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03-04-2003, 02:05 PM

It is fixin' to be a beautiful day here. I am going at noon to get my hair trimmed. I forget how fast my hair grows until I get a short do.:^: I just had a BLT for breakfast and it was only 4 points! I love making sandwiches with those 1 point buns. Turn turned 7 yesterday. I sang "Happy Birthday" to him and he just looked at me. Getting to be an old man, yes he is but still plays fetch and is so active....:D

JEAN we never get out of WallMart with any less than spending $100 but we are glad they are here because their prices are lower than the markets. We sure miss the Super Wall Marts though but don't as of yet have any here in California because of the problems with the grocer unions. However, as I type I believe one is being built in a town about 40 miles over the mountains and down in a valley from here. When we were in the cold country we had a wood burning stove that had a catalitic converter in it that made it environment friendly. It was easy to stoke up and heated the whole 2 story house with ease. Different stokes for different folks.:lol:

JOYCE isn't it fun to go through your cupboards even though it is a chore and find "new" old friends. I love cooking with cast iron. I have a few pieces that I kept to use and a square cast iron grill pan that is terrific. We may be moving further up the state but don't know just yet but I will always let you know were we are located so when you do get to retire you can come visit. That was so fun when we met in Oregon that time. We will both be smaller when we meet again. :D

DONNA Red Snapper is a very mild fish. I don't do fishy smelling fish at all or I should say strong tasting fish because they say if it smells fishy it isn't too fresh :(. When I took 1 semester of typing way back in my senior year in high school I had a teacher that would set me outside in the busy hallway to do my typing assignments. I learned to type with all kinds of things going on around me. :lol: I now can type 110 WPM and no one needs to be able to do that. When you go to take that typing test try to shut out what is going on around you and just concentrate on what you are doing. You have the ability to pass the test so you can. Do you have a "before" picture that you can post? I love to see the progress that people are making with pictures. Every picture tells a story don't it. CONGRATULATIONS on that 65 pound loss. You go girl.

03-04-2003, 02:24 PM
Maggie: Ok, here goes, but I looked pretty bad even to myself! This shows my body size the best even though my eyes are closed! This was taken Christmas Eve of last year. I will have to try the Red Snapper some time. The only strong fish I like is tuna and salmon (though I have never had tuna or salmon steaks which I am told taste totally different than the canned stuff) Ok, give me the lowdown on these buns? What brand? Also, are your Walmarts clean? These down here are disgusting. I shop in them sometimes, but I miss Meijers, which is up north. Same concept, a little higher than Walmarts, but clean, clean, clean.

Gotta go get my lunch, Lean Cuisine Mac and Cheese and tuna mixed in! Yum Yum!

03-04-2003, 02:50 PM
DONNA you are certainly shrinking! Thanks for showing that "before" picture. WOW 65 pounds gone sure made a big difference didn't it. The buns are Wonder Light burger buns and are 1/3 less the calories than regular ones. One bun is 80 calories; 1g Fat; 4g. Fiber. Being high in fiber is neat. We use them a lot and I spray them with garlic Pam and grill them for burgers or other types of sandwiches. They also make hot dog buns that are also just one point each. The WallMart here is clean. It depends on your manager what condition the store is in. :p

03-04-2003, 02:57 PM
Hi Girls,
The sun is shining, Oh happy day:D Jimmy went outside and lay in the sun for a while.
Went to yoga class this morning. The girl who taught Aquarobics last summer does the yoga on Tues. mornings. I volunteered to use 3lb weights when an older lady couldn't find any of the 2# variety. Man, am I stiff! I keep forgetting I'm not 25 anymore.

No wonder you can do so much creative stuff on this old machine.......110 wpm?! My fat fingers would never move that fast:lol:

Tonight, we're having a weigh and go, as they're having the Annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper at church. I'm going to start weighing people around 3:30 so they can get out of there before the parking lot begins to fill. I feel obligated to go to the supper, inasmuch as it's my church and they've been nice enough to let us use it for WW. I can think of other ways to spend a gazillion points, but I really do feel it's something I need to do.

Will let you know how WI goes tonight.

03-04-2003, 03:17 PM
Bubs: Better get that low call syrup handy, and remember no butter or sausage!!!

