastic, but because my DD is. It'll be a father-daughter thing. She Kindled all three books while taking the subway to school.

Eating was good enough, CREDIT moi. The blueberry pie remained untouched. DW will be annoyed that I leave the remainder to her. I may get an opportunity to food-push a slice on DS and his DP this afternoon. Seems demonic to use the writing of the good Dr. Beck to get tips on how to push food, but war is war.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats on a new low, particularly since you're aware that the body itself is going to choose it's next set point. [The only thing I can recommend about The Hunger Games is that it's nice to be beyond the angst of whether to kiss or not to kiss. And the GIGANTIC fear that someone will see my in my underwear.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Thanks for the "Personal Responsibility" reminder. Think I'll carry that one around with me today when I'm facing the notion of extra snacks because I just want them. LMAO at "patience" as a spontaneous exercise. No wonder Mother Teresa was so thin.

Beverlyjoy – Just love, "I must plan, plan and plan some more." [Pie was on sale at Whole Foods and she just wanted a slice. They don't take refunds on partially consumed baked goods due to delayed awareness.]

Tazzy - Congrats on the clutter leaving the house. Wish that was easy.

Woodland - Kudos for making your exercise high priority; Double Kudos for thinking positive thoughts while doing it. I'm a big fan of the notion that every thought slightly rewires the brain; thinking positive thoughts leaves me with a more positively wired brain for tomorrow.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – It happens. Our success depends on our speed of recovery, not on NEVER eating outside the box. I, too, find it discouraging that the behaviors that I thought I had CBT'd away for life can still emerge. Think I'll salute the neurons that don't re-channel themselves so easily, accepting that as an indication that I won't ever fall into some bad habit without them remembering my good. However you choose to explain it, the Beck solution is unambiguous - back on the horse ... mush forward ... this too shall pass.

CatholicCajun – Love the thought of shrimp so abundant that shrimp patties happen. Yay for time outside on the swing.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan Despite Food Pushers

Create a Food Pusher Mindset . . .
Just think, if you ate differently from other people (and perhaps you do) because you were vegetarian, kept kosher, or had to follow a special diet for health reasons, you would have to turn down people when they offered you certain foods. It would probably be easier because you would feel entitled to do so. I'd like you to adopt the mindset that you are just as entitled as the people in those groups to decide what you are going to eat and what you are not going to eat.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 141.

04-07-2012, 09:28 AM
Hi Everyone,

Friday was good enough. Eating was very good and exercise was adequate. I'm waiting for my BDS audio book to come in the mail and look forward to loading it on my computer. It will give me a push to start again at the beginning and walk through each step anew.

I have family coming for a visit, so will be absent for a few days. Enjoy the holidays, all, and keep strong on BDS skills !!

……….. Just Keep Moving

Lexxiss - I'm loving the personal responsibility thoughts. We have choices. That's lucky and powerful.

Tazzy - Your clean out sounds invigorating. I'm glad your DH is getting refocused.

Beverlyjoy - Waving and wishing you a nice family/company filled weekend.

CatholicCajun - Nice idea about itemizing the advantage cards. By doing so you will be sitting with the ideas, pondering them, and getting them into your brain. Credit ! I have gone back and forth - long lists back to one or two short reasons. Both are probably important.

gardenerjoy - Ah, you jolted me! When I read "I hit a new low this morning" I thought you had fallen off the wagon! I'm so glad it was a reference to your weight instead. Congrats and wow - great job !!

Billblueeyes - lol about the pie pushing. You have very strong resistance! I'm impressed. I like your Beck section today about how we can choose diet habits. Counting calories shouldn't be considered any different than other mainstream diet plans, such as kosher or vegetarianism.

04-07-2012, 01:21 PM
Thank you lovely friends!

My nutritionist called me yesterday (on a whim, funny huh?) and we got things straightened out. She modified my eating plan based on my new metabolic rate testing (which is running fast!) and asked me to stick to it by the book. I see her Thursday.

Thank you so much for all the words of wisdom, advice and encouragement! Each of you is a wonderful gift that I truly cherish! Thank you for understanding my crazy schedule right now but know I do read each post and am cheering you on!

Yes I'm back on track :)

Have a lovely weekend. Truly, Nameste :)

04-08-2012, 01:47 AM
Family gathering tomorrow--same plan as usual: no snacks, focus on vegetables, tiny portions of everything else.

WI: -0.15 kgs (new low), Exercise:+65 305/1400 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: LOL about the demonic nature of using Beck's food-pushing discussion to push food.

Woodland: have a happy time with family celebrations!

fyreflie24: yay for being back on track! And I want a psychic nutritionist!

04-08-2012, 06:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Curses! Wasn't able to trap my DS and his DP into blueberry pie. Foiled again. After dinner when DW asked how large a slice I wanted, I took none - CREDIT moi.

Exercise (CREDIT moi) was out looking to see if the warblers were back even though it's early. Not yet. But two Common Loons were cavorting, presumably stopping by on their way to Golden Pond in Maine.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I'm gonna steal this for today, "same plan as usual: no snacks, focus on vegetables, tiny portions of everything else."

Woodland - Yay for adequate when adequate includes "Just Keep Moving." Enjoy your family.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – Sounds like you'll be getting more food. Does your new plan include dark chocolate?

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan Despite Food Pushers

Create a Food Pusher Mindset . . .
If sticking up for yourself is a problem, make the following Response Card:FOOD PUSHER RESPONSE CARDMy goal to lose weight is more important than other
people's momentary desire to have me eat their food.
Their disappointment will likely be mild and brief. And
it's so important to me to reach my goal.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 141.

04-08-2012, 09:55 AM
Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

We traveled over to our other house last night. The good news was a great soak at the hot springs. My food was ok, credit for taking my lunch to work again. We went out for dinner at DH's fav mexican restaurant and ordered the usual, which we always share. I noticed that instead of making sure I got my fair share that I was willing to let DH have 2/3 and I focused on eating my 1/3 slowly. credit.

A trip back today and work tomorrow. I'm getting nervous about the busy summer schedule and am trying to remember to breathe. We leave for Alaska one month from tomorrow and there is lots of juggling to make that happen. It will.

04-08-2012, 11:42 AM
Happy Easter, Coaches.

I have been MIA - no internet, busy planning Easter this morning for twenty. I have 13 baskets planned - everyone hunts except the oldest generation. I take particular pleasure in hiding my 52 year old brother's basket in an especially difficult place to find.
Food is not great. I read the posts this morning - heard gardener joy's "tiny portions" and thought I would go for that.

BBE: I have read the trilogy of Hungry Games. I liked the first book for eighth graders. Some good ideas about personal liberty to mull over. I did not recommend the third for any of them. It is violence for violence sake. Too Bad.
Lexxiss: Congrats on 1/3. That is a big deal.
Woodland: I am listening "Keep Moving"

04-08-2012, 01:59 PM
Happy Easter! :bunny:

I woke up this morning with a new determination to get back on track. Weight was up again, not surprising with what I have eaten in the last 2 days. I need to go grocery shopping so I have the proper food in the house to make rational choices.

It's not really warm out today, but sunny, so I may try to get out and do something in the yard or garden.

BBE Love your wisdom - Seems demonic to use the writing of the good Dr. Beck to get tips on how to push food, but war is war.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

04-08-2012, 02:52 PM
My nutritionist accidentally gave me my weight so the good news is that as of this morning, I was only up .6 from my lowest. My next weigh in is Thursday so at this rate, this week might not be a bust after all! So the moral of the story is... GET RIGHT BACK ON THE HORSE! Thank you dear friends for all your words of encouragement and support; means more to me than you possibly know. It was kinda scary that the old me, freaked out, way to invested in non-serving thoughts, panicked, came back so fast. The good news is, I was able to recover pretty quickly through a practice. It's so helpful to have tools that work!

Bill: Damn straight I eat dark chocolate! I use unsweetened cocoa in my morning shakes and will have a dark chocolate peppermint from Trader Joe's when I'm having a sweets craving... it's strong in flavor so one is plenty and just hits the spot.

Best with your renewed resolve TAZZY! Go get 'em!

04-08-2012, 05:35 PM
Hi! Checking in. Company is gone... time to put. my feet up for a few minutes. We had a good visit with family. Didn't get to see my son, dil & gs as they are expecting a baby any day now. (due date April 15) Other family came. My SIL was bringing one pie and she brought three pies. I will have to give or throw them away. I have not made all the best choices - however, it doesn't mean that I must make unplanned choices for a week.

I hope that you all have had a nice weekend.

DH & I hid Easter eggs in two yards of the neighbors. They youngsters are so joyful to find them. Love it. DH and his 'offer' to fill the eggs didn't come true. He got the candy and gave it to me and went to see his friend in the hospital for a quick hello. I was left filling the eggs with candy, coins, stickers to get ready to hide by a certain time. So much for that. Phooey.

I will check in later. Take care, now.

04-09-2012, 07:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - In the olden days - long ago and far away - Easter was a HUGE candy event: jelly beans, malt balls, M&M's, ... all of it. I've been free of that stuff by the simple technique of choosing not to buy any along with DW not buying any. (She used to keep a bowl of M&M's in the living room - gads!) However, yesterday I fell into the loose candy being stuffed into plastic eggs for an Easter egg hunt for the little kids. It's hard to watch teenagers stuffing their mouths without joining in. Ouch! Will have to re-think which community contributions fit my plans.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Alaska in a month - that's really exciting. Is it a cruise? Time ashore? Fish for a wild Alaskan Salmon? Golden Eagles? I'm psyched!

Beverlyjoy – Pies and candy for stuffing eggs - I'm right there with you. Glad that's over.

maryann - Love that you're hiding a basket for your 52 year old brother - it makes me feel better that I still prepare Easter baskets for my adult kids. We use, of course, the baskets from their childhood which is mandatory; if you're gonna re-experience being a kid, you need the right visual clues. Whenever a new significant other is included, we enjoy hearing each old item being explained, e.g. "The little chicken used to wind up and run around in circles until my brother broke it." It is beyond consideration that we replace the broken chicken.

Tazzy - Yep, a fridge with on-plan foods is a great start.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – I hear you loud and clear, "GET RIGHT BACK ON THE HORSE!" Cheering along with that whole flock of cheerleaders in your signature.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan Despite Food Pushers

skills to deal with food pushers
Once you feel comfortable with the idea of saying no, you're ready to create a plan. First, make a rule that you will not eat when someone offers you food that you haven't planned for - no matter what - unless you really want to take the food home and plan to have it another day. But if you think you'll be tempted to eat it before you plan to, don't take it with you; you'll regret eating it. Second, if food pushers push food on you, just say, "No, thank you," and then quickly change the subject. If they persist, you can also persist by sounding like a broken record: Just keep saying, "No, thank you. No, thank you. No, thank you." If they ask why you're turning down the food, you don't have to give a reason. You simply say, "I just don't want it now. But thanks, anyway."

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 141.

04-09-2012, 09:59 AM
TGIMonday! Glad the huge temptations are gone. I've given away most of the food. Soon the extra pie will be trashed. (DH said he'd take it to the neighbor.. he didn't, so in the trash it goes with a good squirt of liquid dish soap.) It's better in the trash than me.

I have my journal and will plan out a healthy food day.

I hope everyone is doing well today.

If you ate extra over the weekend... well, that's over and done. You must forgive yourself and hop right back on your plan.

Have a GREAT day.

04-09-2012, 11:46 AM
Good morning everyone!

Good day yesterday with food. I roasted a chicken later on Saturday and really enjoyed it for dinner last night with a spinach and strawberry salad. I did get to the grocery store and it's so much easier to eat well with good food. Weighed this morning, down .2, slow process but at least in the right direction.

DH and I went over our finances last night and it doesn't look like I'll be able to do the upcoming sessions of Zumba with other expenses we have. I will get out more on my bike, at least now the weather is cooperating, I have lots of workout DVD's, a Wii fit and also a treadmill and elliptical in the basement. I will miss the camraderie of a group class though. But it's what has to be done right now so I'll work with it.

fyreflie24 Great for getting right back on that horse. What day are you on of your yoga program?

beverlyjoy Good job on trashing the left over pies! As my DH said recently about potato chips in the house, they would go to his waist not waste if we bought them.

Time to get to work here, happy Monday!

04-09-2012, 02:00 PM
Well I've been gone for nearly a month. Sorry about that. Have just not felt like doing anything while juggling with the aftermath of Mom's death. But we still have two memorial events to get through and the estate won't be settled for months. I can't wait, however, to get back to Beck. I have been eating very sloppily and not reading the book nor following the routines. And I've gained about 5 lbs in the process (still haven't been able to purchase the next charm for my bracelet).
This has got to stop, so be it resolved that today is the start of getting back on the wagon.
More tomorrow and more personal responses to you all....

04-09-2012, 05:07 PM
Hi Coaches

I didn't go to Ottawa and I hid out from the in-laws as well. DH and I spent the weekend watching a few movies and tv shows and now it's Monday.

I go to Ottawa this week though. I leave Wednesday and come back on Saturday. Sunday we'll have our post-poned Easter dinner. MIL left a message for us saying, "It'll be great as DH's sister and husband will be coming for dinner and the bonus is ALL THE EASTER CANDY WILL BE HALF PRICE THIS WEEK".


All that food pusher Beck stuff will come in handy methinks.

I will be in Ottawa for my official weigh-in this week but it turns out the head office for WW is very close to where my mom lives so I can count on having to be accountable which truly helps keep me on track. I *credit* weighed this moring and saw 260.6 which is fabulous. My lowest on the wii fit was 259.7 so this is indeed encouraging. I am keeping my eye on the Under 260lbs prize. I want my progress to begin again. And as if by magic (not) I was finally able to re-start on my Key West prints and get them done. I have 7 lino blocks to carve and print and then I can do my second cumulative print representing the last 2 weeks of my artist residency in Key West and then I can call the adventure a true success. I realized yesterday I needed to complete this project as it is New Work and I need it on my resume and for sample images of my work. I am looking for residencies to apply for and it's so obvious I need to show the work I completed in my one and only residency. So, time to move forward and move on already. That a re-focusing on weightloss and a re-focusing on my art projects occur simultaneously is not a big surprise to me. I often eat over the frustration of feeling stagnant and directionless. So when my "purpose" returns I know I have a chance to move all things forward.

