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03-23-2012, 12:08 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! We have a very foggy morning, but the weatherman says the sun will shine this afternoon. :cheer: I'm ready after several gloomy days. Bob is taking the day "off" and working on his plow this morning. There is going to be a plowing bee whenever it dries up enough and he has been invited. He's excited! :lol: We're going to Sioux City this afternoon to do some birthday shopping for Kolby and Zowie as well as Easter basket clothes. I'm thinking WM gift cards instead of cheap junk toys for baskets. The kids can do their own shopping! We offered to cook supper so will meet Beth and family after work.

"Gma" -- It is good to see you "up and at 'em" this morning! :cp: :congrat: on losing another 2#s! I know that being in the hospital one loses track of time and it's like being in another world. Hopefully you will feel back to normal soon. I have to chuckle when you talk about cleaning! You are our :queen: of clean for sure! Just don't overdo in your effort to get everything done.

I need to get going! Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Friday and enjoy! :wave:

03-23-2012, 01:52 PM

It is currently 55º’s here in the ♥-Land with the high to be 66º’s with the sun shining brightly. While the wind isn’t blowing Will is gone to get some chemicals to kill some of the little weeds that are just starting to grow. They are the kind that make stickers that get in the dogs feet so we battle them every year. Battle the stickers that is. Each year though the patch of them has been smaller so progress is being made on eradicating them from the back lawn.

I sure didn’t sleep well last night. I slept for 4 hours then woke up for 2 hours then slept for 2 more hours so I got a total of 6 hours of sleep. I was feeling fine and had nothing on my mind that would keep me up so I don’t really know what it was. I was doing a lot of sheep counting. I have been watching it and not having a latte too close to bed time. Since I have never been a nap per maybe I can get some good sleep tonight. Cecil does purr when he naps so he is a nap purr.

I think we will have lasagna for dinner. I ordered the two serving pans of it from Schwan’s which are so good ~ méatier and cheesier than grocery store brands. We just have a serving from the 2 serving container and the rest of a big pan isn’t calling our name. These small ones can be cooked in the microwave or in an oven. I am out of the salad mix I like so that means when Will goes to the store today he will pick me up a bag.

DONNA FAYE I imagine your new outfits are lovely and you will enjoy wearing them. It is so nice to find outfits that really fit nicely and suit your taste. What fun you will have knowing how well you will be looking in your new duds. How nice now you can sleep in your own bed and not have to be downstairs in the recliner. There is just something about one’s own bed and how you get a better nights rest in it. That stuff that they use to put you under during an operation can do a number on folks for awhile after their operation. Hopefully your symptoms will subside and go away soon. :bravo: another 2 down ~ that is great and you are certainly headed in the right direction. :cp:

JEAN What fun Bob will be having at that plowing bee. I had forgotten they had those there. Yikes ~ Easter all ready. :egg: Seems like it wasn't too long ago I was counting points+ for some small chocolate eggs. I think this year I am going to order some real good chocolate ones from Sees candies to give as gifts. They make large ones that have pretty decorations on them and can be sliced for a family. Looks like I need to get my order in soon if that is to be done.

Have a lovel afternoon - evening Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later.

03-23-2012, 10:47 PM
Maggie -- We have a sad looking yard! Our trees are huge and the grass doesn't grow around them evenly. The guy "in the know" said it is because of 2 things: the roots go out so far and soak up the water first and there is too much shade for the sun light to get to the grass. Also this used to be poor farm land that was too sandy, so they sold the land and built houses. We can grow all kinds of weeds. :( I hope you sleep better tonight; I hate those sleepless in-between nights! I haven't bought any Easter candy yet. Wish I could wait until after as WM always has lots of leftovers at cheaper prices. I am tired tonight so think I will read for a bit and call it a night. I ate too much supper (clams) and have been un-comfortable all evening. DUMB on my part! :yes: I hope to see you all tomorrow! :wave:

03-24-2012, 01:31 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly, NO wind, and it's supposed to hit 77 this afternoon. I am REALLY being lazy this morning! Putting a load of wash in the washer, getting dressed, and reading the paper is the sum total of my effort so far today. Bob is out puttering with the rider lawn mower and I noticed he put the snow blower away. He may be sorry! :lol:

I have pork chops to grill for lunch but need to fix a salad to go with them. I hope you all have a great Saturday and enjoy whatever you are doing today! :wave:

03-24-2012, 03:58 PM

Well folks today is such a lovely day in this ♥-Land of this great US of A in the 70º’s and clear and sunny. Plus there is ~ no wind. No wind. :yay: But the wind is predicted to come back with force tomorrow. OH ~ I slept better last night for I only woke up once @4 when the dogs heard something to alarm at. Something creeping in the night no doubt.

Not much at all happening here this day. So far I have read the news and my e-mail and put around with things on the top of my desk trying to get it back to being organized. My in-box is a disaster so that was my morning challenge. This is strip the bed and wash the sheets day. I strip it when we do that and let it air out all day and then make the bed before retiring at night. That way the mattress gets a chance to breathe.

For lunch this day I had half a sandwich and a cup of veggie soup which was very filling. Dinner will be something simple also. Saturday doesn’t get the same treatment as days during the week do in the menu planning. This may be a mac and cheese night with cut up hot dogs in it. Those all beef dogs are good for that. I should just plan on that for I have the points for it. And if something else comes up :cp: that can be put off for another day.

JEAN Grilled pork chops are so good. Enjoy. Isn't it nice to be having spring type weather at last. Hopefully Bob won't have to get the snow-blower out again. :crossed:

Everyone have a lovely afternoon. :wave: Type at y'all later.

