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03-06-2003, 04:57 PM

Another top down day here in sunny Southern California. I didn't have as big a surprise as I had anticipated at WW this day for I just knew that I tried hard last week to show a gain of 10 pounds and didn't make it. :lol: I had one horrible hungry week and it showed but I didn't do too much damage. I am looking forward to our trip up to Northern California next weekend and seeing the beautiful mountains there - Yosimite Ntl. Pk. is real close to where we are going. I love Yosimite. Uncle Ansel took some great black and white photos all over that place. I took some when I was taking my photography course also and tried to develope them to match his great style. The neat thing is that you can check out some of his negatives at libraries now. But it is all in the developing.

Everyone have a great evening and I am bound and determined this week to be OP even if it is a hungry week once again.

03-06-2003, 08:20 PM
Maggie: Are you guys campers? I know my dd and sil are great hikers and campers. My idea of roughing it is Howard Johnson's over Marriott! :lol: :lol: I hate camping with a passion. Hope you have a wonderful time when you go.

I am having such a day. My doggie got his collar into dog doo somehow and got is all in his neck fur. I couldn't get it cleaned out so I had to give him a bath, which I hate. That is what I pay exhorbitant groomers for! :lol: He now smells like a wet dog and I hate it. He isn't getting groomed until the Monday we come back from Indiana and that is over a week away. UGH!!! On top of that, my body is still deciding whether to be fertile or not so I am in that lovely am I going to have a period thing every month, but darn if those cramps don't still show up! I was talking bad words in my head doing those blasted situps with cramps today, but got all my lower body stuff in and the walk in the mall. I think I am going to dope myself up and go to bed in an hour or so. I have to sit for Thomas again tomorrow so it is up at 5 to take dh to work.


03-06-2003, 08:39 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
I'm just peeking in while I wait a few minutes to leave for bell choir practice. The temperature says it is warmer outside but it sure feels cold . . . kind of that damp cold that makes you cold all over.

Donna -- I didn't see any evidence that the contractor was here today. He did a heavy layer of goop yesterday so I'm not surprised as it probably isn't completely dry. I had to laugh at your cat and T stories. I get so mad at people who say that animals are dumb. :no: I hope you are feeling better tomorrow!

Bubbles -- You could have typed as much as you wanted on the previous thread ( I think ). I hope you will come back here tonight! ;)

Maggie -- I went to WW Tue. night and gained 2#s . . . I know it is too much salt, too much food, and too little exercise. Why does this have to be so darned hard! It seems the more I think about trying not to eat, the more I want to eat! :censored:

It's time to get moving towards the car. Have a fantastic Friday! Another week is almost over with -- time sure does fly!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

03-06-2003, 11:45 PM

Had a wonderful afternoon tooling around with the top down going down the roads where crops are growing and the vast acres where they grow flowers. I love those flower fields. BBQed pork chops for dinner and uuuummmmmmm were they good.

DONNA we do currently live in our RV but aren't camping as the traditional word may imply. Sold our houses and property and went full timing for awhile. Now we are stopped for a spell and we are going up North the weekend of the 16th where my husband is going to be auditioning for a position. If we like where we are going and he is accepted for the position and he decides to take it we will be living in a house once again. This trip we are just driving my convertible and leaving the RV parked here.

JEAN that is the way with contractors. They know when their goop will be dry enough to work so can leave a thick amount to "cure" and be doing another job. You will be so glad when it is all done I am so sure.

Have a nice OP day tomorrow ladies. :wave:

03-07-2003, 01:18 AM
Good Evening, Holy Cow, it's Friday,
Where has the week gone? Re: your weight gains......it must be the weather. The gals at the hospital showed more gains than losses this week too. I think everyone has cabin fever and would rather have spring fever:) :)

Maggie, when you go north, do you ever go to Ft. Bragg? I had a neighbor from there, and she said it was absolutely spectacular. My dad told us when we were first married, (1961), that if he were a young man he'd do just what Greeley said, and head west to Oregon or Washington. He was enchanted with northern Calif., Wash. and Ore. Couldn't get over the carnations growing beside the road.

