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03-09-2003, 08:06 AM
Spring Renewal Challenge!!

Welcome one and all!! Spring is already arriving in many parts and expected everywhere. Most of us are ready for fresh breezes, longer days, and LESS SNOW!!!

All are welcome to travel this challenge with us!! This is a support thread remembering that although our differences are many--- geography, taste, lifestyle and age; we are still much more alike than different.

This Challenge is a 6 week challenge which will end the weekend of April 27. We may decide to do a Spring Challenge II at that ponit but all in good time.

This Challenge is very similiar to the others we've shared. You decide your individual focus as no one knows better than you what works best for you. As always, if something isnt working, you are allowed to change, fine tune, tweak until your plan works for you. (Keeping in mind, that this is a HEALTHY forum)

I have put new slipcovers on the wingchairs to give the room a "springier " look but left the throws and afagans as it still gets cold in the evenings. Hope you like the look!

FRESH, hot off the press, especially done in PASTEL " No GUILT CARDS " and "FRESH START" Cards. Plenty for all, right here next to the bottled water. And don't forget, we now also have Inflatable Life Preservers. Make sure you get yours. They don't take up much room but when you need them, they go right around you and keep you from drifting downstream!!

Also, by special design, invented by MissW, there is an order form to order "Wagon Seat Belts" . Please pick your choice of color
and fabric. ( Some of us just don't do polyester!) Personally, I can't wait for mine as oftentimes, I'm off the wagon before even I realize !!

Okay -- Kettle is on!!

:hat: :hat: :hat:

03-09-2003, 08:41 AM
Sun is shining again!!

How nice to have the sun coming in the windows!!

Almost like a good laugh, you just don't realize how much you needed it until it happens!!

Yesterday midday, the roads were packed as everyone wanted to get out in the nice weather.

I'm thinking that I might change my official weigh in day. I know its really a mind set on my part but if I changed WW's meetings, I'd be changing WI day and even if that one week 's tiny decrease motivates me-- what harm could it be??

Oooppps, almost forgot to mention, we also have available by special order only, a recording of our one and only Empress singing her #1 seller, " Tomorrow, the Pound Will Be Gone Tomorrow". :dancer: :dancer:

All proceeds benefit printing costs for NO GUILT and Fresh Start Cards. I also spent some of the money at the florist, I found some forsythia and pussywillows to put in front of the windows.

Today's thought is:

"We drop like pebbles into the ponds of each other's souls, and the orbit of our ripples continues to expand, intersecting with countless others." --- Joan Borysenko

Second cup of coffee time!!


To today's best choices!!!

03-09-2003, 09:40 AM
Thanks for getting us started, Kaylets! Yes, it feels really cozy here....

About the change from St. Pat's Day, I was alittle disturbed by the news reports too and the date seemed tainted--so I was setting my final date for the challenge at the Spring Equinox anyway. And I like MissWashu's idea of extending the Spring Challenge thru to Beltane so mentally that's where I'm going with this. Hey, with a couple of extra days it gives me a chance to lose another pound, maybe?

Had a nice walk outside yesterday---there's signs of spring everywhere!

03-09-2003, 10:56 AM
What ever date...I am easy. I hate most holidays anyways. :) My birthday is 3-22, so spring usually has been sucessful in weight loss. I come alive along side the trees and flowers! So, I am in for it. My diet, getting fit is my job for the next 6 weeks. Must make it a habit!!! :)

03-09-2003, 11:26 AM
Yo! Amarantha be liking the idea of the April 27 date, which be halfway between Easter and Beltane and appropriate for our dedication to a FRESH START (I'll take a card please, Kaylets!). I can't say that Amarantha be celebrating the return of flowers and leaves (since they are always with us in Arizona), but I've loved Easter from childhood and Mayday as well. I remember what it was like when snow melted and we colored eggs for Easter and the magic bunny came in the middle of the night and hid them all and in a week or so, we made little May baskets and put them on neighbors' porches on the first of May. So I will add a second goal for April 27 to my sig line in a moment as well.

I have gained no weight in the chaos and bingeing last week ... although I didn't report it hear, I really started a NEW new initiative last week at 165 pounds. (I am ignoring the higher reading on Curves' scale, as first thing Sunday morning on MY scale is my official weight and any other is irrelevant to me).

Kaylets: Thanks for starting this new thread ... it is a breath of FRESH air! In six weeks, I am going to believe that all will be well in the world and coincidentally with that, we will all have reached our spring goals and can look to summer with great enthusiasm.

Working later but must hie to Walmart first! Au revoir Spring Chickies!

03-09-2003, 12:04 PM
Well, here I am signing up for a Fresh Start No Guilt Spring Renewal Challenge. I am a great one for Spring Renewal, love Easter, love flowers, love MayDay, love symbolic bunnies (not so much the real ones though they're cute enough).

I did a special weigh in today to see how I fared on the departed challenge. I was .8 of a pound up for the whole challenge so whatever or however, it sure didn't do much to help me reach my goal. Therefore and howsomeever, my goal for the new challenge will be the same as for the old challenge - to reach the valiant number of 210.

Still mulling over the how's and wherefore's, but do know I want a positive spin. And one not limited to calories and exercise but to total fitness, mental and physical. Achieving that, now there's the rub. Think I might do flower stickers on the calendar for a visual as, unlike our Empress, I don't have them around and won't for a bit.

Also, alas, my planned visit to the princesses was foiled because the Elder has something vile and neither dh nor I feel inclined to pick it up. May instead head the other direction and visit the Queen Mother who probably thinks I have dropped off the face of the earth. And whose Irish soul would probably not approve of my banishment of Leprechauns.

Kaylets, thou asked about dh's diet. No, it will remain a permanent thing subject to some modest modifications. In fact, I believe he will be tested again this week and the minuscule leniency may come to a screeching halt. He is growing stronger though and better weather may bring even more strength as his activity level can increase.

Mr. Sun shines; however, the 41 degrees becomes 32 with the chilling wind.

03-09-2003, 12:15 PM
Morning, girls!

Just popping in to say I've found the way to our bright, cozy parlour. I'm going to sit in the wing chair by the bay window and soak up some of that much-missed sunshine while I contemplate my plan for the next six weeks. (Love the new slipcovers, Kaylets!)

Wait, what's this? :lucky: OUT, OUT you little green monster!

*Wildfire chases the last of the :lucky:s out of our serene parlour*

03-09-2003, 12:34 PM
Thanks Wildfire! I wondered why that lump kept popping back everytime I turned my back!

Did you notice too that if you look very carefully, some of the trees are showing buds?

And this am, I saw the birds ! You remember, that group of birds that move across the from one side of the lake to the other each morning and night, except for the dead of winter. They're back! It took almost 30 minutes for all of them to go by and it was good to see them!!

The wheel is turning!

Now, who needs a refill?? Kettle is whistling!

03-09-2003, 02:57 PM
I'll take a cuppa right here. I love what you've done with the parlor, so cheery!
The sun is playing peek-a-boo today. Hopefully it will NOT rain as I would like to get on my rollerblades again.
April 27 is perfect Kaylets! It screams 'new beginning' to me. *thanks*

Now on my way threw the door I happened to see a :lucky: on his way out. He was grumbling something about "... no fun..." and "...that mean wench" as he hobled away holding his tush. I take it that Wildfire is to thank. :D Thanks!


03-09-2003, 03:49 PM
April 27th, huh? :) I am thinking of all kinds of goals I can have and reach by then! Not just weight-wise, but house and personal-wise! Thanks for having definite date! I will be thinking and planning today what I'd like to accomplish. I will post those goals here and it'll help me stick to it!
lotsa luck to you all! :yes:
Here's wishing less of you by April 27th! :D

03-09-2003, 04:00 PM
Well I've contemplated long and hard on how I shall earn my daily :flow1:. Goals should be something to be strived for, yet not so big as to never be obtained. But if they are too easily obtained it's not a challenge... etc. And so I've come to a conclusion.

I shall set for myself 3 daily goals:
1) 2 Liters of water consumed
2) @ least 15 min. of muscle toning movement
3) I MUST stop eating after 9pm. !!!

For each individual goal I shall recieve a :flow1:, on days that all three are met I will combine the :flow1: for a big ol' :flow2:. So, by the end of the challenge I am bound to be surrounded by flowers and sunshine!

That's the plan.

Happy relaxing Sunday to All.


03-09-2003, 05:37 PM
Just got up from a nap- Its still sunny but the wind continues, wearing sweats w/ heavy socks and sweater. BUT IT STILL FEELS LIKE SPRING!!

MissW- I know you didn't mean to close the door so quick as that greenie got out- it was the perfect visual for "Don't let the door hit your a** on the way out!" :D

Sure, visuals are a good thing- stickers, smilies, whatever works!

New habits should be well rewarded!

Welcome Hottie! Nice to have you on board. Make yourself at home and let me fill your cup. I've made your favorite!

Took a 15 minute break in the middle of this post to sweep the patio. You would be amazed at how many sunflower shells "drifts" the wind is blowing. And the dogs track in. I've got to go back out w/ a dust pan and get rid of the shells that way as the wind just laughed at most of my efforts.

But my heart is pumping !

Let me go find that dustpan!


03-09-2003, 06:23 PM
My, my, MY, those :lucky:s are wily! I thought we'd left 'em all on the Emerald Isle when we snuck out at midnight, with the ones we banished still drinking green beer at the Lucky Strike Motel!

Welcome, Hottie! Glad to have thee in the cozy spring parlor where we be sipping Kaylets' tea (not green tea, please, it'll onlly encourage the :lucky:s) and watching the bunnies frolicking amongst the flowers!

Speaking of which during my sojourn to Walmart, I bought a large china bunny lady wearing a pink apron and carrying a basket of flowers. She has agreed to sit on my kitchen counter until April 27 to encourage the flowering of my greatly improved physique. In case anyone is wondering about that avatar, it is a FEMALE, I am sure! At any rate, I am determined that I shall go to Curves three times a week during this challenge, continue walking as much as possible and aim for a lower calorie intake. But my challenge is limited to weight goals only ... am not going for a day-by-day thing ... I just want results, results, results!!!!

I apologize for always bragging about Arizona ... it's really not paradise, guys, really ... :)

MissWashu: I like your flower earning idea! Thou'll be sure to have a giant bouquet by the end of this challenge!

Wildfire: Good job on the last-ditch banishment ... OH, WATCH OUT, there's another one sneaking in under the door over there by the teakettle! :jig:

Kaylets: Are you sure there's no GREEN tea in the house? I think :lucky:s only drink green tea, so maybe we should all stick to blue jasmine for the nonce!

Eydie, Flower and all Spring Bunnies, Chickies, Birds and Bees and Celebrants o' the Fresh Start Tea Ritual, :wave:

I have to finish working now! Avanti!

03-09-2003, 08:45 PM
hello all! i hope it's o.k. to join your challenge. i like the idea of spring renewal and fresh starts, along with no guilt. i had gotten off track a bit in the past week, but this challenge seems to have resonated with me. i do want to get back in the saddle again before i do any major damage. my goal for this challenge is to lose 4 lbs; keep up with my regular exercise; and drink a bit more water. well, thanks for listening, and for the tea! hope you have a pleasant remainder of your evening. take care, all.


03-09-2003, 09:07 PM
Welcome wsw!! Glad to have you on board!
Help yourself to NO GUILT and Fresh Start Cards, take a life preserver too and let me throw another log in the wood stove.

Its always a treat for us to meet someone new as we get a new perpective and great ideas!
We're always looking for new tips and hints to add to the "arsenal".

Empress- If I was living in AZ (or somewhere warm) I'd be bragging too. Perhaps the tourism board could use you??

My favorite Sunday show starts in a few moments so I'll look for you all in the am. Just going to fill my cup and be off.

Saw another post where they were drinking Licorice tea. Anyone ever try it?

Thanks again for letting me vent and wail this week. It made all the difference to be able to vent !!

03-09-2003, 09:46 PM
The newly redecorated parlour is most becoming and relaxing. Makes me think I should do some 'springizing' in my non-virtual world soon. Mostly I've been thinking clothes. Looking forward to brighter colors.

My self analysis continues. But I know I need to focus again on water for sure and also get a bit tighter about eating after 8:00. My calories aren't bad for today but didn't exercise. I'm going to make the exercise goal four times a week instead of every day. If I get more in, fine but I was obsessing about every day, not making it, feeling negative.

Also going back to my Slimfast on at least a once or twice a week basis. That was a big help to me. Sunlight will help, music will help, relaxation techniques will help. I'm really up for this one and the Fresh Start is going to propel me onward. And downward.

Love the flowers and sunshine visuals. And the bunny w/flowers (female) is a perfect combo. Will leave my shamrock stuff out until after the 17th but may start sneaking in a few of the bunny/chick stuff as well. Hippity, hippity.

Welcome wsw and hottie. I've seen your posts from time to time, wsw, you'll enjoy this group for sure.

Nite, nite all.

03-09-2003, 10:16 PM
First of all, a warm welcom to hottie and wsw! :wave: Glad you've joined us.

My trusty cat, Sherlock, is on patrol in the parlour to keep any lurking :lucky:s out. They shall bother us no more!

Kaylets, I had a nap this afternoon, too, on the couch after we watched The Tuxedo. Totally unexpected, but obviously needed.

Amarantha, are you still doing the LC? I have 7 left in my freezer, and have to say I have been surprised at how good they actually are. Only found the one (so far) that I really didn't like. I'm going to use those for my lunches this week. Eating them twice a day I found that I wasn't getting enough protein in, and halfway through last week I started having regular dinners again.

So, my plan for our Spring Renewal is to start keeping tally on the water, as I know I've slipped there, to count calories, and to focus on getting more fibre, more fruit, more veggies, and less carbs. I don't know if that's gonna work, because carbs are my "safe" foods with my gut, but try I shall. If the weather would only cooperate I'd love to start regular walks again, but failing that I will do 30 minutes of exercise 4-5 times per week. I will also cut off eating after 7:30pm. This will take some planning because we often don't get home until 6:30, but 8pm will be the absolute latest because part of this challenge is also to be in bed ready for sleep by 10pm. Not watching tv, not cross-stitching, not reading. Lights out, goodnight Irene. I am also starting to take my calcium on a regular basis (helps not only the bones, but weight loss AND my gut!) and a multi-vitamin.

I guess it's just a back-to-basics plan. Eat properly, drink water, exercise, and sleep. I hope as a result of all that I will lose some weight, but if not, at least I'll be healthier and rested. This is going to be a no-pressure challenge for me, focusing more on the lifestyle than the end result.

Happy Monday to us all!

03-10-2003, 04:43 AM
Amarantha the Powerful Bunny hath sailed through the first day of this challenge in wonderful spring shape!!! Calories 1875, 20 minutes of exercise, which is all she cared to do. Doing Curves tomorrow morning. Woo-hoo! Springing into success!!! :cp: :cb:

Wildfire: Please give Sherlock a pat on the head from Amarantha for services rendered in keeping out those dang :lucky:s! :cp: Re LC, yes, I use them a lot, though not on a daily basis exactly. There are some of them I don't like, but overall I agree they are surprisingly filling and good. My all-time fav is their bestseller: the glazed chicken (in the smaller size only ... can't see buying the larger size as it defeats the purpose of having a filling low cal meal). I am still looking for the potsticker meal I've seen advertised. I really like the chicken w/peanut sauce also. :)

Anagram: Amarantha doth so agree about the new clothes thinking ... she boughteth a BRIGHT exercise outfit for Curves and it maketh her feel very energized. Glad thou liketh my (female) bunny!!! :) Soundeth as though thou hast a positive mindset for this challenge that will carry the day and lead to success!!!

Wsw: Welcome to the cozy spring parlor that Kaylets hath so kindly set up and decorated for us!!! Looking into the crystal ball, Amarantha seeth great success in store for thee on this challenge!!! :cp:

Kaylets: Methinks thou be right, the tourism board COULD use me! We like tourists as they spendeth much goodly gold and then go home!!! :) Licorice tea soundeth interesting ... although licorice (real licorice) itself should be taken in moderation as cases have been known of it proving fatal when ingested in excess, though I don't know if the tea would be included in that. Hope thou enjoyed thy Sunday show and that Monday brings a wonderful and positive new week.

Avanti, Spring Folkettes!!! We be on the right track and our spring challenge looketh good to go! We can have nothing but success with such positive attitudes and fresh resolutions!!! :grouphug:

03-10-2003, 07:07 AM
Hello all!

Guess I'll hold onto Monday as weigh in day as this am, the hint became a promise and ......( isn't this just so tacky, she;s pushing a drumset into the room...) DRUMROLL PLEASE...............

I've officially broken out of the 170's --!!!! Only took twice as long as I expected but that 's not the point!~!....... right folks??!

168.5 this am!! Yes, that is me skipping and sorry if I'm making the floor boards bounce! ( OR is that a greenie I squished!)

I will update my signature line later--

Since I really can't tell you how long since I've been this weight, I wasn't 100% sure I could break out the 170's ever.
So, this is especially sweet as this piece of road was full of detours, kicking of car tires, and white knuckling of the steering wheel.

Hmmm, and I was going to refocus more on Non Scale Victories!!
Well, the NSV is this one was 3 weeks of fortitude as the scale did every movement but down!

Good things do come to those who wait !

Sorry if I'm just impossible to deal w. this am- Guess I really didnt believe it could happen-- more on that at 6-- film at 11!

We could hear the wind screaming all night long. And when I got up this am, the sky was blue black and stars were everywhere.

Today's thought is:
"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."--- Thomas Paine

To today's best choices!!

03-10-2003, 11:02 AM
Well, everyone have a wonderful Monday. I am walking to Walmart. Not sure how far it is. But with gas prices as high as they are, Honey has been taking my car to save $. His truck needs a new carb. Which he had to order, and then he gets to install. Who knows when I will have my car back??? :) I can manage a 2 mile stroll and then back. I used to do 8 miles at once, without stopping to shop. :) Well, off to shower and get dressed. I am trying not to procrastinate. ~flower

03-10-2003, 11:20 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Wildfire

I guess it's just a back-to-basics plan. Eat properly, drink water, exercise, and sleep. I hope as a result of all that I will lose some weight, but if not, at least I'll be healthier and rested. This is going to be a no-pressure challenge for me, focusing more on the lifestyle than the end result.


Well, there you pretty much stated my plan but better than I could have. It's a good lifestyle I'm after and then the loss will surely happen, however slowly.

Still thinking, tweaking. Been eating out more so need to handle that better (I was in the beginning of my journey but not since we've reintroduced that to our lifestyle).

Scale a bit better this morning. Put new batteries in so maybe the manhandling threw it off a bit too. Down 1.2 (water)since yesterday so I'll take it however. Anxious to see "official" Wed. number. Have also considered changing weigh in day. Anything to get it going again.

Kaylets, congrats on the SUPER loss. You know it was happening all along but I'd have probably had a gain after the week you had last.

Sun shining, still cold. More melt under the pine trees but lawn in general still well covered. It's coming, I know it. I can feel it. Spring, motivation, renewal and healthy lifestyle. Am off to pool this morning. Always helps a bit. And a good Monday gives me a good week (well, usually).

Welcome back, Arabella. Hope it was a good trip. Let us know about our joint meditation. And how did the workload go, Empress? Are you still pounding away or did you get it all accomplished yesterday?

03-10-2003, 01:49 PM
hi all!

kaylets-congrats on the hard-fought weight loss! i'm happy for you. i lose very slowly, and know what a big deal it is when that scale moves in the right direction. hi amarantha-thanks for the welcome to the thread. i always enjoy reading your posts.

it's sunny here today, which i am thoroughly enjoying. we've had a rough winter here, as have most areas of the country-and i am soooo ready for spring. i think i'm going to go ahead and make mon. my weigh in day. it's just as good (well, or not) as anytime and may be helpful for me to remember that weekends need to be just regular food days, and not a license to go wild since i will have get up on that scale soon thereafter. so far so good with being op for my first 2 meals today. i hope everyone has a pleasant monday. i liked that quote/thought of the day, kaylets. i seem to need to be reminded often lately that each new day really is a new beginning. well, take care, all.


03-10-2003, 01:50 PM
Hi All -- Just popping in to say :wave: and that I'm with you on the Spring Renewal Challenge! Had a fairly stressful weekend with ex-MIL. She's in the early stages of Alzheimers, I'm fairly certain. She's losing a lot of her words, and is starting to have difficulty recognizing things. She's also in very rough shape physically, bent over almost double and using a cane, although it isn't really up to the task. I took her grocery shopping (offered to do it for her, but she insisted that she had to choose the items herself, which is very typical of her). She needs to be almost carried. I don't know what will happen. She's in her house, and won't agree to have anyone come in unless a relative, but there are no relatives who can or would want to do it. And I don't know if she would leave her house. Doesn't want to go to a nursing home, which is what she needs.

Her doctor had been telling her for years that she needed to get exercise, but she never really believed it, I guess. She worked as an accountant, so she was at a desk all day. And she never walked even the few blocks to the bank or post office - it just wasn't the done thing. If you had a car, you drove.

I think that's a generational thing. She, my mom, and my current MIL are all sort of the same that way, although MIL started doing 5 minutes of exercise 5 days a week 20 years ago and is very active. So she's in fairly good shape. My mom and ex-MIL never exercised (not even housework, which I'm coming to think can be a real saving grace for older non-exercisers) and both are really breaking down physically. Enough to make me pledge to continue exercising forever!

I walked to the gym and did circuit training this morning, and will likely get in a set of tai chi. I just realized I'm very tired, though, so I will try and take it a bit easy this aft.

Sorry for the mememe post. I'll be back!

Congrats to all on our new improved focus --- Oh, for the synchronized meditation, it seems like probably some time in the evening might be best because a lot of people work days. I was thinking maybe 7 Eastern? I'm "East of Eastern" in the Atlantic zone, so that's 8 for me. And I'm often in bed before 9 :o So, how does 7 or 7:30 Eastern sound? However, I can do it another time if that doesn't suit.

03-10-2003, 02:00 PM
Saw this on another thread, and thought it was very motivational:

Within your reach
Your dreams are most certainly within your reach. Yet just because they're within your reach does not automatically mean that you'll reach them. It is up to you to move yourself toward them. It is up to you to use each day, each moment, each thought and action to go surely and steadily in the direction you wish to go.
If the place you plan to reach is just a few hundred yards to the north of you, and yet you insist on always walking south, you'll have a very difficult time ever reaching it. Are your actions in each moment moving you toward the place you want to be, or are they moving you away?

There are certain things, wonderful things, positive, valuable and exciting things you intend to accomplish. Right this very moment is the time to be taking clear, definite steps toward them.

Rise above the distractions of the moment and look at the big picture of your life. Give yourself some meaningful perspective and then take a clear, objective look at the direction in which you're headed.

Are you letting the distractions and temptations determine your direction, or are you following your highest vision for what life can be? The sooner you start moving in the direction of your dreams, the sooner you will get there, and now is the perfect time to start.

-- Ralph Marston

03-10-2003, 02:53 PM
Yo! Been to Curves and had lots of fun ... still not sure if it is as much resistance as I originally thought and they didn't let me get my heartrate up enough ... guess they think I'm my age or something!!! Still, I'm hoping the change in program will get me where I want to be!

WOO-HOO AND CONGRATULATIONS TO KAYLETS, WHO HAS BROKEN THROUGH THE PLATEAU INTO THE 160s!!!! GOOD JOB, KAYLETS!!! :cp: (Do be careful not to squish anymore :lucky:s in thy zest, though. We might get a call from the LPA (Leprechaun Protection Agency.)

Flower: Good for thou in walking to WallyWorld!!! I do that sometimes ... then one can spend money without guilt as it's all in the interest of health! :)

Wsw: Glad to know there's another who loses slowly ... mine comes off so slowly it is frustrating sometimes. Have a great day! :wave:

Arabella: Glad thou foundeth thy way to the cozy spring parlor!!! :wave: Thanks for posting the Ralph Marston. That is nice. It's also nice of thee to take thy ex-MIL shopping ... has she been tested and diagnosed with Alzheimer's? My mom had it, but she did very well for a very long time and it was not noticeable in any way ... sometimes when people reach a certain age we worry they may have Alzheimer's when in reality it's something more treatable such as depression or (it sounds like) osteoporosis (sp?) that's not being treated coupled with a general malaise from lack of good health habits and physical activity. Dunno, just something I was thinking about ... I know I'm certainly going to continue exercising until I drop dead ... hopefully a long, long time from now and maybe while climbing a mountain and having a good time! :)

Re 7 p.m. ... I'm not sure what time it is here ... I never can get that straight ... I'm in Mountain, but we don't have daylight savings, so I'm always confused! :)

Anagram: Congratulations to thee on 1.2 down!!!! :cb: :cp: WOO-HOO TO THEE!!!

I did get all my work done yesterday ... shopped for new aerobic shoes after Curves and now taking a nap as I have to drive to the mountains tonight to cover a council.

Punkin? We're here, where be thou? :wave:


03-10-2003, 03:05 PM
hey! a quick run-by, as I've got to get showered and to work pronto!

Congrats on the big losses!!!!!

Myself, I am losing water. 2# gone yesterday, still working on sodium detox to get back to 'real' weight.

Hugs for all.

03-10-2003, 03:29 PM
Hello all, :cool:

I have decided that I will focus from now until April 27th on (1) not eating lunch "out" with co-workers. I spend too much money and I eat too much calories when I do that. :p In order to make sure I have more nutritious/lower calorie meals, I will bring my lunch or make a quick trip to Subway or Wendy's: both places have low cal. meals which fill me up / not out! I won't get 'burned out' on wanting anything else for only 6 weeks-I know I can do this! :^:

Another 'goal' is to (2) increase my weight training. I currently work out at a gym 5 days a week-mostly doing eliptical trainer/treadmill time and crunches. I will focus for the next 6 weeks on upper body training to increase strenght and tone. I can't work with weights on my lower body (legs) for now: I have a chronic ciircular condition which will take a few more months for me to get to the point where I can work weight-wise with my legs. For now, my body weight is more than enough resistance! :moo:

My last goal is to (3) increase fiber intake and lower my fat/calorie intake to insure I will continue weight loss. I will also continue drinking lots and lots of water. In order to do this goal, I will continue reading labels to make sure my fiber increases, as well as making sure I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, being sure to remember that the "closer to the natural state" of the food/the better it is for my body! :angel:

Here's wishing less of you ALL by April 27th! Good luck!!


03-10-2003, 03:48 PM
Here's a chart for the time equivalents. It's not daylight savings time now (I tried thinking about that and it confused me too) so the times work for now. I would have to think about it more to work out what the difference would be if some were on DST and others weren't. I'm not really in favor of DST here, but they do it anyway :shrug:

8P* 7P* 6P* 5P* 4P* 3P* 2P*

03-10-2003, 05:14 PM
:wave: Hi everyone!

I'm completely in agreement with our changing the challenge date! I was reading this weekend's posts and nodding my head... :yes: 3/17 is my Dad's birthday and I'll be in Yuma - I'm sincerely hoping the U.S. doesn't feel the need to go blowing anyone up until I'm back on solid ground the afternoon of 3/18... :crossed:

Besides, coinciding it with all the "new beginnings" is just so fitting! Did I tell you all I got to pet a 5 day old colt last weekend?? The spring babies are starting to be born in the great wild northwest! It's soooo much fun....

Eydie - Ok, the weekend is passed, but here, you can live vicariously through me n' my "exciting" weekend - I did 3 hours of landscaping (my exercise, my butt still hurts!), then hung curtains in my bathroom, put ivy/vines along the tops of my kitchen cabinets to keep the heathen cats off of them (so far, so good), painted a metal garden flower pot holder so it would match my black wrought iron sconces in my dining room (then hung it and felt purdy damned proud of myself), then hung a huge French print by my wine rack, painted in the 50's of two guys holding a huge wine glass, 2 bottles of wine and grapes all over the place.
*whew* That's it!

After alllll this work, I discovered Jack Daniels Hard Cola (holy moly!) and the rest of the weekend was a wash... :devil:

Amarantha - Good to see you again!!! I thought you'd been carried off by the :lucky:! I personally try to go to Curves 3x a week - but as of late have not made it. I'm looking forward to this trip being over so I can get back to some "normalness" and focus on my health instead of where, when and how I'm going to get someplace! (I'm a little stressed about traveling with war looming too if truth be told!)
Also, don't fret about Curves measuring - I personally don't buy 100% of what they said either and honestly don't measure anymore. I completely lost my "umph" when after a month, and after feeling so good, feeling "harder" and being able to SEE a difference and their stuff said I was up 4 pounds and had GAINED body fat?!?!?. Then and there I figured it was *much* better to go by how I feel and not by what their little zapper said.

Anagram - I'm with you - since it's in the high 80's in Yuma I was trying on my summer clothes this weekend. How depressing... and motivating... all in a few cruel minutes. :rolleyes: I figure I better get crackin' as it's 60 degrees here and I'm gonna have to wear that stuff full time soon and I *refuse* to buy more!

Flower - Welcome back! :cb:

Kaylets - I think your plain ol' healthy ideas is a GREAT thing - and I'll join ya'. I've said it before that I think sometimes I over-stress about food and therefore end up thinking about it far more than had I just let things happen. Perfect example - I haven't journaled in over 3 weeks - I haven't gained a pound. I haven't lost either, but *I have not gained*. I think once I get into a healthier frame of mind - the weight will come off...
I had a new bird show up at the feeder this weekend! It looked like a little peachy-red faced finch. I need to go get my book...

Wildfire - I don't think I could've said it better myself. It's not about the challenge, or deadline, or season - the fact that we've found each other, discovered a kinship and are cultivating friendships - THAT'S what matters! Yes :grouphug:

Arabella - Ooooh, I don't even want to think about trying to coordinate times! You're brave. My head spins looking at my itinerary - I leave Yuma at 8:15am and get in to L.A. at 8:20am - after being in the air over an hour! :dizzy:

WSW - Welcome! I seem to remember you though??? I think we may have been on a thread together at some time??

Hottie - Welcome to you too! Pull up a chair n' enjoy the company of a bunch o' crazy ladies!

Miss Washu - You're in good company here - I believe there are a few of us that follow a more, uh, Earth based calendar... Personally, I've been out talking to my bulbs telling them Ostara is coming and they'd better produce some flowers! (They're being coy, being the first ones n' all)

Speaking of which, I do believe the little sprouts are indeed daffodils! :flow1: Still keeping them covered so the Bambi's can't eat them, juuuust in case I'm wrong!

Well, toodles for now. I've been typing this for the better part of 40 minutes and should get some work done since it's a short week for me!


03-10-2003, 07:07 PM
7 or 7:30 works just fine for me, Wood Nymph.
And pretty much any day of the week or is it to be a daily thing?

03-10-2003, 07:31 PM
Anagram, I was thinking about trying it this week, seeing how everyone felt about it. Every day might be pushing it, but maybe a bunch of us could manage once a week. So, if that time works for most people, I would suggest either Tuesday or Thursday evening -- maybe Tuesday, if enough people can do it then. I would try again Thurs otherwise.

