30-Somethings - Approaching Onederland and Beyond! We did it; you can too!!

03-22-2012, 06:19 PM
Here is our new thread since our old one exceeded the maximum posts. It seems appropriate for what we all have been through.

Everyone and Anyone is welcome.

03-22-2012, 09:06 PM
Thanks for starting up our new home Jen! I forgot about the 500 post limit rule - sorry about that mods!!!

Jen - I appreciate your advice on toning. I'm definitely thinking about that more and more now that I'm closing in on the end of my weight loss. Definitely not the end of my journey though. I suspect my journey will be lifelong as I battle maintenance.

Teacher - hoping you have a sunny day tomorrow! Our weather this week has been sunny and warm. Glorious! I'll send some your way. :)

Kay - Good luck with yoga tomorrow!!

03-23-2012, 07:31 AM
well yesterday I had a little dancing session again. I didn't do so great on the "diet". I guess I just want to have a break period. I know "breaks" don't necessarily help with weight loss, it was just nice to not count anything. I don't think I ate to much though--could have had less icecream, but I never ate much at any one time.

I do have to confess, I had "time" to exercise yesterday and chose not to do it. I should use my opportunities more wisely.

03-23-2012, 06:11 PM
Hi everyone!

Jen- fun with the dancing!!!

Dogdays- The sun came from your way!!!

A pretty sunny day. I took my little sister to the Hunger Games. I didn't know anything about the series. I'm now borrowing the books from her. I didn't get any exercise in today. We'll see how the weekend goes.

03-23-2012, 08:53 PM
rainy day. Woke up bloated to 196. geez. Well, started cramping pretty badly. Feels like I might have my cycle returning.

03-24-2012, 02:04 PM
still looking at frigging 196! Still cramping so maybe I'm retaining water or something. I have no idea if I even ovulated because I had no real signs of that, usually I know when TOM is going to come because of the signs, this cramping just came out of nowhere, but it is making my back and tummy hurt something awful.

03-24-2012, 08:35 PM
jen- yikes... no fun. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Happy weekend everyone! Bright and sunny day :) Went out to lunch with the family for my sister's bday.

03-25-2012, 06:58 PM
well I had a good day yesterday, I had some work to do, so I got it done, and I felt pretty good just really really tired at the end of the day, I woke up today feeling pretty good, but feel slammed now that it is almost 6 pm.

I need some prayer to be able to get my paper done.

At least the cramping stopped, I thought I was going to hurt someone because of the pain, and I was very irritable.

03-25-2012, 09:23 PM
jen- sending prayers your way to finish your paper.

It was a busy family weekend. I'm preparing for a busy week. Hoping for a fast week. How was everyone's weekend?

03-25-2012, 10:02 PM
teacher, I hope you had fun with the family. My weekend was not too bad. We got some more rain. My flowers are looking pretty and I helped plant some of our banana trees today.

03-25-2012, 10:07 PM
Hi ladies! I'm back (again) I was really active on the site about 3 years ago, and love the support and push. I had good success. However, with a pregnancy, divorce, blah, blah blah, you know, life, I have gained back almost everything. My first big goal is to fine Onderland again! I know it's there... i've been there... I so desperately want to go back!

I just "started" again last Monday... weighed in, working out a bit, monitoring calories... I'm ready to do this... I have to do this. I'm peppy, goofy, sarcastic, and crazy... mostly, I'm glad to be back to where I feel comfort, understanding, and driven.

03-26-2012, 02:28 AM
Hi, Eny, you have been through alot in 3 years. Welcome back. We know you will make it to onederland in no time!

03-26-2012, 07:59 AM
Enygirl - :welcome:

Jen - I have never seen a banana tree in real life, you have to take a pic for me this year when it has bananas on it? That would be cool :)

Teacher - Hope your week isn't going to be so busy that you forget to breathe :) How is your mom feeling now? I know she was feeling a bit ill before spring break and you were helping her out...hope she is over that bug now?

Dogdays - I do strength training and have to say... I am FAR from "close to goal", but love me some strength training. Honestly it is quite therapeutic. Once I push myself, there is like a release inside... burns out any pent up emotions of the day :) Just another benefit for ya ;)

Have a healthy week all!!!

03-26-2012, 01:50 PM
Hey Ladies! I hope you are all doing well and had a great weekend. I am going to be pretty busy over the next few days and just wanted to pop in and let you know I am still alive! :)
I am doing well and looking forward to being back on my usual schedule this week. I will check back in a couple days but until then I hope you all have a great week!

03-26-2012, 02:42 PM
Enygirl -Hi :)

Kay- good luck with your busy week. I have so much planned this weekend that it's only Mon and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Yikes!

Star- agree... I would love to see a banana tree. My mom is all better. Thanks for asking :)

Jen- did you get the paper done?

dogdays- hi

Running errands today and working on homework. Trying to get things together here.

03-26-2012, 03:00 PM
teacher, thank you, yes I did get the paper done. I did not get my "turnitin report" before I posted it, but I took a chance so I could get it posted by the deadline. It is not the best one I have done, but it will work for a grade. I am glad your mom is well.

kay, I hope you get everything you want accomplished done.

star, our trees get to be about 12 feet tall, and then they decide to put out the bananas, however, the climate is not the best for them. I will try to get pictures of them while they put out clusters, it is wierd, because the tree sends out what looks like a long phallus and then it starts to cluster. the trees leaves are beautiful. We have about 20 on the property right now but that will soon became alot more.

well, at least the scale showed 195.4. I think my cycle is going to return, and then it doesn't. I think I might be retaining fluids because I am trying to ovulate, don't really know. Been watching my temperatures in the morning.

Don't know what I want to do as far as a diet. I might go back to the points plus thing, I don't know, I feel so discouraged about dieting right now. I have no energy to do chores, I feel depressed, and I can't stand the thought of exercise.

03-26-2012, 09:52 PM
A warm welcome to you Enygirl!! Good luck on your journey and thanks for popping in to join us. We love us a good ONEderland party!!

Jen - glad you got your paper turned in. Sorry your cycle is returning and wrecking havoc on the scale. I know that feeling well. Ovulation is my biggest water retention time. So annoying. I too am fascinated by your banana trees. I've seen some on vacation, but LOVE the idea of living near them! It would be such a novelty to me!

Teacher - glad your sunshine returned and you enjoyed your time with your family this past weekend. Good luck with your busy week!

Kay - thanks for popping in. I hope your week goes well!!

Itsmy - I wish I loved strength training more...sigh...but I have to admit it...I really despise it. I do it, but more as a necessary evil. My DH shakes his head giggling about my reaction and reluctance to do it, as he feels the same as you. I can't explain why, but I think I'm just a cardio girl at heart. Oh well...LOL!

As for me - crazy busy weekend. Four soccer games (three outside...brrr) and one birthday party for oldest DD's friend. Before I blinked, the weekend was over. I went off plan yesterday because I hadn't in a while and I knew I really needed to change it up as I've been 100% on plan with eating for a very long time. I'm up about 1.5 pounds today because of it, but I'm okay with it. I've definitely reached a point, mentally, where I'm fine with a very slow end to the weight loss part of my journey. DH and I started a tennis class tonight and despite it being VERY cold, we had a fabulous time. It was nice to schedule time together. We've always enjoyed playing tennis together. I was very pleased to not be the slowest or most out of shape person there (far from it, LOL!) and I was able to keep up with the running and conditioning drills. I was really proud of myself. It's the simple things in life sometimes, LOL!

03-26-2012, 11:54 PM
dogdays, yay for playing tennis. I know how it feels to NOT want to be the one most out of shape in a room. that is an awesome NSV btw. I will definitely share the pics when they look in a better condition--they overwinter and look terrible right now. I feel the way you do about cardio. Some people are made for cardio and others for weight training. Really, a person made for strength training has a different muscle composition than one made for cardio.

I only like strength training when my heart is pumping, so I will do things to get my heart rate up then do a few moves, then go back to bringing my heart up then go back to a few strength moves.

well, I had an awesome day today, thanks for the prayers. I got up and felt miserable. i thought this sucks, I have so much to do, and I can't lift a finger. Plus, my lo was making me feel defeated because he screamed every time I got in the mode to do something.

I remembered I have some Ashwaganda, I actually took this a little while right before I got pregnant...I thought what can it hurt. so I took it and wow did I feel energized, almost hyper. I did some laundry, cooked chicken on the grill, cleaned the toilet, shower, and did dishes. I also planted the 3 tomato plants we have. so pretty productive. I still feel pretty good. I hope I can sleep.

I ate a little more chocolate then I should have, but maybe I did ok food wise.we'll see.

03-27-2012, 08:48 AM
Jen and Dogdays - Good morning!!!! I am one of those weird people, I love both! I love the tension release from strength training: what a great feeling to push your muscles to the limits, feel the pulling inside, knowing they are increasing while taking tension away.... but..... there is also very little that compares to that feeling that you can get through cardio: that feeling when you are pushing yourself, about 20 mins in on a run when your body all of a sudden feels like it hit "neutral" and you could go forever - adrenaline rush/runners high (but get it from more than just running), whatever you want to call it, is amazing too! I only wish I had more time in a day so I could fit more in... I LOVE me some workout time! :P

Kay - Was great to see ya, even if it was brief :) Have an awesome week and remember to breathe girl!!!!

Teacher - :wave: Hello!!!!! Hope you are having an awesome day!!!

Yesterday I woke up early and went on elliptical in morning before work. I got up before my alarm went off at 3:30am, so made use of the time...not today though, LOL! I am so hoping to bust through my plateau I have held for months, but am also prepping for TOM, so which will happen first? Feels like a roulette wheel, :lol: Red or Black :rofl: Sorry - coffee has me feeling funny and clever today (I said feeling, not that I actually WAS) LOL! I had taken DH to urgent care Sunday morning - he had slept for days... has upper respiratory infection. Dr took him out of work for another couple days and he has still been sleeping pretty steady - can't wait for him to feel more like himself again. I am feeling better though, so hoping to get in my strength training tonight as long as I can fit it in. Of course with DH "down", I have been doing his stuff and mine, so not sure when I get home and do supper, meds, etc, if time will allow... going to try though! :) Hope you all have a super wonderful day!!!!

03-27-2012, 01:50 PM
star, sorry about hubby, I hope you get a nice whoosh after TOM.

well, I don't know what all I did wrong, find out that if you eat sweet potatoes, corn, grapefruit, and such. . .thyroid hormone will be hindered. I did all of that.
plus, I ate a lot of chocolate.

result--wake up with a huge migraine. I did not know about grapefruit--that is so wierd. Before I got diagnosed with hashimotos, I was having migraines every other day--so painful.

I did workout last night, I did strength moves with an elevated heart rate. I felt pretty good but could not sleep.

I hope today, gets better, the headache was an 8 this morning, now it is an annoying 6,

also woke up to a 3 lb drop from yesterday. And poor milk supply....sigh. Trying to get the supply back up with fluids and nursing time tea. Poor baby. He was so frustrated this morning.

03-27-2012, 06:33 PM
So lately there's bee a picture of a woman with her head hung in shame with the phrase "I'm ashamed of what I've done for a Klondike bar" next to her. Today, I AM this anecdote. I have felt like crap all day. I've had a headache, tired, just overall blah... so instead of upping the water (because I'm probably dehydrated) and working out to increase the endorphins, I turned to food. Wait, not just food - but a 1220 calorie Baskin Robbins Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Premium Sundae. yea -1220!!! And you know what - it DID NOT make me feel better! It didn't take care of my tiredness, headache, or sourpuss mood... no, it made me feel WORSE about myself! I logged my calories in and I had gone WAY over before I even GOT to dinner!!! UGH So, I laid down to sleep off the headache, drank some water, did the first level of Slim in 6 DVD, and you know what, I FEEL BETTER! Since I do my calorie counting based on a budget, I got to put 299 calories back into my day from what I burned... as great as that is, I still only have 9 left for the day.

HOWEVER, I'm glad that although I made a really bad choice, I wised up and remedied it somewhat. Tomorrow's another day, and I WILL make better choices!!!

03-27-2012, 11:16 PM
enygirl- feel better

jen- yum tomato plants. I love tomatoes big time! You have such a green thumb- I'm jealous.

kay- hi :)

dogdays- tennis lessons sound like fun. The DH and I used to play tennis when he lived in an apartment. It's a great workout.

star- 3:30am workout- you're my new hero! I hope your husband feels better soon.

I subbed today and had class tonight. So no workout. Trying to pump myself up to heading to the y tomorrow. We'll see how the ligament feels in the morning.

03-28-2012, 01:13 AM
eny, you made a poor decision, but you learn from those decisions. Remember the taste of that sundae compared to what you expected it to be---chances are it wasn't as great as you THOUGHT it would be.

Now compare that with the idea of how good it feels to be on plan and in charge, you took back control by doing the dvd, and you felt better. The headache might have been from the blood sugar spike. I am proud of you for dusting yourself off and getting up and changing your day.

teacher, I hope you have fun at the y tomorrow. My thumb isn't that green. I killed an ivy--is that possible???

so today was miserable with the migraine and the continued loll in supply. I found out my supply will drop in response to ovulation and menstruation, plus, he doesn't like the taste so much when these events occur.

so battling a headache all day and a very fussy baby--I really didn't get much of anything done, but I'm going to do a small workout and see how that makes me feel and I will remember that feeling for later.

03-28-2012, 11:08 AM
194 today. My muscles are pretty sore. I also did a yoga routine last night. I got some comments from the SO while I was doing them, but I completed it.

I feel really bloated today, I hope my body will get rid of this feeling soon.

03-28-2012, 12:31 PM
Jen - I totally hope for a whoosh after TOM... I would love to break this plateau I have been on since December-ish :) Or at least match my "low"... with being ill lately though, not sure if that will happen - I tend to still hold fluids when RA acts up from being sick. Not discouraged though. I look at where I was a year ago and am so pleased! I have more stamina, have more ability for activities, and actually able to run :O I went from a tight size 18 pant to a junior size 11... I have many positives in a year and I focus on those during this LONG plateau. I have also lost 4 1/2 inches off just my waist since the plateau hit - so still transforming, just in different ways then the scale indicates :)

Sorry to hear of your migraine. Those are the worst feelings ever. To also have the milk issue which makes for a fussy babes, doesn't help I am sure. I will hope and pray this passes quickly for you. Glad you were able to do your yoga though - despite comments from the peanut gallery... so proud that YOU finished for YOU... YOU deserve that! :)

Enygirl - they call that, a learning experience :) You were logging, so you stayed accountable and that is super! Look at your positives while you learn. I know I was shocked to learn what some foods contained that I had eaten for years before doing this. Learn from it... and honestly, consider it a "spike" day that throws off your metabolism :) I am sorry you felt the need to beat yourself up for it, just realize it's done and stay on plan for today... you can totally own this

Hope everyone has an awesome day!!!!

03-28-2012, 01:47 PM
I flaked on the y :( But I got in a walk with the dogs. Trying to get stuff done around the house because I sub on Thurs and Fri. My parents leave tonight for KC for a trip until Sat. So my life will get super busy taking care of my brother and sister and subbing for my mom.

I hope everyone has a good day!

03-28-2012, 01:56 PM
Teacher - Sounds like you have taken on plenty activity to replace the Y for sure! You are going to be busy busy busy :) Sending you some good, stay on plan, vibes!!!

03-28-2012, 02:10 PM
Thanks girls! I was proud of myself, and today I've made better choices.

Here's a question for you all... Do you have a number of calories to burn per day goal? I know most people will have a minutes goal for the day/week/month, but what about number of calories burnt? Now that I've been working out a bit more (you know, at all...) I've been contemplating this number. I'm thinking that 300 calories burnt is where I'm going to start, and adjust accordingly. Thoughts? comments? Anything? The last time I did the losing weight thing with any success I worked in an office with a lady that is a personal trainer on the side, and she did all the numbers work for me. Now that I've moved, she's at a different company, and we no longer are in contact, I have to do this on my own.

03-29-2012, 12:49 AM
star, those are amazing NSV, and I wouldn't even give the scale a second thought if I saw half of that improvement in my own stats.

teacher, I agree you are super busy, and that is enough calorie expenditure to compensate for not going to the y

eny, I don't really try to focus on numbers, I obsess too much and then get frustrated and give up. I do try to walk at least 10,000 steps per day, when I remember to set my pedometer.

supply is still lagging a little, don't know if my body will actually ovulate, but I sure hope it gets over this because I need some kind of rhythm and don't like having a lower milk supply!

03-29-2012, 08:56 AM
Jen - thank you. I just can't help but think that scale WILL move eventually though. I love the other improvements, but seems something must "give" eventually on that scale, :lol: Hormones seem to be wreaking havoc on the milk supply for you this week... hopefully it will regulate out soon for you

Enygirl - I don't set a number of calories to burn and here is why. If I am doing cardio, then it's easier to get a higher caloric burn, but when I do my strength training, I don't burn as many calories up front. However, here's the benefit. Cardio is great for endurance - and it burns WHILE you are working out. However with strength - I have seen a big difference in "shape" and with the more muscle building, I continue to burn AFTER the workout is completed. Both have benefits, so try to incorporate both. When my scheduling/life allows, I like to do strength 3x/wk and on alternating days I do cardio. I don't work weekends, so on one of those days, I do try to incorporate both. For cardio, I push to progress on amount or intensity I can handle and for strength my progression comes in the amount of weight I lift. As long as there is progression, your body won't get "used to" the exercise and will continue to be effective. Hope that helps!

03-29-2012, 12:31 PM
well, scale is back down to 193. It is funny to see such a huge jump and then watch it come down. My muscles in my legs are still pretty sore, yesterday I was actually having to walk sideways a little.

star, you will eventually see progress on the scale. I would rather look sexy than just lose weight. Like you said you are being reshaped. I hate my stomach and that is the place I want to reshape the most, as long as I am losing inches and tightening up--I don't care what the scale says. I have not taken inches in a while, but I am afraid to.

right now, I am focusing on feeling better, and then will come the hard core fat loss stuff again.

I am continuing the no eating wheat, to see if I continue to feel better, as well as selenium and ashwagandha.