Bye for now!

04-09-2012, 05:42 PM
Good Afternoon, Coaches.
Easter was a social success but very emotionally draining. My father stayed an extra night. DS loves it but Dad requires much effort. Credit for me being an adult all weekend. When I was tired i didn't complain. When I was overwhelmed, I didn't pitch a fit. I made it home without one scene that someone else would have to clean up. Today, I have to decide to take DS up to Tahoe this pm or tom. I am so beat, I can't decide. Credit for understanding these are luxury problems. No clue on weight. Will weigh tomorrow.

onebyone: Congrats on plans to weighin in Ottowa. I am bringing my scale up to Tahoe to remain accountable.

maplover: welcome back. What a trying time it must be and working through the emotions without overeating can not be easy.

BBE: three cheers for broken baby chickens and the six three-foot high ceramic bunnies that are on our tables each year.

Fyrefly: congrats on your persistence and a "close to record" low weight.

Beverleyjoy: I am listening to you and your liquid soap. Me thinks I need that for the weekend.

Tazzy: How is you new resolve? Pass some, via internet waves to me. I need the Easter spirit of Ressurrection to resurrect my willingness

04-10-2012, 01:47 AM
I always feel a sense of victory when I get a down tic on the scale the morning after a holiday.

I never wrote a plan today, but ate according to the pattern I've established with days like today. I like that.

WI: -0.15 kgs, Exercise:+35 340/1400 minutes for April, Food: NA%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Glad to see maplover and onebyone!

04-10-2012, 06:35 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Turned down DW's offered blueberry pie, CREDIT moi; I had half a mango instead. She's slowly eating it. I wish it would disappear faster. Food was otherwise OK, still over nibbling on snacks.

Took a walk, CREDIT moi, just to see how spring is doing. It's coming in. One Robin in our yard seems to like to use the birdbath daily. Scolds if DW is puttering about during bath time - the lady wishes a little privacy.

onebyone – Congrats on "260.6 which is fabulous." Yikes at the reminder that "EASTER CANDY WILL BE HALF PRICE THIS WEEK" - think I'll avoid the CVS where I used to stock up as if I were starving and only stale candy would save me. Good luck with your lino blocks.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Neat to have your pattern. Congrats on yet-another down tic.

Beverlyjoy – Got it, "hop right back on." Kudos for your diligence with tossing a whole pie.

maryann - Kudos for creating a social success at Easter. It's an art to create a relaxed atmosphere as if it took no effort. [LOL at "six three-foot high ceramic bunnies" - that's diligence.]

Tazzy - Oh Yes, "it's so much easier to eat well with good food." Ouch for loss of this season of Zumba; Kudos for responding with the equivalent of "Oh, Well." It's the right time for biking outdoors.

maplover – Continued supportive thoughts as you process the loss of your mom. Kudos for back on the wagon NOW.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan Despite Food Pushers

Memory Box Cards
If you are proud of yourself for being assertive with a food pusher, write a card for your Memory Box. Kirk wrote:Memory CardI can't believe I was finally firm with Mom. She seemed
a little shocked when I insisted I wasn't going to have
her twice-baked potatoes. But she didn't make a
big thing of it. I'm glad I stuck to my guns! And now
I know I can do it again the next time.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 143.

04-10-2012, 09:35 AM
Tazzy: LAST WEEK! :) We officially end Friday.

04-10-2012, 10:19 AM
Hi... Happy Day! We have a new granddaughter. She was born yesterday. We are all so excited. She is healthy and Mom and Dad are doing well, too. They are tired, of course. This afternoon she will meet her big brother. (he's five)

I started eating extra as soon as I heard my DIL was is labor. Will I ever not react with food to my emotions.

I have gained three pounds. I'll plan for a healthy day.

04-10-2012, 10:33 AM
Good Morning All!

Weighed, down .6, ate really well yesterday even with an unplanned lunch out. Got out on my bike for 40 minutes :bike2:, very happy with that and about 30 minutes were riding right into the wind.

I'll try to get back for personals tonight as DH is going out to meet a friend for beer & wings. At least he's going to eat dinner before he goes so he'll have fewer wings (in theory).

04-11-2012, 12:05 AM
Back again :D

I ended up with a headache at work and wasn't sure I'd feel up to exercising tonight after DH headed out to meet his friend. I was watching Biggest Loser and thinking it was still early enough to do something. Decided to grab my Ipod and head out for a walk, had some good tunes playing and got a 33 minute aerobic walk in and home before dark. I feel much better now that I went and don't honestly know what motivated me but happy it did. :running: Being outside to exercise feels so much better to me than in the basement, all the fresh air and spring bursting around me!

Yeah to fyreflie24 for the last week of yoga, to beverlyjoy for the new grandbaby and to BBE for turning down blueberry pie. I'd have a hard time with that one, it's my second favourite after lemon meringue. To gardenerjoy for losing after a holiday and to maryann for success with "being the adult" all weekend.

gardenerjoy You asked about my new resolve, I can honestly say I was reading the paper on Sunday morning and the local Catholic bishop had a column, I very rarely read it and for some reason was drawn to it that day. One quote from the editorial was Easter begins in the dark of night. Easter is God's definitive "yes" to life and the beginning of the process of bringing hope to every situation and segment of life. There was something in this that spoke to me and made me realize that I need to take control of what I want and need to find the strength to do it in myself. I believe right now there is a much higher power keeping me going and for that I am very thankful.

onebyone Good job in planning for your weigh-in in Ottawa. Just think of how stale that Easter candy will be. I worked in a grocery store many years ago and we'd get the Halloween candy delivered in mid summer and have to store it until Oct to sell. Now those same candies are put out as a "back to school" special. Never had "back to school" candy when I was a kid! The Easter chocolate has probably been sitting there since the Christmas stuff was moved.

maplover :hug: to you and glad to see you are getting back onboard.

I just remembered a credit for me, I ordered a free starter kit from Atkins and it came with 3 of their bars for samples. I knew I liked the coconut one already but then I tried a chocolate chip granola and peanut butter chocolate chip and after 1 bite of each of them I thought they tasted yucky so they got thrown in the garbage. I'm sure in the past I would have continued on even with the bad taste.

Hi to pamatga, eusebius and any others I've missed!

04-11-2012, 12:45 AM
Beverly!! CONGRATS!!! Aww I love hot-out-of-the-oven, fresh baked babies! sooo awesome!!! yea, as my yoga instructors say, it's easy to be focused and on track in the easy times but it's when it gets tough that all the cracks show... You'll be there! Intention. You'll be anywhere you want to be :)

04-11-2012, 07:28 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did well at an early evening reception with a table of food, CREDIT moi. Realized that it wasn't enough for dinner unless I started into the monster cookies or two-byte brownies and getting into those would have been bad form for me - certainly off-plan. We left vaguely planning to go to a restaurant, but having consumed too much to feel that would be rational. Then chose to finish off dinner with whatever left overs called to us in just the right portion. A good conclusion to a potential eating disaster.

Beverlyjoy – Yep, overeating while pregnant is common, so might it be while grand-pregnant I guess. Congrats on the new DGD. Is DGS psyched?

Tazzy - Kudos for all that exercise, particularly when a headache offered an excuse to couch potato instead. Thanks for reminding me that all that after Easter sale candy is quite stale.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – Thanks for "when it gets tough that all the cracks show" - good to be reminded not to become smug when life is easy.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants

Following your plan at a restaurant takes preparation and practice. Learn how to manage in this environment, and it will be easier to eat in other challenging situations as well.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 143.

04-11-2012, 09:50 AM
Hi Coaches

Good news for me all 'round!

FINALLY heard back from a farmers' market. I am accepted into one of the 2 I applied to. Have not heard from the second one but it doesn't matter if they reject me. "Bad" news is market day #1 is May 5th. yikes. A eek earlier than anticipated. Much spending of $ and making of things once I get back from Ottawa.

So :carrot: to have this happen!!!

Also, weighed in *credit* and saw: 259.0 :carrot: for that for sure. So I weigh in in Ottawa tomorrow morning and I surely want to see that one more time and then even less at my home group the week after. I'll do another :carrot: for reaching a new wii fit low this morning!

AND went to the artists' access meeting for my local historical art project and ended up becoming the focus of a possible two part cable tv program as NO ONE ELSE wanted to talk to the media girl ( I rarely get press so I was thrilled to talk) and so she focused on me and my story and my art process. She'll come to my house where I will be working out back in a few weeks making my giant print for the art event and then she'll come back to see the final piece at the exhibition. The other artists' thanked me for "taking one for the team". win-win I'd say ;)

Ok have to go pack. I am on the road today. Will arrive in Ottawa around 6pm or so. I take my time and enjoy the ride.

Have a great day gang!

04-11-2012, 11:36 AM
Good morning everyone!

Big whoosh on the scale and down 3.4 :carrot: The evil Chinese food gain from Good Friday is now gone with some extra. Persistence is paying off and I'm very happy. My calories are around 1300 - 1450 and carbs around 50 and that seems to work for me.

Hope everyone has a great day. :wave:

04-11-2012, 04:40 PM
Hi! Checking in! Food is much better today. Saturday we are going to visit my son, dil, gs and new gd. I can't wait to see them all. Monday morning, I will fly to California to be with my sister for eight days. When I get home, then I am going back to my son's house to 'help' with the new baby. DIL's mom is in town she can help first. My son is taking two weeks off from work to be at home with the new baby.

As it turns out - it will be over two weeks out of my food 'comfort zone'. That will be a challenge for sure. I just changed my flight meal to low calorie - because who know's what it would be otherwise. Credit! I am going to send my sister a list of a few things that I like to have around for eating. Credit. I have thought about my food plan and how I can adapt it to being away. All this being said and done... depends on my willingness to do what needs to be done. I can come home with more weight, less or the same. It's up to me. I am scared, kind of. I'll take my Beck 'stuff' with me.

billbe - my GS announced that he loves his new little sister. (he may change his tune after she gets home and takes up mommy's time - but, he'll adapt)

I'll to get back for personals.

Thanks for listening - I appreciate your support, kindness, wisdom and ideas.

04-11-2012, 08:23 PM
Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

A quick check in....we traveled away from the land of wireless/cell phones for a few days. I'm at the library looking up family history....should be home right now. I brought my vitamix and organic veggies...there isn't much here.

Best wishes everyone!

04-11-2012, 11:09 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

Skiing for the week in Tahoe. I am getting MFA work done, visiting with another family, skiing when the weather permits. I feel pretty stable. Food is not such an issue up here because we are working out so much skiing. I feel lucky to have our little place up here. Lucky that my only son gets to enjoy so much company.

Congrats for Tazzy and onebyone on weight losses. Credit Lexxiss for bringing Vitamix. I am still jealous you have one.

beverleyjoy: enjoy new baby.

Hey to everyone else.

04-12-2012, 06:34 AM
Beck was right this is really work. I have resumed a rigorous exercise schedule and am planning and tracking my eating (planning not always followed, but tracking has been honest), and still the weight is not really coming down much, or very slowly.

In addition I'm having real sleep issues. No matter what, I can't sleep more than 6 hours a night. Two things that I thought woke me up--1) cat 2) incomplete darkness.

Last night I went to bed at 9 and wore a sleep mask. I remember semi-waking up from what seemed a very deep sleep thinking oh this was great, I got some good sleep there. The cat was not bothering me but was himself asleep. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. Finally thinking I had slept longer than usual, I turned on the light. It was 3:30. AARGH
It would not matter so much if I could simply surf the net and go back to sleep for the second round when the urge hit me, but I've got to go to work.

I can't tell you how much this affects me. I'm like a zombie at work and am not being productive.

Yes I do drink coffee. One cup when I wake up, one cup when I get to work and a caffeinated diet cola in the afternoon. I have struggled with cutting back my caffeine consumption and eliminating the diet soda. I will try this again, but somehow I always seem to pick it back up.

The good news. I did not watch tv last night. I often just watch shows I'm not interested in to zone out before bed. I always have snack cravings when I do. I have joined a book club and am reading the monthly book, so I just did that instead. Cravings greatly diminished. A small victory credit me.

BBE: Credit for blueberry pie avoidance. That must have been hard.
Gardenerjoy: congrats on the downtick
Maryann: Always love it when I can give myself credit for being an adult. And skiing Woo Hoo!
Beverlyjoy: a new granddaughter, how exciting!
Tazzy: Awesome weight loss!
Onebyone: great news on the farmer's market and weight loss.
Hi to fyreflie24 and lexxiss.

04-12-2012, 07:31 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Food was good enough, CREDIT moi. Evening snack was perfect because I got caught up watching the DVD of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was on the special shelf at the library as I was checking out; I grabbed it. Was reminded that I hadn't understood most of the movie when I saw it in the theater because I hadn't yet read the book (since remedied).

Exercise was walking to the library, CREDIT moi, and out and about with DW earlier in the day. Trying to get my head back into going to the gym since my calf itself is healing even though I seem to be suffering from residual indignation.

onebyone – Yay for the farmer's market to drive your work and serve as a place to sell. Why am I not surprised that you became the focus of media attention for the art history project? That's just great news. Congrats on your new low scale weight.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – No wireless is just wonderful - so good to be reminded that the world continues to spin on its own.

Beverlyjoy – Yay for a planned time to be mother's helper with your new DGD. [A friend's 5 year old nephew just "loved" his little sister, until the day he told her with great surprise, "Aunt Winnie, she's gonna come live with us."]

maryann - The local ski places wish they had snow to attract a whole family's worth of customers. Have a nice week.