03-10-2003, 07:42 PM
Congrats on losing that weight, Kaylets and Anagram--and reminding us that we really can do this!!!

Welcome to Hottie and wsw--I think I've seen those names as I've visited around.

Arabella, sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. What does your husband think of where to go with it all? It's so hard to know what to do. If they say that they want to live in their own homes you can only take them at their word until you notice things really changing for the worse, I guess.
Thanks for setting us up for our group meditation. I'm really looking forward to it!

Amarantha, I have a question. At Curves, does someone always walk you thru your workout or can you set up your own program? [Still love their 'sisterhood' commercials!]

Punkin, you crafty thing! Thanks for sharing your weekend projects. We'll have to exchange house photos sometime--I'd love to see your place!

Hi Flower and Wildfire and Scooby and Ceara!

I'm going to call this day a splendid success because I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something new. I did a bellydancing video....Gawd knows I have the belly for it!:lol: It was fun and a really good workout! I'll keep doing it until I get better at it---I felt like I did more flailing around than anything else--not very seductive!:D

03-10-2003, 09:01 PM
Way to go, Eydie - that's a real new start! Belly dancing is really good exercise. I took lessons at one time just for the exercise. But then they started pushing everyone to "perform" and that wasn't my goal. I can still "isolate" some muscles fairly well but never got good at moving and clicking my zills at the same time.

Arabella, sounds like your ex will have a real problem. My MIL insisted on staying in her own home though it was an incredible burden for many and was certainly not in her own interests. But she was a determined person and told dh to get the h... out when he tried to talk to her about anything but what she wanted. Very stressful all around. Finally she had had a series of strokes, could move only eyelids and one foot. The doctor said she could leave the hospital only to go to a nursing home, the arrangements were made and she died a few hours before she was to go. And I know that somewhere she was happy and saying I told you I wouldn't go. Her body failed her but never her determination.

Had a good Fresh Start day today. Really up and happy about it. Hope I can sustain for a few in a row at least. Tied our record for lowest high temp for the day today. Chasing the record for the low tonight. But SPRING IS COMING! It just may be a little late.

03-11-2003, 02:26 AM
:flow1: + :flow1: + :flow1: = :flow2:

:) -W-

03-11-2003, 07:05 AM
Hello all!!

Arabella-- This Tuesday at 7pm EST?? Ok-- I 'm ready! Quiet 5 minutes to review, reflect, revive!!

Many coworkers and friends have similiar family issues. Frightening how so many of each family imeadiately go to opposite sides of the camp. Its very difficult to see our "elders" detiorate even if their health if pretty good. My DMIL fought lymphona for 1.5 yrs longer then predicted and one of the hardest things was realizing which family members were NOT what we had thought. Plenty of criticism w/ no regard to her wishes but if we needed something-- never available. On the upside, we were gratified by those who did step up to the plate and became stronger by doing so. Again, she never wanted to be anywhere but home and up until the last few months, we were able to do that.

I look forward to this evening at 7pm! I'll be checking in to make sure its this Tuesday!

Miss W- Good going! Wish my math classes had been that visual!

Eydie- Now that must have been a real shock to the muscle memory! I can imagine all your muscles "On alert- Unplanned Energy Expenditure" ---

Anagram- Now, why am I not suprised you know all belly dancing!
But what's a zill ladies??

Punkinseed!! glad you found your way ! And thanks ! Aren't foals a sure sign of Spring!! Tell us more -- how many horses do you have? Or is that Mom has them? I don't remember. And how about the ones you helped rescue- how are they doing? You're decorating sounds great! Yes, visuals would be great!

Empress- how goes it kemo sabe? Is Tuesday a newspaper "layout " day again? Are you having fewer computer problems? Still breaking weather records out there for the unusual amount of rain??

Hottie-Too bad the lunch bunch won't join you at Wendy's-- It be great if you could combine both-- I need to conciously get up and away from my desk at lunch- It's best to take the break but I tend to get lost. And I LOVE the Chicken Teriakyi at Subway. DH loves just tons of vegs on the roll.

I'm starting to run late or else I'd still post away--

SCOOBY-- are you out there??

Today's thought is:
"To live, let live, and help live" --- Ralph Waldo Emerson

To today's best choices!


PS- Guess who didnt come to work again !!!

03-11-2003, 07:20 AM
I'm back on track -- didn't do badly over the weekend, but it was a case of grabbing whatever was easiest. Which meant eating the donuts my ex brought for breakfast :rolleyes: Calorically, I think I was fine but nutrition not the greatest.

I'm going to start using my journal here again today, inst. the Self Challenge. I don't like it when they tell me my exercise is "too much!" I know it's not!

I just realized that I didn't specify 7 or 7:30 for tonight, and thought that some people might not get a chance to check in. So I'm going to aim for 7:30 Thursday, but also do it tonight.

Anagram, your MIL sounds a lot like my exMIL. I honestly and truly have never met a more difficult person in my life. She was a holy terror when she had her strength! I suspect that the situation may work out similarly too; she'll succumb to either a nursing home or death only when she's totally incapacitated. She had Meals on Wheels for a while but cancelled because she decided they didn't cook their cauliflower to suit her.

Anyway, there's nothing much I can do about it. I thought of offering to go stay with her for a bit if she had a hip replacement, because both her kids work and since I work from home I could work anywhere I can get an Internet connection. I guess we'll see.

Eydie, it's my ex-MIL. My ex is beside himself over the situation but has no idea of what he can do about it. She wants him to move back home and care for her, but he lives and works in another town and the prospects of work in his home town are limited. Plus, they've always had a very turbulent relationship and I can just about see it coming to murder if he lived with her. It would be nightmarish.

My husband, on the other hand, thinks I'm incredibly dutiful to even go see her.

Good for you with the bellydancing tape! I know what you mean about the flailing around. I started doing a beginner's step tape lately and I can hardly believe how uncoordinated I am. DH says he'd pay money to watch, but no way!

Punkin, when's your trip? I know it's soon, but can't remember when exactly.

Amarantha, hope your reporting trip was good last night. I often think of you rocketing around the roads in your desert home at all hours of the day and night, covering this and that. It seems somewhat adventurous to me!

Kaylets, Woo-hooooo for you, breaking into the 160s!!!! Just goes to show that if you keep on working towards it you'll get there. What a nice way to start off spring! I am especially impressed because you started off just a bit above where I am and are now --- YES!!! -- in the "decade" I'm aiming for. I'm gonna follow you!

To all chickies mentioned and unmentioned: Let's take this day and make it count! I'm going to meditate on our collective health and well-being this evening, and again on Thursday, at 7:30 Eastern (6:30 Central, 5:30 Mountain, 4:30 Pacific --- I think!) Love to all!

03-11-2003, 10:12 AM
Well ladies Im back. Hopefully I will have some more time now so I can hang around here a bit more. I love all this talk of spring because I could sure use a good dose of it right about now. Im fed up with all the snow and the -24 C temps that we keep getting up here. Yesterday even though it was bitter cold the sun was shinning bright so I opened all the blinds in the house and let the sun warm the rooms sure felt good.
Well I have been staying on track and have now lost 87.2 lbs. Im so close to my goal I can taste it. So Im in for your challenge I will let you know what I hope to lose in the six weeks after I go to weigh in tonight. Glad to see everyone and I look forward to catching up with you all. sorry got to run Im going shopping with my kids. See ya.

03-11-2003, 11:21 AM
Amarantha be doing very well, ended yesterday's eating at 1885, walked 40 minutes this a.m. Still tired from Curves and like Punkin I think I will limit that to three days a week. Yea, Punkin, their measuring skills s***! :) I noticed a few women whom the computer said were supposed t weigh in and measure said they didn't do that ... but I do like the workout and am more tired today than I thought I would be and something's woken my muscles. If I don't get results, I'll quit though, life's too short. It'll be nicer at Curves when the, uh, winter visitors leave, no offence intended if one be reading this ... I just mean it'll be less crowded! :)

Yesterday was interesting as my publisher asked me why I hadn't cashed a paycheck from December and I said I'd cashed all the ones I'd received and hadn't noticed one missing. He said he thought I'd lost one (that drives him crazy) and I pointed out that maybe HE'D lost it as neither of us were world-beaters for being on top of things and if he owed me the money he might just cancel the check and give me another one. He said well it cost money to cancel checks and was I sure I didn't have it so I said well I'll split the difference in bank fees with you SINCE we don't know WHO lost it ... so he sat down and wrote out another check (with no deductions) and gave it to me without another word!! So I seemingly got an extra check 'cause I DON'T think he missed any and can't figure out why his bank statement was off, but why argue when I need the money and it'd just make him made, huh? :)

Arabella: I'll be in the car at 5:30 p.m. driving through mountains (yet again) and will try to meditate at that time. Mostly the adventureous part of my job is whether I can stay away on the road, though the views are beautiful. Hope this doesn't give offense, but why do you feel you should care for ex-MIL when you're not married to son anymore? Maybe it's a hardship on him but shouldn't he be making some arrangements instead of kind of hoping you'll step up and offer? Again, no offense intended, just another way of looking at it and I don't know the people involved so I should shut up! :) I feel the way you do about the Self challenge ... that tiny wimpy little workout they recommend isn't enough for powerful women like us!!!

Dollar: Welcome back! :wave: Thou be doing wonderfully with thy weight loss! :cp:

Kaylets: No layout today and no rain (it's been in the 80s for two days), Kemo Sabe! :) I'm covering a school BORED meeting tonight unless they change the time and call to tell me 15 minutes before they meet ... which is what they did last month (they'd quietly posted the change on the administration building door but just forgot to tell me even though I'm the ONLY reporter that ever covers their meetings ... still wondering what the minutes from that meeting don't reflect)!

Ms. W: I love your flowers!!! Have a banana too! :cb:

Anagram: Congratulations on thy positive attitude and good vibrations ... spring be just around the corner (although here we're in danger of missing it if we blink!)!!! :wave:

Wsw, Hottie, Wildfire, Ceara: :wave:

Eydie: Woo-hoo on the bellydancing!!! That sounds fun and suitable for a goddess-in-training!

Avanti, guys, Amarantha must cash her extra check before certain absentminded old gents come to their senses!!! (What a sweetie he is!)

03-11-2003, 11:31 AM
Actually, up there above I meant to say it would make him "mad" not "made" ... "made" actually is an ancient Celtic form of "mad" and that's what confused me! Just joking, no offense to any ancient Celts intended!!!


No :lucky:s allowed in here, get outta here, :lucky:s if any be still lurking!

Avanti, amen and quid pro quo. Gotta go!

03-11-2003, 11:57 AM
Ok, three in a row ... forgot to answer the ? about Curves showing me the workout ... yes, they did do that twice and stuck right with me while also noting and commmenting on other people's forms, progress, etc. On the one hand I found that motivating, but on the other hand it was annoying because of things like insisting I do hammer curls on the bicep/tricep machine when I told them I couldn't feel my biceps working that way (whereas turning palms up really worked them) ... and I am very proud of my biceps already as they are quite wonderful and I wanted to do what I know works ... and as mentioned, in the counting your pulse sections (which they kept insisting on even though I didn't care) they insisted I had to get it lower when I KNOW I didn't ... and in their thinking that you burn more fat in a lower heart rate zone ... well, you do, but overall the latest thinking is that overall you lose more weight and get more fit if you get more intense ... and in their telling me to straighten my legs when they don't straighten because of old injuries (I found that annoying in tai chi, also) ... but still I like the place and will continue for awhile anyway!! Bye! Again!

03-11-2003, 12:12 PM
Empress O' Mine, I think you would have to be intentional if you want to offend me, because I do not offend very easily. Truly, people have to be pretty nasty to make me made ;) I know what you mean about this not being my problem, and it really isn't likely to end up that I do much to deal with it, esp. because DH would likely think I should be here rather than there. However, I think I might be inclined to go over to help otherwise. I just feel like there's no one else who could do it as easily as I could. Overdeveloped sense of responsibility, I guess from being the eldest of 8 kids. Just now, I've got a number of people close to me that have problems -- I have to frequently remind myself not to worry about them. I literally say to myself: I refuse to worry about that. And it really works. I can think about various situations to try to come up with solutions, but just absolutely won't waste my energy fretting over these things.

Thanks for the info about where you'll be at 5:30 -- it will help me focus during meditation. I'm going to try to focus on each of us individually and also collectively, and I think specifics help.

Kaylets, I apologize for my abundance of conflicting info -- I had said 7 or 7:30 Eastern, and then copied the little chart. And then this morning, you and I must have been posting simultaneously so I didn't see your post until after mine was online. So -- I'm going to be doing my meditation at 7:30 Eastern tonight, and then will do it again Thursday night.

Hope lots of us can make the meditation time! My idea, for anyone who missed it, was just to take 5 minutes where we could simultaneously meditate on our collective health and well-being and weight-loss efforts.

03-11-2003, 12:17 PM
Kaylets, zills are the little clickie things you wear on your fingers to make music while you dance.

Arabella, what a sweetie you are to offer to take care of xmil but I guess I'm a bit with hubbie. Although if she were always kindly to you, I can see it. Kaylets, you're right about seeing people behave differently in that kind of situation. In our case, dh's younger bro, whose earlier life had lots of wastrel aspects, turned out to do more than I ever would have expected to try to give his mother what she wanted. we were 200 miles away and while we contributed, it was the other 2 brothers and their wives who carried the day-to-day. And carry it they did. It was just in the last few months that she REALLY needed nursing home care and was still so vocally against it. To the point where one nurse threatened to turn the family in for neglect or something like that. Unfortunately, there were then problems between the wives, etc. and to this day while the brothers speak when they happen to be at the same place, mostly they do not. Each will ask dh if he's heard from the other (and he does) but they have almost no contact. We were also often in the middle during that difficult time as well (including other family members, the caretakers MIL fired regularly, etc.) but that was still the least of it. While I did offer (for dh's sake) to have her move in with us, he felt since she didn't want to leave her own home she certainly would not want to move 200 miles away. If she were or had ever been a pleasant person, I'm sure even that most difficult time would have been somewhat easier. And I don't mean just for the caregivers. I think a lot would have been better for her if she had been more flexible. Her own sister later had a situation where she needed nursing home care and came to feel much better there though she, too, had fought it earlier. She didn't enjoy her health situation but did appreciate the care and entertaining distractions, etc. that she had.

I guess what I'm trying to do is remember for when I need it what I've learned from these experiences. I know everyone likes to have some control in their lives but I've already talked to my kids about all this stuff so they need never feel guilty if the time comes when I need more care than they can reasonably give me.

Anyway, I'm really more up today than the above sounds like. Am somehow feeling better on this challenge than I was on the last week or so of the last one. Probably nothing to do with :lucky: s - probably more the thought of the 60 degree weather we've been promised for Saturday.

Will do the five minute mental hugathon this evening. Will see what impact we have on one another that way.

03-11-2003, 12:27 PM
I guess there were two posts while I was posting as well because there they were when mine came up. Almost missed them.

Anyway, Wood Nymph, I too am the oldest of eight and it has been a lifelong battle not to think I can take care of everyone. Kaylets and I had this conversation back when I first hooked up with this interesting group. For years, Dh was very accustomed to coming home and finding a note that I was hither or yon trying to solve problems for this one or that one. I have always appreciated his patience and support. There were so many of us and so many varying problems. I think I've sort of retired now though but it's hard to realize they mostly do just as well without me.

03-11-2003, 03:43 PM
hi all!

arabella-great idea for the meditation. i will be doing this too this evening.
i am having an ok day food-wise; could be better though. oh well, it's better than it was last week, so i'll take it. i'm going to do my exercise shortly. hope everyone has a good afternoon. take care, all.


03-11-2003, 03:45 PM
Ok, let's try this again - I was 3/4 the way through my post early this morning when my PC-cillin captured a virus and hung up my system. Granted, it didn't infect me, but I ended up loosing everything I was working on... :rolleyes:

Eydie - Bellydancing! What a great idea! I bet it'll trim your waistline like crazy.

Arabella - Offering up support with your exMIL is wonderful. Personally, I don't think I could be in the same room with my exMIL without wanting to strangle her. :devil:

The trip, aka "Terri - the West Coast Tour '03" - I leave on Friday of this week 3/14 for CA, fly to Yuma AZ on 3/15, fly to L.A. on 3/18, back to Sacramento the same night and drive back to Oregon on 3/19. Back to work on 3/20. With the 1,000 mile round trip drive, 4 planes, 3 states in 5 days - anyone else wanna go???? The weekend following will be spent in my pj's, watching movies, and....not....going....ANYWHERE! :nono:

Kaylets - I don't have horses, my Mom has 3. We never ended up with any rescues. The idiots that had them gave up custody so they could be adopted out and on March 1st, 125 horses were adopted - only 15 didn't find homes and they're being placed in temporary homes for now. The colt was aDORable! So soft and little! The 180 pound English Bull Mastiff that lives there (and of course that I had to love on) was bigger than him! Lots of babies coming now - I've seen some calves and kids around.

Dollar - What an inspiration you are! You are SO close to goal and I bet you *can* taste it! Wow.... I guess I should get to work - being envious isn't going to make me loose 90 pounds!

Amarantha - Ohhh, extra money is always nice!
Curves instructors - oh, don't get me started. I took phys ed and nutrition in college and was (am) a certified massage therapist (CA requires anatomy classes) and one of the things my "instructors" at Curves were trying to show me was plain *dangerous* and I told them so (sitting funny in the oblique machine). Do what makes you feel good - smile and nod at them if you know better. To work at Curves you need no physical ed training or anything, so I take what they say with a large grain of salt...

Anagram - Thank you! Zills.... I'm playing on online Scrabble game with a friend and needed a "Z" word! Hehehehehehehe :devil:

Lastly, had quite the little bargain day yesterday. Found an outfit to wear to my business meeting in L.A. next week. The Coldwater Creek outlet store was having a huge sale and I got a $129 jacket for $38 and a $45 pair of slacks for $9. All I need now is a top to go under it (found one at WalMart I think...). Now all I need is a birthday prezzie for Pops and I'm set!

Ok, time to 'save' and 'send' before something happens to THIS post!


03-11-2003, 03:49 PM
hi ladies

yea it took me a while and found my way with a little help from a amarantha.

Life is ok. Im very tired though..that is alway difficult. I really have not reason to be tired.

So working on this new diet ....its called a pound a week. My brother came up with it. He is trying to get me and my mom to lose a pd a week. Every week we have to weigh in however i weigh everyday and at the end of the week i have to report to him. He is just the cutest brother! Anyways so this is kind of getting me back on track eating healthier...however 2 slices of pizza probably did not help. :jeno: However it is the best pizza in the world..so well worth it:bravo: I will just have to work it off tonight....:dance:

I feel spring coming and i have hope! Its going to be in the 50s sometime this week!!:cb:
talk to u later

03-11-2003, 03:57 PM
Hope I spelled it right, Punkin!

What a great family idea, Scoobs - nice bro.

03-11-2003, 08:54 PM
Hello all!

Dollar-- SO GLAD TO SEE YOU!! I am so amazed at how far you've come !! And you are getting close!! Pretty soon you're going to have to run around in the shower to get wet!!

Scooby- glad you've found your way!
And the plan sounds great ! Maybe you can share tips w/ mom too!

So, I enjoyed our 5 minute tonight! At first, I thought I'd leave the tv on but realized that was just plain silly.
It seemed longer than 5 minutes didn't it??

Take care all!

03-12-2003, 02:20 AM
Well, Amarantha be back from a very negative trip BUT the positive side of it is that I did not have a binge on the drive home!!! So that is good!!! Ended eating day at 1870!

Scooby: Thou hast arrived!!! :wave: What a nice brother thou hast! I once was on a pound a week challenge ... you may remember my theme song for that: "I will lose a pound this week! I will lose it as I speak! I will lose it as I sleep! I will lose a pound this week!

Punkin: Actually, thy trip soundeth fun to Amarantha, if I didn't have to work! Don't forget to go to Dateland and have a date shake in Yuma! Thanks for sharing thy experiences with Curves. Your advice is good and I intend to follow it! I do think they ought to have more training for the staff ... with the number of people that go in and out of there, it stands to reason someone is going to get hurt eventually.

Arabella: Amarantha felt thy focus of energy at 5:30 ... thoughts of health and fitness and weight management literally floated through the Arizona high desert to reach me as I drove! And Kaylets, I "saw" thee turn off thy tv and think of health and fitness while drinking tea ... and felt the good vibrations of all of thee who were meditating en masse. That was a good idea, Wood Nymph :queen:

Anagram: I thankfully have never had that compulsion to take care of anyone at all (except Old Dog, Silly Cat and assorted budgies), but I hope you remember to take care of you, too! :)

To all, named and unnamed, avanti and au revoir. I am braindead!

03-12-2003, 06:43 AM
Ah, Wood Nymph and all, I benefitted from the meditation period. Was thinking of each individually and it took me longer than five minutes (I wasn't on clock).

A date shake sounds great and worth flying to Yuma for. Sorry you had a negative trip, Empress. but congrats on the low caloric intake. I didn't take care of myself - that has been a relatively new experience and I'm not sure I have the hang of it yet.

Yesterday I noted a second Curves relatively close to me. A friend told me over the weekend she is doing the Curves thing and enjoying it. Am mulling possibility of at least a tryout.

I am almost never up and on before Kaylets. Feel like I should have a quote for her. But the best I can do is "Good Morning, All"!

03-12-2003, 07:11 AM
hello all!!

Anagram! how are you this am? We expect warm temperatures and have misty fog because the air temp is warmer than the ground!

Always something!

I've been up but was distracted by an email from a friend and probably bored her to tears w/ my long reply.

So, here I am!!

Here we go Wednesday, here we go!!

Frankly, I am starting to think Curves sounds like a gimmick. Of course, I have never been there and have no business saying this but .......Phony science burns me up. :s:

Have a quandry all-- Remember last weeks issues on the job??
I am seeing that I am gaining more confindence on a number of levels and do see that its a real help in not being "overwhelmed"

A friend from previous job told me about an opening in her unit b/4 all this began and I sent her an old resume about 2 weeks ago. I 've yet to send an updated resume. The job is a little over an hour away , starting at 9, ending at 5:30, except when overtime would require staying later. The bulk of it would be dealing w/ same software as previous job ( which is why she wants me) and similiar job function. Evidently, she passed my resume to HR as I had a voice mail yesterday requesting I call back to do a "phone interview". BUT -- everyday I see gas prices getting higher-- and cannot imagine that this position would pay that much more to offset--

But don't want to shut the door----

Any thoughts??????????????????//

Today's thought is:

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone"--Bill Cosby

Take care all!

PS- Anyone up for Thursday meditation too???

03-12-2003, 09:39 AM
I enjoyed the meditation last night, too. Such an interesting exercise, focusing on sending energy to people I know online. It felt great. In a Reike course I took, the leader emphasized that it is very beneficial to us to send energy towards others, because we don't use our own energy but merely channel the energy of the universe, so we have that flowing through us. Oh, she also said that we should only practice on the willing, so if anyone doesn't want to be a focus, just let me know and I'll leave them out of my meditation. It's really like prayer as much as anything.

Definitely plan to do it again on Thurs. :) :goodvibes:

Kaylets, I would send an updated resume. There's nothing to lose in getting more information. And you could ask about the travel -- maybe they WOULD offset the cost. Can't hurt to find out!

Anagram, you're right -- most situations would work themselves out even if I stay out of them. I have a lot of difficulty staying out of stuff sometimes, esp. where it concerns my son. I definitely have control issues, as in I feel the need to control things that I shouldn't. Work to be done there, for sure! I remember seeing a book with the title "I Don't Have to Make Everything All Right" or something to that effect and it was a bit of a revelation. The serenity prayer is helpful!

Amarantha, glad you received the vibes well! Mmmmm.... that date shake sounds fantastic! I've got to look for a recipe.

Well, I have been on here long enough and I really should get some work done. Let's make this a good one, Girlfriends!

03-12-2003, 11:00 AM
For those of us not traveling to Yuma in the near future. :T Couldn't resist looking up a recipe! I'm definitely going to make this sometime. The recipe makes 4 cups, so you could scale it down, or... um, freeze some of it.

2 1/4 cups non-fat vanilla yogurt
3/4 cup skim milk
1/2 cup chopped pitted dates
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
5 ice cubes

1. Combine first 4 ingredients in a blender, and process until dates are finely chopped.
2. With the blender running, add ice cubes, 1 at a time and process until smooth.
3. Serve immediately.

I think you could play around with the ingredients, too. Banana-date? Maybe with a touch of ginger? Although the vanilla-date sounds really good....


03-12-2003, 11:30 AM
Good morning everyone!

I wasn't able to do our meditation because at 4:30 I was driving - I did look at the clock and think of you all though! :yes:

Amarantha - The date shake sounds yummy... I'll have to keep my eyes open for Dateland!

Kaylets - I'd definately keep your options open for the job. Gas prices aren't going to be like this forever (I don't think anyway, they always go back down, even after '91).

Curves... yes, it's gimmicky in the way that it's a new/different way to work out. My biggest beef with them, at least in my center, is that they have the place staffed by 50-70-something year old housewives that think they can offer exercise advice because they watched a video tape. That's just wrong. Not the age part, no, not at ALL, except they come from a generation where you bounced when you stretched, and God help you if you broke a sweat - you're working too hard! In my center, their attitude about exercise comes from an outdated point of view and it's a little annoying, but I ignore them. The fact that most of these women haven't exercised in forEVER, then start working at Curves and think it gives them license to give advice is just plain scarey...
All in all, I miss Jazzercise like mad - if they were local, I'd be outta Curves before you could say "change stations now".

It's supposed to rain the rest of the week, guess I'm not gonna get my car washed for my trip... oh well, it's just gonna get dirty and buggy anyway! 3 days 'till liftoff!


03-12-2003, 05:39 PM
What prolific posters; I still haven't read them all!

I really feel good about last night's meditation. A few months back there was an article I read in 'Health' magazine, I think, about a woman's experience of using her morning walk as her time to send out prayers for her friends and family. I was very touched by it at the time, and wanted to start the practice but it got lost in the shuffle--but after last night I think I might give it a try. What a great way to start the day! [thanks agin, Arabella!]

Still having some difficulty getting back on track as far as eating. Starting tomorrow I'm going to keep my food journal here again. I've been doing way too much "tasting" at work---maybe I should spit it out like wine tasters do. Hey, I've done it before!:D

03-12-2003, 06:08 PM
oh geez :dizzy: I wrote most of a great long reply yesterday, then forgot about it and ended up erasing it....so, in short.

Eydie - I bellydance too! Love it!

Punkin - Score! on the outfit :) Is your trip all work, or do you get to play a little too?

Scooby - what a great plan, and what a great family!!!!

Hello WSW, Hottie, Dollar and everyone else!!

So, I didn't do too bad yesterday, however didn't achieve any rewards either. Will be trying double hard today. So far been busy w/ house work and such.

Kaylets - I totally agree that it never hurts to ask.... if they really want you there they probably will work w/ you to make it worth your drive. :) Good though that you are becoming more comfortable at your curent position. Did you ever get to talk w/ "the boss"?

I'm so sorry ladies that I missed the meditation. I don't remember what I was doing... but I was probably in the car driving... not paying attention to the time. Thursday for Sure!!!!

Re: Curves - I've been wanting to check it out for awhile now, if I do, I'll take it w/ a HUGE grain of salt. Thanks for all of the insights.

:?: Date shakes... I don't know.:lol:

Ok, here's to a good day!!


03-12-2003, 09:14 PM
hi all!

i have not been too stellar when it comes to my food. i thought i was back on track, but the end of yesterday and today were definitely not my finest moments. oh well. i have still kept up with exercising and that's something--actually very good for me. tomorrow is a clean slate and i plan to go back to writing down my food, which seems to help me. i hope everyone has a good evening! take care, all.


03-12-2003, 09:34 PM
Hi Girls.

I'm hanging on by a frog's hair. The latest in the teenage daughter saga involved her leaving a nasty note that said she was leaving home, not being able to find her, missing person report with the police, no sleep, found her the next day and convinced her to go home and tonight she's gone to stay with my cousin for the rest of the week (March break here) because she hates us, I'm a *****, I've ruined her life, and we are completely unfair. :rolleyes:

But for tonight and hopefully the next few nights until she comes home, it is peaceful here. I'm going to enjoy it, just wanted to let you all know I haven't jumped ship, just been otherwise occupied.

03-12-2003, 09:35 PM
Hello all!

Well, not one person has told me NOT to pursue the other job.
Everyone says turn it down after an offer, if the offer isnt good enough. And I guess if ALL of you are saying the same t hing.....how can I resist..... besides which, if I don't persue it this route, if I decide I can't stay at current job, I might not care how long the drive is.

MissW-- Boss called out Fri and Mon, and was knee deep yesterday and today. But I plan on emailing him in the am asking to be put at the beginning of the list.

About 2:30 the nice, even day became WILD but I managed to keep up w/ it even though it was nip and tuck right up to 4:57.

Big shots coming thru the job tomorrow, so I went and found a pair of black dress pants to replace the flapping ones I've been wearing. Amazing how different the mirror looks when you wear the right size!

I'm calling it a night. DH's job is now very tenuous- he works in a steel mill and they use natural gas to melt the steel. Price of gas has quadrupled but the price of the steel doenst reflect the increase. Also, the truck companies won't come and pick up the steel because they want more to compensate what they have to pay for transportation fuel. The plan now is to shut the mill down for at least a week--

and it looks as though I might have a "phone interview" in my car tomorrow as I don't have a private office. I am hoping, they can all me back after I get home but at least, I will try and call them tomorrow per the voice mail they left me.

Anyone belong to BJ's?? They have a "magazine". This month there are articles about health ( coupons for candy bars but what are you going to do) -- One of the articles talks about how stress is fear of the future. That those who live in the moment are less stressed. Hmmmmm.......

Good night all.

Take care--

03-12-2003, 09:44 PM
Wildfire, we posted at the same time.

I am so glad you found her. I can only imagine what you were thinking.

You are being tested ---tested and pushed-- > Yes, I agree, enjoy knowing she's safe and sound these few days. Because I'm afraid you are going to have make a decision come the weekend.

This isnt easy. My thoughts are with you. I'm sure everyone here feels the same way.

Treat yourself really well tonight!

03-12-2003, 11:40 PM
{{{HUGS}}} wildfire! I wish you didn't have to deal with a definate daughter! I will send some good energy your way...Keep the faith my friend!

I am around and I check everyones post, but nothing much to say. Today was a trip in the City. I think my to buy list is accomplished for my house. Now to tackle my to do list!!!! I am so happy to have patio chairs for my back yard.

I am doing great excersice wise. Now, eatting can improve but it is 100% better from this time last week! PROGRESS!

