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03-13-2012, 02:16 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A love day with temps in the 60s after rain this morning. The fruit trees are starting to bloom - so pretty!

I hope Faye is recovering nicely and will soon be home.

I use a battery-powered toothbrush. Very portable and highly effective and cheap. It sure cleans better than the manual brush.

Jean, that was wise of you to plan hosting the 2 meetings close together.

Maggie, what's Cecil up to these days - and the boys?

Sorry, but only time for a short post. Have a great day.

03-13-2012, 03:56 PM

It is gonna be a hot one today. :flame: It is currently 62º with a fire alert for everything is so dry and expected to climb to 84º or above. I am glad we have decided to plant in pots this year because it looks like we have jumped from winter right into summer. We slept last night with the ceiling fan on. :goodvibes:

The folks working on the gas line in the alley started early so it started the neighborhood dogs to singing. Our two were asleep but very soon were wanting to go outside. They are inside now and napping and the workers in the alley are quiet.

I got my order today from the Artisan Table ~ Cooking Enthusiast that consisted of a straw holder that is tall enough and those lovely hand-forged stainless steel soup spoons and ladle. The handles are round and black antiqued hammered on the ends in different pig tail designs. The spoon part is shiny stainless that match my other utensils I have gotten from there and our eating utensils. Each soup spoon has a different twist to the handle. I have now gotten all of the serving pieces they offer and hope they get some more but I don’t know what else I need, really. That ladle is so pretty I am going to hang it on the wall in the kitchen. :yay:

Will went to the market while I was still snoozing away and came home with some great looking fresh fruit. Strawberries that are nice and dark in color and I hope they taste like strawberries. This is the month that fields and fields of them are getting ripe in CA. They have a Strawberry Festival down town and it is always fun to go to. Each booth has a different way to fix strawberries and give out tastes before you purchase. We always went to those when we lived on that coast. I would drive by the fields on my way to work and some workers would flag me down and give me a couple crates of nice ripe berries to share with my co-workers. Some berries were too ripe to send to market so I was there at the right time to get them. They knew my car so flagged me down on several occasions. l loved driving by those strawberry fields for they always smelled so good. And the orange groves when they were in bloom ~ such a nice place to be at that time of their growing season.

I don’t have a clue :mag: what I am making for dinner this day. Perhaps I will know better when I wander out to the freezer and shop. I should do that soon so whatever it is I want to thaw may take a while. I think it is time to make some Panko covered baked chicken breasts. I can thaw those in cold water later this day. Baked chicken and fruit sound good to me right now along with some green veggie. Broccoli I think. Will doesn’t like broccoli but he can have corn instead. I love broccoli with some lemon juice squirted over it and sprinkled with a tad bit of freshly ground black pepper. Yep, I will have broccoli. My mother doesn’t like broccoli but my father did so we had it growing up. I think it was just father, me and one of my younger brothers that ate it. We always had fresh lemons around back then so I learned to give my veggies a squirt. We never did the cheese on veggies thing.

That Beanie is a hoot. He brings tree limbs in and chews on them and now he has brought a rock a little bit bigger than a golf ball and dropped it at my feet. I went to reach for it and he grabbed it and ran to the other room with it. Little skuder doesn’t need us to buy him any toys for he finds stuff to play with in the yard. I can hear him batting it around on some slick surface ~ entrance to the front door on in the kitchen. I will find it later and 86 it. He certainly is different than Ragg Mopp in this behavior. They are totally different in many ways.

JEAN Sounds like you are a busy lady. What dessert did you decide on making? I have a 56 recipe booklet that has lots of goodies to make for pot-lucks. It is called Best-Ever Potluck Favorites put out by the “Better Homes & Gardens” folks. It is a neat booklet to have for when I am looking for something to take somewhere it gives me ideas. I have figured out the points+ values for the recipes since they were kind enough to give the nutritional information in the recipes. It was put out in 2009 and I have the ISBN number I can give you if you want to search for a copy. The sections are: Crowd Pleasing Appetizers, Savory Main Dishes, Satisfying Sides, & Sweet Temptations. I have made several recipes from the booklet and lightened them and they turned out great. Anyway it is a fun pamphlet to have for “ideas.”

SUSAN It is totally amazing how quickly Cecil is growing. Tomorrow he gets to go spend a couple days with the vet for he gets neutered and his front claws removed. He is delightful and greets me every morning with the dogs. They all come in my office and the dogs sit at my feet and Cecil hops up on a chair and all wait for their "good boy" yummie treats. It is cute how they patiently wait for the first to get his. I start with the oldest and then work down to the youngest. It is so funny to see Cecil jump straight up 4 feet in the air from a sitting position. I have my new tooth brush in there charging now as I type. It is an Oral-B "cross action power max." When fully charged it will do 30 two minute brushings without being in it's charger so I can take it on our mini vacation without having to take the charger along. :p My teeth are patently waiting for it to be charged. I don't feel I do as good a job using my little manual brush after using an electric one for years. I get to go get my teeth cleaned later on this month. :carrot:

DONNA FAYE Hope all is going well with you and you are resting fine now that you are in the recouperating phase. We all miss you here.

