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03-08-2012, 03:24 PM
Moving in from South Beach, but will stay in touch over there.

Sort of new to whole foods, I used to be better about eating whole and mostly organic foods, but things change before we realize if we're not paying attention. And, because I was younger, I was able to get away with eating junk in between healthy meals.

I started on South Beach in January and came out of the first phase gluten and sugar free, so decided to stay that way and focus my energy on increasing the veggies and good proteins like seeds, nuts and beans - occasionally chicken. I used to be a vegetarian - think I'm headed back in that direction. Many of the diets I've read about speak to reducing processed foods, sugars, etc and increasing veggies, good grains and better proteins. I'm finding the common threads and using those as guidelines.

Finding lots of good ideas on this section of 3FC, too!

I'm still losing weight, but more importantly, am feeling more energetic and more mentally alert.

My kids are active, naturally slim, and can get away with eating junk, but the changes in my eating habits are helping their eating habits, too.

03-10-2012, 02:28 AM
I am also new, I started this diet to feel healthier and more alert as well.
I can definitely say my nails are growing long and strong without anything on them, so something must be improved internally in just 2 weeks.
I didn't dabble in south beach completely but used those guidelines and the zone guidelines in the past. (Side comment, I consider my whole foods diet low glycemic because I choose low GI carbs).
Welcome and I hope we both see more benefits soon!

03-10-2012, 04:51 PM
Hi I am new too. I buy organic when I can. I have a list of foods that I stick to most of the time, meaning the ones it is not so bad to eat non organic. Buying organic is much easier here in the summer and fall. I am looking forward to the spring asparagus and fiddleheads though.
I was vegetarian for 25 years or so and vegan for 6 or so, now I am pescatarian. I eat dairy and fish/seafood. However I only eat wild fish and try to respect sustainability. I avoid anything from China.
I find it hardest to cut out the processed snacks like baked chips. I am trying. Hope to get encouragment here and to see some role models. :)

03-12-2012, 05:36 PM
We buy lots of organic, but can't be purists. And I have a large garden that really helps out in the spring and summer - and chickens who are starting to lay again - yay!

Staying with whole, natural foods is moving me back towards vegetarianism. I still eat a little chicken, but have never liked meat much, so beans are fine with me. And I eat dairy, but I keep it to a minimum. Organic half and half in my coffee or chai, a little yogurt and sheep and goats milk cheeses on occasion.

There's a whole foods debate going on another thread - mostly I think it's about starting with fresh and/or basic ingredients and making most of your foods from scratch so you know exactly what you are eating and can control or eliminate things like sugars.

It all feels so much better in so many ways.