I tried to find some spring clothes today. What a laugh. It will have to wait till I am in Vegas. I will go w/ an empty suitcase if need be. I am dog sitting for my dad and tonight is the first night of 10. My cat refuses to come down my BIG tree. I hope I don't have to go get a ladder come morning. Yes...she will stay up there all night if she won't budge. I am too tired to drive.

03-13-2003, 12:15 AM
Yo! Did nothing today but shop for beads, go to Curves and learn square stitch (beading, again)! Tomorrow must write as covering festival on Saturday! Was three pounds down on scale (mine) but ate 2720 calories, so ... :)

Wildfire: What a bad, bad time you are having with DD ... and so glad you found her. Probably staying with cousin is a great idea.

Speaking of which, I'm assuming everyone has seen the news ... Elizabeth Smart being found safe and hopefully sound? It is a strange story with lots of questions left unanswered, but what matters is she's ok.

Re Curves: I really do like it. Can see Punkin's point about the outdated science, but it was fun today and I ignored all rules about not doing aerobics on the aerobics platform (it's actually a recovery platform they told me and I was supposed to recover but I did walkaerobics type stuff on it and jogged in place a lot, as did most everybody). But there was a good mix of ages and the instructor was fun and motivating.

Kaylets: Good luck on your interview! My only comment might be to think carefully whether you'll mind a commute of over an hour ... I speak from painful experience of such!! :) But it'll probably be great ... hope you get it if you decide you want it!

What is BJ's?

I don't worry too much about the future anymore ... so many bad things have happened in my life that I'm just so over it ... something like the old joke: "They said, 'Cheer up, kid, things could be worse, so I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse!'" :)

What will happen will happen, we can only control our reactions to events, not the events themselves ... well, actually, we can control events to some extent ... anyhow, I digress ... what we need to do is stay strong and get fit because we can't help ourselves or anyone else if we don't do that!

Arabella: That date shake looks 500 percent healthier than the ones at Dateland, Arizona!!! I'm going to get the stuff tomorrow and try it in my smoothie machine! Thanks! BTW, thou canst focus energy at Amrantha any ol' time ... is that like reiki? I'm really rethinking the two five hour seminars I signed up for ... I'm wondering if I can make that kind of time commitment right now or if it'll be worth it to do so.

Eydie: It must be hard being a chef and not eating everything in sight! You are stalwart and an inspiration ... can you just take tiny, tiny bites? Dunno about that spitting out ... could lead to trouble! :)

Wsw: Sometimes it's good to have a high food day ... have you ever tried any of the wendy-like plans? Keeps the metabolism humming along!!!

Ceara, Dollar, Scooby: :wave: and anyone else unmentioned also: :wave:


Sorry, didn't mean to shout! YES, YOU DID, AMARANTHA!!!

Well, yes I did.

Ok, let's do this thing.

Will we succeed?



03-13-2003, 07:30 AM
Hello all!

Running late this am-- Misplaced my glasses, at least I know exactly where the "spare" pair are.

Yes, Empress, this is exacttly my point about the commute but I don't want to be wondering later..........

Today's thought is:"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential"- Sir Winston Churchill

To today's best choices!!

03-13-2003, 08:59 AM
Good Morning all!!!

Sorry I haven't checked the boards in a while. I've been so busy with work and with the wedding! Saturday is our 1 year engagement anniversary. We've actually been together 4 years.
I still have so much to do for this wedding!! I didn't realize how much work I was in for!

I'm happy to report that since the first part of february, I've lost 15lbs!!! And I'd like to welcome a new member to my family!! My new scale!!!!!!!! It's so much better than the old scale. As of yesterday it said 219 as opposed to my old scale which had me stuck at 224 for weeks. I was thinking, I couldn't possibly weigh the same, none of my pants fit anymore. They are all falling off of me. I'll get an "official" weight to you guys tommorow.

I have an appointment this evening to get my hair "fixed" from the color fiasco a week or so ago. It just keeps getting worse. Dark brown here I come!!!

Have a good day!

03-13-2003, 10:06 AM
Wildfire, how are you holding up? You must've been beside yourself and felt the full range of emotions. Must've been so scary, and then you probably wanted to throttle her! I can't imagine....We're here for you--let us know what's happening.

Flower, what sort of workouts are you doing?

Amarantha, 3 pounds gone! Excellent! Elizabeth Smart's return is miraculous. I saw an interview with her father a few minutes ago and the sweet man couldn't stop smiling!

Oh, and what's this about having the occasional high-calorie day? What's the logic behind that? [sounds good to me!]

Kaylets, anything new about the job or job offers? You're a hot commodity, girl!;)

Frogger, 15 pounds!!! You are the queen! What are you doing to have such a dramatic weight loss? Reveal all!

Have a great day, everybody. I have the day off and this is going to be 'spa day' for me. Healthy food [back to measuring and weighing], lots of working out, a home facial and for the love of all sacred, a manicure--before these cuticles wrap around my entire body!:lol: But now, that 1/2 hour bellydancing video! Time to think slithery thoughts.....:devil:

03-13-2003, 10:59 AM
High calorie day, did I hear? Well, I took care of that one yesterday. :rolleyes: I'd been doing great, but then it all fell apart in the aft. Don't quite know why, fighting a depression, but -- go figure -- the binge didn't fix it!

Also, I noticed yesterday that I seemed to be making progress. Is this self-sabotage again??? This whole thing is so complex!

So, today I vow to do those things that work (healthy food, exercise, me time , etc.) and get through this. I've already done yoga and tai chi, will go for a walk after lunch.

Wildfire, how terrible that must have been for you! Oh, the stuff with our kids is the absolute worst isn't it? Sounds like you're coping well. Remember to breathe!

Eydie, your spa day sounds wonderful! I think I should plan one of those for myself sometime soon. A spa afternoon in any case!

Frogger, WTG on the 15 pounds :eek: You're going to be a beautiful bride -- and so soon!

Amarantha, 3 pounds gone! Fantastico! I admire your counting the calories on the higher calorie days. I usually just let it all slide.

Punkin, have a great (and safe) trip if I don't see you again before you go!

Ah, let's just take this day and do the best we can with it. Love to all!

03-13-2003, 01:08 PM
Hi all. I am really trying to stay away from bread and sugar at breakfast tim e. I eat a bowl of cereal and I am twice as hungry an hour later as I was before I ate it. So today was turkey keilbasa w/ veggies stirfried. Yummy! Sure beats a slurpee and banana bread-my favorite.

As for working out. Walking has been the majority lately. I am walking my dads 100 lb dog this week. What a workout!!!! I am walking normally btwn 20-100 minutes. I am doing situps, small weights and a lot of stair climbing. I have stairs and go up and down over and over if I can't get to leave the house. Silly but it is making a difference. I asked Chris to put my stationary bike put back together today. My gym will have to wait till more is unpacked in t he house. It will stay in the garage but there is so many boxes still in there!

03-13-2003, 02:28 PM
Hello everyone and happy Faux Friday!

Yes, it's not *really* Friday, but it 'tis for me since I'll be 1/4 the way to CA by this time tomarrow!

Quite the week for shopping for me - it's made me feel pretty good about myself. First the jacket and slacks - the jacket was too big and I had to sprint outta the dressing room for a size smaller (slacks fit first try) then yesterday I bought a black blouse and black bra. Now, bra shopping is normally hellish - I grabbed the blouse and 3 different bras in different styles to try - can you believe they ALL fit???? I just had to pick the most comfy... I'll be going back to buy 3 more when I get home! :yes: Oh, and the blouse fit first try too! Amazing.

Got an email from "my guy" this morning wishing me luck in my meeting in L.A. next week and saying he had no doubts I'd do great. Very sweet...

MissWashu - No, other than my short visit with my Dad in Yuma on Sunday & Monday, it's a business trip, then home. S'okay though because a few weeks after I'm home I'm getting "invaded" by my CA friends who're coming up to stay for a loooong weekend with me!

WSW - Yes, the exercise does count for something! The eating will come around...

Wildfire - OMG! I'm so sorry about your daughter. It probably is a good thing she's going to stay out of the house for awhile.

Kaylets - I was just going to say, that if your current work situation is that bad, then yes, you probably wouldn't mind the drive! I commuted to SF for 4 years. Leaving for work at 6:20am and getting home around 6:45pm. It was hellish, but it was better than where I had been - and something better did eventually come along so that I didn't have to commute anymore. Nothing's forever.

I agree too that stress is a fear of the future. Not knowing what's in store is one of the things that always freaked me out - but like Amarantha, I've (with faith too) learned that what's meant to be, is what's gonna happen and try not to, well, stress. I used to be so bad I'd make myself physically sick. Thankfully, I seem to really embrace my changed beliefs, because normally the thought of flying and this huge meeting would have me running for the bathroom. :eek:

Flower - Is the kitty still in the tree?

Amarantha - Yes, I actually gasped out loud when I read on Yahoo news about Elizabeth Smart. I thought for sure they'd find her bones years from now or something. What a true miracle that she was found in the way she was. Again, what's meant to happen - does.

Frogger - Awsome scale! Congrats on the loss too! :cb: I bet it does feel like the wedding date is zooming up on you. It seems like the closer you get to an event, the faster time goes!

That's all from me for now. Take care all and if I'm not back today, I'll "see" you all next Thursday!

( :queen: of United Airlines, big boss o' the business meeting, and primary driver of new car to CA)

03-13-2003, 03:50 PM
Hello all!
It's only been 3 days since I last posted here and it's painfully obvious that I need to post more often! LOL I am going on vacation next week-will be away from a computer for 5 days--withdrawal and YIKES! LOL

Hey to all of you: I read so much, all my information is muddled, but glad to see everyone is hanging in there and making progress.
Kaylets WOW! I am SOOOO happy for you-you made it into the 160's!!! that is PHENOMINAL! I have my first goal as OUT of the 200's! I can't WAIT for that!!

I have still been eating out with co-workers, but I have them going to better places (like Wendy's and Subway)-I am learning that I'm not the only one who is wanting or needing better eating habits! I also have been bringing more food with me to work--for 'snacking' I am finding that I am actually eating a lot (meaning frequently) yet I still keep losing. I think this must be a "key" for me! I'm glad I've found yet another tidbit that works for me-maybe it will for someone else, too.

I am proud to say I lost another pound as of today (my weigh day is Thursday for some unknown reason)...I have been eating lots of veggies/fruits and still drinking lots of water. I have begun (just the last few days) using weights for my upper body and working on crunches. I still do the cardio, but am incorporating weights now.
I have increased my fiber and am enjoying how "full" I seem to stay, although my calorie amount is not horrendous. I feel good about my progress so far. I know it's slow-going, but when I read all of your posts, they are so inspiring that it helps keep me motivated and reaching for my personal goals!

I do have to say to Eydie....belly dancing sounds FUN -what a different way to get some cool exercise! FUN

Happy Thursday to each of you! We are "this close" to Friday!! :D

03-13-2003, 05:21 PM
Kittie came down out of the tree several times only to get spooked and go back up. She is outside hiding somewhere. I wish she'd come out so I could bring her in the garage at least. She would be safe, warm and comfy. She's probably napping in a nearby shed. At least I know she knows how to get away from dogs and get down trees. :) She is an indoor/outdoor cat since day one. I am not worried about her.

03-13-2003, 06:14 PM
Oh good Flower, glad she's self sufficient enough to take care... My 16 pound Maine Coon is an indoor/outdoor too and I don't worry about her either (at 16 pounds, what's gonna mess with her?).

Ha, indoor/outdoor, sounds like carpeting, not cats!

Hottie - Yea, we're a chatty bunch! I'm with you on the withdrawl - I'll be gone 'til Thursday of next week and I'm already dreading it... although I know on Thursday I'll have lots of time to sit and read!
Congrats on shifting the food places with your co-workers too!

I'm outta here - the power's already gone off twice because of the wind!

See you all next week!


03-13-2003, 07:53 PM
hi ladies! today has been better for me with the food; still not quite where i was recently, but definitely going in the right direction. i went back to writing down what i ate today. eydie- your 'spa day' sounds very relaxing and pleasant. i hope you enjoyed it. i had a partial one myself. i received a gift certificate for the day spa near me (for a birthday present last week) and i used part of it up on a manicure this afternoon. it was great!) i had the "spa manicure" with extra lotions and hand, arm massaging and this neat peppermint mask which felt so good on these poor dry hands of mine. i felt so pampered--it was wonderful! i have enough left on the gift certificate to have 2 more manicures and i've already made an appt. for next week. i feel so decadent!

punkinseed-hope you have (or had-by the time you may be reading this) a good trip! hottie, amarantha, and frogger-congrats on the lbs. lost! wildfire-that must be/have been so stressful worrying about your daughter. so glad she's safe, at least. kaylets-sounds pretty smart to keep all your options open regarding job offers. good luck with the interview and whatever you decide to do. flower-glad to hear the exercise is going well. hi to ceara, dollar, scooby, arabella, and everyone else. hope you all have a good evening. i do read all your posts and enjoy knowing how you are all doing. if i don't respond to each of you individually very often, it is only because i sometimes have trouble with blurred vision and some typing problems (manual dexterity not so good at times) due to ms. i want you to know though that i am thinking of each of you and wishing you all the best-always. take care.


03-13-2003, 08:54 PM
Good evening all, Im still playing catch up here trying to get back in touch with you all. So I have decided what my goal for the challenge will be, I had a bit of a set back this week I went up 1.2 I was a little disappointed, I have decided that I would like to get to the 92lb mark by the end of this challengeso that means I have to lose 6lbs I think I can do that. I go back to the doctor the 25th of this month and Im really hoping he will take me off my blood pressure pilss altogether. Im down to 20 mg of the meds he has been taking them down 10mg at a time but Im hoping to convince him to let me stop all together we have been working on this since Sept.

I really hope that I make this challenge I seem to have fallen just a tad short on the others but I will give it a good trying. Im starting a get fit class on the 24 it is only once a week but I should be able to do the work out at home as well. nce the weather improves i will be able to get back to my walking, I have been using an air walker during the winter but I haven't been on it for the last 3 weeks because I was so knocked off my feet from the cold I have had all this time and I didn't want to miss any work so the exercise was on the back burner which is too bad because I had worked myself into a nice little routine. Well I have to run because I need to clean the humidifer for my grandson for bed i'll be back soon.

03-13-2003, 09:01 PM
Hello all!

Well, go figure! The "Big phone call" was to a general Human Resource mailbox. I wonder if I misunderstood my voicemail, perhaps they were asking me to call to arrange a phone interview.
I thought about calling from my car by cell phone but wasnt sure how long they needed so tried from my desk when most of the dept went to the cafe for breakfast snack. I asked for the woman who called me but was immeaditately put into the general HR voice mail. So I told them I was interested but had no privacy at my desk and that I hoped they call me at home . So we'll see.

DH and I were able to meet for supper, me on the way home from work, he was on the way bowling. We both had Home Style Tofu. He likes his firey hot and spicy- not I . I wanted something different than the usual "Buddhist Delight".

DH says I looked exhausted and I think part of it is the rain making my sinuses swollen. But there's no point in forcing myself to stay up so I'm going to run some dishes thru the dishwasher and call it a night.

Take care all-- Punkin-- We miss you already!!

03-13-2003, 09:44 PM
Wildfire - stay strong. How difficult it must be. Hope dd's self destructive stage ends quickly and that cousin is able to help her sort out some thinking while she's thee.

Safe trip, Punkin - we'll miss you.

Kaylets, figuring out all these job moves IS exhausting. Hope you get lots of rest. Would hate long commute myself but as P. said, nothing's forever.

Also congrats to those who had the weight loss payoff this week. I'm still all over the place and am (I hope) stay off scale for a while. I peeked the day before weigh in and was 213 and feeling good. Weigh in day I was 215.8 again and this morning 214. So I think I'm going to use the Pants-o-meter for a few days or until I lose enough to stop this scale silliness. Bought a new outfit this afternoon and pants size turned out to be a great improvement. Also, through a series of store sales, coupons, and a buy 12, get one free card, I got both (Dunner) for 21.60. I figured out I need three things yet to be sort of set for spring and well into summer so I'll just concentrate on those over the next weeks. this was an "extra"

Anyway, again I'm far behind on reading posts (and I don't think I was away very long). So to all unmentioned yet, have a good one and at least I'll be reading all if not responding individually right now.

03-14-2003, 12:03 AM
Wildfire...check in to say you are dealing with this okay. My kitty came home! She is hiding in the garage. I have a small kitty dog so she can come in if she feels like it. I unpacked a lot in the garage today. I am wiped out!!!! I walked 45 minutes too. My inside house is a mess. Tomorrows project!

03-14-2003, 01:49 AM
So much to catch up on, but I need to go to bed ... another high cal day, but a bit less than yesterday. Please excuse the following if it is rambling or if you've heard it, which you likely have but typing keeps me from eating and this is more interesting than the town council meeing story I was trying to write.

Eydie: Re high-cal days ... it's an old idea but lots of people seem to think they invented it ... (actually I invented it ... not really, but I used it back in the good ol' days when I actually lost 100 pounds) ... there are various WW people using this maverick program they call "The Wendy Plan" or variations thereof ... where they eat different point levels on different days ... a popular mag publicized Wendy a few months ago (Woman's World) and there's a website. Bodybuilders now call it "overfeeding" ... in the old, old days, they called it "calorie cycling" ... Body for Life calls it a free day ... and they all think their way is the only way it can be done ... anyhoo, I digress, basically, it's just that proponents of this idea (including me) think the metabolism adjusts itself to a certain calorie level if one consistently stays at that level and that's a major reason for plateaus ... but if eat low cal for, say, two days, then eat more on the third day (or whatever), the body says, "Thank goodness, she's not starving, we can rev the metabolism up to normal again."

Variations of this really do work for most people and it worked great for me when I was losing a lot of weight. I did it every week and kept spreadsheets averaging my total weekly calories (still do) and overall the averages were the same as on weeks where I ate level every day ... but I lost more weight on the up and down weeks.

But at some point this started to backfire and it's gotten harder and harder to go low after I've gone high ... I just keep going high!!!! :)

And so it goes. Today's calories: 2680. I'm sure I've gained the three pounds back and I'm extremely tired from the change in exercise programs and I must work all weekend ... oops, digressing again.

Punkin: See you on Thursday! :wave: Enjoy Yuma ... it's really a nice place. Yes, I think it's a kind of miracle about Elizabeth though I feel for the emotional damage she's likely to suffer for years from the trauma of her strange ordeal. I've heard all the news reports and talking heads, including those who liken this to Stockholm Syndrome, Patty Hearst, PTSD, etc.

Wsw: No worries re not being able to respond to each and every post ... we all suffer from that as it's true we are a chatty group. It's kind of understood, IM (not humble) O that when we are talking, we are talking to all!!! :)


Well, must go bead now and then sleep. I've become obsessed with square stitch (also called "false loom stitch" and a couple of other names) and am making a bracelet with an old, old rose pattern, except mine look like tulips. I am using delicas ... cream for the background, pale pink for the flower and I added a lavender stamen for good measure, green stems, and pale yellow nymo (bead thread). This looks so much like loom work but there's no setting up of the loom and no warps to deal with.

Ok, I really must stop posting so many bead things and will shut up.

Wildfire: Hope all is well with thee and DD!

Bye all!

03-14-2003, 07:09 AM
Here we go Friday, here we go!!!!!

COLD here again this am, sky was inky blue and stars twinkling. Wind must have been blowing all night.

I feel more rested this am and am relieved as I was afraid of a virus. Hmmm, we always think everything but stress don't we??

Oh no, did I forget about a meditating last night? Maybe not, we didnt discuss it again did we??

So here we are on Friday-- And our Queen of Friday has gone to survey her charges in Yuma and to visit w/ her Royal Dad.

We shall carry the Friday Banner as best we can without her! I have put the banner out on the porch so the breeze catches it. Its still under the overhang so I think its safe but we can see it thru the bay windows and everyone on the lake or the opposite shore can see it too.

So, kettle is on, I'm making your favorite!! Hot off the press, NO GUILT and FreshStart cards in Spring colors! Has everyone grabbed a life preserver???

Come on in, pull up a chair, positive energy seems to be in every corner!!!

Today's thought is:"People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it"

To today's best choices!!!

03-14-2003, 09:42 AM
Ah, seize the day! Invigorated at the moment (since reading posts) and hope to make it a good one. Sun out, still cold but SUPPOSED to be in the 40s today and warmer over the weekend. That's warm enough for an outdoor walk and so it's on my schedule.

I subscribe heartily to that hi(gher) calorie theory because my metabolism tanks easily. Like the Empress, I oft forget that I've had that high day and redo it, just to be sure.

Good one, all!

03-14-2003, 10:12 AM
Very sunny here...hard on the deprived eyes.

Just fly-by...am off the wall with my focus these days...will try to get back on the treadmill of life...but you know gettin' old is a pain...I like the b word better but I'm not talkin' about female dogs...been bleedin' for a month now and I'm gettin' tired...time to talk again!! to the GP....think I'll ask for a referral to a gyno. This is ridiculous! Anyway, off to a grievance hearing...ha fun :no:...and then the rest of the day. I'd better eat something...fruit I guess, but I feel distinctly unwell...Would hate to black out tho...

Youse guys are doin' great...welcome to flower and wsw and anyone else I missed. I think the :lucky: are gettin' lonely tho...should send all the :dance: 's over to keep them company!!!



03-14-2003, 10:30 AM
Ceara, I was just wondering about you! Sorry to hear you're having what my father still charmingly calls 'female trouble'. Yeah, have that checked out--no wonder you're feeling weak!

Just did an hour long Pilates video. I've never gone that long before--it was quite challenging, but good!

Thanks, Amarantha, for the info. Makes sense--I guess that was the idea behind WW's 'weekends off' thing they did a few years ago? I'll check out the Wendy website!

And speaking of keeping the body guessing, I'm thinking about shaking up my weight training. It's embarrassing to say this, but we have a fabulous "real" weight machine in our basement and it mocks me every time I go down to do laundry. We bought it maybe 7 years ago and in spite of our good intentions, never really used it. So I'm thinking about it........

Kaylets, yikes! I DID forget about our meditation. I can't believe I did that 'cause I really like it. Next time I'll put bright yellow stickys around to remind me. :o

03-14-2003, 10:55 AM
Official weight as of today 220. Kinda bummed out that I went up a lb. But oh well.

This weekend I'll be shopping for a veil and some undies for my dress. I'm really getting excited about the whole thing!!!!:p
Wish my fiance was as excited. He generally doesn't get excited until about 2 weeks before anything. He's more looking forward to the honeymoon!!!:devil:

Anyway, I'm stuck here at work until goodness knows when. I had to take over someone else's work since she went home sick this morning. Bummer

03-14-2003, 11:22 AM
Ceara, absolutely get referral to gyn. With all that and dieting as well, anemia can rear it's ugly head and that could be why you're feeling distinctly unwell.

Eydie, great on the exercise as well. I understand well the exercise equipment mocking you. I did start back on my ski machine but then went through some unwell time and it's calling to me again. But then I do want OUTSIDE exercise so am planning to walk.

Frogger, groom's role from now to wedding is to be calm when you're not, to agree with all your planning and not to get cold feet. The most important role is to be calm.

Also forgot to meditate last evening. Remembered about 8:30 - internal clock was way off. Actually the problem was I forgot it was Thursday.

03-14-2003, 02:05 PM
hi everyone!

it's beautiful and though cool, it is sunny here today. yesterday, it was actually even warm. this weather is definitely giving me spring fever. i'm inching my way back to lowering my cals. more healthfully. i've continued exercising regularly, so that is feeling good. well, i hope everyone has a pleasant friday. take care, all!

03-14-2003, 02:09 PM
Had a lovely outdoor walk. Saw lots of bulbs coming up in neighbors' yards where the snow has started to melt away from the houses. Piles of snow being reduced but still a lot here.

Now I'm going to head off to store where I got my bargain yesterdy and just see what else I might come across. ;-).............
Beats eating!

03-14-2003, 07:43 PM
Thank you, everyone, for the support regarding my teenager, a.k.a "The Walking Attitude". :D My cousin is five years younger than me(he's 28), so he's playing the "cool cousin" role and he and his girlfriend (?) (really common-law wife) are subtley talking to her without coming off as nagging or lecturing. They are telling here that we really are not ogres, and that failing three classes out of four deserves a good grounding, and that as much as she might dislike or deny it, WE are the adults which means WE are in charge, not her. He has been explaining to her that all she had to do is what I ask, namely GO to school, PASS her classes, and do a minimal amount of housework here. Really, that's all I ask of her. I don't think I'm unreasonable. She thinks I am. She got it in her head that her grounding should be lifted since it is March break here and she had no school this week. I disagreed, she left. I'm trying to explain to her that when she makes choices (not attending school, failing) she has to take responsibility for her actions and accept the consequences (grounding). But for this, I'm a ***** and other descriptive expletives that I won't post here and she hates us.

So, having her stay with my cousin for a few days is giving her the chance to see things through his eyes, because anything we tell her is met with hostility and immediately ignored. It's also giving us some peace here at home. When she comes home on Sunday, she is to resume her grounded status. If she can bring me proof from school that she is attending classes and show me passing grades (she had a science test last week), then we'll negotiate the rest of her grounding. If she shows me that she did well on the test, for example, I'll consider letting her go out on Friday night. I feel I have to stand my ground, though, or she'll never learn that she has to face consequences for bad choices.

I wasn't overly worried when she disappeared because she is a smart kid, she just prefers her social life to school. She wouldn't put herself in a risky situation knowingly. I was sure she went to a friend's house, and she did. I called the police more because I told her I would if she left, and that her friends could also get in trouble for hiding her because she is a minor. I thought it was important to follow through on it, and if she didn't turn up, I wanted them looking for her.

This is just a quick post to let you all know I'm hanging in there. I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow. Hubby is waiting for me to join him for a movie.

Kaylets, Congrats on the 160's!!!

03-14-2003, 08:00 PM
You are so together, Wildfire. And the "cool cousin" will surely help. (My younger bro is only six years older than my dd was and he was usually a good influence because he wasn't an old fogey).

Bought two more tops to match outfit I bought yesterday. Sis's dh had bought her identical slacks and two other matching tops for her bd. We often end up with the same things from the same sale at the same store. Great minds and all that.

Have a nephew getting married this evening in Texas. His Mom and bro tried to fly out of Alaska to get to the wedding but were turned back at Anchorage because of the high winds they were showing on tv. Have not heard whether they were able to catch a flight that would still have them get there on time. It wasn't looking good last I heard.

Empress must be getting all that work belted out. No posts for the day yet.

03-14-2003, 08:45 PM

Shopping! I need to do it too!

The black dress pants I replaced this week are so worn looking I'm not even sure they're worth holding on to "give" away. Just wore them into the ground. Still such a Yankee at heart, am only buying what I must as I still have more sizes to go thru. Now that spring is coming, might find a few pieces to wear to work but
am not sure what there might be. Some things have been waiting for almost 15 yrs! Might be moth holes or what have you!

Am planning to go to a family party Memorial Day to celebrate my parents 50th wedding aniversary. But I figured I'd buy just before we left as I definitely want to be wearing a size that fits, nothing baggy in the family photos!!

Anagram, hope your family doesnt have to hang out in airports too long!! Did you see any robins on your walk? Isnt it great to see the spring flowers making their way up out of the ground?

Frogger, don't fret about the scale! Its just temporary! What kind of veil are you thinking??

Wildfire, Not sure if you're school system does this but we were disappointed to find the HARD way, that the highschool here decided if a phone call came in regarding an absence, they wouldnt notify the parents. Never mind the calls came 17 days in a row-- from DS saying he was DH!!!!
I'm not saying you have to annouce that you'll be doing your own checking but we were the naive ones, " So much homework today, can't believe it...." Even had the b..... to spend the lunch money and then when caught, complained about selection of food in the fridge. ( That's how we figured it out too, too much food disappearing).
Frankly, the pattern here at our house, is the more trouble and guilt, the more dramatics. Programs could be sold at the door.
I used to be a very big believer of "its their room". The first time I did a search I felt terrible but my suspicions proved me right. More than once. And DH was FURIOUS I'd think to do a search.
And DS tried to guilt us about it. "My room! Don't you remember what MY means??" and naturally, DH asked ,"Don't you remember whose house your in?"
I'm not saying you're DD is in more than a temporary slump at school--- and I hope that's all it is, that she feels overwhelmed because some of the work is at a faster pace and that a tutor or time w/ your guidance will get her back on track.... I hope this isn't like our story....all I'm suggesting is that better safe than sorry.
We discovered the only time DS was going to school towards the end was when he found out a parent was staying home.

anyway-- I've gone on way too long.

Hope eveyone else is having a relaxing Friday night.

Let me post and see who else has been by.

03-14-2003, 09:51 PM
Yo! Fly-by postie to announce another high cal day ... weight was back up ... must stop that weighing everyday stuff and have decided when it comes down to the Curves weigh-in day, I'll tell them I don't wanna do that! I do love the workout though ... very fun and I feel stronger.

Wildfire: Glad thou be holding up against the inroads o' the young on thy nerves! Hope everything settles down but thou be right to make good on thy promises, IM (not humble) O!

Kaylets: Thy story be all too scarily common, methinks ... a neighbor (the husband of Amarantha's ex-best-friend) asked me to take him to the high school a couple of years ago so he could give some the kid some money (the ex-friend's husband is legally blind and was unemployed at the time, so he worried a lot) ... anyhow, we went over to the school ... the kid had just transferred back there from another high school where he'd thought he wanted to go but only stayed a few weeks ... my neighbor went in and came out with a puzzled look and said the boy wasn't there and hadn't been there for about two weeks ... they hadn't noticed it is a huge bureaucratic school apparently staffed by idiots who DID get the paperwork transferring the kid back but figured he changed his mind when he never showed up ... turns out he'd been spending his days in the park watching old men fish and thinking about life (he said).

Anyhow, I digress again.

Eydie: Hope thy exercise machine finds it's way upstairs soon!!! Poor thing. It's probably lonely.

Ceara: I agree, if thy condition has been going on for a month GO TO THE DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY! Really! Do it! Check it out, don't assume it's nothing! (In my biz, there's an old saying, "If your mother says she loves you, check it out!) Especially if you don't feel well. Ok? Ok!

Frogger: The day neareth!!! Hope thou findeth just the right veil and undies! :wave:

Wsw: Good for thee in continuing to exercise! Have a great weekend1

Anagram: Thou be a shopping animal lately! Good for thee in springing into spring in new duds ... and for taking an outdoor walk as well!!!

Kaylets: I also am refusing to buy much until I get back into my smaller sizes ... it's gonna happen for both of us ... soon, very soon, I can feel it!!! Come Memorial Day, mayhap ... ?

Well, I plan to arrive at the festival I'm covering tomorrow very, very early to get into position for the parade ... and Old Dog and Silly Cat are driving me mad today, just generally jumping on stuff and making noise (cat) and smiling at me to come play (dog), so I'll go settle them down with some treats.

