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03-10-2003, 08:34 AM
Remember.....anything goes on the daily chat!!!!!!


Morning all!!

To the sister's, glad your back home in one piece. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the family. And peachie, if you and the little guy need a road trip........Atlanta is ONLY a couple of days by car away.

Amy, so sorry your Mom did not behave well at your son's party. I don't want to talk bad about your Mom, but sounds like a selfish person to me. Has she always been like that? And one more thing..........Jiff and ole Alvin put me to shame in the weight loss area, but everyone is different with how they lose weight. You had the band, it's designed to make the weight come off slower.........relax, we don't care how slow or fast you lose. So again, said in my best Mother's voice.......POST!!!!!

Luna how is John?

Hazel, where are you??

Saturday I took hubby clothes shopping with me, did I tell ya he's a pretty good sport about things like that. I tried on a 14/16, I was able to get into it, but it was a little snug. I thought about getting that size, but I needed the capris for the end of the month when we chaperone the band in Disney. I went ahed and purchased the 18's, down from a 32! I can't complain!!

Sunday we worked in the yard a good portion of the day. In the past hubby has needed to do all the yard work on his own, I just couldn't do it. He had a smile on his face as we were doing it together.

Gosh.......did I tell you how happy I am with my life!!!!! Just being able to do the little things thin people take for granted. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I have a stupid smile plasterd on my face.

Daughter is home from school today (teacher workday) so I'm sure I will be hauling her teenage butt somewhere.

We have a mandatory band meeting tonight for all those going on the Disney trip. The lady in charge of the trip is so sweet....but she never gets anything done, I'm almost afraid to find out the final plans, if there are any final plans. :rolleyes:

Okay, I have prattled on long enough.........NEXT


03-10-2003, 09:42 AM
moanday daily.. march 10
at least i think it's march 10!!! can't tell it by all the snow on the ground. WHEN will it all melt????!!!!!!!

amy... sympathies on your mother's attitude. i wish i had some advice. at least she left and didn't torture everyone else with her attitude. unfortunately, she obviously did some serious damage with your son before she left. good luck, and many hugs.

well, my shoulders have sprung out. they hurt. was it all the driving this weekend? or this little stomach bug [really, no pun intended here!]? or both? whatever... i'm off to the chiropractor when he opens, and am nagging mom to go to exercise class. i even bribed her with going out to lunch, it was the only thing that got her out of bed.

other than that... life is going on...

didn't eat last night and am hungry this morning. yesterday wasn't the best protein and water day, but i'll survive.

a great day to you all...

ok... one part of the problem solved. sorry deb...
Start your day with a smile, and get it over with.

peach pit
03-10-2003, 09:46 AM
gosh, that was like magic~

anyway, tons to do today!

There was a message from the surgeon's office saying that my appointment was at 10:30 not 12:30 which is better for me...I might just have a shot at picking the big kid up from school!

got to run the little guy's bus is coming! I'll try to get back later....amy.....consider your mom booted in the butt from me!!!!


03-10-2003, 10:17 AM
Good Morning all!

Well for the "How is John" question, is it possible to feel too good after surgery?

We went to the mall this weekend and he could actually walk it! No knee pain at all! He feels just wonderful, and man it has been so quick! No back pain, no knee pain, no joint/hand cramps pain. Wow, he said he just feels better and better each day, and all this at only 2 weeks! He is also down 27 pounds.

Now for the down side, there is always a down side! He is getting hungry for FOOD! Not another shake, he wants MEAT! Which is not the worse choice of food as we all know he needs the protein but it will still be quite awhile before he can have meat.

He is healing wonderfully. His scar is almost non existent already, it is really a miracle how quickly all of this has happened and how fast he has healed.

Really I could not post enough good things about the hospital we went to, and how quickly we are moving on with our lives!

03-10-2003, 10:19 AM
Jiff.....with my computer skills :rolleyes: there was no way I could "cut and paste" at least that's what I think it's called.

Do you believe I have already rode my bike........I'm scaring myself :yikes:

Back in a little bit


03-10-2003, 10:21 AM
Luna we were posting at the same time.

I'm so glad to hear John is doing so well.

I wish I could help you with the early post-op questions, but I spent mine in ICU. I'm sure some of the other's will have opinions about the wanting to eat thing.


