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03-22-2012, 08:04 PM
I realized this week (since I'm included in the part of the country that skipped spring and went straight to summer) that I have no summer exercise clothes (okay, I have no summer clothes in general). I'm not sure of what to get though so thought I would get some opinions. I run and walk outside most days, running every other day, walking almost daily. It's hot and I don't want a bunch of heavy, sweaty clothes sticking to me. At right around 200lbs though, wearing next to nothing really isn't the best idea. A few years ago, at a similar weight, running outside regularly, I usually wore spandex shorts (not the shiny bike shorts, but the mid-thigh matted spandex). I liked them because they didn't go anywhere. The legs didn't ride up, they didn't slide down, they just stayed put. I don't have any of them anymore and just feel a little self conscious in them now so I'm not sure I want to buy new ones.

Does anyone have any preferred outdoor summer exercise clothes? Shorts, tops, anything good for hot, summer weather.

03-22-2012, 09:16 PM
I got several of Rei's fleet sports last year http://www.rei.com/search?cat=4500013&search=Running+Clothes&cat=4500361&hist=cat%2C4500013%3AWomen%27s%5Esearch%2CRunning+ Clothes%5Ecat%2C4500361%3ASkirts+and+Dresses

They were great for coverage and they lasted for like 40 pounds as they have a drawstring in addition to the elastic waistband. I paired that with wicking shirts.

I was about your size and a bit bigger when I was wearing them.