03-29-2012, 05:33 PM
Jen - My belly is by far my worst feature; but it was also the first thing to be gross way back when I was young, so going to take me eons to get that better, LOL. Your focus on feeling better, is by far, the most important thing right now. Things have been a big jumbled mess in your body for a period and you are doing great to hold it together :)

03-29-2012, 05:55 PM
ugh, I tried to go without coffee again, and it had me sitting several hours on the couch, with the WILL to get up and do something, but the energy was lacking.

the coffee is an instant pick me up, and I almost feel it is necessary for me to function? I know alot of people black list coffee, but I really need to do stuff around here, but I feel as dependent on it as I do about my synthroid.

03-29-2012, 07:32 PM
I don't black list it! I LOVE my coffee! I have a cup of black in the morning at the house, then I have a 16oz black one at the office once I arrive at work..and then sometimes in the evening :) If it helps, go for it. My nutritionist has nothing bad to say about coffee (in normal doses of course), it's the STUFF people put IN the coffee that usually is the mistake. This was great news for me :)

03-30-2012, 01:27 PM
well, I drank it and did feel much better afterwards, I do put sugar and milk in mine though.

I got some cooking done and a little bit of cleaning done.

Last night, I had a huge fight with so. I love him so much, but I lost my temper and I punched him. I am feeling very low from that today. We do talk about our past, and there are things that hurt very much, and he just said the wrong thing and I totally lost my cool. I was trying to talk to him about his drinking and not being home.

He really is a good man, he just doesn't forgive me for some stupid choices I made, and I think it is eating him up inside to be with me, when he can't forgive me. He won't admit it though--just drinks and acts like he is not doing it for any reason-but I think people drink and do drugs for a reason. I see it as self destructive.

I am going to a counseling session for me and my son later this afternoon, it is $10 a session, and I really don't even have that, but if it helps my son, I am going to do it.

on a more positive note, I saw 191.4 today. So wierd to drop 5 lbs in less than a week, but maybe I am figuring something about my body.

I am taking Ashwagandha, selenium 2x day, synthroid, and cytomel, I also took 4 shots of sublingual b12 yesterday, and drank 2 cups of coffee. I am also avoiding wheat products.

03-30-2012, 08:56 PM
jen- sounds like a really rough time... thinking of you. I think the counseling will help you and your son.

I've been so busy these last 2 days with subbing and watching my brother and sister. I'll be ready for things to go back to normal Sunday.

03-31-2012, 01:03 AM
The counseling session was ok.

SO and I seem to be better now, I just think the air needed to be cleared.

03-31-2012, 05:05 PM
Just a quick drive by post. Jen - glad the counseling went well. I've been thinking of you. Hang in there.

03-31-2012, 06:12 PM
ugh woke up to 195.6 today. I think I may have had too much salt with dinner though, and I will try to flush out the sodium with coffee and water.

04-01-2012, 06:09 PM
Hi everyone-
My parents are back so I'm back to my normal life :) Got a walk in with the dogs and lots of healthy food for the store. Gearing up for a great week. How was everyone's weekend?

04-01-2012, 08:33 PM
Jen - glad the counseling went well. I am betting once the sodium gets watered out, you will be fine :)

Teacher - glad to hear things are going to return to normal for you :)

As for me, the weight loss stuck today despite being on TOM... so it's an official loss :dance: Yay! Managed to get out for a great walk today and my son came with me :) Then got groceries that were badly needed. All in all, a good day :D

04-02-2012, 04:32 AM
teacher, glad things are back to normal,

star, glad you had a good day.

I had a nice visit with the in laws. I love big families. I wish we were closer. I don't understand why SO doesn't want to be.

My stomach is killing me. I thought it was because I went wheat free for a couple of days, and then started eating it again. But, now I'm not so sure it isn't cyclical. Especially with the drop in supply for a couple of days. My body is trying to cycle again. I REALLY don't want my TOM to return. I was in so much pain before I got pregnant. I am increasing nursing to keep the ovulation away, but boy am I experiencing water gain.

04-02-2012, 08:50 AM
Jen - I have no doubt you will figure out what is going on with the body. So glad you had a great visit. I love a big family too - by far the hardest part of moving here was extracting myself from my family in Maine.

Ok... so this month I have decided to push myself with challenges. Once written down, I am obligated :) If I have broken through plateau (and I do say "if")... then it is time to "up" my challenges, push my body. So... going to shoot for 60 miles of exercise, something I have never been able to fit in with my schedule - enough excuses! I am also going to do the 200 sit up challenge. http://www.twohundredsitups.com/index.html I am going to cuss myself out while doing both, but I am going to do them :)

04-02-2012, 11:07 AM
I am stil in shock over hitting Onderland 2 weeks ago,
It has totally motivated me though
It is my hopes that one day my husband will be able to pick me up and swing me around like he used to when we first got married 10yrs ago :)

04-02-2012, 11:11 AM
star- great plan for the challenges!!!! Good luck!

Jen- no fun.... I'm sure with breast feeding it can make some things more challenging

Hi everyone! I sitting here playing on the computer while the ac man is here to do the annual service check. Lots of errands and things to do today. Have a great day!

04-02-2012, 11:12 AM
ghlover- you posted while i was posting :)
Congrats on your loss!!!!!!!!

04-02-2012, 12:23 PM
ghlover - I have no doubt you can reach any goal you wish. It does take more than motivation though, as that weakens on occassion... it takes drive. If you have that, you can accomplish anything!!!

Teacher - Good luck getting all your errands done. Sometimes that is a challenge if you overbook the day :)

04-03-2012, 09:10 AM
Hi ladies - sorry I've been quiet this past week. I've been reading the posts but haven't had two free minutes to post an update. More work and grandmother nursing home drama. She's running out of money to pay for her care, so I've been meeting with an attorney about Medicaid for her. Nightmare. My parents are lost when it comes to business and finance stuff, so this stress rests on me as her POA.

Itsmy - so glad you're holding onto the loss, despite TOM! I hope the end to your plateau is right around the corner! You deserve a 30 pound whoosh chickie!!

Jen - sorry to hear about your stomach. I hope the increase in nursing keeps ovulation away! My ovulation time is far worse for me symptoms wise than TOM is...mega water retention, cramping, upset stomach, constipation. Miserable.

Teacher - glad your life is quieting down. It sounds like your family kept you very busy over the last couple weeks! AC service is a good sign...warm weather is settling in. My favorite time of year!

Ghlover - welcome to ONEderland!! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment. My crossover is still fresh in my mind as one of the most emotional moments of my journey to date. More so than when I hit goal last month (initial goal anyway). I too fantasized about my DH being able to swing me around again. He's a foot taller than me, so he loves to sling me over his shoulder when we're joking around. It's fun to be there again...keep your eye on the prize. You'll get there with focus and determination.

Kay - hey there! Hope you're having a good week!!

As for me - I've been experimenting with slowly increasing my carbs from 60 to 80, but staying at 1200 calories. I've been doing this for the last couple weeks to see how it would pan out as I think more and more about maintenance mode. I'm feeling a little more confident that my PCOS and insulin resistance is retreating with my weight loss. I'll probably post a question about it over in the PCOS/IR section of 3FC. But so far so good. I saw a small increase in water retention initially, but it was the beginning of ovulation time, so it's hard to delineate root cause - higher carbs or ovulation hormones. I kept at it and my ovulation retention is ending now and I'm seeing the scale drop/whoosh down like it normally does. I definitely want to work myself (slowly) back up to a semi normal carb level. I think my maintenance calorie point will probably end up being 1500-1650 from what I can figure, since I'm a small person (my 12 year old is bigger than me, LOL!). I don't think I'll ever require 2000 calories a day to maintain my frame size. I think that's where I've always gone wrong in the past and ended up overeating, despite thinking I was eating the recommended daily amount. So if my true maintenance point is 1500-1650 calories, I'd like to work my way up to about 150-175 carbs per day, which would keep me at a 40% ratio. I've already come to terms with the reality that I will be calorie counting for the rest of my thin existence.

04-03-2012, 01:46 PM
Dogdays, you have such a great maintenance outlook. Sorry ovulation is treating you badly. and the nursing home drama, I am praying you get that settled, that is no fun.

ghlover, BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!! :carrot: I know how fun and exciting that is. I also want my SO to be able to pick me up, or I want to be as small as him at least--he's small framed for a man.

itsmy, your challenges are great. I wish I could whip this stomach into shape faster. I have a residual diastasis, and I really hate the way it looks. SO I am focusing on the girdle. exercises like the PLANK, are the best.

teacher, I am glad things are settling down

Kay, how are you doing?

afm: I am feeling alot better, but still don't know if I actually ovulated. My temperatures are not showing it yet, but my body sure acted like it did. I know I can't keep TOM away forever, but I am trying-lol. I am still back up to 196.0 I need to drink alot more water, and watch what I eat. I haven't been watching the food, because the pickings aren't that great.

I need to challenge myself too. Instead of trying to do a routine every day, I challenge myself to keep my bedroom clean every day, and at least 50 reps of something every day.

04-03-2012, 11:21 PM
Hi everyone!

Jen- Hang in there

star- how's your daughter been doing lately?

kay- have you been going to yoga?

Dogdays- wow, that's a great plan!

Today I subbed and had night class. Off to watch some TV and decompress.

04-03-2012, 11:39 PM
Well got the room clean, SO is on his way home and he will have some gas control meds for me. My body is killing me. My friend says it sounds like a virus that has been going around. the discomfort is causing me to be VERY irritable.

I have nearly bit off everyone's head today. I'm going to do my best to get my 50 reps in when he gets home.

04-04-2012, 02:10 PM
jen- hope you get in a better mood :)

I'm enjoying my rainy day. I slept in, got in a workout, and now off to a massage and eyebrow wax. It's a great day :) How's everyone doing?

04-05-2012, 01:05 AM
up to 198. Want to dig a hole and hide in it.

04-05-2012, 08:34 AM
Dogdays - How is increasing the carbs working? Are you staying to your plan? You have done such an amazing job at the loss, maintenance is going to definitely take some adjusting to as well

Jen - sure do hope you feel better. No biting heads off ;)

Teacher - DD is hanging in there. I have been working with her to get muscle built in her lower body and core; and have her using resistance band exercises for her upper body (since we found that an extreme weakness). The idea is to build muscle around the joints as added cushion - I just never had the time to work with her on it before... even now it's hard to fit in sometimes, but we are doing it. Thank you so very much for asking, so sweet of you! That sounds like a fab rainy day! I have never had my brows waxed - always just plucked them myself... your way sounds better :)

Last night I did 3.6miles towards my goal of 60. I know that's a small distance for many on these forums, but for me and my body, it;s huge and I am proud :) DD and I also did Abs Bootcamp again. OUCHIE! What a great night of workouts though. I am working an extra hour per day all this week, so has not allowed much time to fit anything besides work, supper, and workouts... well, and a shower, :lol: Happy Friday-Eve all!

04-05-2012, 09:12 AM
Teacher - sounds like you made the best of your rainy day. Hopefully the sun breaks out for you today. I love having my brows waxed...I'm at the point where I only need to have it done once a year and I can do maintenance plucking in between. But I still love how perfectly shaped they look after a fresh waxing, LOL!

Jen - sorry you're having a tough and unfair week. I hope it turns around soon.

Itsmy - thanks for the update on your DD. I hope the excercises improve her muscle tone enough to lessen her joint pain. Please tell her that I admire her strength and think she's one incredible little lady. Great job on doing 3.6 miles! That's fabulous! My carb increase is going well. Still losing (mini whoosh time post ovulation) so I think the carb increase is not impacting anything. Of course I'm still only eating 80 per day, which is pretty darn low in the grand scheme of things. But my insulin resistance has always interfered with my ketosis process unless I kept my carbs extremely low. Time will tell I guess!

Busy day today with work - have to leave mid day to pick the girls up from school (shortened school day and the last day of school before their spring break...I love having them home!). I'll work from home the rest of the day. I don't have tomorrow off as a holiday but will work from home because I have conference calls all day. Not worth the hour drive to my office for that. At some point between now and Easter I have to make my famous carrot cake (only famous because my DH and kids love it, LOL) for Easter dinner. My parents are hosting this year and are planning a giant egg hunt. My mother goes completely overboard with the volume of eggs...like 300...for three kids. (my two and my sister's DD) But the girls love it and look forward to it every year. Supposed to be a gorgeous day here in Connecticut on Sunday. I'm looking forward to a nice big family dinner.

04-05-2012, 10:53 AM
well dogdays, a low carb diet would be good to be on around your house. sounds like fun. I love carrot cake.

myturn, you are doing so awesome with your goals already. I have managed to keep the bedroom clean for 2 days, no reps on either day though. I have worked with my stomach while in bed just to try to tone it. You are so amazing with what you have to do with DD. I am so glad she has a mom like you. My mom needs to take a cue from you, she needs to build the muscle around her bad hip joint.

teacher, I too love my brows to be waxed. I can't maintain them though.

afm: been having a headache for the past 3 days, less moody today but still got a headache. scale was back down to 194.

kay, check in?

hi ghlover.

04-05-2012, 03:21 PM
dogdays- sounds like a lot of fun heading your way for Easter. Enjoy that carrot cake. yum!

star- that's a great plan for Amber. I should try a weights class and see how my ligament does.

jen- good to see the scale heading in the right direction

I went by my mom's school earlier to help make copies. Getting ready to workout. I'm doing much better with my food choices this week and have started back tracking with the daily burn website. It's a day struggle but I've really been on plan this week.

04-06-2012, 03:17 PM
hey ladies, I seriously have to work on this tummy. I have to try to fix this diastasis. I am going to try to do "girdle" work.

I am getting really discouraged about losing weight, I think I am just going to have to put it on hold for real, and figure out what my body needs (strength and resistance training). I should just disconnect the scale, but I'm so scared that I will gain 20 lbs without knowing it due to my thyroid.

I am feeling better today, just tired. At least don't have a headache today.

teacher, how was your workout?

oh yeah, have kept the bedroom clean for 3 days. go me!

04-06-2012, 06:24 PM
Jen- my workout went well. I think you just need to do whatever makes you feel better

My DH was home today so we had a nice day together. Did everyone have a good friday?

04-07-2012, 12:34 PM
well, I did 50 reps last night, even though I was so tired.

I think if I just watch what I eat and do my exercises, I will do better, than getting up every morning checking the scale and getting depressed.

I don't know.

04-07-2012, 12:49 PM
Teacher - Glad to hear of your day you got to spend with DH :) That's so awesome!

Dogdays - I love that things have become "famous" in your house too... must be a "mom" thing. My kids have made my whoopie pies famous - even get orders for them outside of the house now :lol:

Jen - I can hear the frustration in your writing. Maybe going off measurements once a month instead of the scale will help you to stay on track better? Since December, that is where all my progress has been being made. over 7" off the waist, not one pound on the scale though. It really does help a person keep perspective and stay on track without as much frustration. Just a suggestion?

As for me, have an extra mile to make up today to stay on track for my goal... 60 isn't a lot for a ton of people around this forum, but for me and my schedule, it really is quite a challenge. I am determined to reach it though :) Girls on another thread (they are also on my MFP) have suggested I translate Tae Bo into mileage too, per 15 min increments since it IS total cardio and toning work that keeps the heart rate up in good shape. I am going to follow that advice. I don't want this goal to keep me from my other things or take away from the strength I have been building.

Today we are celebrating my youngest's birthday (it was yesterday). So hard to believe my baby is 13 now... officially all of my kids in their teen years now. That has hit home quite hard. She made me warm yesterday though when she said "don't worry mommy, I will always be your baby". Awww!!!! Then she went in my closet and stole some clothes... oy! LOL! My "baby" couldn't do that, :rofl: Anywho... off to start the day, having my coffee, then wrapping presents, then off for a walk/run... cake and guests later, swimming (which I won't even count the calorie burn of), then maybe some Bootcamp Abs tonight with my girls :) Have an awesome day all!

04-07-2012, 10:15 PM
star- wow, that a busy day. Oh my a house full of teens- good luck :)

I had a nice visit with my family today. My brother, sister, and I dyed Easter eggs. No formal workout today but I'm counting cleaning the house :) Gearing up for Easter with the in-laws tomorrow.

04-08-2012, 02:21 PM
I think I should break through to onederland by the latter half of this week.

04-08-2012, 04:22 PM
welcome Sushi, we will cheer you on.

star, lol about your baby stealing your clothes, I think cardio should be included with your mileage goals. happy birthday to your daughter. My best friend's b-day was yesterday, but she was too depressed about losing Hope to want to do anything. she called off our plans.

I am actuallly having a good "Resurrection Day". I am feeling really good today, I think it is hormones, because I feel like my estrogen is higher. When I used to have TOM I knew it was coming because the day before I would cleean everything and feel so good. lol.

It's not time for that yet, I just have alot of hormones going on, I am going to enjoy my "good" day though.

04-09-2012, 08:57 AM
Jen - so glad you had a good day yesterday! I like your 50 reps plan - keep up the good work! I also like Star's idea to do monthly measurements to track your progress. Even if you don't want to forgo the scale completely perhaps consider adding in consistent measuring days. Sorry your friend canceled her birthday plans with you.

Itsmy - Happy belated birthday to your newly minted teenager! I hope she had a wonderful celebration with friends and family on Saturday. Too funny about your whoopie pies...I'm famous for those too, LOL! In fact, I just made a quick batch last week for my DD12's classroom (they were celebrating Pi Day and could bring in pie related treats...so DD signed me up for whoopie pies). I love baking and I love that my family sees some of my recipces as family traditions. DD8 helped me make the carrot cake and it was delicious.

Teacher - sounds like you had a busy family filled weekend. I hope you enjoyed your Friday off with hubby. I love those unplanned bonus days off with my DH. I truly enjoy his company and now that our girls are getting older and more independent, we're slowly starting to get more alone time together again, so it's still a novelty to us. Any big plans for the week? Do you substitute teach a lot? My friend is a sub and she's been subbing like mad over the last couple weeks (parent/teacher conferences at nearby districts).

Sushi - welcome!!! Keep us posted on your progress. We'd love to help you celebrate your milestone!

As for me - busy weekend. We dyed eggs and made the carrot cake Saturday morning, went to DD8's soccer game in the afternoon, then ran some errands and went to PF Chang for dinner (DH loves it). Yesterday was busy with family. I went off plan with dinner...enjoyed a small piece of cake (105 carbs per serving...eek!). Then I caved to a nasty chocolate craving in the evening and ate two Reese's PB eggs and 4 Hershey foil eggs. Yeah...not my proudest moment, LOL, but oh well. Back on plan today. I'm up about 1.5 pounds this morning. :o

04-09-2012, 01:37 PM
sushi- Hi

Jen- so glad to hear Easter was a good day

Dogdays- What a fun day... yum to PF Chang!

