Exercise! - SX Universal Combo ECG Heart Rate Monitor...does anyone have one?

02-29-2012, 12:49 PM
I've been thinking lately about getting myself a heart rate monitor. I've been reading some reviews here from people who have different ones, and I've also been reading reviews on Amazon and other sites like that. I know that Polar is probably THE best, but the price is a bit prohibitive for me; I found one at WalMart for 59.99 that has a chest strap included, so I was pretty stoked. I haven't bought it yet (have to wait until payday!) but I was wondering if anyone here has used one of these:


It seems to have all the features I need, and the reviews on Amazon are positive...the only thing I'm wondering, though, is whether it would work with the treadmills/ellipticals at my gym. I mean, does a chest strap have to be of the same brand as the machine for the data to be picked up? I have no idea, never having used one. *L*

Any input would be appreciated! :)