Tazzy - Losing 3.4 pounds in one day sounds like an ad for one of the magic weight loss pills, LOL. Wonderful sentence, "Persistence is paying off and I'm very happy."

maplover – Kudos for reading your book club book instead of TV - it's easy to get used to having no advertisements.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
Create a Restaurant Mindset
Typical restaurant servings in America are double or triple what most people can eat and maintain a healthy weight. No wonder researchers at Queens College of the City University of New York found that people tended to consume more calories when they ate out and that people who ate out often tended to weight more than people who mainly ate at home. University of Pennsylvania researchers have determined that people who live in areas densely populated by restaurants - particularly fast food restaurants - tend to weigh more than people who live in areas with fewer options.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 143.

04-12-2012, 11:57 PM
Hello Coaches

*credit* for a super-excellent day here in Ottawa today. All Went Well.

I not only had a great outing with my mom in very fine spring weather, I also made it to the mini print exhibition at my art school alma mater and ran into pretty much everyone I wanted to see all in one place. AND I was smart and took the bus there, leaving the car at the park and ride here on the east end of town. No pain getting there and back when I am pretty tired.

AND AND AND....:cb::cb::cb: the scale here at the local weight watchers officially read 256.6 :cb::cb::cb: I lost 4lbs this week. OMG. I am really under that 260 mark finally.
Good bye 260+
See ya later 260+
Don't let the door catch you on the way out... yeah you 260+

Of course, I am suspicious of the reading. We'll see if the scales at my home meeting reflect this next week. But _I_ shan't be responsible for doing anything it make that number climb. I really want to see it again (or less).

I am here one more day then I head home. I will try to have an equally good day tomorrow. I wish you all the same...TGIF.

04-13-2012, 12:47 AM
I'm noticing a renewal of an old habit, adding a little something to supper as if what I served wasn't enough -- even though I know it was. This has happened two nights in a row, but it stops now.

WI: +0.2 kgs, Exercise:+45 405/1400 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: so excited about your new granddaughter and that you'll get to spend time with her soon.

onebyone: loved all those dancing bananas -- glad your trip is working out so well.

Greetings to one and all!

04-13-2012, 06:30 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Food was only OK, CREDIT moi. I embellished afternoon snack since I had something to finish and was dawdling - Ouch. It's easy to procrastinate and let the adrenalin of the deadline push me across the line.

Got my walk to include an errand, CREDIT moi. It's nice enough out to begin to think summer thoughts. May you all overcome your paraskevidekatriaphobia today.

onebyone – Happy bananas for that new scale reading. Kudos for working your alma mater and having a good mom visit.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Kudos for "but it stops now." I'm feeling ready for some garden produce to appear.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
Create a Restaurant Mindset
It's important that you start viewing restaurant meals for what they really are: abnormally large. If you don't, you will feel deprived when you can eat only part of what you are served. When you get your meal and portion off the part that you can eat, tell yourself, This is a normal portion for a successful dieter or maintainer. Remind yourself that it's worth it to forgo that extra food if it means you get to lose excess weight and keep it off. Besides, you can always wrap up the extra food and plan to have it the next day - that way you get to enjoy two meals from it.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 143.

04-13-2012, 08:44 AM
Tazzy, onebyone: YAY on whoooshhhes!!! Wow! How exciting! Kudos to you both!

GardnerJoy: damned those creeping tendencies! Good for you for seeing them and hitting it head on.

Today is day 40 of the Yoga 40 days. Wow, where did THAT go?!!

04-13-2012, 10:23 AM
Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

We have had a nice visit with our Alaska friend. I've been really aware of how much my environment relates to my food sanity. I'm glad I brought my vita mix because my morning smoothie has been an anchor and our dinners have been healthy. On the down side, my personal stuff is really disorganized and we're sleeping on a bed in our sleeping bags. Compounded, is the emotional component here. I went to the cemetery yesterday and found 4 graves of my family members buried here. It's hard to figure that an Aunt lived until 1995 and I never knew she existed. Anyway, I ate sugar last night and had bad dreams, too. Sorry TMI, but I need to check in.

I'm back on track and it's giving me the opportunity to really think ahead and set myself up for a successful trip to Alaska. It will be good for me to plan ahead for sure!

gardenerjoy, kudos for noticing a counterproductive trend and stopping it!

Tazzy and onebyone, congrats on scale movement!

Donamarie, kudos for your 40 day committment followed through!

BillBlueEyes, I haven't answered your question....we're doing 10 days in Alaska to do some work on our house. DH goes up most years but I haven't been since we left in 2003. I was at my high weight when we left so this is an interesting homecoming.

I've attached a pic of our little beach's hidden...and the view from the front deck.

04-13-2012, 10:11 PM
Hi! Thanks to folks for your nice good wishes at the birth of my granddaughter. We will drive there tomorrow to meet her. Then drive back to catch a flight to LA where I'll be with my sister for 8 days helping her... she had a surgery. Then, I"ll be back home and then go back to where my son/dil/gs/&gd live. Lots of running around.

I've packed my Beck book and have my cards for reading. I ordered a low calorie meal for the plane. (I didn't even think they fed folks anymore)

It's going to be a busy next two weeks.

I need to be careful and thinking about making wise choices. I will plan the best I can.

I will have to use other people's computers while I am gone. I hope I can check in everyday.

As always thanks for your support, wisdom and kindness.

04-14-2012, 01:30 AM
Hi all!

Very busy week at home and work. Weight is same, have not gotten any planed exercise since Tuesday. Trying to get more steps in each day. Will try for the bike again this weekend, snow keeps interferring. At least when it snows now it melts quickly.

Going to the local horticulture society garden show tomorrow, I really want to get into that garden dirt. I'll try and get back for personals soon. Looks like there has been some good progress.

04-14-2012, 05:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Good enough, CREDIT moi. Apparently that's my new mantra for the moment. Like a looooong windup before the pitch, LOL.

It is my day to tick my counters in my signature, CREDIT moi - always an upbeat moment for me.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Sending supportive thoughts as you face the "compounded emotional component" of a visit backward in time. Kudos for bringing your vita mix to create a basis for food sanity. View from your front deck is just stunning.

Beverlyjoy – Yay for the life of the traveling nurse. Even if you can't get yourself to a computer, we'll still think of you each day.

Tazzy - Be very careful at that horticulture society garden show - plants have a way of following you home, LOL. DW just returned from an event with about 8 new plants for our tiny yard that's already full; "Will have to move a few things around," she acknowledged.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – Congrats for finishing your 40 days of yoga!!! Do you still continue?

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
Create a Restaurant Mindset
I want you to feel entitled to make special requests. If you had a serious health problem, you wouldn't think twice about asking for food to be prepared to your specifications. I had to do this for several years whenever we ate out with my son, who was on a special ketogenic diet for epilepsy. His diet required he consume a strict ratio of four parts fat to one part protein and carbohydrates. We had to ask for his food to be prepared in a special way. We had to bring his beverage and a food scale to restaurants and then weigh every gram he ate. I never felt embarrassed - not at a fast-food restaurant, not at a fancy restaurant - because it was simply what we had to do for his health.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 143.

04-14-2012, 06:33 AM
I am modifying my food plan to be more Atkins.
I am not losing any weight and I think it's because I am eating too much fruit. Even though I have been pretty good at tracking my calories, and getting to the gym, the scale is not budging. I also need to double down on Beck and pick up where I stopped
I have a new response card which originated from the workouts I do and especially olympic weight lifting. How to get yourself through a tough workout...

1. see yourself as work in progress: Even though I'm over 60, I still am learning things. I have always suffered from the feeling that I'm not really capable of doing things. Maybe you can't lift as much weight as others, but you are trying and perfecting yourself all the time. This can be applied to eating less. You may not be perfect, but there is no reason not to try. If you slip up, start again.

2. deal with it: This is my new 3 word mantra. Okay you had a bad day. Deal with it (don't eat over it).

3. focus: what is important to you in the moment, whether standing in front of a heavy bar or resisting a tempting treat. Focus on your goals. As you perform a lift while directing your eyes at one spot on the wall, so direct your mind to what you want to accomplish rather than the cravings you may feel in the moment. This is why it is important to write down what you are going to eat every day and make that your goal.

4. negativity kills. you are always being negative about things. I can't do this. I didn't sleep well last night. make it your new mantra "strong as **** nothing can stop me": this is the confidence booster I always need. It relates to giving yourself credit for the positive things you do every day.

5. break it down: often we have tough workouts that might include 100 push ups. Okay that's hard to face if you just think about it as 100 push ups, but if you think about it in terms of 10 and then 10 more, it becomes easier. This is why it is important to focus on say losing 5 lbs and then 5 more, and also why you need to collect data on your performance, whether in working out or getting things done or managing your food consumption so that you can see where you are going and where you have come from.

TazzY: Im going to a plant sale for the Florida Native Plant Society this morning. More gardening = more fun.

BBE:Good enough is a good mantra

Beverlyjoy: have a good trip (s) and remember to take care of yourself

Lexxiss: Awesome views from your house!

fireflye24: congrats on finishing the 40 days.

gardenerjoy: I hate the creeping thoughts of "just a little bit more"

onebyone: holy bananas batman, your weight loss is spectacular!

04-14-2012, 10:00 AM
Maplover: Sing is sister! These are awesome reminders!

Bill: Absolutely, Yoga is part of my life now. It helps me function at a better level and gives me a coping mechanism. The asanas, or postures, are only part of it, what we learn on the mat we learn to live off the mat and that's the beauty of the whole thing. I need to get better at staying steady in the eye of the storm, and that's for life and for my weight loss and long term maintenance. Thank you for asking.

Well Beckies, I'm having a bit of a battle with my head. We leave 10 weeks from today and I'm cutting the weight down to the wire! I'm hoping to be 15-20lbs lighter by then but if you look at my stats below, the weightloss has significantly slowed down. That said, I'm wearing clothing I bought when I was 20 lbs lighter so something is working. Trying to stay in the moment, make solid choice, renew my commitment and carry forward. Lord I have to start bathing suit shopping in a few weeks! PANIC LOL!

04-14-2012, 01:36 PM
Good morning everyone,

A rainy, snowy day here, not sure much will follow me home from the garden show but I'll update that after I'm there!

I had a great NSV this morning and a whole new perspective on how I look at me. I'm sure most of us focus on the parts of our body that we are not happy with and I do that every morning in the mirror while getting ready for work. I know before I step on the scale how things will be by just looking at my tummy area. And I keep wondering why it hasn't changed much. Well this morning I was walking into the bathroom and glanced at myself from the side in a long mirror in the bedroom and stopped and went back. The tummy that I am so worried about has practically disappeared from a side view, one I never really look from. I am very happy and have even more resolve to stick to my program.

After a very busy week at work I had not made any plans for dinner last night. DS was staying at a friends so it was only DH and I and it's kind of a fend for yourself situation. And I really just wanted cereal for dinner. I have had very few servings of that since following a more Atkins type plan. So I had one bowl of oatmeal, then a bowl of Cheerios and thought this is why you can't have this stuff, one bowl always leads to another. I also had a small amount of chocolate and a handful of pretzels. I guess there could have been worse things to eat randomly, when I did my calories for the day I was still okay, kind of high on the carbs though. It has not shown up on the scale yet (weight was the same today) but it could tomorrow. I'm back on track already today, even thought I wanted cereal for breakfast I had my strawberries and greek yogurt. Time to find a snack and get prepared to head to the garden show.

04-15-2012, 01:46 AM
Today was tougher than normal. Mostly, I think, because I had slips the last few days so now I expect just a little something here and there. But I wanted to nip that in the bud, so I stuck to the plan. "Hunger is not an emergency" and "That's not about me" were the biggest helps. Also, leaving the kitchen.

WI: +0.2 kgs, Exercise:+60 500/1400 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: so excited about your new granddaughter and that you'll get to spend time with her soon.

onebyone: loved all those dancing bananas -- glad your trip is working out so well.

Greetings to one and all!

04-15-2012, 06:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Food was OK again, CREDIT moi. Evening snack was spot on because we went out; I didn't have the evening to think that food was available in the kitchen.

I left the house without a jacket! Just like spring or summer. Got my exercise being out and about shopping at a special market that carries fresh fruits and veggies even better than Whole Foods. Unfortunately, not particularly cheaper. The sight of large fresh leeks, bok choi, fiddle heads, and the rest make me feel that it would be acceptable to pick up a box of dark chocolate covered coffee beans; I didn't, but was surprised at the draw caused by seeing so much healthy food.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Kudos for "nip that in the bud" - I like being reminded that repetition makes a behavior begin to feel acceptable.

Tazzy - Yay for liking your body - wish we all liked our bodies all the time.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – Seems to be the theme today, "staying steady in the eye of the storm." Remind me where you're going that needs a bathing suit.

maplover – Kudos for adjusting your eating plan as you deem necessary. Just love, "deal with it" - reminds me that my off-plan eating is often in lieu of just doing the task at hand.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
Create a Restaurant Mindset
Are you thinking, Yes, but you had a legitimate reason to make special requests. If so, I want to remind you that your goal to lose weight and be healthy is legitimate, too. You're also entitled to send food back if it's not prepared in the way you ordered.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 143.

04-15-2012, 10:31 AM
Bill: My family and I are going on our very first beach vacation (where we're renting the house, not as guests). Our destination is Ocean Isle, NC, about 4 hours from Charlotte.

04-15-2012, 10:17 PM
Coaches, hello.

Got back from visiting my mom last night. Spent half the day with DH's mom today. Ate from the small bowls of snacky food on the coffee table as well as the even smaller bowls of 1/2 price easter chocolate which sat and stared at me beside my dinner plate while I ate my belated easter dinner.
I grabbed two handfuls of small chocolate candies at one point then I *credit* removed myself from the room by going outside. I did not do so well at the dinner table where I not only consumed my choc egg but also ate that personal-sized bowl of choc candies that, as I said, stared at me during the whole meal. I was the only one to finish their bowl. *sigh*

You win some. You lose some.

Overall though, I tracked my food and I am still OP for the week so I will add another *credit* here for that amazing feat.

It's a new week.