How do you dry your dog? If you have a crate and a hair dryer or small quartz heater with a fan, you can use that, and some nice smelling rinse and he should smell better. I use some stuff on Jimmy, who gets the nasty houndy odor, called Miracle Groom 5 in 1. A gal from Lex. KY developed it, and you spray it on the dog and rub vigorously with a towel until they're dry. It cleans, conditions, shines, detangles and deodorizes. I bought mine at a horse show in Lex.,VA. last spring. They have a website: www.miraclegroom.com. It's not cheap, but a little goes a long way, and it beats the heck out of bathing them.

Keep talking Jean, and you'll convince me to slap a coat of paint on my kitchen and be done with it:lol: :lol: I got good news today when my son did my tax return.......I'm getting a huge refund, and because I'm a retired, overpaid(riiight!) teacher, my retirement is so monumental it qualifies me for the Low Income Refund thing, whatever it's called. Isn't that encouraging? I only get 2/3 of my retirement because I left at 13 years instead of the 20 I needed for the full thing. I was able to get my husband's social security, which is what allowed me to do it. Fortunately, I have some investments, which are being well managed, so although I took a bath last year, it could have been a whole lot worse!

Off to bed. Happy Friday one and all,

03-07-2003, 07:15 AM
Jean: I am sure you are gonna be thrilled when the whole darn job is done. I know when we were in the condo working every night, I got so sick of seeing paint cans etc all over! Drove Jack nuts because I would line them all up nice and neat in the corner of the living room every night and demanded everything be clean and neat!?

Maggie; I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip.

Bubbles: Thanks for the info on the dog. I never bath him but have him groomed regular, but as it was it was an emergency so I had to use people shampoo. I used Jack's coconut stuff thinking how good it would smell, but it smelled like wet coconut dog! :lol: As to pensions and such. When Jack retires, if he takes his SS, they whack that much off his Navy pension. I guess they consider it screwing the government to get both at full amount. I guess the fact that he will have paid into it for over 50 years and that he served his country for 20 doesn't matter!

Well, gotta go and take dh to work. I am sitting again today for Thomas.


Joyce in CO
03-07-2003, 10:44 AM
Good Morning

Well, I got rid of some of my gain- lost 1.8. Am going to keep at it. Never going to give up. Gotta get it done. We had an acquaintance just die of a heart attack, totally unexpected, a few weeks ago and it's been bothering me. He died on his 57th birthday. I will be 57 in a couple of weeks. I WANT TO BE HEALTHY. Hope it's not too late. All I can do is be as healthy as I can get and hopes my body will forgive me for the abuse I have given it. :)

Maggie - Moving again. I assume this will not be the end of full-timing, just settling in for a bit to regroup.
I hate those hungry weeks. Last weekend I was sort of out of control. So I did my modified Wendie plan and ate about 20 points each weekday after that. So yesterdays weigh in went okay. I want to get rid of these vacation pounds and get on with it. Wish I understood why we go through those hungry times. I think last weekend was an emotional hunger but I couldn't figure out for what so I ate. :(

Donna - My mom and dad are in that group of so-called double-dippers. Dad retired AF then retired from an airlines on social security which gets cut. And mom is retired civil service. Apparently there is some word on trying to get rid of that rule or at least relax it a bit. And then there are some who are trying to make it worse. :dizzy:
ewww - smelly coconut dog... ;)

gotta run - boss is here - I try to do this before he gets in but sometimes I'm late in posting or he's early ;) :lol: He doesn't really care that much but I don't like to be posting when he's in here. :s:

03-07-2003, 02:10 PM
Ooh Donna,
Let's not even go there with the federal policies........:dizzy: The state and local guys aren't much better:(
Does the dog smell better today? It's never ending with the critters.
Sun's out so I'm off for a walk with JimBob.........almost bought the farm on Black Ice this morning........that would have been fun:(

Happy Friday one and all. Think I'll put on a pot of no point soup for tonight before I take off.

03-08-2003, 01:19 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
We had an FAC meeting today (Friday Afternoon Club) and had the dumbest waitress! There were 10 to 15 of us coming and going at various times and she tried to keep track of drinks and food orders without jotting down any names. Some spouses came later to eat, a couple of us switched places, and then she was really confused! Most of us ordered Cokes and coffee while the guys shared pitchers of beer. She tried to stick us with another group's mixed drinks bill! :mad: After we tried to explain to her who had what, she left and came back saying that "somebody owed her $23.89, we could figure it out," laid down the bill and then stomped off. Needless to say, it will be awhile before any of us go back there again. She needs a lesson or two in temper control!