I fully agree we should send all extra :dance:s to the Lucky Strike Motel to amuse the :lucky:s, who I hear are still lurking about there, smoking and drinking and playing poker and raising all sorts of havoc in the desert.


03-15-2003, 07:57 AM
Hello all!

Looks like upstairs bathroom might be leaking from a seal -- always something isn't it??

Scale is still holding at the 168 mark so I am beginning to believe I'm really below 170.

Ceara- About 4 yrs ago, I also was like you-- then, someone told me when they're thyroid dosage was too high they had the same symptons---- I wasnt taking any medication but was handling thyroid medication for a dog ( now deceased). We could only get human size pills and had to give the dog a quarter of a pill. I started making sure my hands were in soap and water the minute the dog got his pill. Bleeding let up too. But I remember the dragging exhaustion --- horrible.

wsw- Did you mean a 'cat/doggy door?' I wish I could do the same. Would be very handy except I wonder, I have one dog who'd be out in the yard all night barking and barking. She'll go out there and get every dog out barking back at her. I guess they're discussing all their owners!

Flower-- I bet you're burning lots of activity points unpacking! Two for the price of one! Just remember, bend w/ the knees!!
Those big machines are so intimidating too if you ask me. But who says you can't jump on and do 3-5 minutes of one routine?
If you were in the gym, w/ different machines, it be the same, right?

Another thread talks about how some of us don't even do 5 minutes of something because "perfectionsim" has us thinking we need to do a "whole workout" or its not beneficial. If you're trying to raise your heartrate, that's a whole different argument. But I didnt realize for the longest time that NON aerobic acitivty can be done in small does and be just as beneficial.

BJ's; Empress, is a warehouse club like Costco or Sam's -- In fact, Denise Austen has big article in this month's "Bj's Magazine" and she points that out about Yoga, pilates, and resistance work.

Anyway, time to hit the showers as DH's truck has an appointment to get the windshield replaced.

Dollar, Arabella, Anagram, Miss W, Ceara, Punkin, Empress, Autumn (?) Scooby, Frogger, Flower, ------ Let's make this a great Saturday--
I'm hoping to post a Saturday chuckle later but even if I don't, lets all look for something comical today.....!!

Today's thought is:
The Sufi's advise us to speak only after our words have managed to pass thru the gates. At the first gate, we ask ourselves, " Are these words true?" If so, we let them pass on; if not, back they go. At the second gate we ask, "Are they necessary?" At the last gate, we ask: "Are they kind?"

To today's best choices!!

03-15-2003, 09:48 AM
Yo! Amarantha be taking a sabbatical for a few weeks but will more than likely be lurking somewhere about the place! Avanti and au revoir Springettes! :wave: :grouphug:

03-15-2003, 10:12 AM
Everyone is doing so well. It must be the cabin fever that is going around! I walked twice yesterday. Under no curcumstances should any dieting person go into pizza hut. It is too hard. Lets just leave it at that. I could have had the salad bar, but this one sucked. There was more fat in their toppings than the pizza! Their dessert pizza is yum, if you ever decide to have a free day. :)

Wildfire- more {{{HUGS}}} I am not looking forward to the teenage years. Well, to everyone...keep this up, we can do it. It is so close to shorts and sandle weather. We want to look as good as we can.

03-15-2003, 09:50 PM
Hi All
I worked today if you want to call it that. My boss came in to do some extra work and discovered a leak in her office from all the melting ice and after we checked it out more we found a leak in the dinning right where one of our resident's sits and the ceiling was actually falling a little. so the two of us head outside with a pole and hammer in hand to knock down some of the ice. In places it was 18 inches thick, so I spent most of my day doing that until the maintainance man could get in and he had much better equipement. Once I left work I went out for dinner to the Mandarin Restaraunt good thing I worked so hard at workso I burned up some extra calories to make up for what I ate. This was a belated birthday dinner with my husband, my brother that I found last year and his wife. We were suppose to go Feb 21 the day after my birthday but I was so sick with my cold and we had a bad storm coming so we had to cancel. We had a very nice time, it was a buffet but I stayed away from the heavy desserts like cake and ice cream and tarts and I had fresh fruit and a small dish of rice pudding. My husband just laughed he said a little late to start watching your points now the damage is done. This being very true I said why make things worse besides i would have felt terrible if I had eaten the heavy desserts because the sweet stuff just doesn't seem to agree with me anymore, good thing.

I'm off tomorrow and I hope it is a beautiful as it was today I sure didn't mind knocking down ice on a great day like today. Well I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care all.

03-16-2003, 06:50 AM
What? Where goeth our Empress??? I hope you'll be back soon, we'll miss you!

I woke up yesterday morning with a plan. I was going to get a treadmill, and I didn't care what I had to do to get one. So I woke hubby up at 6am to tell him so, not knowing he'd stayed up until 4am watching tv. :D We picked out a nice one in the $2,000 range, and it will be delivered on Wednesday. I'm going to have this big honking exercise machine in my living room because we live in an apartment and there isn't room anywhere else, but who cares? I rarely have company and I plan to use it every day. I've wanted to buy one for years but the price tag was discouraging. I rationalized it by telling hubby if I didn't get one, I'd spend at least $1,000 on new clothes for spring/summer because the stuff from last year is all too tight, and by next winter all the stuff I'm wearing now will be too tight and it would cost him more than $1,000 for new winter clothes!

Dollar, wasn't it beautiful here yesterday? Supposed to be warmer today, but foggy I think.

Flower, everyone needs a break and a splurge now and then. Just climb back up on the wagon today!

Kaylets, interesting about the 5 minute vs. total workout thing. I have to say I'm guilty of that. I should start telling myself that I only have to do 5 minutes, because usually once I get started I'm willing to do more. It's the getting started.

Kaylets, I'll put the kettle on this morning since I've been up since 5am. :) Maybe I'll whip up a batch of low-fat muffins while I'm in the kitchen.

03-16-2003, 08:12 AM
Wildfire! I could smell the muffins baking from as I was coming up the walk! And when I stepped up on the porch, my mouth was watering!! DearBeagleDogs needed to go out at 3:30 and when
they came back in, I jumped back under the quilts.

Here too, the weekend has been mild. We have just two small piles of snow in the front so I spent a few minutes out there yesterday. Not sure, but I think one of my "4'oclock's " are pushing up.

DH had to go to work yesterday but didnt leave till after 12 so while he was gone, I did "chores" in pieces throughout the afternood. Made the Mushroom/Barley soup and good thing I had double package of fresh mushrooms as I started "tasting" the soup and wound up having to add the extra package of mushrooms so it wasnt just "Barley" soup.

Empress- we are keeping your chair warm and await your return. We are hoping you'll abscence will be a short one!!

Flower- How's that unpacking going?

Dollar- Sounds like you had plenty points earned from the ice moving excercise!! Sounds as though your employers would be lost without you! How many other people would say, "sorry, not my job!" - Good for you!! And PS, could you have done that 90 lbs + ago???

Today's thought is:

"I believe that man will not merely endure; he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he along among the creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of kindness and compassion." Willam Faulkner

To today's best choices!!

03-16-2003, 08:39 AM
Good Morning all!

Kaylets no i could not have done that 90 lbs ago and I told my boss that yesterday. If this had happened at this time last year I would not have been able to help her. I have bad knees but with all the extra weight last I could not have managed to climb oveer snow banks and balance on slippery chairs, I was still terrified of the ice but I always will be I have had one too many serious falls that have led to more surgery in the past.

Looks like we are in for another nice day today so I will get out for a walk today maybe even 2 Im very determined that I want to be down this week at least what I put on last week so weigh in is on Tues so I better get craking to make up for last nights meal. The best thing about the nice weather is getting up to hear the birds outside chirping it really lifts my spirits. Well I hope you all have a great day.

03-16-2003, 08:54 AM
Empress, be safe and well during your sabbatical. You will be missed. Pray return refreshed and renewed in body and in spirit.

Wildfire, I too have been up since 5 a.m. and NOT happy about it. But am off to see the princesses today and to bask in their affection.

Had another great outdoor walk yesterday and a good day overall (not in the diet sense but every other way).

So my second cup of green tea is ready and then off for the drive south towards Frogger, just not that far. Our snow is going but still lots in our yard. Will seem strange to see none (be that the case between here and there).

At church last evening, so many were already sporting spring togs and colors and I think EVERYONE was out yesterday. terrible traffic but surely to be expected on such a nice day.

So enjoy, all ye Springettes. Our time is here.

03-16-2003, 12:09 PM
I am stiff as a board today. I unpacked for 7 hours yesterday. Garage stuff. Camping, christmas, misc stuff. Stuff you don't realize you are missing til you need it. I ran my dads dog last night too. I haven't ran a mile and 1/2 since PE in 86. So, today I unpack 7 misc junk boxes I brought in the house last night. I am doing wonderfully on my eatting. It will all balence out in the end. I am going to be slightly lazy and drive to Walmart to get the Sunday paper. I should walk, but not sure I could make it home, besides gallons of milk are a a bit heavier over 2 mile return trip. I am going to stretch and try to get all these kinks out. Have a wonderful Sunday ladys!

03-16-2003, 07:31 PM
What a gorgeous day it's been! Had lunch on the deck at daughter's today - it was 70 degrees. Lots of little hugs and kisses to keep me going for a while. DS/DDIL also came over so it was (as dgd puts it) "our WHOLE family". I don't think that's happened since Thanksgiving and it was enough to put a big grin on my face.

Only exercise was lifting those living weights and food was not the best (diet wise, I mean) but it still was a good day for my overall health.

Looks like everyone was out having fun today - not much posting. Unusual for this thread but we are the Springettes and should be outside enjoying Spring (unofficial yet as it may be).

03-16-2003, 07:44 PM
It was GORGEOUS here today, too!! It was in the low 70's! WOW-really, REALLY a gift for this time of year!

I have a question for everyone: how do you keep looking ahead with the weight-loss? I know it takes time-LOTS of time/ probably 1-2 pounds a week at the most (some weeks, I don't lose anything)....I get frustrated especially when I think "oh, by spring, I'll be such and such" and with gorgeous days like today, i realize I may not even come close the goal I was hoping for.
Anybody have any good advice? Ive not been very "good" with my eating the last few days.

Thanks! :D

03-16-2003, 08:13 PM
Hello all!!

Time for a refill ?? Let me light a these little votives as evening approaches. They're your favorite scent and if I place them here in front of the mirror, the flames will reflect !

DH and I made our 5 loaves of bread to get thru the week and then went out on a hunt for bulgar as we saw the lady on the Cooking Thin show using it to make Veggie Burgers. Did find a Kasha mix which is close enough although I suspect I am going to need bigger quantities but its a start.
DH also dusted off his Juice Machine and made juice w/ more cabbage, celery, etc ingredients than fruit and carrot to see if that kickstarts his refocus. He was regaining and unhappy about it but was caught in that sugar cycle w/ the vending machines at work. It's tough to watch them regaining without saying anything - but I managed to keep quiet (except for one day when the refrigerator door was getting the workout!)

Went to a neighbor's to admire her pretty new wallpapered kitchen. Motivated me to start a project list too. Small things, like repainting the front and garage doors, things like that. Also need to plan a big yard sale. Maybe even run down to the farmers market if I can get there b/ 4 the weather gets too hot.
Am hoping to put in vegetable garden too.

Finally figured out that the water dispenser we bought doesnt need the round bottle the picture on the box shows. So, we aren't fighting w/ the filter on the sink anymore but still have filtered water in the kitchen.

Was looking for something else and bumped into my weight loss numbers showing the amount lost. Funny how you know where you started, and know where you are now but up until today, didnt realize what the number lost was. ( Which isnt exact as about the first 6 weeks or so, I wouldnt get on the scale to look and then when I finally decided to weigh myself, I wasnt getting a real reading as it was the old dial scale and I had to lean over so far to read it I was making the scale top heavy --- Digitals make it so much simpler). Point of that long complicated story is that, even though we set a goal, are we really seeing the results? Smaller sizes, lower numbers, but are we really believing it?
I have photos of myself in clothes I can wear now. I remember very clearly when the photo was taken that I felt "too big" to be in the photo. My hair was very. very long compared to how I wear it now. I put the picture up at my desk the last time I joined WW's as motivation. Many people asked who the person in the photo was. And then, stunned silence when I told them it was me. A few recovered nicely and said the haircut made the difference but I suspect almost 60 lbs made a difference too!!

I remember feeling the same way in highschool, ( the first time I joined WW's ) and now, wish I was at my highschool start weight!! But I was always comparing myself to the size 3's. Wasn't till I was much older that I found out the size 3's were getting implants to look more like me!

Is it like the movie "Field of Dreams" --- " If you build it they will come?"--- Only, " I think I'm overweight so I will become more overweight" ?? I wonder.

So..... if my theory about my own mindset is correct, than I need to believe I am eating healthier and am becoming healthier.

So, I have finally found a focus for this challenge. I mentioned NonScale Victories-- I am going to post habits I've changed.
I will keep adding to a list I keep for myself and maybe I will begin to realize.

Sunday musings.

03-16-2003, 10:00 PM
hottie...if we do nothing to get fit or do a 1/2 a** job, then in 3 months we will look back and say, wow I could have fit this stupid sun dress if I had just tried during spring!!! Think of it as cleaning the house, if you never tackle any of it, you will be in a pigs sty with a huge mess, but if you tackle a little bit at a time, someday you will have a clean house. But you have to continue cleaning or it gets messy, same as dieting!!!

03-17-2003, 07:09 AM
Hello all!

:rain: :rain: :rain: :rain:

What's that about April Showers?? Oopps, its still March!

Expect to have a meeting this am w/ the boss as I requested my meeeting be earler than Thursday. Or my request will be denied but I am sure my request raised an eyebrow. Doesn't this sound like fun??

And just for good measure, TOM has arrived this am. And you'll never guess what happened!! Scale shows an increase but I really believe its TOM ( well maybe the Mushroom Barley soup was salty?? ) --- SO, I will follow the Empress's rule that this is a MAINTAIN rather than a gain.

So Hottie, you're question is perfectly timed for my Monday--
How do you keep the daily grind motivating and interesting?

Shall I bring out what every article always says?? " You didn't gain the extra weight overnight...."

Think about what will work for you- for me, I need a plan w/ very reachable goals w/ a few harder to reach goals mixed in. As I meet the reachable goals, it helps motivate me to keep reaching for the harder goals. Some folks also measure themselves to compare those numbers w/ the scale. I wish I had done that but if you notice what my Tiara says, I am "Queen of Denial". I used to say that all of a sudden I turned around and was shocked by what I saw. ( Course, maybe the size 24's were a clue too??)

I just do the best I can for that day. If I'm not really excited ( hmm, like this am??), I just go thru the motions. I still pack the water, park the car in the same not so close spot , etc, etc. And even if I'm just hanging on by a thread, I'm at least doing better than when I tried to cheer myself up w/ chocolate in both hands.

Most of us are not overeating because we have physical hunger.
If I don't find a way to celebrate and enjoy my journey UNLESS the scale shows a decrease, when I'm at my goal weight, what will I celebrate then?

But it can be grind to keep seeing the glass as half full-- So I borrow every trick, secret, shortcut, weapon I can from whereever I find it. I have my size 24's hanging outside my closet, I still carry my "fat" drivers license (its amazing the eyebrow raise I get now), I wear a watch that floats around my wrist and nearly comes down to my thumb---- and yet, I still catch myself off guard.
In short, ( too bad I just didnt do the short version,
;) , I am finding new ways everyday to stay motivated too Hottie- I'm just like you-- I'd love to hear how you motivate yourself, perhaps I can "borrow" an idea from you!

Today's thought is:They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.-- Andy Warhol

To today's best choices!!

03-17-2003, 07:09 AM
Geez Flower:flow1:, well said! Huzzah!

It was gorgeous here yesterday as well. The ditches were overflowing...the snow is melting..we got nailed with snow last Thursday, and the birds are singing and building nests...those pesky little LBJ's. Have heard and seen robins, killdeer (when the groundbirds are back you know Spring is around the corner), grackles, blue jays (the southern relatives are back to join the hardy souls who stay all winter), same with the cardinals...who are madly singing high in the maple trees, flights of geese and swans...they are so beautiful..and of course those really dumb mourning doves...I swear they are as bad as turkeys!!!

Anyway I think my goal for this week will be to actively appreciate at least one beautiful thing around me. Will try to keep you posted.

Happy St Patty's Day!!! :lucky:'s go home now?


03-17-2003, 08:51 AM
Happy :lucky: to you all!!!

I finally found a veil. Was in Michaels and they had pre packaged finished edge veils (2 tier w/comb) for 14.99! Friday night I had gone to G Street fabrics to price bridal illusion and they had premads there too. The cheapest I could find with a finished edge was 37.00!! Mom and I are going to attach some pearls or flowers to the comb to make it nice. Also bought flowers to make my own toss bouquet. I figured I'd give it one more shot. Doesn't have to be perfect since I'm chunking it over my shoulder anyway!!! Oh, and PS my shoes are being delivered! Got notification on friday!

Sorry for the short post but I've got to get working!

03-17-2003, 10:59 AM
Frogger, I am a florist, PM me if you have any questions on the toss bouquet???? Okay?
The scale said it was 190.5. Nope, must be wrong. I lost that freaking pound last week. I have been doing so good. I am not discouraged, just was hoping to show a Monday loss! Dumb #'s! I can't get my ring off so, I am a bit swollen, so maybe in a few days the numbers will go back down.

03-17-2003, 11:21 AM
Top o' the mornin' to ya!

I'm up too, flower. Really bad but was bad on the water over the weekend (not to mention food). However, I did my usual Monday Fresh Start and expect to lose that water soon.

Have the stew in the crock pot and made soda bread on Sat. So I'm off to the pool in a bit and then being as leisurely as I dare for the rest of the day.

Picked up my six boxes of G. S. cookies. Hope they fare well in the freezer.

Great Monday all. And esp. Kaylets in that mtg with the boss! Can't believe that veil price, Frogger. Do miss the Empress and where art thou, Wood Nymph? Wildfire, figure thou has thy hands full. And miss the Queen of Friday as well as she doth her adventures.

03-17-2003, 01:38 PM
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Well, I went up a lb. this week. I hope it was just water because I was OP, but it still isn't what I wanted to see. Hopefully though, my weigh-in next week will be better. Sometimes, it's hard for me to keep my eye on the prize when I have a long way to go, plus the fact that I'm a slow loser. If I can remember that all these little positive steps will take me to where I want to be, it can help. I have been keeping up with my exercise and drinking plenty of water. Well, hope everyone has a pleasant day. Take care, all.

03-17-2003, 03:29 PM
Hi Everybody! I'm feeling a touch melancholy today--nothing extreme, just enough to make me wonder what's going on. [hmmm, like the old Marvin Gaye song?]

Hottie, your guestion intrigues me. All I can say now is I was thrilled when I got to the point in my journey when it wasn't totally about losing weight and having a smaller butt, etc. [Not that those aren't excellent things!;) ] There comes a point when you start feeling strong and capable and energetic and you can connect that to all the good habits you've cultivated along the way--and you want to keep that going!

Which brings me to this: When I know what makes me feel great, why do I ever go off my program?! The eternal question....oh well, I always come crawling back!

03-18-2003, 06:52 AM
Hello all!!

Frogger, you are getting closer and closer! Bet your veil will look twice as good as the more expensvie one when you're done w/ it!! Perhaps you could match a ribbon or smaller flower from your bouquet too. I am sure it will look just wonderful! How did you make out w/ your second trip to the hairdresser?? Better right??

Eydie- I can so relate!!! My Monday dawned bloated and up lbs and dread for what the rest of the day would bring. Not 10 minutes after getting to work, I found out that a "RUSH" request from last Friday had been misinterperted by the Customer Rep and then in turn, I has also made a mistake. Initially, we thought the client wanted us to submit paperwork Friday for him. Instead, client thought we were drafting a document for HIS review. So, the document's been filed as of Friday AND there's an error on it. Don't ask me why, but I can sign initially but a correction would require the client's signature. That's just how this particular state law reads. So, I was sure this was going to be UGLY. Took nearly all day to reach my contact, contact was having computer problems, then contact thought the same as I did, that we 'd have to explain to the client that we had made a mistake.
AND THEN, at nearly 4:30, my contact, called her contact at the state to clarify a statute in the law and ---- the state contact was just finalizing my filing ( what are the odds??) and offered to CORRECT the mistake to avoid the need for correction.

May sound silly but the relief was enormous!

Both of these ladies have no idea how their kindness affected me. That wasnt their interest, neither of them had nothing to gain from going the extra step. In fact, both of them turned down the chance to make additional fees by handling the situation the way they did.
Two strangers reaffirmed my faith in us humans!!

How many of us are disheartened this week? How many of us could be uplifted by a small gesture?
Shall we start with ourselves?? Do we need a extra hug to reaffirm how much we think of ourselves? An extra smile in the mirror to say, " You're the best, kiddo!"

Today's thought is:

"If you had a friend who talked to you like you sometimes talk to yourself, would you hang around with that person? " Rob Bremer

To today's best choices!!

03-18-2003, 07:41 AM
Seems like international bloat week! It's the farewell from the :lucky: s, I'll bet.

You got it, Eydie. Why do we do it when we KNOW better. I love that feeling when I'm doing well, then I start just creeping over the line a bit, then.......Well, tomorrow's weigh in - hope I can remember that all day today. Am puffy and don't want to weigh water again.

Kaylets, isn't it wonderful to run into people who aren't in the "power" mode and want things to run well. What a relief!

Was meeting held?

Morning, Ceara, Arabella, wsw, dollar, flower, frogger, and all who are not flowing into my barely awake mind at the moment.

03-18-2003, 08:51 AM
Good Morning All!!

Kaylets- Yes, the hair turned out lovely. A nice shade of dark brown is in my future. Right now it's a little too dark, as she had to go darker to cover up the flaming red. Give it a week and I'll be back to "normal".

I'll have to post a picture of my bouquet creation. (Once I get around to it!) Again, they are keeping me busy at work and I have little time to do anything else, let alone finish planning my wedding!! I SOOO need a vacation!

Hello and good day to Edye, Flower, Anagram, WSW, Ceara, Hottie and anyone else that has slipped my feable mind today!!!

03-18-2003, 10:03 AM
Good morning everyone. The baby wants attention. So instead of an update I am going back to bed to cuddle! Have a better Tuesday than Monday everyone!

03-18-2003, 10:25 AM
Ah, a baby cuddle~best way to start (or restart) a day.

Empress - if you're lurking as promised - still missing you.

03-18-2003, 10:56 AM
Urgh. I'm addicted to you guys! Still lurking, feeling very :( and not able to think of much to post! Will return! :wave:

03-18-2003, 05:23 PM
Hi Guys. Looks like Amarantha and I are sharing the same malaise. I'm experiencing horrendous body image issues and a feeling of 'why bother?' Fear not, it'll pass--always does.
So weird how I can check myself out in the mirror and think 'not bad' and in a few days I can revisit the same mirror and think 'yuck!'

Lots of things simmering away in my brain these days...can't seem to conjure up any happy thoughts!:( But I keep trying!

03-18-2003, 06:15 PM
hi all!

i am op and doing my exercising. my water intake leaves something to be desired the last couple of days, but of course, today isn't over yet--. i am thinking of all of you and hoping everyone has a good evening. take good care of yourselves!


03-18-2003, 07:46 PM
OK, here we go, just follow my lead,

( To the melody from "Annie" )

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, the pounds will come off tomorrowwwwww, come what may, TOMORROW! TOMORRW! You're only a pound a way!!


I see you're toes tapping!! ;)

Who wants to start?? If-- ( not that anyone would do this of course! ) :D
IF you were going to fall off the wagon, how would you do it?

All right, you talked me into it-- And actually, this thought did cross my mind today -The thought was - " I could go for a Family Size bag of M&M's" But, since I was nowhere near any place that I could get them, I just drank my water. Did the water taste like M&M's??? No! Could I still enjoy them? Yes. But here I am.

As for the meeting-- nothing happened. I finally resent the email this am w/ an note that the first must not have been recvd as he always replies so promptly. He did reply that he DID see the first one but ----- didnt know how to respond to my request because he is not sure why I think I'm not meeting his expectations.
:?: :?:

That was an intersting start to the day.
Then 3 people called out and one who was absent yesterday came in very sick.
So, he did offer to reschedule our meeting but I saw no point when the unit was so shortstaffed which meant, I would be getting more work.

Then, I called the HR dept of the place my friend told me was hiring.( It would've been working for her) I called from my cell phone in my car ( took a few voicemails w/the HR dept to schedule all of this) - we had a nice chat and then she wanted to know how much money I wanted. I tried to pass it off with, "wasnt expecting to discuss money today" and she told me that I should know what the range was.
And its too low. I had to tell her immeadiately, too low to drive an hour when I have a job now, making almost $5 grand more.

She says she'll show my resume to other depts that pay more but I think that was a nice way for her to say, "goodbye".

So..... there you have it.


WSW- tell me again - were you going to the gym?

Time to stir the tomato sauce-

03-19-2003, 12:19 AM
:cry: :cry: :cry:

So sorry, Amarantha and Eydie, want you to feel better. I have to admit this has not been my most "up" afternoon and evening and I hope to bounce back so that I'm :lol: tomorrow.

I guess the only good thing about your phone interview, Kaylets, is that the decision turned out to be a no-brainer. Isn't it amazing what a convenient memory de boss has?

I guess it would be the peanut butter fudge thing for me if I really wanted to fall off the wagon. Of course, there's none of that conveniently here but there are some GS cookies with peanut butter filling. I must be

:twirly: even the though of p.b. didn't make me feel better. Maybe cheesecake, nope; peppermint patties, nope; hot fudge, nope. Could it be I'm losing the ability to drown emotions in food? Now wouldn't that be nice?

Anyway,:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

03-19-2003, 12:59 AM

kaylets-no, i wasn't going to the gym-to physical therapy, which is actually quite a good workout, though. as anagram said, at least the phone interview made it easy to decide what you wanted to do, but sorry the position, salary didn't turn out more like you may have wanted. i realize i am so tired while writing this, that in case nothing i say makes sense--it's me, not you!LOL! hmm--if i were going to jump off the wagon, i think i'd jump into some marshall fields frango mints. i can't believe i thought of that right now, since i haven't had any in years. it did sound good to me though. the good news is i don't have anything like that in my apartment, so i don't have to worry about it. i need to get to bed, but i just wanted to check in here. i'm certainly glad all of you are here. you really are a great group! well, take care, all.


03-19-2003, 06:23 AM
Well, its really starting to wane but it sure looks full this am!!

I know some will disagree, but I do think when its full moon, things seem to be more exaggerated. I know, if I believe that, than my life will be a self fullfilling prophecy-- all I can tell you is, it wasnt until I barteneded a few years before I was convinced. Even started taking full moon weekends off.

WSW- Marshall Fields Mints-- I only know Marshall Fields because our family lived in the Midwest-- Is that where you are too?? Or perhaps Marshall Fields is more places than I realize.
Therapy ... means you're on the road to recovery?? Here's to fast and full recovery!

Flower-- Tell us more about the baby.... we need details!! Teeth?
Sitting?? Crawling?? Does the baby sleep thru the night ??

Frogger-- glad the hair color is more what you want-- Have you decided how to wear your hair on the big day? We need details!!

Eydie-Chin up.... This too will pass... Can I refill your cup for you?
Did you hear? Its full moon and Anagram has named this International Bloat Week... Figures, doesn't it??

Empress-- Ditto Eydie's message-- And of course, you're addicted to us-- And we are addicted to you too!! Both you and Eydie-

And Punkin!! Its not the same w/out you although I know you are knocking them dead on your trip.

Arabella, Ceara, Dollar, Wildfire, MissW, and everyone else I missed ( sorry, its early, don't mean to be rude) how goes it ??

And re job talk---special thanks to everyone for listening and all the advice last couple weeks- It means so much to a neutral place to vent-- Its been a big help. Sure beats kicking the wall till my toes are broken!!

Today's thought is:

"Every day is a birthday: every moment of it is new to us: we are born again, renewed for fresh word and endeavor." Isaac Watts

Anagram, if you don't mind, I'm borrowing your phrase today:

Peace be with you!

03-19-2003, 06:39 AM
Ralph Marston is very well known-- I really wanted to share this Motivator today: hope you all enjoy


There's a powerful technique for success that's also very simple and accessible to everyone. It's something anyone can do, but something that far too few people actually practice.
It is simply to get back up quickly anytime you fall. Whatever may have happened to stop you or to distract you, just go on past it -- the sooner the better -- and get back in the direction you were headed.

That sounds easy enough, and it is. Yet all too often, precious time and energy are wasted on anger, self pity, resentment, regrets and frustration. None of those things will provide any value to anyone. The thing to do is to just get back up and get going again, quickly and confidently.

And there's a bonus that comes along with practicing such a technique. When you know that you can quickly get back up, you're not afraid to fall. And when you're not afraid to fall, you'll be much more willing to take on the difficult challenges that will create real value for yourself and others. Be willing to just get back up and by so doing you can go wherever you desire.

-- Ralph Marston

03-19-2003, 07:15 AM
Thanks for the encouraging words, Kaylets. I'm determined to move thru this day like a goddess--one of those 'fake it till you make it' things.:)

We're going to the beach tomorrow morning, and will get home Saturday. I'd normally be really excited about it but I have mixed feelings--the war casts a pall over the festivities, shall we say.

Kaylets, about the boss: is it not the most frustrating thing when you call someone on something and they act like they don't have a clue as to what you're talking about? Grrr....

Glad you're addicted, Amarantha. We're flattered!

Where's our Arabella?

Off to work--going in early so I can come home early and pack for the beach!

Have a great day everyone, and if you're up early enough check out the beautiful full moon!

03-19-2003, 08:22 AM
Hello, wonderful women!

I've been pretty :( too - no wonder that a number of us are. This is a very sad and difficult time! In my case, it coincided with my concern over the problems that several close family members are having, not to mention my ex-MIL. I was on a downward spiral last week, culminating in several days of out-of-control eating and misery. Don't those two go hand in hand! Why (corollary to what you were saying about being OP, Eydie!) do we keep doing it when it makes us unhappy? Reminded of that saying about insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I found myself thinking about addiction a lot, even in the midst of chocolate. I remember hearing about one woman talking about crying out of hopelessness and frustration while she was in the middle of a binge. Wouldn't that be the "bottom" that turned you around? Sometimes I felt, towards the end of last week that I was seeking bottom. I never ate to the point of discomfort, but unfortunately I can eat quite a lot before I get to that point :rolleyes:

I've been working my way back up out of the pits, grabbed a fresh start card and a no guilt one, too. And am getting on with it again.

Let's take this day and do our best with it. Love to all!

03-19-2003, 09:06 AM
Aaah, love that - Wonderful Women! that's us.