Tomorrow I am teaching/supervising/showing senior kindergarten kids how to make a large butterfly out of packing tape and when it is done, it will hang from their classroom's ceiling. I am actually going to get paid for this. I start at 9am and will be done by 10:30am. Great. I will probably be back for a second session this week to wrap the whole project up. I don't expect to get it done in one go but I don't really know about this. I have almost zero experience working with kids but their regular art teacher will be with me so it's no big deal, plus it's just 90 minutes. Once we get busy it'll all just unfold naturally... even so, wish me luck!

Bye for now.

04-16-2012, 01:21 AM
Hello Everyone,

Going to borrow a phrase from BBE, food was okay for the weekend. No over eating, some walking, ended up doing an 8 hour sewing project for an upcoming corporate event on April 21 with lots of help from my mom, so no trip to the garden show. Oh well, it also gives both of us a nice extra pay cheque we did not expect. I might be able to get into my Zumba class this week after all.

Pretty tired now so off to bed.

04-16-2012, 07:58 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Healthy eating with the kids and DP's over for dinner last night, CREDIT moi. Spring lamb on the menu roasted with Rosemary, often said "A match made in heaven." Boy was that good.

Got in two long walks, CREDIT moi, in spring like weather. Had to take off my jacket in the afternoon. Weather is predicted to be 90 degrees F. for the Boston Marathon today - that's pretty hot for the runners.

onebyone – Ouch for half price Easter candy - there oughta be a law. Here's hoping that you touch the natural artists in kindergarten before all creativity is beaten out of them by the system.

Tazzy - Sad to miss a garden show, but super to get hit with an unexpected cheque. Great that you're thinking of using it for Zumba rather than half priced Easter candies.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – Yay for a whole week on the beach. May there be much warm sand between your toes.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
Create a Restaurant Mindset
You should not hesitate to speak up. If you have the sabotaging thought, I don't want to make trouble, or I'm being high maintenance, tell yourself that people make special requests at restaurants all the time. The wait staff won't be surprised. Just be sure to tip them a little extra if they go out of their way for you.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 144.

04-16-2012, 08:30 AM
Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

A very tiring weekend for me, which showed up in my eating. I was doing well hanging in there until a mandatory dinner at DD's which involved foods not on my plan, including cookies. My usual strategy of bringing food didn't work...DD was showing off her newfound cooking abilities and I was specifically asked not to bring anything. Credit moi for getting right back on my plan which includes my morning smoothie and bringing my lunch to work. I weighed yesterday but forgot this morning until I was dressed and drinking coffee. Tomorrow is another day and weight was fine yesterday.

BBE, we had rosemary on grilled potatoes...another winner.

Tazzy, great that you might get to Zumba this week!

onebyone, GJ leaving the room and going outside to distract yourself from candy on the table. Good luck with the kiddos!

Donamarie, I'm confident that your 40 days of yoga AND your continuing practice will help as you accept "what is" during these next weeks before your trip.

gardenerjoy, great use of your Beck skills to nip unplanned eating in the bud.

04-16-2012, 11:27 AM
Since I have cut way back on the fruit, my cravings have disappeared and my weight is back on the downswing, although it's only been a few days. But significantly it was over the weekend.
Saturday I went out with a girlfriend and another couple to a play. We ate dinner at a great Italian restaurant. Not only was I able to resist the bread and butter, but when they took drink orders I had no trouble saying "I'll pass." Had steak and 2 vegetables--no starches. I must admit to having gelato afterwards, but that seemed okay.

My brother had a heart attack over the weekend. He seems to be okay and the doctor said he'll make a complete recovery, but it's just one more twist in this oh so awful year....

oh and this morning I found I have a nail in the tire of my brand new car. I suppose I could say poor me, but I am dealing with it and not eating over it.

04-16-2012, 01:36 PM
Onebyone: KUDOS for still OP for the week! Keep it up!

Tazzy: Enjoy zumba!

BBE: OMG 90! Wow... Poor runners!

Lexxiss: LOL can you come live in my head please? You say such great things! Yes, that's exactly what I'm trying to do, use all this good training to get ready to accept, be compassionate to myself and enjoy!

Well coaches, I just received my revised plan from my nutritionist and she's raised my final goal by 10 lbs, which according to her calculations would put me at 19.5% bodyfat. Since there's no way I could make the original goal anyway, I figured why not? Nice to think there's a chance I could be there in under 20 lbs!

04-16-2012, 09:09 PM
Greetings all! I have been "away" both figuratively and literally. "Away" from Beck (big mistake), and "away" on vacation cycling in Tucson. Yes, I am probably one of the few people you know who can go away for 11 days, exercise everyday and gain weight----------------------because I overindulged.

I am back. I am at it. Being "away" and then "coming back" from/to cognitive behavioural activity is not a longterm workable situation. I know.

Bye for now.


Looking forward to catching up.

04-16-2012, 10:20 PM
hikergirl: OMG I want to hear all about the bike tour in Tucscon!!!

04-17-2012, 05:47 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - OK enough with the eating, CREDIT moi, with snacks still not right sized. It was a holiday in Massachusetts, Patriots Day, with lots of excitement for the Boston Marathon. Temps did reach 90 degrees F; had that joy of digging out summer shorts.

Took a long walk, CREDIT moi, to a camping supplies store to look for stuff for this summer. Every time I peek into such a place I'm smacked at the new ideas. Camp chairs are small and light; clothing is 50+ sun blocking; GORE-TEX is available for everything. You can outfit for Mount Everest in your local store these days.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Ouch for getting diverted when playing the mom card. Always love, "Tomorrow is another day..."

Donamari (fyreflie24) – Yay for an adjusted goal that fits what's right for your body.

maplover – You're an inspiration, "I am dealing with it and not eating over it." Hope your brother comes through alright - some people take the first ticker problem as a wake up call to a more healthy life style. Major Kudos for changing your eating plan to drop the fruits and get back on your losing path.

Susan (hikergirl) – An eleven day cycling trip sounds neat. Perhaps you're ready to make some new Response Cards for vacations - I know that I'm prone to 'forget' my eating and exercise plans when I'm doing something new.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
Create a Restaurant Mindset
Choose the following Response Card to help you follow your plan at restaurants:RESTAURANT RESPONSE CARD

If I want to successfully eat at restaurants, I have
to follow my usual eating plan, make special requests,
waste food, and remind myself that successful diet-
ers and maintainers do exactly the same thing.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 143.

04-17-2012, 12:29 PM
Donamari, I live on the West Coast of Canada and I am a recreational cyclist. I met up with friends from Ontario who are elite recreational road cyclists. Every early spring they go to Tucson to kick off the cycling season. This is a popular destination for avid cyclists from Central Canada (while we were there we ran into other large groups from Quebec and Toronto). I do not ride with my friends. I rented a hybrid (they ride gadzillion dollar lightweight engineering marvels). I tootled all over the place. We were at the base of the mountains and I hiked from there, trail rode, and road my bike into a very "cycle friendly" city. My friends road up Mount Lemmon (26 miles uphill) and I drove up and picked them up. The weather was hot 90+, but the heat was so dry that you "did not sweat". I enjoyed myself.

BBE - yes, response cards for vacation situations would be very appropriate. Thank you.

I am back on track with Beck. Whew.

04-17-2012, 07:50 PM
Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

Go busy two weeks at work and I'm trying to catch a cold (also trying to fight it off with a bit of success). I did eat a lunch at work today. credit for very carefully planning what I would have and ditching any sabotaging thoughts that a greasy burger with fries would actually help. I also countered my thought that pizza from the corner store would be nice and instead have healthy soup simmering on the stove.

I've got to go sit down...just finished efiling my taxes. It seems to never end. I didn't weigh this morning just auto piloted my way through a healthy smoothie before work.

04-18-2012, 12:33 AM
Very busy. Food is good enough. I'm catching up on exercise!

WI: +0.15 kgs, Exercise:+60 670/1400 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-18-2012, 06:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Same story with eating: meals were spot on (CREDIT moi) but afternoon snack was larger - Ouch.

I made it to the gym for the first time in weeks, CREDIT moi. Calf is behaving well. I experienced the same setback I always get when I miss some gym; I'll slowly, steadily recover the lost ground - I always have. It's so nice to walk to the gym wearing only gym clothes - just like summer.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – "good enough" is good enough. I just paid twenty-five cents for a pristine copy of a fifty year old paperback, Plot Outlines of 101 Best Novels. Neat book to remind me of the basic details of works that I've forgotten. I've only read Wuthering Heights because I couldn't remember who got Heathcliff's estate - quite rightly so since the end is a tad convoluted. Think I might just quickly refresh my memory of Crime and Punishment, A Tale of Two Cities, Jayne Eyre, and a few others that are dribbling out of the range of my neurons.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Kudos for having an auto-pilot that does a healthy smoothie and a filter that recognizes that a greasy hamburger with fries is a Sabotaging Thought.

Susan (hikergirl) – Yep, "26 miles uphill" is some serious biking. kudos for pouncing right back on your Beck plans.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
restaurant skills
You won't always have to put as much effort into practicing the skill of eating out because it gets easier. Until it does, however, you will have to make an extra effort. For your first eating-out experience, it's a good idea to dine with a companion who either knows you are dieting or who doesn't push food on you. If possible, eat with your Diet Buddy. Also, choose a restaurant with a menu you can check out ahead of time. If the menu isn't available online, have it faxed to you or stop by beforehand to pick one up.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 144.

04-18-2012, 10:39 AM
Coaches, Hi.

Wednesday already. My days are flyng by and I feel as though I am falling behind in my work. Oh well. Today's a new day.

Weight-wise I have been on a roller coaster: up 7lbs, down 4. This morning I saw 259.3 on the wii fit. I am doubtful I will repeat the 256 weigh-in I had in Ottawa last week tomorrow at my home WW weigh-in. I will still be pleased go be under 260 and those jeans made for the impossible-to-imagine figure shape are now falling off my hips. I was taking the garbage out and they were really falling down; like low riders, well like the kind that young guys wear where when you walk you waddle like a penguin. So, inspite of scale numbers, something's going on.

Foodwise it's been hard to stay ontrack. I am over my points a bit each day and I used up all my weekly points last weekend so it's not been a 100% OP week at all. Maybe 80% OP. I will still take that.

Better go. Much to do.

UPDATE: just an additional check-in to remind myself/commit to you THE KITCHEN IS CLOSED FOR THE NIGHT. I did well food-wise today. *credit* and even worked in a 35min mall walk while waiting to go pick DH up *credit*Now I'm just hanging in until the 'morrow. Food cannot be a part of watching the NHL Playoffs tonight. I sort of like the playoffs, sort of find them boring too, but DH likes it if I watch it with him. ometimes I have weird comments/questions but I think he likes that too. I weigh-in tomorrow but will do this after I finish my giant packing tape butterfly with the senior kindergarten class tomorrow morning. I am really looking forward to it as the basic structure is done and it's all colourful paper, beads, pipecleaners, glitter and magic markers. I CANNOT WAIT to see the thing hanging above the table in the SK classroom. You'd think *I* was 5 years old!

Have a good Wednesday night.

04-18-2012, 01:20 PM
Hello Everyone,

Back to Zumba last night and was very happy to be back in the class. It really is one of my most favorite exercise classes. Found out the Sat classes won't start again until June but that's okay, I'd really like to get organized for a garage sale in May and that will take some weekends to figure out.

Weight is back to ticker, happy about that. Again food is okay, I have not been tracking diligently but have been eating pretty much the same things I normally do. I was dealing with some stomach upset for a couple of days but that has passed, good thing was I did not eat badly because of it.

Have a great Wednesday!

04-18-2012, 10:38 PM
Hi Coaches/Buddies
Thanks for the support. My brother is now out of the hospital and feels good. Apparently the heart attack was stopped mid attack with a stent.
This has certainly lit a fire under me with regard to my food and exercise plans. Dropping the fruit has had a remarkable effect. I'm already down 3 1/2 from last week and now just a pound and a half from my first 5 lb goal (which I had set waaay back in January when my mom was home from her first stroke. Oh well.
Don't have time for personals tonite, just thought I'd let you know that I'm okay and wish you all well.

04-18-2012, 11:15 PM
Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

Pretty sick, but had to drive mom to Denver anyway. DH went over to our other house today,nice to only have to care for myself. Spontaneous exercise was walking up a very large set of outside stairs for cold medication. Credits included walking right by donuts and other sabotaging foods and instead chosing an organic mac and cheese which I ate half of.

BBE, glad to hear your calf is cooperating at the gym.

Maplover, glad your bro is recouperating!

Beverlyjoy, I double locked my doors tonight...always think of you. Thx

Keepingmy fingers crossedfora quickrecovery.

04-19-2012, 01:27 AM
Today went off the plan in many ways, but all in all the eating was fine.

WI: NA kgs, Exercise:+60 730/1400 minutes for April, Food: 60%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: Plot Outlines of 101 Best Novels sounds useful!

maplover: good to know you're brother is already on the road to recovery

Lexxiss: healing energies going your way!

04-19-2012, 08:02 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Repeat: on plan at meals, CREDIT moi, but extra afternoon snack, Ouch. Gotta think of some better responses to the Sabotaging Thought that I need a doubled snack and it doesn't matter.

My walk, CREDIT moi, required a thin long sleeved shirt as the temperatures returned to seasonal. That's fine by me, as it's easier to warm up while walking than to cool down.

onebyone – Love it, "something's going on" - always trust the pants-o-meter, it just can't lie. Can't wait to see the giant butterfly. Wish you were teaching when I was in kindergarten.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Plans sometimes seem to call for change. Glad you saved, "the eating was fine."

Debbie (Lexxiss) – You certainly remain one diligent support person with driving while "Pretty sick." Hope you're on the mend.

Tazzy - Yay Zumba! Glad that the stomach is back in working order. I've always loved that line, "I'm only one stomach virus away from my goal weight," LOL.

maplover – That's pretty amazing that your brother is recovering so quickly. Congrats on the results of dropping fruit.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
restaurant skills
Choose items that correspond to the Think Thin Initial Eating Plan. Use your Think Thin Food Lists (pages 215-227) for guidance. Design your meal and figure out portion sizes you can have without going over the calorie limit for this meal.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 145.