Sar & Kay- hi

Easter was a little hard for me since we went to the in-laws. I really missed my family time. But I'll get Thanksgiving with my family. We'll be married for 2 years in June and we're still trying to find a compromise on holidays. I ate way too much. I'm up a few pounds this morning but TOM is on the way anytime. So both can be to blame. Back to plan today.

04-09-2012, 03:59 PM
dogdays, that is carb water weight, glad you had fun. It's such a habit to get up and weigh I just do it, I don't want to know about inches, because I can tell by the way my clothes fit, I've gained some.

teacher, sorry you didn't have more fun on Easter.

still don't have a clue whether I'm to expect TOM or not--would be a nice explanation for the 5 lb gain. GRrrrrr.

Well, all I know to do is to be super careful, and keep my calories to about 1800. No gimmicks no apps, just make sure my calories don't go to far over 1800.

so far today is 800. i feel ok, and I am trying to get at least 10,000 steps (although passed that--next is 15,000 steps)

I'm more tired this afternoon, but I think that is because my body remembers yesterday. We planted about 28 plants in the garden. We did it in 3 hours. Was so tired collapsed in bed about 10 pm. I woke up at 1:30 AM, and couldnt go back to sleep, think I fell asleep around 3 or so .

04-09-2012, 09:42 PM
Sorry it's been so long, dang time flies sometimes!
DD's bday went well. We have no family here, but we had my BF here who has been adopted in as family and hasn't missed a bday party in the last 4 yrs... and DD invited 3 friends of hers. Sunday they were sugared up on easter basket sugar and then we did ham in the evening. Nothing special, but good nonetheless. Hoping to fit in a workout tonight.

Jen - sorry to hear about your friend not wanting to celebrate her birthday. I cannot imagine the experience of having to bury a child, but on the same hand, your friend is still alive so I hope her grieving is able to cycle so she can live again. You must be so confused with the TOM hit or miss due to nursing. I still had mine the whole time I nursed, so don't know what that is like.

Sushi - I can't wait to hear you announce you hit Onederland! What a glorious feeling to work so hard and see a "1" in front of your weight!!! :carrot: and you are SO CLOSE!

Dogdays - I love that you do whoopie pies too. They originated in New England, and no one in AZ seems to know what they are... so we have introduced them to anyone who wishes to have one. They sold the Dunkin Hines or whatever mix here but SOOOO not the same as the old time recipe. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend!!!! But a good one :)

Teacher - It sure is an adjustment to mix families. First few years with me and DH were like tug-o-war sometimes. You figure it out though.

Have a great night all!

04-10-2012, 11:58 PM
I made a post earlier , but it didn't take.

what is a whoopie pie?

myturn, glad you had a good Easter.

afm: I didn't like the scale this morning either. I think I am having a pseudo menstrual cycle because I have been cramping like my TOM is trying tom come on.

yesterday I went through 25, 418 steps.

I did a little more work around here and I think I might have gotten 10,000 steps but forgot to keep up with my pedometer. The reps thing is not going so great. I need to try harder.

04-11-2012, 12:34 AM
Jen - A whoopie pie is hard to describe because no words due it justice. However, the best possible way is: 2 chocolate handsize cakes (when cooked right, just a bit of solid on outside, super moist inside), with a homemade type of powdered sugar frosting. SINFUL, but the most yummy thing and great when you have TOM come on with cravings, LOL. Lots of lard, sugar, and chocolate for main ingredients, LOL!!! Bunches of other stuff too, but seriously. Maine and Penn just got done having a debate on whether Maine had the right to claim it as it's official dessert, Penn said no because they originated with the Amish in Pennsylvania... Maine said yes due to the heritage. I laugh thinking there is better things for legislature to spend their time and the citizens tax dollars on.

I did Tae Bo cardio last night and then tonight. Last night was on my own, but tonight DS joined me! :O Yay!!!! Trying to talk him into doing the Bootcamp Abs with me tomorrow night. He doesn't "move" much, cause it's too much like "work"... and being an 18 yr old boy, work becomes a 4-letter cuss word, LOL! Have a great night all!!!

04-11-2012, 01:21 PM
star- workout partners are always fun :)

dogdays- I've been subbing once a week sometimes 2 if I really like the person. With just leaving teaching ,I could sub a lot more but I turn down a lot of jobs. If I sub all the time, i might as well go back to teaching full time.

jen- feel better... I'm in the middle of TOM and really struggling with cravings

I'm in a great mood today. The scale is at 211. It's was at 210 a while back but it goes back and forth. If it sticks, I'll adjust my ticker Sat. Hoping with tracking my calories that I'll start making more progress. I'd love to see onederland by summer but we'll see what happens.

04-11-2012, 10:39 PM
Teacher - Glad to hear of the great mood!!! I LOVE hearing positivity! Sounds like you can stay as busy as you want to be with the teaching :) Way to go, I bet the loss will stick, I say adjust the ticker now for good karma

As for me - tonight will be elliptical, and then Bootcamp Abs. Going to see if I can get any of the kiddos to take me up on doing it with me - who knows? I do enjoy when they participate in that stuff with me, but it's hard to guilt them into it all the time :lol:

04-12-2012, 06:14 PM
* Taps on screen* Is anyone out there? :lol:

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!!
I did do the elliptical and Extreme Abs Bootcamp last night. Mental note to self, don't to the cardio BEFORE doing the abs... do the abs first next time :lol: On the negative side, because I did do it in that order I was hollering out in burning pain during the workout... on the plus side... my DS and DD15 decided to be tortured with me, so my screams were not alone :rofl:
Tonight starts DH's 5 nights on for work... which means I have to deal with supper before I can workout... but still going to fit it in :D

04-12-2012, 07:19 PM
star- what a great push on your workout

I did the elip today and started a weight's upper body jackie warner dvd but didn't finish it. Plus, 2 walks with my dogs. They sometimes have issues when walking so I'm taking them one at a time so I get a double workout. It takes more time but we'll see how it goes. I was at 210.5 today. We'll see what happens over the next couple days.

04-13-2012, 01:34 AM
Teacher - I have no doubt that loss will stick! Great job on so much activity today!!! Awesome job! I am a HUGE fan of getting moving :)

Tonight I did a new Tae Bo with weighted gloves.. holy burn! DS joined me again tonight - think he is going to stick with working out with me as he is starting to see definition already and that is his motivation. We both burned in our arms, legs and core after tonight's workout. Then we took our dog out for a good walk so DH wouldn't have to worry about doing it before he went to work tonight. Have a great night all!

04-13-2012, 07:43 AM
Good morning ladies!

Teacher - congrats on your new lows this week!! I agree with ItsMy...adjust that ticker!! :cool: Great job!

ItsMy - you are certainly rocking the workouts this week. Great job!! So glad your kids are joining you and supporting you. That strong support network goes a long way in your ultimate success. My whoopie pie tradition hails from Pennsylvania (mom's family). I honestly had no idea that Maine had a claim to fame in regards to whoopie pies. That's very interesting!

Jen - hope you're having a good week. This is what a whoopie looks like. Drool worthy:

As for me...having a good week. Haven't had much internet time. The Easter carb water weight has worked its way off and I'm seeing a very small whoosh into new lows. I've been knocking on the door of a new decade for a couple days and it's driving me crazy, LOL. The scale teetered between 130.3 and 130.0 this morning. Sometimes my scale inexplicably adds 0.3 pounds. For example, I weighed myself first...was 130.3...then weighed my hand weight...it was 8.0 lbs exactly...then weighed myself with the weight and was 138.0...then weighed myself without the weight again and was 130.3. Repeated the process and got 130.1. Sigh...so annoying. I recorded the weight as 130.3 but the 130 number is still dancing around the back of my brain (or perhaps the front...since im still thinking about it and posting about it - HA!). Normally I don't care about the discrepancy but I'm SO CLOSE to that new decade I can taste it, LOL!!! Maybe tomorrow...here's hoping.

04-13-2012, 08:30 AM
Dogdays - I figured I would give you a history/government lesson in short form, :rofl: I kept up on the "debate" between states last year as it was all over the local paper from Maine that I always read online (it covers the area that I lived in). That is a great pic of the whoopie pies too!
You are so funny with the scale. I understand though. I am a lot higher on the scale and it hasn't moved since December!!! I had dipped down to 188 in October... then put on some... since then, have gained and lost the same 4lbs ever since!!! Say what? I have tried dipping calories, spiking calories, upping intensity of workouts, elongating the workouts... and have not been able to return to the 180s. BUT... I have been reshaping what weight I do have, so as long as that progress is happening, I won't scream too loudly. The upping of workout quantities and intensity as of the last couple weeks are not just reshaping me, but getting definition starting to form in my arms, legs, butt has risen a bit (I will take any help I can get there, lol), etc... I have taken off inches in big amounts without a move on the scale too. The way I am figuring is that scale will have to catch on eventually. TECHNICALLY, it would be physically impossible to NOT lose weight with the way my calories and burns have been... but if it wants to all tighten BEFORE I lose more, I am good with that too. There is nothing attractive about the "hang" that happens after weight loss, so if this is what my body needs for adjustment.. so be it for now. Frustrating? You bet... but I don't quit over it... I am in this for a lifetime and not a season :) Just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one at odds with a scale, :rofl: Ended up on a rant, Oh my!

04-13-2012, 08:00 PM
dogdays- wow, those look yummy

star- weighted gloves... I have those... I need to work back up to them with my turbo fire and turbo jam

jen & kay- hi

I adjusted down to 211, we'll see if the 210 stays a day more. I only got in a walk with the dogs today since it was so busy. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get in a bigger workout. They're predicting major storms tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be calm.

04-14-2012, 01:02 PM
Hi everyone!!!!
I have wonderful news... I hit 209 this morning :) So at 15 pounds lost! Might be up a little tomorrow because today is my "cheat" day. It's my brother's birthday so we're heading out for lunch. Hoping to get home by around 4:00 since they're predicting such terrible weather late afternoon into the evening. Storms are coming which is fine but the threat of tornado watch has me a little scared. Please prayer for all the midwest states and have a great day :)

04-14-2012, 01:12 PM
Teacher - Congrats on your low!!!! Look at that ticker! YAY!!! :carrot: Will definitely keep you all in prayers for the tornado watch to be just precaution and nothing materializing

04-14-2012, 08:00 PM
Teacher - congratulations on a new low and a new decade!!!! How wonderful!!! 15 is a big milestone! I hope you enjoy your day - thinking anti-tornadic thoughts for you. Stay safe.

ItsMy - hope you're having a good weekend with your kids!

Nothing too exciting on my end today. Scale was at 130.1 today, so still hovering at the 130 mark. Maybe tomorrow. We took the girls to an amusement park today and I rode 6 different roller coasters...love them! It was very interesting to go on all those rides as a 130 pound person. In the past, the coaster harnesses (especially for the upside down coasters) were a tight and uncomfortable fit. I will say...never thought I'd live to see the day I complained about this...but I don't have enough padding on my butt anymore and some of the ride seats were too hard on my tailbone. LOL! After we got home, DH and I went out for a 6.5 mile hike, so between the theme park walking and the hike, I think I'm done for the day in the workout department. Gorgeous weather here today and supposed to be even nicer tomorrow. DD12 has a soccer game so it should be a perfect day for it.

04-15-2012, 01:54 AM
I'm almost there. Weighed in at 200 even today. :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot:

04-15-2012, 02:30 AM
Sushi - You are SOOO CLOSE!!!! :carrot: I can't wait to welcome you in! Any day now!!!!

dogdays - that sounds like a FABULOUS day!!!! The roller coasters sound like a blast! What a great feeling to be so low on the scale going on the rides now! That's a funny NSV too :lol: Glad you can say that now though!

Jen - :wave: Hello!!!! Check in with us and let us know what's going on.

As for me - what a day! I didn't wear HRM at all, so no idea the caloric burn, but it's GOT to be up there!
Started with walking. Went to a store that sells 2nd hand books, dvds, etc there (everything rare, even trinkets, are there)... turned in 3 dance dvds that I don't use, got store credit and got 2 bootcamp dvds that I will use and only ended up paying $4 out of pocket... SCORE!
Then we went to the kennel/humane society cause DD16 had a project where that would be the best place to research. TONS of walking and playing with a variety of animals... 4 hrs later, we also had another dog :rofl: DH was not impressed at first, but is already attached... WIN!
Once we got home, an early supper so DH could finally get sleep after working all night, before he had to go in tonight.
Once the bellies settled, DD16, DS and I all did the Extreme Abs Bootcamp. Then, because we are masochists (and too dang competitive for our own good), DS and I did 40 mins of Ultimate Bootcamp. I couldn't finish the hour, but went until I was so worn I thought I would pass out.
THEN... after a half hour of cooling down, DS and I took the doggies out for a good long walk. If this day didn't burn calories, don't know what will, :rofl:
I did cheat and have KFC for supper, but it's cause it was too late to cook and DH had to have something to eat before bed. Although, I am now working on my 4th quart of water, so I should have no issue flushing out the sodium :)
Have a great night!!!

04-15-2012, 07:53 AM
Sushi - Yay!!! So close! Keep up the good work...can't wait to celebrate your victory!

ItsMy - what a busy day you had!! Congratulations on your new family member. How is the pup transitioning into your home? Pics please!! I've only once been able to go to the humane society and leave without another family member, LOL. One year, my oldest wanted a big birthday pool party (like 20 friends) but didn't want all the presents she'd amass from such such a large event (she's not a big fan of being the center of attention), so in lieu of gifts, she asked party goers to bring animal supplies to donate to the humane society. We collected a HUGE van load and dropped it off at the shelter and the shelter workers invited my DD in to help feed and socialize the animals. We fell in LOVE with a sweet little bulldog, but she wasn't adoptable because she wasn't good with cats (and we have 3). I was almost grateful because we did NOT need another dog, but sad too because she was just so sweet and really connected with our DD. Anyway...hope you had a good night home with your new friend and THANK YOU for adopting a rescue animal. You ROCK in my book!

Finally some exciting news. My refusal to go off plan and eat theme park food and my 6.5 mile hike yesterday paid off big time!! A new decade this morning. The decade I've been waiting for.

129.6 this morning!!!! Here's hoping I get to hang on to it...I wasted no time changing my ticker, LOL!

04-15-2012, 12:33 PM
Dogdays - CONGRATS!!!! New decade!!!! :carrot: :carrot: That is so awesome!!!!! Meanwhile, after all that, I got on scale and was up?? 192 this morning. I really do think it's time for me to ditch the scale, but I don't "feel" anything but smaller. So weird
As for the doggie, he is transitioning nicely! He and my other dog are getting along like buds :) I always do rescue dogs, OR... if I find an animal (they have fallen into our laps before) that is stray/abandoned/malnourished, we take them in to get them healthy and then we find a good home for them. We have had a cat (which me and DD16 are allergic to) that we needed to do this with as well as a chihuahua. Both are in the perfect match forever homes for them. DH won't let me foster animals or kids because he knows I would never give either of them back - I would be a "foster fail", :rofl: Kids, animals, and elderly rely on us for care... how can someone NOT want to take them and protect them for all they are worth? LOL!

04-15-2012, 02:09 PM
Wow, ladies some great news going on!

dogdays- wow 129 so impressed. You have suck willpower on not getting that amusement park food. I love roller coasters too. I can't wait for my Disneyland trip at the end of July :)

star- a new furkid :) So exciting. That was one busy day!

sushi- wow, I hope to follow in you footsteps soon.

jen & kay- hi

All is sunny and safe here in Kansas. I had the roughest night with losing power and having to take shelter from the tornadoes in the basement bathroom with my DH and 2 furkids. It was very intense. I don't think I've ever been through all that in the darkness of the night. All the tornado warnings I remember seem to be late afternoon, so you can at least see what is happening. There was damage around Wichita, some people lost their homes. A mobile home park was hit and many business were damaged, no deaths but a few minor injuries. My stomach is still in knots from all the drama. So thankful today! Up a pound but I think it's from the cheat meal and stress.

04-16-2012, 01:17 AM
Teacher - Sooooo glad you all are ok!!! You were in my thoughts last night. Love hearing good news on that!!!!

50 mins of a new Tae Bo that my DS and I have decided is the hardest, most intense one he has out (that we have). We both are hurting. I turned around and took the doggies out for a walk/run after and it seemed to loosen me up a bit. Shower felt awesome. Still haven't lost even a half a pound...what?!? I am thinking time to throw scale out the window

04-16-2012, 10:01 AM
Teacher - so glad you are safe. The pictures on the news discussing those storms are horrible. I hope the areas can recover quickly. Tornados scare me...not something I've lived through as they're not very common in our area.

Itsmy - I agree...time to toss that scale! Do you have access to a different one just to compare? I swear, you're going to enjoy one heck of a whoosh when the time comes! Hopefully soon. Just keep on keeping on, otherwise you'll REALLY come to hate the scale! Glad your doggies are happily adjusting to one another.

04-16-2012, 11:49 AM
dogdays - I am with you, no tornadoes here either, or in the state I used to live in.
I am definitely not stopping the battle. I AM starting to wonder if I am reacting to something I do eat though. It's common for those with IBS and RA to have issues losing weight, but ... this has taken me to a whole other level of wtf? LOL! I had DH get on the scale just to insure its accuracy and it was on the money... so it has to be me. I am starting to wonder if I need to be gluten free and try that - but have to tell you, not sure I am willing to go there. I KNOW I wouldn't sustain it as I have become almost addicted to my morning blueberry muffin at work, :lol: I have already cut lactose out of the diet completely, but that was for medical reasons... to have to cut something else, would actually worry me on what I would eat? Guess we will have to wait, do some research, as the nutritionist and the dr to see what they say

04-16-2012, 03:46 PM
star- that is weird on the scale. Yes, talking with the doctor might give some insight.

dogdays- yes, clean up is still happening. Everyone here in Kansas is just thankful for no deaths. But it is hard watching all these people lose their homes.

jen, kay, and sushi- hi :)

It's a beautiful day here. I did the elip 30 min and walked the dogs. I need to start studying for my test tomorrow but keep putting it off. Only 4 more weeks of class. The last class is on May 8. I'm so ready to be done!

