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02-26-2012, 02:39 PM
Ok, there are threads that say getting out of 180s or 240s or whatever..
I was sooo ecstatic to finally meet ONEDERLAND, that I'm hovering way too close to 200, up a couple lbs, down a couple lbs. I just want a good buffer so I never have to see it again ;( I guess it's normal weight loss 1.5 - 2 lbs a week, with flucuations, but I'm dying to be NOWHERE near that dang number again. Anyway, this is really, really messing with my head. I've worked out so hard to speed up seeing this buffer and now I've got an (small) injury. Anyone else have issues with the head games that number is causing? How do I chill or should I chill? Don't know what to do to get my head where it needs to be and let my body do what it needs to do..

02-26-2012, 03:03 PM
The first time I hit onederland (two years ago before I regained 70 pounds) I felt that way. I was SO excited to get there, but once I did it felt kind of anticlimactic, like I wasn't far enough below 200 for it to 'count'. I hope to have a more realistic outlook this time, but considering how much I'm obsessing about being near that threshold again this time around, I'm not that hopeful!

I'm not sure I have any good advice for you. Something that might work, if you think you can stand it, is to swear off the scale for a couple weeks. Commit to sticking to your plan 100%, eating really clean for the whole two weeks, and then when you get back on the scale you'll likely have a decent buffer.

This is an instance of 'do as I say, not what I do', though, because I weigh myself way too often.

02-26-2012, 05:12 PM
I weirdly went through this exact thing but at 300 LOL when I lost 25 pounds was truly under 300, I lost my $h!t I have to say, ha I was so crazy excited and happy. By the time 199 rolled around, I was more "ok gotta get to the next 190" It all depends on your perspective, 300 is amazing for some, 200 is amazing, other people have their own magic number. I say, enjoy it and move on - don't drive yourself bonkers watching it fluctuate day after day... it'll go down and stay down as long as you stay on course :D

02-27-2012, 12:42 PM
Yeah, you guys are so right. I think 189 will be far harder on me mentally than 200. cuz that would truly mean, UNDER 200. Thanks for the replies :)