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03-05-2003, 01:07 AM
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03-05-2003, 01:15 AM
Gee... I came here with so much to tell you and now that I am here I don't want to anymore... what's up with that. :?:
But I did see that we needed a new thread started so I have made good use of my time and here we are. :D

I am not going back to the old thread to reply.
I remember that Michelle passed her classes... Congratulations!!
And Donna I am sorry you didn't get the job but I think you will be happier spending more time getting your weight off.
Sara... seeing your original post was cool. :cool: You have worked hard for you success and deserve all the happiness you are finding thin.
Gee.. I can't remember the rest. :rolleyes:
If I get into a chattier mood I will come back and tell you about my ice cream VICTORY !!!! And about my awakening about my elephant legs. LOL
It was an EYE OPENER :yikes: LOL

03-05-2003, 06:45 AM
Michelle: Congrats on your grades. Just get backup on your ole WW horse and ride girl, ride!

2cute: The job wasn't a big deal except for the money and it is not a need so it was no big deal. It was an opportunity that I didn't want to miss if it became available though. I had told dh that I was not going to go back to work until next year when I was at goal and last night he told me that whatever I wanted was fine with him. When you do what I like to do (reception work), you can't be needing to run to the bathroom all the time etc.

OOOHHH, guess what girls? I had another exciting thing happen last night. About 5 years ago, Jack and I had booked a cruise to the Carribean and I went and bought these clothes at Chadwicks for the trip. Everything I bought was too tight, but I was stubborn and decided to get weight off to wear them. Well, Jack got laid off, the trip got cancelled and the clothes have been in my closet since. I went and got this two piece dress that I couldn't even get over my big butt and belly before to see if maybe I would be able to wear it on the Vegas trip. It is white and gauze with sides slits to the knee on both sides and would be perfect. It fit with room to spare even over my butt! In fact, the jacket is quite loose! Yippeeee! Dh did have one comment and that was..."uh, I like it, but you may not want to wear green panties under it!" Men!

Well, I will probably not get back here until afternoon. Am sitting for dgs this morning so his mom can go on an interview. He called me last night wanting to talk to me while I was out walking at the mall, refused to talk to his Granddad and when I got back and Jack told me he called, I called him back. His mom told me he was watching tv and didn't want to talk to me anymore! :lol: :lol:


03-05-2003, 08:48 AM
Good Morning all,
I don't have a ton to talk about yet today but did want to pass this tid bit along.
Remeber few weeks back I was having such troubles with my mil? Well, I bit the bullett and invited her to go iceskating with us last weekend, cause I knew she loves to do this and has never been to an inside rink before. She went and had a blast. Anyway she calls me on Sunday and says when you bring Alexis to Sunday school come it I have something for you. So I go and she gives me a bag and says "I'm proud of you quitting smoking and starting to loose the weight" Needless to say I was almost in tears:cry: . Inside the bag was this potpourri thing....its like a big glass vase with a small set of christmas lights inside with potpurri in it and when you plug it in it smells oh so nice. Then also in the bag was a brand new work outfit.....size 20~~not there yet, but I soon will be!!!!(I hope) It's so nice, black dress pants with a beige button up blouse with designs on it, oh to hard to explain, you will have to take my word for it, and once it does fit, I promise to have hubby take a pic and I will post it for you.

Well I know Tina is off visiting TONY today, hope you are having fun and please don't drool too bad.
Donna, have fun with dgs today, and congrats on the 2 piece dress set fitting and loose at that!!
2cute, I wanna hear your icecream victory, I love to hear victories of anykind!!!
Michelle, glad your grades are what you expected!!! Good luck with the up coming classes, boy you wear me out!!!

Hope everyone else is having a great week, I will be back later.

Love and Hugs,

03-05-2003, 09:27 AM
Good morning cutie patooties!!

I just had this gorgeous fence guy come here this morning and measure to replace the fence in the backyard...darn was he good looking! We were talking about our boys...he has a 15 month old! And then of course fences...I'm having him give me a price on the cedar fence that has the lattice across the top....and then the plain old cedar stockade for John...oops...had to wipe the drool off my chin! Some lucky woman owns him!!! LOL

Anyways...speaking of lucky...where the heck is our girl LUCKY??

I know Tina is visiting her man Tony!

Sandy that was so nice of your mother-in-law...my ex-MIL was a pain in my arse most of the time...right now I don't have a MIL...john's mom passed away 10 years before I met him. But...we still have in-law disputes throughout the whole family...he has2 brothers and 3 sisters and their spouses!

Donna you seem to be doing very well...doesn't it make you feel good when you take something out of your closet that you couldn't wear before and it fits or better yet is too big!! I love it when that happens...I can't wait till I can start wearing my smaller clothes again!

2Cute...elephant legs...those are MINE!!

I haven't gotten back to read the last thread all the way...so sorry for not posting to the rest of you all...but......it you come out and post I'll talk at ya all again later after Andrew's appointment!

I was pretty productive today...I temporarily reclaimed the living room...I vaccumed...and Andrew helped...he did the kitchen...he is fascinated with the vaccum cleaner...hope it lasts through his teens!! I had to scrub down the coffee table...it was so sticky and tacky!! I even used some rug cleaner on the carpet...good thing we havent' replaced it yet...between Andrew spilling and the dog heaving its getting pretty messed up...good thing its dark brown!!