Have a wonderful afternoon Magnolias. Summer is upon us. :wave:

03-13-2012, 11:41 PM
Susan -- My thermometer said it was 81 degrees this afternoon while the tv said it was "only" 75! Whichever, it was a beautiful afternoon and extremely unusual for Iowa this time of year. What is the brand of your toothbrush? I do have an extra outlet in the bathroom so could put in a shelf to hold a charger, and it would be out of sight.

Maggie -- I know you will enjoy your new kitchen purchases! We had strawberries last night, at a card club I subbed for. They weren't too bad considering the time of year. I always overdose when they are in season here. I had to chuckle about Beanie and his rock. I will think of Cecil tomorrow. I like Oral B products so will take a look at their toothbrushes. I couldn't find the dessert recipe I was looking for so am hoping the gal who sent it to me in an email will resend it. It is made with a cereal "crust" and ice cream. Thanks for the cookbook offer, but I have way too many now, and am guilty of not using them.

I am heading in the direction of bed. I started a new book last night, and not sure if it will hold my interest. There are too many characters to keep track of when I'm trying to relax before going to sleep. See you all tomorrow! :wave:

03-14-2012, 02:06 AM

Thought I would check in before going to bed this night and here I am. I just finished cutting up the strawberries and putting Splenda on them and into a bowl ~ now they are in the fridge. They will be so yummy tomorrow. :D Tomorrow I will slice up the pineapple. The bananas look a bit green yet and the green grapes are in the fridge gettin cold.

One of the ladies that work at the museum is currently going through old newspapers clipping articales of interest to save and she cliped one for Will to bring home to me. I'll type it out here for it is a short blurb from 1922. I laminated it, for it is now yellowed and brittle and can use it for a book mark.

"The origin of Manx cats is now attributed to the arrival of these cats on the Isle of Man from ships belonging to the Spanish armada that were wrecked there. They were probably brought from Japan or eastern Asia. They are a distinct species with short forelegs, and elevated hindquarters, and differ from other cats somewhat in call, ways and character. They vary in color. People who have owned them for long periods say they are not good mousers or hunters. In character they are rather similar to a dog, being highly companionable and having some of the qualities of a guardian, but they are not considered hunters in any sense of the word."

JEAN I am sure you will find an electric tooth brush to suit you. Oral-B are also my favorite electric ones. Beanie will miss Cecil when he is taken away to the vet at 9 am in the morning. I will surely miss him also. It got up to 85 degrees here this day and tomorrow will probably be the same.

Nighters Magnolias. :wave: I am off to cut some zzzzzzzz's.

03-14-2012, 11:23 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's a warm 55 degrees already! I need to head to the grocery store after lunch bunch, so will work to finish cleaning and decluttering this morning. Ernie is shedding big time so will probably have to do a quick vacuum in the morning.

Maggie -- I was surprised to see you here this morning and then realized what time you posted. :lol: Have you ever seen or tried Stevia sweetner? I guess it is avaiable at WM but I haven't checked. It's supposed to be better for keeping blood sugar under control. I'll bet Cecil would know what to do with a mouse should one ever appear! :yes:

I need to get my rear in gear and on with the day! Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :wave:

03-14-2012, 02:11 PM

It is currently 62º’s and going to get in the high 80’s this day. A long hot week. I guess I need to get used to it for I do think summer has arrived with a bang. Frog leaped right over spring again.

Well Cecil is at the vets now and I will miss the little scudder for the next couple of days. Beanie is already looking the house and yard over for him. He will miss him more than Ragg Mopp will. We were supposed to not feed Cecil anything after midnight last night and I told Will that Cecil eats his last few bites right around that time. He was in here at 11:55 to get his last few bites in before bed for sure then we picked up his food so he didn’t get any this morning.

I am sneezing and my eyes are watering :(~ must be from the dust that the gas line folks are stirring up in the alley. They have a ditch dug right down the middle of the alley now. When they leave they will probably just shove the dirt over the ditch and leave it to turn to mud when it rains. The rocks that were on top of the dirt trail will be all mixed in the ditch but we are hoping the city will re-rock the alley. The trash trucks will not like driving a muddy alley picking up cans for sure. So we can hope that it will be re-rocked. But in the meantime it sure makes me sneeze. :stress:

It is Wednesday and I don’t usually cook :chef: dinner this day and have Colonel Cluck but since we went out last night to Applebees I have the thawed chicken breasts in the fridge to make the dinner I had planned to make yesterday. I had dinner all planned and the chicken thawing when Will asked me if I wanted to go out to eat and I quickly put the :chicken: in the fridge.

