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03-27-2012, 01:23 AM
A few years back, I had read an article in Woman's World about Chicometrics, and they touted it as being so amazing that you could lose several inches off your body in two workouts. The testimonials of the people in the DVD are pretty amazing (and hard to believe). The one woman said in her first three weeks, she lost 3.5 inches off each thigh and 3 inches off her waist. Another said she went from a size 18 to an 8 in six months. There are a bunch of testimonials on the website, too. One lady said she lost 30 inches in 6 weeks, another lost 11 in 3 weeks.

So after a few years of thinking about buying the DVD, I finally did. I tried the workout today, and I certainly felt the burn. It focuses heavily on the lower body (thighs and butt mostly), but also does a little work on the upper body. It's basically lots of repititions of small movements that really get the muscles burning. I actually had a hard time completing the workout, because my legs got so darn tired.

I probably should have done some measurements before working out to see if anything shrunk. I might just go take a few measurements now to compare after a few weeks.

Has anyone else tried Chicometrics lately? If so, did you find that the exercises were beneficial? I've been wanting to add some strength training to my life, and if it at least partially lives up to the hype, the DVD should fit the bill.