Ok enough babbling...I have to change someone's stinky pants and get us ready to go to Weight Watchers...I'm afraid to get back on the scale again! But...I need to do this! I need your help! Don't let me quit! I am woman hear me roar!!

TTFN Michelle

03-05-2003, 10:41 AM
Does anyone know how to get water buildup out of my ear? I can feel it down there and can hear it when you touch the ear just right and it's driving me crazy!!! I'm serious, I have a thing about ears!!! Believe me my kids have the cleanest ears around!! LOL.

03-05-2003, 01:29 PM
I feel so bad when I get in these moods and don't post on a regular basis, you gals are so good at posting and individual replys, I hope you don't mind me popping in and out, me badd:s:

I've been really stressed lately, and haven't been the chattiest, I work full time and really need to get a second part time job, the bills are piling up and the vehicles need repairs, both of them.:?: I drive 35 min to work and DF drives 50 min to work their and back, and the price of gas is enough to take up are whole pay checks, Well one good thing is that DF went back to work on Monday, so he'll be getting regular checks again, but just to catch up, I don't know how where going to do it, I haven't been able to pay on the utilities since Dec, the Gas bill for the house just came in yesterday, $556 dollars, it's crazy, one months bill was over $300 dollars, how do they expect people to pay their bills, The Gas company's are raising their costs all the time, as well as the power bill, between my power bill and gas, we owe $1000, it's not right, and the government said their not giving rebates this year. So all in all money wise, I'm very stressed right now.:fr:

And to top it all off, my son has pneumonia and is very sick, I stayed home on monday to take him in for X-ray and blood test, He's so tired no energy, coughing, his eyes have big bags under them, he's having trouble breathing and is on 2 puffers as well as antibiotics, he missed school all last week, and wont be going at all this week.:sp: My babysitter doesn't want to babysit him cause he's coughing to much, she's not much of a babysitter anyway's, and I can't afford to stay him with him, He goes back to the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully he'll see some improvement.
He's definetly not his hyper, excited little self.:stress:

I'm not really trying to diet lately, but I did step on the scale Monday, and it said I lost 2lbs, so I wont complain. I must have learned something in the last year, will have to get back on the wagon, this path I'm fallowing sure has alot of pot holes, because I seem to keep falling off the wagon.

Tina guess what I was watching the free preview, you were talking about a couple of threads back, inside the cars, thought it was pretty neat, but I don't know if I could ever sit and watch a whole race, the part I was watching didn't really show much, just up close of a few cars, DF thought I was weird, talking about Tony like I knew what I was talking about.

2Cute, you have elephant legs too, I hate my legs, my weight is pretty much distributed through out my whole body, would rather have a bigger belly and thinner legs, I haven't worn shorts since I was propably 14, always been very self contious of my legs, when I get down to 220 I may wear shorts again, I hate summer, don't wear shorts or tank tops, try to stay out of the sun as much as possible.:flow1:

I got a new monitor ( at work ) yesterday, it's a flat screen LCD 17 in, very cool, fit's nicely on my desk, straight in front of me instead of to the side, hope this helps on the pinch nerve in my shoulder.

Well I should get back to work,
Chow for now

03-05-2003, 01:47 PM
Dear Duckie, sorry things are not so duckie at the moment for you. Hope your son is feeling better (how old) Don't you just hate when they get sick and on top of it all you have to miss work so that means miss money that you need!!! I can majorly sympahize with you on that one! We have gone to a bi-weekly payroll here at my office and this is the first week with no check. I know next weeks will be twice as much, but that first week is a killer. I do realize it is for the good of the company as I'm the one that does payroll and know it saves money, but oh well, I will live!! The heating bills suck too, they get ya no matter what, you gotta have heat. We use inside oil at our house and the price is now 1.79 per gallon or something rediculous like that. Then my electric bill runs about $100. per month. And like you said how is one to survive? Still have a mortgage, 2 vehicles, insurance, groceries and tons of other stuff that all adds up in the end. Wish I could win the Mega-bucks lotto.

Anyway, I have tried to learn to not stress about it!! My DH has yelled at me for years and told me that I worry way to much and will give myself an ulcer. So heres what he tells me......take a couple deep breaths and just don't worry, it will all work out in the end and he is usually right.
Sending big:grouphug: your way.

PS) About the shorts, I wear them anyway, I don't care, if they don't want to look they don't have too, but I'm not gonna sweat my *** off so they don't have to see my big ole white legs when its 90 some odd degrees out!!!! Anyway, this year will be differnet we will be smaller!!!:D :D :D

03-05-2003, 02:32 PM
Oh my lovely ladies!

Sandy: Yahoo for the mil breakthrough. God Bless her. Her heart is definitely in the right place and it won't be long until that 20 will fit just right! I am so proud of you.

2cute: You talk about elephant legs. Now that I am losing weight, mine really DO look like elephant legs except they are stark white instead of gray. They are all dimply and wrinkled. I look like Ruth Buzzi's legs when she played that old lady on Laugh In and her hose were baggy! :lol: Don't get me wrong, I am definitely thankful about the weight loss, but they are pretty sad!