And that's my route this morning too - working my way out of the pits (though it was not my pittiest(?) pit. I know some of mine is the war concern and the helplessness one feels in the face of all this. Plus some concerns w/dd and family. And the everpresent concern with dh. He is doing better and I am grateful for that but there is ever concern. Two more medical appts this week yet plus (for him) two more dialysis treatments.

We had a loverly outdoor walk in our favorite park yesterday and I'm hoping to do a solo today - so that should be a bright spot. Another is that on Sunday we're taking some of our helpful neighbors to a Spring Brunch in gratitude and also just to celebrate Spring. Several can't make it this time so we'll also plan a later event. (So I guess that's really two events to look forward to.) Not looking forward to the rain we're supposed to have tomorrow but for today I'll ignore that. And will go out and enjoy my one blooming crocus before the rain knockes it out.

I've not been watching quite as well and so have more calorie intake than I should but I can't truly say I've binged either. So that's a plus.

I'm just sorry to hear about all the pain, worry, concern, sadness, and just plain burdens being carried. Good to share and be reminded that we are Wonderful Women (not meant to offend if we have any male posters).

Are we going to try joint meditation tomorrow night? I didn't last night because I thought last Tuesday was a trial and that Thursday is to be our planned event. Still on?

And, yes, peace be with all of us.

03-19-2003, 09:09 AM
And yes, Kaylets, I agree full moon seems to exaggerate things. Good and bad. But I love to see Mr. Moon looking so full and happy.

Remember too that tomorrow will be our first full day of SPRING and therefore should be the International Holiday for Springettes.

03-19-2003, 10:53 AM
The full moon was wonderful last night. It was huge and orange coming up over the horizon about 7 pm last night.

Baby isn't a baby baby anymore-he is now 2. But somedays he behaves like one. I had a pregnacy scare last month and now I know I do want another one sometime in the near future. (next 12 months)

I have some nasty shin pain last night. I will have to give them a day of rest from walking. I might try to fix my indoor bike. The screws from the seat are missing so i have to find replacements.

If I went off plan, a peanut butter brownie from Mrs Fields, or panda express (orange chicken). I am planning to go off plan on Sayurday so i eat really clean til then. :)

I hope everyones saddness lifts soon. Someone told me once, fake it til you make it. Maybe that could help you. ~flower

03-19-2003, 11:53 AM
I'm somewhat better already, flower. I get down but I (fortunately) don't stay down long.

Your motto reminds me of a conversation I overheard in a doctor's office between two women who did not know each other before but quickly seemed to become fast friend.

Younger woman: Tell me, how did you make it through the times you just told me about (including the deaths of two of her children, one when he was in his 40s, the other as a child and lots of other things she had mentioned)?

Older woman: I sang, I couldn't sing much at first but I made myself hum, then sing a little, then sing a lot. I had been to doctor and he said there was nothing he could do for me. So what could I do? So one day, I thought if I could sing, I'd be all right. So I started humming a little bit and eventually I could sing. Each day a little more. I didn't forget my children (& etc) but when I sang, it did not hurt as much.

It was such simple wisdom - she was an elderly lady with a heavy accent and she seemed so joyful. I decided to take her wisdom for my own. (Of course, sometimes I forget.)

03-19-2003, 03:39 PM
Good day all!!

The sun is shinning and the birds are sing it looks great but is a little cool today but that is ok. The scale did not overly please me last night but it was down .2 not much but in the right direction. While I was at my meeting last night this thought occured to me while listening to everyone. It doesn't matter how long it takes to lose our weight the important thing it that we are doing it. We are strong and we are making the efffort and that is what counts. Alot of the women at the meeting will say it is taking so long to lose weight. I just want to shout IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER AS LONG AS YOU ARE DOING IT TIME ISN'T IMPORTANT. We all lose at a different weight so don't compare to each other. Something else I have noticed everytime I set a date for a certain amount of weight off I fall short of that small goal, so I have decided I will not do that anymore I just set myself up for disappointment. So even though I said I would like to be down 92 lbs by the end of this challenge it really doesn't matter what Im down as long as it is down and not up. So to all of you who get discouraged by not reaching a certain weight by a certain time don't set yourself up for disappointment just be proud of what you have accomplished in that time frame because that is all that counts you are trying and this is a very hard journey for us all.

So in conclusion lets all raise our glasses (of water of course) and toast to all of us who have imbarked on this journey and no matter how long it takes every last one of us will cross the finish line as winners.

Have a great day all.

03-19-2003, 04:21 PM
"clink" thanks for the toast dollar

03-19-2003, 04:36 PM
Clink from here too.

Weigh in this a.m. was at 215.6. I finished the Valentine's challenge at 215 and have been back and forth between 213 and 216 ever since. However, I consider this not to have actually gained and that itself is a victory. Here's to more victories and I will for now live vicariously with those of you who actually achieve some scale victories while looking for as many non-scale victories as I can.

03-19-2003, 04:52 PM
hi wonderful women! (i like that title too.)

all your posts are very inspirational for me today. dollar-what you said was very helpful and poignant for me. since i am one of those slow losers, it is not hard for me to become discouraged. what you said made a lot of sense and i plan to try to refocus my attention on my accomplishments and all my positive efforts. they really do make a difference and are important, and i am worth the effort, as are we all. kaylets-i'm originally from the midwest-minneapolis-and that's why i know about marshall fields. we used to go to chicago often when i was growing up. (i live in durham, nc now.) i liked that quote you posted. it resonates with me figuratively, and i have a very literal reminder of it, since i physically tend to fall every now and then due to ms. i am in physical therapy for my back (spinal cord damage) and also for weakness in legs and poor balance due to ms. eydie-i hope you will have a pleasant , relaxing time at the beach, despite this precarious time in the world. arabella-hope things will continue to look up for you. anagram-hope things will continue to improve with your husbands health. flower-your little 2 year old must keep you pretty busy. that's a great age! hi to everyone else also! i hope everyone has a good afternoon/evening.

take care, all. wsw

03-19-2003, 04:58 PM
i'm raising my glass of water to all of you, too. thanks for the toast, dollar.

03-19-2003, 08:35 PM
Yes, CLINK and Clink again!!!

SO WELL SAID DOLLAR!! And its soooooo true!! We are doing the best we can !!! Who says its too slow?? The media w/ " 2 week wonder snake oil?" -- Or is it us because we won't go here, do that, try that activity, until the scale shows a certain number??
Anagram's RIGHT! We need to start humming now- if that's all we can do, is just hum than lets hum together--

Thursday evening I will be at a Toastmasters contest at meditation time but for 5 minutes I can close my eyes and think of
supportive and encouraging thoughts --

My mentor won a contest today and the next level is tomorrow. ( No, I am not ready to compete-- have to have 6 speeches under your belt)

Is 7:30 EST best for everyone ?

I have a Non Scale Victory to share- About 3-4 yrs ago, my mother gave me a beautiful crepe blouse as a Christmas gift Its a button down the front blouse and could only be worn no more than an hour or the shirt would pull open across the bust. Frankly, it just didnt fit. But it was so lovely I kept it rather than exchange it. And then the blouse couldnt be worn at all.
This am I was looking for something else in DH's closet and saw the blouse. Since white goes w/ everything, I thought I'd try it on
just to see. And its almost too big!! Next time I wear it w/ pants, I will have to wear a belt to help keep the blouse in place but at least I can get some wear out of it!!
At least, I'm not finding it later when it would be too big!!

So, I have put a fresh kettle on, lit some of your favorite votives and just turned on the music.
Let me remind you lovelies of how redwoods last so long. They grow deep and far reaching roots. Their roots interwine many times with the neighboring redwoods. This way, when the storms come, the redwoods hold onto each other because they're roots are so tightly bound. Hold onto me so I can hold onto you.

YOU ARE ALL HELPING ME HOLD ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


03-19-2003, 10:44 PM
Yeah, baby! :D

Treadmill was delivered tonight and I just did a 40 minute pre-programmed walking routine. Love it! It'll be easy to get my exercise in with my new toy.

The full moon here had a lovely orange ring around it....good thing I'm not superstitious or I'd think it meant trouble coming. Yep, good thing. :yes:

DD seems to be turning a new leaf. Cleaning up, doing homework...all without nagging. :crossed:

I'll join you in your toast, too! Slainte!

03-19-2003, 10:52 PM
I am jealous wildfire! I cleaned 3/4 of the garage so Chris could put my gym together this weekend. I did my part...he had better do his! Gotta get some muscle. I have my recumbant bike too. So I had better petal or walk or lift weights each and every day!

03-20-2003, 04:52 AM
Welcome to the treadmill club, Wildfire! They're great---the perfect no-excuse workout!
Flower, hope you get all set up to be our weight queen. I could use some pointers.

It's almost 4:00 am and we're off to the beach. Reminds me of how my father used to get us all up far before the crack of dawn to 'avoid traffic'!:lol: Should be walking on the beach by 11:00 this morning. At Virginia Beach they have a fabulous 3-mile boardwalk and we'll walk ourselves silly!

Have a great weekend, my doves. I'll miss you like crazy! Oh, and I almost forgot---CLINK! :)

03-20-2003, 06:24 AM
Now I know why I was awake at 4:00 a.m. It was to wave goodbye to Eydie! Have a fun weekend. I agree Va Beach has done a lot with their boardwalk. Seems like you can walk forever there. Have fun!

Wildfire, happy toy time. So glad to hear dd has settled a bit. Hopefully cousin got through a bit. Also sometimes, even the teen can be a bit frightened by what happened. Sometimes they don't really realize what paths they've stepped onto until after a cooling off break like she had w/cousin. Anyway, sounds like you can breathe again. Maybe she can work out some steam on your new toy as well.

This waking up earlier and earlier has got to stop. Lack of sleep is not usually my problem. Biggest problem with it is falling asleep earlier and earlier which then means waking up earlier and earlier, etc. Vicious circle. And when I'm tired I seem to interpret that as hungry. Another vicious circle.

Lots of rain here at the moment and I guess to continue. Dr. visit with dh, lunch out, groceries, maybe a movie (unless we're both too sleepy - he's awake too or was when I left bed).

Ok, my calendar says tomorrow's first day of spring - I jumped the gun the other day based on what a local weatherman had said (duh!). So that means those of us who need it can pick up a brand new Spring Fresh Start Card anytime today so we'll be ready when the sun comes up again tomorrow.

Well, my cuppa is ready and I'm ready for it.

Good morning, wonderful women!

03-20-2003, 07:00 AM
3rd attempt this am!

Been glued to the tv, sorry, will have to be short till later--

Has anyone ever looked at www.onegoddessway.com ???

Kind of fun if you just look around-- they want to sell stuff too its worth a look.

Today's thought is: "Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get...... only what you are expecting to give," -- Audrey Hepburn

Take care all!

03-20-2003, 09:52 AM
Happy Spring, Wonderful Women!

I'm back up again - in more ways than one :rolleyes: Weighed self on Tuesday (in attempt to scare self straight) and scale registered 4 pounds up, albeit after several cups of tea. Joined Fitday, which I really like, because it tracks the calories from food and exercise, allows me to set goals and stuff. Just thought -- hmmm... maybe I'll go in and set a shorter term goal. In any event -- Onward and downward!

Had a call from one of my sisters yesterday. She's started to go to Adult Children of Alcoholic meetings. That really clicked for me yesterday, as the reason for much of my problem(s). I ordered a couple of books from the library, and may join a group as well. The whole "reparenting" thing is something that occurred to me as the basis for most psychological work when I was in school. I really feel like I need that! I felt like yesterday was the perfect time for me to be reminded of ACoA. I'd thought of it before, but it was when I was doing well and thought I had my problems licked. After the severe downward spiral last week, I was ready for a solution. And it came to me! Reminded me of the saying "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Work to do, but I feel good, and hopeful!

Eydie, hope your trip to the beach is wonderful! I know that it has a shadow cast over it by current events, but don't you find sometimes that very difficult times allow us to see things in a way that we wouldn't otherwise? I know that aspects of the natural world have had a lot of power for me through dealing with deaths and etc.

Valiant Kaylets, I loved the meditation about redwoods - so beautiful and so true. We must remember when we feel a little wobbly that we don't stand alone, not ever!

Anagram, your story about the women in the doctor's office was wonderful. I love to sing, even if my voice has gotten rusty. I resolve to polish it up, and sing!

Amarantha, hope you are well and feeling better. :grouphug:

Wildfire, so glad that things seem to be turning around with your daughter! I have to remind myself sometimes, that even when things seem bad, they can turn on a dime!

Dollar, what a great insight! Yes, ma'am, as long as we keep heading in the right direction, we'll get there. And the crucial thing is to enjoy the trip!

wsw, your struggles with MS reminded me how very grateful I should be to enjoy good health. I think we often don't realize how vulnerable we are in these human bodies! I salute you!

Flower, here's a web page about shin splints: http://www.rice.edu/~jenky/sports/shin.html I sometimes get shin pains from exercise, and I really find that exercise that counters it helps.

I will be meditating on the group at 7:30 Eastern tonight. To all Springettes, mentioned or unmentioned: Let's make this a wonderful day! Love to all!

03-20-2003, 10:17 AM
Wood Nymph - I too found the ACOA reading to be helpful. I did not go to meetings but one of my younger brothers did (and another really SHOULD have).

Glad you're up and 'at 'em again.

I'm going to shut my computer down now and not look for posts until late this afternoon, at least. Talk about being addicted! But sometimes if I wait a whole day there are so many posts I don't quite read them all as well as I'd like.

03-20-2003, 11:11 AM
Eydie-have a wonderful time at the beach. Request a room with no tv! I lived in VA Beach for a year. I was young. But I have gone back every few years since then. I definately am over due for a trip!

Arabella-scales suck. Depending on if my heels are parallel or more together the scale reads 5 pounds differnet. Should buy a better one, but I just try to remember to stand in the same spot ea time! :)

Kaylets-get away from the TV!!! Even the weather channel has been showing the weather from over there. I can not focus on being a better person with all the stuff in the world right now. I have no control over all of it, so I am going to go on with my life and pray that the men and women come home soon and safely and the children don't suffer too much and the moms left behind aren't going crazy with worry and single parenthood.

Anagram-you sound much better today! I should go make myself some tea... I normally drink it just before bed, but it sounds good this morning.

Well...I got the garage done. As much as I promised. :) I have to go bug bomb the shed so I can remove shelves to hose them off. I asked all the daddy long legs to leave. I hate killing them. But there are hundreds and I pay the morgage not them, so I gave them a warning... A few is cool, this many is just so...I think creepy is a good word. Wildfire...wannna come over with your bug wand??? Anyways, the shed will be my craft room. It is a cool shed with wood siding a tile roof and a window with a cement floor. Maybe I will start my business afterall! :) ~have a good one ladies! ~flower

03-20-2003, 01:26 PM
:wave: Hi everyone! I missed you!!!

What a whirlwind week! I'm so tired that I want to go home and crash... When I landed in Sacramento Tuesday evening, I wanted to drop to my knees and kiss the tarmac - so good to be back on the ground, safe and sound, with no more flying in the near future. All of my flights were uneventful, other than landing in L.A. on Saturday in the middle of their storm that brought 4 inches of rain - ahem, interesting ride... :eek:
The security was a combination of awsome and frightening as ****. I still had 2 planes to catch after the terror level went up and could really tell the difference between flying under a "yellow" vs. an "orange". The guards were wonderful though and very, VERY polite and thorough!

I did have a great time though - even with my Dad (I was worried about it feeling "odd"), and my meeting went very well. Monday I got to go to Mexico - I could've spent a LOT of money! Having to get it home posed a problem though and did curb my spending. I did bring home a few treasures though - a little chiminea and beautiful wrought iron & blown glass candle holder. And of course, those beautiful Mexican blankets too... I bought 3. I had to borrow a bag from my Dad to get it all home! :o Of course "hot" Yuma was raining, windy and storming the whole time and I froze... :lol:

The biggest shock came when I hopped on the scale this morning - I lost 3 pounds on my trip! While with my Dad I had no (and I mean NO) urge to overeat. And still, no feelings of 'I've got to get _____ so I can have it'. Strange - I wondered if it would be a healing thing having such a great, comfortable visit with my Dad (I've always suspected some of my eating to comfort myself came from my relationship with him - or lack thereof). Well, whatever it is, I plan to nurture it, see if the feeling stays. It feels odd to not be constantly be thinking of food....

I came home to a couple surprises - I have a daffodil in bloom in my front yard (my first!) and shock of shocks... it looks like we *might* be hiring "my guy".... yes, believe it or not - he may be working for US soon. Funny... I was my ex's boss before we started dating - history repeating itself?????
Also, my computer was sent to our tech when I left and it's got all kinds of new fangled stuff on it now - of course I can't get online or check mail (I'm on my Mom's computer now), but I've been *told* there's new stuff on my computer....:rolleyes:

Now, after catching up on 5 pages of posts...

Amarantha - Dear Empress, please don't stay gone long! I think the war has a lot of people feeling a bit blue and stressed. I know I feel a bit on edge. I thought about you too this week - there's a cartoon called "Six Chicks" and I think it was Sunday's strip that showed 2 women sitting on a couch sipping tea with about 30 little leprechauns running around and one of the ladies says "I don't know, I think the cat brought them in".... :lol: So, now we know where your little :lucky:'s went!

Ceara - Oooh, take care of yourself! Get yourself to a gyn soon ok?

Wildfire - It sounds like the cousin could be a huge help. I hope it goes well and DD listens to him.

Kaylets - Congrats on the new numbers! :cb: How exciting! Sorry the job didn't pan out - maybe the whole purpose of it was to show yourself that you *can* be looking elsewhere - maybe there's something else wonderful out there.

Flower - I'll send you some virtual lavendar scented epsome salt if you still need it??? Glad you're all moved.

Eydie - You're already gone - hope you enjoyed your trip!

Frogger - What a deal on that veil!!!! Can't wait to see it - and YOU in it. We do expect pictures once the big day is here ya' know.... ;)

Anagram - Trust me.... Girl Scout cookies survive juuuuust fine in the freezer (I can go get my thin mints if you'd like a demonstration???).

I guess that's it for me, for now anyway. Gonna just warm my seat until Monday - I know they don't expect me to do much in this semi-comatose state. :faint:

Hugs to everyone! Happy Spring!!


03-20-2003, 02:04 PM
Well hello Wonderful Women! It's taken me a few days to catch up on all of the posts, but I did it.
How strange... I too have had a downward spiral emotionally. If ever, I need some good girl friends now. It started last week, and I was able to escape for the weekend to Portland. Thought that I had bounced right back up. Then I came home. Things really aren't that bad, but yesterday the news sent me into anxiety and hopelessness. I've been home for 4 days and can't get myself to set any appointments for work. Scared of people.... of disapointment... I don't know. I'm starting to get angry w/ myself.
I'm glad that ya'll are feeling better.

Re: Fallin' off the wagon: God forbid, I'd be heading up to KFC. Sounds soooooo good. Lucky me, I'm broke. :lol:

Welcome back Punkin! I'll be on a plane to Idaho a week from today. Reassuring that you made it through your ordeal. Any advice on airport security?

Eydie - Have a great weekend at the beach!

:) Frogger - are you just sooo excited yet? Remind me of the date... I don't think I caught it.

Hmmm, Girl Scout Cookies... I had a small victory last week and flat turned them down at the office. They were the peanutbutter ones too... I used to be a Girl Scout. One year I sold over 150 boxes of those scrumptious things :lol: What people will do for a cute little girl in uniform.

Empress we miss you. Nurture yourself, and come back to us soon. {{{Hugs}}}

WSW - You are so brave. Not many people would have the heart to take this long, challenging journey of weight loss while also battling MS. Your spirit is inspiring. Thanks.

Wildfire, Anagram, Kaylets, Flower, Arabella and anyone that I may have missed, I'll check back this afternoon and write more.

I'll be meditating w/ you. 4:30 pm Pacific. :)

Lots of Love

03-20-2003, 07:20 PM
hi everyone!

i will be meditating along with all of you this evening too.
arabella and miss washu-thank you so much for the kind words. i appreciate it more than you could know.
i was op today and stuck with my exercising, which felt good to have accomplished. i am thinking of you all. well, take care.


03-20-2003, 07:27 PM
Hi, Punkin, welcome back and hope you enjoyed Arizona! Hi, to all also and thanks for kind words ... I am lurking and posting on the journal ... doing a personal mini-challenge in honor of my Easter Bunny Goddess. Not up to much more ... ok, back to lurkdom!!! :grouphug:

03-21-2003, 06:57 AM
Hello all!

I did think of each one of you last night at 7:30 EST. Interestingly enough, the Toastmasters Speech Contest was being opened w/ a interdenominational "thought" for mutual understanding as the answer to world peace. So I included all of us too.

"Scheduling" 5 minutes to concentrate seems ironic doesn't it??
Makes me realize how overburdened my schedule is, and so much of it with very low priority "stuff".

Am taking a 2 hr certifcation test this am that most employees do not pass the first time-- of course, I would like to pass the first time but unfortunately, have not studied as I thought I would.

Tried to reschedule for next week but everything's full up.

Today's thought is: "There are hazards in anything one does, but there are greater hazards in doing nothing. " -- Shriley Williams

Take care all!!

03-21-2003, 07:00 AM
Woman's Prayer

I pray for Wisdom to understand my man;

Love to forgive him; Patience for his moods;

Because Lord if I pray for Strength,

I'll beat him to death.


03-21-2003, 08:54 AM
Hello all!!

Quick update on the goings on w/the wedding. Got my shoes in and they don't fit. They lied!!! I called the company to see how true to size the shoes run and they assured me they run true to size. So of course, I ordered my size. They would be best suited for someone the next size down. They wanted a 15% restocking fee and for me to pay shipping there and back. So I asked about returns. That's a 35% restocking fee plus the shipping for me to ship them back to them. NEVERMIND!!! I'll just sell them on ebay or something. So now I have to go shoe shopping (AGAIN!)

Finally figured out what I'm going to do with my hair. I'll have to post a picture. Simple style, wore it to both proms my junior and senior year. I've just got to find a picture.

Weighed in this morning and still the same. Kinda bummed about that since I've been really good. I haven't had a piece of candy in about a month. I'm dying for a cadberry caramel egg. Oh well, I'll stock up after easter.

Well, have a good day everyone!

03-21-2003, 11:27 AM
:cb: It's Friday!! :cb:

Waaahooooo... a wonderful, rainy Friday. Why am I happy that it's raining? Rain means I don't have to do squat this weekend! :dance: I'm gonna be a total sofa slug...

Miss Washu - Yes, security advice. Always have your photo ID available and wear slip on shoes. I wore lace up boots on the way home and regretted it! You'll also be asked to take off any jacket or coat you're wearing so be prepaired for that too. Oh, and make sure your bag is easy to search through juuuust in case... Lastly, when they ask you what state you're from, don't answer with the name of your town (funny incedent in Yuma - "ma'am Green Bay is a town, what STATE are you from?") :lol:

Amarantha - I thought Arizona was beautiful and loved all the cactus! Too bad it'd die up here - first freeze and it would be a gonner... I got to see a roadrunner too - well, the tail-end of one when it went zipping past the window of my Dad's side yard!

Kaylets - Good luck on your test! I loved the women's prayer :lol:

Frogger - That just plain blows about the shoes! I hope you find another great pair - you gotta have comfy feet!

Looking forward to grocery shopping after work. I have nothing but I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, a 1/2 head of lettuce and Jack Daniel's hard cola in the house!

Toodles for now...


03-21-2003, 02:33 PM
Blah.... rain :( I'm sick of it.

Frogger - what a bummer about the shoes. Doesn't it make you wonder, just what 'true size' are they comparing to, 'cause it's obviously not the same one as the rest of the world. :lol: Well, have fun shoe shopping ( I always do :devil: ) Is your gown floor-length? I've heard of gals even wearing white tennies, 'cause being comfortable on your big day is uber-important.

Kaylets - thanks for the prayer :lol: So true, so true... How was the test?

Well, to all mentioned and unmentioned... let's make it OUR day!


03-21-2003, 02:35 PM
Oh, forgot... weighed today. No change up or down.... hmph. *shrug*

03-21-2003, 03:08 PM
MissWashu- I was thinking the same thing. The crafty girls here at work are going to help me make bows to hang and suggested that I buy some of those mule slip on tennies with the thick heel and they would dec them out for me. Wouldn't I be stylin'?!! I could even get those frilly buster brown socks to go with them. LOL! I don't know, if all else fails, I will do the tennies though. I can't stand my feet to hurt. I have really high arches and foot pain is not something I enjoy.

I'm off to Williamsburg this weekend. FI has a fan club 'jam' down there. It may be nice enough that they have the shops open that I can purooze while he's playin'. Last year it was so cold nothing was going on or open and I was tre' bored.

Any of you ladies live near New Orleans? We're honeymoonin there! Finally got all of that taken care of. Got flights and my sister reserved us a suite at the Embassy Suites in the Arts and Warehouse district as a wedding present.

03-21-2003, 04:31 PM
Excellent idea Frogger - when my girlfriend got married we all wore those ballet-type slippers with rubber soles (no slip n' slide dancing!). Besides, most people won't be looking at your shoes! Be comfy!


03-22-2003, 07:18 AM
Hello all!!

Finally crashed!-- Adrenalin turned off yesterday am about 10:30 and I literally had to FORCE myself to stay awake, working and AWAY fromt the cafeteria. I did wind up drinking 3 cups of SF Hot Chocolate as a compromise but I consider that a Victory considering..

I PASSED THE TEST!!! With points to spare!! As DH says, I can now say to the boss " So, How do you like me now!!" My employer advertises that we are paid based on how many of these certification tests we pass. Many folks do not pass the first couple tries. And you need 95 to pass. I had not put a lot of time into studying and expected to immerse myself Thursday night in the material as DH bowls Thursdays. But my mentor at Toastmasters won the contest Wed and advanced to the next level, Thursday ...and then the war news has been keeping me up late and not resting.. I was also very nervous taking the test...

Which proves even more to me, I MUST KNOW THIS STUFF!! ( The basics at least-- it was just the first test!)

What a confidence booster!!! How wonderful to finally have a gauge !!
So how do you like me now!

Now that I can dance!!
:lol: :lol:

Enough about me!!

Today's thought is:" A young man eagerly described what he dreamed of doing for the poor. Said the Master, "When do you propose to make your dream come true?". The young man answered, "As soon as the opportunity arrives." "Opportunity never arrives , " the Master said. " It's here". --- Anthony De Mello

Kettle's on!

To today's best choices!

03-22-2003, 11:54 AM
Kaylets-CONGRATS. Well today is my 34th birthday, so I am off to go do whatever in the City. Have a good day everyone and I will post tomorrow! :) ~flower

03-22-2003, 12:23 PM
:flow1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FLOWER!!! :flow1:

:gift: :hat: :cb: :dancer: :balloons: :df:

Congrats, Kaylets, on the test! I hope it shows your boss what he should have known all along!

03-22-2003, 12:59 PM
hi all

kaylets-congrats. on passing with flying colors!
flower-happy birthday!
it's nice here today and i plan to get out and enjoy some of this lovely sunshine. i have been op and exercising regularly. hope everyone has a nice saturday. thinking of you all. take care.

03-22-2003, 02:13 PM
Congrats, Kaylets. Hope they post those scores!

Happy birthday, flower.

Great loss, Punkin. Glad you enjoyed the trip. Must be some meaning in losing that much while you were away from home.

Beautiful day here today as well.

03-22-2003, 02:15 PM
Happy day Flower!! Have fun for yourself!!

Thanks everyone, it is a wonderful affirmation to know I've still got it!!

So, how do you like me now?? Ooopppps, am I getting annoying!

Hee hee.

Time for a nap- Felt good when I got up this am but about 9:30 I could tell I was still dragging.

Got a great Precious Moment figure cheap this am! Its called the "Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" and its a girl standing on a scale with a box of candy in her hand!! Must have been meant for me!!

Time for my nap!

03-22-2003, 08:36 PM
Had a great time at the beach! DH and I walked a total of 16 miles in 2 days---so hopefully that offsets some of the treats we allowed ourselves.

I've missed you much but it was nice being with you all Thursday night.:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FLOWER!:D As I always say, thanks for incarnating!

Punkin, so there's a possibility that you'll be working with him? You mean the same building? Shoulder to shoulder? That's pretty wild if that's the case!

Kaylets, congrats on passing the test!

Anagram, thanks for the lovely story reminding us to sing.:)

Love to all---I'll check in tomorrow when I'm rested and settled back in. Just wanted to say hi!

03-22-2003, 09:23 PM
Took a 2 hr nap and feel marvelous.

Yes, Punkin, I meant to ask as well -- We need DETAILS!!

Am watching Waterworld and sorting thru magazine baskets, doing 27 fling boogies one magazine at a time!

03-22-2003, 10:18 PM
Two robins were sitting in a tree.

"I'm really hungry," said the first one. "Let's fly down and find some

They flew down to the ground and found a nice plot of newly plowed
ground that was full of worms. They ate and ate and ate till they could
eat no more.

"I'm so full, I don't think I can fly back up into the tree," said the first

"Let's just lay back here and bask in the warm sun," said the second.

"O K," said the first.

So they plopped down, basking in the sun. No sooner had they fallen
asleep, when a big fat tomcat up and gobbled them up.

As the cat sat washing his face after his meal, he thought...
(scroll down)
(you're gonna like this one)

03-23-2003, 07:43 AM
hi everyone!

eydie-glad to hear you had such a nice time at the beach!
it has been a rather rough time emotionally for me the last couple of days. i definitely thought about going off program, but made the decision instead to remain op and exercise, which i have to say, felt pretty good. it's supposed to be nice here again today, and i plan to get out and enjoy the lovely sunshine while it lasts. i hope everyone has a good remainder of your weekend. take good care of yourselves.

03-23-2003, 08:18 AM
Hello All!!

Kettle is on!! I've opened the curtains and pulled the shades sw you can see the birds flying across the lake. Tonight, as the sun sets, we'll be able to see them return. The air feels soft and light, but its not quite warm enough to sit on the porch w/o sweaters. So, I'll stay inside closer to the music and keep an eye on the kettle. Who's ready for a cup?
Speaking of tea, I'm seeing lots of other posts regarding an English Toffee tea. Anyone try it yet??

Scale shows up 1.5lb this am -- not official but a definite indicator.
Had soups Friday and Saturday, wonder if its too much salt but don't think that's the case. Think its just how things are going.

I have to get back into some sort of activity-- Too much going on to think just good music and quiet time will deal with it all. Another post I saw from "Your Real Age" says if you actively practice a stress reliever practice ( yoga, tai chai, etc) you can reduce your real age by
16 years!. And coincidentally, our PBS channel last weekend was showing a yoga class designed for seniors w/ lmited flexibilty and/or medical problems. This class had each person using a chair in case they felt they needed to grab and balance. Some of these folks had accomplished amazing things and many of them freely admitted yoga was the last thing they thought they'd ever be doing.