03-24-2012, 10:38 PM
Maggie -- We had a nice warm day here although I don't think it hit 80. The slight breeze did appear this afternoon. The partying back yard neighbors were home with "friends" and they sat in the yard rather than on their deck. The lady of the house had on her bathing suit . . . not a pretty picture by any means. Jason says she looks like a beached whale. :lol: I continued with my lazy day and watched Animal Planet this afternoon; it was all about cats at first and then switched to pets. One in particular was a house with 2 dogs, a big lab type and a smaller beagle dog. They also had a cat and the big dog liked to eat the cat's food. When they would scold him, he would squint his eyes and smile with his teeth showing. He was so funny. I do have more laundry finished, folded, and put away so I did accomplish something. Bob is singing at church tomorrow so he will most likely have to stay through 2nd service. Other than church nothing is on the planning board for tomorrow. I should clean some kitchen cupboards and drawers, but have to be in the mood to do that. My grandma always said Sunday was a day of rest and I agree! :yes: Guess I will go watch basketball with Bob before I call it a night. See you tomorrow! :wave:

03-25-2012, 01:17 PM
Good morning girls. I would have sworn I posted when Jean started a new thread, but I don't see it so it is out there zooming cyberspace I guess. I was really sick all night last night and didn't fall asleep until ten til 5 this morning. I got up and fed Fortune and slept fitfully until Jack came down at 8. I am finding I need more recoup time before going back into the bed. Since my stuff isn't healed totally I can't sleep anyway but on my back and everything I did absolutely didn't work so I gave up around 10:30 PM and came back downstairs to sleep. Mainly, my intestines were causing me fits and I had a horrible backache again. I think it is just the intestines trying to acclamate themselves again, but I didn't want to take a pain pill so I suffered all night. I gave up and took one this morning so I could make dog food and bag it up and then clean up the mess. My house is still a total pig pit, but I am going to start working on it bit by bit this week to get it back to normal.

I thought I would give you a peek at the dresses I bought. I have a shaper to wear with them to smooth me all out, but can't put it on until after all my healing is done and such so don't want to "model" them without it on as it looks so much nicer. Anyhow, the dresses are all long, the green, orange, black one, I have great big chunky tiger eye jewelry to wear with it and bright green sandals that match the green in the dress and I am going to wear a black short sleeved sweater with it, the black and white swirly hearts it is the sleeveless dress also not all of the pieces of clothing in the pic, I have white dress sandals, white short sleeved or black short sleeved crocheted sweater and black jewelry and black sandals, the blue dress I will wear the white sweater and I have to buy jewelry for it and probably will wear the white sandals with it and the solid navy dress I am wearing big silver jewelry, navy dress opened toed sandals/shoes, my knitted wrap. The Navy dress and probably the black and white one are for the formal nights.

Jean: Grilled pork chops sound yummy. We need to clean our grill and get it up and going for spring and summer. I love having meat and veggies grilled outside. I noticed that darn squirrel chewed holes in my deck umbrella so it is going to have to go to the garbage. Ahh well. We have had really warm almost hot weather here. Almost everyday it gets into the 80's already. My tree has started popping out leaves and it won't be long and everything will be covered in sticky sap again. One of the popular things to do here around trees is to build a half to foot tall brick circle around the tree and put in potting soil and plant flowers or hostus (sp) etc around the tree. The houses that do it look really pretty I think. Some just put stones or cedar chips in the brick circle and that looks nice too.

Maggie: Another thing to put in mac and cheese is cubed ham or finely diced turkey sausage. I am a real lover of homemade mac and cheese and I like the baked style. I watch a program from Britain on late at night called "Two Fat Ladies." Usually their stuff is kind of kooky, though I imagine Brits would love it, but I just love the two of them. They are older ladies that travel place to place on a motorcycle with a sidecar. Keep an eye out for it, it is on the cooking channel and if you are up late on Saturday nights watch it is sometime.

Well, I am going to sit and read or knit or something now that I have the dog food made. The meds make me sleepy of course, but I am going to fight taking a nap and turn in early I think. You all have a lovely Sunday. Faye

03-25-2012, 02:12 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I drove to church in sunshine and no coat. An hour later came out to "cold," fog, and wind. So much for our nice day. I stopped at the grocery store for bread and milk on the way home; think we will grill steaks when Bob gets home from church.

"Gma" -- It's great to see you here today! I'm sorry you had a tough night and hope that you catch a nap today, as well as feel better each day. I don't know why but I've been waking up and then can't get back to sleep. Makes me :crazy: ! I love your dresses! You will definitely be sailing in style! :dance: What is the channel that broadcasts "Two Fat Ladies?" I think I would like it! :lol:

I need to change clothes and get my potatoes in the oven. Enjoy the rest of your day -- hope the sun is shining on you! :wave:

03-25-2012, 02:28 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 59 degrees and foggy still this afternoon.

Wednesday I had Applique Bee at the library, Thursday was Glory's birthday tea (we had so much fun), Friday was English Paper Piecing, yesterday was WW and then Sandy and I went to a play - Xanadu - last night. So I have been busy. Didn't even turn the computer on for 3 days!

Faye, your dress are lovely. I'm sorry you're still not back to exact. Two Fat Ladies is very old - they have both been dead for several years. It was made about 30 years ago.

Jean, Two Fat Ladies is on the Cooking Channel (not Food Network). My back yard is sans grass because of the pine trees. The front is better. I put decorative bricks around my Crepe Myrtle and planted Oxalys. It looks very nice.

Maggie, maybe you could get one of those children's size easy chairs for Cecil. One spoiled cat! I see the Pioneer Wife has a cookbook on the best seller list now.

I need to get busy and do some housework since I have been running so much! Have a wonderful day.

03-25-2012, 07:22 PM

It is a very beautiful sunny 77º day here in the ♥-land and we are certainly enjoying it. We went out to Whisky Creek for lunch and I had my favorite grilled shrimp and baked sweet potato and tossed green salad w/o dressing. Tonight we are going to Applebee’s and I will choose one of their good tasting WW friendly entrees. I will stay within my points+ allowance and hope for a good showing at the scale in the morning.

Tomorrow we get to go to the dentist and get our teeth cleaned then a hair cut right afterward. All ready to go on our mini vacation get away on Friday for we will be coming back on Monday. Just a quick trip really to take our friends some things down there in Texas. We will take a longer trip after Labor Day probably to New Mexico or Arizona, but we haven’t totally decided yet. Arizona has a place called Showlow or something like that ~ that is up in the mountains that we went to once and want to go back and explore it some more. We have plenty of time yet to plan where and what we want to do.

Today is a lazy day and the animals are happy with their new “chews.”

JEAN Did you buy any special kind of bread today? There are some good high fiber breads carried here now that we really like. Grilled steaks, YUM.

SUSAN I got a good chuckle about buying Cecil a little chair ~ yep he is one spoiled cat. He loves to lay across all that he can reach on Will's desk & I absolutely don't allow him up on mine. :p He learned to stay off my desk real quick. Good that you were out and about having fun with your friends.