Will just came in with a couple of WW1 bayonets to get cleaned for the museum. Gracious sakes they are old. The sheath for the sword is also metal. I love seeing the old things he brings in to clean. They let him bring these things home for he is trustworthy and has all the cleaning equipment and tools here in the basement to work with. This is funny, well actually really sad ~ when the gal that used to work there and got fired heard that Will was cleaning guns and such said, “They don’t need cleaning for they came there clean.” She must have needed better glasses for the items Will has brought home to clean have surely needed cleaning badly, very much so. She just didn’t like guns and knives so left them in storage in boxes where they couldn’t be seen by the visitors to the museum. The new man in charge is having new cases built to display the “old west” and “war” material. Those are all part of the history around these parts. She left in storage anything that didn’t have to do with the German-Volga history. Lots of Germans settled in this area and that was all she was interested in.

JEAN No I haven't tried that sweetener. I have lots of Splenda of all forms here but when I run low I will give it a try ~ maybe. The gal that we got Cecil from said some of her Manx were squemish about mice and others would catch & play with them. Guess it depends how much the "hunter" has gotten in the Manx from breeding with other cats through the years. I think Cecil would love to find a mouse and attack it. Probably play it to death.:D What dessert did you decide on making for that party? Bet it was yummy.

It is time for me to go see what I will fix for our lunch this day. I know we will have some fresh fruit of some sort with it. :p Type at y'all later. :wave:

03-14-2012, 11:46 PM
Maggie -- I'll bet your house is too quiet without Cecil. :( I am surprised they are keeping him 2 days; when we had Mom spayed and declawed they just kept her overnight. Ernie wasn't declawed but we brought him home that same night he was neutered. My car said it was 81 when I came home from bell practice tonight. We had NO wind today and it was absolutely a delightful day to be outside. Sorry about the dust bothering you. My mom had allergies so know one can be miserable. I made a German chocolate cake, poked holes in it and spread butterscotch caramel ice cream topping on the top, let it cool completely then frosted with Cool Whip, and sprinkled Heath bar crumbs over the top. I hope it's good :crossed: since I haven't made it in a long time. I am heading off to bed as I have some last minute touch up cleaning to do in the morning. See you later tomorrow after everyone leaves! :wave:

03-15-2012, 03:03 PM

It is gonna be another warm one this day and that is the forecast for the rest of the week. Not much going on here right now for Will is at the museum and the dogs are outside supervising the workers in the alley and Cecil is at the vet recouperating.

I worked on my Schwans order and didn't order much at all this time. boneless porkchops which we are out of are so good to have for they work for several dishes not just as porkchops. I slice them thin for veggie or noodle dishes for instance or cut up in cubes for chili verde. I like to use them for all fat has been trimmed off and they are always a good cut of meat nice and tender. I also ordered what is called "Starter Crusts" for pizza type meals. No thawing is required. Two 13" crusts come in a package along with an oven ready tray on which to cook them. Having them in the freezer sure makes it easy to whip up something quick when we have unexpected guests pop in at a meal time. Or when we just say "come on over." I like to be prepared and not have to make a run to the market but go to my freezer to shop. :p I'll be shopping in the freezer to decide what to make for dinner this day.:cool: I am leaning toward a nice "stir fry" for I have a variety of veggies I can use and rice to serve it over.

JEAN The vet here likes to keep the cats he has operated on for a day or two to make sure they are doing well and can care for them. Cecil has such big toes and that is probably one of the factors for the bigger the toes the bigger the nails are to be removed ~ plus he has six toes on each foot. And being neutered on the same visit must require some extra TLC from the doc. That is my guess anyway.:p Your cake sounds yummy ~ send me a piece please. Can you also send me the recipe? That sounds like something I would like to take to pot-luck.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias. :wave:

03-15-2012, 05:09 PM
Good afternoon ladies.

I sm sending this from my Kindle so it will be short.

Faye posted on facebook today that she is still oñ liquids because she still doesn't have enough bowel sounds and will not be going home until Monday.

I am going to be tonight.

Have a great evening.

03-15-2012, 06:25 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! My crafty club has come and gone; I should be cleaning up the kitchen . . . that will happen later. :rolleyes: It's another beautiful, no coat kind of day in my corner or the world. It's not quite as warm as yesterday, with just a breeze. Beautiful! I did do a quick WW weigh in, lost 2.4# last week and gained .2 this week. :dunno: I thought sure I had lost from looking at my scale. Nuts!

Maggie -- I need to find my Schwans catalog although I know there is one online. My guy didn't come this week for whatever reason. :( We've had a different one every time for the last couple of months. I really liked the one who came in the morning because I was always home. I do hope Cecil is on the mend. :yes: I just read an article saying that a just delcawed cat should have shredded paper in their litter box so the regular litter doesn't get in their nail holes before they heal. We never did that with any of our's and the vet never suggested it either.

Susan -- Thanks for the update on Faye. I really thought she would be home by now. Her surgery must have been more extensive; here it's usually a same day surgery and the patient goes home at night. Have fun tonight!