04-17-2012, 06:43 PM
Teacher - You are soooo close to being done with the class! Do you feel anxiety about being done? Or relief? Glad you are having a nice day there... must be a welcomed change after the past couple

Last night I took a break from workouts as I didn't get home from running errands until late. I did take the fur boys out for a good walk though, then took the original fur boy out for a short run :) That was the extent of the exercise though - I was beat

04-17-2012, 09:34 PM
Teacher - so close to being done with your class! Yay!! Glad you got out for a nice walk with the doggies.

ItsMy - a quick run is better than no run. Off days are important too! i hope your doctor or nutritionist can figure out why your body refuses to let you drop on the scale. Are you on prednisone (or other steroid) for your joints? I've been on it in the past for my asthma and it was impossible to lose weight, I recall.

Still hanging onto my new low of 129.6 and even flirted with 129.4 this morning, but it bounced back up to 129.6, so that's what I recorded for today. Maybe I'll see something lower tomorrow. :cool:

Kay and Jen - thinking of you both. Check in when you get a chance.

04-17-2012, 10:27 PM
Hi everyone!

star- The only anxiety I have about being done with class is it brings more focus to starting a family. Right now school distracts me from worrying about that part of life.

dogdays- I have asthma too. It used to really slow me down but now it with medication no problems most of the time. I would say 2-3 times a year I might have problems.

kay & jen & sushi- hi

I subbed all day and had my test tonight. It was harder than the first 2 but we'll see how it goes. Subbing again tomorrow but just in the morning.

04-18-2012, 07:42 AM
Teacher - sorry your test was harder than expected. Hope you did well!

Drum roll...128.7 this morning. :carrot: Hoping I get to enjoy a whoosh the rest of the week, but that's probably wishful thinking, LOL!

04-18-2012, 08:41 AM
Teacher - Straight from subbing to testing... busy day!!! I hate when a test is harder than you anticipate...but am sure you rocked it anyway ;)

Dogdays - Holy awesome number on the scale!!! :woohoo: I am so happy for you!!! I will keep fingers crossed for a whoosh for ya ;)

I did a double workout last night. DS, DD16 and I did Bootcamp Abs, then DS and I went right into Tae Bo Cardio after a very short water break. I am not as sore today, but am stiff from the arthritis - will be sure to do plenty of stretching :) Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

Jen - Where are ya? Hoping you are ok

Sushi - Hi :wave:

Kay - Hi :wave: haven't heard from you either - hope things are good

04-18-2012, 10:38 AM
199 today !

04-18-2012, 12:18 PM
Sushi - CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to ONEderland!! I'm so thrilled for you. You must be walking on clouds! Great job!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot:

04-18-2012, 03:59 PM
Dogdays - I totally missed this before (good thing I reread later) but no, not on prednisone anymore. I only go on temporarily and have not been on in a couple months. I find it impossible to lose on it also, and I fantacize about food on it too :lol: But that's not the issue now.

Sushi - Congrats!!!!! :carrot: :woohoo: AWESOME!!!!! I am so happy for you! Welcome on in to Onederland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!

04-18-2012, 07:57 PM
dogdays- Yeah, congrats!!!!

sushi- wonderful.... congrats!!!! I hope to follow in your footsteps!

star, jen, & kay- hi ladies!!!

I subbed this morning. I dropped my iphone on the way to work and broke it :( So I have a crappy loaner phone. I swear I feel so out of sorts without my phone. I should get my replacement phone in a few days. :)

04-19-2012, 10:43 AM
Joining you ladies approaching onederland :)

I just turned 30 in January and have 3 kids (almost 6yo boy, 3yo girl, almost 1yo girl) and still have 17 pounds from the last one plus a few each from the others. After that I'll work on those extra 25 I had before the kids came along.

I was doing WW but got tired of counting points so just switched to SBD. I have PCOS and lose easiest when I cut carbs but I don't do that before my baby is one since I breastfeed. But since I do extended BF and we want more kids I can't wait until they are entirely done because by then I'll probably be pregnant again. lol.

Anyway... hoping to be in the ONEs by summer! Down 3.5 since starting SBD on Monday :) Last time I did it (right before I got pregnant with my youngest) I lost 7lb the first wk and 4 the 2nd. Hoping for similar results this time.


04-19-2012, 04:45 PM
Hi Taryn!!! Welcome, sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

Hi everyone!!!!

I spent the day running errands. I sub tomorrow so trying to get a start on some homework. I did the elip and walked the dogs. How's everyone's day?

04-19-2012, 06:04 PM
Teacher - sorry about your phone. I'd be lost without mine too. I hope you get a new one soon!

ItsMy - LOL, I used to fantasize about food on prednisone too. Horrible stuff!

Taryn - WELCOME!! So glad you popped in to join us! I'm a PCOS sufferer too and have found low carb the key to my weight loss success. Good luck to you!!

04-19-2012, 07:54 PM
Thank you ladies. I am very pleased to announce that I weighed in at 196 this morning. So nice to put a little distance between the tick marks on the scale since entering onederland !

04-19-2012, 10:08 PM
Sushi - you crash landed your way into ONEderland this week!! 196 is an awesome whoosh!!! Great job!

04-20-2012, 12:35 AM
Taryn - :welcome: Great to have you!

Sushi - You are doing amazing!!!

Dogdays - Prednisone is evil when trying to watch what you eat, :lol: I would try to eat lettuce, but the medicine didn't like that, it wanted gooey stuff, :rofl: Fortunate to be able to not take too often - I usually just fight through flares now :D

Teacher - You have been so busy :) Hope you are remembering to breathe in between?

Tonight got home from work and had appointment with nutritionist. After that, DS and I did C25K :) I love that he has joined me in the fitness end (when he has the gumption, :lol: )

04-20-2012, 11:03 AM
Down 2 more pounds. Only 11 to go until I say goodbye to the 200s :)

04-20-2012, 07:41 PM
tar - That's awesome!!! You are so close :) Keep at it and you will have your ONEderland party!!!!

Jen - Where are ya girl? Hope you are ok. Check in?

Kay - What are you doing? Been awhile for you too :) We miss you two

Dogdays - How is your day?

Teacher - Any substituting today?

DH got word, after working his overnight shift, that he is laid off AGAIN. The one issue with a "right to work" state, is they don't have to give you any notice on a lay off. Summer A/C bills will soon be hitting, so hopefully he will find something soon. Last night I did C25K with my son :) He is becoming a pretty regular workout buddy (some he will admit, has just been cause I kinda guilt him into it, lol), but it really IS good for him. 18 yrs old and he wants some toning and definition... he won't get that by being a couch potato :D Have a great night all!

04-20-2012, 10:39 PM
star- I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's job. What a great family/workout time with your son. Yes, I subbed today.

It's getting to be very busy for me. I think the next 3 weeks will be tough but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This weekend I'll start my grad project. Today I got a jury duty letter in the mail. Report date is May 22. Fingers crossed I'll get dismissed.

04-20-2012, 11:12 PM
Down 2 more pounds. Only 11 to go until I say goodbye to the 200s :)

I am at 206.6...but feels like I'll never get there...ugh. Good luck to you.

04-21-2012, 11:20 AM
ItsMy - I'm so sorry about your DH's job. I hope he finds something new and even better quickly.

Taryn - congratulations on your new low! Great job!! Can't wait to throw you a ONEderland party....:carrot:

Teacher - you sound crazy busy! I do NOT miss those stressful school years, that's for sure. It felt overwhelming at times, but I got through it and you will too! Good luck with your grad project.

erh12275 - howdy! You will be there. It always feels farther away than it really is. This time last year, I was 217+ pounds and never thought I'd ever see 199 again...but I got there and you will too! You're very close!!

Well this weekend has turned out to be a challenging one. I took the day off from work yesterday because I had to run some nursing home errands for my grandmother and decided I'd just make a day of it and take some time out for myself. My initial plan was to drop the girls off at school, run the errands and then take a bike ride with DH...and then a little tennis in the afternoon if we had time. But our dog had other plans. Late Thursday evening, he started limping on his right leg...for those of you who remember, he blew his ACL and tore his meniscus in his left knee in December and had knee surgery on Christmas Eve. His recovery has been slow and challenging because his left knee has a tremendous amount of arthritis built up in it and he's been in a lot of pain lately (we started him on an antiimflammatory drug a couple weeks ago to help him out). And now he's lame on the right side - not quite as bad as he was in December with his left leg, but we knew where this was heading. So my plans to take a day to myself were thwarted and we whisked him off to the vet yesterday morning. Sure enough, he tore his ACL. Good news is that it's not completely torn best they can tell. Bad news is...it's only a matter of time unless we can get him on strict kennel rest (he's a devilishly active Labrador...sigh). The other bad news is that we can't really do surgery on the right leg at the present time because his left leg is not stable enough to take on the role of being the dominant weight bearer. Argh. I feel like we can't win. I'm hoping the kennel rest works and lets the ACL tear heal without surgical intervention (possible, but not probable per our vet). So he'll be on kennel rest until his left leg is strong enough to handle surgery on the right leg. Poor little man...he's antsy already.

04-21-2012, 11:49 AM
hey ladies, well my break didn't do so well, I started to have really bad pain with my cycles trying to return, and I try to self soothe with icecream and chocolate. So needless to say I'm back up to 200.

so sad. I wonder also if my thyroid is not up to par with the current meds, but I'm sure I overate so I'm going to give myself a chance to see if it is overeating or needing more meds.

I was 195-196 when I TOOK the break, and maybe that is why I did it, weight was slowly creeping up so think its' no use.

my body is still cramping, I thought for sure I would get a TOM, but now it's cramping like I'm trying to ovulate. I gain weight with both, so maybe that is what is up. I have not been doing exercises or anything.

my new game plan is to carb cycle. I am going to go down to 60 one day and eat what I want next. I am going to try to throw in exercises during the higher carb day.

dogdays, awww so sorry about your dog. Hope he feels better and gets that rest.

erh, I know the feeling you will get there.

teacher, sorry you are so busy, but that can be a good thing.

star, so glad your son is working out with you that must feel good. mine gets annoying if we try to work out together, but I would like for him to do it anyway.

taryn, yay! 11 lbs is so close.

well, it is time for me to find a job. I am ready even though I will be sad to leave my baby.

so today is day 1 of my carb cycle. Not the best time, cuz i get grumpy BUT I can tell myself i can eat something tomorrow.

logging keeps me accountable so I'm going to post with you ladies.

2 eggs: 2c
1/2 tsp stevia/sugar:2g
1 tbsp milk 1c (really less, but I'll have another later)
nettle/raspberry tea (for milk)-0

04-21-2012, 12:12 PM
Jen- Yeah, you're back!!!! Carb cycling sounds like a good idea. Good luck on the job search.

Dogdays- oh, your poor puppy. I'm be praying for him. Dog injuries are the worst cause they can't talk. Keep us posted!

erh- welcome, i know the feeling but we can do it! Onederland here we come!

star, kay, & sushi- any big plans this weekend?

The car is in the shop because the check engine light came on. Hoping it not something big. I just hit 100,000 miles a couple of day ago. Last week, I spent $1,000 replacing the timing belt, water pump, and oil change with filters. So much car drama lately. On a better note, it's a beautiful day and going to take my furkids on a nice long walk :)

04-21-2012, 01:20 PM
Teacher - Sure does sound like you are going to be busy! Then jury duty on top of it?? I will keep fingers crossed on your car. Hopefully just a sensor replacement :)

erh - You will get there. I know it's hard to believe, but it WILL happen. ;) Can't wait to welcome you in!

dogdays - Oh goodness!!!! I am so sorry to hear about your fur boy! Sometimes I wish they could understand our language so we could soothe them a bit better or get them to understand what is happening.

Jen - Welcome back girl!!! Good luck on your job hunt. I hope the carb cycling works for you. As for your son working out with you - I think it only worked with mine cause he is 18. Before now I could never get him to. But now I guilt him with "you know it's not going to be long before you are on your own and we won't have the opportunity to have that bonding time anymore. I will really miss time with my only son"... so now he is on board, :lol:

Kay - :wave: hi!!! Hope you are hanging around reading and will pop in soon :)

As for me - No big workout last night, just some walking (with the stress and trying to keep DH out of emotion and into logic, there just wasn't time). However, I examined when I started this plateau back in December. I had added a muffin to regime. I know this sounds foolish, but I eliminated the muffin, have gone off breads wondering if something in them was reacting with my IBS (even with no flares, just sensitivity) and preventing me from loss? The nutritionist yesterday said "that wouldn't prevent the loss though"... however, as of now I am convinced. When I eliminated I had upped my intensity of workouts, upped frequency, lowered calories again so I had a bigger deficit, and was up to 192-193... I eliminated just LAST WEEK...and I am back into the 180s!!! 189.4 as of this morning! :O By gory - I think I got it!!!! :carrot:

04-21-2012, 08:18 PM
yay, star! I hope to be back that way soon. most people with autoimmune issues are better off the processed/hybrid wheat. I should be off wheat, and I try but i still go back to it.

teacher, sorry about the car drama.

2 eggs: 2c
1/2 tsp stevia/sugar:2g
2 tbsp milk 2 c (really less, but I'll have another later)
nettle/raspberry tea (for milk)-0
4 slim jim snacks-8g (mini)
4 pcs cinnabon ceareal-2g
2 slices turkey-2g
2 pickles-0
4 tbsp crm cheese-2g
subtotal: 21 g

we're going to do steak, greenbeans and rice and I'm just going to eat steak and greenbeans and 1 orange (11). (that is my plan)

we went to SO's FD fun day, and it was nice to get out of the house. I saw alot of skinny momma's and wished I hadn't gained 10 LBS but alas.

04-21-2012, 09:56 PM
2 eggs: 2g
1/2 tsp stevia/sugar:2g
2 tbsp milk 2 g
nettle/raspberry tea (for milk)-0
4 slim jim snacks-8g (mini)
4 pcs cinnabon ceareal-2g
2 slices turkey-2g
2 pickles-0
4 tbsp crm cheese-2g
subtotal: 21g
1 bite brown rice-1g
1oz coconut-5g
8 mini dark choc chips 4g
*cadbury mini icecream*-18 g( couldn't help it)
3 oz steak-0
3/4 c green beans-4g
1/4c milk-3g
1 sm. orange-11g
TOTAL: 68 gross carbs.

did alot better than I thought I would.

Ok, now the trick is not to eat anything else carby for the rest of the night.

04-22-2012, 01:06 AM
Jen - Here's hoping you have total success! Great job!!! :carrot:

Today I did no official workouts, but it was 103 degrees outside so hung by and in the pool :) Rough life! I had to get a new bathing suit, all mine were too big to serve their purpose anymore.. not a bad problem to have. Supposed to be a few degrees warmer tomorrow, so going to get my run in early in the morning before it gets up there on the temperature gauge :)

04-22-2012, 11:56 AM
I just started my Eat to Live lifestyle change just over a week ago. My first weigh in was 288 last Saturday, and yesterday's weigh in is 281. :D

Down 7 pounds my first week.

My long term goal is to lose about 180 pounds.

My first short term goal is to lose 10% of my starting weight which is about 29 pounds. So 22 pounds to go until I meet that goal. I will be 259lbs at the end of my first goal.

04-22-2012, 12:53 PM
Laiferr- welcome! wow, that an impressive start!

star- oh my, that is so hot!!! I can't wait for my pool days to start, probably late May.

jen- we're right on track. great dog!

I'm working hard on my project. My goal is to get it done by Friday since I leave town next weekend for my brother's soccer tournament.

Happy Sunday!

04-22-2012, 01:23 PM
Laiffer - Great first goal to set! :welcome: Wish you much luck :)

Teacher - No doubt you will have your project done in time :) Hope you enjoy your brother's soccer tourney!

04-22-2012, 03:11 PM
Thanks for the welcome :)

I have a new motivational tool, buying clothes a size or two smaller than what I can wear. If I want to wear them, then I need to lose the weight. Plus I really want to wear my new shorts and I can't fit into them yet. But in 1-2 months I shouldn't have that problem.

04-22-2012, 04:01 PM
Laifierr - My hubster laughed at me because for the first 6 months I "decorated" our bedroom in front of my elliptical with push pinning pants that were 1 - 2 sizes too small for me to wear as motivation. It made me keep pushing through a workout when I wanted to stop, so totally understand!

Got my run in today. Yay!

04-22-2012, 07:50 PM
I find it's always good to reward yourself once in a while =) I bought some new sandals, then went hiking for 2 hours. I haven't done this trail in a long time and I nearly didn't make it back. Some really tough ups and downs.

04-23-2012, 12:16 AM
Laifierr - Great job on the hike!!! Hooray for new sandals too!!!

The 2 oldest and I did Ab Bootcamp tonight :) Love it!

04-23-2012, 01:50 PM
hey Laif, what a great start! what good motivational tools too.

star, must be rough. It's like 70 for a high here and I do love it, but like 40 right now. very cool.

teacher, I hope you don't have any issues with the project.

today is day 2 of my carb cycle. yesterday went well enough and I woke up with increased milk supply. so i'm not so worried about the drop cuz I know we can recover it tomorrow.

2 eggs-2 c
2 tbsp milk-2g
nettle/rL tea-0g
slim jim (mini)-2g
1 c coffee-0g
sugar/stevia -1/2 tsp-2g
sugar/stevia-1/2 tsp-2g
1/2 c chobani-4.5g
1 tbsp low sugar jelly-4g
4 pcs cinnabon cereal-1g
subtotal: 19.5

04-23-2012, 09:36 PM
well, blew it. Was doing fine until DS ate my off limits food! Then SO aggravated me, and baby has been fussy. sorry, but carbs are comforting. I will be back at the 60g tomorrow.

04-23-2012, 09:57 PM
Hi! New in this thread. Wow you guys are a motivation! Thanks. My CW now is 200 and hopefully this sunday (my WI) I will be in OneDerland!
Never been off 200 since college (15 yrs ago). Yes! I say I can too! (I hope) hehehe.

04-23-2012, 11:21 PM
Jen - Pick it back up as of now and you are good to go! So hard sometimes to get back on track, especially with carb cravings. But you have the know-how and the ability... own it girl!!!

myfavisblue - :welcome: You are so close!!!

I ended my day with Tae Bo Power and weighted gloves. DS didn't join me tonight as he was in the pool when I started, but I still busted my tail and it feels awesome!!! I love letting all the stress of the day go out in exertion! Have a great night all!!!

04-24-2012, 02:44 AM
Just logging in to update my ticker again. Down to 194!!!

Also took my work out to a new level by doing 10km today for my walk, up from 5km.