04-19-2012, 08:46 AM
Maplover: I'm so sorry about your bro but thankful they were able to respond so quickly! Speedy recovery vibes to him and best to you!

04-19-2012, 08:48 AM
Susan: talk about hard core biking!!! I know those gazillion dollar bikes of which you speak... they're amazing. Wow, what a trip!. Great for you for doing it! Sounds like a great time but I'd be driving that hill too! I'm hoping DH and I can do some bike tours as we build strength and stamina!

04-19-2012, 12:44 PM
hi all.
Challenged staying on tracking. Read your posts. Everyone is focussed, or trying to focus. Wow, do we put energy into this or what.

Have a great day. Will read more or your thoughts tonight.

04-19-2012, 04:17 PM
Hello-can I introduce myself here? I'm only on day 11 or 12, not sure which-it's the Hunger Tolerance exercise day. Since I didn't take a lunch break today I thought it would be a good time to check in here.

I am on Weight Watchers but I really want to get away from all the counting and follow a more intuitive eating plan. I'm not sure if that will fly as I get more into the BDS plan but I thought attending weekly WW meetings and weigh-ins, and incorporating BDS into my life might have me covered.

So that's me. I wanted to go on record here! You seem like a great group and I look forward to getting to know all of you better.

04-19-2012, 10:02 PM
Hi again! LOL! I've come to the realization that I can't do this alone and am looking for some support here in the Beck section of 3FC again. :)

I successfully lost weight with Beck in 2007 and felt so proud of myself because for the first time I was the one in control of the food, not letting it control me. Life intervened though and I fell into quite a state of depression, the weight piled back on and I had to seek help to get myself back to the right mindset in order to start another weight loss journey.

Since November 2010 I've lost about 65 pounds and have 20 more to go, but I'm struggling at this time with some serious binge eating and feeling very out of control. I'm working full time and in grad school part time with two classes that have me stressed out. They have created a situation where I have to sort of put my weight loss efforts on the shelf because the time I'd usually spend shopping for groceries, planning and cooking meals is spent working on class papers and projects. I feel like such a failure because I want to make my weight loss a priority along with work AND school; but ultimately work and school have to come first.

In any case, the semester will be over in a few weeks, and I'm trying to hold on until then, but I'm gaining weight with all of the binge eating I'm doing and am trying to think of what I can do to stop it before I do some real damage. So, I re-ordered BDS (even though I already have my old copy), and will be reading it again from the beginning and following all of the steps day by day.It'll be delivered tomorrow. (I wonder why they haven't made a digital version, it would be SUCH a help.) I am really bad at check-ins, especially since I have to limit my time on the internet for the next few weeks as I finish up the semester, but I will try my best to pop in at least once a day and follow up with everyone here, see how you're all doing and hopefully read something here that will click, and help me through this difficult time. I see some familiar names, and I love that this part of the forum is still going so strong. It means that BDS works!

04-20-2012, 01:09 AM
Another strange day, but part of the strangeness was a 95 minute walk -- so no complaints there.

We spent the morning at the Art Museum looking at very large photographs. My favorite was Library by Andreas Gursky:

WI: +0.25 kgs, Exercise:+95 825/1400 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, Amy8888! This is a great group! How did the hunger experiment go?

Hi Cammie-Cam! It sounds like you have a lot going on -- yay for taking steps to give health a place in there as well.

04-20-2012, 07:47 AM
:welcome: Amy8888 :welcome:

And just in case, even though you've been here more than a decade, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

04-20-2012, 07:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Repeated the repeated on afternoon snack on an otherwise good eating day (CREDIT moi). Evening snack was slightly off track when the lovely young neighbor showed up with a slice of tiramisu that got split three ways. I'm a sucker for food gifts from our young neighbor who's learning to cook and shares with the neighborhood.

Did gym, CREDIT moi, a little better than last time. I like the gradual improvement. Had to work out hearing a loud trainer shouting at a hard working woman, "We're having fun, we're having fun," when he was sitting and she was sweating. "Fun" isn't what I'd call what was going on. Glad that I wasn't paying to be yelled at.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – 95 minutes is one fine walk. Neat picture. I hope libraries don't disappear underneath the digital world. I'm so prejudiced to the feel of a book, and especially an old book that's been read by others over the years.

Donamari (fyreflie24) – You'd think one of "those gazillion dollar bikes" would be a fine reward for reaching goal.

Susan (hikergirl) – Yep "focused" seems to be the winning strategy.

Amy8888 – Kudos for plunging right in with the Hunger Tolerance exercise. How did it go? Did the hunger go away after a while? Neat that you already have your primary plan (Weight Watchers). I take it you're looking for a different plan - perhaps to replace it. There're a wide variety of plans being followed on this thread and, as I suspect you well know, a zillion around and about 3FC. Hope you find the one that fits. Glad you're here.

Cammie (Cammie-Cam) – I do remember you here just like it was only four plus years ago. You were doing fine and headed off to some adventure - perhaps Europe if I recall. Overwhelming life can be a challenge to find time to stick to an eating plan and an exercise plan. Perhaps you can spend a little time to choose a plan that fits being a working graduate student. Perhaps a portion control for the meals that can't be the menu of your first choice. And perhaps some carefully selected snacks that serve the long stretches between meals as well as the desire for nibbles to make the pressure go away. If you can make time to just briefly check-in here, that can be a real motivator. Consider avoiding personal responses while you're this busy since the thought of how much time that'd take could serve as a demotivator for just checking in. Glad you're back and moving forward.

Yep, gotta love it, "It means that BDS works!"

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
restaurant skills
At the beginning of this chapter, I described a basic restaurant menu that included a green salad or consommι, lean protein, steamed vegetables, a side of grain, and suggestions for using your Bonus Calories (page 134). Below are some additional main-course menu ideas (start each meal with a salad with no extras and dressing on the side):

One and a half slices of plain, thin-crust pizza and a side of steamed vegetables. Count the crust as your grain serving and your Bonus Calories, if needed. Blot excess oil off the pizza with a napkin before eating.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 145.

04-20-2012, 11:34 AM
Welcome Cammie-C and Amyquadruple8! This is such a good place to come to because everyone is dealing with the same issues and is trying to work with the same solution. Understanding. Empathy. Support.

Me? Still trying to get back onto Beck. I did have an ok food day yesterday, I did weigh myself this morning, I have read my advantage cards, I have a food plan for today, and this morning I was at the gym for a mere 30 min...but I was there and I do put it all to cardio vascular work. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.

Bye for now.

04-20-2012, 12:49 PM
Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

Compliments of Facebook, I was humbled as I was tagged in my brothers' wedding photos from 2005. A kind friend said it looked like my "bigger" twin sister, yet in a way that I felt good about my progress. My WL is slow but I am grateful to be muchos pounds lighter 8 years down this road. I believe Beck Diet Solution, my acceptance of a healthy food plan and my daily contact with my WL buddies to be the key to my continued success. credit us all~

:welcome2: to Cammie-Cam and Amy8888! Glad you both decided to hop on in here!

Cammie-Cam, my life is very busy, hectic and often unpredictable. I have found that a daily check in w/online coaches and my South Beach Diet group have really helped transform my relationship with food into a more sane and predictable experience. I second BillBlueEyes suggestion regarding finding time to check in without feeling any necessity of responding personally to any of the other coaches/buddies in the group. My take that Dr. Becks suggestion of a daily check in is a very strong component of our changing our food behaviors long term. Best wishes during your busy time.

Well, coaches, I'm still sick but have to take mom to Denver....again. This time for a meeting. She will go by herself if I do not take her, which is usually when she gets hurt. I have planned a solo lunch and will go to the DPL for knitting and !finally! checking out "Does This Clutter Make Me Look Fat", by P. Walsh. Since the Denver Art Museum is next door I might treat myself to a new puzzle, since it is one of my more successful distraction techniques via my Beck Distraction List.

Interesting, I am finding that I really don't have much desire to eat, or especially to overeat right now. I can't taste food clearly and do believe that my cognitive therapy is working in that I am choosing not to eat what I can't taste (as opposed to the shovel it all in and never taste a thing approach-which I did for years).lol.

Interesting, also, is following up on comments by gardenerjoy months ago regarding losing weight slowly and giving the body time to adjust to a lower setpoint. I have that 5# up and down "maintenance" number and lately I seem to be spot on a lower number no matter what my prior few days intake is. I'm happy for that and continue my journey.*credit*

Interesting, I've been watching TV whilst ill and DH is gone. On Dr.Oz he was discussing 5 biggest energy is !!!CLUTTER!!! Like I don't really know that in my life right now and in that spirit I have gotten rid of a few more things and may mini purge again before my drive today.

Anyway, best wishes to you all, I think of you all often during my days. I'm sure hoping to feel better very soon and look forward onebyone's tape butterfly picture.

04-20-2012, 03:52 PM
Hi All!

Crazy busy at work with this. I have a 100th anniversary party for a corporate client tomorrow with 1600 guests and lots of last minute details to get together.

Weight is stable right now, not getting enough exercise but don't move from my desk much right now. I'll make up for my missing steps from the week when I'm on my feet from 10am to 9pm tomorrow! Better make an appointment with DH for a nice foot massage after that.

Will try and get back on Sunday for personals. Weather is supposed to be really nice and I need to get my living room and kitchen windows cleaned before having 22 guests over on April 28 for my parents 50th wedding anniversary party. Oh so much to do. As long as I don't decide to eat because of everything I'll be good.

Have a great weekend. :wave:

04-20-2012, 04:37 PM
Thank you all for the very warm welcome! What a great group of people.

Amy8888 – Kudos for plunging right in with the Hunger Tolerance exercise. How did it go? Did the hunger go away after a while? Neat that you already have your primary plan (Weight Watchers). I take it you're looking for a different plan - perhaps to replace it. There're a wide variety of plans being followed on this thread and, as I suspect you well know, a zillion around and about 3FC. Hope you find the one that fits. Glad you're here.

Well, the hunger came and went. By the time I got home for dinner I was ravenous. I decided to eat a salad and some green beans before I even heated up my entree so I would not go overboard. So credit me for that!

Yes, I have been around 3FC for quite a long time! I've been overweight since childhood and had my first successful weight loss about 10 years ago, following the 90/10 Plan by Joy Bauer. It was great because I was single and I was a student and I had a flexible schedule. It was so easy to focus on myself! I don't know what my starting weight was because I didn't want to know but I estimate I lost about 50 pounds then, and I maintained that loss for a few years.

Then I got married and now I have a full-time job, a husband, and 3 kids (ages 5 months-6 years, adding on 50+ pounds in the process) so I found I needed more support. I absolutely love my Weight Watchers meetings but I need to learn to be a more intuitive eater (I tried the IE idea out a few years ago and that was a disaster for me at the time!). I found the best meeting in town. The leader is funny and not afraid to challenge excuses. The members are also quite funny. And the weigh-ins are essential for me to stay honest about my weight.

Part of me feels like I should be able to keep myself in check without having to write out everything I eat. I got to that point when I lost weight 10 years ago. I generally eat the same things for breakfast and lunch, and I like cooking, and I know all the tricks on how to cook healthfully. Somehow counting Points goes counter to that. I end up relying more on frozen meals when I am counting because it is easier than calculating everything.

Before, I found I could lose weight when I kept my daytime eating consistent, had a regular portion of something for dinner with a lot of veggies on the side, and allow myself one small snack at night. BUT, I had to be consistent, and not fool myself into thinking it would be okay to eat whatever on occasion. That's the hard part, but I think only at first. At least in my experience. Anyway, I thought the BDS was a good way to get me over that hump to where I am eating what I should be without stressing over every little morsel.

How did I hear of BDS? I think I've been hearing about it for years now but it never really registered. I've been following a great blog lately ( and the author was talking about it, so I finally decided to buy the book. I am not a big fan of therapists (I have a research psychology background and we tend to be suspicious of the counseling psychologists ;)) but I have always liked the cognitive approach. The exercises in the book are great and I think MAY be what get me to really adopt a new lifestyle.

04-20-2012, 10:18 PM

I have no idea how I missed posting yesterday:?: I swear I had the reply window open--guess I just never finished it and/or sent it.

Distracted. Yes, I am distracted.

My tape butterfly was deemed a success. In fact, I will break my own rule and post a picture of me being mobbed by the kids when we went into the hall to get a group shot of all my tape butterfly collaborators! I was so surprised at the spontaneous hugs! Such a joy. They did all the decorating of each of the wings, along with making the antennae and the proboscis -- a very important part for our butterfly to have. We did forego the six legs. They also skipped their recess AND their morning snack! The art teacher assured me this was unheard of and showed how dedicated they were to their butterfly project. My sister, upon seeing this image, told me if I am ever promoting myself as an art instructor that I should make sure this photo goes into my promotional material.

And foodwise, well I ate alot yesterday and ate something I should have counted before the fact today. I did *credit* track and account for it. I am now at my weekly point limit but still have my daily allocation so it's ok but wow. I need to make sure I eat my breakfast again. I've been skipping it of late--this is the consequence. I weighed in yesterday at WW and was up one pound. It's ok. I will take that happily.

Until tomorrow.

04-20-2012, 11:34 PM
onebyone, great photo! Thx! Everyone looks happy and BF is beautiful!

Buttermilk Sky
04-21-2012, 02:18 AM
Hello Everyone

I'm sort of new around here and have been trying to find a program I can follow. What kind of program are you all on?

My menu is pretty limited because I don't like a lot of foods. For instance
I don't like meat, I will eat a little chicken and once in a great while a little fish. I eat a limited amount of eggs. I like fruit, salads once in a while, some vegetables, only Italian or Balsamic dressings, no salad dressing or mayo. I usually drink unsweetened iced tea or water and hot tea.

My downfall is I like pasta, pizza, anything crunchy like chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, and popcorn. I also love ice cream. Once in a while I like to have a 'real' coke or a milky way bar. That's mostly the food I eat.