I need to sort through emails and dump the junk I don't want. Somehow I've gotten on a lot of business lists trying to sell me things I don't need. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

03-16-2012, 11:00 AM
Good morning, ladies! A love day headed for the 80s. The high of 86 yesterday set a new record for that day. We had some thunderstorms last night and there might be more over the weekend but the sun is shining now.

I'll check again on Facebook today to see if Faye posted anything. I did give her our get well wishes.

Today is nothing but housework, my walk and the Y. Tomorrow I'll be having tea with Glory.

Have a great day.

03-16-2012, 05:25 PM

Good afternoon Magnolias. :wave: We have warm weather and it feels like summer this day. Cecil came home this morning and the vet said he hadn’t eaten while he was there so he ate a bit right when he was let out of his crate. He also wanted a “good boy” just like usual when I gave the dogs one. The vet said to use the same sand for his butt hut like usual. The dogs wanted to play but he wasn’t quite in the mood and just wanted to go in our room with the door shut so he could get a good nap. He made a check about this room to make sure nothing was moved before he wanted his nap. I sure hope he eats when we leave him with vet when we are gone to Texas for that would be a long time to go without food. But he will eat when he gets hungry. Little scudder is awake now and has gone outside.

Will is going to grill pork chops for dinner this day and I’ll make some Herbed Rice and a nice green salad to go with and grilled Ciabata onion buns. Y’all are welcome to come on over for we always grill more than we need for one meal.

We were checking the contents of our “go bags” & the emergency bags we keep in the Jeep to make sure everything was up to date. I have a travel “go bag” that I have everything I need for my personal hygiene and Will has the same type of bag with what he needs in it. We keep a kit in the Jeep with a space blanket, first aid kit and that sort of thing in case of emergency. Just trying to be prepared in case we need the “stuff” sometime. Ya just never know. We always carry a “snatch-em-strap” in the Jeep. I bought one when I got my first Jeep and used it a lot for helping other folks out. It is good to have in case we need to be helped out also, besides helping others out of being stuck somewhere. You would be surprised how handy having one of those straps is.

JEAN Thanks for the heads up on that yummy sounding cake and I will surely make it for a pot-luck. Sorry you showed a tad bit of a pound gain my dear but it will be gone in a flash. :hug: Our weather does seem better than you are getting this week. :p

SUSAN Thanks for the heads up on Donna Faye. We do surely miss here around here don't we. AH having tea with your frined is such a delight.

Will wants to go top off the gas tank and wants me and the dogs to go along so I am off here now. :wave: Type at y'all later.

03-16-2012, 06:54 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly, a slight wind, and it's 82 degrees. Another summer day before spring officially begins. I had my nails done first thing this morning, met with the pastor on ordering vases and a sanctuary lamp, then headed to the lake with Bob. He had to get a # off the dock to renew the permit and bring home the piece that broke last fall. We came home, out of our way, through Sheldon to pick up some tractor parts. :o I did get to do a quick walk through in a Pamida store. :cp: We used to have one here (kind of an all lines discount store) until WM showed up and ran them out. :tantrum:

Susan -- I can't believe the nice weather we have been having this week. I'm just afraid we will have a miserably cold April and May to make up for it. :dunno: Having tea with Glory sounds a whole lot more fun that housework and the Y. ;)

Maggie -- I hope the vet will let Cecil be with RM and Beanie while you are gone. :crossed: Your dinner menu sounds good. We ate lunch at Perkins in Okoboji; I had a grilled chicken salad which was huge. :T Bob carries some tools, a nylon towing strap, first aid kit, and jumper cables in his pickup. I have a blanket in mine and he probably does too, also some bandaides.

Enjoy the rest of your FANTASTIC Friday day and evening! :wave:

03-17-2012, 10:24 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and the computer says it is 68 degrees outside. I'm in the process of making a grocery list, need to make a WM stop, and want to pick up the gift shop money and check if there are any bills to pay. We are going to the 90th birthday party this afternoon!

I'm off to get my day going. Have a super Saturday and enjoy! :wave:

03-17-2012, 03:05 PM

Well folks I slept in and it sure felt good.:cloud9: Aren’t we supposed to sleep in on Saturday? I always wanted to as a child so in my second childhood here I am doing just that. This day is now 69º’s and said to go up to 84º’s today but it usually gets higher :flame: than they say it will.

Cecil is doing just fine and doesn’t act any worse for the wear. I still feed him up on a small table so the dogs don’t get his food and he hopped up there with energy just like before. I was thinking I would move it to the floor while he recoups and close the door when he eats but that hasn’t been necessary. I cut a small round of “non-skid” to put under his food dish so it doesn’t slide around on that table and go crashing to the floor. He gets his water from the dog dish out in the kitchen. They all like ice water so we float a few cubes in it when we are out there.