04-24-2012, 08:23 AM
Sushi - You are doing so awesome! You go girl!!! So happy for you!

04-24-2012, 09:11 PM
hi, myfav, yay!! Can't wait to welcome you into onderland.

star, I feel like I would love a kick boxing game, where you have to hit a target or something. lately, I just have no energy.

sushi, good job! wow what progress

afm: so I didn't make yesterday a low carb day but it was a lower carb day, and today is my low carb day.

so far
2 eggs-2g
1/2 cup chicken noodle soup-4g
8 pcs dark chocolate-4
1 almond thin-2.5g
2 oz cheese-2g
2 slices turkey-1g
2 slices thin turkey (made into turkey bacon)-.5g
1 tbsp mayo-1g
nettle/rl tea-og
sugar/stevia 3 x-1/2 tsp-6g
3 tbsp milk-2g
1 oz coconut-4g
coconut water 2oz-2g
subtotal: 31g
bbq chicken-4g
1 artic bar-15g
2 almond thins-5g
2 oz milk-3g
subtotal: 31g
Total: 62g

I don't know if it is the tea or the low carbs cycle-but I woke up to 196. I was shocked. Especially since I have been 200 for the past couple of days.

oh yeah, I am going to get some bloodwork tomorrow for my thyroid, I am hoping that if my levels are what is causing me to be so fatigued, that they catch it and get my meds right. I want to be able to do stuff again.

04-25-2012, 07:48 AM
Laifierr and Myfavisblue - WELCOME!! So glad you joined us! Great job on your progress so far!

Jen - great job with the carb count yesterday. Good luck with the blood work. I hope they're able to target your levels and adjust your medicine to fix it.

ItsMy - Great job on the Tae Bo! I'm impressed! How's your Mom doing with her weight loss? I remember you were a united front and supporting each other on your journeys.

Sushi - FANTASTIC! Great job on your new low. What a wonderful whoosh you're enjoying - always my favorite time!

Teacher - hope your project is going well! Good luck!

As for me - still plugging along. Been a busy week. I took off from work on Monday (long weekend) and test drove a new car with DH while the girls were in school. Now we're arguing colors...everyone wants a different color, but we'll probably end up with a boring charcoal grey, just like the last 12 years of vehicles, LOL! Boring but practical. Later on Monday, we helped celebrate my Mom's birthday...so I went a bit off plan with a GIANT cupcake. But it was good. I'm retaining water right now in my cycle anyway, so I figured what the heck. I'm still eating the higher carb amount. I think it's slowed my progression, but I'm still losing (except right now because of the water), so I think I'm going to continue on with the bump up in carbs. Our doggy is doing okay. His leg is still lame, but he's behaving himself on kennel rest. I feel bad for him because he's such a high energy dog, but it is what it is at this point.

Hope everyone has a good day!

04-25-2012, 08:45 AM
Jen - Hope you are able to find some answers with the blood work :)

Dogdays - Glad to hear of the doggie doing well and he ca return to high energy when he is healed up. I love that you asked about mom. She has been plateaued since December as I was! LOL! Can you believe that??? 3500 miles away and we were STILL sync'd up, :lol: So very very proud of her though - despite COPD, Emphyzema, and an enlarged heart (which according to drs should have killed her by now), she is keeping at it!!! Working out, hitting her treadmill, and keeping her nutrition right. Talk about inspiration! If she can do this...and my DD with all her problems can keep working out (got on elliptical last night despite a pulled and torn ACL), then I guess I can certainly find a way to keep moving and be thankful for it :D I am hoping now that I figured out my plateau, that it means I will get a call from mom saying she busted hers too! :)

I had one of "those days" at work yesterday, so came home aggravated. It was so hot out though, that I was going to skip my walk and make it all inside work - until - the original fur boy started to beg to go out early and it was striking me wrong (PMS)... so I took him alright. Instead of the mile we normally go, his little legs went 2 miles and ran a half mile of it :lol: He laid down a bunch when we got back, :rofl: Then I did Ab Bootcamp with DD16. I sweat the stress out!!!! :carrot: Made for a great day afterall

04-25-2012, 01:42 PM
Hi everyone!!!!
Dogdays- great news on the dog

My project is all done and ready to present next Tues. I'll be so glad when this class is done on May 8. Not subbing today but running lots of errands. I've been working out at home but my goal is to get back to the y next Monday. We'll see what happens.

04-25-2012, 07:19 PM
star, I should be motivated just reading your posts, I'm so proud of your mom and your dd. hahhaha, I got a furball that whines about everything in heat, and he drives me up the wall. . .I wish I could do that to him. I would run his little but slamm out if I could.

dogdays, a giant cupcake, well congratulations. Awesome that you are still losing. so glad the doggie is doing better.

teacher, awesome work on the project. That must feel surreal to be done!

afm: had an awful day and a very busy one: dishnetwork had to come fix the crazy set up the last technician did because we were arguing about the tv's. I had to go the bloodwork and then my son had to go get a haircut and a new black shirt for his mission. We went to oldnavy, and I shopped a little, while he was supposed to get a haircut but he called me that he couldn't get his hair cut, and then they told me they thought he had lice! I told him he has a bad case of dandruff, but NOT lice, they wouldn't listen and kept insisting that he had "nits". I kept pointing out that nits do not slide off the hair shaft. One of the workers commented "it looks like he was treated for it, but they didn't get all the nits out". I'm standing right there and like WTH! I know if my son has lice or not, I am "they". he was not treated for lice at all, because he didn't have it! meanwhile we got to be at our meeting place in thirty minutes! I was livid. He just needed a military style haircut.

I didn't handle it very well, I told them I wasn't coming back. Next we had to be at the meeting place.

04-26-2012, 09:09 AM
Itsmy - so glad to hear your Mom is sticking with it and doing well. I hope she breaks her plateau soon! Obviously it's genetic - crazy!

Teacher - yay for finishing your project! New found freedom for you! Hope your presentation goes well. Have fun at your Brother's soccer tournament this weekend.

Jen - what a day. So sorry to hear about that. :( I can't believe the hair salon put you through all that. You mentioned DS's severe dandruff...any chance it's actually psoriasis of the scalp? For years I thought I had severe dandruff and none of the dandruff shampoos helped much (they kind of reduced the flakes a little, but not the itching and over production). I was miserable...until one day, I had a fill in hair dresser in lieu of my normal one and she ran her fingers through my scalp and said "oh, you poor girl - you're in the middle of a large psoriasis flare up aren't you?" So I went to a dermatologist and had it confirmed...and got special prescription shampoo that is the ONLY thing that has ever cleared it up. I use it once a week now and no more flakes or flare ups. Just thought I'd mention it in case you can relate. Until then, I didn't even realize there was such a thing as psoriasis of the scalp, especially since I didn't/don't have it anywhere else on my body. But it does run in my family...my DSis has it on her arms and legs.

Not much new with me. Still up almost a pound from ovulation retention but it's been moving down each morning (I had been up nearly 3 pounds), so I'm closing in on my previous low slowly but surely. I've been on plan all week (except for the giant cupcake, LOL) and I'm hoping to put in another hardcore workout tonight.

04-26-2012, 10:46 AM
Yesterday marked the end of two weeks of dieting; today being day 15. I am almost out of the 280s, and I should be in the 270s by my next weigh in on Saturday. I had some roller coaster of emotions going the last couple days but I think I am back on track with high spirits.

My clothes are definitely becoming more baggy even if the scale isn't saying much. I would love if my tummy flab would go away so I could wear a smaller pair of pants. The legs and butt are super baggy but I can't go down a size yet.

Today I have a job interview, so keep your fingers crossed. I could really use this job since I have been unemployed for almost a year.

04-26-2012, 11:48 AM
dogdays, I am not sure, it could be, I know my mom had dandruff, my sister had severe dandruff, I have it, and I was hoping ds2 wouldn't have it, but it looks like it is coming with puberty. I will have to take a peek at what it looks like, I might have to get an RX for it for him and see if it helps.

thanks for the tip. Great job on the losses.

Laif, I know what it is like to be afraid of the job scene, I am anxious, but ready to go to work, I am going to call HR at the hospital and see if they are processing applications for the positions.

afm: took a good look in the mirror, man I have some bad looking cellulite on my legs, i'm not getting any younger, I really need to shape them back up, I guess I will go back to doing something on the rebounder maybe walking while I am watching tv.

so yesterday, I was still at 196, I am on a low carb day today, so I will focus on chores and keeping my carbs to a minimum.

04-26-2012, 02:33 PM
Down to 208.5 this morning! The ONEs are getting so close :)

So I've lost 8lbs in 10 days after starting SBD last Monday. I know the weight loss will prob slow down but I'm thrilled so far. We've even had a few events this past week. And one tonight. I'm bringing a healthy brownie with me so I won't be tempted by dessert. One of "Kara's Fabulous Beany Brownies" from the SBD Phase 1 desserts forum.

04-26-2012, 09:12 PM
tar- wow, great job!

laifierr- good luck at the interview

dogdays- thanks.... great job on staying focused

jen- so sorry to hear about the salon drama :(

star & kay- hi :)

I subbed again today. Tomorrow we head to Kansas City for the weekend. My little brother is in a soccer tournament. Got my car all fixed which makes me feel better about driving that far.

04-26-2012, 10:04 PM
teacher, be careful and have fun on your trip.

tar, yay, good idea to plan for the event.

nettle/rl/green tea-0g
2 cups coffee w/ 1 tsp stevia sugar-4g
13 pecans-4g
8 pcs dark chocolate-4g
1oz coconut-4g
4 baked lays-1g
1 baby vienna-0g
1 pc turkey-1g
2tbsp sour cream-1g
mixed veggies-1g
cream of chicken-2g
3oz roast-0g
beef gravy -2g
artic bar-15g
subtotal: 40g
30z roast-1g
1/4 cup mashed pot-9g
beef gravy-1g
arctic bar-15g

total: 64g

didnt get in any exercise, but keeping the carbs low motivates me to clean up the house.

04-27-2012, 02:14 AM
Back up to 199 today, but it's soon TTOM, so I've decided not to sweat it. Walked 4km today. Going to go out and do another 2.5 and call it a night.

04-27-2012, 07:52 AM
Laifierr - hope the interview went well! Congrats on being close to a new decade!! Such a good feeling. You're doing great - keep up the good work!

Tar - congrats on your new low!! So close!! :carrot:

Teacher - glad to hear your car repairs are done. I hate car stress! We tend to buy conservative car brands known for their reliability just so I can avoid repair drama as much as humanly possible, LOL! A few years back, I had a very fun but unreliable brand and it TORTURED me - constantly needing repair (under warranty mostly, but i despised the hassle). Someday, maybe I'll buy a fun car again. Have fun this weekend!

Jen - you're doing great with your food plan! Are you IFing too? I can't remember if you're still doing that. I hope your hard work pays off for you on the scale.

Sushi - definitely don't sweat it. The water weight upticks are annoying but since you can explain it, you know it will come flying off (and probably some additional) once TOM is over for you. Keep up the good work!

ItsMy & Kay - hey ladies! Hope all is well!

As for me - finally dropped the rest of my ovulation water retention and saw a new low of 128.3 (previous new low was 128.5), so that was fun. I'm determined to behave and stay on plan this weekend (meaning no more giant cupcakes, LOL) so I can MAYBE ride this whoosh into 127. And of course, as you probably all predicted a month ago, LOL, now that I'm closing in on my new/lower goal of 125 I'm already thinking about lowering it. I can't believe how much fat I still have in my abdomen and upper thighs and arms. This last 5-10 pounds has definitely shrunk those areas, but there's more to go. So I think I'll reset my goal to 115 and see where I go. I'm not sure I'll really get that low, mainly because I can't fathom a number that low. I'm quickly learning that I can't talk about my goal weights with anyone other than you guys, my Mom and my DH because everyone else (friends/coworkers) are all harassing me that I'm losing too much. I look skinny in clothes, but definitely not when I'm naked....obviously only DH and my Mom see me naked (Mom and I went bathing suit shopping recently and she admitted she was surprised to see that I still had more fat to lose since I look so skinny in clothes). It's become quite annoying to me, so I avoid talking about it and pretend that I'm done losing weight so I don't have to hear it from people anymore. My DH is fiercely protective of my curves, so he will DEFINITELY alert me when I've gone too far, LOL! I still have plenty of curves...

04-27-2012, 11:01 AM
My interview went well and I'll find out sometime next week if I get the job. I hope I get it, kinda tired of filling out applications.

Yesterday was a pretty good day though I need to get more leafy greens back into my diet.

Breakfast I made a smoothie with sunflower milk, spinach, kale, carrots, flax seed, strawberries, and blueberries.

Lunch I had a bowl of left over cauliflower soup then went for a hike for about an hour.

Dinner I sauteed some mixed veggies with teriyaki sauce. yum! =D

And then I finished out the night by making some lentil stew which I'll have today.

04-27-2012, 11:56 AM
dogdays, I definitely agree in redefinition, I just wonder if you wouldn't feel better putting on some muscle.

Laif, you have an interesting diet. I echo the sentiment about applications.

sushi, me too, must be all the salt!

I hated the scale for being so indecent today, but I think it is water weight. I didn't get to drink as much water and ate alot of salt yesterday.

so 2 of my applications were turned down, but the third one is in *active* status. It has the requisition #, but not the position, so I'm not sure which one it is! lol. Well, I applied for all of them because I thought that is what i want so , we will see. I am leaving it in God's hands. I do need a job very badly at this point though.

04-27-2012, 12:22 PM
Laifierr - great job with the interview! I hope you hear good news...keep us posted! Sounds like you had a good eating day yesterday.

Jen - I've actually been stepping up the muscle building over the last month. I suppose I haven't talked about it much since weight training and toning isn't my passion, LOL, but my DH has been working with me and has stepped it up a notch for me. I have been using resistance bands and some dumb bells over the last year, but probably haven't worked on challenging myself as much as I should have. I think the majority of my fat changes over these last 5-10 pounds have been more from the toning - lots more definition, especially in my abdomen. Time will tell. My DH has textbook muscle tone and definition (6 pack abs, obliques...definitely not hard on the eyes, hahaha) so I know he's the best teacher for me and that he knows his stuff. I just need to be patient and perhaps improve my attitude about it a wee bit more. :cool: Sorry you're suffering from water retention. I hope the job pans out for you - will keep my fingers crossed.

04-27-2012, 04:10 PM
hmm, DH sounds tasty :P. I think my so looks like the statue of david naked. heh. Oh I have to put in here, that i did have some cake earlier but it made me sick to my stomach with a sugar high, and since I threw up, I am not counting it. Does anybody else get sick to stomach from sweets? I noticed even a few sips of sprite makes me severely ill and I try to drink my friends' sweet tea but feel ill from it too.

well, here is the log for today.
goals: 200 carbs
15 min rebounding
dishes clean and put up.
sweep and mop kitchen floor.-done 6:00pm

2 cups coffee-4g
2 packets oatmeal with dried fruit:64g
1/2 banana-13g
bite noodles: 1g
subtotal: 82g

1 banana-27g
2 oz coconut-8g
1/2 cup pineapple-20g
1/2 cup chobani-8g

04-28-2012, 07:40 AM
Jen - hahaha...I think he's tasty, but admittedly I'm a bit biased, LOL! No complaints from me...:cool: Your chobani with banana, pineapple, and coconut sounds YUMMY!

Small victory for me this morning...I whooshed my way to a healthy BMI. I call it a small victory because my doctor has considered my weight healthy since 135 because of my frame size, so I haven't put a lot of stock in the real BMI figures. But technically, weighing in at 127.4 this morning (big whoosh...drank and peed like crazy yesterday, LOL!) puts me at 24.9 for my height and weight on the official BMI charts. There's a HUGE weight range for my height though, so again, it doesn't mean much.

04-28-2012, 10:56 AM
Dogdays - Yay for the whoosh!!!! I am so happy for you!!! :dance: :woohoo: That's a huge deal and you must be SOOO Proud!

Laifierr - nailing the interview is half the battle, good job :)

Jen - Sorry about the scale being mean, it will give in eventually if you do the right things though :D I will say some prayers for you to get employed (while I am saying ones for my DH for that too)

Sorry haven't written as much, TOM has worn me right out. I am in the middle of it though, and still saw a lower weight on the scale :O By gory, I think I finally figured out why I plateaued for all that time :) Today my dear friend is coming to swim with the kids (they are old enough they really don't need a babysitter, just someone around to make sure they don't burn down the house or get hurt), and DH and I are going into the valley for supper with another "couple" friends of ours. I am so looking forward to it. Have a great weekend all!!!

04-28-2012, 12:57 PM
I weighed in today but my scale is playing tricks... It's digital and stupid sometimes. I weigh a few times just because it's not 100% accurate.

WI 1: 280.6
WI 2: 279.4
WI 3: 280.6
WI 4: 280.6

So I guess I am 280.6? Which means I lost about 1 pound for last week. I'll take it =P I have been exercising a whole lot more since I first started which means I should be putting on a lot more muscle. Today alone I hiked for an hour and 40 minutes.

And I have been slacking on my leafy greens, so this week I'm going to increase those and try to even out my other portions. I get in plenty of fruit so no problem there.

04-28-2012, 01:42 PM
where the heck did my post from this morning go?

I posted that I blew yesterday's goal for 200 because we ordered pizza. ahh well. today is a friend's birthday party. I am going to do no carbs until that time, and then I will have cake and icecream with everyone else.

I took a green tea fat burner pill and went out and gardened and it felt so good. havn't felt that good in a long long time.

well, I am going to sell my wii and games, adn I am getting Your Shape Fitness 2012, I hope I like it.

04-28-2012, 05:13 PM
jen and laifierr- good luck ladies on the job process!!!

star- have fun with your friends tonight!!!

dogdays- I'm glad you're doing what you think is best for you on the weight goal.

At my brother's soccer tournament this weekend which is out of town. We'll get back home late Sunday night. At least the weather is beautiful today and they won both their first 2 games :)

04-28-2012, 10:34 PM
Thanks all for the well wishes. =) I'll know on Wednesday about the job.

So today I went for not one, but two hikes! First was about an hour and 40 minutes and second for an hour. Where this energy is coming from, I don't know. My previous diet I felt so lethargic. Now I am always moving about, cooking, cleaning, walking.

Today I had a smoothie for breakfast.
Lunch I had a big salad with homemade tofu ranch dressing. Yum!
And dinner I tried out a new recipe called Mediterranean Eggplant. It was kind of a failure.