Maggie -- How far will you be moving this time? I hope you will be close enough to still visit your family. I'm ready for some "top down" days around here! ;)

Donna -- We are thinking of new carpet as our next project and that really gives me a headache! We did our bedrooms when we moved in 19 years ago so they really need a new look. When we added on I chose a much too light colored carpet and it shows the traffic pattern big time. It cleans up nicely but that is such a pain. I thought I wanted to do everything in the same color/style; our main entrance runs into the stairs, livingroom/family/dining areas, and on upstairs so that will all have to be redone at the same time. :^: I like the smell of coconut but can't say that I've ever smelled a coconut dog!

Joyce -- Nice to see you! Congratulations on the loss! You have the scale heading in the right direction! :yes:

Bubbles -- Enjoy your refund! Perhaps you should save it in case you have to pay it back next year! :dizzy: I can't remember the last time we got money back since DH is considered to be self employed even though he works for a company. Makes me mad when I see how the politicians spend our money -- especially on their raises and retirment benefits! Be careful around that black ice!

I am heading off to bed. We are going to look at more houses tomorrow with Beth. Hopefully she will find something soon. The one she liked last weekend had a bid put in on it.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Jean -- :yawn: from Iowa!

03-08-2003, 09:54 AM
Hey ladies, good morning! It is going to be near 80 today! Whoopee! Our car is all leather including doors and dashboard so I am giving it a good cleaning with leather wipes, a good vacuum and clean inside windows then running it to the car wash for the outside. I am so anxious for sun!

I had such a blast with Thomas yesterday, Now that I have been seeing him more often, he always wants to come home with me and of course though I don't mind, his mom naturally wants him to stay home so there is always a battle. I made a deal with him that I would stay and play with him for another hour yesterday and that seemed ok. I am pretty much the only one that acts like a 3 year old with him. His other grandparents are the sit in the rocker kind (which is fine) but I am the play until I am pooped kind. I would pretend I was asleep and he would "knock knock" on me somewhere and say "wake up!" and I would snore etc. One time he socked me in the eye so time to change games and we played hide and seek. Their darn dog everytime I would hide would stand and bark at me until T found me! :lol: I took him outside for awhile and we found a woodpecker in a tree going at it and that fascinated him. Played on the swings etc and then went in and he got up in my lap and we watched some cartoons. I must have told him 20 times when he'd ask, "Who are they?" "Popeye and Brutus."

Jean: We need carpet badly here, but it is going to have to wait until I go back to work. That will cost a ton of money. I bet you can't wait to get it in.

Bubbles: The dog is definitely better since being completely dry. He is fairly unusual for a Yorkie as he is almost totally "Blue." He has some of the gold on his head and some traces of silver, but his body is blue and is so beautiful when he is clean because he shines so.

Joyce: Congrat on the loss. I guess people just don't understand that these days you cannot live on just SS or just a military pension. The pension pays a mortgage and not a lot more. I will be lucky if there is any SS in another 13-15 years. As long as Jack can stay healthy and work at least 8 more years, he will receive a pension from the city and the two together will keep us from having to have SS. He also will have Champus (a joke) and the City's health and dental insurance. We should have our condo paid off by the time he retires and only have to worry about property tax and association fees from then on.

Well, I need to get up and going.

Everyone have a nice weekend.


03-08-2003, 09:01 PM

It has been another great day here for top down driving. We went on a marvelous drive ~ even though gas it higher here than anywhere in the country. One of the congress persons is going to look into the fact that it may be price gouging. I have been busy the rest of the day getting some of Will's sermons formatted to make a booklet that I can comb bind. I like doing that sort of thing so it isn't a chore for me.:lol:

BUBBLES we are going to be going to Northern California not Nort Carolina where Fort Bragg is. Or do you mean Fort Ord which is up by Monterey? If you do - Nope. It is on the coast and we are going more inland.

JOYCE CONGRATULATIONS on that weight loss. Yep we are going to regroup for a bit ~ Will wants to get back into preaching for awhile. We were so fortunate to be able to travel while we were younger than most so he really isn't ready to actually finally retire. :D We don't have a clue just yet were we will be going but the appointment on the 16th may rule that place in or out. We have just begun the process.