While shopping yesterday Will came back with five bags ~ yep that is the number 5 ~ of the WW candies. The store was selling the regular $2.00 bags for 75 cents each. Reason being, the packaging is being changed. The new points+ value is on these bags which will last me for a long, long time, for I don’t eat more than one at a setting and I don’t have them every day for sure. Weeks go by before I have a desire for candy. I dumped them all out in my desk drawer which holds “this and that” for I hardly ever open it. :cp: They are good candies made by Whitman’s. It will be interesting to see what the new packaging looks like.

The mail just came and there was a gardener’s catalogue that looks real interesting giving us great ideas for raised gardens and how to shade them. We can build some neat raised beds with protection from the elements. :cp: As you have probably gathered, we are determined to have a garden this year ~ especially since the failure of our last attempt. We will get down to the business of some serious planning when we get back from our weekend away to Texas. But it doesn’t hurt to see what is out there to give us some ideas. :cool: I probably will continue to bore y'all with this garden talk this year. :p

JEAN Enjoy that birthday party for the 90 year old. I love birthday parties for the old folks. I am an old folk now and had a lovely "surprise" birthday party.:p Life is good ~ consider the alternative. Our temps are real close this day. Stay cool.

SUSAN & DONNA FAY Howdy to the two of you. :wave: Hope all is going well with you this beautiful spring day.

Type at y'all later ~ I am off now to do my Saturday chores which aren't much at all but need to be done. My hair is dry now from my moring shower and I should see what it looks like since I just left it down and didn't brush it up in the back. I'll get a nice short cut before we go to Texas later this month,.

03-18-2012, 12:00 AM
Maggie -- I'm glad that Cecil is doing so well. :cp: I've never tried the WW candy; I'll have to look for it. When our stores remodeled and rearranged, they put some things in the dumbest places. When I was going to make my cake, the ice cream topping had been put far away from the ice cream and in the candy section. Well, I went there and no topping. They moved it up to the ice cream aisle. :rolleyes: We did see lots of people we knew at the birthday party; a nice crowd as the guy had been a teacher and principal here for years. He was our neighbor before he remarried and moved in with his wife. Anyhow, an older couple asked if they could sit at our table and I didn't recognize them. As the lady talked I realized they live across the street! :o She is the one who never waves or acknowledges us in any way and I've never seen him without a cap! I didn't share that with them! :lol: I told Bob later and he knew who they were, then I really felt stupid.

I started making card club food this afternoon and did a "dumb" -- Beth brought a cheese ball at Christmas and I decided to try it. She said the recipe will make 2, so I bought one package of cream cheese. Like a dunce, I didn't halve the rest of the ingredients so it was a soupy mess; I went back to the store and bought another cream cheese -- it's looking good now. :T

I'm heading off to bed. :yawn: See you tomorrow.

03-18-2012, 04:07 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, wind is blowing, and it's another spring day in my neighborhood. :cheer: We went to early church and started visiting with another couple afterwards. We kept talking (our kids are about the same age and she is a retired teacher from a nearby district), ended up in the fellowship hall drinking coffee, and visiting until almost the end of 2nd service. They don't live here so we don't get to see them very often. I've been making card club food, now need to count gift shop money, and then straighten up a bit, and clean bathrooms, for card club tomorrow night. Have a couple appetizers I can't put together until tomorrow afternoon.

I've got to keep moving or I will lose my motivation to finish everything before dark! Have a delightful Sunday and enjoy! :wave:

03-18-2012, 04:18 PM

It has been a very windy day here in the ♥-Land and I feel like I have grit in my eyes. I have a container of Artificial Tears I use to wash them out with. I try my best not to rub them.

Pot-luck today and I ate sensibly. We are having left over pork chops and the fixin’s tonight after services so we won’t be going out to eat.

JEAN Do look for those candies. The ones Will got me are Double Chocolate Mousse, Mint Patties, Coconut Covered w/Chocolate & Caramel in Rich Milk Chocolate. Like I said they are one point+ a piece and taste like their cousins the real thing. In my candy collection I also have some lemon drops that are 1p+ for two and some red hot jaw breakers that are 1P+ each. Like I said I don’t often eat candy but when I get the hankering for a piece I have these to use. Sounds like you had a nice long visit with that couple at church this day. Good to run into folks like that isn’t it. Enjoy your card club get together. Looks like you will be having some yummy snacks. :cp:

Not much going on this windy day so I’ll say goodbye for awhile. :wave:

03-19-2012, 12:37 AM
Maggie -- I'm heading off to bed but wanted to check in here first. The wind is still blowing hard, and it's only 72 according to the computer. I like jaw breakers -- haven't had one in years though. I wasn't even sure where to look for them. I will have to look for the WW candy too. See you tomorrow if I am ready early; I got most everything done that I could do today, but tomorrow will take longer at church so won't have as much time at home.