I have discovered I can sweeten things in recipes with dried figs and dates. =D I used figs in both my tofu ranch dressing and eggplant dish.

I need to find more main dish recipes to add some more excitement to what I eat.

04-29-2012, 05:43 PM
wow, Laif, good job on the hikes. sorry about the recipe failure. you learn as you go though. sounds yummy with the figs. I can't do tofu, they say soy is bad for the thyroid, although, I wouldn't mind not eating meat on my low carb days.

teacher, yay for winning the games.

star, hope you had a blast.

I had a great time last night, a little worn out, but I did get the games, and I hope I like them.

04-29-2012, 07:01 PM
Jen, I researched some on soy and the thyroid. From what I just read, you'd only have a problem if you were iodine deficient, were subject to exposure to environmental goitrogens, and/or ate excessive quantities of soy products a day. But eating only a small to moderate amount of soy a day shouldn't effect you. I found the info on this website (http://www.focusedmedicineaz.com/integrative-endocrine-care/soy-intake-and-thyroid-health) by Dr. Sima Aidun N.M.D. -- I love soy. As a vegetarian and a lover of Asian foods, it has become one of my staples in my diet. :) Dr. Aidun explains that moderate amount of soy would be about 30-50mg of isoflavones. Three oz of tofu has 20mg of isoflavones. Six oz of tofu (40mg of isoflavones) would be about 1/3 to 1/2 of a brick of tofu which is already way more than what I eat on a daily basis. :) I usually eat about 1/4th a brick of tofu when I use it. Just something to think about. :D

Ok, onwards~ My day has been pretty boring. It is raining outside so no hiking for me. I have been spending time inside instead on looking up recipes for things I would love to make/eat. I have come across a twist on stuffed bell peppers using quinoa instead of rice which I want to try. (I don't eat rice anymore and have been looking for an alternative).

Breakfast I had a smoothie (no spinach :( I ran out) but plenty of other yummy ingredients. I think I want to start using cucumber in my smoothies as well.

Lunch I had a big salad with tofu ranch dressing. And I was still hungry so I had a second big salad.

I was hungry again around 1:30, so I had a cup of my lentil stew I made a few days ago and a banana.

And now I'm waiting for my boyfriend to get home from work so we can get some groceries and I can try out making stuffed bell peppers.

I need to find a rainy day hobby to keep myself occupied. Looking at these delicious recipes isn't helping me.

04-30-2012, 12:58 PM
Itsmy - congrats on your scale movement! I hope you get to ride out a huge whoosh! How was your date night out?

Teacher - glad to hear the first two games went well! Hope your brother had good weather for the tournament. Do you have your presentation tomorrow? Good luck!

Laifierr - still thinking good thoughts for you on the new job. Great job with the two hikes! How did the stuffed peppers turn out?

Jen - so glad you got some gardening in and enjoyed your friend's party! Enjoy your new workout tools!

As for me - had a good weekend. Celebrated DH's birthday on Saturday (real birthday is this week, but he'll be in sleep/work mode that day, so I'll barely see him) and I'm pleased to say that I kept to my eating plan very strictly, LOL! Since we all know cake is a HUGE derailment temptation for me... We took a 6 mile hike yesterday and then watched our oldest DD's soccer game.

04-30-2012, 02:08 PM
Dogdays - Hiya =) I didn't get to make them last night since I didn't get to go grocery shopping until late. I am going to make them for dinner tonight and probably prepare them after I have lunch.

I weighed myself this morning, just curious to know how I was progressing since my weigh in on Saturday. Yesterday I had a .2 loss, and today I had a .2 loss as well. If my weight loss continues at this rate, it'll be 1.4 pounds a week. And not that weight loss is set in stone, but if it were, then I'd lose almost 73 pounds in one year. Since I have PCOS, my weight doesn't shed as fast as I'd like, but as I see it, it took 13 years to gain over 100 pounds, I think 2-3 years to get it off and close to my goal weight isn't so bad.

I am still hovering at 280. Today is 280.4, but I should be below the 280s mark by my next official weigh in. (At least I hope to be :)) Well, here's to hoping anyway.

It's lunch time now, so off to have a big salad. And if the rain stops or lightens up, then out for a hike.

04-30-2012, 04:06 PM
Laif, way to go on the consistent loss. Thanks for the info, but I actually feel worse on days after alot of soy is consumed, a chinese food dinner for example.

dogdays, way to celebrate! a 6mi hike, that just sounds like fun.

afm: wow! I got to say I LOVE KICKING RABIDS around the living room, drenched in sweat, and laughed the whole way through. JUST WHAT I NEEDED. I was so disappointed because I don't like boring virtual reality graphics, I get so bored, and I know I won't continue if I get bored, I loved to compete against the little mis while I ran on the wii. But this game is so kicking fun, I CAN'T believe it. I thought I would be disappointed, but I am not.

I only played two games and am in love with both of them, but I have to say the kinect sensor display of MY living room, with the rabid running around is so real and I literally chased him and kicked him every which way, he dodged me and I had to get him in corners and stuff, but oh so much fun!

and what an adrenaline rush, which I did take a green tea pill today because I LOVE the way it makes me feel. I literally feel high but happy, not high and jittery.

I was so disappointed this morning with my baby waking up with 101.9 fever out of the blue, and the scale just said 200.0 so that was another downer, but this made me feel so much better.

Like star says I can take it OUT on something other than my loved ones.

04-30-2012, 09:37 PM
jen- sounds like a great workout!!! I hope the baby gets better soon!

laifer- wow, you're such a cook! impressive

dogdays- yes, my presentation is tomorrow. I'll be so glad to get it over.

star, kay, and sushi- hi

Had a busy day running errands. Tomorrow, I sub and have my last night class. I'll still have a test next Tues but it's online. I'm so ready to be done!

04-30-2012, 09:49 PM
I made the stuffed peppers for dinner and they turned out delicious! Love them =) I also had a side salad and some steamed asparagus to go along with it. If anyone is interested in the recipe I can post it :D just say you want it!

05-01-2012, 08:54 AM
Sorry for my absence :) Been super busy!

Dogdays - I am so glad you had fun celebrating DH's birthday :) Our dinner date out was wonderful! However we came home to a mess, so apparently even with kiddos being near adult and totally adult, still can't leave them alone. Long story, but still trying to recover from it all and on a timeline before my parents get here. All 3 kids are grounded for 3 wks

Jen - Great job!!!! Kickin' it DOES make a person feel soooo much better. Even when I plateaued for 5 months... I still got that adrenaline rush from workouts cause I would push and it sounds like you are now feeling that :) Isn't it the best? It has become like a drug to me in order to handle stress now. You WILL see results from it, not overnight, but it happens... not to mention it dramatically improves a mood over time too :) Great job!!!!

05-01-2012, 12:02 PM
I weighed this morning and I am down 2.6 pounds since yesterday. 280.4 yesterday -- 277.8 today. :hyper: I even checked the scale 3 times to make sure it wasn't a fluke but it repeated the same each time. :twirly: Off to go take my shower and make my smoothie. :) Hope everyone else is having a great carrot dancing day! :carrot:

Edit: And that also means I have lost 11 pounds since my start :D

05-01-2012, 04:36 PM
Laif, awesome job! I love making stuffed peppers and can't wait until my garden starts producing its yummy food for us.

star, yes great mood booster, however, I am SORE. it actually hurts to hold my head up because the muscles between my shoulder blades are so sore.

teacher, I hope you did well on your presentation.

afm: under 200 again today. Thank God. Baby still has fever. :(. It is not from teething. I am sure. I am worried what it will turn out to be, 5th or 6th disease. He mentioned a case of Roseola he treated. Blah! Hate my baby to be sick. My eldest woke up with diarrhea, but it has since passed. goody.

made coconut crepes for breakfast today, I am not sure about the carb count so I need to look that up. I want to get some coconut flour so I can make low carb fare that I won't get bored with.

goal: I don't feel very good today, and milk supply is struggling, so I am going to shoot for 75g carbs today.

coconut crepes * 6 = 12g
RL/nettle tea-0g
corndog(moment of weakness)-16g
subtotal: 32

05-01-2012, 06:52 PM
Argh! 5 days later, and my scale still says 200. :(

05-02-2012, 07:22 AM
Teacher - how'd the presentation go? Glad it's over I bet! Will life quiet down for you now or do you have other plans for the summer?

Sushi - hang in there! It's so frustrating, but your body will let go soon.

ItsMy - glad you enjoyed your night out...sorry to hear your kids left the house a mess. Oh boy! I had to chuckle a little about the 3 week grounding...not funny to you, I'm sure. My Mom always says God makes our children adorable and irresistible in our own eyes...so we don't kill 'em, LOL!

Jen - so glad you're enjoying your new game! It sounds like so much fun. I have a kinect, I'll have to check it out. I do find my kinect games (I don't have any fitness ones) break a sweat much faster than any Wii games.

Laifierr - Congrats on another new low!!!! :carrot:

As for me - still riding this whoosh. Not complaining. My body appears to be back to its old pattern of retain, retain, WHOOSH...makes it look like I only lose weight all at once each month. My body must have been retaining some serious fluid (probably from the increase in strength training). I saw 125.9 this morning. :D

05-02-2012, 07:24 AM
I don't like how my ticker makes it look like I've lost 92 pounds...I entered it as 125.9 but it drops off the .9 and records it as 125 even. Wonder why it doesn't round up?

05-02-2012, 08:32 AM
Jen - they call that "hurt so good" ;) You worked yourself and your body is going "what are you doing"... so you have to exercise until it behaves :lol:

Sushi - You will get there. Keep doing right things and results DO happen... even when it decides to make you wait for it ;)

Dogdays - I literally lol'd when I read your words because I tell my DH that all the time!!!! They flooded my backyard from the pool, causing the sand we had to erode, and nothing holding in the VERY loose bricking walkway. Just to name the first. With kids being 18, 16, and 13, I should be able to leave for 4 hrs and remember why my DH and I are a couple... I was wrong. But... if they were not so cute, it would have been much worse :rofl: Holy Crap!!!!! Great job on your whoosh! Look at that number!!!!! You are doing so awesome!

Everyone else - Good morning!!! :wave:

I went for a run last night after work and it felt good. It's been a super busy week so far at work, but that is the best way to kick the stress for me :) Hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday!!!

05-02-2012, 10:29 AM
After five days the rain has finally let up. I hope I can get out for a hike before it rains again today.

05-02-2012, 06:19 PM
Laif, hope you get outside for that hike.

dogdays, whoosh away woman!

sushi, I share your frustrations. A week ago. 196. Today 201. WTH? I am pretty sure and I retain fairly easy, plus I CRAVE salty foods.

star, yay for the run. lol about the DH and kids.

afm: played Zumba Fitness rush demo, and have to say the Your shape 2012 is not for me. I like to get lost in the music even if I can't follow the steps, so I'm going with the Zumba fitness Rush. Can't wait to take the 2012 back because i HATE the graphics and I hate the *structure*. I easily mix left and right up, so that stinks for the *reflection* part of learning to dance, am not good at that, but I still loved the demo and will for sure be playing it.

I got at least 20-30 minutes of kinect games in today, and I feel pretty good. I also took a green tea fb pill, and I had eggs and cheese for breakfast and a cup of RL/nettle tea.

My side is sore, my arms are sore, my finger is sore? (Can't bend it without pain) but I feel pretty darned good as a whole.

I'm not even going to let the 201 beat me today.

05-02-2012, 06:52 PM
Laifierr - Sure hope you are able to do the hiking :)

Jen - Great job with the moving!!!! Zumba keeps you going :) I am glad you found something you like. Sorry you are sore, but so glad it didn't stop you - that's a key right there. The 201 is probably extra water retention. When you are sore, the muscle hold on to water for dear life for healing. :D

05-02-2012, 07:22 PM
I got to go hiking today =) A bit humid and warm. Seems like the cool weather went away when May came.

And up 1.2 pounds since yesterday... Think I'll go back to weighing once a week lol... stupid ups. But it still said 279, which means I'm out of the 280s!

I am anxious to buy a juicer and do a 60 day juice fast. Trying to hold out on that until I get a job though. Still no luck on the job front as is :/ I have been applying to everything I think I am capable of doing and only got 1 interview in the last week...

05-02-2012, 09:02 PM
sushi- hang in there!

lai- are you just doing juices?

star- oh what a mess... I hope they learned they lesson

jen- hoping the baby gets better. I love zumba but I've only done a live class

dogdays- such an inspiration... great progress

I got an A on the presentation and next week is the last class. I'm so ready to be done. Things should slow down a little after the class.

05-02-2012, 10:12 PM
Teacher - right now, I'm eating whole foods, all natural. Veggies, fruits, beans/legumes, nuts/seeds. I've been eating only that for the last three weeks. I want to try doing a juice fast for accelerated weight loss, and then I'll go back to eating whole foods again. When I'm fasting I'll juice 4-6 times a day, and if I'm hungry I'll have steamed cabbage/kale, or have a salad. My parents will have tons of produce later in the season, which will be the ideal time to do the fast.

05-03-2012, 01:08 AM
ok, did pretty good today, except I had more carbs tonight. I had 1 cup lentils, 1 natural light beer, and one nutty buddy. But I only ate eggs w/ cheese and pecans today so I think it will be ok.

05-03-2012, 07:15 PM
Hi everyone!!!!

Busy day running errands. My girl dog had her annual visit today. She got glowing reviews. Vet did say she could lose 2 pounds but overall, she's very healthy.

05-04-2012, 01:19 AM
so sore today. Well baby finished up the 3rd day of fevers and now has a rash--classic roseola, roseola hits adults like mono.

hmmm. I wonder.

I feel bad he caught that virus, like I wasn't a good enough mom or something, I've been feeling tired and sore, but the green tea pill gives me get up and go.

I got zumba fitness rush, and I kept your shape 2012 for the yoga at least, it is all the kinect has for yoga, and I really enjoy feedback on the moves.

well, I didn't even weigh today, but I have been very busy and did some more gardening/yard work today. And then shopped for 2 hours, and also did some light house cleaning. I'm whooped now, but I want my l/o to go down for a nap and then I can do some light zumba (learn the steps) or do some yoga.

laif, I think juice fasts are great for your skin, colon, and overall health. this sounds wierd, but we have so much left over baby food for my l/o and he is digging regular food now, so I think I will just do a fast with his left over food, I have been contemplating especially since I am praying for a job, and I believe fasting and prayer helps things along when u really need it.

05-04-2012, 03:36 AM
well, I did the yoga steps on the 2012. they were ok, I love the feedback and I love that when you are doing it right you glow. That is cool. well it's really really late, I need to go to bed.

05-04-2012, 12:59 PM
Weighed this morning at 277.4 -- last lowest weight was 277.8 -- which means 11.4 pounds lost since start. Weight loss with PCOS is ridiculously slow.

I have a job interview today in 3 hours and I hope I get it because I really need it.

05-04-2012, 02:56 PM
Omg, Laif, I am so happy for you for that interview. I still haven't heard anything from the job front.

Awesome job on your 11lb loss. You deserve a reward for that feat.

teacher, how could the vet tell she needed to lose 2 lbs. Lol. I am glad she is so healthy.

afm: I am still sore and woke up to the scale being nasty. 202. Oh well!

05-04-2012, 02:58 PM
Teacher - so glad your little girl got a clean bill of health from the vet! Henry goes back in 10 days to check if his leg is strong enough to support having the surgery on the right knee. So much drama with him these past few months - so glad your doggy is drama free, LOL!

Jen - great job with your workout and movements! Are you doing anything special this weekend to celebrate your baby boy's big ONE? (tomorrow, right?). I hope he's feeling better and has a very Happy Birthday.

ItsMy - you crack me up...we're like sisters from another mother sometimes, LOL! Too funny how similar we are in mannerisms and traditions. I soooo don't look forward to the days of leaving teenagers at home alone. They're so good and conscientious now, but I KNOW that will change as they age, LOL! My youngest will be the death of me, I swear! Drama follows her everywhere...either that or she just manages to manufacture it at will. My oldest DD12 is very responsible and a righteous rule follower...but her little sister is famous for manipulating her into doing regretful things...:devil:

Laifierr - congrats on another new low!! Keep up the good work and you'll keep finding success. Your plan is obviously solid and working for your body! Weight loss with PCOS can definitely be slow and frustrating but I think you're actually moving along at a decent rate. Good luck with your job interview today - I hope you get it!!

Holding steady at 125.7. TOM has arrived and while I don't tend to retain too much during that (more during ovulation than TOM), I don't tend to lose any either, so I'll probably hover around 125 for a while. I seriously have to update my goal photo thread now that I'm down almost another 10. I do think my upper body has changed a bit...shoulders have thinned, upper arms are thinning (finally!)...and I'm officially in a comfortable size 2, even in jeans. I was a size 6 in those goal pics at 135. 10 pounds became two dress sizes.

Should be another busy weekend - two soccer games, two dentist appointments and 10 yards of mulch dumped in our driveway this morning. I need Jen to come impart her gardening wisdom at my house...I have a black thumb!

05-04-2012, 06:24 PM
I think I had a pretty good interview today, and I tried not to get too nervous. I will know in a week or so about this job. I really really hope I get this one because data entry is super easy, it has great benefits, and nice hours (2nd shift).

I went and saw The Avengers yesterday with my boyfriend. He is super sweet. He paid the expensive soda rate so I could have water in the collector's Avengers cup. :D So today for lunch I made a Hulk green smoothie in it. Only appropriate. lol

05-04-2012, 11:57 PM
mmmm, that smoothie sounds good Laif, glad the interview went well.

dogdays, yep tomorrow. I am out of town, and we are going to celebrate at nanna and papa's.

I'm dead dog tired, and still a little sore. I didn't eat too much today, but I wasn't all that hungry.

05-05-2012, 01:09 AM
Sorry - quick fly-by tonight. Been a long week and I am beat. So beat that I decided today will be rest-day for exercise. Have a super night all and get some rest. I will catch up with personals tomorrow

05-05-2012, 11:16 AM
Weighed this morning (end of week 3) at 277.0 which puts me at 11.8 pounds lost in total. An average of 3.9 pounds a week.