JEAN we don't have a clue at present were we will move to. No matter where we were "before" we always were able to see plenty of the family. :lol: Hope the dust has settled in your house for a nice weekend.

DONNA what a fun Grandmother you are! Kids are so much fun to talk to and help experiment with things.

Everyone have a great weekend.

03-09-2003, 02:24 AM
Good Morning, :D Flowers!
It has been a busy day for us and I am just finally getting a few minutes to call my own. Our day started out dark and gloomy with a few snowflakes floating around along with lots of WIND! I got a couple loads of laundry done before we left for Sioux City; went to Sears and then met Beth to go house looking. I am surprised that people will leave their homes the way that they do (messy!). I'm no Martha Stewart but you can bet that if I were trying to sell, my piles would be gone . . . even if I had to haul them around in the trunk of the car! :lol: A couple of the homes looked as if no one lived there (nothing out of place) so every one was an interesting adventure today. Beth did find one that she liked (along with the special someone in her life and his parents) so she is going to put a bid in on it tomorrow and see what happens. As we were touring one of the homes, there were pictures that we recognized! The family used to live here and we were in Jaycees and Welcome Wagon together! The kids were the same ages as ours and we got together quite often. . .small world. The parents have since divorced so we have lost touch. We stopped to see Ian and his parents for an hour and then headed back home again. There are never enough hours in the day!

Donna -- It was 8 degrees here this afternoon and the wind chill put it at -15! The sun finally came out so that it didn't seem quite so cold. You sound like a grandma that is "neato-skeeto!" :jig: I hope to do lots of playing with Ian! He is beginning to take an interest in his toys and tries to grab at the bright colors. It's going to be a while before we do the carpet but will have to tear out the stairs in order to do the banister and board trim along the sides. I don't care though, I get tired of cleaning the carpet! Actually, Bob does it for me but it is still a pain! I hate to think of moving all of the furniture in order to lay it.

Maggie -- I am so jealous of your weather! :p Our gas is higher than anywhere around us . . . $1.65 a gallon today while it is $1.57 in Sioux City. I cleaned off the top layer of dust this morning and will vacuum tomorrow. The sheet rock sanding will be Tuesday if all goes as scheduled. I have my sheets of plastic ready!

I have to play bells in the morning, bright and early at 7:30 so I suppose I should head off to bed. Have a super - duper Sunday, Flowers!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

03-09-2003, 03:19 AM
JEAN Sounds like winter is still whisteling around your area. Burrrrrrrr. I haven't worn a coat since we left TN and that was a bit ago.:lol: I have seen some horrid things in houses when they are showing them. Gross house keepers and I won't even say what they had laying around. UGGGG. Our gas here is $2.07 at the cheapest place we can find in the area. And that is the cash price for regular.

Nighters all.........

03-09-2003, 08:51 AM
Gosh ladies, we were complaining because gas is 1.56 here. We usually go to Krogers and get gas because if I use my Krogers card I can get it for $1.48. I know it is going to be skyhigh around Chicago. Mayor Daly is cut from the same cloth as his old man and gouges people with those taxes up there. I am sure looking forward to going (even riding 10 hours with the little guy and his mom!).

Maggie: Sounds like you lead a very interesting life. Reminds me of circuit riding preachers only you would be "High ho RV and away!"

Jean: Ring those beautiful bells for all of us today!

Bubbles: You have a great Sunday!

Well, ladies, I need to get going. Take care


03-09-2003, 02:02 PM
Morning Ladies,

How do I get so lucky as to hit #14 every time?!

If I put my house on the market, I'd have to back a dumpster up to the back door, and pitch for a month:lol: :lol: :lol: Just the thought of it gives me the willies. We need to bomb the basement in order to get DS to part with all of his "treasures". He has junk from Jr. High, HS, College, the Army,and life after college stashed down there. What was once the coal bin(room), we turned into his drum room by putting sound proofing on the walls and ceiling. That was 20 years ago, and the dampness and dirt have done a number on it. It has not deterred him from stashing stuff............he could have been a squirrel...........actually there are times when he is a bit squirrelly, but that's another story:lol:

I have just placed my first order with Ebay, and am a wreck. I'm spending my tax refund before I even get it. I've wanted a Bose Wave radio forever, so am bidding on one. We'll see what happens.

Mike just told me Duke's warming up, so I"m outta here.