03-19-2012, 11:04 AM
Good morning strangers! I got to come home yesterday morning as the fill in dr for my doctor thought there was no need to keep me as I was doing well. I do still have my drain in and may either have it taken out or wait a few days depends on the dr. I am still draining quite a bit of fluid so he may have me just wait. I am pretty sore of course but not from where you would think. I guess my intestines were wrapped all around the hernia and they had to not only disintangle them, but then repair the hernia, so the area around my stoma and that side of my abdomen is sore everythere at this point. I am up and getting around on my own, taking it easy just getting things healed. I did have one big issue and it was the IV's. I had to have my IV's replaced a total of 8 times. I have tiny deep veins and they would blow and then they would have to come in and put in another line, which in itself was very difficult. Both arms, one side of my neck, one shoulder and one hand are sore and bruised. The worst is my upper right shoulder where the on duty nurse put one in and did a rotten job of it. Basically, the next day she put in my pain med and didn't look to see if the IV was still ok and dumped the pain med right under the skin. I then ended up with a hard lump that is extremely sore and going down slowly and at the time no pain relief for 6 hours. Out of all my nurses, she was the one that really angered me. She stood cracking gum, she would take off her gloves to do things, she wiped her forehead once with her glove on while working on me, besides her superior attitude. Thank goodness she only worked the weekend. I was on nothing by mouth for 2 days then 3 days of liquids and now on soft foods for about a week. So far, I have had no problems.

I will read and catch up with you gals, but for now, just wanted to check in and let you know I am home and ok. Have a good week everyone! Faye

03-19-2012, 03:18 PM

We are having a 70º day here in the ♥-Land after a thunder storm during the night which made the alley very muddy but didn’t give us much rain at all. They aren’t quite finished in the alley yet but let us come in to park. When they finish filling the ditches they said they will re-rock the alley. The dogs will sure miss those nice workers that gave them attention. Both dogs are at the groomer now and Cecil is napping.

Yipekio I am down a pound this weigh day with 75# gone forever. Well I don’t plan to re-gain it but sometimes my body puts it on even when I have had a good week. I have 12 more pounds to lose and I am half way there to my goal of being 150. I will celebrate with a bottle of Perrier water with a twist of lime in it that day. Halfway is so close I can see it from here.

I am looking forward to next Monday for we have dentist appointments and I get to have my teeth checked & cleaned. I haven’t had any trouble so I don’t think I will be having any work done.

DONNA FAYE I am so glad you are doing well and they have your insides all straightened out now. That should help fix your abdominal cramping problem right? I sure hope it does the trick. Sounds like you had Nurse Ratchet working on you. I am surprised that they let someone like that work there. :hug: I am sure you are glad it is all done with now and you can recoup nicely at home. Your purple/green will fade in time.

Everyone have a lovely Monday. :wave:

03-20-2012, 12:40 PM
Good morning, ladies! Only 59 degrees right now. We've had dense fog for 2 mornings accompanied by foghorns, of course. The sun is trying to come out now and it's supposed to reach the 70s today.

Nothing much happening with me.

Faye, I'm so glad you are home and on the mend. You certainly should feel better with all that fixed. That was a lot to go through.

Maggie, I'm glad Cecil has recovered and is back with his dogs. Congratulations on another pound gone for good! Just a little more to the summit and then it will be a downhill slide to goal. I'd love to try those WW candies but I know the whole bag would be gone too fast.

Jean, how did card club go for you?

Have a great day.

03-20-2012, 02:20 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a gloomy windy day in my corner of the world; 58 degrees is sure a change from the weekend 80s. I've been getting tax stuff together for Bob to meet with his accountant, have some some gift shop checks to do, and need to put away card club dishes from last night. I have lots of nonWW leftover food that I wish I could share with all of you!

"Gma" -- I'm so glad you are home, on the mend, and back with us here! :cheer: You were missed! My veins don't like IVs either -- sounds like you went through a lot! I hope you will feel 100% better soon!

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another pound! What a great feeling to hit the halfway mark soon -- you have worked hard on the road to thin.

Susan -- I had one good hand last night, and then got lucky when my partner bid and I could help her. :cp: Otherwise a typical night -- junk card combinations! We always enjoy visiting and I had 3 subs so most of us never see each other until next month. We've had some foggy mornings too -- strange weather for this time of year.

Bob will be home for lunch soon so I'd better get the cheese and crackers ;) ready! Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

03-20-2012, 03:07 PM
:wave: GOOD DAY MAGNOLIAS :comp:

It sure is another lazy day for me this day. I don’t feel like doing any work but I must. it is currently 53º’s here in the ♥-land and not expected to get any higher. Rain is expected for Wednesday and Thursday so that will be welcomed for sure. I sure hope the workers get the alley rocked before it rains or it will be quite a mess.

Cecil continues to improve but still sleeps a lot more catching up and doesn’t eat quite as much. I guess he doesn’t eat as much for he isn’t quite as active as he was before his operations. He is certainly more vocal though. He cracks me up. He enters my office and starts talking right away. He is seeking reassurance I am sure. So I stop what I am doing and give him as much attention as he wants. He purrs very loud. The dogs are both real good about leaving him alone to recuperate. They rough-house with him when he wants though. Right now he is on the back step contemplating the eternal verities of the universe as cats will do.