Day 3 - Started at 288.8
Day 10 - Week 1 - 281.8 (7.0 lbs)
Day 17 - Week 2 - 280.4 (1.4 lbs)
Day 24 - Week 3 - 277.0 (3.4 lbs)

Based on my new average of 3.9 pounds lost per week, it would seem feasible to lose 191 pounds by day 365. Of course, this number is not accurate since the last average I did was about 75 pounds in one year (1.4 lbs a week). :P But if I can stay between the range of 1.4 to 3.9, then I should see some significant weight loss by the end of 1 year. :D

Time to go make a smoothie for breakfast and then get ready for the day.

05-05-2012, 02:55 PM
Lai- great progress.... fingers crossed for the job. Smoothies are the best :)

Jen- how's the baby doing?

Dogdays- I feel your pain... TOM is right around the corner for me too

star- how are the kids handling the grounding?

I'm off to the parents house later for my first swim this year. It should get to around 90 today. The water is still a little chilly but I'm so ready. Plus, the weather will be back in the 70's starting Mon so I must take advantage. My husband is off helping his parents around their house today. Everyone have a great Saturday!!!!

05-05-2012, 09:48 PM
star? grounding? what is that about?

teacher, hope you had a fun swim, the baby is doing alot better and enjoying his first birthday. It is hard to get him to go down for a nap at nana and papa's house though. he's playing in his little jumpster right now. Hope to wear him out.

had a nice day today.

05-06-2012, 12:35 PM
Dogdays - They haven't got much choice but to handle it well :lol: They did it to themselves.

Jen - All 3 of my kids are grounded/restricted/punished. One might be of chronological age of adult, but was the biggest culprit. When we went out to the valley for a nice supper with friends we came home to have issues. The result was punishment for 3 weeks for them - no telephones, no friends over, no going to friends, no internet (yes... I took the internet). I am taking it out of their hides with labor work around the house on weekends, yet the other day they didn't even do their evening chores - so apparently I am not getting blunt enough for them :lol: I fixed that yesterday though - after all, what else have they got to do?

05-06-2012, 08:49 PM
well, my 13 year old needs to be grounded too. he is helping me out with the baby who is extrememely fussy (shrieks at the top of his lungs for no reason) and I have a paper to do. So he gets by with leniency and good works for now.

I have been peeing all day, I hope that water weight from the muscles being sore is coming out, I have been trying not to eat too much all weekend.

Please pray I get this paper done, I am SO NOT in the mood to do this paper. Thanks.

05-06-2012, 10:33 PM
jen- praying for you to get your paper done.

A great Sunday... got the house cleaned. My sisters-in-law are over to hang out with my DH. Fingers crossed.. I get my butt up tomorrow and hit the ymca for cycling.

05-07-2012, 02:48 AM
teacher, I need to clean the homestead myself. Thanks for your prayers. I got the paper done. I hope I get a good grade. I just didn't feel committed to this paper. Thank God it is finished.

Hope you have fun at the ymca tomorrow.

05-07-2012, 10:32 AM
Weighed this morning at 275.2 - down 1.6 pounds since yesterday. 13.6 pounds lost in total in 26 days :D I am thrilled with my results so far! I'm just under half way to my first mini goal of losing 10% of my body weight (28.8 pounds).

So yesterday I went for a hike for about 1.5 hours in Illinois' hot and humid weather. I didn't mind the weather too much. Since losing some weight the temperatures have been a lot more bearable. I started my hike at a brisk pace to get my heart rate up and calf muscles slightly burning from gradual uphill slope. The first path takes about a half hour and is a nice warm up. Then I went on a dirt path which has more ups and downs mixed with some flat areas and I stay on this one for about an hour (or half our out, half our back). By the end I am soaked in sweat and my water bottle nearly depleted. I love hikes like that. :) Just wish the rain would hold off more so the paths were less muddy.

It rained overnight which means no hiking today. So I think today will be laundry day instead.

05-07-2012, 01:01 PM
Lai- Congrats on your success!!!

Jen- yeah on getting the paper done.

I flaked on the y. We got to bed late last night and so I slept in. I did get a video workout in but it's not the same as the y. Off to a friend's house. Tomorrow I sub and have my last test :)

05-07-2012, 03:57 PM
laif, those hikes sound awesome.
teacher, good job on the video. Have fun visiting with your friend.

I had a chance to do good last night and I didn't. I am feeling very lost about the weight loss thing and like it just is not going to happen for me unless I starve myself, lose my milk supply or just do something rash.

scale said 200 again, I hate my failure.

05-07-2012, 05:58 PM
ok so what hasn't worked?

Low carb every other day has not worked.
low carb during day and then higher carbs
later has not worked.
trying to keep apps has NOT worked.

I guess I'm going back to calorie counting on paper. it is too easy to not have access to my ipod and then say "ah well". As frustrated as I am, I need something clear cut and easy to track.

I also need to be accountable so I will not binge.Because any time I track calories I binge. (I know I need help with this)

I woke up to 200 again! So disappointed.

Here is what I ate so far today. I am ashamed but I really did go into a little slump.

10 chicken nuggets: 540ca
ice cream bars x4 =680cs
yogurt-340 cs
wh topping-100 cs


Since, I am at such a horrible start, my goal is to not go over 2500 today.

I am also going to do a zumba workout if I have to tie my 13 year old up and gag him, so I can use the xbox.

also daily goals are too hard, I need a weekly goal and a monthly goal. I am too unforgiving of myself, if I mess up, I say screw it and do nothing.

God please help me with this. I am so ashamed, I wanted to be at least in the 180s by the time I started back to work. I know If I try something drastic diet wise, I won't stick to it, and I know if I don't--I'll just keep going in this direction. I just feel like giving up.

weekly goal-35,000 steps (5000 x 7)
2 zumba workouts/week.
12,600 kcs/week (1800/day). will set up a calorie bank like I used to do.

Now to break out of this rut. If I can stay on plan for a week, I will buy myself a little reward. (a haircut)

05-07-2012, 10:46 PM
With the help of my boyfriend, I made some bruschetta stuffed giant portobello mushroom caps and baked green bean fries for dinner. I went slightly off my diet for this one occasion with using whisked egg, flour, and panko for the green bean fries and a little olive oil in the bruschetta topping.

Back on track tomorrow :)

05-08-2012, 12:27 AM
mmm, the green bean fries sound good.

ok with dinner and dessert: 2551 cs.
I did my 5000 steps with cleaning and shopping.

I just need to do my zumba. I just had an argument with SO and I don't want to go in the living room, but that is where my zumba stuff is.

05-08-2012, 03:04 AM
ok finished 45 min Zumba. 35 min yoga/stretch So much fun.

totals: 9547 steps (ex included), 2551 calories, 225 cs of exercise, 45 min zumba

05-08-2012, 03:19 AM
ok, I'm hungry from working out. this is where I could blow it, I'm just going to get a high protein medium carb snack and be done with it, because I really am starving.

05-08-2012, 08:47 AM
Well apparently, I kicked 2lbs butt! because I woke up to 198.8. I NEVER want to see the 200s on my scale ever again!

After a couple of weigh ins in the 190s-I'll put down that I made goal.--again.

thankfully I had some boiled peanuts, 1 dark chocolate square, and a few sips of coconut water. I didn't want to undo my progress. I did go to bed drenched in sweat though.

today, I am going to shoot for 1600 to make up for the overage yesterday.

oatmeal: 130
milk 120
1/2 yogurt 65
fiber bar 130
coffee/creamer 60x2 = 120
chicken nuggets 270
kale greens 30
dark choc x2 =90
ice cream bar = 170
shrimp fried rice = 300
veggies = 30
egg roll =120
total 1675

i did my zumba yesterday so my focus will be on NEAT and my 5000 steps.
hope you all have a good day.

05-08-2012, 09:50 AM
Laifierr - more new lows! So impressed!! Great job on the hikes...sounds like a solid workout. The stuffed mushrooms and green bean fries sound delicious!

Teacher - good luck with your test today! Congrats on it being your last. :carrot:

Jen - I wish I had better words of wisdom to offer you. I know how frustrated you are and I wish I had answers. But PLEASE don't feel ashamed of not being where you were hoping to be. You have worked very very hard for almost a year...you have lost fat, lost inches and gained muscle. Perhaps not as much as you'd hoped for, but you're still ahead of where you were a year ago. That is NOT something to feel ashamed of. That is what most people consider success. You're fighting an uphill battle...thyroid, PCOS/IR, and nursing...you aren't in a position to make the drastic diet changes you'd need to in order to see huge scale changes or you'll impact your milk supply. That's not something to be ashamed of...it just is what it is. Please celebrate your accomplishments. You're eating better, working out AND looking for a new job. Girl...I think you've had a very productive year. Stay focused on the choices you can control and if that means the scale doesn't move much until you wean your little guy and can drop your calories and carbs, then so be it. But if you give up, you surely won't like the results. Hang in there Jen. :hug:

Itsmy - Hope your week is going well.

As for me...I'm up two pounds after the weekend. I was good eating wise so it's water weight. We spent half the weekend mulching our gardens...my job was the mulch spreader so I was crouching and squatting up and down for hours. My hamstrings got quite the workout and are still very sore. I'm betting the soreness is causing the fluid retention. I tried drinking more than normal to flush it out yesterday, but it only resulted in another 0.5 pound weight gain this morning, LOL! So that was a fail. Here's hoping I pee like crazy soon...TOM is almost done, so that will help too.

05-08-2012, 01:24 PM
dogdays, that sounds like a good workout. We mulch our backyard (where the grass doesn't grow and the flower beds, and I KNOW that is a good workout.

thank you so much for the words of wisdom, I needed that. I forgot that i have been doing alot more with my arms and alot of bending and squatting with a fussy little one, so I most likely am building muscle in those areas.

I know that muscle soreness causes water retention, because I sure did pee alot about 2 days after I was extremely sore, and I didn't need to drink extra but it made me extra thirsty.

05-08-2012, 05:50 PM
Laifierr - Congrats on the lows :) :carrot:

teacher - A chapter in line of goals is going to be complete for you after today's test...good luck and hope you kill it :)

Dogdays - Sounds like productive work on the yard. At the start of the season, when most of the heavy stuff had to be done (in Maine), my muscles would squawk at me terribly for the next couple days - so absolutely sure you got a kickin' workout in :)

Jen - I am so sorry to hear the frustration through your posts. Dogdays is right though... you have accomplished so much in a year. Don't look at it as day to day... look at this time last year, then look now... amazing how things have changed for the better - and THAT is where it's important! Keep to the workouts, do what you know is right, but the second you start to feel "down"... remember how far you have come! :)

As for me - mixture of good and bad going on (at least it all balances out) in 'regular life', but my fitness/workout life is good. Have been tracking my activity religiously in MFP and it's so funny that eliminating my morning muffin and high processed breads has been my ticket. On Saturday was down another 1.4lbs for the week - and that has been with even sneaking in some snack size candy bars my coworker cubicle-neighbor gave me :lol: But also been pushing myself more physically while I am able to

My DD13 did Tae Bo Cardio with me last night and got a bit freaked out when my HRM alarm started sounding off due to me getting HR too high. The higher above where I was supposed to be it went, the faster the beeps happened. She was all "mom, you are going to pass the heck out, stop it!"... but honestly, I was on an adrenaline rush and never missed a beat. Thank goodness she isn't with me on my runs when that happens, :lol: Ever since my heart surgery, it jumps way up at times when I push "too hard" (per dr standard), but... I can't get the body to adjust and lower it's rate until I push it. It was still hilarious to see her face though. Tonight is weights night :) Hope you all have an awesome night!

05-08-2012, 09:10 PM
lai- sounds like such a yummy dinner

jen- hang in there.... you have so much going on. I'm sure you're building muscle with all that work outside

dogdays- thanks!!!

star- thanks.... glad to see the scale moving for you

All done with my class. We'll see in a few days how I did on my test. Also, my last day subbing at the high school. I might sub for my mom next week a half of day but glad to be getting a break. Now I need to bring my main focus back on getting healthy.

05-09-2012, 09:41 AM
Weighed this morning and I have a new low 274.8 which means an even 14 pounds lost since my start. 2.2 pounds lost so far for this week (and 3 days left to keep losing). I hope to get at least two more hikes in before my next weekly weigh-in. :)

05-09-2012, 01:31 PM
ok ladies, managed my 1600 yesterday, and I logged 24,108 steps. I was shooting for 5000, that might be why I am so tired today, but I am anxious as well because the hospital just called, and it was the main number, I didn't get to the phone on time, and they hung up. blah! And scale said 201 again. I did eat alot of salt last night though.

so excited, please, please please call back. I am so nervous too!

Laif, that is awesome on your progress.
teacher I hope you did well on that test.
star, I am thinking about scolding you. At least you know why it raised their eyebrows, you be careful and pay attention to your HR monitor.

have a good day ladies.

05-09-2012, 10:24 PM
jen- oh I hope they call back with good news... fingers crossed!!!!

I got an A in my class :) My mom had her school retirement party tonight. Hope everyone had a great day!!!

05-10-2012, 12:50 AM
teacher congrats on the high marks! Congrats to your mom too. What a great thing to be looking forward to.

Well, they did not call back. So wierd. I actually had been sitting there applying for another position. I got done, and was saying a little prayer and then the phone rang, and it was the hospital. Ah well, I am going to trust God with the outcome.

I stuck to my 1800 well a little over, but I did binge today. it was a mini binge but still a binge. I had to work around it. I got frustrated from the hospital not calling and the baby being so fussy. Then my teenager came home and added to it, so I dug into more chocolate then I should have.

Well, I'm tired, and have been very much so today. I pray I can move l/o to the crib and get in bed.

I just calculated that I have to stick to 1600 for the rest of the week, well I could do 1400, 1800, 1400, 1800. I might do that.

05-10-2012, 08:37 AM
Laifierr - Great job on the low!!!!

teacher - Super job with the A!!!!! :carrot:

Jen - Glad you have figured out the calories, that seems to be half the battle to know what you are supposed to do

AFM - Been super busy, sorry I haven't been on as much. Work is slammed and putting in longer days to make up hours from needing to go to DD's appt yesterday. At her appt we found out she needs to have a full knee replacement. Not a big deal if you are in 50's or older, but for a 16 yr old, VERY big deal. No choice at this point though, we have done everything else that was an option to put it off. So setting up dental appt (can't have a cavity or anything cause increases risk of infection to the joint), pediatrician appt for labs, chest x-ray, etc... so the "busy" is not done yet. I also finally got off wait list for college, and have my appt to fill out all the paperwork and register on the 23rd. I think I am on track with everything food-wise, and have been putting in a minimum of 1 workout/day... sleep is not something that I am getting enough of, but enough to function.
To top all off, on way home last night, drove in our first dust storm of the year, bad visibility, then followed by a t-storm, and then power outage for almost 2 hrs. Craziness! Today is a fresh new day, let's see how smoothly this goes :lol:

05-10-2012, 01:01 PM
star, goodness. I'm so sorry about DD, my heart goes out to you and her, I pray that the operation is so awesome that she has a knee rival to any kid her age.

school? Are you sure. Well you are a fire cracker of energy, so if anyone can handle the load you can.

super tired today, and I just drank 1 1/2 c coffee. I am going to have to take the green tea pill again, I can't do it without it, it is something I am thankful for thoug, because I wouldn't be able to get anything done without it, baby has been super fussy, but he's teething so not going to blame the green tea pill yet.

05-10-2012, 01:41 PM
The scale was up 2 pounds this morning. Probably from all the sodium I had at dinner last night. boo... To make up for it, I went hiking this morning for 2.5 hours. :D Then did a little grocery shopping so I could make my breakfast smoothie.

Now I'm heading off to see my 'rents and take some photos of my jewelry I made.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

05-10-2012, 02:00 PM
we had a member who liked to make jewelery before. Can you post it, I bet it is pretty.

I'm so worried that I missed "the call" yesterday. I think what happened is since I applied for another position, and they are considering me for that position as well, the progress was halted. The other application is active too. I know God is in control.

One of his messengers posted this today:http://www.ft111.com/

Resist the temptation to get into condemnation when things don't turn out as you expected they would. Those things that you perceive as being mistakes serve to set the boundaries of your spiritual flow. I would have you pay attention to those boundaries and rejoice in receiving course corrections. I am with you to keep you on the narrow path to your destiny, says the Lord.

Proverbs 3:11
My son, do not despise the chastening of the LORD, nor detest His correction.

my scale said 199.0 today. I decided I am not going to sweat the scale, but because my legs were looking so bad, cellulite showing big time, I'm going to work on building muscle in them. the muscle in my legs will eventually help my flabby belly slim down.

05-10-2012, 04:10 PM
jen- praying for your job hunt

lai- goodness... that was a long hike :)

star- wow, what a rough day. Praying for your DD. Some much on your plate now

dogdays- hi

I got a nice long walk in with the dogs earlier. The scale keeps creeping up but TOM is here, so hoping it goes back down in a couple of days.

05-10-2012, 06:18 PM
I don't know if I'm allowed to link to outside websites not related to fitness/weight loss, even though its my own. But here is my website, in case you want to take a peek: Impostu (http://www.impostu.com).

And attached is a necklace I made for my aunt, which I need to shorten a bit.

05-11-2012, 02:25 AM
Laif, you are so talented, my Aunt makes jewelry too. I like it but don't have time for it. I love the antique look necklaces and the chain of hearts bracelet.

05-11-2012, 08:44 AM
Thank you all for the well-wishes. I am still here, promise. :) Pre-TOM constipation and bloat has taken over...yuck. Hopefully this means I will get over TOM before I pick up the folks at the airport though :)

05-11-2012, 11:39 AM
This morning I hiked 5.33 miles in 2.5 hours and climbed about 1000ft in elevation.

Tomorrow will be an off day since it is supposed to rain. Maybe I'll try out some yoga instead.

The scale was still up slightly (1.4lb above my last low)... I blame it on muscles. lol But in the mirror I can tell I am losing fat in places.

Tomorrow is also the end of month #1 :carrot:

05-11-2012, 01:45 PM
ItsMy - sorry to hear about your DD's upcoming knee surgery. I know you've tried everything to avoid this outcome, but perhaps the benefits will ultimately outweigh the cons. I hope you have a fabulous visit with your parents!! How long are they staying?

Laifierr - awesome hike today! You're doing so well and enjoying the rewards of your work. Good for you! Your jewelry is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

Jen - fingers crossed that the hospital calls back with the news you're hoping for. I like your attitude about it...only worry about the things we can control.

Teacher - Glad you got a walk in with the dogs! Sorry to hear the scale is creeping up from TOM...so annoying, but at least it goes away eventually.