Duckie: God love you honey, you are having some tough times. We don't have gas at all in our condo, but our elec bill is running $200 which is very unusual for down here. I promise to really get down on my knees as soon as I am through and pray for you. I will pray everyday until I know things are better for you and pray for your boy too! You know, I have an old saying I rely on when things are tough, Take your burdens to the cross, and don't go back and pick them up.

Michelle: I do hope the dirty pants belong to the little guy. We haven't graduated to Depends yet have we? :lol: :lol:

I have been particularly good today. I only had fat free yogurt for breakfast and part of any orange ( dgs ate most of my orange!), than for lunch I had a roast beef sand from Blimpies with just veggies no cheese and put some ital dressing on it at home. I did 20 reps each for the front and 20 for the back arm muscles and 20 reps for boobs, though they are so far south, I doubt they will ever come back to Yankee territory. :lol: :lol: :lol: I also got my walk at the mall in early so I am free and clear for the rest of the day. I am reading an autobiographical novel written by Mary Higgins Clark that is really interesting so I may be able to finish it.

Well, have to get my load of clothes folded and get those prayers working for Duckie!


03-05-2003, 02:55 PM
Okay... here are my two stories. Had to post them for Sandy. lol

I was running errands yesterday. I got this HUGE want/need for a Dip Cone. :nono: There is this local ice cream place that makes the BEST. :T

I convinently happened to be only a few blocks from it. I drove up to their window and low and behold... THEY WERE CLOSED :sp: I could not believe my eyes. It was only 4:04 pm. I just sat at the window staring at the "CLOSED" sign. :^:
I must of sat and STARED at the sign for a solid minute like I could "WILL IT" to say OPEN. :lol: Once I regained my senses I finally saw the other sign that said "Winter Hours 10-4. (like I said, it is a small local place) Any substitution would just not be the same. I was totally devastated. LOL
I finally put my car back into drive and reluctuntly drove away. :(

My second response (after "Total Devastation") was...." Okay, that is a blessing in disguise. I did not need that ice cream." Since no other ice cream place is as good as this local place I would just go home.
I got about 1 block... and my evil sidekick poked his little head out. :devil:

He started to talk to my weak half .... :devil: " You know that what you wanted was that 'crunch' that comes with the hard shell of a dip cone. You can get that crunch with a Braums ice cream with nuts" :devil:

I thought... YES !!! I could get that 'crunch' with a Braums with nuts.!!!!!! :cp:
I turned my car around and started driving 2 miles to go to Braums. To make it worst... this was 2 miles in the opposite direction than I was going. :o

I talked myself into it and out of it for the entire two miles.
I came upon it..... would I pull in ??? .... would I drive by?
I did not know the answer myself. Here I am...what am I going to do ????

(To be continued due to excess smilies. )LOL

03-05-2003, 02:56 PM
We return to where...." WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?????"

I pulled in. :(

BUT WAIT !!!! I gained my senses !!!!!!! :D :D
I turned my car around as I drove up to the window and said "NOT THIS TIME" !!!!
I WON !!!! :dance:

I headed my car for home. Ahhhh I did it !!

BUT .... my evil half was not done with me yet.:no: :devil:
I got about a 1 block... (does this sound familar? lol) and I heard this little voice whispering..... "You know... Sonic has really crunchy Blasts that you could get your ice cream, your chocolate, your nuts, and even some candy crunch all in one" :devil:
My mind started spinning. Yes, all in one.. plus, I don't even have to get out of my car. That is ALWAYS a plus.

I started shaking myself.... "WAKE UP !!!! SNAP OUT OF IT"
"What the heck is wrong with you?" I thought to myself.
I had been saved by a closed sign...
I had the courage to drive out of the Braums parking lot...
why on earth are you listening to this evil twin inside of you.
YOU KNOW he wants what he wants and it is NOT what you want.

I was driving down the road that the nearest Sonic was on.(3miles away).
I was approaching the intersection where I could turn to avoid going past Sonic. I had the green light.... no traffic was coming... all I had to do is TURN. (the suspense builds)

I found myself a captive in a car driving itself to Sonic. :yikes:
I don't know what happened to that girl that drove out of Braums...
she was possessed with the "Need to Feed". :^:

"OKAY" ... I told myself. There is another 2 miles that I can STILL turn off of this road and avoid all temeptation. I saw the next main intersection coming ahead...
I looked at the traffic light in my "rear view mirror" as I drove on through. :rolleyes:
I did not know what I was going to do. :?: Obviously my little side kick :devil: had a tight hold on me. I started talking to myself. (another sign of my insanity)

"Okay 2cute... what are you going to do NOW ?
If your 'need' to eat this is sooo great... maybe you should. Just get it out of your system. Afterall... it is only ONE ice cream... it is not like you will eat it every day."
I carried on a convesation with myself for the next mile. Sonic was only a few blocks away now. I was running out of intersections to turn. The next intersection was IT.
There were two entrances to Sonic. It sits in a shopping center on the corner so I can enter from either side. I PASSED the first entrance. :D BUT... I had to turn at this intersection because I live down that road. LOL
I had a green light.. no time to sit and think while sitting at a red light.
I thought... "IT IS ONLY ONE ICE CREAM'".... but .... "When are you going to take control and quit this behavior?"