DONNA FAYE I have several good baked Mac & Cheese recipes that I have tried and we like which are points+ friendly. I have one that is called Southwestern Skillet Macaroni & Cheese that is a WW one and really good that we also like to make when camping since it works well over a campfire or in a dutch oven. I know you will be joyful when you are finally able to sleep in your bed and get a full nights sleep. :hug: Just getting to that point is a pain isn't it but you will get there my friend. I love those dresses, you will be stilin' for sure all decked out in them. Just though you would like to know that the Red Buds are blooming around here. Absolutely beautiful lavender flowers.:p I remember the first time I ever saw any was in TN along the highway and we asked a trucker over out radio what those beautiful purple flowered trees were and he said "Red Buds." We said no the pruple ones ~ we got a lesson on that one. When they bud they are red but when the buds open the flowers are lavender. Now we know. That trucker got a kick out of our curiosity.

You wonderful Magnolias have a lovely afternoon/evening. :wave:

03-25-2012, 10:34 PM
Susan -- It's great to see your post tonight! :cp: You have been a busy on-the-go gal! I don't get the Food Channel, or at least I don't think we do. I'll have to scroll through the guide and take a look. Thanks for the heads up. :yes: What's on your agenda for next week?

Maggie -- Alas, we only have one grocery store open on Sunday (besides WM, and I wouldn't go there on a Sunday for anything), and the bread selection is pretty slim. I ended up with Sara Lee whole wheat white bread. I have a feeling the birds will be getting it at the end of the week. :) Ernie stretched out on my lap for a snooze this afternoon and started snoring. :lol: Sometimes he will wheeze like he has asthma. He was dead to the world and I finally had to get up because my legs went to sleep.

I have ironing to do so guess I'll check and see what's on tv to watch while I do that chore. See you tomorrow! :wave:

03-26-2012, 10:26 AM
Good morning to you all! I am going to try and get a couple rooms done today so I feel like I am on my way to getting my house cleaned again. I think I pulled a muscle or something in my left lower abdomen because it is pretty sore and I did it just sitting down. So I have to take it easy and if it is still bothering me tomorrow, I will mention it to the doctor.

This morning was weigh in and I am down 10 lbs since I went into the hospital and 3 lbs since my weigh in last week. If I can get another 50 off before vacation, I will be happy with that.

When Susan said the ladies had been dead several years and the show was old, I looked it up and actually the show was filmed from 1996-1999 and was stopped because Jennifer Patterson, who was the lady that wore the glasses passed away in August of '99 from cancer. She was a chain smoker pretty much and imbibbed quite a bit too, I guess. Anyway, she was diagnosed in July and died the next month. Clarrissa, is 64 and still alive. She was the first licensed female barrister in England and when she finished that career went into some kind of housekeeping business, bored with that and started cooking, which she says she loves. Their show isn't for the faint of heart as they always cooked with heavy spices, fatty foods, etc, but I enjoy watching the show just to see what stuff they are cooking, where they are traveling to do it and just the hilarity of two old ladies on a motorcycle and sidecar.

Jean: Fortune coughs now, so I imagine his little heart is winding down as I hear that is an indication. He wheezes too and for a few years now has been breathing through his mouth so his tongue sticks out when he sleeps and he looks like he is dead. It can be scary at times to see him all laid out like that! :lol: We have commissary shopping this weekend, which you know I love so much and on top of it, I can't carry or pick up the bags so it is going to all be on poor Jack. He usually carries in stuff and sits it on the floor and I pick it up and put it on the counter and put stuff away, but he is going to have to rearrange how he does it I guess. He was funny yesterday, He sat for an hour at the computer and watched our ship and waited for it to pull out of port. The Port Terminal has a live webcam and the ship, left almost an hour late. The webcam is so good he said you can see the people on the decks waving to the people down on the pier.

Susan: Looks like you have been one busy lady again. Fortune has this huge fluffy pillow in front of the tv entertainment center, but always seems to prefer my throw pillows on my couch to sleep on. He has a favorite one that he sleeps on so much it looks like the air has been let out of it. :lol:

Maggie: How did the ribs come out? We are going to have loin chops tonight. I bread them and fry them in just a bit of margarine and they stay really nice and moist that way.

I guess I better eat some breakfast and then get to work. You all have a nice start to your week. Faye

03-26-2012, 01:02 PM

Today is a windy day and expected to get up to 83º’s. It is going to be a long hot summer for again we didn’t get any nice spring weather. :no:

We both get to get our teeth cleaned then go get our hair cut today. Busy day but fun filled. I do so need a haircut. After the WW center opens this evening I will need to buy a 3 month tracker booklet for this is the last week in which I currently write what I bite. I have to write what I bite and would be drifting if I don’t have a booklet to take along on our few days away. I could write it all on paper but I would rather have a booklet. :yes:

I showed a “maintain” at weigh in this day and that is fine with me. :D It is how I lose weight ~ lose a week then go into a holding pattern for a week then lose again. It is a very slow :snail: process for me and that is how it goes. Since it is such a slow process for me I try my best not to get discouraged down this road to thin. It would be so easy to just say, “What’s the use!” I love the little “Shot In the Arm” booklet for it helps to read in it on occasion for it gives me a dose of motivation.

That Beanie is a scoundrel. Yesterday we got both the dogs a new knotted at the ends rawhide chew that has beef flavor infused in it and Beanie has stashed his and lays and watches Ragg Mopp chewing on his and then if Ragg Mopp drops his and leaves it for a second Beanie has pounced on it and has taken it away. Then the tussel begins and Ragg Mopp gets his bone back and it starts all over. I had enough and told Beanie to get his own bone and he went outside and came back in with it. They are both quietly chewing on their bones at the present. They have turned it into a game for when they are after the same bone their tails are both wagging so hard they wag the dog. :D

DONNA FAYE :congrat: on your marvelous weight loss. I will be rooting for you to lose that 50 off before your vacation. :cp: You go girlfriend. Your pork chops sound great cooked that way. I usually spray mine and then roll them in lemon pepper Panko and bake them or spay a pan and fry them. OOO the ribs turned out so tender and yummy. We had them with fresh pineapple spears and a tossed green salad. That "electric indoor pressure smoker" has become my most favorite appliance. So easy to use and clean up is a snap. I used hickory chips for the smoke for they go well with pork. I have had a handy chart for years that gives the type of chips that go well with different kinds of meat. It is a good thing to know which chips to use. Will has some chunks of different types of wood for the outdoor smoker.