I think we will be having ribs for dinner this day with some baked beans and a tossed salad. For lunch this day I am having a tomato and cottage cheese. So there the meals are planned.

JEAN So good that you had fun with your card players but not so good that you have those yummy sounding left-over’s to deal with. Did you cake turn out good and what about that cheese ball? Looks like our temperature is lower here than it is for you there this day. I am so looking forward to the rain. Ugh - taxes.

SUSAN I don’t eat much candy at all and so it isn’t a red light food for me and having all those little 1P+ yummy WW candies in the house don’t call my name. Cheetoes call my name “very loudly” so I can’t have them in the house in large containers. The small 4P+ bags are working just fine for me. I can eat the whole bag that way and not go over my allowance. Best not to nvite the enemy into your house. I am so looking forward to that downward slide to goal.

DONNA FAYE Hope your doing well this day and contune to recoupe. :wave:

03-20-2012, 10:34 PM
Maggie -- Today was a lazy day for me too! :o I just didn't feel like doing anything but I did get my checks written, also my card club dishes washed and put away. I use a few dishes from my curio cabinet so wash them by hand. I didn't make the cake for card club as we just do munchy things. The cake was for crafty club and I shared the leftovers with the neighbor. The cheese ball was ok but don't know that I would make it again. Everything tastes better when someone else makes it instead of me! :cheer: It started raining this afternoon -- just feels damp and chilly so I put a sweatshirt on over my t-shirt. I'm going to see what's on tv or maybe read. Bob went back to the office to work on taxes. :hyper:

03-21-2012, 10:20 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a gloomy wet morning in my neighborhood today, but boy is the grass ever green! I need to take checks to the hospital and stop for bread 'n milk. Otherwise I have bell practice later and cleaning out a drawer or two on my "to do" list today.

I came up stairs to get dressed so better keep moving. Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy your day! :wave:

03-21-2012, 04:58 PM
Afternoon, girls. Today was a tough day for me. I am not feeling well today, tired, sore, etc, so am taking it real easy and opening the bottle of meds, which I don't like to take unless really necessary, but today it was.

Yesterday, we sat half the day getting worked in to the dr's office so he could remove the drain tube, got a bite of dinner and did a couple errands. I walked as much as I felt like then sat and let Jack finish up. I worry about him taking on so much and working full time, but I can't lift anything, bend over a whole lot, and the surgery leaves you wiped out. On top of that, my best friend called me and told me her mom passed away Monday morning, so I have been real down about that. Her mom was like my second mom, especially when my own mother dropped the ball so to speak.

I have lost 7 lbs, which is great, but not surprising I guess.

Maggie: Glad Cecil is back home with his brothers and happy again and :carrot::carrot: on your loss. That is great!! Our weather here has been really warm for the last 2 weeks into the 80's during the day and only upper 60's at night. Like my son told me today, that makes him nervous to have weather like this so early.

Jean: One of the yummiest cheese ball I ever had was rolled in chopped olives. It was a white cream cheese that was mild and combined with some spices in the cheese with the salty olives it was spectacular. Sounds like you are busy as usual.

Susan: I kind of feel that way about sweets too. For me it is hard to just take a couple pieces and leave the rest so I just don't buy the stuff then I don't have to worry! :lol:

I got my dresses and they are terrific. I already have some spectacular jewelry that will go with it and the Navy dress it just so pretty and goes so well with the wrap I knitted. I am going to be an in style lady! :lol:

You all have a nice middle of the week. I am going to go back to resting. Faye

03-21-2012, 05:33 PM

It is a wet day here in the ♥-Land and 51º here. I love the rain that is gently falling for there will be little run-off for it will soak in nicely. The kind I really like and am so thankful for. :p

Nothing much going on here this day new and exciting. :( I have a rack of pork ribs out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge to cook in my indoor smoker tomorrow. I’ll then decide what it is that I will serve with them. After the rack thaws I will cut the ribs apart and coat each with some of my Mad Will’s dry seasoning mix. They turn out real yummy that way cooked in the smoker for @40 minutes. So tender and yummy. :cp:

For my first meal of the day today we had a retro brunch which we rarely eat anymore but it was sure good and I have the points to cover it. I made low fat biscuits and cooked some bacon and served pork chop gravy over the biscuits. Yummy, yummy a love pat to the tummy. I measured everything so I know how to count it and the dogs loved licking our plates when we were finished. They got them sparkling clean. If you are wondering what I am having for my dinner I plan on a tossed green salad with some fresh tomatoes & some tuna on it. I like using those "one serving" sized envelopes of tuna for such times as these. Life is good.

JEAN The weather here is also drab but we love the rain. Our lawn is still nice and brown and we have such a large lawn space. Since we will probably be on water shortage this coming summer we probably won't be watering the lawn either. We will use enough water watering our garden.:o Enjoy your green grass.