Eydie- Tell us about the beach! did you have a big monster storm Thursday evening?? Buckets and buckets of water?

Frogger- What kind of fan club jam was in Williamsburg? I've never been been have seen lots of the pottery from there- In fact, I have to force myself to only look as I already have more than I can use or store!! I admit it, its more than a hobby!

New Orleans! That sounds like fun! Never been but still sounds great!

MissW- Still raining your way? At least its not like Wyoming w/ allt that snow! I know, easy for me to say when the sun is shining!

Punkin- did you do carry on luggage only? We are planning a trip in May and I figured we'd just do carry on as we're only gone a few days. And since its Florida, I think we'll leave the boots home!

How big are these road runners anyway?? 3 ft tall maybe? I have to admit, the only ones I've ever seen are from the cartoon.

WSW- you posted as I was writing-- GOOD FOR YOU!! You're still facing the right direction! Let me pour you a cup of tea !
Its tough when we feel as though everythings out of control. Its hard not to get caught in the undertow. There's always support here for you!

Dollar-- Is there still snow on the roof at your job??

Anagram-- Seen any robins yet?? Not I. That's one thing that still amazes me. The robins are still so chubby when they get to Delaware-- when I lived in CT, they seemed to be 1/2 the size--
Wonder how big they are when they start their trip!!

Ceara- How goes it?

Arrabella- Couldnt tell from your post how familiar you might be w/ the Children of Alcoholics program. My limited experience is only this: there is a definite link to the same behaviors seen in families w/ domestic violence. Often times the "victims" kindness and compassion are manipulated to make the alcoholics behavior " acceptable" . Roles are often reveresed, child is forced to become parent to win " approval " and "affection" and many children are forced to deal w/ adult responsiblities long before they should. The idea of "family loyalty" is twisted far beyond the true meaning and the children are often expected to carry a guilt burden that isn't theirs in the first place.
I often have to remind a very close friend that its not the same family member -- that its the alcohol/drugs talking, stealing, lying. My best to you.

Wildfire--! How goes it??
Scoobysnacks- Time for a check in please!

Today's thought is:

"Hope is one of the ways in which what is merely future and potential is made vividly present and actual to us. Hope is the positive, as anxiety is the negative, mode of awaiting the future." --- Emil Bruner

Need to run to the Empress's favorite store and stock up on flavored water. Maybe we can get that scale to move b/4 tomorrow's weigh in!!

I'll be back!

03-23-2003, 10:51 AM
My day was way good as birthdays go, you may read about it on Alternachicks chat thread. I bought a new scale. Mine was off by ten bounds. Guess I am at 200 again! Bummer!!!

03-24-2003, 01:08 AM
Took the great neighbors to brunch today. Very enjoyable. And food's been bad all day. Bad, bad.

The "victory" is that I wore an outfit I had not had on for many years (most of the things I've saved are pretty classic). It looked good, felt good. Two of the women (I see them pretty often) commented that I had lost so much weight and then said they'd "hate to see you lose any more because you look so good right now". Of course, they are just so nice but since we know I still weigh 215 pounds.......Last time I heard that I was at 130 and it was a loooong time ago. But it was a big nsv anyway. So out go all the winter "too bigs". And most of last summer's as well, I suspect. Frugal me wants to get every last wear out of things but I'm realizing it's at the expense of non-scale victories.

Been so slow I thought our thread took off to the LSM to seek out the banished leprechauns. Must just be spring breaking out all over and everyone out enjoying it. Hope life was good to you this weekend.

03-24-2003, 01:16 AM
Glad you enjoyed birthday, flower.

Haven't seen robins yet, Kaylets. May be there but I've only seen the black crows or whatever. HEAR lots of birdies in the a.m. though. Mourning doves particularly loud today.

wsw = good for you for staying op through emotional pain. I've been falling apart lately and feel I've got to get it together before I regain. DO NOT want to go backwards. My commitment is basically to eating healthy and seem to have forgotten what that means lately.

FRESH START (again).:D

03-24-2003, 06:51 AM
Hello all!!

Fresh start Monday!

:D :D

Hello all!!

Yesterday DH and I went to visit a Trader Joe's store near by. They specialize is whole and organic foods-- Found the Empress's Cafe Twists but found them after we had already found Chocolate Meringue cookies. The Meringue's are OH MY GOODNESS Good. And so much bigger than the Meringue kiss cookies recipes. And 4 cookies are 2 pts ( 100 calories). Rich, sweet taste of chocolate. Not as rich as a candy bar but not that "almost chocolate" taste.
Their website shows more stores than their grocery bags list. ( The store we were in wasnt listed on the bag)
And PS, if I remember, the container of Meringue's was just bout $4.00. Finally, something great to bring to a Party or Potluck.

DH's decided to incoroporate some fish back into his regime as he thinking he's not getting all the Omega 3 's he should. He made lemon pepper sword fish w/ baby portabellas, steamed asparagus and sweet potatoes last night. I blend cinammon, splenda and Brummell yogurt spread into the sweet potato and am a happy woman. Don't think a restaraunt would've had such a tasty, healthy meal to offer.

So, here we go Monday, here we go----Personally, I'd prefer it was Saturday again but know I must deal w/ Monday to get to another Saturday...........

As the Empress would say, we must not be interested in defeat- as long as we are facing the right direction, we are still trying! We may need to tread water as we regroup and regather momentum but we are not defeated! We are doing the best we can! We are learning new things everyday!!

We may not show the results we want today but are we expecting too much today??

Today's thought is
COLOR=darkblue]"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but never quit." Conrad Hilton, Hotel Executive[/COLOR]

Take care my lovelies!!

03-24-2003, 06:54 AM
Monday BONUS!!

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

:lol: :dizzy: ;) !!!

03-24-2003, 07:58 AM
Good Morning All!

We had a great time in Williamsburg but I am tired today.

Kaylets- It was his Virginia Fuel jam (Virginia chapter of the Metallica Fan Club)

He played wonderfully and we went shopping on sunday. Didn't buy much (a few souviniers but got some walking done!)

Weighed in this morning and I am up 1 lb. I'll see how it goes this week. I'm hoping for a 2 lb loss for the week. I'm going to be really good!!!:^:

Supposed to be absolutly beautiful weather around here for the next couple of days. Time to break out the spring duds and see what's too big.

Everyone have a good day!

03-24-2003, 11:50 AM
Well, I bought a new scale on Saturday and instead of being 189 like on my old broke one, I was 201.5. Today it is reporting a 199.5. Not gonna make my Easter challenge but I am gonna keep trying to get them to go down, down down!!!! Not gonna give up!

03-24-2003, 01:45 PM
Hello all... :wave:

What a weekend huh? Hard to turn off the tv and hard to keep watching too. We're trying to find out where our neighbor's son is - last we heard he was in San Diego, but we think he's shipped out (he's a Marine). I used to baby-sit this "kid" and now he's... well, I guess he'll be out there soon.
Probably a major reason why my stomach's upset and I've had a kink in my shoulder for over a week.... I won't even mention the damned twitch in my right lower eyelid. Ugh!

Anywho, had a mega-boring weekend. I forced myself to do nothing, felt poopy all weekend, and still don't feel rested. I am down 1/2 a pound though - building on the loss from my traveling week... I've been craving protein and devoured a steak last night - and could've eaten a second! I normally go 2-3 days between eating beef or chicken but I don't think this is going to be one of those weeks. Meeeeeat, I need meeeeeat! :cbg:

This week, more house stuff. Ordering some gravel to tame some of my 5 acres of dirt! I have daffodils and jonquils (sp?) coming up and the place is looking "springy". In a few weeks I'll plant my annuals on my front and side decks. :cool:

Eydie - The beach sounds great! It's one of the things I miss about living in the Bay Area - no beaches in central Oregon!
"My guy" will be working in LA as an assistant - not here in my office - but he will be an employee, which guarantees we'll meet - someday. He called on Friday to chat, once for an hour, then again a few hours later asking if I would keep him company while he was stuck in traffic... I feel so lucky to have maintained our friendship.

WSW - Keep up that sunshine therapy! It does a world of good when you're going through hard times... hang in there.

Kaylets - :cb: How do we like you now? We think you're awesome! Congratulations on passing that test! So how hard was it to not go into your boss's office and say "nah, naaah, na, na, naaaaah!" (apply thumb to nose, wiggle fingers and stick out tongue accordingly).
I did do carry on only on my way to Arizona, then checked a bag on the way home (it met me in Sacramento). Either way is easy - as long as your carry on bag fits easily under the seat in front of you - I had to shove mine in there and yank it out (not fun with a row of people waiting for you).
As for the roadrunners - they're small compared to the cartoon ("beep beep, zip bang!" - sorry :lol: ). They're about a foot tall with their little tails in the air - and they look MEAN. They stare down my Dad's beagles like they're wondering if they're slow enough to catch and eat!
Oh, and the robin joke was HYSterical! Thank goodness those little flying poop machines have moved on!

Flower - Happy belated birthday!!!! :hat: I'm happy it was a good one!

Anagram - Yea, the nice loss while away from home has me scratching my chin too :chin:... and the fact that the urge to binge still hasn't really returned. I guess I grew some in the few days I was with Dad - perhaps quietly learned a life lesson? Maybe a little healing?
Congrats on the NSV too. Sooooo cool to get back into clothes and have people notice!

Well, guess that's all from me for now. Have a wonderful day everyone and let's hope Monday's over fast!


03-24-2003, 04:31 PM
Hi all!

Punkinseed- way to go on the weight loss! The sunshine therapy is continuing here again today. It really was gorgeous yesterday and again today. This weather is spoiling me a little.
Frogger-glad to hear you had a good time in Williamsburg.
Anagram-i hope things will start to get easier for you soon too.

I lost 2 lbs. this week, so really down 1 because i had gone up last week, but since I lose slowly, I'll take it! I'm op and exercising, so pleased about that. I hope everyone has a good remainder of their day. I'm thinking of all of you. Take good care of yourselves. All the best, wsw.

03-24-2003, 04:33 PM
Happy Monday!!!!

Oh wow, last week was horrible, had me wondering if I could ever get back on my feet. Saturday I had a conference to go to, missed the car-pool and had to ask my friend to drive me to SeaTac ('bout 20min away) I was so frustrated when I got there, late, and remained grumpy through the entire thing. But... the speakers were very inspirational and I guess that I took a little something away from it. Last night I got back on the phone and set a couple of CutCo appointments:) That makes me feel better... but here's the kicker. I e-mailed a resume on Friday on nothing but a hope, and I was feeling so inspired today that I decided to re-email and make sure that the had recieved it. No sooner had I hit send, my phone rings, it's that place. He hadn't gotten my second e-mail yet, but said that they were very impressed w/ what they saw in my resume :D (he nearly offered me the job over the phone) and invited me to meet the staff tommorrow!!!:cb: :dance: :goodvibes :cb: I was (and still am) so excited that I danced around the living room after we hung up. :lol: Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to my interview w/ the resturant today, but this other thing would be soooooo much better! BTW: receptionist/ assistant producer @ an animation co.


nsv: for my interview today I put on a size 10 skirt. I could get it on last fall, but it was really uncomfortable... Today, it zips up fine and feels great!

And the thing is... I would never be acomplishing these kind of things without the support of you gals. :grouphug: Thank you so much! :goodvibes::goodvibes:


03-24-2003, 05:22 PM
Kaylets, you were asking about the weather at the beach---we had it all! It was rainy and cold one minute, then the sun came out, then rainy and warm, then foggy, then sunny. We had everything but snow! Still it was great--don't know if I mentioned this already but the big treat I got for myself was a set of 4 belly-dancing videos and one of those fancy, jingly coin belts. Hee hee!:devil: DH is lovin' it---so nice to know that after 19 years I still have the power to intrigue!:s: :s: :s:

Flower, you made out like a bandit on your birthday. Wow, that was a lot of loot!:) I read your diary today and I want to tell you that when I first started doing Pilates it wasn't pretty.:lol: I felt like I had no control and was just flailing everywhere--and now I'm pretty good at it. Which tape do you have?
How's Grif doing today?

Anagram, nothing tells the real story like how well our clothes fit. I remember "blousing"my tops because they wouldn't fit over my hips and butt---I love it when my old things fit properly now.

wsw, congrats on losing the 2 pounds!

MissWashu, is the job a sure thing? It sounds great!

Greetings to everyone else!

I'm doing well as far as food and exercise these days. But I'm struggling with body image issues. Comes and goes....

03-24-2003, 07:04 PM
Eydie-I have the one for dummies. :) I just started Yoga too. I think the yoga one will help with the flexibility I need for the pilates tape. So...it gets easier? Good.

03-24-2003, 07:20 PM
'afternoon ladies (and any lurking gentlemen)

WSW - Way to go on the loss! :cb:
:flow2: Here comes the sun, la la la la, here comes the sun, la la la la, and it's all right, do do do do do dah dah... (that's all the singing anyone's gonna hear from me!)

Miss Washu - YOU GO! The job sounds wonderful (and fun to boot). Good luck at your "juuuust in case" interview and let us know how meeting the staff at the other place goes!

Flower - Yoga gets easier... I'll never forget the first successful 'down dog' - where I could feel that I was doing it perfect. Amazing... and you feel taller afterward too!

Gonna have to look into Eydie's belly dancing... I think that sounds like fun! :cb:

Toodles for now, must away to home!
Tomarrow I'm off to Home Depot to buy deck makin's and get my windshield fixed. Oh, yeah, did I mention the chip in my brand $#%^ new $%(&* car's windshield I got on my way to #%(& California???? Yep... :rolleyes:


03-24-2003, 08:58 PM
Glad it's almost over. My boss is an ***. Completely acting like a child, and I'm not having it! I'm fed up, completely. I applied to three jobs yesterday. I'll likely take a pay cut if I move because I have some supervisory status in my position, but at this point I'd flip burgers to get the **** outta there, if only it would pay the bills. So, it's official....I'm looking for work (elsewhere).

On a more positive note, our team beat the first place bowling team in our league tonight, so that moves us into first place with only a few weeks to go! :cb:

I'm enjoying my new treadmill. Having it in the middle of my living/dining area makes it pretty hard to ignore. I figure even if I only do 15 minutes, it's better than nothing. Although I've done at least 40 minutes every day. Last night I did an hour.

Punkin, that's so cool that your guy is going to be working for your location in CA. Good way to keep in touch! :s: Get that windshield fixed before it has a chance to crack...much easier repair bill to swallow! Will keep a good thought for your neighbor's son. Hey, congrats on the continued loss!

Eydie, glad your enjoyed your beach get-away! It soothes the soul, doesn't it? I'm having those body image moments, too....keep wanting to see results, frustrated with the lack of, then think hey, it's not so bad, then hate to look in the mirror...rinse and repeat....

MissWashu, congrats on the interviews! Come stand next to me so I can absorb some of your good luck through osmosis, will you? Great NSV!

wsw, congrats on the loss! Amazing how a little warm air and sunshine can turn our moods around, isn't it?

flower, you just need to break that scale in, that's all. ;) It's just sensitive because it's new. Glad you had a nice birthday!

Kaylets, sweet potatoes with cinnamon...mmmmm...I love sweet potatoes! Give me a plate of them with some baked baby carrots and I'm a happy camper.:T Hmmmm...you can reduce your age by 16 years, huh? I'd be 18 again!!! Definitely going to dig out my Yoga videos... :yes:

Anagram...lean on us when you're not strong, and we'll be your friends, we'll help you carry on.....okay, I'll stop singing...but you know what I mean. :grouphug: Let those compliments you received carry you for a few days until you get your sea legs again.

Hello to Frogger, Arabella, Empress Amarantha in the Kingdom of Lurk, Senamay if you are out there, dollar, ceara, and anyone I may have missed! :wave:

03-24-2003, 09:09 PM
Hello all!

Punkin- glad things went so well on your trip-- DH shaves every day, did you pack a razor or just buy one when you got there?

and this is interesting about the friend. Lonesome in traffic, heh? And he could've called how many other people?? hmmmmmmm

Yes, the news is like a car crash, you don't want to know but can't stop looking-- Who would've thought that the S Korea base my sil is at seems safe compared to Iraq right now??

No, I did not stick my tongue out- I resisted!!

We had to replace a windshield in DH's brand new truck too.
Little pebble hit it during one of the storms and then the intense cold just made the crack grow.

Flower-- glad you're birthday went so well. Sorry the new scale is higher- Have you ever put 5lbs of flour or sugar on the scale to test how right it is?
I know how important those 2lbs are but believe me, a day will come when you'll wonder if it was really true or just a dream.

MissW-- what a great day for you! Resume impresses, your dress to impress fits like a dream---- Maybe the wheel has turned? Just keep smiling-- Having "dueling" interviews is a great feeling for me-- it makes me calmer knowing I have two chances instead of just one. Try and get lots of rest tonight so you GLOW in the am!!

Eydie- Everything but snow is a good description!! Makes such a difference when you don'tm have to be anywhere-- not sure if you were right on the water but storms on the water are awesome. Better than tv or fireworks.

WSW_- GOOD FOR YOU! I know that feeling this week too! Only pound but sure felt good-- almost like it was 10!!

Frogger-- wow, I had no idea-- The whole fan club met in Willamsburg?? More, more tell us MORE ( please!)

Wildfire-- Good luck on the job search-- sometimes, that's the only option-- " see ya, gotta go now"-- Really makes you wonder, DON'T THEY KNOW WHO THEY"RE DEALING WITH??

Somehow, cleaning or what have you, I tore a muscle in my shoulder and need to rest it. Too bad, I cant' do that sitting-

So good night all!!

Oh, and ps, did I mention I was a lb down myself!! Yahoo!

03-24-2003, 11:05 PM
Kaylets...just put a 2-5 pound weights on it, it comes up as 10.25. Thats pretty accurate. Owell, as long as it is consistant. The numbers don't really mean anything. They just are a mood enhancer!

03-25-2003, 01:09 AM
'Lo all. Just a flyby to let you know I'm still around and lurking a bit.

Thanks for the the "lean" offer, Wildfire. I think today I had the meltdown I've been planning since dh went into hospital in Dec. You know," I'll have a breakdown when I have the chance". I suspect to some degree that's what's been at the root of my recent ups and downs. Pretty much went with it, acknowledged what I thought it was, told myself I expected it sometime, etc. Hope this does it and I can get back on track.

We did have some good news today. Some of his test numbers have improved and his dialysis was cut so now he's doing 3 hours instead of 4. While we were enjoying that news, his cardiologist called and said not to take any more blood thinner, that his numbers there were high. Now they've been high before but they've never called at 9 at night before and of course he had just taken a pill at dinner. So, hold my breath time. he's having a "routine" stress test tomorrow and we should hear about surgery schedule later in the week.

I'm thinking of joining the Empress on sabbatical but I'm afraid I'd do worse then. Plus I'd miss you all so much. But if I don't show up for a while, it's just meltdown time.

03-25-2003, 01:32 AM
Thanks all! :goodvibes:

I'll come back tommorrow and let you know how it went. 'Til then G'night.


03-25-2003, 06:42 AM
Hello all!!

Anagram! The blood thinners are dicey aren't they?? We had an experience about 6-7 yrs ago with them as well. And you know what, you're right-- you are do for R & R!!! And you deserve it too!! A planned R&R for all care takers !! What would you love to do?? Stay in bed all day? Stay in the tub? Laugh till you cry? Eat a monster bag of M&M's?
I hope you can fit something in. No matter what it is-- And hope you can find the time to post once in awhile. We'll miss you and its just not the same when folks aren't here!! ( Did you see that Empress, Scooby, Senamay??)

Flower-- I LOVE IT-- The scale is just a mood ehnancer-- Very good -- its so true-----

OK-- Tuesday-- First Tuesday of Spring-- How shall we mark the day?? DH is already making juice w/ lots of greens, its not exactly what I'd mix w/ coffee but maybe it'll open my eyes this am!
For myself, I intend scheduling time for myself. Myself as priority one. If I am not at my best, I cannot give my best to family.
Just like maintenance for the car! And for starters, I am going to give myself a big pat on the back for doing the best I can! If it was one of you, I'd be applauding, I deserve support from myself too!!

Spring Renewal, Recommitment, Rest and Relaxation.

Today's thought is :

I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That's where the fun is. "
Donald Trump- Real Estate Investor

Take care all!

TUESDAY BONUS-- Two for the price of one!
"Food is an important part of a balanced diet" , Fran Lebowitz

03-25-2003, 07:52 AM
Good Morning all!

Today is WW for me not sure how I did this week I seem to be struggling with staying away from the bad food and that frustrates me because for the longest time I have been able to just say no. Im trying very hard to get back there, some of the problem is the time of day Im having my dinner it is too late so I find myself nibbling and on Sun at work I didn't have my carrots at break in the morning because I was out of them and they seem to really take the edge of the nibbling for the whole day, when I got home at 4 I found myself nibbling at anything and eerything until I was done making dinner. I gave myself a good slap on the wrist for that. I did however go shopping yesterday to buy a few tops and ended up with enough close to make 3 new interchangable outfits. the pants are a size 14 down from a 24 and the tops are a medium down from 4XL so that was great and I had a great time doing it I love buying close now I have so many more choices. Well have a great day all I have to run. I have a doctors appointment today and I hope he will take me off my BP meds this time completely he has been decreasing them since Sept I'll check in after weigh in tonight.

03-25-2003, 11:19 AM
Happy Tuesday all!

Well, I meditated, asking that I not dream about the war and what do I dream about instead????? Mexico.... not the beautiful Cancun, beachy Mexico, but Algodones, where I went - then I thought all the things I bought were in my bed. Woke up at 1am with a headache. It's going to be a long, strange week. :rolleyes:

Wildfire - Waaahoooo!!!! Congrats on the bowling victory! :cb: Go get 'em! Good luck on the job front. Years ago I left a job and took a sizeable pay cut so I could quit my hour + commute. It was worth it. There's other things besides money... (your mental health is worth more!).

Kaylets - I had a disposable razor in my bag. You can have those, you just can't have the old fashioned straight razor kind (WHO uses those now???). However, if you happen to have a metal nail file you'll want to leave it home - they WILL take that away.
Congrats on the loss and take care of that shoulder!!

Anagram - Ya know, I think we all have a pressure release valve. Every so often, when under stress I think we have to slowly let out some steam or else we're just going to blow. Allow yourself this release. Keep us posted on hubby and know that we're here - even if all we can do is listen (I hope that helps).

Dollar - :crossed: that your Dr. takes you off the meds. You've been doing SO great! Cool about the clothes too - I bet you're ready for a whole new wardrobe aren't you? Can we go shopping with you??? :lol:

Yea, I'm ticked about my windshield, but there's no out of pocket money for me. Since the car's brand new (rolled to 2,000 miles when I got home) comprehensive will cover it and they can't raise my rates. They're coming today to see if they can heat-treat it - if not they'll replace it... :rolleyes: I'd like to flatten the tires of the guy who cut me off on I5 and kicked up that rock! Oh well....

Going to bed early tonight with my friend Benadryl (I *will* sleep dammit!)

Terri :faint:

03-25-2003, 06:37 PM
Flower, I have the 'Pilates for Dummies' tape and really like it. I still can't do that last exercise. My arms aren't as strong as they should be, but I've got great man-crusher legs! :s: [not exactly sure what that means....]

Kaylets, your swordfish meal sounded sublime! Can we come have dinner at your place?:D

Punkin, congrats on losing that 1/2 pound. It all counts! I'm still trying to gather up the courage to step on the scales; it's just too much of a heart breaker to see it go up and I'm afraid that would be the case with me.

Wildfire, work problems are such a pain, to say the least. I had to have a talk with one of my co-workers this morning and it turned out really well. I addressed the issue and everything's okay. I was ready for some big defensive manuever from her [MY fear] and it simply didn't happen. What a relief! And I felt so healthy and mature for doing it! Could you approach your boss and voice what's bothering you? Then again, finding another job sends a pretty clear message too!:D

Anagram, sending you lots of good energy, my friend. You've held up for so long. Truthfully, I'm kind of glad you've finally gotten around to having a meltdown. [I hope you know what I mean!] Take care of yourself, and let your husband take care of you too. One thing that I've learned is that people really want to help and are just waiting for instructions. Please don't stay away from us too long!

Dollar, you went from a size 24 to a 14! Wow! That's incredible, you must be so proud. You're the inspiration queen of the day!

I baked lots of cookies at work and didn't have any--not a nibble. I've done really well the last 3 days. I have to look ahead to next week--I have 5 food events I have to cook for, so I should start planning my strategy now.

03-25-2003, 07:35 PM
Hello all!

Yes Punkin, I know just how you feel, I knew I kept waking up but didnt realize how tired I was till about 9:30 am and felt it all day.

Lots of water in today and even got some walking in chasing around for documents I needed but I am done now.

MissW - wonder how the interview worked out?

Sweet dreams my lovelies!~ I 'm done!

03-25-2003, 10:41 PM
hi all!

good to catch up on all your posts.
anagram-with all you've been going through surrounding your husband's health, no wonder you had your meltdown. you and your husband are in my thoughts. please take good care of yourself!!
more lovely spring weather here today. it's spoing me. op and did my exercise.
well, thinking of you all. take care.

03-26-2003, 06:57 AM
Hello all!!

Not sure what the forecast is but either way , its FIRST WEDNESDAY OF SPRING AND ........ here we go Wednesday, here we go!

Now this is interesting-- this am the scale says 5lbs up! No breakfast yet, but 5lbs! I did have SF Hot chocolate yesterday-- 2 packets per cup- 2 cups-- wonder how much sodium--
Am I considering this a gain? No-- but I am wondering about the sodium!

Did get my hot bath last night and even got one dog bathed too b/4 I drained the tub.

To everyone-- I have to repeat what Flower said yesterday, it just keeps coming back to me-- "The scale is just a mood enhancer" --

And from another poster says too" If food is not the problem, food is not the solution" ....................

If all we can do today is keep GUILT at bay, than we are still making progress!

Take care all!
Today's thought is;
"Think not a trifle, though it small appear: Small sands make the mountain, moments make the year. " Edward Young


03-26-2003, 11:25 AM
Oooh, it's quiet here..... hope those that are missing are at least lurking!

I have deck pieces in my back yard! I got home yesterday and my stepfather had placed the major boards in their places so I could get a visual of the deck. I can't wait!!! Of course the cats are glued to the back door wondering what that stuff is on the ground.... :lol:

Eydie - Impressive all that baking and no nibbles!

Kaylets - Thank you for re-posting some of those ol' 'lighbulb moment' posts. It's so true that food isn't the problem OR the solution. I think I should start repeating this to myself... :chin:

WSW - Enjoy that springy weather for me. I got to sleep last night to the sound of heavy rain. Very nice, until the high winds followed and I woke up at 4am with my bedroom window rattling! So far sunny today :cb: but I hear we have more rain, hail and lightning/thunder coming today... :rain:

:wave: everyone!

Haircut today (yes, I still have roots!) and going back to scoop up some more of those perfect fitting bras I found before my trip.



03-26-2003, 02:42 PM
hi everyone!

punkinseed-i'll try and send some nice weather your way! if that didn't work, know that at least my good thoughts are on their wayto you.
i liked all the quotes, kaylets. they all seemed to resonate with me today. thanks.
this morning, i was thinking about how much weight i still have to lose and seemed to have forgotten about all the weight i've already lost. i needed that reminder. i am about to do my exercises. hope everyone has a good day. take care.


03-26-2003, 03:50 PM
Kaylets, pay no attention to the scale---it's a fluke or maybe you read it wrong or maybe an errant leprechaun was clinging to it trying to psyche you out. Don't fall for it!

Punkin seed, that's pretty exciting about the deck. How long have you had your house?

wsw, you're so right about how we forget how far we've come. I always get that when I see photos of my overweight self wearing that "oh pleeease, don't take my picture" look.

Flower, I read your diary entry today and I can relate to your feeling badly about missing your appointment. One time I totally forgot a dentist's appointment and they called me at home and I immediately went into feeling like an irresponsible teenager and it bothered me for days! Gotta learn to let these things go!

Did one of my new belly dancing tapes today--this one focused on arms and abs. It was fun but I couldn't keep my arms up thru the whole thing. It's not that the moves were difficult, I'm just going to have to build up my stamina. So that's going to be a mini-goal of mine. I will say this, as long as I'm doing Pilates and bellydancing, I feel no need for crunches! :D Now if I could just get rid of this little cushion of fat over my mighty abs I'd be okay.:o

03-26-2003, 06:11 PM
Well I went to the doctor and the news wasn't great. My blood pressure is fantastic but because I have a sore hip he put mye on an anti-inflamatory and because they raise blood pressure he was not comfortable taking me off my meds, so he told me to come back in 3 weeks and he would decrease it by half again by then I will be off the anti-inflamatory. I was a little bummed but I got over it when I weighed in later that day and I was down 1.2 so that makes 87.4 I'll take that.
I want to try to make sure I get my walking in everyday but it is hard to get going when i have this painful hip and it is worse at night when I normally go for my walk. Starting next week my friend that goes to weight watchers with me wnts to start walking on Mons for 2 hours while her doaughter ins in town taking a course. Im not sure I have it in me for 2 hours at 7pm but I will give it a try, Im use to 45 min - 1 hr. Anyway time to run I hope you all have a great evening, take care all.

03-26-2003, 08:09 PM
Hello all!!

That long soak last night was great! Need to do that more often!

Tonight, I have to write my review- never done that before.

No, I'm not worried about the scale-- probably greenies like you say being mean or maybe -- this is probably what they were up to-- an early April fools' joke-- ??

anyway-- let me get started on this review and I'll check in later if I finish it early!

03-26-2003, 09:42 PM
Hi - back briefly. So much I want to respond to but not up to it yet. Weighed in at 214.4 this a.m. Down from last week but not great. I've lost a total of .6 since Feb 14th but I guess better down than up.

I recovered from the meltdown and had a good day during the midst of a rollercoaster week (and it's only wednesday). The high blood number of Monday evening was due to some sort of error at the clinic, Had to have another test done yesterday. Then had stress test done. Got good news tonight that there's no blockages to heart or anything. And blood levels were ok.

The dialysis is still cut but they had also told him that day that another test result showed he could probably go off dialysis. You can imagine how that made him feel. When they rechecked, it was not so. Apparently, another testing error!

Also heard from vascular surgeon that things looked good in his left arm for the surgery he needs. Had a call from his office today that that is tentatively set for April 11th. Some other problems to be worked out yet so we're waiting to hear more on that.

So while I've been recovering from original meltdown, we've been on this rollercoaster. I suspect my meltdown was premature - I usually wait until it's ALL over before I go down for the count.

Kaylets - I'd choose to laugh 'til I cried. Strangely, while I'll eat M&Ms if they're there, I'm having no craving for them. Like tonight, I told myself I can have something and can't figure out what I'd like. I've gone over all sorts of things in my head that are here in the house and don't seem to want any of them. Want SOMETHING just don't know what. And several times recently, I've been checking out of little stores where they have a box of homemade Easter eggs (including my dear peanut butter) and only 60 cents stands between me and nirvana and (believe it or not) I just shrugged my shoulders and said "oh, well". Who is this person living in my body?