Have a lovely day Magnolias. I need to get some work done before heading out for the day's appointments. :wave: Type at y'all later.

03-26-2012, 02:04 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The wind is blowing hard, it's cloudy and gloomy, with much cooler temperatures today. I spent extra time at church this morning. We balanced on the first try, but there were lots of chatty people in and out of the office this morning. I'll pick up the gift shop money after lunch and get that done.

"Gma" -- :congrat: on 13#s that are gone forever! With your determination you will eliminate the next 50 in no time. :yes: When I had surgery years ago, I had a catch/pain/stitch in my side. The doctor said that sometimes when they sew insides together, they will get the edge of the next muscle caught. I hope yours will go away, mine did eventually. What fun to be able to watch your ship come and go! You will get your cleaning chores caught up as time goes along, so don't fret. ;)

Maggie -- :congrat: on a maintain this week. Remember that is better than a gain any day. :yes: I'll bet you both look spiffy with squeaky clean teeth and new haircuts! I'll bet if RM could talk he would give Beanie "what for!" :lol: What fun to watch them!

I need to write a church birthday card and get it in the mailbox so better scoot. I didn't realize how close to lunch time it is and Bob should be home soon. Have a marvelous Monday and enjoy! :wave:

03-26-2012, 07:43 PM

We just got back from our running around today and it is almost dinner time but we are not hungry for we ate a very late lunch. I got a good report from the dentist and have an appointment set up for October for my next check up and cleaning. We were only a few minutes late for out hair appointments but Roxie said it was fine and we told her we just came from the dentist. She asked which one and it happens to be the one she goes to and her sis in law is a heigenist there and may be the one we love to have our teeth cleaned by. Small world. Roxie cut my hair into a spikey do. Will & I both like it so that is a good cut.

I get such a charge out of that dentist for he said he likes to talk to me and we got to talking about traveling today and he said he wants his wife and him to go with us sometime. I have the feeling he is thinking of retirement for he has a son that is going to "join" the practice there this summer. He has 3 sons and two are dentists and the other is a General Practice doctor. His one daughter and she is the chief assistant to a movie maker and didn't want to go into the medical field. He said he is fine with that with a big grin. :D Anyway I really like yacking with him. Will does also for the doc has some of the same interests he does. He has some guns like some of the ones at the museum. The dentist gave Will some more of those picks that he uses to help in cleaning those old guns with like he gave me for my glass work. When we get our plans set for our fall vacation I will let him know where and what we are planning to do and if they want to join us they are welcome to come along.

JEAN It is windy here also but up in the 80's. Chatty folks can be sometimes fun don't ya think. I am sure glad that the dogs and cat all get along and when they growel and meow their tails wag to beat the band. They are like kids on a playground having fun.

Catch y'all later. :wave:

03-27-2012, 11:06 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and the wind is still blowing hard. The advisory is in effect until sometime tonight. We're on the edge of a "dry" warning -- guess that means no burning which we can't do in town anyway. I need to make a WM run for Easter gift cards to give to the grandkids. They have so much fun shopping on their own and it's much easier for me. :yes:

Maggie -- It would be fun if your dentist could take a trip with you. :dancer: We enjoy going to Maui with our friends. Several years ago we went to Colorado with 2 other couples. It was actually a "business" trip for the guys, but we rented a condo cheaper than staying at the hotel where their meeting was held. We stayed a few extra days to sight see and just enjoyed being together. Bob's company used to have activities and speakers planned for the wives, but they have acquired more states so there is no place that has room enough for all the agents. So many wives work that they eliminated those activities. :(

I need to get going, make my bank deposit, and head for WM. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! :wave:

03-27-2012, 02:20 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Our warm weather has deserted us just for today- its 47 degrees right now. Tomorrow it'll be back in the 70s.

Here's some motivation for diet and exercise|03-26-2012|#426690

I took Glory for her foot surgery yesterday. Everything went just fine. She had a hammer toe fixed so is able to get around okay.

I actually don't have anything going on this week. I'm glad. I have things I need to do at home.

Faye, don't do too much housework too soon! I hope the muscle is okay. It sure is hard to see a pet get old and know they don't have much longer. There is free cat adoptions this Saturday and I'm thinking I might go and get one. I am on the fence about it because it is so hard when they die. Thanks for the update on Two Fat Ladies. I knew it was old. They certainly were characters. Congratulations on your weight loss :carrot::carrot::carrot::cool:

Jean, you always have a lot of volunteer work - do you ever long to go back to school and get paid?

Maggie, what fun to have another couple to travel with. I love spiked hair. My next hair cut will be spiked for sure. That's my summer do. Beanie is one smart dog - chew up Rag Mop's bone and he'll still have his! My neighbor has planted cabbage, broccoli, leeks, onions, brussel sprouts, lettuce and kale in raised beds already. They seem to be doing good. Do you remember the square foot gardening books? He was also on TV many years ago. He did all this gardening in raised beds. My gardening will be limited to some tomato plants in pots.

Have a wonderful day!

03-27-2012, 03:03 PM

It is a beautiful 70º’s day here in the ♥-Land and no wind. NO WIND. They say we will get up to 76 this blue sky day. I slept in and it sure felt good. When I woke up I was ready to do what is necessary this day. I get this neat little catalogue that has some clothing I plan to order from soon. They have new styles and most are offered in "women's" sizes and the prices are good. They have some lovely items that are $15 less than I have seen in other catalogues. :cp: Pays to shop around.

I am still chuckling about finding Paul’s leather jacket hanging on the coat tree at our hair dressers place yesterday. When Will asked Roxie if she knew who left that jacket there she didn’t have a clue. She said it had been there about two weeks. Will said, “I am going to take it home with me for the owner is living with us currently. I’ll just hang it on his door.” Paul didn’t have a clue where he had left it but was thrilled to get it back for it isn’t something he wanted to lose for sure for it was a gift from his wife. He is fortunate that we came along and recognized it. It may or may not have still been there when he got his next haircut.