I was inching upon the second entrance...... I turned.... MY HEAD and said "SCREW YOU SONIC !!!!! you are NOT winning this one !!!!"
I drove on by..... :D

Now you would think that would make me HAPPY wouldn't you.?? :dance:
NOPE.... I was not happy, I was not proud. I was grieving.
I REALLY wanted that Chocolate Sonic Blast. :( But I do NOT regret my final decision. I am glad I took a stand. I am glad I did not let that darn little :devil: get his way with me.
(Have you noticed the evil devil is always 'masculine' ?)

Well ladies... that is the tale of "Will she or won't she" :lol:
Even the author did not know until ....

03-05-2003, 03:09 PM
2cute: What thrills! What suspense! And all from a desire for ice cream! We are going to applaud you for a long time with this one.

:cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp:

To drive past, not one, not two, but three places and not stop! You need to thank the guy who has winter hours! I am glad that Ritter's Custard will still be closed when we go to Indiana next week. Their ice cream is like eating silk. They have this sundae that is to die for and to DIE for. It is chocolate ice cream, with marshmallow sauce and ground up chocolate cookies and fudge sauce on it. I am a chocolate nut anyway so I would never have been able to resist I afraid.

HUGS to you and I think what you were able to do was wonderful!


03-05-2003, 04:23 PM
2Cute you did a great job talking yourself out of all 3 ice cream places....I say this as I sit here having just consumed not one but TWO starbucks low fat cappuccino java fudge bars....oh so delicious and all that chewy, creamy fudge in the center...and would you believe they were only 2 pts each?? Since I only had two string cheese for breakfast (4pts) and a Lean Cuisine for lunch (3pts) I splurged on the 2 fudge bars...I also bought a box of those Skinny Cow ice cream sundaes. Do you have them down there? They are really good. I always end up sharing mine with Andrew so I don't get to eat the whole thing but I still count the points as if I did!

Donna....nope not in the Depends just yet! LOL It was Andrew's stinky pants that needed changing!! And as far as boobs are concerned...yours aren't the only ones heading south!!
I can't remember after losing the 97 lbs the first time whether that helped them to gravitate north again...I guess I'll just have to lose it again and see!! Funny thing was that even though I lost that much weight I never saw it when I looked in the mirror...I was still heavy in my mind!

Duckie...just keep your chin up! And keep plugging away...things are bound to turn around for you...they sure did for me! I did have to get rid of the excess baggage first...now he is someone else's baggage! LOL My son had a touch of pnemonia a couple of weeks ago...he wasn't half as bad as your little guy sounds!! I hate it when they are sick....I wish I could take it away!!

Sandy..I want to win the megabucks first!! What part of Maine do you live in? I am originally from Rhode Island and have friends in Maine...one in Holton, another in Caribou, and family friends in Kennebunkport and a friend who has a summer home in Gardner which is near Bar Harbor....My mom and I use to go to the outlets in Maine. I can't remember the name of them for the life of me right now!

OK now for the good stuff....I rejoined WW this morning...I bought the 10 Week committment plan plus I have some left from the last time joined...AND I bought the brandy new cookbook they have called Take 5, its 150 recipes with only 5 or less ingredients and they all sound sooo good! I will be posting them for sure!! I also bought the cookbook Dinner Tonight, its 134 recipes for monday to friday cooking!

OK Enough from me for now...gotta go peel the shrimp! Not quite sure what I am going to do with it but I will think of something!

Have a great afternoon and I'll catch up with you all later!

TTFN Michelle

03-05-2003, 05:02 PM
I'm back from Michigan and I'm not doing good. I ate everything in site. Thin sorry I missed you. I get my computer back Fri.

03-05-2003, 05:25 PM
Ok 2cute :lol: :lol: I loved the story!!! You should write books!! You kept my attention and could not wait to flip to the next post to read it.....like a sequal:) AND GOOD JOB ON THE NOT GIVING IN TO TEMPTATION!!!!!!!!

Donna, I have always been a choc-o-holic.....I've been doing the Swiss Miss Fat Free Marshmellow lovers Hot cocoa, very good.

Michelle, I live in the Mid Coast area, little town called Bremen, it is about 30 minutes from Gardiner, and Gardiner is a ways from Bar Harbor......lol....but you would not know that if you've never been here to Maine. Everything seems to be a long ways from everywhere.;)

Grannie, welcome back, hope to see you posting soon as you get that puter back.

Tina, how was Tony??????

Rayven????where are you???come out to play.....

Hugs to all,

03-05-2003, 06:23 PM
Weigh-In Wednesday! As routine, I've made quite an extensive journal entry to celebrate. Check it out... if you're brave enough to wander into the mind of a madwoman! BAAHAHA

REALLY THOUGH... I'm down 4 pounds this week. I KNOW! I THOUGHT I WAS DONE WITH SUCH SIGNIFICANT LOSSES TOO... since I'm pretty well not needing to lose any more. So..ehm... I weighed 139 pounds this morning for a total loss of 131 pounds!

