Medifast - End of week 3... the hardest so far!

03-14-2012, 11:51 PM
Hi all,
So, I just finished week 3 of Medifast. Medifast is totally new to me. I have been 100% on plan until I caved yesterday and had 1 measured ounce of salted peanuts... I swear they were all I could think of! I finally decided to measure them out and have a small serving. Weird, since it's not something I would normally crave...

What I eat:
I eat mostly Dutch Chocolate Shakes with sugar free Torani's White Chocolate Syrup. Usually 4 shakes and 1 bar. Sometimes 3 shakes, 2 bars.
I eat 98% lean ground turkey and/or grilled chicken for my lean and green along with a green salad and 1TB of Trader Joes Goddess dressing. I have grilled peppers a couple of nights, but overall I'm pretty boring ;) Water well over 80-100 oz. No optional snacks.

My 1st week was awesome, never had a headache or really even felt hungry. I lost 9.5 pounds. I was SUPER excited.

I took before pics and measured on my first day as my awesome coach suggested. So glad I measured!

Week 2: Lost 5 pounds

Week 3: Lost nothing! I was down to a total of 15.9 pounds near the beginning of the week, but now I'm at 11.2 total lost???

Help and insight, please!
No cheating, other than the peanuts yesterday! Why? Could it be that I am going to start my cycle? I am a bit frustrated :(

I did decide to measure yesterday, 11.5 total inches. 5 inches from my waist, 2.5 from my chest and 4 from my mid-section.