I was doing well on my eating plan and lost 30 pounds mostly from exercise but hurt my foot about 2 1/2 months ago and have gained 15 pounds back because I can't exercise now. The doctor tells me to stay off of my foot but I work two jobs and can't do that. I also have a thyroid problem and I'm on 2 mg of thyroid medication. Exercise was an important part of my weight loss plan.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Again, what kind of program are you on and what's been working for you.

Thank you. :)

04-21-2012, 08:11 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Good enough with food, CREDIT moi. Dinner was tough since we toured the Geico exhibit at the Museum of Science and didn't sit down at the Persian restaurant until 8:30 pm. The table appetizer was an outstanding eggplant dish with tons of garlic - calling for the naan-like flat bread placed on our table before we had ordered anything. Wonderful family place where the regulars were calling out to the three musicians and various folks were solicitous about our enjoyment of the food and live music. I left a ton of basmati rice flavored with saffron - CREDIT moi, but sure hated to leave it behind.

Had a good long walk, CREDIT moi, almost feeling too hot. Everybody out in shorts and t-shirts means summer to me.

onebyone – That's one joyful bunch of kids - including the tall one, LOL. Sign me up to make a butterfly with you. Kudos for "track and account for it" - the commitment remains during the up blips and down blips.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Ouch with the confrontation of self-eight-years-ago. Kudos for marching forward slowly since then. Thanks for the reminder that CLUTTER is a major energy zapper. As you know, I'm familiar with that one.

Tazzy - Sounds like a plan, "As long as I don't decide to eat because of everything I'll be good." I just love it that 1600 guests is just a normal days work for you.

Susan (hikergirl) – Oh Yes, Kudos for 30 minutes at the gym. Don't let the Sabotaging Thoughts about how long you wish you'd have gone sucker you into not going at all rather than for less than an hour.

Amy8888 – Kudos for facing the struggle, "eating what I should be without stressing over every little morsel." I found out that the morsels mattered, one by one they did, but that learning to avoid stressing was possible. Beck's notion of planning tomorrow's eating works for me. I have a general plan (as she recommends for maintenance) and find it comforting that I know that a meal or snack is no more than a couple of hours away in one direction or the other. My dream of being an Intuitive Eater isn't likely; my Intuition seems to be broken. But the big thing for me is that if I don't eat on a schedule, I tend to find that I recognize hunger when I'm not near a source of on-plan foods but am near an offered brownie.

Buttermilk Sky – Congrats on that 30 pounds loss with Weight Watchers and exercise, and Kudos for recognizing that you want some additional help. We're all on different food plans and exercise plans. We share that we use the Cognitive Therapy (CT) strategies of Dr. Judith Beck to help us stick to our plans. I like it because it's straight forward - when I read it, it makes sense. The easiest was to decide whether her CT is for you is to get one of her two books and give it a try along with your WW. The first post in this thread links to the books on Amazon. Hope you decide to join us.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
restaurant skills
Below are some additional main-course menu ideas (start each meal with a salad with no extras and dressing on the side):
. . .
A veggie or turkey burger or a small-sized hamburger with half of an unbuttered bun or a very small portion of French fries and a side of steamed vegetables. Ask for condiments on the side because burgers sometimes come with mayonnaise or a mayo-based sauce.
Pasta primavera (sauce on the side) with a source of protein (shellfish, chicken, or fish) mixed in and a side of vegetables. Count the pasta as your grain serving and your Bonus Calories, if needed.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 145.

04-21-2012, 12:23 PM
Good morning all! Have a great day. Lexxis, your post of yesterday was inspiring.

04-22-2012, 01:42 AM
just lost my whole message. Late night, happy client, very tired feet. 15,000+ steps on a concrete floor. DH waited up to give me a foot massage. Time for bed will check back in tomorrow.

04-22-2012, 07:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Good enough, CREDIT moi, - still struggling with snacks, Ouch. At a friends house, I didn't have seconds when they were universally happening. CREDIT moi for that.

Did gym, CREDIT moi, getting one step further toward where I was before I took an exercise vacation for the muscle strain in my calf.

Tazzy - I hate it when I lose a carefully typed message. I've started keeping a copy in a text file as I go so that it's readily available when the posting gods consume without sharing. It happens regularly.

Susan (hikergirl) – And a nice day to you way up there with the mountains we just dream about over here on the coast.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
restaurant skills
Below are some additional main-course menu ideas (start each meal with a salad with no extras and dressing on the side):
. . .
Chinese chicken or shrimp with vegetables. Ask for the chicken or shrimp and vegetables to be steamed and served without any oil. Ask for rice and sauce on the side. Get brown rice if it's available and mix only 1/2 cup into your meal (counting it as your grain serving). Use minimal sauce, counting it as your Add-On Calories or Bonus Calories, as needed.
Tandoori chicken with a vegetable side dish, such as eggplant or peas, or a bean side dish, such as lentils. Indian food is often cooked with calorie-laden sauces. If you can't get sauce on the side, count those extra calories as both your Add-On Calories and Bonus Calories.
Japanese sushi or sashimi (use portion suggested in the Think Thin Food Lists on pages 216-218) with miso soup and seaweed salad. Count the rice as a grain serving.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 145.

04-22-2012, 10:49 AM
Hi Coaches

I'm off to the potters' guild this morning. I was in yesterday morning to look after the kiln with my kiln firing partner. This was unexpected for both of us but I took advantage of the time there by making some garden markers. I ended up creating a large variety of markers, like something I would have for my own garden, but most folks grow a smaller variety of vegetables. Oh did I mention I am in hot pursuit of a community garden plot? I have the phone number to call--it's just a block away--so all I need is for them to tell me they have a plot for me. I already bought seeds. Talk about positive thinking. The seeds I bought, at Seedy Saturday yesterday, were from an area organic grower. I plan to start them today in tiny peat pots:

Blacktail Mountain Watermelon
Chinese 5 Colour Hot Pepper
Hungarian Black Hot Pepper
Cosmic Purple Carrot
Black Valentine Bush Bean
Little Finger Eggplant
Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry
Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato
Kweik Butterhead Lettuce

I'm off to the guild. I have scheduled a 30 minute mall walk for myself before I come home to make sure I get some exercise in today.
I have also planned my food and will track it as I eat it.

Happy Sunday everyone.

04-22-2012, 02:17 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I am back from a journey of a few scary places (mostly mental and emotional) and the land were wireless doesn't work. DH and I made a pilgrimage to Sacramento to FINALLY resolve the computer problem. As of this morning, everything is ok. I am embarrassed to say, in the last two weeks, I have eaten over many petty situations. Credit for realizing this morning that finishing up my last six weeks at the school I am leaving and trying to complete my last MFA projects (5 book annotations and two short stories in two weeks) is stressful. It is the small straws that break the camel's back. Credit for getting back to basics this morning by writing new advantage cards.

My favorite is "I will act and know that I am more important then the chaos around me and therefore will treat myself kindly." Credit for FINALLY exercising yesterday and today. Credit for continuing to weigh myself even though I didn't really want to know. 5 pounds above ticker but today is a new day.

onebyone – fabulous picture. It is good for me to remember that I have lots of moments of joy in my teaching career that look just like your picture. I just have to remember them.

Amy8888 – welcome.

Buttermilk Sky - welcome

"Hey" to all my friends out there.

04-22-2012, 07:05 PM
Hi Coaches!

Weekends at work are really busy. I got caught...I didn't bring my "lunch" because last week I didn't have time to eat it. I snacked on toast (nothing) else, and it wasn't a deal breaker caloriewise but it's just not a habit to start. Tomorrow, I'll bring my lunch. Last night as I was picking up in the kitchen I felt some urge to eat different things. I grabbed my paper on the fridge and wrote down, healthy pizza, salad, strawberries. It was enough intention to get my head back on the right track. I had pizza and salad and never got to the strawberries.

BBE, glad you are getting back to your comfort zone at the gym.

MaryAnn, I like your new card!

onebyone, nice seeds and a positive outlook for a garden plot.

Tazzy, ouch for lost posts.

Amy, the exercises in the book have really helped me, too.

ButtermilkSky, BillBlueEyes already updated you on Beck Diet Solution. I follow South Beach Diet and have evolved into liking many of the foods you don't like(and that I didn't used to like, either). As to the stuff you do like;
"pasta, pizza, anything crunchy like chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, and popcorn. I also love ice cream. Once in a while I like to have a 'real' coke or a milky way bar."
I like them all, too, but when I eat them I don't lose weight, in fact, often I gain. Beck Diet Solution helps me to eat to lose weight/maintain and teaches me how to plan to have the above mentioned foods in moderation WHEN I plan ahead. Best wishes.

My planned exercise today was work and my spontaneous ex. was turning the compost bin multiple times. It's very heavy. I've been doing great at keeping my clutter under control and am sitting down NOW to progress on a project which needs to be finished before I go to books for 2012. This is my first attempt at keeping up instead of doing the entire year at one time. credit.

04-23-2012, 02:05 AM
I've been dealing with a lot of "I don't wanna" thoughts -- especially for things like planning meals, exercising, and posting here.

At the same time, I've got a lot of "I want to do this AND I really want it done yesterday" thoughts -- mostly about getting ready for our trip to Ireland, writing, and just general organization.

The combination is quite tricky. I can justify working on my projects instead of exercising or planning meals with those thoughts. Worse, since I'm feeling so behind on my projects, I can see myself using those justifications day after day with no end in sight.

Advice? Wise words? Camaraderie?

WI: +0.3 kgs, Exercise:+55 940/1400 minutes for April, Food: NA%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: the photo of you and the butterfly and the kids warmed my heart. Thank you!

Welcome, Buttermilk_Sky! I use an exchange plan, more or less of my own devising, although it rests a lot on the exchange plans from pre-points Weight Watchers and Richard Simmons. Those are both low-fat plans (rather than the low-carb that's all the rage today). I could easily make what you eat fit into my daily plan. Well, easily, but obviously limiting the portions of the "pasta, pizza, anything crunchy like chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, and popcorn." I eat a small portion of ice cream a few days a week -- even more often when it's my homemade frozen yogurt. I eat a giant salad at lunch and, often, a second at supper. I make my own salad dressings and they are often balsamic vinaigrettes. Here's the plan I was eating when I was at about your weight: It's changed a bit over time, but that seems to be part of the trick -- being able to adapt the plan over time when caloric needs go down as the body weight does and with changing seasons, changing environments, etc.

04-23-2012, 06:45 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Remaining at the good enough, CREDIT moi, with snacks too large. Perhaps I need to be hit by a tsunami to get my head back on track. Rain all day - seriously welcomed by local gardeners and fire fighters - kept me indoors instead of out for a walk. I did well at lunch with friends when i skipped the homemade bread with special jam.

onebyone – Impressive list of seeds - all with neat names. We don't have space for watermelon since it seems to like to spread over acres to grab the sun.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I can offer camaraderie for "I don't wanna" - seem to be indulging there a bit myself. That "feeling so behind" can paralyze me so that my plans just aren't visible to my brain.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Certainly Kudos for, "keeping up instead of doing the entire year at one time." When I'm behind, it's as easy for me to dawdle as it is to get in gear.

maryann - Thanks for "I am more important then the chaos around me" - it's hard to remember the me when surrounded on all sides.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
restaurant skills
Beware of options that sound reasonable but may not be as healthy as they seem. For example:
Burritos: Because burritos are flour or corn tortillas stuffed with protein, vegetables, and rice, many dieters fail to estimate their true calorie count. Certain ingredients - especially rice, cheese, guacamole, avocado, sour cream, and sauce - add lots of calories. Many restaurant burritos are also enormous, with some totaling more than 1000 calories. Just the tortilla alone may contain 300 calories.
Chef, Cobb, or taco salad: Ingredients such as eggs, avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, croutons, bacon, cheese, Chinese noodles, tortilla strips, and dressing can drive up the calories, with some jumbo salads totaling more than 1,000 calories. The large serving of shredded cheese that tops some restaurant salads comes to more than 400 calories by itself. The fried tortilla bowls that taco salads are often served in may have several hundred calories.
. . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 145-146.

04-23-2012, 07:37 PM
Hello all. "Off" today which is rare this time of year, have the house to myself, have managed dishes, laundry, errands and the never ending paperwork, too bad paperwork does not burn a lot of calories, then I would be on the boards to GAIN weight!! Anyway my eating is so-so, have been having little gains on weigh in days, no surprise really, I am still trying so that is a plus! Having boiled crawfish tonight and am determined NOT to eat too much, but it is hard because they are so good! But, I will have control!!

04-24-2012, 12:54 AM
I wrote both a Plan A and a Plan B to make sure that I was following a plan today since I've been struggling recently. My motivation for exercise has increased a bit, too, with it being near the end of the month. I can meet my goal, but it will take an hour a day to do it so I'll need to stay right on top of it. I'm feeling slightly more like I've got a handle on my projects, too, after a day of planning some things and doing others.

WI: +0.05 kgs, Exercise:+70 1010/1400 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-24-2012, 06:54 AM
Hi Coaches!

I weighed this morning even though my little voice said it was ok not to. Weight is fine. credit. Yesterday I had the opportunity to pitch many things at work, including a FF screw up. I had two or three (because they were there) then remembered beck and they were gone. We go through so much bread, and the sourdough, especially, drives me nuts. A new loaf gets opened and there are 2-3 pieces that are too small to the heel. They always get pitched, but are left in there the entire time. I always think I need to toast them and eat them. Yesterday I opened a new loaf and got rid of them felt better.
I got home, was tired, and really wanted goodies. I took a nap instead then was willing to make my planned dinner.

BBE, yay for rain! I wish we had some. GJ passing by homemade bread and jam. A hard one for me.

gardenerjoy, great strategy-Plan A-Plan B

CajunCatholic, I hope you enjoyed your dinner in moderation.

04-24-2012, 08:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did well with meals, CREDIT moi; continue to struggle with snacks. Evening snack was exactly one orange, as planned, CREDIT moi, since evenings can be a place for having extra fruit since it's "good for me."