2CUTE: You're such a silly goose! I too hung onto each word of your ice cream story in SUSPENSE! Oh... I was hoping for a "resisting temptation" ending but I didn't know what to expect... there were so many twists and turns! :lol:

TINA: You haven't abandonned us and run away with Tony, have you?! :lol:

Sara :)
Highest weight: 270 Pounds
Current weight: 139 Pounds

03-05-2003, 08:23 PM
Inside every older person is a younger
person -- wondering what the **** happened.
-Cora Harvey Armstrong-

Michelle, So did you ask this guy if he was married or just had a kid...remember I need you to keep checking for me!!!!! Happy to hear about your classes, you are so good to do that. I don't think I CAN study at my age!!! (refer to my quote above)

Steph, I can sympathize about the fuel bills. It makes me so mad!! I know they are upping the prices whan they don't have to - at least not yet. We are in this pickle every few years but we never do anything so that we aren't so dependent on oil. (sorry!!!! ya got me going)

2Cute,All I can do is :lol:

Mary, Glad you are back and I know you will be just fine. You will get back in the "weight loss saddle" again in no time.

Okay, Tina, where is your Tony stories, Tony pictures, etc.

03-05-2003, 08:31 PM
I am glad you enjoyed my tale of "Will she or won't she"??. LOL
It was soooo funny. I came home and later that evening I wanted to jump on a scale and see if I had been rewarded with a 10 lb loss for my sacrifice. :lol:

No, REALLY.... I always feel if I do "ONE" good sacrifice or one week cheat free I deserve at least a 10 lb reward. :lol: I think I might need a reality check. LOL
In the past... I would have caved like a folding chair trying to balance 2 elephants. :lol:

Speaking of elephants.... My elephant legs. :^:
I told you I had two stories to share.
This one is not as entertaining. LOL
I had an awakening last night.
I was watching a special on tv about "real" elephants.
And I was SHOCKED to see that ...
even elephants have skinnier legs than me. :yikes: :stress:

Next time you see a bunch of elephants look at their legs.
They are large enough to hold up that BODY ... but their legs are actually quite slim and trim. :yes: I always just assumed I had elephant legs because they are so fat... but I don't. :no:
My legs are..... blubbery... Blobs of fat, rolls of fat, just plain ....MASSIVE !!!!!
I WISH I had the legs of an elephant. :rolleyes:

My sister told me that elephants are pregnant for 2.5 years and asked ...
"Aren't you glad you are not an elephant?"
I told her NO !!!!.... I would rather have their "skinny" legs. :lol:

You see.. yesterday was just "one of those days".

03-05-2003, 10:08 PM
Hello all,
Sara~~what a loss.....4lbs good job!!!!And the loss of almost what you weigh, thats just a miricle!!! I'm so proud of you.

Baylee~~I love when you post, I have lots to read!!! You put such thought in to everything I read every single word you post.

2cute~~great:D now I'm scanning the t.v. for elephant legs....lol, just kidding, but I didn't realize they had small legs. I guess I'm in the club you are with the big ole' legs, actually the bottom part is ok but the top part is big!!! But this to shall be gone in time!!!

Lucky~~nice to see you up and posting!!!

EAR UPDATE: I put some hydrogen poroxide in it and listened to it bubble a bit, but it did not do that much. Then I let it drain. I will try to sleep with that ear down tonight, but it's not the usual side I sleep on. The peroxide did seem to help though.

Love to you all,

03-06-2003, 03:36 AM
Ok gals...this is going to be lightening fast because #1, I am wore out :tired: and #2. I am working third shift tonight. Yeah, I know, what was I thinking? :?: The girl on third shift quit and today was my day off so I volunteered to help out tonight only. I should have known better. So, here's my Tony tale....

Well, first of all you know I obviously didn't pass out and die because I'm here making this post at almost 3:00 in the morning. There were parts of my trip that were pretty good and parts that were not so good. Me, dh and Trey (our 9 yr old) left home about 12:45 and we got there right around 3:00, so I thought we made really good time considering we stopped and got a bite to eat. When we got there, there was already a pretty good line. We were #152, 153 and 154, which wasn't all that bad out of 700. I wasn't real crazy about the way they had us lined up to see him though. At the other appearances I have been to, they usually have the line heading toward his table and you have a pretty good chance to get in a good amount of pictures. This was about the same, but they had him sitting in front of the big fish tank and the line started around the corner of the fishtank, so when you got to the corner, you were right on top of the table and didn't have a good amount of time to take pictures and you know, I am ALL about the pictures. :smug: So, as we start getting closer, my heart starts beating really fast and Ron can tell I'm getting nervous. I told him, "I wish you could feel my heart beating." So, he reached over and put his hand on my chest and just shook his head and laughed. Of course Trey had to feel too and he said, "Mom, your heart is beating a mile a minute!" :yikes: Tony was sitting at the end of the table with policemen on each end and Eddie his PR guy) sitting in the middle. So, as he finally comes into view, I start taking pictures as fast as I can. Although I love my camera, it is very quirky. You have to hold the button partially down till a green light comes on letting you know the picture is in focus and then you completely press the button down and the picture takes. Also, you have to wait at least 5 seconds before you can even attempt to take the next picture or it will just sit there and everytime you press the button, it just takes the camera longer to reset itself. If I wasn't dealing with all these issues, I probably would have had twice as many photos of him. Anyways, so I'm taking as many pictures as I can and it's Trey's turn. Tony says, "Hey there, hot rod." Trey grins and says, "You're the best Tony." Tony says, "Thanks, buddy." :) So I move towards him and say hello. As he's signing my championship poster, he makes a crack to Eddie that he hopes "Spider" ( a member of his team) doesn't get mad that he just signed across his face. So I ask him if I can get a picture with him and he said, "Sure, if you can lean over." I have to say I thought he looked a little tired and he seemed really rushed. He didn't get there till about 5:30 and he had somewhere else to be at 9:00. Now, keep in mind....Ron's ONLY job was to be ready to take mine and Tony's picture.....that's it. :rolleyes: So, I lean over towards him and am smiling when I look back at him and he's still signing one of my other items, so I say to him, "Do you mind looking up?" I did not want a picture of us with me smiling like a moron and him looking down. Geez...have I gotten pushy or what? :lol: I've went from not being able to say a word to him to giving him orders now? So he just grinned and so we were both smiling at Ron. Now, what happens next just plain ol' sucks. Ron had taken a picture of Tony right as I had asked him if we could get a picture together, so my stupid camera was not quite ready to take another one. So Ron's standing there click..click..clicking away on the camera and it's not doing a blasted thing. At this point, (while he's still smiling, I might add) Tony says, "Let's hurry guys.." Not rudely at all...actually, it was quite comical, because the line had been moving quite smoothly till we got up there, I must say. So when Tony says that, Ron just gave up. At this point, he was agrivated and embarrassed and totally ill that he couldn't get the camera to work and the fact that we were holding up the line with 550 other people behind us. So, he just said, "It won't work." So I backed up and said, "Everyone at TSOT (my Tony website) says to say hello, " and of course he got that really sweet grin on his face and said, "You tell everyone I said hey right back." I said, "I will" and then we left. I was so upset because if Ron had just of given the stupid camera a second and stopped pushing the button, I would have had my picture with Tony. :censored: I guess the main reason I was disappointed was because the last picture I had made with him, I was about 35 lbs. heavier and I've had a haircut since then. Oh well, I'll be seeing him again in Nashville in April and hopefully by then, we can get our act together. There is nothing worse than a woman scorned who didn't get her picture taken with Tony Stewart. :no:

I will have my pictures developed tomorrow (there's about 10 of them) and hopefully they turned out pretty good. I told Ron that the picture he took of Tony better be worth me not being able to have my picture made with him.
Oh well....at least I have the race this weekend.

Hope you enjoyed my story and in case you're wondering, I'm no longer mad at Ron. It only took me about an hour to get over it.....I think. :lol:

03-06-2003, 07:24 AM
What??? No picture of you and Tony? Well you will have the ones of just him and thats what counts right!!! And the signature. And you get to see him in the race in person this weekend, so all in all I would say your doing good!!! You are gonna be so tired girl if you keep up all this stuff.

Today is the day I post my WI.....after I get home from work that is, so untill then you will have to wait. Keep in mind TOM is here and I'm bloated and rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, don't I hate it!!!! Being so good and everything all week!!!

Talk to you girlie poohs later.


03-06-2003, 09:34 AM
You guys are ALL a hoot!

Tina: Woohoo, glad you at least got to talk to him. For some dumb reason, I am not very "star struck" so to speak but if I had been, I would have probably wet my pants being that close to someone I admired. My husband's business travels around the world has allowed him to come in contact with a few celebs even sitting next to them on the plane. One was some famous football coach and Jack was in hog heaven talking football the whole time, he sat in COACH believe it or not with Timothy Busfield and said he was very pleasant to talk with and then there was the BIG mouth. I cannot stand this man, though Jack thinks he is funny. We would see Dick Vitale all the time because his daughter went to Notre Dame. The guy is a total pompous ***, but Jack likes talking BBall with him. Go figure. I guess if I had a chance to meet someone that I would have loved meeting, it would have been Lucille Ball. I know weird, huh? Well, I will never have that chance!

Sandy: I curb the choco urges with fat free choc pudding or skinny cow stuff most of the time. As for weigh in, you are going to do fine. You have really embraced the program and exercise so you will have lost.

Baylee: Glad to see you post. Don't forget I am OCD so NOT exercising even one day would probably feel like failure to me. My dh had to FORCE me to start taking off Sundays because of the back problems I am having. He says I need one day off especially since I am now doing 4 days of resistance training along with the walking everyday.

OK GIRLS HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS! REVELATION FROM A PERSON WHO WOULD NEVER EVER EVER SAY THIS...I actually kind of look forward to going over to the mall and walking! No, I have not slipped a cog!

2cute: Fat legs, 2 years of pg, fat legs, pg, I am going to have to go with the fat legs. I would be whacking off dh's :censored: if I got pregnant and had to be pg for that long! My dilemna is thinner wrinkled dimpled legs, fat smooth ones. Not that I want to go back, but right now they really do look bad. They are beginning to look like I have two huge things of bread dough that have gotten warm and are running down my legs! :lol:

Duckie: I started the post with prayer for you before I typed. Hang in there honey, help is just around the corner I am sure!

Lucky: Hey good to see you girl! We have missed you a lot! I like the quote you posted. Ain't it the truth!!!!!!!

Sara: Hey girl! I am sure you still get shocked when more lbs come off. Let us know when you have everything in place so we can look around. I am anxious to see it!

Mary: We have missed you and look forward to talking with you soon!