Maggie: I am truly amazed myself. I cut out some really bad things like full calorie soft drinks ( I used to consume anywhere from 4-10 A DAY!) and drastically cut my fat too. I don't even miss the soda and almost totally stick to water. I am not a coffee or iced tea drinker, and rarely drink hot tea so water it is. I can't see trading calorie for calorie with juices that are loaded with sugar vs soft drinks loaded with sugar and if I get a real craving for something else, I buy Clearly Canadian water which has fruit flavor and is like having a soft drink. It is 200 cal though so I usually only drink one every month or so with a WW pizza at lunch. I have tricked my mind into thinking I just ordered from Dominos! :lol: :lol: Unfortunately, I haven't found anything to substitute for those dough balls they have with the cinnamon sugar and icing on them! :lol: My sister is a legal secretary and has been for over 20 years and types like you. I really have to work on breaking some bad habits etc to correct some of the mistakes I make to improve score and :cry: get my nails cut short right before I take my typing test. I have never learned how to type quickly with long nails, though when I worked at the law firm, I saw a girl with claws type like 90 WPM!

Well, gotta go.

Donna **This is added late pm: The job has been filled. I guess they hired someone two weeks ago because the girl in the position flunked her physical (drugs). That is ok, I am just going to keep working hard at weight loss.***

03-04-2003, 10:36 PM
Good Evening

Happy Shrove Tuesday to all:)

We bagged the Pancake Supper tonight. Our Group leader had gained 2# last week, so we decided we'd get Chinese instead.
BTW, I lost 1.2#.

Went to Old Folks Yoga today for the first time with the gal who taught Aquarobics last summer.........I used 3# weights, and am really sore tonight:( What an idiot..........I took the heavier ones and gave my 2# ones to a lady who came in and late and didn't have any. I love being a martyr;) We did some easy squats, and now my knees are sore again.........mostly it was stretching stuff which is great. I've ordered a beginner's yoga tape for stretching from Amazon. I'll be anxious to see it when it gets here.

I can't get over your before and after pix! You go girl! I'm still hooked on Caffeine Free Diet Coke, but am down to about two a day...........after I've had my water. Sorry you didn't get that job, but now you can continue to concentrate on you.

Would you believe there's rain on the way for the rest of the week. Oh well, today was a beauty and everyone was walking around with smiles on their faces.

Happy Ash Wednesday to all.

03-05-2003, 02:26 AM

DONNA I am sorry to hear that they already filled the job. I didn't give up my diet sodas but don't dring nearly as many now because water does take first place. I love my morning coffee so I didn't even think of giving it up either. Just things in moderation do the trick for me. I figure since this is a life time thing I have to learn to deal with what I plan on eating when my goal weight is reached. No going back to my old habits.

BUBBLES How nice of you to give up the 2# weights and suffer with the 3# ones. Got Ben Gay? Great stuff for sore muscles. I just started my walking program this month and am taking it nice and slow. I will introduce my bands and free weights later. I want to tighten some of this skin so there won't be so much to have cut off later.:^:

Sleep easy my friends. :wave:

03-05-2003, 06:56 AM
Bubs: Oooh, Chinese, my favorite and of course they have them all over here. I have to stay away from them most of the time or I would be back to el blimpo in short order. I am using a resistance ring for toning and I did lower body yesterday and really felt it last night. Jack had to put icy hot practically everywhere there was a muscle. I actually was able to do 10 situps, 10 leglifts each side, and 10 v-stretches! Ok, ok, may not be much for some people, but man for me it was an accomplishment. I still have to find an exercise for my butt!

Maggie: I completely agree with you, but I hate diet soda could never get used to it, so I just gave it up completely. No big deal really.

Jean: I have missed talking to you. Am I a dummy and missed a post that said you were going to be gone or something?

Wow, girls guess what? About 5 years ago, Jack and I booked a cruise and I went and bought all these summer clothes through Chadwicks catalogue. None of them fit, but I decided I would lose weight and get into them. Dh got laid off, the trip got cancelled and of course, I gave up the idea of losing weight so they have sat in my closet all this time. Just as a whim, last night I got out this two piece gauze dress that I couldn't even get over my butt and belly and it fit with room to spare and the jacket is even loose. I thought it would be perfect for Vegas, but maybe by then it will be too big! :jig: :cb:

It stayed warm all last night and is 55 degrees right now. I don't know what the weather will be, but I know next week going to Indiana we are going to freeze our feathers off!

Talk to you all later,


03-05-2003, 01:18 PM
Way to go Donna! Know what you mean about the clothes. I cleaned out my closet and gave away all my clothes which were too big. I bought two pairs of wool slacks to get me through the winter. Wore a pair of my favorite khakis last night and they looked like someone had moved out of the back end of them! I refuse to buy any more clothes until I'm forced to do it. My biggest problem is not having anything decent to wear to church.

