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03-11-2012, 07:22 PM
So, when I restarted LAWL in December and started reading and posting here, I promised myself I wouldn't do this.

But, now I'm going to do it anyway :D

I bought the new Rapid Results Plan from the web site. I've got diaries for menu plan 4 and 3 (because that's what I needed).

Today, my husband threw in the towel and said he needs to do this too (yay for him). But he needs menu plan 5. I'm going to order the diaries now.

But in the mean time, if anyone happens to know how many proteins, veggies, starches, etc he should be eating each day for menu plan 5 until the books arrive, I'd be very appreciative. Please don't even feel the need to post the combinations (don't want anyone to get in trouble).

Because really, any combination in which he eats them would be better than how we've been eating the last 3 weeks (yes, I fell off the wagon too with a vacation and then a major event I was preparing to run in addition to my full time job).

I'm thinking he won't want to do Takeoff/Express, so I'm just going to get him started eating the right serving sizes and numbers of servings per day until the menu plans arrive.

Thanks in advance if anyone happens to have the data.