Did gym, CREDIT moi, walking there in the rain. Need to get back my old mojo where I'd go out for an hour in the rain using proper rain gear. I'm not made of sugar.
Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for planning to get the old head back on path.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Major Kudos for watching that bread being tossed when it could be toasted to host peanut butter. I once fancied asking Panera Bread to save their ends and sell them to me at the price of a loaf of bread. I'd get variety and all ends - couldn't make me happier. Can't imagine why a busy restaurant would entertain such an offer though.

CatholicCajun – Yay for boiled crawfish - couldn't be too many calories in those little guys. Sounds like a busy day off. Kudos for "But, I will have control!!"

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
restaurant skills
Beware of options that sound reasonable but may not be as healthy as they seem. For example:
. . . Chicken or tuna salad: The amount of mayonnaise used in these dishes makes a huge difference and can total 200 or more calories.
Sandwiches: Creamy dressing and spread can run up the calorie count by more than 200 calories. The type of bread used makes a difference, too - with thicker focaccia bread or hoagie rolls adding hundreds of extra calories.
Fruit smoothie: You can make wonderful fruit smoothies at home. Smoothies served at many restaurants are usually larger than homemade ones and may contain more than just fruit, water, and yogurt; they are often loaded with sugar and/or high-fructose corn syrup. Some commercial smoothies actually contain more sugar than some types of doughnuts - and total more than 500 calories.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 146.

04-24-2012, 12:02 PM
Hello Everyone!

Another quick check-in, my life has gotten really busy this past few days and for the next few. I had to make a list of each day until Sat and write down all the things I need to do each day to get ready for the 50th anniversary party. I decided to take Friday off work so that's helping. I have not tracked anything I've eaten for probably 10 days now and it's starting to show on the scale. Guess while I'm making the to-do list for household things I should be doing my menu at the same time. I'm doing okay during the day because I only bring so much food to work, not so good in the evenings. Oh well, another new start again today. I'm feeling like gardenerjoy and the I don't wanna.

Hope everyone is doing well.

04-24-2012, 02:34 PM
Hi. I am in the over-eating haze. Will come out of it. Will return to this thread later on today.

Your posts are good for me.

Credit to me for posting.


04-24-2012, 08:18 PM
Hello all. Did great with the crawfish, enjoyed them and did not overeat and today gave the rest to an elderly neighbor who I KNOW will enjoy them as she is a widow and does not have anyone to boil them for her, there was a time when I would have NEVER given food away, so that is a plus! Another site I am on had a member say that she eats figured about 25 bites is a fist of food, she started at 25 and realized that it took only 10 for her to get full, so I tried her method today, she uses some kind of counter, well I am at work so I took out 25 paper clips and it took 18 for me to get full AND I left 3 bites of food on my plate! So just thought I would throw that out there.

04-25-2012, 12:47 AM
I overate my baked fresh bread, today. Argh! But, it came with insight, finally, after several days of struggle. The error in my thinking is about entitlement. I'm working very hard so I think I'm entitled to eat more. This would be true if my hard work involved reaping winter wheat with a scythe. Since my hard work involves staring at a screen and moving my fingers across a keyboard, I can't justify more calories.

Here's what I'm entitled to: frequent stretching and walking breaks, extra glasses of water or herbal iced tea, feeling proud that I'm working so hard, listening to calming music, and maintaining the healthy habits that I've worked so hard to create.

WI: -0.2 kgs, Exercise:+70 1080/1400 minutes for April, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Tazzy: I write my food plan on the same page as my to do list. It does help to have it all in one space. Usually, the energy that gets me to make a to do list can be summoned just a little extra to get the food plan written, too.

04-25-2012, 06:18 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Meals on plan, CREDIT moi, snacks still large, Ouch. Short walk.

Did well at dinner that I harvested from an Indian takeout place for four of us. I made good vegetarian choices - not hard with Indian food. Yay for chick peas. I left basmati rice on my plate, CREDIT moi. I rarely leave food, especially food that I served myself, so that's a good step for me. And I had the same sized serving of pakora's (fried dumplings) that everyone else had - even though a mound of them was what I wanted.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Homemade fresh bread if a killer for me; Kudos for stopping at all, LOL. I like your way of converting entitlement into a real list.

Tazzy - Neat idea to add you food to you to-do list.

Susan (hikergirl) – Yep, Kudos for posting; it starts the breaking of the haze.

CatholicCajun – Interesting notion to count bites of food - I'll have to try that. Kudos for stopping when full, with three bites left on your plate.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
restaurant skills
If you hadn't done your research ahead of time, you might have mistakenly thought that these options were low calories. Watch out for foods that are described as fried, pan-seared, or sautιed, because they will be prepared in oil. Also be on the alert for food that is breaded - for example, shrimp, pork chops, veal, or chicken. If in doubt, ask. You don't want to be surprised by a high-calorie dish - because you will have to eat much less of it.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 146.

04-25-2012, 07:34 AM
Hi Coaches!

I just weighed. Weight fine....interesting since I had a late dinner last eve. I had expected a higher number. No food at work yesterday, although I thought about bites more than once. credit.

I've been experimenting with taking a rest after work...not necessarily sleeping but getting horizontal with my library book (Does This Clutter Make My Butt look Fat). Yesterday I saw many similarities to Beck Diet Solution regarding distraction techniques, creating new habits around food and enriching your life. A suggestion was made that instead of journaling ALL your intake, to only journal after eating something you regret.I am so busy and 99.9% of the time I stay OP easily until after dinner. It made sense to have a log of my detours along with every bit of information I could come up with regarding my state of mind/emotions at the time.

Anyway, my original plan was to nap, make dinner and watch TV. Instead, I had a new idea. I changed into yard clothes, opened all the doors and the kitty and I explored the yard while I watered. I pulled some weeds, talked to the neighbor and finished by cooking my dinner on the grill.

gardenerjoy, you mentioned "entitled". This rings true with me. I rise early, I work very hard all day and feel I'm entitled to get comfy on the couch in front of the tv all evening, even though I know it triggers the urge to eat. I like your new statement...I will work on one today.

BBE, great job leaving that rice. I have an extremely difficult time doing that, too. Reminds me I left a little last night, too.

Tazzy, making your menu at the same time as your household list seems like a good idea.

CatholicCajun, nice giving your leftovers to a neighbor. I think small actions like that lessen the power of the food...being able to give it away.

Susan(hikergirl), check in again today...if you haven't broken the cycle yet you will.

04-25-2012, 11:52 AM
Hi all.
Gardenerjoy-- I giggled over your entitlement conversation with yourself. In my work I do not use a scythe...I should be using a foot treadle (hmmm, is that right spelling) sewing machine. (In my "second career" I have become a designer/seamstress).

Credit to me for coming to the board today. Hopefully today will be the day that I am able to "anchor" my eating.

04-25-2012, 01:12 PM
Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was better. OP with food, especially after my Zumba class when I too feel entitled to eat more than I have exercised away. I too spend my days sitting at a computer and doing paperwork. Not too strenuous by any means.

Weighed, down 1.6. I need to get back to reading my cards regularly and am going to grab them from my purse right now to read while I'm stuck on hold on the phone.

Have a good day!

04-26-2012, 12:16 AM
Working out some ways to reduce my stress by swapping out impossible goals for doable ones. Reduced stress = reduced sense of entitlement.

WI: NC kgs, Exercise:+55 1135/1400 minutes for April, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-26-2012, 05:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Meals continue on plan, CREDIT moi. Snacks still bigger than planned, Ouch.

Walking (CREDIT moi) was to welcome the arriving Spring Warblers. Pine Warblers, Palm Warblers, and the ubiquitous Yellow-rumped Warblers are here. The trees have leaves early which makes birding more challenging - someday I've gotta get better identifying by song.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – This one sounds unintuitive to me, "Reduced stress = reduced sense of entitlement." Kudos for figuring that out.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Mixing up the old routines should keep the brain focused. As much as I like the notion of an after work nap, I smiled at your change of plans to march into the yard with your cat.

Tazzy - Would seem that Zumba would compensate for a whole bunch of time on the computer. Maybe Susan (hikergirl) can find you a foot treadle operated computer, LOL.

Susan (hikergirl) – Continued Kudos just for showing up. LOL at getting your exercise by a foot treadle. Here's to getting your "anchor."

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants

Before You Go

Use all of your Challenging Situation Skills. Before you leave for the restaurant, plan what you are going to eat, consult your Memory Box, review your Response Cards and Advantages Deck, and imagine the aftermath.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 146.

04-26-2012, 10:35 AM
Hi Coaches

It's time for my official weigh-in at the WW meeting this morning. I was tossing around not going since "I already know what it's going to say."

Uh, no, I don't.

But I have an expectation that the scale will be up given that I went over my total number of points for the week, and I was not careful this week at all, giving in, I'd say 25% of the time, to the urge to overeat to quell my anxiety and my stress re: deadlines and demands on me which have quadrupled all of a sudden this week. I've been so angry watching myself fall back into the old habits and watching the weight go up, then down, then up again all week long. On the days the weight went up, I can say for sure that "losing weight" or sticking to my plan slipped from their number one spot in my conscious brain. When my artwork projects took over, or my anxiety over meeting my upcoming deadlines and managing my time crunch took over, food, and sticking to my plan was nowhere to be seen in my list of things To Do.

Actually, that may be the answer. Put "stick to your foodplan" on my to-do list. I haven't actually done that. Hmmm.

Anyway, since I want to maintain this weightloss of mine and I don't want the weight back, I have got to hold fast to my weightloss goals and the day to day actions I need to do to make that happen.

Gotta run. Meeting time coming up. Hang tough Coaches!

UPDATE: official weigh-in weight was 258.4 I am up 1.4lbs from last week, and 2.4 from my low reached in Ottawa: 256. Ok. Oh well. I was very upset with this scale reading when I was at the meeting. Like way more than I expected I would be. I think I am going to reset my short term goal. I think I'll aim for 253 as my net goal; 5lbs from now. I find these 250's kind of slippery for me--they are doing a number on my head like they are a border between being really overweight for me=260+ and starting to see daylight in terms of really getting thinner=249 and less. that leaves the whole 10 lbs which make up 250-259 as some sorrt of netherland and it's weird to me. So. I better just break it up into bits to get from here to there. That's it. Must get to work. :wave:

04-26-2012, 12:08 PM
Ok…I have one respectable day “under my belt” (almost literally).
This morning I weighed myself (yikes, the weight gain is a bit scary) , went to the gym, and now I am here!

Tazzy – congrats on the drop in lbs.
BBE – wonderful credits for the birding. Beautifully written.
Everyone – continue on!

04-26-2012, 02:09 PM
Good Morning, Coaches. A few hours of a break and then work, work work on my MFA stuff. Two days ago dusted off Beck book and started with Day2. recommitted to my food plan - The Zone. Back up is WW. Interesting, I put my Zone Food for the Day in the WW points calculator and it came up my exact point allowance for the day. What does this tell me? I have to eat LESS! My portions have gone out of control again. I must make a step today to eat less and feel slightly hungry at the end of the day. It has been months since I have felt slightly hungry. Wish me luck.

Loved the entitlement discussion. Isn't that true Gardenerjoy? Calories are calories and they don't increase if I do a good job.
Credit for yoga this morning and writing down my food.

04-27-2012, 06:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Meals AND snacks on plan, CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi. About time. DW prepared a casserole from a new recipe for dinner with potatoes included with the fish; I left some of the potatoes on my plate, CREDIT moi for leaving food - sorta rare for me. Next time she'll use fewer potatoes.

Did gym, CREDIT moi. When about, I happened into a place where cupcakes were offered - an array of multi-colored glorious looking things. I declined, CREDIT moi. Partially because I was aware that it would break being on-track for the day, and partially because I'm less inclined these days to think that every item of food is for me.

onebyone – Kudos for going to your WW meeting when the Sabotaging Thoughts suggested otherwise. Oh yes, "Hang tough Coaches!"

maryann - Kudos for re-committing to a pair of food plans. Wishing you luck in dealing with "slightly hungry."

Susan (hikergirl) – LOL at respectable day “under my belt.” Kudos.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
At the Restaurant
Make special requests. Your meal will undoubtedly contain extra calories in the form of sauces, cooking oil or butter, and even sugar. For example, eggs are cooked in butter unless you ask for them to be prepared with cooking spray. Many restaurants put butter or mayonnaise on their burger buns. Most entrιes come with 1 or 2 tablespoons of added oil. That's an extra 100 to 200 calories! You can use your Add-On Calories or Bonus Calories to account for these ingredients, or you can request that your food be served free of sauces and oils - or, at the very least, with the sauces on the side. Or be prepared to eat smaller portions.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 146-147.

04-27-2012, 11:07 AM
So I guess I will be checking in here sporadically, sorry about that. I just wanted to pop in and give myself credit! I've had a challenging week and I did not always eat perfectly but I did much better than I would have before starting BDS.

Yesterday in particular was challenging. I will say first off it is my TOM and that is always rough for me. I get exhausted, my cravings get really strong and I feel like it doesn't matter, I've got water weight I can't get rid of for a week so I might as well pig out.

So when my alarm went off I decided to set it for an hour later so I could sleep in instead of exercise. But then I decided nope, I committed to exercise and did the best I could. So I got up and did some jogging on my mini-tramp. Then a group of us at work went out for lunch (we just do this once a month). I had probably not the best sandwich but I didn't have a side or dessert. Then my girl had a music program at her school and I allowed myself to have some cookies at her reception (since I skipped cookies at the lunch!). Then when dinner rolled around my husband and I were so tempted to eat out because we just didn't want to deal with making dinner. But we ended up eating at home and again, maybe what we had wasn't the healthiest but it was much better than anything I would have had eating out.

So I am giving myself credit for recognizing that I will not always eat perfectly but I have the choice not to completely sabotage myself.