DONNA FAYE Take it easy for all your house work will wait. Jack can just do the "necessary" and let the other go for now. Sorry to hear your second mom passed away. I am sure you have many good memories of her. :hug: :congrat: on those 7 pounds gone. Every pound down is in the right direction for sure no matter how you came by it.:p Each day you will feel a bit better.

SUSAN Howdy :wave: to you. Hope all is well in your neighborhood.

Have a wonderful afternoon Magnolias. I am enjoing the sprinkles lightly hitting against my office window. Pitter, patter of the :rain: . . .

03-22-2012, 02:32 PM

It is a 48º day here so far in the ♥-Land and has a 40% chance of more :rain: this day. We got a nice wetting yesterday that is quite helpful. The animals don’t like to venture out very far in the yard when it is raining.

Not much happening here this day ~ Will is at the museum doing his volunteer work and all is quiet here in the house. He brought me some Colonel Cluck lunch before he left and I only ate about half of it. Not very hungry this day which is a good thing for I am going to do those ribs for dinner. Cecil loves to nap in our office chairs and hops up on one of them the minute someone stands up for something. I wonder if he would like a chair of his own. :lol:

I hope all of you lovely Magnolias are having a wonderful day.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

03-22-2012, 05:10 PM
good afternoon gals. I am still a bit under the weather and am just taking it easy. I am wondering since the drain was removed if that is what is causing the upset intestines at the moment. It isn't serious, but enough to cause me to feel rotten, etc.

Maggie: Your ribs sound wonderful. I am still keeping to lighter foods as much as I can so my intestives get back to normal. Jack has been such a peach, but I know the poor man is dog tired. I try to get him to rest as much as possible. My sister and her husband are coming into town in a couple weeks, he will be here on business, but I am not sure i am going to be up to long visits or whatnot. She is a big shopper and I told her outright I cannot go out shopping and such. Frankly, she is all about herself and I told her we would have dinner with them, but I have dr appts and have no idea how long they are going to take each day.

Nothing much else going on here. I have been resting as much as possible so it is kind of boring. Hope you all have a great day today! Faye

03-22-2012, 06:40 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I stayed up late last night, couldn't get to sleep, and was dragging this morning. I think I drank too much tea too late in the day/evening. I had to audit P.E.O. books this afternoon; two of us were to meet with the treasurer and the other gal never showed up so I signed on the dotted line and called it good. The treasurer has a son and a daughter the same ages as Jason and Beth, so we always have to catch up on the kids. Several months ago we got a "save the date" card for an April 14th wedding but never got an invitation. :dunno: I stopped in at the Hallmark store this afternoon and bought a wedding gift to be delivered. We know the groom and his family has been customers of Bob's for 30+ years. Not sure why we never got the invitation and certainly won't go to the wedding but Bob thought we should send a gift.

For whatever reason, I couldn't get in here last nightl. :(

"Gma" -- I am sorry about your friend's mother's death. :( It's always a sad loss for someone close in your life. :congrat: on losing 7#s even though this isn't the way you wanted to do it. I wish you could model you new clothes for us.

Maggie -- It has sputtered rain drops off and on all day. The weatherman said the sun would shine this afternoon . . . he lied. :mad: Ernie likes to sleep in the recliner. Cecil evidently likes to have a warm chair. :lol:

I'm thinking it is Bob's night to cook. We have a meeting at church tonight so it will be something quick and easy . . . probably card club leftovers. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

03-23-2012, 10:07 AM
Good morning to you all. I am going through what I seem to always go through when I have surgery. It is weird and rather disconcerting, but I know it will pass within the next couple weeks. It is like I am still in the hospital, sort of the world is outside my window and my world is the living room. It is hard to describe and it happens everytime I have had surgery where I stayed in the hospital for any period of time then had to come home and recoup. I talked to Jack about it last night for a long time. Starting next week, I want to start building up my strength with walking on the treadmill just for a few minutes at lowest speed to get some stamina built up. I am trying to keep my eating in check and am doing fine on that as I have lost another 2 lbs. I am going to go upstairs and see if I can now go back to sleeping in the bed since they did all the work so that maybe that part of my life returns to normal again now too.

Jean: I will make sure when we go on the cruise I take lots of pictures with me in the dresses and such. It is the first time I have actually bought something that is really comfortable and looks nice too. I like the long length of the dresses too and the fabric is so nice and light. I hope you were able to get a nap or at least go to bed early and catch up on your sleep. I hate it when I can't sleep then drag the next day.

I guess I should get back to work on the hats and finish my vacation knitting, but I have just not been in the mood to knit. I have read some, but mostly have watched tv, which is unusual for me during the day as I rarely watch it in the daytime anymore.

Well gals, I need to get some breakfast and start a load of clothes. Have a lovely day and weekend. Jack is going to shampoo carpets and we are going to work on cleaning house as much as I can do this weekend too. I think that will make me feel better as well knowing my house is clean. Faye