Michelle: I stripped off all my clothes last night, walked up to dh's office and knocked and went in holding my boobs as high as they would go! He looked around and said, "wow!" and I said, "Hey, do you think when I have lost all my weight, my boobs will look like this?" He just chuckled and said, "there is always hope, honey!" The man could care less. I think the only way he would be traumatized is if they disappeared completely. He is a real T and A man! :lol:

I had dgs for almost all day yesterday. I sat for him in the am, went to the mall and did my walk and came home and she called and asked if I could come and get him. She had a migraine and was vomiting so out I trooped again. He didn't want to leave his mom until Nonny bribed him with his favorite; a trip to TCBY for "pink ice cream with M and M's." You know us grannies, we let the kid do stuff the mom would kill us for and I let him ride in my car with the window down so he could put his little hand out. I kept asking if he was cold and he would say, "No, I not!" Poor little guy wanted it down so when we got to Jack's plant to pick him up he could yell, "surprise" to his granddad, but fell asleep 1/2 mile before we got there! We took him where he wanted to eat for dinner, "Cwacker Bawal" and boy he ate like a trooper. The one thing bad that happened (though it cracked up the whole restaurant!) was they dimmed the lights. Now T is afraid of the dark so when that happened, he thought they were turning them out and yelled, "WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?" Hard to believe the little stinker is only 2 1/2!

I need to get a move on. I have been sitting her for almost 2 hours already and have things to get done.

Talk later.


03-06-2003, 09:50 AM
Donna YOU are a hoot! I nearly pee'd my pants laughing so hard...I had to cross my legs...I dont' have time to get changed before I leave for work!

Tina sorry to hear you didn't get your pic...men...can't live with them and can't live without 'em...what the heck is a woman to do??

Sandy DON"T get discouraged...stay on track it will show next week! When I lost the 97 lbs thats what I did...concentrated on the next weigh in and each day did the best I could! And before I knew it...those pounds were gone!!

Anyways girls...I don't have time to post a recipe before I leave but I did want to tell you about T. Marzetti's two-lightful salad dressing...the blue cheese...its really not bad for 1 pt for 2 tablespoons!! I am working 10-8 today so I packed my breakfast...a peanut butter on whole wheat (4 pt) and a yogurt (2 pts) for lunch veggie soup (0 pts) and a pear (1 pt) and a lean cuisine meal (5 pts) and for dinner I just packed a salad with 10 green olives (1 pt) and the Blue cheese dressing (1 pt) and an orange (1 pt)....my bag is full...then when I get home I will have plenty of points for something light like a bowl of cereal which I use to have every night before bed when I was losing the first time! OK gotta run you guys! It will take me a few minutes to pry Andrew away from the Wiggles on TV!

TTFN Michelle

Silver Ravyn
03-06-2003, 11:09 AM
These are the first words I heard this morning when I turned on my TV set....It was a commercial for a product, and the ladies continued over and over to say that when it came to size, smaller was deffinatly better.......and that size was the ONLY thing that matter! I was so p*ssed, I could have screamed. Then I sat down to wonder is this the message we are sending to our young women and men, that if you are not a size 10 and below, then YOU dont matter?? Society has put the human race though so many hoops when it comes to 'dieting'. Get protien, get fiber, count calories......well I'm here to tell you the first step is ACCEPTANCE! Its the acceptance, that if you are in a trouble relationship, food is not the answer, if you have low selfesttem, losing 50lbs is not going to make you a new person. Now, it may lay the foudation, but the ONLY thing that can make you that NEW person is YOU. We as humans must start taking charge of our own life, our own choices and stop putting the blame on what someone else has done, and the SIZE we are. I grew up an overweight teen, yes I lost the weight, but did it change the way I saw myself? No. I was still depressed and thought myself as worthless. And what happened? I put all the weight back on, pluse 200 more pounds. It wasnt until I started looking at myself as a strong person, a good person, h*ll a GREAT person, that I started to realize, YES I deserve happiness, and yes, I deserve to be healthy. So, to those advertiser who thinks size is the ONLY thing that matters, and if you arent small then you arent worth anything....I got news for you.....I'm Large..heh, I'm EXTRA large.....and I am worth just as much as little miss tiny bopper over there with her size one! And just because I'm heavy...I'm not going to let MY life pass me by...so ladies come on...lets get out and show society that there are other reasons to trim down other than looks, yeah we all want to look good, but we want to have a long healthy life while we are looking so fly!

03-06-2003, 11:28 AM
HI Guys.... wish I had time to post to each and every one of you but I am walking out the door to go see my parents in Missouri.
I had to cancel my last trip because of the snow and ice.
I will miss all of you while gone.

Tina... sorry about the missed photo of you and Tony. :(
I am just glad that we are FINALLY going to get to see your new hairdo. You never did post a picture of it. :no:

Ravyn ... you sound EMPOWERED !!!!! Keep it up .

Michelle... I love to eat those 10 green olives as my snack.
The good fat in them keep me from getting hungry.

Donna.. don't you just love the GBs at 2.5years. So sweet.
Have I mentionded how smart mine is? :lol:

Sandy... how's the ear this morning?

Baylee... next time you see a Dairy Queen remember the DQ stands for Don't Quit !!!! That means don't quit your diet not don't quit eating DQ. LOL

Oh MY !!!! I just saw the clock... I REALLY have to go. I tried to get to everyone even though I did not have the time. Grrr

Love you all !!! Thinthinker.... you better MAKE TIME to get back in here more !!!! I expect to find a post from you when I get back home. :drill: :love:

03-06-2003, 03:05 PM
My poor son just called me from his babysitter, crying and saying he wanted me to come home. He was feeling better yesterday, but this morning he work up feeling sick, he's not one for crying so he must be feeling pretty bad, it makes me sad, I almost started crying cause I can't be their for him right now. I told him to call me back at 1pm if he's still feeling sad. He does have another doctors appointment this afternoon so I do get to take off early to bring him in, maybe earlier if he calls back sad again.