As for the book, I've only progressed a little since my last check-in. I finished the hunger tolerance exercise last week and this week I planned my distractions for cravings. I usually do about 4-5 of the exercises in a week. No rush I guess, I just want to be able to devote quality time to each exercise and try to have each one really click for me.

04-27-2012, 12:50 PM
Stayed on track yesterday. Whew, some calmness returning to my life (caused by staying on track). Whew. One day at a time.
Mary-Anne – good luck. I would like to follow your Zone experience. I have found (in the past) that it really made sense and worked from the balanced fat, protein, carb perspective, but for me, it did not supply enough food to sustain me in the long run. Your comparison with ww points is interesting.
BBE—great, great day for you!
Amyquadruple8- Hi.

04-27-2012, 03:30 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Well, I was OP yesterday! (pause for standing ovation) As always with the Zone I am completely surprised how I feel No Hunger at all. Dipped back below 160. Credit step class today and staying on track with MFA Writing.

Hikergirl: I love the Zone. It is the only diet I have ever been able to stay on. The problem is I miss the "highs" of a blood sugar spike. Sounds like an addict, right? Once I am OP food immediately becomes a "psychological problem" and nothing else because, physically, I feel fine.

BBE: Supercredit for challenging the snack monster. For the day, vorpal sword in hand, you slew it.

04-27-2012, 09:07 PM
Hi Coaches/Friends!


Cheering us all on!

BillBlueEyes, love your observation, regarding resisting cupcakes "....partially because I was aware that it would break being on-track for the day, and partially because I'm less inclined these days to think that every item of food is for me. " Fantastic!

onebyone, good for you going to the WW meeting anyway! You got your information and didn't give in to your sabotaging thoughts!

MaryAnn and Susan(hikergirl), yay for an on track/on plan day!

Amy, great job getting up and exercising anyway!

Wow! It has been busy! I started early, managing insomnia, and had lots of time to think while I;
~celebrated 1 month since the floor redo and moved the piano back in place (yes, by myself)
~cleaned almost the entire house
~weighed (189)
~made morning smoothie
~didn't let my emotions control my day after DH hung up on me. I was able to recognize it was his problem, not mine and didn't search for food.
~gave myself big credit for all I have accomplished in this past month.

I work tomorrow, closing the restaurant, then will hop in the car and drive West with Mom for a meetup with DH and the pup and a board meeting on Sunday. credit for compiling all the reports and finalizing the Agenda tonight instead of waiting until the last minute.

It's late, it's been a long day, and my brain thinks I deserve fast food. I will go downstairs and find something healthy in the freezer. credit.

Thanks for being here everyone! I may not check in this weekend but I will travel with my Beck toolbox.

04-27-2012, 11:25 PM
Hi Coaches

Well I just saw myself on tv. My segment on cable tv was about 3 minutes long. It was a good, tight story, but gee. I look awful. I'm so round and my face just looks lost in all its fleshiness. How can I feel I look so much more beautiful and feel like I look much thinner than what I saw tonight? Oh well...
But my story was good!
And there's a second part to be taped on Monday, to be broadcast next Friday. We postponed the taping today as it was 43F out there and I have to print outside due to my space limitations, and my stuff, plus the size of what I am making. Ink won't really move below 60/65F. I am hoping for 50F+ and for some luck come Monday. As a backup plan I am cleaning the kitchen/dining area in cse we have to videotape in the apartment.

Credit* for living my life and pursuing my goals even if I am 258.4 lbs.
*I'm allowed.*

*credit for weighing in this morning and for being OP yesterday and today and for getting my block done and for just moving forward.
*credit for posting here where it's safe.

04-28-2012, 07:22 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - All eating on-plan, CREDIT moi. Evening snack was easy because we went out. If we could afford it, or were so inclined, going out in the evening does solve my snack problem. Perhaps when I attain my Bucket List notion of a condo in Manhattan that will be easier, LOL.

It was cold out walking - not too cold for April, but too cold for folks who've already been out in t-shirts for the season.

onebyone – Just love, "*I'm allowed.*" Yes you are. Congrats on your TV segment.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Incredible self awareness, "I was able to recognize it was his problem, not mine and didn't search for food." Kudos.

maryann - Neat that "staying on track with MFA Writing" sets the scene for on track with food and exercise.

Susan (hikergirl) – Kudos for on-track and calmness, both.

Amy8888 – Lovely scenario, "But then I decided nope, I committed to exercise" - Kudos.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
At the Restaurant
I encourage you to ask for:

A low-calorie salad dressing alternative, such as balsamic or red wine vinegar, salsa, or a wedge of lemon, unless you want to ask for salad dressing on the side and use your Add-On-Calories or Bonus Calories for it. Or bring a packet or your favorite low-calorie dressing or salad dressing spray with you. Remember, if you had to follow a special diet for medical, religious, or philosophical reasons, you wouldn't hesitate.. . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 147.

04-29-2012, 06:02 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Good enough for food, CREDIT moi. I got suckered by some off-plan cookies as part of getting a walking tour (CREDIT moi) of the Arnold Arboretum. Just blows my mind to listen to someone who loves trees give the history and detailed biology of each tree. Apparently, according to him, Linnaeus would entertain the fine ladies of the eighteenth century describing the sexual reproductive techniques of trees. His walks were always popular since, in his day, "one female in bed with 10 men" could only be said by a botanist.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
At the Restaurant
I encourage you to ask for:. . .
Your vegetables to be steamed and served without any oil or butter. Ask for extra veggies if none or few come with your entree. Be willing to pay extra for these. Most restaurants are willing to serve you salad in place of French fries, for instance, or broccoli in place of rice or pasta.. . .Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 147.

04-29-2012, 11:49 AM
BillBlueEyes, I see you had a bit of a "day off" here yesterday! The AA walk sounded fascinating, even if it included a few cookies.

Yesterday was Beck friendly, even though it included some "off plan" eating. I did fine at work, eating 2 pc. WW toast and an orange. We traveled, went to the pool then enjoyed an imprompteau dinner which included our first rhubarb upside down cake of the year. I endulged, but didn't gorge and modified at home dinner plans to accomodate. I also resisted offers of dinner at our local mexican restaurant, and instead bought some of their fresh salsa....journeyed to the HF store for organic chips and enjoyed a healthier version at home. I notice, these days, how much happier I am when I can bake a treat at home, modifying healthier when possible AND know EXACTLY WHAT I AM CONSUMING. credit.

:wave: It's pool time and mom awaits.

04-29-2012, 08:17 PM
Hi Coaches

I'm on low speed today. I started two projects and have just run out of steam. I slept yesterday for 5 hours in the afternoon-something I hardly ever do. I look forward to my 2nd round of videotaping being over tomorrow afternoon. At 1pm the cable tv videographer/interviewer will be in my backyard, under my tent, as I struggle to make a few decent prints for the camera inspite of unseasonably cold temperatures. I'm determined to make it work as I haven't cleaned the kitchen up, nor the dining room.

I weighed this morning on the wii fit *credit* was up 1.3 from yesterday which was down 1.3 from the day before. I am see-sawing yet again. No matter. I am OP and have plenty of weekly points left, unlike last week. I expect to see my weight go down at my meeting this Thursday. I am happy to have regained my focus as that can be a very slippery thing for me sometimes.

BillBlueEyes I was shocked to see you were the only one posting yesterday. Must have been a fabulous day out there for most of us!
I would have loved to learn about those trees. I think that Linnaeus was a clever educator. He knew his audience and did what he needed to do to get his information across. Smart.

Lexxiss I' with you about the eating at home vs. restaurant. While I do lvoe to go out places, especially new ones, it's really not a weight-reduction strategy that you can do very often. I never go out seeking the lowest calorie item on the menu. But if I'm at home, I am very happy to do that. Hope you had a great swim.

I may go for a walk. I feel cooped up.

04-30-2012, 12:36 AM
Part of my stress-busting strategy is getting to bed earlier, so posting here has become a challenge. But I'll persist. This weekend was much better than last week and the scale has responded so I'm pleased. If I can get 75 minutes more of exercise in tomorrow, I'll meet my April goal -- I'm pretty determined!

WI: +0.25 kgs, Exercise:+55 1325/1400 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

04-30-2012, 07:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Dinner was the strangest collection of left overs ever, LOL. The fridge just had to get emptied - there was no room left to go shopping this week. CREDIT moi for meals per plan; Ouch for snacks still too large.

Saw my first Yellow Warbler of the season. Also saw a Broad-winged Hawk thermal circling as part of its lazy migration south - fairly unusual for the urban area we were birding. CREDIT moi for out and about. It was back to wearing warm clothes to be outside - like during the first cool days of fall when the 40's feel cold.

onebyone – Good luck with your TV interview today - just let your onebyone natural charm loose and enjoy the show. Congrats for regaining your focus.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Gotta admire your serious approach to your exercise goal, "I'm pretty determined!"

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yep, Kudos for at home "AND know EXACTLY WHAT I AM CONSUMING." Reminds me that the recent news adds "meat glue" to "pink slime" as a component of meat that we don't know we're getting. And Yay for rhubarb to welcome the harvest.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Restaurants
At the Restaurant
I encourage you to ask for:. . .
Your protein (fish, seafood, poultry, lean beef, pork) grilled or broiled, with no sauce, butter, or oil. If you want to use your Bonus Calories for sauce, ask for it on the side If you have figured out ahead of time how much of it you can have. . . .Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 147.

04-30-2012, 11:08 AM
Welcome Amy!

Welcome back Cammie-Cam!

Bill: Hubby bought me an awesome bike, and all the accessories, for xmas... sorry to be a girl but I’m focusing on the NEW CLOTHES! :)

Hikergirl: Keep it up! I know those hazes... just refocus and move forward! Those weight gains can be short lived if you jump into the saddle immediately. I ran into this a few weeks ago, and then again on Thursday actually so I get it!

Lexxiss: I know what you mean about old pix! I had to pull up pix from my niece’s wedding last May when I was at maximum density... wow...

onebyone: what a great project! And what a great pix!! :) I have those times too, when a certain 10 lb range is just hard! I’m in one now as a matter of fact. Plow forward. After going back and forth I’m finally seeing some correct movement so here we go!

Buttermilk Sky: Welcome! My formula has been pretty boring but effective; a balanced healthy diet and working out mostly in the form of yoga and some cycling. I’ve really tried to expand my palate with healthy foods to make it more fun and over time I really do start craving good foods instead of junk. So maybe look for healthy alternatives that give you the right textures etc? Just a thought. Best and welcome!

Hey Tazzy! :)

Hey Cajun!

Gardnerjoy: Oh I like A and B plans! :) I’ve been struggling a lot with being close to goal and having worked hard and not wanting to stay the course. Your entitlements are great motivation!

Maryann: would stretching out the food a bit help with evening hunger? Evening hunger is a biiiggg hook for me so I was just wondering...

Amy: Yay for a better week! It’s a process, isn’t it?! Deciding not to sabotage is huge! Sabotage is a huge hook for me.

Well the 160s have been kicking my butt and I’ve been, not going all out but eating things I would NEVER eat before. I’m finally back to my all time low so I’m working to get down a bit more before my Thursday weigh in.

The big news is that I got my skinny jeans on yesterday; at 20 lbs heavier than when I bought them! Talk about body composition changes! Most are too tight to actually wear but one pair is on my body right now! Thank you weight loss goddess, I needed some good news right now!

04-30-2012, 12:12 PM
Hi everyone. I am here today. Credit moi (borrowing the style of BBE)

04-30-2012, 12:17 PM

My tent is up in the backyard. I even managed to get the sidewalls on and zipped up. It's as waterproof right now as it ever will be. This is only the second time I've erected this market tent and the first time use for the walls. I've already experienced a very very light sprinkling of rain, but it shouldn't matter when we are inside the tent. Yes, Coaches, today is the day the cable tv videographer/interviewer returns for part 2 of my printmaking story. She's coming over to get shots of me carving my block, inking my block, transferring my image to my paper and, hopefully, taping me as I get a chance to print the whole thing. I don't expect to be finished my project today. The weather tomorrow seems superb. My plan is to mull my images over today then make my adjustments, and there are always adjustments, and if I am lucky, I will be done tomorrow.

But for now, I just need Melina to get her shots and be gone!

Food is OP. I have a plan. I am following it.

*credit for a walk last night.
*credit for tracking my food and staying OP
*credit for weighing in today: 257.3--:carrot:only 0.2lb from my wii fit goal:carrot: The deadline is this Thursday. This particular goal is to lose 4lbs in a month. *almost* there.

Bye for now.

04-30-2012, 12:42 PM
Onebyone: OMG I can't wait to watch the final video! :) So exciting!

04-30-2012, 01:30 PM
Hello all. Way to go everyone! I am doing good today with my eating, yesterday was one crazy day, but today is more calmer. I am getting better at leaving food on my plate. I am getting better at eating till just full. Have a blessed day all.

04-30-2012, 03:24 PM
Hello Everyone,

Three words describe my weekend and last 10 days.... I'm totally exhausted!. The 50th anniversary party was a rousing success and everyone had a great time, good food (of which I ate very little), the weather cooperated so we only had 24 of us in the house during dinner and it was great to have the whole family together. I told my parents I throw them another party after the next 50 years. :D

Weight is okay, I have not made a food plan for a few days but will get back at it. I have a couple books at the library to pick up so will see what those plans look like. Back to Zumba classes and hopefully bike riding. Forecast for this week is mostly rain.

Hope you are all doing well and I'll catch you in the May thread later this week. :wave:

04-30-2012, 06:05 PM
Afternoon, Coaches.

I worked all weekend. DH took DS down to the ranch to give me time. I wrote 45 pages and analyzed 5 books. Yikes! But it is done. Food has been the best it has been in awhil. The Zone keeps working. I am not hungry.
Blue at school today and I think I am missing sugar highs. But I will keep on keeping on.

05-01-2012, 01:04 AM
A good on plan day that included 75 minutes of exercise so that I could meet my goal for April!

WI: +0.25 kgs, Exercise: +75 1400/1400 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

05-01-2012, 06:32 AM
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