Today for dinner I will be baking a small canned ham & stud it with cloves. I have some baby bakers in the freezer that will go along with it nicely along with a frozen medley of veggies I can steam. Will has gone to the museum for his last Tuesday offering for them for with the garden season coming up he wants the time to do things around here. He will still go there on Thursday though. On Pioneer Day May 9th they are having him do a leather presentation at the museum. They draw a nice crowd on that day and some of the teachers bring their students for a tour through. The kids love asking Will questions about his leather work and the old western type equipment and such there. It is a good day. This museum here has so many nice exhibits thanks be to those folks who have donated their ancestors “stuff” to the place. When Will went out the front door to the Jeep this day he said, “I wonder what the neighbors think when they see me carrying out all these weapons.” He brings a few long guns home at a time and cleans them up then takes them back and brings a few more home. He wanted to make sure all the ones that belong to the museum were back at the museum before we go on our mini vacation. Just in case ya know. We still have to park out front since they have not finished with the alley and we can’t get back there where we park. They opened it up for us a few days but now the barricades are back at the entrance.

JEAN You can keep that wind my dear for I am enjoying this nice still day. That is a wonderful idea to just send cards with the "do re me" in it so the kids can get what they want. Times have changed so much in what kids want ~ due to TV and such. :o I am not sure what the dentists wife does ~ she may have been a fortunate stay at home housewife raising those 4 children. I think it is wonderful for a woman to be able to stay home and raise her children and not "have" to work at an outside job. Now days it is near impossible for a family to make it unless both parents have an outside job. Times have changed haven't they. I'll have to ask my dentist next time I see him what she does. I know I will like her if she is only half as nice as he is. We have some dear friends where the dad is the stay at home and his wife is a nurse. He got laid off and so is loving taking care of their child as he looks for employment. He was always a great cook so he is doing well as a stay at home dad. But ~ he is constantly looking for employment. At least his wife makes good money so they can make it.

SUSAN Thanks for the web site ~ I'll check it out. That is good that your friend is able to get around nicely after her toe being worked on. Toes sure become more important when they don't work right don't they. I had a couple hammer toes that relaxed when I got "drop foot." I guess that disk in my back fixed them when it slipped. :D But I don't recomment that type of fix. :no: That will be nice for you to have fresh tomatoes. Do you have a nice "farmers market" to go to there? I love to go to one and supplement what we don't grow. Container gardening is a good way to get your veggies. We will plant more rows of corn than usual by putting the smaller plants in containers.

DONNA FAYE Hope your day is going well with you and your system is cooperating and getting better.

Have a lovely afternoon Magnolias. :wave:

03-27-2012, 03:41 PM
Afternoon everybody. It is another hot day here. We just went ahead and skipped spring and went right into summer I guess. I have my dr appt at 3 so it will be nice to just out for a bit even to the drs. I am still having intestinal upset off and on so going to talk to him today just to make sure it is natural. Seems I remember this going on with the other two surgeries and it took a few weeks to even out.

If we can get reservations, we are going to Owen Brennan's for Easter brunch again this year. I think I am going to try out one of my cruise dresses and see what everybody thinks. The blue patterned one would be great as an "Easter" dress. I have white sandals and white sweater to go with it and silver and aqua jewelry. Looking forward to seeing the kids for a bit.

I talked to my son for about half an hour yesterday. He said they were going to get family pictures taken last night so I am anxious to see them. He said they were planning to come down here for Thanksgiving and I asked him if he would be interested in a family portrait with all 8 of us and he was very interested and said he would talk to Kelly about it. I told him we could split the sitting fee three ways then when the proofs came back, each family order what they would like of them.

Susan: I know about the pet thing. When Fortune goes it is going to kill me, but I also know, you love cats so much and they are such good company for someone who lives alone as cats are usually a one person clinger so to speak so maybe you should consider it. Hope Glory does well after her toe surgery.

Jean: We went on a trip with my sister and bil and they found the whole 4 days and drove us nuts. We haven't gone with anyone since then. My best friend's husband is a kook and Jack doesn't care for him much besides they couldn't afford it, our other close couple friends divorced so that put a kink in things as we were thinking about asking them to go on a cruise with us a few years back and a couple weeks later she said he left her! So we just enjoy each other.

Maggie: Cecil sounds like he certainly has the devil in him and clever too. I am sure Paul is thrilled to have his jacket back. I cut all my hair off before going to the hospital so it will take ahile for it to grow out again. I am not sure how long I want it to get before getting it cut again.

Well gals, I need to go. Have a nice Tuesday all. Faye

03-27-2012, 06:39 PM
Susan -- Our temperatures are supposed to hover around 75 for the next few days. It doesn't feel that warm because of the wind. Thanks for sharing the website. I'll check it out after I'm done here. It's nice that you and Glory are there for each other. :yes: I hope all goes well with her toe recovery. I vote for getting another cat! :cheer: Just think that you would be giving an orphan a home and getting a furry companion in return. I must admit I missed the adult interaction when I first retired as well as the "nice" kids. I don't miss the daily routine and the out-of-control behavior at all, and would never go back nor even sub. Since I've been volunteering I get to be around people as much as I want.

Maggie -- Please, please, please send the NO wind my way! Ordering new clothes will be fun! Will you get them in time for your trip? It was so neat that you recognized Paul's jacket and could return it to him. :cp: With this weather one never knows how to dress when leaving in the morning. I was able to stay home with the kids when they were little and have been so thankful. We always said if they ended up in jail it wasn't because they didn't have parental interaction. :lol: I started working in a department store, nights and weekends, when Beth was a baby so we wouldn't have to pay a sitter. Once she was in 1st grade I started subbing then went full time when she was in jr. high. There aren't very many families that can do that now. Both Beth and Amanda are lucky in that they can take time from work to help with school activities. Both can make up their hours on the weekends.

"Gma" -- I hope your doctor appt. went well this afternoon. I am not ready for it to be summer yet. :no: Bob got the dehumidfier out for the basement and it has been running off and on. The basement just gets damp and cold once the humidity goes up. I'm trying to promote a family picture. Amanda's family does that whenever everyone is together for a wedding or a funeral. Just her parents, siblings, and children did one when Zowie was 2 -- almost 5 years ago; now there is another in-law, and 4 more grandchildren! You definitely need to get along with traveling companions! I still :lol: at the gal on the whale watch boat (we had explained our connection) who exclaimed, "and you get along?!" after asking if we knew each other because we always sat together.