Thank you all for your replys and prayers, I am not going to stress about the bills anymore, they'll get paid sooner or later, most likely later, but oh well.

I'm starving, I have left over Zuchinni casserole, I love this stuff I'll have to post the recipe some time.

Gotta go,

03-06-2003, 04:16 PM
Hi girlies,
Well the scale queen told me that I lost 1 lb this week!! Okay, I'm not happy but will take it!! I have worked to hard to let this upset me!! I made it through the week I gained 1lbs for some unknown reason so this too shall pass!!! But it is TOM, so maybe thats it? I figure, I will just keep doing as I am doing and everything will add up in the end!!! So the mood here is still good I will hold on and not let go of these wagon reighns.

Duckie, I hope the little one is feeling better!! And, yes, please post the zucchinni recipe, I love zucchinni!!!!

2Cute, my ear is much better, thank you.

Ravyn, wow how powerful is that post!!!! "VERY" Thanks for sharing.

Well gotta scoot and make my boy a cake for his bday!!! No I will not lick the beaters or the bowl or the spoon!!!!

Love ya all,

03-06-2003, 06:24 PM
Ok it's been awhile since I've been here and things have changed alot. I am returning to WW tonight, first time in 2 years. I just need lots of support to stick with it this time. Anyone who wants to e-mail me or add me to their buddy list feel free. I will await your responses.:crossed:

03-06-2003, 06:41 PM
Hi all not much going on but work. I pick up my computer tomorrow.

03-06-2003, 07:53 PM
Hello Kidmiester, I've been part of this thread for about 6 weeks now and find so much support here!!! Please feel free to post away and join this happy little thread!!!

03-06-2003, 08:14 PM
Sandy: You threw me a curve with your new A pic! Ok, it is time for Doctor Donna the Scale Naysayer to tell you that you are doing fine! You lost and that IS an accomplishment! You have done so very well the last few weeks and it is very discouraging when that scale just doesn't plummet, but you are in a good safe range and you have been losing regularly now! Congrat on the loss.

Duckie: Your poor son and you too! I could never stand for my kids to need me and I was unavailable even today and they are 29 and 25! I sure hope he gets better soon and I would like to kick your sitter in the pants that she is obviously not more loving to him. Jerky woman.

Kid: Hi there! Glad you could come back and get back in the swing of things. We are definitely a lot of women with a lot of screws loose, but lots and lots of fun and support!

Mary: Hello to you and always glad to see you post.

Well, I found a couple meals that I don't like, the chicken alfredo and the sweet n sour chicken. YICK! I kept going through dinners tonight like crazy (not eating them, tasting and throwing out!) and finally ate a fish and mac and cheese one though it didn't ring my chimes either! They sometimes look so much better on the box!

My dumb dog somehow got poo on his dog collar and got it into his fur, ugh! I had to give him a bath this afternoon, which is always a trip as he hates the tub. I wanted to kill him as it was under his neck and hard to get cleaned up besides being a yorkie so he has longer hair. Brother!

Even though I have cramps from ****, I went and did my walk at the mall and my lower body workout today. In my head I was saying bad words with every situp though! :lol: :censored: :tape: :bomb:

Well, I need to go tell dh I got an e-mail from the crabby sister that she wants to go to breakfast with us on Saturday when we are in Indiana next week. JOY OH JOY!


03-06-2003, 08:23 PM
Yeah Donna I fooled myself with that one too....the new pic. but It was time for a change, I got tired of seeing my face looking back at me!!!LOL and I kinda like that one with the little woman inside the big one trying to get out....errrr go....the little woman inside.

Okay for supper I had a baked potatoe and cauliflower and a big ole salad and not 1 but 2 pieces of chicken, I was sooooo hungry but I had plenty of points and still have enough for a thing of pumpkin pudding(my new bestest friend along with my good old stand by popcorn).

Okay wanted to sing you all a song!!!! Here we go, but if you have posted today you are excussed!!!

"oh where oh where did all my friends go? Why did they leave me here all alone? I searched the thread over and thought I'd found true friends then phfffffffffffftttttt you were gone!!!!"

Okay just kidding but I did think it was funny!!! I love you all and know you are the truest friends I have. Because you like me for me and have never even met me face to face....You are all #1 in my book.:)

Silver Ravyn
03-06-2003, 08:46 PM
Hey Ladies! I hope everyone is doing great this evening. I want to welcome our newbie. You have picked a great thread to be apart of.

Well I know alot of you read my post this morning and I've kept that attitude with me all day long. I have felt very strong and very in control. Who knows maybe that was exactly what I needed.

I went to my WI tonight, I was down another .8lb. I know its coming slow, but it is coming.

Anyone on WW that has WI on thrusdays?

Well I'm going to go catch up with some other posts. Hope you all are having a great evening.

03-06-2003, 11:17 PM
DO NOT POST HERE! GO TO "300+ And Ready To Try Again....#295"