Shopped a bit again this afternoon. Bought navy slacks (again) as one's I bought in fall are too baggy and another outfit in Misses sizes - one of my goals. Plus, today dh mentioned the black slacks I had on were looking baggy and i just bought them what seems like a short time ago and they were a pound or two snug when I bought them.

So even though the scale says I'm not doing much, I still feel the Pants=o=meter is working to some degree.

Hi to all, apologies for not catching up w/individuals. Looking for a peaceful day tomorrow. No dialysis, no appointments, hopefully sunshine and a runarond day with my old bf who (despite all of the above) is feeling better day by day and has even been out doing a bit of lawn work. Okay, I'm not really happy about this because I thought we had agreed we'd hire someone this year. But he said it just felt so good to be out digging in the dirt. I won't fight him as long as he keeps it moderate. Of course, he's never known the meaning of the word in the past so I don't have much confidence.

Hmm, maybe some peanut butter on crackers? W/milk? Best I've come up with so far. Nitey-nite.

03-27-2003, 07:11 AM
Hello all!

Anagram- how FRUSTRATING! To be given two sets of wrong test results!! And of course, it's difficult to find out, were they misread at the lab or by the doctor?? Glad your DH is finding the stress relief out in the yard- - I know you'll be keeping an eye on him--

Big excitement about the baggy pants though!! At least DH's noticing if you're not! Seems like your spring walks are making a difference, never mind what the scale says!!

I hope you're luck finding clothes to fit is better than mine- When I was a size 24, it was hard to find, and all the sizes in between, just seems like what I'm looking for is not there! Used to think it was becuase the stores didnt sell much of the bigger sizes but now realize its when I show up at the store, NOT my size!! I just have bad timing!

Well, review didnt get written because I sent home the wrong file on the computer. So guess what I'll be doing early this am.

Is this one full week of spring now???
How shall we remember the day? Right this minute, for me, it might just be getting thru it!! Very sore and achy but we're inbetween rain storms so its really no suprise.
Have a little question for the day..........:?:

Quest 109 from the Book of Questions
"Since adolescence, in what three-year period do you feel you experienced the most personal growth and change?"

And today's thought is:"Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries"-- Corita Kent

Here's to Thursday!!
We're all in this boat together, we each have an oar, and if we just give our oar a little push, we can MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Dollar-- BRAVO on the lbs down!! You are so close I know you can nearly touch that 90lb mark!! Know you're disappointed about the BP medicine but it sounds to me that if it wasnt for the antinflam for the hip wasnt needed, you'd be off the BP med too!!

And I hope the snow is off the roof by now!! Has spring shown up in your part of the world yet??

I MISS the EMPRESS, ARABELLA, SCOOBY, SENAMAY, CEARA, and everyone else I'm missing!! Hope you can come by and let us know how you're doing! WE NEED YOU!!

Take care!

03-27-2003, 08:07 AM
Good Morning All!!

Hope everyone is doing fine!
I weigh in tommorow and am hoping for a 2lb loss. :crossed:

I'm bummed out though today. For the second day in a row (and a few a couple of weeks ago) my fiance hasn't been able to go to work. We have 1 car and I use it to go to work. My work is a totally different way that to get to his (he's an electrician and moves around sites a lot). So if he doesn't work he doesn't get paid. Less money for us! A guy he works with that he PAYS $40 a week for a ride to and from work decides he's not going yesterday or today. So we've been brainstorming trying to figure out where we can come up with the money for another car (plus insurance etc) It's darn near impossible having to pay for the wedding too. I don't know what to do!!!

Speaking of wedding, the pastor that we finally found that said he would perform our ceremony has never called. We've been calling for 3 weeks and he must be on vacation or something. We're supposed to meet with him to write up the ceremony. Don't know what's going on there!!!!

Guess I'm having a bad day.

Hope everyone elses day goes better than mine!!!
Hugs to you all!! :grouphug:

03-27-2003, 09:02 AM
Dollar, sorry your visit to the doctor didn't go according to plan---but you how overly cautious doctors can be, Generally a good trait to have in a doctor!:)

Anagram, Thanks for checking in. Even though your husband is on dialysis now, there is the possibility that he can stop altogther some day? Wouldn't that be grand? Speaking of that, I think it's wonderful that you have that 'take it or leave it' attitude toward your beloved PB eggs. You're a new woman!
By the way, since you mentioned your meltdown I've been trying to remember the saying that was on a plaque in my grandmother's house and I think I've got it: "When all this is over, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. I deserve it, I've worked hard for it and no one is going to deprive me of it!" :lol:

Frogger, good luck with your weigh-in. What a pain about needing an extra car. I tell ya, I can handle anything but when it comes to worrying about finances, I can go into panic mode pretty quickly.

Kaylets, I love the Book of Questions! They're always fun to use when meeting someone new--it's a good way to find out how twisted someone is!
Honestly I think I may be in the midst of my biggest 3-year period of growth and change. I had that false cancer diagnosis last year [a life-altering experience if there ever was one!], a parting of the ways with someone who was a big part of my life for 24 years, I'm turning 40 with all the gifts and challenges that come with it. I feel all sorts of shifts happening with myself---physically, spiritually, and dare I say? even sexually! The 40's are going to be fun! Can I get an amen, sisters?:D

03-27-2003, 09:38 AM
Mornin' all....

I have been lurking by, but things are bustin' out all around me, so I haven't had the time to really READ and absorb this thread...however I think of youse all a lot...we are connected somehow.

One big concern has been my costume for this play...which is tomorrow night...the saloon girl won't be performing in her maiden form, or nekkid, 'cause she finally found an age appropriate blouse...the age referred to is historical...1872...it is actually a night shirt with the ruffley neck and sleeves, with a ruffle around the bottom, but by the time I get on the crinolines and stockings and garters etc...you won't see the bottom ruffle.
This should be good...at least I don't need to wear a tattoo...like last year. I have 3 wigs to choose from, and I think I'll hit 2 more re-sale shops just in case they have a better skirt.

Another is the lines...I had my girlfriend prompt me for a 4 hour road trip...to Mason MI where we were looking at a litter of puppies....she was a really big help....in fact she knows the lines better than I do!!!!!!! However I do my best learning while driving...scripts or book talks or speeches or whatever...I look a little odd talking to myself, but no stranger than all those people who SING while they drive!!!!!!!!!!

And I will be getting another puppy....a replacement for one who was displastic....darn it...she comes from very genetically clean lines and is an outcross...not line bred, so if she turns out, and passes her health tests, then she may have a bright future as a mom...if anyone is interested email me privately and I will send the hyper link so you can see her.

Work is OK....being Board Chair of my church is very time consuming. Going to Porgy and Bess at the Fisher Theatre this Sunday. Am off to Timonium at Easter for a dog show...so as you can see, no rest for the wicked....teach me eh?

I'll be around....I miss the time to just sit with a coffee and absorb all your posts, but I will pop by occasionally.

Gotta go, the heathen is buggin' to go outside...


03-27-2003, 10:30 AM
Mornin', Ceara. Nice to see you back and nice for me to be back.

Today is our recreation day. "Recreation" these days being grocery store and lunch out but that's cool enough for me.

The forties are the Best (says the old veteran)! I felt more in charge of my life then than ever. Had graduated from college at 39, kids were off and I was off and running. And yes, I'd agree, sexually, particularly after hyster at 44.

Three years of growth - boy, I feel like I've had a lot of them. Growth and change - that probably would be during the time when 1 dh had heart surgery and retired the first time 2 my dear dad (who had already been quite ill) was diagnosed with cancer and died two months later 3 my ds got married 4 my dh went back to work 5 my dd got married 6. my mother had surgery for cancer (doing well still) All of that was in an 18 month period but if you count the next 18 months until I stopped reeling that would be 3 years.

Another (if I may stretch it just a bit) was the time I spent back in school for the obvious reasons. During that time, dd had spinal surgery, spent 10 months in a cast, MIL had surgery for cancer, FIL died, dh made partner (almost lost in the shuffle), you know, the usual stuff of life but a time when I was convinced I had become Wonder Woman (still feel like that a lot, except on scheduled breakdown days) and was holding the world together.

Eydie, that's the motto of my life. Your Grandma was a wise woman. There is still a miniscule chance dh's kidneys might improve enough to be off dialysis. We're not counting on it but it's not been ruled out. There has obviously been some improvement which helps and he's feeling so much better. Just not yet where he was nor where he wants to be.

Wow, Frogger! what a predicament. Esp if df moves around a lot, almost impossible to get reliable transportation. Do you work in DC or a suburb? I know Woodbridge is pretty far south but you've mentioned a long commute. Does your Mom have a job to get to as well? Sure hope the minister is reliable. Had similar problem w/vocalist for dd's wedding. Finally just had to get someone else (not easy at last minute, as you know). Then a week or so later, he calls with silly story about "just finding" an old message on his machine. He was a good friend of organist who wasn't happy either but he also worked with the second vocalist and she sort of chewed the organist out and got it all together. But nerve wracking and more so when it's the officiant.

I ditto Kaylets Miss List and the wow for dollar. I'm so darned pleased with my 35 down, I can't imagine how I'd feel at 87. Like I'm holding onto helium balloons.

I always have trouble finding the kind of clothes I like (and that fit), Kaylets. That's why I've held onto so many. Finding though they don't fit quite like they used to. But just getting into them is great. More exercise definitely needed. Timing is probably a big part of my problem because I only want to buy when on sale so lots of stuff is probably gone.

Hope to find a pair of navy shoes today so I can wear with some of the older ones. Shoes are the HARDEST for me. Don't consider this kind of shopping any FUN at all. Except of course when I actually find something.

Picture, please, Ceara when you get it all together.

Oh, so long again.......sorry.

03-27-2003, 11:35 AM
Happy Friday eve!

Doesn't the first full work week after vacation just bite????

I echo Kaylet's "miss list" too! Where is everyone???? :shrug:

Eydie - I've been in my house almost a year n' a half now. I moved in Oct. 2001. My first home, mine all mine. I have been toying with painting my closet deep purple since I said from day one "when I own my own home I'm going to paint the walls purple" - I think I will!
Thanks to you and Anagram for the outlook on the 40's. I still have few years to go, but it's great to know it only gets better! :cool:

Ceara - Good luck (or should I say 'break a leg'?) in your play! Oh, and *I* sing in the car!!!! :D

Dollar - Congrats on the loss! You must be really looking forward to seeing that big 90 pounds gone mark! Sorry about the Dr.'s decision - but it sounds like it's just a delay and you'll get off the meds soon. I hope the walk works for you too - it sounds a bit late to me, but then I'm up at 5am too...

Anagram - Ok, the labs being wrong twice has got to make you mad... Even though I'm not a religious person in the normal sense of the word, I've always believed in the saying that we're never given more than we can handle. Believe it - you're an amazingly strong woman!
Oh, and "pants-o-meter"!!!! :lol:

Kaylets - Yes, today is 1 week of spring! Of course you'd never know it if you were here. Yesterday it was sunny, then rained, then hailed, then snowed, then rain.... Gotta love central Oregon weather :dz:
Loved your question too - I know exactly what 3 years I'd think of - '98-'00. That was the span of time when I started seeing my marriage falling apart, did the counseling thing, Grandma died suddenly, marriage imploded, filed for divorce, lost my dogs in court, moved 500 miles from *everything*, my Mom's cancer scare, my other Grandma died, 16 months for the divorce to finalize.... yeah, a 3 years worth forgetting - but on the other hand I don't think I'd be who I am had I not lived through it all. Again, you're never given more than you can handle...

Frogger - Oooh, that pastor.... people who don't return phone calls - my BIGGEST pet peeve. I hope something works out. You also have my sympathy regarding being car-less. I was stuck in that position once after an ex-boyfriend blew up the engine in my car - I ended up buying another car at 19% interest because I HAD to have something. Bad position to be in... I'll keep my fingers crossed for something to come up (great car with keys in the ignition with a sign saying "take me" would work right??).

Off to Home Depot after work and another home improvement store to do some shoppin'. I always do this - do nothing on the house until I know company's coming then haul butt getting all kinds of stuff finished.... nah, I'm not a procrastinator... :rolleyes:


03-27-2003, 10:34 PM
hi all!

just wanted to check in and see how you all are. i'm thinking of you and wishing you well, even though i can't always respond to your individual posts. i'm having some "technical difficulties" due to ms right now, so will keep this brief. i've been op today and got in some exercises earlier in the day. well, take care.


03-28-2003, 07:00 AM
Hello all!

Ceara- how I envy your play!! Drama club is still my favorite highschool memory-- and how much I admire musical ability!!
Wouldnt it be fun to see you in costume?? and am glad to hear that no one's costume will be "nekkid"--- too much reality for me!

:dizzy: :?: :dizzy:

A new puppy sounds like fun too!! Its probably a good thing we don't have much more yard or house as I know we'd have more than 2 here!

Anagram- How true! The priorities become crystal clear when we we understand how quickly our time is spent here. My parents are still alive and I dread the day their health begins to fail. We are also fortunate that DD and DS are healthy although DSIL has a heart condition from birth w/ other illness related to the side effcts of the medications and inactivity. ( Gout, etc).

WSW- So sorry to hear you are have a rough time !! Hoping the "technical difficulties" ease up very soon !! Your positive attitude and bravery inspire me! Hope you can check in w/ us again soon -- We are keeping the wing chair by the front window for you!! And I've got a cup of tea for you too!!

Frogger-- Hmmm, the perpetual dilemma-- necessities of life have a way of making themselves known no matter how much we ignore them!! The good news is most insurance companies rates are better once you're married ( for the most part). Glad to hear DFiancee has his drivers license now. Motor Vehicle must be on the top ten of places everyone hates to go!
Sometimes when I resist paying for the necessities, I think of how much money would be lost without the necesseties. For example, if I let the electric get turned off, the hassle of candles, losing food in the fridge and freezer, reconnect fees, etc.

Punkin- Purple closet sounds very ROYAL!!
If it gives you a chuckle I say "JUST DO IT!" Its just paint after all!!
Deck sounds great-- we want DETAILS!! How many levels?? What kind of railings did you choose? There are so many pretty ones to choose from- the sunrise, the cut-out-work, etc. Are you painting or staining? Redwood or "aging ??"
AND----- who is installing it??? Any handsome carpenters here???

Today's question is Quest 24 from the Book of Questions: Are there people you envy enough to trade lives with them? Who are they??

Today's thought is:

"The love of our neigbor in all its fullness simply being able to say to him, "What are you going through? "-- Simone Weil

Lets make this a memorable Friday!

PS- Review is about 1/2 done! Whew!

03-28-2003, 07:20 AM
I've been AWOL, I know. Got some kind of fluey thing - achy, sinusy, can't think. This seems almost to be some kind of chronic thing - maybe some kind of allergy? :shrug:

Actually, the brain fog lifted yesterday, which was a relief work-wise. Had my darling grandson overnight Tuesday, and he was sick too, so I got about 3 hours sleep and did one of those mad dashes out to the drugstore in the middle of the night, coat flung on over nightie.

I had a couple of days that I didn't do well, diet-wise. Anybody else have trouble when you're tired or not feeling well? It occured to me that much of the time when I feel not together psychologically is when I don't feel well physically. I know I'm prone to binges then, too. I guess the answer is to try to work on my health. Which I do anyway, but maybe be more vigilant?

I'm almost done my work for the month. DH and I are taking a 2-day trip to Halifax for a little R&R by our selves. I intended to be completely done and take a 4 day weekend off work, but I will at least be able to finish up comfortably on Monday.

Good news is I just signed a contract to do work for a guy that I wanted to get work from. From all reports, he's great to work for, and it sounds like I can get as much work as i want from him. VISA begone! :wizard:

I've been doing some work with the Adult Children of Alcoholics literature and I think that is really going to help me.

Kaylets, it's been the funniest thing here on PEI. Last Thursday, we had the first day above freezing (maybe the second) since the fall. And the whole week since, the weather has just changed right on schedule. Mind you, we've still got piles of snow but there are patches of ground and I saw crocuses pushing up through in someone's yard! It's almost like winter and spring consulted the calendar :lol:

Re: 3 years of growth, I'm having some trouble. I'm trying to get a serious personal growth period going right now. :yes:

:queen: Punkin, that's exciting about your guy getting a job w. yr co. Don't remember if it's official or not, but in any case one senses that this is to be "a continuing stoooooory.":D And Happy Friday!

wsw, I've been thinking about you! Everything is so much harder for me when I don't feel well. How do you cope? You're an inspiration!

And speaking of inspirations, DOLLAR!!!!! Wooooo-hooooo! :cb: what a success story!

Anagram, I'm going for the "laugh 'til I cry" too! I've had lots of food indulgences lately, and they just are not doing it for me. I will add the proviso, for me tho', that I want to do it with a co-laugher, instead of with people looking at me like I'm crazy :rolleyes:

Frogger, hope that your transportation woes work out without a hitch. These technical problems can really make life seem difficult sometimes, can't they.

Ceara, break a leg! V. glad to hear that you won't have to be nekkid in front of an audience :eek:

Eydie, I love hearing about your belly-dancing exploits. Re: post 40 --- oh where, oh where has my libido gone? :shrug: Don't know if this is hormonal, psychological, or a mix, but I'm going to try to get it back. DH really misses it! Maybe belly dancing would help :shrug:

Wildfire, hope all is peaceful in your household!

Amarantha, I hope that all your endeavors are going well, and that we'll see you back here soon :grouphug:

To all Springettes, mentioned or unmentioned, let's make this a good one! Love to all, and happy weekend!

03-28-2003, 07:24 AM
Can't resist the Q! Kaylets, although I envy other people's lives, I usually want my own life, just .... fixed-up!

03-28-2003, 08:37 AM
Good Morning!!!

I'm posting a 1lb loss for the week. Not bad concidering that shortly after I weighed in this morning mother nature decided it was my week.
That's not the only bad thing that has happend this morning. I've been up since the butt crack of the morning (3:30) so I could get my fiance to work and get myself to work on time. So much for "on time" I was half an hour late, but no one else comes in until 7:30 so no one knows!!!!! We SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO need a little piece of crap car to get him to and fro. At least to work, he doesn't have to drive it anywhere else. Just something that will make it to work and back everyday. AUGHHHH

On another note, still haven't heard back from that pastor. My sister is going to ask her pastor if he will do it or if he knows of someone that is available. Another AUGHHH

Well, I hope everyone else's day started off better than mine. Check ya later!

03-28-2003, 08:44 AM
Like our Wood Nymph, I envy some things about other's lives but can't think of anyone I'd trade with. I'd like to be thinner, healthier, richer, etc. but would never give up dh, dd,ds, etc for any others. Plus am satisfied with my own life overall (a worthy goal, I would think).

Eking out another fairly nice morning here, looks like - to take a turn for the worse soon.

DD and family arriving this afternoon for an overnight. Always enoy the coming of the (exhausting) princesses. Problem is I've been doing the clothes sorting in dd's bedroom so must hustle up and do more or hide it all somewhere and start over. Plus all undone projects on the dining room table must be dealt with (computer is in dining room and table is used more for paper than food). But worth the effort. They'll be gone again tomorrow and I can get it all out again, I guess.

Great to see you again, W.N. Enjoy that weekend! Hope you feel better soon.

You too, wsw. Are you finding being op is helpful to the ms?

Purple closet sounds like fun!

Knock 'em dead, Ceara.

Must get off this machine or I'll never be ready to play with the kiddles.

03-28-2003, 09:09 AM
Hi Everybody!

Ceara, I'd love to see a pic of you in your saloon gal get-up! And I'm sure I speak for us all.:) Tonight's the big night, huh?

Arabella, I was starting to get worried. I was about to seek you out via e-mail. I've had some kind of weird cold thing too---I've had so many colds this season. Not good.

Anagram, are you going out with your family or are you staying in? Are you cooking?

Frogger, congrats on losing that pound!:D Okay, I'll just say it: I can't believe that person hasn't called you back. I think that's out rageous! Best of luck with the search. When is your wedding day?

Punkinseed, paint that closet purple--absolutely!

Hi wsw! Hope your 'technical difficulties' pass quickly.:)

Kaylets, after much deliberation I can't think of anyone I'd trade places with and that's a revelation in itself. Only thing is I'd want to have more money--I don't even want to be fabulously wealthy, just secure. But all in all, life's pretty sweet.:D

Almost forgot. I weighed myself this morning and I'm still at 146 pounds. My dream is still to get down to 135 by my 40th birthday--May 25th. It's ambitious, but I'm still going for it.

03-28-2003, 10:33 AM
Eydie, dd and hubby will probably take advantage of free babysitting and go out to eat. I'll cook for the girls and dh but it will be something child friendly (like they love to make pancakes). Dh will really be a whatever, whatever works on his diet. If dd/dh don't go out, it'll be pizza or whatever they order in. I used to knock myself out but dd is a very picky eater, the girls don't eat much grownup food, dh on special diet. Blah! I'm not the world's best cook anyway so I've been taking the easy route since dh took ill. I cook more for son/wife because they eat a lot of things I like that dh doesn't (or can't). But they don't really seem to appreciate (or want) fuss either. SIL pretty much appreciates whatever I do (daughter doesn't cook much). Always politely thanks me, says everything was good, etc.

So most of shopping, cooking revolves around girls and things they like to eat or make while they're here.

Back to sorting clothes. Ugh.......Dh is out doing yard work again and I'd love to take a few minutes to join him. Well, why not?

03-28-2003, 10:37 AM
Punkin, definitely go for the purple closet! I love the idea of painting the insides of cupboards and closets interesting colors -- like a nice "surprise" when you open the doors! Definitely adds an interesting touch. to the decor :)

Eydie, ditto on the bad season -- I've been sick about half the time since January :( Sometimes I think it's just one horrible virus that mutates. Only thing I can think of to do is to really work on my health, which I do find helps. Here's to feeling better!

Anagrammy, you have a wonderful time with your princesses! Aren't grandchildren one of the sweetest things in life!

Frogger, I am sending vibes your way for both the car and the pastor situations! Remember to breathe!

K, this time I really am going! Kisses!

03-28-2003, 12:39 PM
Wonderful, blessed FRIDAY!!!!! :dance:

My arms and legs feel weighted today - it's been a long week. I've been here by myself all week as my Mom's been fighting some gawd-awful bug... Looking much forward to the weekend!

I agree with those of you that said you wouldn't exchange lives - I don't think I would either. I'd like my life, only better - and only *I* can change that! :cb:

Had a bit of a shocker yesterday. I bumped into my neighbors who's son & daughter I used to baby-sit when we all lived in CA (long story of how they ended up a block away from us in OR). Their son is now a Marine - his last known location was the Philipines, but they think, because of his sudden lack of communication, that he's finally been deployed. I knew it was going to eventually happen, but to finally hear it was a bit hard. Also, his sister is married to a Marine who's already in Kuwait... This is getting to be too close to home... :(

Ok, the closet will be painted purple! (once it's warmer so it'll dry!)

WSW - Take good care. Post when you can... :yes:

Ceara - Yea! I wanna see the puppy too! What kind is it that you're getting? *sigh* I can't wait till I can get a puppy...

Kaylets - Oh, the deck won't be anything all that fancy. It's going to be 10x18, stained redwood (once it's dry long enough for me to stain!) and the railings, etc. are a design of my stepfathers - wide top railings and 1x1 posts attaching them to the deck every 6 inches or so (if that makes sense). As for cute carpenters.... well, since *I'm* doing most of the work, then yeah, I guess the carpenter's cute... :lol: I'll do the deck part and my stepfather will do the stairs and railings.
Nothing official with "my guy". He called yesterday and we talked for over an hour (again). It's been fun - whatever it is...

Arabella - In answer to your question, yes, being sick makes me eat garbage - if it's a common cold. Flu, then no (of course), but a cold - I'll go through 1/2 gallons of ice cream and instant mashed potatoes (with frozen veggies in it) and gobs of butter.... total comfort food. Also, Bisquick drop biscuits - with butter and home made jelly. Geez, too bad I'm not sick more often - this is starting to sound really good! :T

Frogger - I'd drop that pastor - quick. Geez, if he won't even call you back, I'd worry that if you DID finally get him, if he'd even remember to show up for the wedding??? Pretty irresponsible sounding to me.... I hope your sister can help you out.

Anagram - Enjoy the visit with your princesses!

Well, right now the skies are blue, not even a breeze (granted, it's 20 degrees) but it looks like yesterday's confused weather has passed (lightning/thunder, hail WITH sunshine) and I juuuuust might get some yard work done.
On a sad note, it doesn't appear that my daffodils are going to survive the freeze we had last night.... bummer.

Weekend bound!

03-28-2003, 02:25 PM
hey all, just checking in again.

beginning to think that it's a sign or something since this is the second pastor who has bailed on us. I had a really hard time finding this one. I literally called all the churches in the town we are getting married in. (There's A LOT of churches there) He's the only one that had the date open. I'm hoping my sister's pastor will do it or someone. I have a feeling that we're going to have to go to the courthouse friday and get married and then have a "wedding" as planned on saturday. If I'd of known how rough the process was to find a pastor or officiant in the first place, I could have saved a boatload of moolah doing the courthouse thing. Maybe we'll just wait until we go on our honeymoon and get married. That might be interesting. There's a few wedding chapels in New Orleans. I guess I'm just starting to stess out about everything. Only 49 more days until May 17th!!!!

03-28-2003, 03:38 PM
Yo! Selfish me-me-me drive-by postie from Lurker Land! I miss everyone but am sticking to my little Easter challenge on the journal for now. Time is at a premium when one works as slowly as I do.

Everyone seems to be doing well, though poor Frogger needs a cleric to step up to the plate and officiate at her wedding. What a state things have come to when ministers' services are getting as hard to come by as doctors' and auto mechanics' ... I really think that s**** big-time!

Punkin: I love the thought of you and your purple closets.

Got to go take a nap now and then start working (maybe tomorrow'd be better, though)! Dumped Curves today and signed up for a trial month at the grown-up gym. It is cheaper and I get a free personal training session and unlimited access to all machines, classes, pools, etc. ... plus some people who I wish would employ me in future work out there AND that couldn't hurt ... I am gonna be a fitness goddess someday with a good job!


03-28-2003, 06:51 PM
Thanks for stopping by, Empress A!:D

03-29-2003, 07:28 AM
Hello ALL!

Empress-- So NICE to see you! -- I am PEA GREEN that your new gym has swimming! If you remember, I've been looking for an affordable place w/ swimming lesssons since last fall.
My guess is that you will see results very quickly as the swimming involves so many muscles at once and becuase its something new.

Punkin-- Look at all the activity points you'll be earning too putting the deck together-- and later, you'll have the satisfaction of that " I did this" everytime you step out onto to it.

DH and I are just starting to make plans for our gardens. Some "alterations" are needed in front, the stone walll sunk in places from frost heave but the back yard doesnt need that much this year. Bought lettuce seed and starter pots to use w/ the yogurt cups we're also saving. Decided NOT to do cabbage again as we really only have a postage stamp garden and cabbage needs so much room. But I do want many more sunflowers than last year and also plan morning glories 4 or 5 places more this year too.

Uneasy truce w/ DS was broken Thursday. It almost seems to me that his generation's form of rebellion is to resist adult responsibilities as long as possible. He spent Thursday night "out", came in Friday pm to tell DH that he had now "moved" and would contact us when coming by for "his "things. He only came by for a shirt and pants but did stop in the bathroom for his toothbrush. Now DH's good razor is missing, etc, etc. The razor is an example of common " thought it was mine" incidents. Short story is-- locks are being changed today as DH is scheduled to go back to work on Monday.
We do not have anything of great value anyway -- it used to be called Tough Love-- today, the term "enabling" is more common.
DS's "recreational" activities have been affecting his employment for more than 3 yrs but he was a recipient of the good economy.
Now that things are so much tighter, more rules are being enforced and he can't bypass employers who insist on drugtests b/4 employment. He was very frustrated w/ "someone who told me beer will hide anything-- They were wrong!" Typical-- he's the victim, he was misled, we should understand why he is out of work again and realize he needs cash NOW.

And that leads me to finally answering the question about most growth-- Teenage and early adulthood years w/ DD and DS have made me understand that I will never say "Well, look how they were raised" because it really should be "Look how they choose to live"-- Both DD and DS had nearly the exact same upbringing ( except the obvious gender differences) yet DD is proudly independent and DS ---NOT.
Some folks have to figure out things the hardest way-- no matter how many maps you offer--

Getting very long-- -- need to get to the hardware store!!

Today's question of the day: "For $20,000 would you go for 3 mos without washing, brusing your teeth, or using deodorant? Assume you would not explain your reasons to anyone and that there would be no long- term effect on your career. "

Today's thought: " When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our self preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness."--- Joseph Campbell

Let's have some tea!!

03-29-2003, 08:52 AM
Kaylets, Thanks for sharing with us what's happening with your son. I can't imagine how frustrating, disappointing and sad this is for you.
I've heard other parents say that their kids will do absolutely outrageous things and then the kid acts like they don't know what the big deal is. Really frustrating.
I had a conversation with a friend just yesterday about how kids learn integrity and honor--and she said 'that's something you learn at your mother's knee'. I don't fully agree with that. It's all about how you choose to live.
You and your husband are doing the right thing for your son---it's got to be so hard for you though. I'll be thinking about you. Be strong.

About today's question: I think it'd have to be a cool million before I'd consider going without my daily ablutions for 3 months. Can you imagine how furry your teeth would get? Yuck!

03-29-2003, 10:03 AM
Yo! Drive-by again ... Punkin, thanks for putting that comment on my journal ... please email me sometime if I disappear ... I think I gave the address to you? Dunno! Mind is going!

Kaylets: Sorry thou be having kidlet troubles ... sounds like thy approach is the right one but it is sometimes hard to be strong! Hope things get better.

BTW, I didn't mean to imply that I would EVER using the swimming option ... I'm terrified of water! :) But I'm going to try everything else ... it's really affordable. Can't wait to go today ... just playing around until I do the weight machines with the trainer ... I've only ever used freeweights.

Re your question ... I wouldn't do it even for a million ... what a terrible thought!

03-29-2003, 12:56 PM
Well, we now have new keys -- DH had the lock changed in record time (Ironic?) - when we drove away both of us felt relief.

So, thanks Eydie and Empress- I 'm pretty much a spectator at this stage, technically, he is D StepS- This is a new place for DH to be though- But, he knows he has done far more than most would have done and it is time. In case anyone's wondering, DS is 23.

Empress- DH found the smoothie maker at Kitchen store yesterday.--We just had mixed fruit w/ vanilla yogurt- Remind me of your favorite recipe-- I want to try that too!
And I understand your fear of water- that's why I want to learn to swim-- trying to get past it--
Did you see on tv how some places have spining classes in the pools now??