03-28-2012, 10:23 AM
Good morning to you all. Had a bad night last night. My shoulder was achy so I couldn't sleep and by the time the muscle relaxed from a heating pad it was 11:30 PM so I am kind of pooped this morning. I can nap if need be though since I don't have anything I have to really do.

Kelly called last night and seems Thomas fell through tree branches and landed on his back Saturday at a camperee with the Boy Scouts. He is ok as she took him to the pediatrician, but she ordered an ultrasound just to make sure nothing is serious inside. She said she thinks he has a bruised spleen and kidneys. Kids, especially boys can put the fear into you that's for sure.

My dieting is coming along ok. I am not really counting points right at the moment just really watching what I eat. When you have done WW for a long time, you can almost figure out how much you can eat, etc. I have commissary this weekend so have supplies to get back in the house like bananas and such too that I have run out of. I did weigh myself this morning and am down another lb, but that counts on Monday! :lol:

Talked to dr about the bouts of diahrrea and he said since no fever, pain, redness, etc to give it a couple more weeks. After I got home, I got to thinking about it and looked up the medicine I take for the endometrial thing because I thought I had seen that it could cause stomach upset, diahrrea and such and sure enough, so I imagine that is what is causing this as I had to stop the meds for the whole time I was in the hospital and back on them now so they may just be revving up.

Jean: We would love to take a trip with the sister that is close to my age as my bil and husband are close, but the bil takes over and decides everything we are going to do (he took over Jack and I's Vegas vacation one year when he and my sister drove from CA for the weekend and I said never again) and they fight so much I can't stand it. She isn't very happy with me at the moment because I can't do what she wants next week. They are coming into town and I have appts on Mon, Wed, and Friday and besides her passion is shopping and I can't do that either at the moment. On top of that, I can't even go swimming at a hotel pool with her while they are here. I am not allowed to drive yet either. It isn't my fault, but I don't think it makes her happy because when I told her I wasn't sure how much time I would have since the dr appts are notorious about having to sit around for a long time. I told her we could do dinner together and have some time in the evening and she got a little snippy about it. Besides, she could care less about spending time with me anymore. She makes all like she misses me, but the three times we went over to her inlaws in AR when they came to visit she practically ignored me the whole time. Anyway, maybe Jack and I will meet some nice people on our cruise. We have about 44 people scheduled for our meet and greet party the ship is giving us so I would think there would be some of them our age! :lol: I know there is a family of 7 from Australia, a group that cruise together all the time that calls themselves Cruise Pirates or something like that and we just had a couple of retirees from Lancanster England to sign up so it should be fun. I know my husband is like a kid as he posts on the Cruise Critic page everyday keeping up with everyone in our group, and yesterday sat for an hour before work and watched UTube videos of trips people have taken on the ship.

Well girls, not much else going on. Hope you have a great middle of the week. Faye

03-28-2012, 12:40 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a sunny cool morning in my neighborhood; the wind has calmed down to a breeze today. I've been to get my nails done, fed the squirrels, unloaded the dw, and need to sneak up on some serious ironing. :rolleyes:

"Gma" -- I hope you get a nap in today since you had a short night last night. For once I slept good, and for a longer time than usual! :cp: I've read where we should get 7 - 8 hours of sleep but I'm lucky to get 3 or 4 of uninterrupted sleep. I hope all is well with Thomas after his fall. That is scary! Jason was (and Ian is, and so is Kolby) a risk taking daredevil. I'm not sure how we did it, but we made it through his growing up years without any broken bones or stitches. I guess 22 months in a brace would make up for that though. Will you have to take the endometrial med forever? Is there a special reason that your sister is coming to visit right now? You'd think she would understand why you are not able to be the "hostess with the mostess" right now. What fun to meet and kind of know the people you will be cruising with!

I'm off to rev up the iron! Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy your day! :wave:

03-28-2012, 02:35 PM

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The temp is 70º’s and said to climb up to 79º’s before this day has ended. Good day to get the Jeep all cleaned out and ready for our mini vacation on this coming weekend. We are looking forward to the get-away. It is such a nice day the animals are all out back. They are probably interested in what Will is doing. They like to be “right there” when anything is done around here inside or out. We have three supervisors. I do believe that Cecil is back to exact now for he isn’t sleeping as much and is frolicking about.

One of the gals that works at the place where we like to get our coffee gave me some cleaner packs to clean my cup with that is so neat. They are pre-measured little packets for big coffee urns so I used just a little of it in my cup and it sure cleaned it back to shiny. The stainless was getting coated with black and nothing I did would clean that off. I just didn’t have any cleaner around here that would do the job like what she gave me. Even though my cup got washed every day it still got that black coating ~ now I don’t have an excuse because I have some cleaner. I had even tried putting it in the dishwasher and that didn’t take it off. Now I don’t have an excuse if the inside of my tall stainless cup is coated with black film on the inside. :no: My sf ff latte costs less if I have my own cup for them to put it in ~ so that explains why they fill my cup. Life is good.

I don’t cook this day since it is Wednesday and my tradition is to get dinner from Colonel Cluck, AKA:KFC. I sure like their Grilled Chicken Breast which is half the points of their original recipe chicken. I’d much rather spend 5P+ than the 10P+ for the Original or the 11P+ the Hot & Spicy is or the 14P+ for the Extra Crispy. Even though the others are high in p+ they are good but not that much better than the Grilled. It’s all about choices ~ isn’t it.

DONNA FAYE Kids do love climbing trees ~ but the ground gets to them quick when they fall. Hopefully Thomas doesn't have anything major come of this. Sounds like you are making friends already with the future folks you will meet on the cruise. Makes sense to get acquainted with some before embarking.

JEAN How nice for you that the wind has subsided. Don't you just breathe a sigh of relief when the wind is gone. How nice it is to not have it blowing. Do you listen to the radio or records when you iron? I can just see you ironing to Meat Loaf. :p

Magnolias it is a lovely day and I wish you the best. :wave: Type at y'all later.

03-29-2012, 10:49 AM
Good morning to you all. It is going to be another hot day here I guess. I try to keep the ac off as much as I can because it runs up the bill so high, but sometimes you just have to turn it on.

