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JP Maidstone
03-06-2012, 11:38 AM
I bought Flax meal and Almond Meal this morning. I was reading the ingredients on the packages at the grocery store. Do you all use these? Was I okay to buy them? I did not have my book with me (I put it down somewhere while reading and I can't find it! LOL!!!)

If this is okay, have any of you used these products? And if so, what did you make with them? I was thinking the almond flower might make a good crepe like bread mixed with eggs.

Do any of you use a Carb Blocker like Carb Intercept? I wondered about it? We are already on a really LC diet and if we took it, would that help or hinder or do more harm than good? Also, it's made out of white kidney beans which is a carb (healthy, but carb non the less)

I also bought Almond Milk and SHOCKED to see that 1 cup was only 1 gram of carbs! for real?!!! I also bought some SF Pudding to make if and when I had a real sweet tooth attack. I don't plan on using it for another week since I'm still in the starting out phase. But when I do use it, can I use Almond milk in place of regular milk for the pudding? Or is there something in milk that makes the pudding thicken?

Why can't we drink Crystal light drinks in the first phase? I'm not challenging it at all, I'm just curious the reason behind it. Is it because of the theory that having artificially sweetened products tend to still cause cravings?

Okay, I think that's all for the moment!


03-06-2012, 01:43 PM
The flax meal is used for the Muffin in a Minute recipe, I have never tried it personally. I know some here have stated that it makes them crave carbs more so they tend to stay away. I think someone mentioned it made them stall once. Some people can handle it though.

I don't really know much about the affectiveness of carb blockers, I've never taken them.

I think they recommend against Crystal Light is because it can cause cravings and you have to count each artificial sweetener as 1 carb and you are only supposed to have 3 a day.

That's about the extend of my knowledge :) Hope someone else has more detailed answers for you.

JP Maidstone
03-06-2012, 04:32 PM
Thank you Stephanie! I appreciate that!

I did wonder about the flax and maybe that's why it stuck in my head, because I did see that muffin in a minute. I have to be really careful with that because that will certainly be something that could trigger my carb binge.

thank you for your input!