Busy week for me - both girls had school related performances (one play, one chorus) so those have added to our already tight schedule this week. Not much downtime. I'm looking forward to the weekend...should be a little quieter since we have off from soccer. DD12 has a friend sleeping over tonight, but she's any easy kid and doesn't add much additional energy. We're hoping to take them to the theme park tomorrow if the weather is nice. No big plans for Sunday (Mother's Day). I'm not big on these holidays (Valentines, etc)...so commercialized...but my DH and girls enjoy making a big production out of it so we'll probably go out to a nice restaurant for lunch. I'm hoping to hit the garden center to pick out a couple new plants for one of my gardens. DH is hoping to get the pool opened too - I think he's planning to do that tomorrow afternoon. I'll probably head out and do some MUCH needed bra shopping. The ladies have finally decided to shrink a bit, thankfully!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

05-11-2012, 05:40 PM
dogdays, sounds nice with the garden and the pool. I am with you. I hate how commercialized everything is anymore.

Laif, great job on the hike.

star, hope TOM leaves you down another lb or 2.

I am really trying not to go over my calorie budget today which i decided to do 1400. I went a little over with 1990 when I planned 1800 yesterday.

But my head really hurts, and I find myself eating to comfort myself. Already took a shower, and will be my 3rd round of painkillers. I hate migraines.

forgot to weigh when I woke up, but I weighed clothed with wet hair and a towel and it said 203.8. So guessing around 200 again today.

blah. My head hurting makes me just want to lay in bed.

05-11-2012, 07:46 PM
Hi everyone!!!
I'm off to KC tomorrow to celebrate Mother's Day and then my brother's graduation on Sun. Everyone have a great weekend and early Happy Mother's day to all the moms :)

05-11-2012, 09:41 PM
I tried out a new recipe today. It was delicious! I'm kind of glad that I'm the only one that wants to eat what I cook. More for me. lol

If you like squash, you should try out this recipe.

1/2 cup dried apricots
1/4 cup cashews
1/4 cup pecans
1/4 cup raisins
orange juice
2 acorn or butternut squashes

Notes: You can easily replace any of the ingredients. I used walnuts instead of pecans, and Odwella Mango Tango instead of orange juice.

1. Chop apricots, cashews, and pecans as small as possible and mix with raisins.
2. Add enough orange juice to cover the mixture.
3. Cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds.
4. Place the dried fruit/nut mixture into the hollow cavity of the squash.
5. Add extra orange juice, if necessary, to fill the cavity.
6. Lightly cover the top of each squash half with silver foil.
7. Bake in a pan, with 1/3 inch of water in the bottom (to maintain moisture), at 350 degrees for 90 minutes or until the squash is soft.

Notes: I didn't pour the juice onto the mixture until step 5. Just make sure to pour slowly.

Tomorrow is weigh-in #4 for me and I am a little anxious. I really want it to be my new low.

05-11-2012, 09:47 PM
that does look tasty Laif. sometimes I eat what I cook by myself too. Especially if its super healthy.

Well, I finished 1600, 1400 was just too low. I am pretty satisfied. I also am wayyyyy over on goal for my steps. So I just turned that into some calories allowed.

05-11-2012, 11:46 PM
It is hard to change the "meat and potatoes" way of thinking in this household. I pretty much just cook for myself now. Today the family had sloppy-jo's and coleslaw -- none of which I'll eat. For my dinner, I sauteed some onion, and mini sweet peppers and a few chunks of pineapple with a Boca burger and had half of a stuffed acorn squash. Suits me just fine, though my bf's mom keeps trying to get me to use canned foods -- which I also can't use because of the high sodium content.

I would love to get a job so that my bf and I can get our own place. It's a bit frustrating having to rely on them so much.

05-12-2012, 02:36 AM
laif, that vegetarian fare sounds delish.

well, I made a mistake and did not go to bed, now I am up and don't feel sleepy even though I took the stuff that usually helps me sleep.

so what did I do? i ate.

wasabi peas--til my nose was raw
coconut milk

That's 560 calories. I am going to put it towards the calories I awarded myself for doing so much and getting so many steps.

At least that feels somewhat redemptive, ok back to outlawing late night snacks. SO just loves to munch and he gets me to munch on non calorie things, then my muncher gets going--and I want more. blah!

05-12-2012, 08:35 AM
Weigh-in #4 (end of month #1) - 275.4
Total lost this month: 13.4 pounds
Up .6 since last low but I blame it on muscle increase. :)

Going to collect measurements and enjoy the rest of the day by relaxing.

05-12-2012, 09:41 AM
I took my body measurements today... and the numbers are depressing lol

Neck: 17.25"
Bicep: 16.25"
Forearm: 12.5"
Chest: 46"
Bust: 51"
Waist: 54"
Hips: 48"
Thigh: 30"
Calf: 20.75"

I don't really have an accurate waist/hip measurement due to my stomach fat, but all the other numbers should be accurate. Those numbers are kinda gross to look at.

So my goal for next month is to only eat when I have real hunger. Which means if I'm not hungry at lunch, then I won't eat lunch. Usually my breakfast smoothie can carry me as far as 4-5pm.

Did you know, real hunger happens in the throat and not the stomach? It kind of feels like a throat cold, little bumps form in the back of your throat and you'll salivate more. When your body is fully detoxed, it will start doing this. :) "Hunger pains" in the stomach is not real hunger. That is a sign that your body is trying to detox. After I changed how I eat and detoxed, I rarely have "hunger pains" or stomach rumbles if I haven't eaten in a while.

I am still working on learning how to recognize true hunger because I was raised to eat three meals a day. In reality, since I have a slow metabolism, only eating two meals a day would be plenty. It will be a challenge to break from the stigma of eating because it is meal time, to instead eat only when I am truly hungry.

05-12-2012, 02:00 PM
laif, that is interesting. I know when my stomach is grumbling it is actually emptying. I have fasted for 3 days on only water before, and I know what hunger feels like, I also did this alot when I was eating only clean organic food. It was easier to fast. don't let the measurements get you down, you just made yourself a way to tell of the wonderful progress you are making. You know you are not healthy now, so you are working towards a healthy weight and healthy numbers.

well my goal today is 1800 cs. 1 zumba workout, yoga session. I also need to take measurements because it really helps when the scale dumps on you.

since I ate all the wasabi peas last night, I am thinking of going to get some chic peas to roast, I like the crunchy lightness and they are good for you.

I slept in today, and it felt good especially since I was up early with such a bad headache yesterday.

05-12-2012, 11:39 PM
why oh why did I cook pizza tonight? It wasn't even that great, I was just hungry after my zumba and yoga workouts! blah. I'm at 2450.

I have that banked, and then a little more steps from tonight, I'm going to have to get a lot of steps to make another cushion. tomorrow I'm going to do a lower cal day and lower carbs.

apparently my carb cycling idea is a hit in the magazines, but it wasn't working for me? I might try it again, the way they describe. They say do two CONSECUTIVE days of low carbing and then eat sensibly all week. They also say UNLIMITED fat and protein on low carb days, and keep carbs under 50g. Ok, we'll give it a shot.

the article also mentioned intermittent fasting, which I MIGHT have to go back to. I'll try the carb cycling again but only after I kick this week in the butt!

05-13-2012, 07:58 AM
I weighed at 275.0 this morning, down .4 since yesterday. I wonder if changing the time I weigh in to four hours earlier effected the readout and caused the spike in my readings. I used to weigh in around 9am and saw my low at 274.8. Then, at the suggestion of my boyfriend to get up earlier to go hiking, I changed my weigh-in time to 5 or 6am and saw a 2 pound spike.

I could be reading in to it too much and it could be nothing, right? haha

Even with the spike, I still lost 1.6 pounds last week which gives me a new weekly average of 3.35 pounds per week.

05-13-2012, 02:16 PM
Laif, sleep slims. I promise. I woke up at 6am and weighed before taking my thryoid meds, and I was 199.6, I went back to sleep and woke up a few hours later and 197.8.

Since, I am easily defeated by the scale, I am going to use every NEW LOW to inspire me on my ticker.

congrats on the lbs Loss Laif!

05-13-2012, 02:25 PM
Happy mother's day to all the moms!

I am having dinner at my boyfriend's grandparents' house and we are having lasagna, salad, fruit salad, and garlic bread. I made a special vegetarian no noodle lasagna just for me ;) (which took me 3 hours to prepare.... and another hour for it to cook)

This is what my lasagna looks like :D

~~~~ sUn ~~ dRiEd ~~ tOmAtoEs ~~~~
broccoli, ROY bell pepper, mushroom, spinach
broccoli, ROY bell pepper, mushroom, spinach

05-13-2012, 03:32 PM
omg, that is so cute how your text represents your food!

05-13-2012, 08:33 PM
The sun dried tomatoes on top turned into burned sun dried tomatoes. :( I plucked them all off and the rest tasted fine.

05-13-2012, 10:30 PM
Lai- sounds yummy

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas!!!!

I'm back from my trip. It was great family time but ready to be back to my normal schedule. :)

05-14-2012, 01:45 AM
aww, I burned my roasted chic peas, but the boys didn't care, sometimes that happens. Well I stayed true to myself and did my resistance workout.

a few planks, mod pushups, butt lifts, lunges, tricep dips.

I also stuck to about 1800, have to add them up but I'm very close.

If I wake up heavier tomorrow, I will blow it off, and keep the big picture in mind.

05-14-2012, 10:10 AM
I did no exercise the last three days. I had four pieces of my lasagna yesterday. And slept until 8am today. I weighed in a new low at 273.4 :D and checked the scale 4 times and got the same number. 15.4 pounds lost since start. :) Slowly sneaking up on the 260s

05-14-2012, 01:45 PM
somebody woke up with bloating and gas from eating too many chic peas and a fiber bar before bed.<---it was me.

But i woke up to 199.8, so that is a good sign I licked that 200.

Laif, way to go on reaping the benefits of your hard work.

Well, I finally sucked it up and took some before pics (well during for you ladies). I haven't had any pic updates since last year because of that awful thanksgiving pic. But I know I need to make some changes, I'm not where I need to be, so I'm going to share my latest pics--even if they show digression.


And here are some photos of my roses.http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj206/jensfotobucket/IMG_5755-2.jpghttp://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj206/jensfotobucket/IMG_5760-1.jpghttp://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj206/jensfotobucket/IMG_5759-1.jpg

05-14-2012, 05:06 PM
I am always full of gas... eating almost all veggies does that to me. haha

Jen, you'll get the weight off! :D Pregnancy causes all sorts of weird stuff to the body.

I am somewhat glad I don't have to deal with TTOM due to my PCOS, though I do look forward to being at a lower weight where I may actually have a period. Feeling abnormal, not just from being overweight, but for other reasons that don't show to anyone else, just kinda sucks.

If I ever get to have kids, I'm going to teach them how not to screw up their bodies like I did to mine.

05-14-2012, 07:18 PM
Laif, I am constantly teaching my son to eat well, and not eat when hungry, mad, etc. I am so glad he has turned 13 without any of the problems we dealt with about gaining weight.

I haven't seen my youngest sister in a few years and she is 16 now. Poor thing is so overweight. I remember when she was little and would walk around drinking soda all day long--she would carry around a 2 liter. I remember feeling ANGRY that they would dare raise another child like they raised us. My youngest brother is very overweight, my youngest sister is finally a normal weight, but it took her a long time and ALOT of workouts to get to that point. My other brother has struggled with his weight on and off, my oldest brother is a rail. (lucky him).

sometimes I feel like I'm a food n@zi when it comes to my 13 year old, but I tell him all the time, please honey JUST DON'T get fat. it's so hard to lose weight. i teach him about balancing his blood sugar. I teach him about insulin. I don't EVER want him to struggle with his weight.

05-15-2012, 10:39 AM
I only have one sibling, a brother who is two years older. He has always been skinny and athletic. He rides all kinds of bicycles, runs, kayaks, etc. Growing up I tried to be active with him, but my poor eating habits outweighed my exercise and I just got bigger and bigger. Then I just couldn't keep up with his active life.

Jen, it is great to hear that you are teaching your son about food and being healthy. I wish my parents had done that.

I weighed this morning and hit a new low of 271.8! I haven't exercised in four or five days and the weight is still coming off. This makes an even 17 pounds lost! I have NEVER lost this much weight before when trying to diet. And I mean NEVER EVER!

05-15-2012, 10:42 AM
omg, I got such a headache today, stupid migraines.
plus, my body is just now sore from the workout I did on Sunday. My abs hurt, my arms hurt, blah.

Finally, I woke up to 200.6. I was going to start my 2 days of low carb today, but not with this migraine. I just want to hop back into bed, and put pillows over my head.

05-15-2012, 04:00 PM
Well, I did just that, it was hard because the baby wanted to play and I had to try to rest with him screaming in the crib (all of his other needs were met). He finally settled down and played and I went to sleep, and then woke up to nurse him when he got upset again.

omg, those headaches, they are so severe. I am so drained from just sleeping it off.

Laif, I'm so excited for you! I wish I lost 17 lbs, it is always hard for me to lose 1 lb, so your progress astounds me, especially how quickly.

dogdays, star, teacher? what is up?Duh, I just realized I forgot to say the pics of the roses were a tribute to all the Mother's for Mother's Day.

05-15-2012, 08:23 PM
Hi everyone!!!

Jen- you're so brave to post pictures!!!! I think it's a great way to keep track of progress. I only wish I was that confident!

Lai- congrats on your progress!!!!

Dogdays & Star- hi

A busy days of running errands. My dog's paw is swollen so looks like we'll have to visit the vet tomorrow. Everyone have a great night.

05-15-2012, 09:33 PM
Laif, I'm so excited for you! I wish I lost 17 lbs, it is always hard for me to lose 1 lb, so your progress astounds me, especially how quickly.

My weight loss astounds me as well. All of my previous dieting attempts I would get to about 10 pounds lost then either plateau or give up. I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing since I know it is working, though I feel like I am cheating horribly since I can eat so much. I thought losing weight with PCOS would be a lot slower. I see some ladies with PCOS that can barely lose half a pound a week.

Today I had a huge smoothie that filled my Avenger's movie cup to almost overflowing. I went to the movies with my boyfriend, we saw Dark Shadows :) And I had a tiny bite of his soft pretzel. Then we went out to dinner at Flat Top Grill and I had two bowls of veggies, tofu, and edamame. I also nibbled one of my boyfriend's mushu wraps just to try it.

Well, I am definitely looking forward to reaching the 260s :) hopefully in the next few days

05-15-2012, 09:51 PM
Hey ladies! Just a quick post to say hello. Busy work week - not much time to get online.

Laifierr - great job again with your continued success. I'm so impressed!

Jen - so sorry about the migraine today. Love the rose pics. Gorgeous!

Teacher - sounds like you had a busy weekend. Sorry to hear about your doggy's paw. Hope it's nothing serious!

ItsMy - hope you're having fun with your parents!!

Not much to update on me. Had a good weekend. DH and the girls took me to PF Chang for Mother's Day (definitely an off plan meal) and we spent the day spreading more mulch and planting new perennials in our gardens. It felt good to get more accomplished. We have two acres of property and eight decorative gardens that use ten yards of mulch. It's a total nightmare for me. I know some people enjoy gardening, but I really don't. Great curb appeal but so time consuming and overwhelming. The weeds get the best of me by July. Ugh.

05-15-2012, 10:58 PM
I'm about 300 over on calories today, but I made up for it yesterday with 10, 784 steps instead of 5000. Today I had to take it slightly easier, and only have logged 7659. I still have to put laundry up and plan on doing a workout.

I'm so glad that AWFUL HEADACHE is gone.

I guess i'm over on calories because of the carrot cake which I have really enjoyed having with a glass of tea.

Laif, your menu as always sounds tasty. I know why I haven't lost any weight, I have been having awful binges on ice cream, and that is a reason to not lose weight. I have to get my binging under control. I'll binge on anything--health food, junk food. I'm really working on this. I believe this is the key to weight loss for me, that and staying active.

dogdays, hey! Thanks for the compliment. I truly love gardening, it's the factors that go with it, bugs, dirt, and weeds-namely.

teacher, definitely wasn't confidence that motivated me, it was the need to be truthful to myself and you ladies. Pics are very motivating.

05-16-2012, 02:39 AM
well, had a little bit of cantalope because my stomach was growling. Usually a sign my metabolism is up if I am experiencing any kind of stomach growling. hmm. hopefully that means some weight loss.

can't let this week get away from me, I still need to do some workouts. I got my resistance workout done, but lacking zumba, and I still need to total calories.

I have to say I should have listened about moving my ticker down with each new low, but i somehow thought that would be lying, instead I used the scale to beat on myself, I hope to see a new low in the next couple of days.

it is still in the works, but I am coming up with a food plan to stick to 50 g carbs for two days like the magazine suggests.

05-16-2012, 11:04 AM
I had a wonderful day yesterday with my boyfriend. And weighed this morning to another new low of 270.8 (4.6 pounds lost so far this week and 18 pounds even over the last 35 days). I thought for sure the scale would go up from eating out, but I guess skipping lunch helped with that one. I still have three days before my Week #5 weigh-in, so if I keep progressing how I've been going then I should be in the 260s. :) I haven't been able to go down a pants size yet because my stomach fat is still prevalent, but I do see other changes, a little less back fat, a little less thigh fat, and I can see indents on my sides right under my rib cage.

05-16-2012, 11:49 AM
Lai, this is wonderful!!! You definitely need to take pics to show how great you are doing, even if you keep them to yourself!

05-16-2012, 12:49 PM
so far low carb day has started good. I had eggs and turkey sausage, I switched my yummy creamer to 1 tbsp milk and 1/2 tsp domino light. It's doable.

I'm going to get through these two days, because I am ready for change.

05-16-2012, 04:41 PM
got through breakfast and lunch, blood sugar did feel low, and I tested and it was 88. Usually my blood sugar can't get to 88 or lower without me feeling really sweaty and shaky.

I was mildly shaky at 88. So I think my body is responding positively to this low carb. menu.

05-16-2012, 08:48 PM
jen- glad to hear your body is cooperating :)

dogdays- wow, that a lot of yard work. I have really bad allergies and so I never do outside work. My husband loves outside work, thankfully.

lai- glad to hear you had such a great day!!!

star- hi, how are the kiddos?

My furbaby has an infected paw so sadly she's stuck with the cone for a few days and medicine. Hopefully, it will heal soon.