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02-28-2012, 09:36 AM
I gotts face it.. I am broke as a student, with creditcards over charged, pretty soon they'll be after me!

I jsut want to know, what foods should I consider to eat (being healthy and providing enough energry)

Im 24- male, and I ride a bike about 7 km a day (save bus fair)

Currently me being cheap = these cheap items i buy like weekly/ bi weekly

Soups (chicken, tomato, beef,
Egg Noodles
Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Melons and Strawberries
Broccoli, coli flower, onions, bell peppers (paprika), carrots
WATER! (especially table spoon sugar to 1 litre water)

I live in Europe

02-28-2012, 10:10 AM
You could consider adding some legumes: navy beans, black beans, split peas etc. They're full of nutrients and very affordable.

Check out some vegetarian recipes to learn how to cook with them. There are probably some recipes here on the forum you could try

02-28-2012, 10:11 AM
Do you have a fridge? You can really save on the cost of food by preparing meals and freezing them. Buy what is on sale and make a batch for the week. Frozen veggies are cheap and good for you.

As far as your credit cards, it's time to start making a plan to pay them off. Being a student will make this hard but the alternative is not good either! There are many resources online to help you pay down your debt and even deal with creditors to remove late fees or interest.

03-01-2012, 09:15 AM
You don't have much protein on that list. Eggs are cheap and a good source of protein. Beans to, as Sylvied suggested.

Most canned soups are high in sodium so keep an eye on that. They are a great resource when you are broke though. I often take a can of soup and toss in extra veggies and then at the very end break an egg in to it and stir it around. It thickens the soup, adds protein, and helps make one can of soup a whole meal.

Good luck. Being broke is no fun and figuring how to eat healthy on a very small budget is really tough.

03-01-2012, 01:51 PM
Why do you buy water? "Europe", wherever you are, is a civilized place, and the free water out of the tap is perfectly good. (Also I don't understand how the sugar fits into it?) Get a nice reusable bottle and just refill that.

Do you buy the same fruits and vegetables no matter what time of year? Many fruits and vegetables are seasonal and you can get the more local ones cheaper in season than imported ones out of season. Melons, for instance, are out of season in the north right now (they are a summer fruit), and you may be able to find another alternative fruit for cheaper. Also look into frozen fruits which may be cheaper at some stores, and which you can put over plain yogurt, which is often cheaper (and does not have as many calories) as fruit yogurt. Yogurt is another good source of protein, if you can digest dairy.

03-07-2012, 09:36 AM
I totally agree with bronzeager.

I don't really see any point in buying bottled water. My friends who visited have Europe say, that in Europe they have the best tap water ever! Even in some parts of ON we have tap water suitable for everyday drinking.