Amazingly enough, I was able to get out of bed this AM:D Knees still a little sore, but that may also be the changing weather. Anyway, Leslie and I will do the 2 miles today. Wish I could get her stretchees without having to buy the whole program again.......anyone have any ideas? I also need some new walking shoes..........Health magazine had an article on shoes for folks with wide feet, so now I'm going to try to order a pair of hiking shoes and one for exercising. They're expensive, but if they're comfortable, I'm willing to pay the price.

I can see a bird drifting in the wind currents.......I love to watch em.......they can go forever without flapping their wings.......especially in these mountains with all the different air currents.

I'm off to Kroger's.......not fun.

03-05-2003, 02:15 PM
Bubs: I too have wide and HUGE feet. I found that New Balance has a walking shoe that has what it calls a rollbar in it for balance and several types of exercise shoes they have upper sizes and widths. You can find stores and info at www.newbalance.com They are $85 but my husband swears by New Balance shoes and hasn't worn anything else in running and leisure shoes for at least 20 years.


03-05-2003, 08:12 PM
Thanks, that's encouraging. The model # in the article is: WX852WB and they're about $90. They come in 5 widths, from AA to EEEE. That's their fitness shoe. For walking, they recommended the Merrell Chameleon Ventilator Low, which is around $100. I have a friend who walks probably 50 miles a week, and she swears by her Merrills.

Have a good one.

03-05-2003, 08:42 PM
Donna Wanna,
I just saw the pix of your 3 men on Jaded Ladies.........why didn't you share with us:?: Your husband is handsome and so are the little guys.

03-05-2003, 11:56 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
Man! You gals have been a chatty bunch the last two days! I don't know why but I have been so tired in the evenings; I fall asleep in front of the TV and then get up and go to bed. I've had a couple of earlier than usual mornings at school so maybe that is catching up with me. The bathroom is sort of in a "holding" pattern. The contractor comes daily to put a coat of "goop" on the sheet rock seams and then heads off to another job. It takes a long time for this stuff to dry and he can't do anything else in the meantime. My cupboards won't be here until the 15th but I am in hopes of using the shower and toilet before then!

Donna -- Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! I can sure tell a difference from the one taken at Christmas and now. You are doing SUPER! I'll bet you can type faster than you think. ;)

I am heading off to bed. I hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

03-06-2003, 08:52 AM
Bubs: I don't even remember what prompted me to post the pic of the dh and my other "men!" I have kept him for 30 years so I guess I am going to let him hang around until the end! :lol: Seriously though, how can you not love a man who calls you gorgeous instead of by name and tells you he adores you all the time? Sounds insane to me, but it is true! We are very attached to each other and it would be more than devastating if something happened to one of us. We spend almost all of our time together. Jack and I are not "out with the girls or guys" kind of people. We prefer each other's company. That is not to say we don't occasionally do things apart, but the majority of our time is spent together.

Since we have cat lovers here, I have to tell you what we have "accidentally" taught Butterscotch. We let Fortune into the backyard to go to the bathroom and when he comes back in, he heads straight for the closet and automatically sits (his treats are in this closet and he gets treats for going outside). I guess B thought that was a good deal because now everytime he sees that we let F out, when the dog comes back in he follows and sits and waits for his treat too! We started giving him one of Fortune's, but piggy would steal it so we bought him cat treats and they are in a foil pouch on the kitchen counter. I try and remember to get them BEFORE I let Fortune in, but when I don't and I leave him with nothing until I can get his, he follows me to the counter and STANDS, back paws on the metal milk can I keep dog food in with his front ones on the counter leaning over as far as he can to watch me get his treats. It is pretty hilarious!

Jean: Good to hear from you. How is the remodelling coming along?

I had dgs for almost all day yesterday. I sat for him in the am, went to the mall and did my walk and came home and she called and asked if I could come and get him. She had a migraine and was vomiting so out I trooped again. He didn't want to leave his mom until Nonny bribed him with his favorite; a trip to TCBY for "pink ice cream with M and M's." You know us grannies, we let the kid do stuff the mom would kill us for and I let him ride in my car with the window down so he could put his little hand out. I kept asking if he was cold and he would say, "No, I not!" Poor little guy wanted it down so when we got to Jack's plant to pick him up he could yell, "surprise" to his granddad, but fell asleep 1/2 mile before we got there! We took him where he wanted to eat for dinner, "Cwacker Bawal" and boy he ate like a trooper. The one thing bad that happened (though it cracked up the whole restaurant!) was they dimmed the lights. Now T is afraid of the dark so when that happened, he thought they were turning them out and yelled, "WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?" Hard to believe the little stinker is only 2 1/2!

Well, have to finish posting.


03-06-2003, 03:10 PM
Looks like it's time for a new thread, but I"m not going there.