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03-10-2003, 09:21 PM
I keep going to different forums and no one seems to be able to help me start a weight loss program or give me any tips or hints.I can't affordv to go out right now and purchase a new diet book:^: and I really need to lose at least 50lbs. Someone please help me by giving me a bsic weight loss plan I can follow:^:

03-10-2003, 09:42 PM
Please feel free to join us over at the General Diet Plans - "Doing it the old fashioned way." We've got a great group who are in various stages of weight loss. We basically are watching what we eat, counting calories/points, and exercising. We give each other a lot of support and no question is off limits.

I've been with 3FC for about a month or so and I have asked all kinds of questions. I need to lose about the same amount as you mentioned and it's coming off slowly but surely. I've modified the way I'm dieting since I started as I've learned what works for me and what doesn't.

Basically, here's what I'm doing:

I exercise 6 days a week. 4 days I walk on my treadmill 1 - 3 miles while using hand weights. The other two days I'm using weights to tone and build muscle for about 30 -40 minutes.

I have started to eat breakfast (which I almost never did before.)

I keep a little notebook in the kitchen and I write down what I eat and the calories every day. After a week, I average the daily calories to see what my average intake is on a daily basis. I eat between 1000 and 1600 calories a day and average about 1300 cals.

I eat lean meats, low fat dairy products, fruits, veggies, and high fiber cereals and bread.

I am 5'4" and am down to 170lbs. so at 1300 cals. a day and moderate exercise, I am losing approx. 2 lbs a week. Some weeks I stay the same though but that's the average.

I am very careful about eating too much sugar, white bread, potatoes, white rice, and pasta. I have become the "salad queen."

I keep a journal here on 3FC and you can check it anytime you want. If you start keeping a journal and ask for help in your notes, you'll be surprised at how many wonderful people here will comment back.

Please feel free to send me a personal message anytime.

I hope I've been of some help to you.

Good Luck!!!:lucky:

03-11-2003, 01:56 AM
wow K.C.! You're doin' great!

Rush - K.C. covered the basics pretty well. One thing that I would add is to drink plenty of water. When your body is fully hydrated it has no need to store excess, ie. water weight.
Also, be sure that you eat enough.... just like the water, when the bod. senses that it's not getting enough, it will store.

And remember that it is easy to make a habit and harder to beak them. Take baby steps (one pound at a time) and try to replace your own bad habits w/ healthy ones. It WILL add up to success.

toodles, don't forget to write.

03-11-2003, 02:07 AM
Welcome to 3FC!

Just wanted to add my two cents! :) If you care to check it out, my online journal here on 3FC has a big entry on my recommendations for jump starting weight loss; I'm not a nutritionist but I DID just lose 130+ pounds. (It's the entry I made on March 3/03.) Maybe it could give you some ideas...

Good luck on your journey!

Sara :)
Highest Weight: 270
Current Weight: 139

03-15-2003, 09:51 AM
Rush, everyone has seem to give you good advice so far. What has worked for me was doin this thing in stages. First I get my mind set that I am goin to do this, then I begin changin my eating habits to more healthy foods, and of course I limit the goodies to twice a week. Now I am to the point if I want something really sweet I grab some fruit. But I think that the best advice that I got and have really took to heart is not to obess on it and also if you slip uo that's ok by the time that you have already done it, it is in the past. It is living in the past that tends to kill us and not let us live our life in the present. Think about it long and hard. Good luck and I know that you will be successful in this.

03-15-2003, 11:09 AM
Thanks for all the support and encouragement. I'm thinking of trying the low carbs approach, any suggestions or anyone interested in joining me?

03-15-2003, 10:15 PM
Hey Rush....

Everyone is giving you great ideas.... also if you would like support come join us at Angel's Better Body Challenge II.... everyone is doing sonething a little different from the other but we are great about supporting everyone.....

Good Luck on your journey!!!!

03-18-2003, 04:46 PM
A great tool you might want to try is Fitday - it's on online tracking tool that also generates some nice reports, and allows you to set custom nutrition & weight-loss goals (and it's free!). I had a horrible time keeping up with a daily food & activities journal (which I really need to do) until I found Fitday. :)

Link to Fitday (http://www.fitday.com)

03-20-2003, 11:10 AM
Thank's for all the support and good advice. I've already signed up with Fitday. Thanks.

03-20-2003, 12:49 PM
Rush, be careful with the low carb diet. A woman I know has lost so much on it but she had to go and see her doctor once a month. According to her she was telling me that there are alot of undersiable side effects to this diet. I tried ti once but I have no galbladder and it was too hard on my body. Good luck to ya girl.