I just finished paying bills and will go out and unload the dishwasher and reload it and put the clothes in the dryer when I am done posting. We are going to grab a bite of dinner out tonight so I can go to Target and get the boys Easter stuff. I am giving Thomas just money in a card and probably a chocolate bunny or egg or something, but am buying Jackson a couple videos just released and a bunny or whatever. I am not getting him a lot of candy. His dad told me when he was here that everytime I send something candy or snack wise to Jackson that Jay gets into it and eats it and is getting fat from gifts to his son! :lol:

I emailed my sister about next week, but haven't heard back yet. It will be interesting what she says because I did my best to explain to her my situation but so much of the time she only sees her side of it. I can only do what I can do and I am certainly not going to overdue or cancel dr appts for her that's for sure.

Maggie: Kelly called last night and said tests results say Thomas is fine, which is good to hear. Kids are pretty resiliant. When are you leaving to go visit in Texas?? I hope you have a nice time and don't have to come back early like last time. I usually bleach like my ice tea pot tea bag holder, etc when it starts looking like it is getting build up on it. It sure doesn't take long and think what coffee and tea can do to the enamel on your teeth if it does that to plastic and other materials!

Jean: My sister's husband is coming into town on business I guess and she decided to come with him to visit me. Unfortunately, she just isn't the type to just sit and visit she has to be going somewhere and spending money on stuff and for this visit with me it just isn't going to happen. I just can't physically do it yet. Jack was looking on where he posts and they had pictures of different things on the ship and such that folks had taken. I imagine he and I will enjoy the ship and what it has to offer more than getting off the ship and visiting St Thomas and St Maartins. We are just doing a small tour of each then shopping and back to the ship. I am hoping we might meet some people and find some new friends.

Well, work isn't going to do itself so I guess I better get to it. Have a great Thursday everyone. Enjoy the unusually warm spring weather we are having. Faye

03-29-2012, 12:29 PM
Good morning, ladies - 70 degrees and climbing this sunny day. A perfect day for a long walk after I go to the Y and do my weights.

Faye, your sister sounds to be very self centered, especially if she doesn't understand you have certain limitations right now. I know you'll make friends on the cruise.

Jean, science has proven that people who sleep less than 7 hours a night are more apt to be overweight. My Fitbit tracks my sleep as well as my steps. It shows how many times I woke up, how long I was awake each time, and gives me a sleep score. Many times I wake up only for a minute or two and am not even aware of it when I get up for the day. It's very interesting.

Maggie, only a few more days until your trip. I know you must be excited. I saw a book on Amazon today and wondered if you have it for it made me think of you. It's "Ultimate Camp Cooking" by Mike Faverman. I also bleach my cups when they become stained. Just a little bleach in water. I fill the cup and let it sit for an hour. It's the only way I could get tea and coffee stains off. One surprising thing I did find that when I bought my clear glass dinnerware set, the cups never stain. I'm particular about cups in that I won't buy any made in China or other 3rd world countries because there have been too many cases of lead in the glaze.

Have a wonderful day - I need to get back to work.

03-29-2012, 12:35 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a beautiful sunny day with a breeze blowing. The weatherman said there is a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. We could use some rain but not the storm part. I just finished visiting with the design lady from the wood/cabinet place. I want to cover part of our 60s red brick fireplace in wood and paint or sheetrock the top part. She has good ideas, and suggested painting part of it, but they are months behind so it could take awhile to get this project rolling. Bob wants to make a quick trip to the lake so I might ride along and have him leave me at the mall so I can do some shopping. I need something to wear for spring!

"Gma" -- I try to find a comfortable room temperature, and run the fan constantly, when it is too hot to have windows open. :dunno: I know our bedroom gets really warm because it is on the west side and gets the afternoon sun. I also run the ceiling fans to help circulate the air. I'm so glad that Thomas is ok; imagine he was a bit sore after his fall. When we were in Maui we saw 2 cruise ships and both had the little boats coming and going into the harbor. I didn't realize the little boats travel inside the cruise ship. :o Someday I would like to go on a cruise just to say I've done that. Do you have to have a passport for this cruise? I know you and Jack will have a wonderful time. :yes:

Maggie -- There are 2 baby eagles now. Our Sioux City tv station shows them during the news. :) This morning "mom" was rearranging the last egg and then settled in on the group.

Susan -- You posted while I was typing. ;) So how can I make myself sleep longer? I've never been one to sleep "in" even when I was a kid. It's interesting that your Fitbit tracks your sleep pattern. I use bleach in my cups also. Hope your day at work is glitch free! :D

I have a load of towels that should be dry and another load waiting for the dryer. Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy your day! :wave:

03-29-2012, 02:53 PM

It is a 64º day so far and expected to climb to 79º as the day progresses. I will round up what I want to take for our weekend jaunt so all we will have to do in the morning is eat some breakfast and be on our way. In my little cooler I will be taking some jerky, green grapes and cuties. I will also place a frozen bottle of water in that small cooler to keep the fruit cold. In another cooler we will have bottles of water. Some of the bottles will have been frozen. :cp: We like to use frozen bottles of water instead of ice cubes because we can drink the water when they melt down some. That has worked well for us through the years. I’ll take a few of the flavor packets so if we want to have flavored water we can mix it. Works for us.

Not much going on here this day except getting ready for our trip. It seems we have to think of everything the same if we are going for a longer time just less of some of the items. I went through my “shower bag” and made sure I have everything in it that I need so all I have to add is my electric toothbrush. I got the thing from LL Bean years ago and it sure has been handy to have. It hangs on a hook and everything is so easy to get to. Will has a bag for his “stuff” and takes care of it. :D

JEAN Make sure you really want to cover that old brick before you have it done. I have a friend that could kick herself because she coverd it in her house and regretted it. Isn't it fun to get new Spring clothes ~ yep have Bob drop you off at the mall. Happy shopping. I have not been as fortunate this year seeing the eagles eggs and babies as last year. Seems every time I go there to watch she or he is just sitting. I am still hopeful though and will keep checking back.

SUSAN I will certainly look for that book. I will put Will on a hunt for it for it looks like one I would dearly love to have. That cleaner that the gal gave me at the coffee shop sure works great so I am looking for a source to buy it. I hate to ask her for more. This cleaner works quick.