We are running out to the Big W store for water and yellow ribbon.
Are there yellow ribbons in your neighborhood?

03-30-2003, 08:07 AM
:cool: :cool:

at least not in Central PA. Boo, hiss....

But I had enough little hugs and kisses to make the next week sunny. I feel so popular when the princesses are here. The two and a half year old doesn't let the almost seven get ahead of her in any way. So now when I head to hug the 7, the other shoulders her way in and she's FAST so she often gets to me first.

anyway, a few sore muscles from lifting up the younger one (weighs a ton and I try to watch what I say because she's repeated from others "I'm so heavy" and I don't want that to become a mindset) but otherwise resting up nicely.

Right, Wood Nymph, grandchildren are a real refreshment of spirit.

Kaylets, I am so sorry to hear of your situation re son. Even if your brain knows it's right way to go (and I'm sure it is), it's still awfully hard on the heart. It's important to remember, you've done your best. Off the top of my head, I can think of three families I know well who have an estrangement problem with a child. All were good parents. In two cases they have no idea what even caused the estrangement and both mothers will often say "I don't know what I did wrong" and I doubt they DID anything WRONG as each has other children devoted to them.
It IS about choices all through life, isn't it?

Empress, so glad to hear from you! You're always with us in spirit, I know but it's so nice to have you speak to us.

Punkin, hope your veggie weekend refreshes too. Need energy for those cozy hour long phone calls.

Ceara, applause, applause. I'm sure you're on a cloud - how'd it go?

Frogger, any transportation progress? 3:30 a.m. is just TOO early.

Bounced off the se rver again. Sure hope I can get this out without losing it. Sunny Sunday to others better geographically situated.

03-30-2003, 08:42 AM
Hello all!

I got bounced too!

So here's the Readers Digest Version!

Saw the official first Robin of Spring yesterday! Then of course, saw dozens of them but was thrilled to see my first one!

Thanks Anagram-- you're right- once I started sharing w/ a few other parents, found many similiar situations also happening.
And you're right, in most cases, the only thing done wrong is doing too much. Are the princesses keeping your DH entertained too??

Today's thought is:"All of us need to be touched on the deepest parts of our lives to have our spirit uncapped. If you uncap it, it will go everywhere. That's why we're here."--
Reverend Cecil Williams

Today's Question of the Day: Question #184 from the The Book of Questions--Gregory Stock, Ph.dWhen you are given a compliment, do you usually acknowledge it or suggest that your really don't deserve it??

More than 1/2 way thru w/ the review-- YIKES!--

I'll be checking in!

Who would like a cup of tea ??

03-30-2003, 10:22 AM
Having my second cup as I type, Kaylets! Yes, dh is entertained/tired by the princesses. But Mimi is the one they flock to (and I've worked hard for that). He enjoys my enjoying them and there is still the matter of protecting his dialysis port. He's always been involved with them but also has always stepped back to give me first crack. They'll always take Mommy first but I come in second even over Daddy when we're all together. (A lot of bragging here!)

When I was younger, I couldn't take a compliment well but have learned to. Even if I don't see it as being valid, I usually just say "Why, thank you" and try to do it in a way so as to make the giver feel good about themselves for giving out a compliment.

I'm still not a gracious gift accepter (according to dd) but am working on that. I think with my kids, I've not wanted them to go to a lot of expense, effort and they've seen that as being not gracious. I appreciate so much the smaller things in life that I think I'm more appreciative of small gestures than expensive material things. But she's pointed out that SHE wants me to have the things she buys and most of them are nice and it's not that I don't appreciate having them. So I guess it's time I stop putting myself after them. They're grown up.

Ironically, I find it's ds who remembers little things I like. He's not as much a gift giver but when he does (if he's chosen it and not ddil) it usually obviously reflects something he knows about me. Like he remembers how I like mocha anything; so when he bought the birthday cake, it's mocha even though almost no one else in the family shares that addiction. Or once when he bought a loofah sponge back scrubber and his wife was sort of embarrassed by the choice; but I loved it and esp. because he remembered I had had one earlier in his life. Hubby says I'm easily pleased but I think it's actually harder to come up with the emotionally satisfying "perfect" gift regardless of price. But I'm working on being able to accept graciously the more material as well because I'm worth it. And, thanks, dd for that bit of wisdom to Mom.

We're having snow at the moment. Heavy and sticking to grass but not supposed to affect roads/traffic. Hope not but it will go soon if it does. Must get at it and get ready for church.

03-30-2003, 11:34 AM
How long has it been snowing Anagram??

We seem to be inbetween storms, dogs are coming in dry.

Yes, its true, the gift that shows that someone did remember your favorite is always the best-- no matter the cost. But it is soooo nice to know someone wants us to have the "better " things, that someone wants us to have something special we would never do for ourselves.

Just this past week, I was forced to take a long bath two nights in a row to get some relief for a painful shoulder. I had all the right things waiting, bath pillow, candles, loofah's (!) but put it off as "wastnig water, not enough time, etc"-- What a pleasant reminder !! And the relief was amazing!

Still fighting my way through this review. Going to set the timer for 15 minutes and finish it that way-- Just can't stay motivated !

I'll be back!

03-30-2003, 12:11 PM
Yo! Anagramatic, Amarantha be dying to speak to all of thee all the time! :) :wave: It's just her ADD getteth worse as she ages and she can't get her work done 'cause she's wanting to post all the time and she needeth the money from this f****** job ... and she feeleth bad when she can't answer every post and only does me-focused posts all the time and she feeleth bad when she maketh weight goals and encourages others to do so and then she faileth everytime!!! :)

Ahem, EXCEPTETH this time! For the past two weeks, A hath lost a pound each week! It be a bit shaky on Big Daddy Analog Scale this week, but the needle be brushing the next pound down so that's our story and we're stickin' to it, Kemo Sabes!

Personal training session at gym tomorrow!! I shall be a fitness model in no time, albeit an aging one! Better late than never I say!

:wave: to all!

Kaylets: Lately I've been using the trick of writing down a vow to write my stories for work in 10-minute segments ... I write down how many segments I want to work on a story (say, six) and check them off as I do them ... it's surprisingly effective in keeping me from wandering too much, even though I don't always make the goal.

Re the question o' the day: I believe I usually just accept compliments with a thank you ... sometimes compliments aren't sincere and are used to further someone else's agenda, so it's best not to put too much stock in them either way. :)

03-30-2003, 12:18 PM
Empress- Congrats on 1 more lb gone! You are on a roll now!
You are MOVING!!!

10 minutes on the clock sounds good too today!

We made Rasberry smoothies again today- used a full cup of lo fat milk w/ the yogurt and fruit and the machine had a much easier time than yesterday--
Didn't you have a recipe w/ Sugar Free Flavored Syrups? I can't remember their name but I thought you had come up w/ a recipe.

Now I'm wishing DH had picked up the popsicle molds as its almost impossible to find the wooden popsicle sticks around except in craft stores. and I wonder how sterile those are?

03-30-2003, 03:56 PM
Morn' ladies...or should I say Afternoon?

I'm so-o-o-o :tired:. Will check out the picts when they are developed. But the performances were good...nobody fell, we had some improvisation, but the pertinent facts all got out, the meal was excellent and the fellowship was great...besides the customers had a riot! Apparently my "girls" were wrapped around the ears of some of the top people in presbytery :o oops :o have to stay in character you know...they were clothed after all! I also left a little lipstick on a few mens' foreheads....bright red. The life of a saloon girl :D ;) :shrug:

So, am off to Porgy and Bess tonight....am fighting leg cramps...I don't know how my friend walks in those bootlets! Man oh man, they just threw my whole alignment off...I was fighting not to slide out from under myself!!

Kaylets...made that soup finally...excellent just had a bowl...and a little cabernet savignon adds a lot of flavour! (in the soup) I used a cream of cauliflower one for the other function...not all people share my love of barley.

Anyway, gonna go and finish the last Nora Roberts I have upstairs and maybe have a little nappy-poo.

See ya all tomorrow!


03-30-2003, 03:59 PM
I love those questions of the day....

I just try and accept the compliment, and if I give one and the person declines it, I give a "motherly" and tell them to take all the compliments they can get...just say thank-you!


03-30-2003, 06:57 PM
hi everyone!

i have been trying to keep up with your posts and thinking of you all. this is such a supportive group and i miss you guys when i am unable to read through all your posts. i have had to lay low the past few days+, but i'm feeling better now. i have been able to stay op, at least, and am glad about that. well, i just wanted to check in and say hello. take care, all.


03-31-2003, 07:38 AM
Hello all!!

spring went into the freezer!!

Just temporary but definitely needed the winter coat when we ran out to the library about 4:30 yesterday.

REVIEW IS DONE!! At least, 1st draft to hand in. I 'm pretty sure the foundation is good so I'm glad to be on this side of that project. !!

WSW- hello and so glad to see you on the board! Glad you are feeling more like yourself!! I don't know if I would've been able to stay OP like you did so I give you a big round of applause!!

Today's thought is:

"Ulysses S Grant, failed as a farmer, a real estate agent, a US Customs official and a store clerk. --- Later, he commanded the Union armies during the civil war and was elected 18th president of the United States"

Today's question:
"How do you react when people sing 'Happy Birthday' to you in a restaraunt?" Question #53 from The Book of Questions, Gregory Stock, PH.D.

Last day of March-- How shall we celebrate???

Take care all!

03-31-2003, 08:24 AM
Well, we should celebrate "non-foodly". I've just been looking around for a way to celebrate this week. Or a new milestone to shoot for in dh's recovery. Nothing inspiring yet but it will come.

Congratulations wsw on staying op, surely a non-scale victory that's doubled by your circumstances. (I have RA and most of my urges to binge seem to come at times when I'm in most pain, etc.)

And congrats to you too, Kaylets. That relief is a non-scale victory as well.

We had heavy snow for all the morning hours and then some lighter in late afternoon. Still some on grass, roads were slushy when I went to church at 11:00. Sunny/cold today - tomorrow promises better.

Is your saloon girl career over, Ceara? Hope you'll retain some of the characteristics (in the most demure way possible, of course). Must have been a really fun time. Porgy and Bess as spectator or is your career still burgeoning?

Lots of good vibes to wsw to carry her back to good times and lots also to our Empress so continue her grand and focussed challenge which has already resulted in a loss of poundage.

Hi, dollar, frogger, Arabella, Eydie and all other Springettes as we head into the second half of our Springtime challenge.

03-31-2003, 12:11 PM
Ooooh am I sore today!!!!

Busy, busy weekend! I did about 3 hours of landscaping and planting bulbs (grape hyacinth, crocus & tulips) then did another hour of potting plants (forcing some bulbs inside, starbrights and crocus) and planted some pansies. THEN, Sunday, more bulbs and over 3 hours working on my new back deck! Then, inside for a nice long bath, then installed the shelves in my laundry room. I'm whooped. I'm sore, but everything looks awsome! :cb: :faint:

Kaylets - I'm so sorry about your son. I agree completely that it's not always the parents. My ex and his brother were night and day. One was a cop (my ex), the other couldn't stay straight to save his life and was constantly picked up for fighting. Once he threatened to kill us. Same parents - totally different outcome.

There's no yellow ribbon 'round these parts - but a young woman in town has been putting up some 100+ American flags up and down our "main street" and said she'll keep doing it night and day until her brother comes home. I've been putting out my American flag at home too.

Amarantha - Yeppers, I have your email addy. So, if you disappear for too long, I shall hunt you down. :s: I think your gym sounds awsome too! I'm so sore (in a good way) right now I'm wondering why I need Curves this summer....

Anagram - It sounds like your royal visit was wonderful! I used to love when my neice was little and would come over to visit (she's 13 now!). My Mom and I would bathe her, dress her up, feed her, and just have a blast... they grow up too darn fast!
I'm sorry for your snow! We hit 75 over the weekend! Of course, now it's supposed to storm all week...

Ceara - Sounds like your play was a hit! So, any pictures???

WSW - Sending you cyber hugs. Glad you found your way here and enjoy our company as much as we enjoy yours!

Well, I think that's all from me, for now. Gonna go check out Netflix as one of my girlfriends *loves* them and I easily spend $20 a month in rental DVD's.

Toodles for now!

03-31-2003, 10:59 PM
Yo! I seem to be posting more than lurking, but here I am again ...

Punkin: Had the session with trainer at the gym on the big people machines and realize I must have been kidding myself all this time that I was exercising!!! She wrote up a huge schedule that being the lone wolf I am who does not do what people tell her to, I shall not do but I'd be really, really fit if I did! But I'm going to go six days a week ... it is a better price than Curves and has lots more variety!

Anagram: Thanks for the vibes ... I can use them! :)

To All: :grouphug:

03-31-2003, 11:03 PM
P.S. Hmmm. Kaylets, no one has ever sung "Happy Birthday" to me in a restaurant! :( ... or is that a :) ... dunno!

One time in Mexico an adorable young man with a guitar sang a song to me in a tourist trap restaurant. My Spanish is terrible so I don't know what the song was about but I kept a fixed smile on my face and petitioned silently for him to go away.

03-31-2003, 11:17 PM
Yo! Not sure how I can claim to be a lurker with three posts in a row ... but just catching up on reading ... Kaylets, my favorite smoothie is with frozen peaches and ice up to the line on the machine, then I add some soy milk and Da Vinci (sp?) SF vanilla to the liquid line .... I've also made the same one with ff milk or ff NutriMil (a whey milk product).

Haven't had any smoothies lately but it was in the 90s today so the weather is about to turn to smoothie season.

I don't think I'd use the craft sticks in popsicles but you could stick freeze them in paper cups with a little plastic spoon stuck in ... if they melt you could eat with a spoon.

Ok, I'm really back to lurking now ... I'm taking a few days off work to bead and sleep and go to gym.

04-01-2003, 07:25 AM
Got on the scale and it says I've gained back ALL my weight!
April Fool! - sorry, that's the best I could do....
Not very lighthearted this am- DH recvd a call from DS not 30 seconds after DH came in from work, " If you're not on the lease, you can't stay here, .....what should I do, don't know what to do..." DH mostly listened and finally said, " So, are you going to get put on the lease?" . We are expecting another call " with all the details" --you can imagine. As many of remember, DH is diabetic and stress aggravates all the symptons.

Luckily, this am the dogs are in high spirits this am.

Empress- thanks for the recipe. I imagine frozen peaches would work , don't you think?
Isnt it interesting the two perspectives of "fitness" - Curves vs the new place?? I suspect the middle ground is closer anyway.
Don't let them initmidate you-- you can only start at the beginning anyway--

Did I warn everyone about the dried pineapple at Trader Joes??
5 pcs = 1 serving= 100 calories-- VERY VERY TASTY!! And lots to chew! But I'm starting to think all this dried fruit is dangerous--
Scale went up 1.5 and seems stuck there.

Have made a mental list of projects around the house. Plan is two birds with one stone-- Big Yard Sale and ACTIVITY POINTS--
Feel like I'm swimming in things here.

Punkin- You're yard is going to be spectacular! Could never keep up w/ your pace!

Anagram- Has snow melted? I remember a late Easter about 30 yrs ago in CT that caught everyone off guard as a suprise storm appeared out of nowhere while folks were in church.
It's always something!

Today's thought is:
"Do not wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person. "-- Mother Theresa

Today's question is:" When were you last in a
fight? What caused it and who won?" Question #43 -- Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, PHD

How shall we celebrate April 1 ??

Take care all

04-01-2003, 11:19 AM
What a God-awful night....
my Mom woke me up from a sound sleep last night at 10:30pm to ask me if I'd help her look for her cat. Apparently, my Stepfather let her out *again* (he smokes while standing in an open door and doesn't pay attention) and, well, she's still gone. We looked everywhere, called for her and rattled the kitty treat bag. Mom's approaching devistated quickly and I keep looking out windows and trying not to cry. Sadie's the full sister to my Luna.
Send "safe kitty" thoughts if you can so the little grey bug comes home!

Amarantha - Yes, that's what I was starting to think too. After 6 months I'd think, even if my diet wasn't all that spectacular, that I'd be *seeing* something. And I *miss* feeling a bit sore - I like it! I want to feel like I've worked my body. I'm getting more of a work out doing my yard work than I am at Curves... I also keep reminding myself that the first time I lost 50+ pounds I did it all without the 'help' of a gym. I'd join a "big girl's" gym but honestly, I'm SO turned off by the 30 minute drive. Until I'm really good and motivated nothing's going to make me want to jump in the car for an hour round trip drive to exercise...

Kaylets - I'm sorry the DS saga is continuing. It's got to be so hard to just sit back and let him make his own mistakes at this point. Hang in there, you know what you're doing is right.

Hmmmm.... :chin: last fight and who won??? I've only had verbal fights - I can have a pretty sharp, tell-it-like-it-is tongue and quick with sarcastic laced wit, so I most often the other person just doesn't know what to say and drops it - not that I'm always proud of that (with the exception of my ex FIL, the abuser, who was often the deserving target of my tongue - I used to just nail him to the wall verbally). I don't think I've had a good rippin' verbal spar since I was married, thankfully.

Time to toodles, I think they're out looking for the cat again...


04-01-2003, 03:20 PM
just a quick note to say hi. kaylets-hope things will start to get better with your ds situation as soon as is possible. must be so hard to deal with for your dh and you. punkinseed-you sure did have a rough night--know that i'm sending "safe kitty" thoughts your way. i am thinking of all of the rest of you too and wish i could respond more individually to all of your posts, which i have read, but because of some of my "technical difficulties" off and on (recently, and still, more "on" than "off"), i am unable to. as i have stated many times before though, please know it is not because i don't want to--and as always, i am very interested in how all of you are doing. i am op today, albeit only by the skin of my teeth, but op, nonetheless. i did lose 4 lbs. this past week too, so at least that's something. it's chilly, but sunny here today, so i'm sending some sunshine your way. take good care of yourselves. all the best, wsw.

04-01-2003, 05:40 PM
Yo! I think I'm semi back!!! :)

Kaylets: Sorry about more troubles coming your way via ds ... not sure I understand what the lease issue is, but somehow it will resolve itself, don't you think? Sounds as though you and dh have done the right things and can only hope for a good outcome.

Re the middle ground of fitness ... dunno, for me, I don't think there's a middle ground ... I need to get strong and reach my goal and the middle ground isn't gonna do it!!! :) Today I prepaid a year in advance so I'll be less apt to say I don't have the money to continue or some lame excuse.

BTW, frozen fruit is all I use in the smoothies ... it works great!

Punkin: If I had to drive 30 minutes to work out at a gym, I wouldn't do it either ... this gym is very close to me. I also think you can get a great workout at home and in fact I did so for several years ... it's just that I can't get motivated to do it anymore. Re Curves, I think it's great for general conditioning, but for me it got old very fast.

I really, really like this gym, though. I'm getting too ancient to try to jog every morning in the Arizona sun as I did when I had my first weight breakthrough and my own weightlifting attempts have gotten nonexistent. But my little gym room is always there and I don't mean to totally give up home workouts. I think the key is consistency with change, whatever that means.

Thanks for the sun, wsw, but I'm sending my share to our friends up north ... since it was in the 90s here yesterday! :)

Re the question, I guess the last argument I got into was another of the stupid ones that I often find myself in with total strangers because sometimes dumb things annoy me and I just tell people. This was a few weeks ago at the craft store where the poor tired looking (older woman) clerk asked me what my zipcode was. This is a version of "what is your phone number" or "what is your address" that stores often ask for marketing purposes and for some reason this always irritates me, so my standard reply is "you don't need that." I had cash in my hand and the woman had rung up my purchases. She refused to take the money, saying, "I have to have a zipcode." I told her she did not. She repeated that she did. People stirred in line behind me. The woman said, "Didn't you ever have a job where they told you you had to have something?" which annoyed me further because obviously all jobs are like that. I told her she could just make up a zipcode, at which point she took my money and I left. I think she won, though, because I heard the next person in line murmuring sympathetic phrases and contempt for me ... dunno, I just get annoyed when I'm trying to peacefully shop by myself, minding my own biz and people ask me for information that isn't their business ... which is funny when you think of it, since I'm a reporter and that's EXACTLY what I do for a living!

Stupid story. Ok, back to lurkerdom.

04-01-2003, 06:42 PM
April 1st--a fresh new month! I plan on giving myself a "good behaviour" sticker every day in April. [I only got 16 in March. Wah!:( ]

I know you've heard it before, but I'm going to do my food journal here every day for all to see--that really helped before. Had a bit of a binge the other day with nutella, then snapped back to my senses. Just because it has some european gourmet mystique about it [why?] doesn't mean that it's not junk food!!! So it got a good quantity of dish soap slopped into it and I 'relocated' the rest of it to the trash.:D

Punkinseed, best of luck with the cat search. I know how nerve wracking that can be. Have faith.

Ceara, sounds like the play was a huge hit--and there are probably a few gentlemen who see you in a whole new light, if you catch my drift.:s:

wsw, congrats on losing 4 pounds! You're doing great! Any secrets you'd like to share?

Kaylets, sorry about the continuing drama with your son. I'll say it again: be strong.
I'm late, but about the birthday song in public---I love it when people who love me sing it for me, but in public I always worry about how others feel. I'd be willing to bet that the waitpeople hate having to do it, and the other diners probably find it obnoxious---so I'd rather be in a circle of friends at home--seems more sincere!
And the fight question---I honestly can't remember the last time I had a really good one. But the last time I talked with my long-time ex-friend, I went all cool and sarcastic with her. I remember thinking at the time how odd it felt, like I wasn't "myself"--does that make sense?

Hi Anagram! How goes it?

Amarantha, So glad you're semi-back. I know we're irresistable!

Flower, Wildfire, Arabella--come out and play!

04-02-2003, 06:41 AM
Hello all!

Caught myself eating bread w/ honey when dogs needed to go out during the night- now this am, everything is screaming for MORE MORE MORE! ah well, what are you gonna do but just FRESH START???

The lease "predicament" is this: No one not listed on the lease can live at the trailer. And if someone does, the landlord can evict everyone. This is the version we are getting- which may be the exact version DS is getting too-- Had anyone thought of this B/4?? who knows-- don't think I'll ever know the real story on that one.
DH had to pick DS up as DS has yet to figure out how to replace the lost keys for his car. The dealer has a"Closed " sign up, (vacation?) -- and we have not offered cash for locksmith. DS can only stay here provided he leaves the house when we are not here. DS was obviously needing cigarettes and who knows what else-- was actually begging for cigarette money but still very defiant about the new house rules. Started a big pity party about how no one cares about him anymore but no one here came to it. DS has a new "issue" -- he is "stressed, more stressed than anyone can believe"-- He was amazed at our lack of response.
And of course, my job is INTENSELY BUSY this week--

Sorry for the meeeeeeemeeeeemeeee posts lately---- All of your support means more than you can imagine--

Today's thought is
"Babe Ruth was raised in a Catholic school for delinquents in Baltimore.
----Babe Ruth became the first great home-run hitter in baseball history, hitting 714 home runs during his career playing for the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

Today's question of the day is: Would you be willing to eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000.00?
Question #206 from The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, PHD.

How shall we celebarate the 2nd day of April??

Take care all----
and thanks again

04-02-2003, 08:13 AM
Hello all!!!

Sorry I haven't been on lately. I have been busy getting everything ready for the wedding. I'm getting so excited!!!!
The pastor finally called on Saturday and we meet w/ him on April 10 to write up the ceremony. We're also getting our marriage license that day since they are good for 60 days here in VA. Friends here at work are going to help me make bows for decorations and help out with making boutinerres also. I still have to find shoes before I can get my dress hemmed up!!! (And I have to find someone to hem it up too!:p

Good news about the house as well. FI mom called the mortage company and told them we will close in May, she and his step-dad are closing on their new house the end of june. They will rent our house back from us for a month while their house finishes. I'm excited about that too. I just hope we can afford a house. Oh, and I'm getting a raise! $20 a paycheck (weekly) so that should help a little.

Will be posting pictures tommorow of my finished toss bouquet that I made myself and possibly bows if we make any today. I'm trying to get a picture of me in my dress too so you ladies can see.

Weighed in this morning just because I had a second and still weigh the same. Hoping for a 2lb loss this week. Seems to be my goal here lately. Will weigh in again on friday morning to see how I did.

Guess I had a me post today as well.
How is everyone else doing?
Hugs to all!!!!!
I'll check in later on if I'm not swamped here at work.

04-02-2003, 09:31 AM
I have placed another set of cards near the No Guilt and Fresh Starts cards. These are "No Guilt for Me Posts" cards. "Me Posts" are, I think, part of what we're about. Me Posts are great stress relievers and are much preferred to eating for stress relief. (MMM - bread w/honey? sounds like a stress reliever.

Weighed in - no loss, no gain. I am certainly plateauing and need to change something. However, don't plan a major push even if it means not making my Easter goal (I can't see how I'd make it now anyway). Dh will be going to hospital next Wed. for a procedure on Friday and hopefully to come home that weekend. So I'm going to keep on doing what I'm doing and hopefully a bit more but no major changes, pushes, etc.

Sorry DS is still not seeing the light, Kaylets. I'm sure he is feeling stress - but also not able to see he's causing same.

Frogger - don't remember mention of house before but I just may have a blank spot (or several hundred). Sounds exciting. Any progress on transport?

On wrong screen to see earlier posts - will respond to those later today. Must get in gear.

Bright spot - I am forcing an amaryllis in my kitchen and expect it to be blooming (two blooms) by Easter. Also I have forced a bouquet of forsythia and that's brightening up my mantle. If Spring won't come to me - -

Actually it's supposed to be really nice today. Good day to have the locksmith coming to work on back door. (Long story - seems like the house decided to go through a rebellious period and I'll be working the rest of the year to get things repaired, replaced, etc.)

04-02-2003, 10:47 AM
Sorry I haven't posted. I went to CA for 3 days and then I came home and had to clean house. Now, griffin has what sounds like croup. Not fun. I am gonna be having to play mom/nursemaid all day. I would rather be excersicing! It's amazing how good excersicing can sound when faced with such unpleasantries! Punkin-did you find the cat???

04-02-2003, 11:08 AM
Flower = hope griffin isn't ill too long - as I recall he's very young and it's even more distressing to have a young'un ill.

Empress - glad you're semi=back. And glad you're liking your new gym. Hope it's not making those muscles too sore. But as long as you're feeling good about it, I guess they're ok too. How's that Promotion Talk coming along?

Kaylets, I remember that snow on Easter too. I even think I remember it was April 6th (but that may have been another year). It was a real surprise. Love dried pineapple. Problem is I could never stop at five pieces.

Punkin, sounds like you're getting a TON of exercise and lots of nice things to enjoy in the process.

Wood nymph, I thought your trip was only to be four days. Are you back and lurking?

Eydie, love your "dish soap" program.

Hope your technical difficulties give you a break soon, wsw.

Wildfire, where be thee?

Ceara, dollar, hi!

04-02-2003, 11:37 AM
Cold and clear this morning....
looks like it snowed a smidge last night. Funny thing is the weather people are saying it's supposed to go back to being really nice in about 10 days - right in time for my company from CA!!! :cb:

No kitty. We looked and called all day yesterday. Everytime one of us took a work break we'd look. I called the Humane Society for my Mom, also notified our vet. I printed out a picture and made a 'missing' sign for our post office. I don't think she could do it without getting upset. My fingers are crossed, but I have a feeling she's gone. I finally had my first cry about it this morning...

For the question today - it all depends on how big the bowl is!

Amarantha - I'm so glad to see you semi-back. You were missed during your hiatus.

WSW - Congrats on your loss! I hope your technical difficulties are improving rapidly.

Kaylets - Sorry about your son again - you "mememe" post here all you need! About your son's "stress" - ask him how much more stressed he'd be if you didn't let him in the house *at all*. He thinks he's stressed now??? Sorry...

Frogger - Well, you've got all kinds of good stuff going on for you! I can't wait to see the pictures!

Flower - I hope Griffin is feeling better soon.

Anagram - I thought I saw you at Plateauville. I've been staying there for oh, 6 months now? Hate the place and plan to move soon - shall we pack our bags together??? ;)

Going to take some of my stress and hurt out on my front yard today if I can shake this headache...


04-02-2003, 12:57 PM
I'm up for packing together, Punkin, because at this rate I sure won't make our mutually scheduled "Freedom Break" on the 4th of July.

Got a new garden tool yesterday and tried it out this a.m. It's a long handled weed-ho that worked great. So I hope to go out and really break it in later this p.m. (depending on arrival of locksmith).

Now going to print out our tax return so we can get that signed and off. One little step at a time........................

04-02-2003, 02:52 PM
At this rate I'm not going to be "free" from the 200's either. I'd be happy to just be in the 2-teens by then!

I have resolved that after my company leaves 4/15 I'm going to start packing to leave Plateauville. I *hate* having to be extra watchful when I have company... I have been maintaining, which is better than gaining, but it's time to pack up n' leave this place...


04-02-2003, 03:19 PM
i'm witch you. I hope to at least maintain. Esp. while dh is in hospital (treacherous time). Then on the Monday after the Easter weekend (which also includes the older princess' 7th birthday party), I must be ready to go at it. In the meantime, I'm going to be doing some "research" into what might help me shake it up again. OF course, I wouldn't mind if what I've been doing all along would miraculously just start working again. After all, I am still in the Spring Renewal mode.

04-02-2003, 05:32 PM
Kaylets, as much as I'd like for someone to hand me 40,000$ I don't think I could handle eating a bowlful of crunchy, wriggly crickets. Blurp! But thanks for putting that scenario in my head!:D

Frogger, looking forward to seeing your photo!

Punkin, I'm so sorry that you haven't found your cat-friend. Don't give up hope just yet--anything can happen. We had an indoor cat that had gone missing for 2 full weeks. Then one morning, she reappears on our doorstep screaming for food and she's never stopped eating. She's 17 years old and the fattest cat you've ever seen! Expect a miracle.....:)

Anagram, if you start plotting your food strategies now for your husband's hospital stay you'll likely come out of it unscathed. When my dad was in the hospital I packed in a shameful amount of food, and I lost weight!

Second "good" day for me. 4 miles on the treadmill, and 1/2 hour bellydancing video. When I can get all the coins on the coin belt chink-chinking at the same time, I know I've got it right!:lol:

04-02-2003, 07:05 PM
No crickets for me, thanks. I can't remember when I've been in a fight, except maybe w/dh and neither of us wins those. I don't mind if people sing happy birthday to me in a restaurant but, somewhat like Amarantha, an entertainer in a club in Bal Harbour once came over and sang to me during his act. I sat there like a slug just wishing he'd go away. Then he urged me to sing along (at that point, it was La Bamba) and I DIDN'T KNOW THE WORDS. Always looked nice in old movies when the singer sings to someone at a table but no, no, no in real life. Spotlights and all. Seemed to last forever. Dh got a kick out of it but he was just sitting off to the side watching.

Good day today.