03-10-2003, 06:01 PM
Wow - I think I've made it over the hurdle. I can sympathize with the wanting FOOD thing! I just got upgraded to 'Stage 3' fish, chicken, tuna ... etc (protein protein protein and water - that was for you JIFF!) I've had some pain with the food going down - or NOT going down. I've not once thrown up - but I have to learn to EAT SLOWLY and chew chew chew! It certainly is a re-learning process. However, it is wonderful to be able to taste again!

The funniest thing happened last night ... we got home from church around 8:30 p.m. and the kiddos wanted a snack before bed. I was slicing apples and getting them some cheese crackers and having a conversation with DH. (women - the multitaskers!) Anyway - I was eating the crackers!!! It took me a few moments to realize that I was chewing one in my mouth. I was totally shocked (and a bit scared!). I asked DH if he knew how many I ate - he said he didn't notice. Anyway just goes to show - how much I ate before without realizing it! P.S. Nothing BAD happened - no dumping - no nothing. But it scared me a bit.

I feel wonderful! The abscess is almost completely healed up. I went back to work today and feel great. People are wondering what to say to me - it is fun to talk about the surgery. I mostly kept it private prior to surgery - but now I'd tell the world. Hey - maybe we can all go on OPRAH together! :O)


03-10-2003, 08:32 PM
i am glad everyone is doing so well! congrats to all. i am excited for you guys.

03-10-2003, 10:25 PM
Just stopping in to check out what's going on it this corner of the world. I went to and ADVANCED water aerobic class today and the instructor said she saw ole Alvin upstair earlier with his trainer and she was working his butt off!!! I told her that sounded great to me. Did I tell you that he tells everyone that his sessions with his trainer are "physical thearapy' sessions? He can be so silly sometimes!!!

03-11-2003, 09:14 AM
Good Tuesday Morning.....Ya'll!!

Barb after so many years of being unable to do much physical........I bet ole Alvin feels his exercise is physical therapy! Bless his heart :lol:

So heaven......what's new with you?

Leanna, sounds like your doing great. Oprah.......sounds good to me.

Had our mandatory parent meeting last night about the trip to Disney World. They called my hubby (he's the Band Booster's Treasure) for a meeting before the meeting with the band director the school principal (who has a kid in band) and the Booster president. They were inches from cancelling the trip. Guess there were a few concerns about the safety of the kids if something happens with Iraq. But calmer minds prevailed and they decided to give it a go as of now.

We received an itinerary for the trip.....boy, they give us little or no time to sleep :lol: The old people, the chaperone's will be so worn out, it will take us a week to recover. An example.
Sunday, March 30, 11:30 PM, room check by chaperones, Monday, March 31, 6:00 AM wake up call by chaperones. Oh well, I'm still looking forward to it.

Have a good one all


03-11-2003, 10:06 AM

Tomorrow we check in with the nutritionist and John has his 2 week check up. It will be really nice to take the trip now that the surgery is done! We can be one of the "story tellers" in the room now!

John had an interesting discovery this morning. He can no longer drink an entire cup of coffee. He pointed that out to me by saying, have you realized that I have been dumping my coffee in your cup?! No, but thanks, like I need extra coffee! LOL

I also bought him a new pair of pajama bottoms as a gift. Drum roll please, Size XL! He was very happy!

Well off to work!

peach pit
03-11-2003, 02:40 PM
Luna! you sound so happy!!!! John is doing very well and I am so glad!!!

Debkay....Buzz Light Year and in the Animal Kingdom go see Tarzan Rocks! Tarzan truly does rock....hubba hubba!

Hi Barb and heavens wind!!!!

justprazn! Congrats on getting to stage 3!!!!! and stay out of those crackers!!!!

I have a phone conference at 2 and the big kid is home sick today! What the heck am I going to do if he is still sick tomorrow and I go to the surgeon's office!!!! Guess I'll drag him with me!!!

have a good one!

03-11-2003, 07:08 PM
hey all! well, deb....i am waiting. thas what is new. lol. i am still waiting for my date. there is a whole issue at my doctor's office. i cannot wait until i know when and where and how and everything else.

i do have to go to north dakota for a few weeks. that is why i am hoping i know soon so i can make all the appointments to get everyhting else i need done. with this transition at work, i am so busy that i can't even think during the day.

how is everyone else? i am so happy for all of you that are doing well! i hope i will be able to share my story soon. whoop!! we will see and keep fingers crossed!

03-11-2003, 09:09 PM
heaven I hope you get your date, and soon!!

peachie, Buzz Light Year and Tarzan are penciled in.

Off to watch The O'Reilly Factor, and I'm late!!!!