DONNA FAYE What a relief that Thomas is fine. You just never know about falls what will come of them. I am so glad she had him checked. We will depart for Texas in the morning (Friday) right after breakfast (we just might go by Mickie D's and have a breakfast burrito as is our tradition before a road trip) and get home sometime in the late afternoon or evening on Monday. I will make my "weigh day" Tuesday for that week. And, yes, hopefully we don't have any trouble with the Jeep this go-round. We shouldn't have trouble because we had the whole thing looked at and spent some bucks getting it back to exact. We have some friends here that said if we have any trouble to call them. They are good friends to have for sure. When the lady told me that ~ I just said with a smile, "Thank you." We would give the preverable shirt off our backs to them if they needed it and they would do the same for us.

Well ladies it is time for me to get some lunch and do some packing. :wave: BTW we got a notice that the folks we get internet through are going to be doing a "check" of thier system and we will be out of service for a period of time ~ probably tomorrow so I won't be able to get in here in the morning. Just thought I would say that so you would know. :wave:

03-29-2012, 07:04 PM
Maggie -- I hope you have a wonderful trip -- nice weather and no problems coming or going! I'm sure your fur children will miss you. :yes: The front of our house had the same red brick so when we added on, we resided and covered it up. The fireplace is floor to ceiling -- impressive on a first glance but so useless as far as placement, furniture and room arrangement. I really wanted to take it out but "it supports a long wall so can't do that!" I know I would like wood, just not sure about painting part of it. Like the decorator said, if we don't like the paint we can always use sheetrock and wood to cover it up. :dunno: Will plan to see you back with us next week! :wave:

03-30-2012, 10:36 AM
Good morning to you all. It is pouring down rain here today. Glad we didn't get the car washed yesterday! :lol: I am going to wait until Sunday when it is supposed to be sunny again.

We went out to dinner last night and then to Target so I could pick up some things for the boys for Easter. I wimped out and rode in an electric cart. I found I am just not ready for serious walking yet. I break out in a cold sweat and am a bit crampy. The one I had whined the whole time, it was embarrassing. :lol: Anyway, it was nice to be out a bit anyhow and I got Jackson his videos and a chocolate bunny and a bunny for Thomas, but he is getting cold hard cash for Easter! :lol: I have Jackson's box already to drop in the mail tomorrow so it will get to him in time. It sure is easy having only two grandkids and keep up with what they like and such. My younger sister has 8 and two of her kids aren't married so likely more than that. Her oldest son and dil are "Dugger" types and have 6 kids so far, the last one has been in and out of the hospital since she was born and still is not healthy.

When I put my foot down about visiting with my sister and her husband she really backed off and is sweet as pie about doing whatever we want and as much as I can, etc, etc. She is used to pushing me around and it probably shocks her that I stood my ground this time. Old age gives you courage! :lol: :lol: Anyway, I told her we could have dinner together on Sunday evening and on Wed evening and I would come to the hotel and visit with her for awhile on Wed morning since Jack is off work that day (that is MLK's day he was assassinated here so they get it off) and then he is off Good Friday too next week.

Jean: Here's the deal with Caribbean cruising. From what we read and researched, you don't have to have a passport or passcard IF you have 2 forms of government ID AND your birth certificate, but you have to leave and come back at the same port or you won't be allowed back into the country so you are nuts not to get a passport if something would happen and you had to fly back or something you wouldn't be allowed to. There is also a "passcard" which is for the Western Hemisphere only, and you must again leave and come back to the same place. It is cheaper, but again is only for our part of the world so you can't use it to go to like Europe or something. We are getting our passports a week from today and getting our passport photos taken (ugh) across the street at Walgreens tomorrow. We have our paperwork all filled out, all our ID and birth certificates in a folder, and an appt at 10:30 AM next Friday at the post office to get it all going. It isn't cheap, as it is $135 per person not including the photos, which run $10-20 for two apiece. Some of the places the cruise ships can't pull into the dock, so they use tenders to get the people on and off the ship for ports of call. We have one tendered spot, which is an island called Cococay, just basically beach and waterpark stuff, so I doubt I get off the ship, but Jack wants to get pictures and video so we shall see about that. The other two ports are docked ports.

Maggie: Hope you have a grand time in Texas this weekend! I know the three little guys will miss you for sure.

Susan: My sister has been self absorbed since she was a little girl. My mom babied her because she had Rhumatic Fever as a toddler and so then she was a spoiled brat from the time on. When we were teens if she found out I was interested in some guy, she would go after him until either she lost interest or she got him. Only one didn't ever work with was Jack and he was too smitten to notice anyone but me, thank goodness. :lol: Like I said, she has backed off big time since I just made it clear it had to be what I could handle or nothing.

Well gals, I am going to go and work on a grocery list and menu for tomorrow's shopping. Hope you all have a grand weekend. It is going to be warm here from now until fall I guess. Faye

03-30-2012, 11:13 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a foggy morning here and we did get almost a 1/2" of rain during the night. I'm waiting for Bob to come home from the office so we can head north -- he to the lake and me to the mall.

"Gma" -- I've gotten lazy and get gift ideas for the grandkids from their mothers. Beth sometimes even sends me links to order from. It's hard when you don't see them often and their interests change as they grow up. I'm sure both of yours will get a kick out of their Easter gifts. :yes: I think it is just plain too bad to celebrate MLK anything. The death day isn't on our "up north" calendars and I'm glad. Bob thinks we will eventually need passports to even fly within the U. S.; he has one to go fishing in Canada but I don't. We are supposed to be in the mid to high 80s this weekend -- crazy weather, but I'll take it! My flowers are beginning to bloom in the flower garden! :cp: Good luck grocery shopping tomorrow!

Guess I will put a load of clothes in the washer and clear off the kitchen island clutter . . . again. Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and enjoy! :wave:

03-31-2012, 12:32 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another foggy morning in my corner of the world. It's supposed to be in the high 80s but I'll believe that when I see it. It's only 55 now. Bob wants to grill steaks so will need to make a grocery store run later. I have my second load of laundry in the washer and will get my bell ringing get-up ironed and ready for tomorrow. We wear black slacks and black tops with different scarves each month.

Bob bought 3 lottery tickets yesterday, which we never do. I asked why 3, and he said he stopped for coffee and had a $5 bill so used the change to buy tickets. Of course, none of the winning #s matched any of ours. :(

I need to keep moving and get my grocery list made before I leave, or I will forget something. Have a super Saturday and enjoy your day! :wave:

03-31-2012, 04:53 PM
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03-31-2012, 05:00 PM
I don't see any #10. :(